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Absolute Power PPV August 27, 2007
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Default Absolute Power PPV August 27, 2007

*The fireworks explode as the Tokyo Dome is filled to capacity…the Japanese fans are showing their excitement as Absolute Power is set to begin*

M: Welcome to Tokyo, Japan and to the IWO’s Absolute Power…I’m Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg. Tater tonight four title matches, plus as you see the two rings side by side that means one thing…the return of the Structure of Doom match!

T: Marv, you can feel the excitement in the air, and tonight when that caged structure is made, two teams will put it all on the line. But what a way to start things off with the Hardcore title on the line.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Title Battle Royal: Crusher (champion) vs. Black Dragon vs. Demon Alexander vs. Cryptic vs. Kage vs. Sledge vs. Ricky Thunder vs. Juice vs. Don Smith

M: That’s right in what is going to be a huge battle royal the Hardcore Title will be defended against 8 guys. The champ has his back to the wall as not only will there be several superstars in this match but weapons are allowed.

T: That’s right Marv, but the rules remain the same, you must be thrown over the top rope to the outside and both feet must touch the floor to be eliminated.

M: Also a twist to this match as well as most matches, there are two rings, therefore if you get thrown into the second ring you are not eliminated unless you get tossed over the top to the floor outside.

T: And here comes the first entrant

*Can’t Stand the Heartache blares in the Tokyo Dome as the Japanese Crowd gives a slight pop*

M: Here is the newest superstar in the IWO, Don “The Solar Con” Smith.

T: this guy just made his debut last week and now he is in a match for the hardcore title, what is up with that Marv?

M: Well Mr. Smith felt that everyone should be involved in tonight’s event.

T: yeah too bad he isn’t here to see it.

M: Let’s not even talk about what happen last week.

T: yeah but if someone has to be in charge, I am glad that is that fine ass Miss A.

M: Tater behave yourself.

*Riot Maker by Tech Nine is heard as the Riot Makers, Kage and Sledge come down the aisle*

M: If there is any unity in this match it may be between these two guys Tater

T: Yeah the only tag team involved in tonight’s match, and you got to give them the advantage.

*Know the Ledge comes on the speakers and the crowd boos for Juice who comes down the aisle with a I don’t give a fuck attitude…he climbs into the first ring and flicks off the crowd and his opponents*

M: Wow, the crowd not happy with Juice

T: Yeah but I don’t think he cares, Marv

*The crowd heres Who the Fuck Killed John Lennon play and goes crazy for Ricky Thunder who comes out to a good ovation*

M: These people are loving Ricky Thunder

T: this kid has a lot of potential and could realize it tonight if he wins the battle royal

*Canned Heat comes on as Cryptic comes down tosses peace signs to the crowd, they seem silent and confused*

M: This crowd not knowing what to make of Cryptic

T: Hell I still haven’t figured it out

*Hall of the Mountain King plays as Demon comes down the aisle with a chair, he quickly runs and slides in and nails Sledge in the head with it, he then cracks it over the head of Kage..Juice begins to fight with Cryptic taking him down..Smith and Thunder trying to stop Demon…*

M: here we go and the fighting has started before this match has even begun

T: Juice just tossed Cryptic over the top rope, and here comes Black Dragon

*Dragon comes down to She Builds Good Machines as the crowd boos him…he slides in the ring and goes after Ricky Thunder…Demon has dropped the chair and is paired off with Smith..*

M: All hell has broken loose

T: You knew this would get out of hand

*Glass Shatters hits the speakers and the crowd cheers as the Hardcore Champion, Crusher, comes down to the ring..he is holding the Hardcore title in one hand and a 2X4 in the other*

M: The champ is coming prepared Tater

*Crusher gets in the ring, and drops the belt, he quickly hits Dragon in the gut with the board, then cracks it over his back causing the 2X4 to break in half..the bell rings*

M: And this match is officially under way

T: What a dangerous match, and most of these men will be involved in a second match tonight

M: What kind of strategy do you use in a match like this?

T: I think you just have to try and not get hurt, because as much as the Hardcore Title is important, the big match will be later tonight, and the chance to be in charge of the IWO for a week will be on the line.

*Smith ducks under a clothesline from Demon and spears the shit out of Kage…Juice has Thunder on the ground stomping away on him in the corner..Sledge has managed to crawl into the other ring and is trying to avoid the action…Demon and Smith punching each other..Demon with an eye poke, then hits a DDT on Smith…Dragon is in the ankle lock by Crusher*

M: The ankle lock!

T: But there is no submission, so this move is not doing a damn thing

M: Look at Sledge in the ring by himself

T: What a plan, this is the smartest thing he could have possibly done

*Thunder bounces off the ropes and ducks the clothesline from Juice, he counters with a dropkick taking Juice down..Thunder sees Sledge with his back turned in the other ring..Thunder runs jumps onto the top rope..jumps to the other top rope and comes off with a dropsault to the back of Sledge taking him down as the crowd cheers*

M: Thunder with a high risk move that pays off

T: Crusher has gone to the outside and finds oh my a table, and he just put it into the ring, and now he walks over and gets a chair from ringside and gets into the second ring with it..*

*Meanwhile, Demon has picked up the chair he had to start with and uses it to nail Kage again with it..Crusher from behind in the other ring and hits Thunder in the back with the chair..he then hits him again…Crusher lays the chair down and lifts Sledge up…he picks him up and nails a piledriver onto the chair, busting him open…*

M: Sledge is bleeding and right now everyone is still alive in this match

T: look Juice has set up that table, and he just kicked Dragon out of the ring…

M: Smith is all alone in the ring with Demon and Juice..

*Juice walks over and tells Demon to get Smith up..they pick him up and toss put him onto the table..all of a sudden Juice kicks Demon in the balls…He then picks him up and hits a flapjack on Demon that sends him landing on top of Smith and sends both men through the table*

M: Juice just took both men out

T: Oh my god and the crowd is loving this.

*Crusher with Sledge and tosses him over the top rope and Sledge is eliminated*

Sledge Eliminated

M: One man gone and eight remaining

T: the champ looking impressive

*Juice sees Kage trying to get up..he runs and hits a spinning neckbreaker on him…Juice gets up and taunts the crowd…Crusher has Ricky Thunder up, He tries the Angle Slam, but Thunder gets out of it…Crusher turns around and Thunder hits the Breaking Edge on him…*

M: Oh my he just took the champ out

*Juice is in the other ring and is looking at Kage, he turns around and Black Dragon back in the ring hits the fists of fury on him..Juice taking the punches but Dragon with a spinning roundhouse kick takes him down..he runs hits the ropes and comes off with a lionsault nailing Juice…Thunder meanwhile up onto the top turnbuckle in the other ring..sees Dragon, and hops over to the other turnbuckle and is turned backwards, he leaps off with a modified version of the whisper in the wind…he connects and takes Dragon down…Kage is up and Thunder runs at him and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor outside*

Kage Eliminated

M: bye bye Riot Makers

T: Where is Thunder going

*He climbs out of the ring and looks under it, he finds a kendo stick and gets back in the ring…Smith is trying to get up using the ropes…Thunder waits for him and he turns and Smith gets nailed in the head by the Kendo stick and fails directly to the mat…Thunder turns to Demon who is trying to get up and begins wearing him out…Thunder feeling the crowds cheers and holds the kendo stick in the air and screams…all of sudden Cryptic has returned to the ring with a fire extinguisher…Thunder runs around and Cryptic sprays him with the extinguisher..Thunder is blinded as he drops the stick..Cryptic grabs him by the head and sends him flying over the top rope to the floor*

Ricky Thunder Eliminated

M: Cryptic is back

T: I thought he was eliminated?

M: no Tater, the match hadn’t started when he was tossed over the rope

*The crowd is shocked to see Cryptic as he sees Black Dragon getting to his feet…Cryptic goes over and nails a backcracker on him..he then gets up to see Juice getting to his feet, he tries to grab Juice but Juice hits a punch on him that sends him stammering backwards, Juice then kicks him in the gut, then grabs him and hits the V8*

M: The V8 and Juice just took Cryptic out

T: That move came out of nowhere

*Juice sees Smith using the ropes to pull himself up and he goes up behind him and tosses him over to the outside*

Don Smith Eliminated

*Juice goes to work on Demon punching him while he is on the ground...Crusher is in the other ring, and he goes to the outside, he looks under the ring to find a trashcan..he comes and gets in the first ring away from Juice..Dragon to his feet holding his back..he turns and Crusher smacks him in the head with the can..causing Dragon to bleed.*

M: Dragon busted open

T: yeah but the champ has that trashcan still

*Juice to his feet and he turns around and Crusher tosses him the can, then hits a dropkick to it that pushes the can into the chest of Juice and causes him to fall to the mat…Cryptic is up, and Crusher hits the Angle Slam on him..he then gets ready for the ankle lock*

T: Toss him out, what are you doing?

*Crusher applies the ankle lock to Cryptic*

M: The ankle lock, and he might try and break his ankle!

*Juice is up with the trashcan..he goes up behind Crusher and nails him in the back of the head with it..he then stick it on top of the Crusher…Juice then hits a german suplex that makes the can crush on crusher…who rolls around on the mat in pain*

M: What a deadly move

*Demon is up and hits the Demon’s Dance on Juice from behind*

T: Demon just got him…

*Demon laughs as he is standing..He sees a bleeding Dragon trying to get to
his feet..he grabs him and hits a double arm ddt on him..he then picks him up and tosses him over the top rope*

Black Dragon Eliminated

*Demon then picks up a limping Cryptic and tosses him over the top as well*

Cryptic Eliminated

*Crusher has gotten the chair off of his head, but is bleeding and on the
ground in pain..Demon picks him up and hits a punch on him and another..he then takes him over to the ropes and tries to get him over..crusher managing to fight and hold on*

M: Demon trying to get rid of the champ

T: Crusher has been weakened and has lost some blood, this is Demon’s chance

*Demon has Crusher almost over as Crusher is still holding on..Crusher reaches up and bites Demon on the head…but Demon still trying to push him..the crowd cheering like crazy…Juice is up and from behind pushes Demon which causes both him and Crusher to go over the top, and to the floor below…*

M: It’s over

T: no wait, Crusher only has one foot touching the floor

Demon Eliminated

*Juice is stunned as he thinks he just won the Hardcore Title..he pounds his chest then shows some love to the crowd..Crusher slides back in the ring, and from behind grabs Juice and tosses him over the top rope..the bell sounds*

M: Crusher just won this thing

T: That is what being a champion is all about, knowing when to pick your shots

*Crusher drops to the mat as he raises his arms as the ref hands him the belt*
*backstage we see Wilma, Thugged Out and DC in the office with Miss A*

Stick: Was up home gurl!

Exo: Yo boys are hur!

Miss A: hey guys, DC, Wilma

DC: Hi

Miss A: I hear you need to talk to me

Stick: Shoot Miss….AAAAAA…you know we needs to holla at our gurl, fo real

*Miss A blushes*

Wilma: What these two are trying to say is we know that Smith won’t be back
for a while, and we plan on winning the Structure of Doom Match tonight and gaining control of the IWO, and well we could use your assistance

Miss A: I see

Stick: Whoa, wait a damn minute shawty…I ain’t on yo team..which reminds me, what the fuck is wit dat? I ain’t fighting my homey, exo

Exo: Yeah this some bullshit, what the hells is wrong with Judge?

DC: Guys calm down…Judge is just a little delusional right now…he is just a little excited about being a team captain, I guess he never got that chance when he played kickball back in school

*they all laugh*

Wilma: Don’t worry Stick we got things taken care of, I am the client after all, and you know I wouldn’t let anything happen if I didn’t have a backup plan

Stick: I feel ya, but still.

DC: Like I said, it is in the bag, but we still need your assistance Miss A.

Miss A: well what can I do

Exo: hold up, lets get this camera out of here, this is business, so you need to beat it, before you get Thugged Out!

*Exo pushes the camera man out of the room and shuts the door*

M: Well, I guess we are not invited to that meeting

T: Hey the champ does what he wants to, I would be quiet if I was you Marv, or else you could end up like Mr. Smith.

M: Anyways, here comes Peabody with The Vanilla Gorilla, and this match is going to be a pardon the phrase Slobber Knocker

T: Do you still everybody’s lines?

M: What?

T: As long as you don’t start quoting Don West, I guess it will be alright.

Originally Posted by Singles Match: Vanilla Gorilla w/Peabody vs. Masque w/Alli Sabbah

*Peabody gets the Gorilla down to ringside, and takes out the key to unlock his cage..the lights go out and when they come back on, Masque is standing right behind the cage…Alli turns Peabody around and punches him knocking the key out of his hand..Gorilla is getting upset still locked in the cage…Masque then pushes the cage over with Gorilla in it..Alli laughs as his security team and Swinn come down to the ring, they pick up Peabody and toss him in the ring..Alli gets in as well as does masque*

M: come on this is not the match

T: I guess Alli wants to prove a point

M: yeah the point that he is going to own Gorilla

T: Hey Alli has everything at stake if he loses, Masque and Joker as well as his entire staff belongs to Peabody.

M: Yeah but this isn’t fair

*The security team picks up Peabody and Alli begins to punch him…he continues and finally they let go..Peabody is slumped over holding his stomack, as Swinn runs and hits a dropkick to his face…they all laugh and Alli tells Masque to pick him up and finish him..*

M: Oh come one, leave the guy alone

*Gorilla meanwhile has reached and got the key..he unlocks his cage…Masque picks up Peabody for the GraveDigger..he lifts him and turns as Gorilla slides in the ring and hits the spear on him taking him down…*

T: Gorilla is free, and look at Alli’s face

*The security team tries to hit him, but Gorilla blocks a punch and takes one down..a kick to the gut on the other and a huge gutwrench suplex takes him down..Swinn tries biting the leg of Gorilla but he grabs him by the head and lifts him up ..he lifts him over his head and runs and tosses Swinn over the top rope and into the crowd*

M: look at Swinn fly

*the other guard is up and from behind begins to beat on Gorilla…Gorilla gets turned the right way, and hits a knee to the gut..he then tosses him over the top rope..the other guard to his feet and a huge clothesline take him down*

M: Gorilla cleaning house

T: he is looking at Alli

*Alli sees him and slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp..he turns and hears the bell sound*

M: this match has started

*Masque is to his feet, and Gorilla sees him…Masque turns and Gorilla hits another spear on him…he covers….1……2…..3.*

M: It’s over, Gorilla just beat Masque

T: And Alli’s cult is done

M: Alli is not happy

*Gorilla stands up and slaps himself like crazy as he is announced the winner..Alli is up on the ramp and can’t believe it, as he watches in horror his cult come to end*

M: Peabody gets to his feet, and I think he just realized that he now owns the cult

T: He looks happy doesn’t he Marv

*Peabody jumps up and down for Gorilla’s victory…Alli is pulling his hair out as he is heading to the back*
*promo showing the Structure of Doom is ran*

*backstage April catches up with Alli Sabbah who is screaming*

April: Alli, Alli, Peabody just won ownership of the Cult, what are you going to
do now?

Alli: What am I going to do now! What am I going to do! I….I…I quit!!!

*April is stunned as Sabbah walks off screaming…his security and Swinn come
up to April*

Swinn: And we quit too!

*they walk off following Alli*

M: Wow, Sabbah and his crew just quit

T: I guess he can’t take it anymore

M: Regardless Masque and Joker’s contracts now belong to Peabody.

T: What else could happen tonight

M: Well we have seen one new champion crowned we might just get to see

Originally Posted by Tag Team Title Match: Thugged Out vs. Josh & Jason vs. Strictly Business

*Strictly Business walk out to the stage and begin to head to the ring…My Humps begins to play as Schmo and Public stop walking and turn around to see Miss A standing behind them*

M: what is she doing out here Tater?

T: I don’t know but she has a mic.

Miss A: Mr. Schmo and Mr. Public, I am here to inform you that based on my investigations, I have found enough evidence to believe that you two are responsible for the attack on Mr. Smith.

*Schmo and Public are outraged and begin arguing with Miss A*

Miss A: So at this time I am pulling you two from this match. Security escort these men out of here!

*Security comes and takes shows Schmo and Public to the back*

M: I can’t believe this, Strictly Business just got thrown out of this match.

T: This has to go in favor of the Champions, now that they only have to defend the titles against one team.

*Miss A heads to the back, as Josh and Jason’s music hits…the two of them along with Stacy come down to the ring to cheers from the crowd*

M: And here comes the challengers.

T: These two could claim that they are the greatest tag team in IWO history, and tonight they get their chance to prove it if they can beat Thugged Out.

*Jason kisses Stacy as he gets in the ring, Josh is in and poses for the crowd to cheers from the fans…Tech Nine hits and the cheers turn to boos as Thugged Out walk out*

M: And here comes the team that has dominated the IWO tag division since the tag titles were reinstated.

T: Stick and Exo are two strong men, and tonight we get to see four of the best tag team wrestlers in the business today.

*Stick and Exo get in the ring*

*The bell rings, and the match starts off with Stick squaring off with Jason. They lock up, and Stick uses his size advantage to shove the smaller Jason down to the mat. He springs right back up, and rushes at Stick only to be met with a clothesline. Stick lifts him up, and Irish whips him into the ropes. Jason is able to duck under another clothesline, and kicks Stick square in the gut. He uses Stick’s own leg to gain elevation, and nails him with an Enziguri that sends Stick down to the mat. Jason makes the quick cover…




M: The challengers in control right now Tater

T: Yeah but they are always a second away from getting Thugged Out

* Jason drags Stick over to his corner, and makes the tag into Josh. As the fresh man Jason steps over the ropes, Stick musters up the strength to punch him in the stomach, but it does not faze Jason. He lifts Stick up to his feet, and throws him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, but fails to notice that Exo made a blind tag. Stick slides under a clothesline attempt, and then slides under the ropes. As Jason stands in the middle of the ring confused, Exo hits a drop kick to the back of the knee. Jason drops to one knee, and is immediately hit with a Shining Wizard. Exo seizes the chance and makes a quick cover.



NO! Exo slams his fists on the mat, visibly frustrated. He makes the tag to Stick, who climbs to the top rope. He dives at Jason with a splash, but Jason is able to roll out of the way. As Stick crashes hard to the mat, Jason is able to tag in Josh. He hurdles over the ropes, and knocks Stick back down to the mat with a running clothesline. Exo enters the ring, and is met with a clothesline as well. Stick gets back to his feet, but is hit with a dropkick, and then the same thing happens to Exo. As he is starting to gain some momentum Josh waits for Stick to get up to his feet, and as he does he tries to bulldog Stick, but Stick shakes Jason off. Stick and Jason stand toe to toe as the two trade blows before Stick picks up Josh and hits him with a backbuster. Stick then sends Josh into the turnbuckle, and comes flying at him, but Josh moves and hurries to his corner as he tags in Jason. *

M: Smart tag to Jason

T: He was running scarred.

*Jason comes into in the ring and knocks Stick down with a flying forearm. Jason elbow drops Stick, and then turns around and gets met by a huge clothesline from Exo that turned Jason inside out. The ref forces Exo back to his side as Stick slowly gets up and makes the tag into his partner. Exo gets in the ring as Jason slowly rises to his feet. Exo hits Jason with a couple of European Uppercuts and then drives him into the mat with a spinebuster. Exo makes the cover as the ref begins to count.



NO! Jason kicks out. Exo picks up Jason, and tries to suplex him. Exo lifts Jason up in the air, but Jason lands right behind Exo on his feet and as Exo turns around he gets hit by a hard right from Jason. Jason then hits a superkick on Exo to send him to the mat. Jason goes over to his corner, and climbs to the top rope signaling for the frog splash. Josh makes the blind tag into Jason who fails to realize this as he already jumped and nailed the frog splash on Exo. Josh comes into the ring and makes the cover as Jason picks him up off of Exo unaware that Josh is the legal man. The two argue for a couple of seconds, but Stick comes from behind and throws Jason over the top rope and then goes to the top rope as Exo lifts Josh up into a standing suplex position while Stick dives from the top rope and nails Josh into the ground. Exo makes the cover.




M: This match is over and the Champs are still here

T: Please do not ever quote John Cena again.
*DC is seen with Wilma in the back, as Hugh Miller comes up*

Hugh: Champ, can I get a word with you?

DC: No, Hugh you cannot but let me just tell you that, tonight you are going to see history made, because I will be in two matches, and we all know that if DC is in a match, then it has the chance to be the match of the year, now excuse us, we have business to go take care of.

*DC and Wilma walk off*

Originally Posted by No DQ, No Countout Match: Corey Taylor vs. Troy Alston

M: This next match will hopefully put to rest one of the most brutal and barbaric feuds the IWO has ever seen. The feud between this man Troy and his opponent tonight Corey.

T: Troy had his ribs bandaged up after receiving that brutal powerbomb off the 20 foot ladder last week Marv and you have to wonder whether that will play a factor in this match.

M: Well here comes Corey and you can bet that he will go after that injury with anything he can get his hands on as this is a no DQ no count out match. There will be an end to this feud.

T: That’s right. The ref is signalling for the bell and the beginning of the end is under way for these two super stars.

*Bell rings. Both men quickly lock up and Corey with a hip toss and then Troy with one of his own. Corey comes in and hits a clothesline but Troy quickly back to his feet and hits one on Corey. Both men stop and stare at each other as the crowd cheers in anticipation. Both men lock up again and Corey backs Troy into the corner but Troy flips Corey around into the turnbuckle and then delivers an elbow to his face stunning him. Troy starts going ape shit on Corey with punches and kicks being delivered to every part of Corey’s body. Corey out of nowhere with an eye rake though and Troy stammers around leaving his back exposed to Corey who rakes his back and then hits a Russian leg sweep on Troy.*

M: Corey not afraid to bend the rules to pick up the advantage.

T: What rules Marv? Anything goes in this match and if you think this is bad I suspect you ain’t seen nothing yet partner.

*Troy gets to his feet and Corey charges in but Troy sees him coming and drop toe holds him and Corey ends up with his head and arms hanging over the bottom rope. Troy runs back and comes in and hits a bronco buster on the back of Corey’s neck riding it into the rope. Troy uses the top rope to fling himself over and hit a leg drop on Corey’s head as he goes to the outside. The momentum of the move pulls Corey through the ropes and to the outside as well. Corey is lying on the safety mat clutching his neck in pain.*

M: Now we are outside the ring and there will be no count outs. This could be where things start to get ugly.

*Troy goes to the crowd asking for a weapon and a dude with prosthetic leg gives it to Troy. Whilst this is happening Corey gets to his feet though and when Troy turns around Corey hits a boot to the gut causing Troy to drop the leg and then Corey DDT’s Troy onto it as the crowd cheers. Corey goes over to the steel steps and pulls the top half of them away to reveal his trademark barb wire baseball bat. He gets it and comes over to Troy as he is slowing getting to his feet and nails him in the gut with it and then brings it around and smashes him in the back with it causing Troy to fall to his knees clutching his ribs*

T: Right to the wounded ribs and that’s gotta hurt.

*Corey chucks the bat into the ring for later and goes under the ring again this time pulling out a stapler which he shows to the crowd and he pulls a couple of dollar notes from his trunks. Troy is still on his knees clutching his ribs and Corey comes over and staples three dollar bills to various parts of Troy’s face as Troy screams in pain and blood starts trickling down his face. Corey then gets the cheese grater and grates it across the forehead of Troy opening him up even more as the blood thirsty crowd laps it up. Corey feeds Troy back into the ring and climbs in and covers. 1….2…………………………………………kick out by Troy.*

M: Troy bleeding profusely as this one is getting violent fast but refusing to go down.

*Corey waits for Troy to stumble up and he does pulling the bills from his face as he does whilst Corey sadistically looks on. Corey comes over and hits a boot to the gut on Troy and pulls him up for a power bomb but Troy grabs the barbwire bat that Corey slid into the ring earlier and swings up and nails Corey in the head with it but Corey doesn’t fall over and keeps him up in power bomb position as Troy frantically nails him in the skull multiple times with the business end of the bat. Corey stumbles back and drops Troy backwards causing Troy to fall over the top rope and smash head first into the barricade before hitting the ground on the outside. Corey feels his forehead and notices its bleeding. He gets a bit of blood on his fingers and licks it off each finger one by one whilst smiling.*

T: Corey is now bleeding but its only acted as motivation! What the hell is it gonna take to stop this man?

*Whilst Corey is showing his sadism Troy has gone under the ring and got a steel chair and stammered to his feet. Corey assumes Troy is still floored and without looking at him runs against the opposite ropes and comes over and flies over the top rope only to receive a chair to the skull mid flight courtesy of Troy. Troy goes under the ring whilst Corey is in pain on the floor and pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid he then climbs back into the ring and douses the barb wire bat with it. He goes back to the outside and asks the crowd for a light and several of them oblige as he holds the bat out to the fans who light it up. Corey staggers to his feet as Troy batters up and then comes in and nails him with a full swing with the flaming barbwire bat and Corey falls over clutching his head and quivering in pain. Troy goes over and nails the shit out of Corey with the flaming bat until its extinguished and then drops it and goes under the ring. He pulls out a barbwire board, a black bag and a table and slides them all into the ring. He goes over to Corey and pulls the now insanely bloody Corey back to his feet and feeds him back into the ring before climbing in himself. Troy picks up the black bag and empties its contents of glass and thousands of thumbtacks across the ring.*

M: My god first a flaming barb wire bat and now thousands of tacks and bits of broken glass. Will these men even make it too the Structure of Doom match later tonight?

*Troy goes over to Corey and tries to pull him up but Corey with a big time low blow and then another. Corey reaches into his trunks and pulls out a knuckle duster which he puts on and then pulls out another one and puts it on his other hand. He then proceeds to use Troy’s injured ribs as a punching bag nailing them with blow after blow as Troy gasps out in pain. Corey then hoists Troy up looking for the Duality Driver.*

T: Troy just had his injured ribs hammered with those knuckle duster blows and now Corey looking for a Duality Driver right onto those tacks and bits of glass. The violence is escalating folks and it could be just about to reach its peak!

*Corey just about to hit the Duality Driver but Troy fights it and slides out of it. He spins Corey around and hits the Alston 3:16 on Corey who stammers back and bounces off the ropes back towards Troy. Troy hits a boot to the gut and hits The Trendsetter on Corey sending him into the tacks and glass and making a human pin cushion of him as his back is completely sliced open and filled with tacks. Troy quickly covers. 1….2…………………………………………………………….kick out by Corey.*

M: Even with thousands of tacks and bits of glass stuck in him Corey still kicks out! This is insane!

*Corey stammers to his feet as Troy looks on in disbelief. Troy walks over to Corey and they start exchanging rights and lefts with Corey getting the better of it. Corey then quickly hits a reverse Russian leg sweep on Troy sending him face and chest first into the tacks and glass. Corey covers. 1…….2……………………………………………..kick out by Troy.*

T: Now Troy covered in tacks and glass manages to fight out!

*Corey pulls a nearly lifeless Troy up to his feet and hoists him up for the Duality Driver again. He goes over to where the barbwire board is and this time manages to nail the Duality Driver landing Troy on the barb wire board.*

M: Troy just went head first into that barbwire board and is now bleeding even more profusely than I thought possible. This one has to be over. Corey covers.

*1…2…………………………………………………………..kick out by Troy!
M: What does Corey have to do to beat him
*Corey gets to his feet and goes outside the ring..he gets another table and puts it inside…Corey slowly slides back in*
T: What could he want with that table
M: I don’t know but these guys have to team together later, they are going to destroy each other right here.
*Corey sets the table up and then sets it on fire again….he turns and Troy is up and hits a superkick sending Corey onto the table…Corey is out as the fire seems to be burning him…Troy is to his feet, and goes to the turnbuckle…he climbs up and comes off with the Blueprint landing on Corey and the table goes crashing..the flames are going crazy, as the ref has a fire extinguisher and puts the fire out*
M: Oh my god, both men could be burned badly
T: Look Troy has an arm over Corey
*The ref drops down to count…1……2……..3….Troy is the winner*
M: Troy just won this match
T: yeah but did either one of them survive
M: Team DC may be in trouble tonight.
*ad runs showing off the new Unstoppable Force T-shirt*

*ad runs for the new release of King of the World PPV*

*backstage we see Peabody approach Joker*

Peabody: Ah, Joker my new associate.

Joker: Shut up, I associate with no one, I have a match to get ready for bitch.

Peabody: You will see, my pills will one day help you, you will see!

*Joker walks off as Peabody shakes his head in disgust*

Originally Posted by 25 Minute TV Title Match: Judge vs. Jack Crawford

*Crawford is in the ring as Dirty Window hits and out walks Judge holding that title High*

*Crawford slides out of the ring and runs up at Judge. Judge hits Crawford with a big boot sending him to the ramp. Judge then starts stomping on Crawford. Judge then goes for a leg drop but Crawford moves. Crawford up and moves for the ring. Judge slowly follows. Crawford scampers for a chair but can't find one. He then turns around to get clotheslined to the mat below. Judge picks him up and Whips him into the stairs. Judge then gives Crawford a huge kick in the chest. Crawford in pain reaches for the side of the ring to pull himself up.

5 mins have passed.*

M: Already both men going at it

T: Well somebody wants a win Marv

*Judge rolls in the ring and starts to pull Crawford in. Crawford grabs Judges head and pulls him down slamming his neck on the ropes and sending him to the mat. Crawford climbs the ring apron and off the top rope hits a leg drop. Crawford climbs to his feet and begins to pick up Judge. Crawford whips Judge and runs for a clothesline, Judge ducks underneath runs back and Crawford ducks. Crawford returns hitting a huge drop kick sending Judge down.

8 mins have passed.*

M: judge is down and the challenger looking good early on

*Both men raise to the feet and lock up. Judge pulls in Crawford for a headlock but Crawford reverses it into a back suplex. Crawford getting pumped waits as Judge raises to his feet, and hits a German suplex on him. The Beast signals the crowd and gets on the turn buckle. The Blackout connects on Judge and Crawford bounces off in pain. Crawford slowly to his feet, then picks up Judge holds him in place for the Belly of the Beast. The Beast lifts Judge up but Judge rolls over with the momentum. He then hooks under Crawford's leg and lifts him for The Excruciator.

15 mins have passed. *

T: Only ten minutes left in the match

*Judge holding the Excruciator in flexing the back of Crawford. In pain he brings his free leg down to the ribs of Judge forcing him to release the hold. Crawford clutches his back as he then rolls out to the apron. He stands up and Judge runs at him Crawford lowers his shoulder right into the ribs of Judge. Judges bounces back and steps across the ring and lays on the ropes clutching his ribs. Crawford runs up behind him on the apron and traps the arms of Judge in the ropes. Crawford then grabs a chair and slides into the ring.

20 mins have passed. *

M: What is he doing with that chair?

*the ref stops Crawford from using the chair, and tosses it to the outside…just then Wilma is up on the apron*

T: It’s Wilma, she has come down here to help Judge

*Crawford turns and sees her, he goes towards the ropes…Judge frees himself, and runs and nails Crawford sending him into Wilma and knocking her off of the apron…Crawford is stunned and Judge nails the Final Sentence on him…he hooks the leg and covers…the ref counts…1…..2…..3..*

M: judge did it, he kept the TV Title

T: yeah but at Wilma’s expense

*Judge gets out of the ring and helps Wilma up…she is holding her head..the ref hands the TV Title to Judge*

M: maybe Judge has made amends with his employer.
*We see Blade in the back practicing his kicks on a dummy*

*Josh is seen with April outside Miss A’s office*

April: Are you sure you want to do this?

Josh: I just think she has it wrong, that’s all.

April: Yeah but baby, you got another match tonight, you should resting.

Josh: Don’t worry I have the stamina of ten men, nothing can stop me, earlier
was a setback, tonight inside that structure, the fans will see what the King of
All Battle is all about, if ya smellllllllllllalalalalallala, what the Josh….

April: IS BREWING!!!

*they laugh as Josh and April go into Miss A’s office*

Originally Posted by Strap Match: Unstoppable Force vs. Joker

T: Here comes Joker Marv laughing manically as always.

M: I think the key there is manically Tater as how could any normal human being laugh at the prospect of being tied to Unstoppable Force in a match where pretty much anything goes.

T: Speaking of Unstoppable Force here he comes and just last month he was screwed out of the championship at Championship Dreams but he is out to show that he is still a domination force here tonight demanding this match up with Joker.

M: Now the referee is tying the two men together and Joker getting in the face of Force who is not reacting at all to Jokers taunts and antics. If I was Joker I’d try and get the hell away from Force as quickly as possible as this one is under way.

*Bell rings. Joker starts throwing wild lefts and rights at Force who just stands there expressionless as if barely feeling the impact of the blows. Joker then tries a drop kick on Force but Force takes one step back and then steps forward again nearly completely unaffected by the move. Joker bounces off the ropes and comes in with a shoulder block and then another and a third as this time Force finally starts to look unsteady on his feet. Joker off the ropes again and comes in this time looking for a big time clothesline but Force suddenly yanks the strap pulling Joker towards Force who hits a big clothesline of his own sending Joker somersaulting and then to the mat. Force bunches up the strap and then uses it to whip the shit out of Joker as he staggers to his feet and gets chased around the ring by Force. Force then yanks Joker back towards him and chokes him out with the strap and then flings him across the ring. Force goes over to a turnbuckle and removes its covering exposing the steel as Joker stumbles to his feet again. Force grabs Joker by the hair and brings him over and repeatedly smashes his head into the exposed steel a few times. He then picks him up and hits a snake eyes onto the exposed steel turnbuckle busting Joker open.*

T: Wow Force barely feeling the impact of Jokers offence and now completely destroying him.

*Force hoists Joker up over his shoulder and uses him like a dart nailing his now bloodied head into the exposed steel turnbuckle yet again. Joker stumbles round and Force hits a huge choke slam on him. He covers. 1…2………………………………………….Force breaks his own pin.*

M: Force could have won it there but this is about sending a message Tater to the whole IWO locker room.

*Force pulls Joker up and hard irish whips him over the top rope but he doesn’t go to the floor as he is held onto by the strap as he is now dangling by the arm over the top rope. Force goes over and wraps the strap a few times around Joker’s neck and pulls back with all his strength hanging Joker from the top rope and squeezing all the breath out of Joker who goes red in the face. The ref tells him enough is enough and Force yanks on the strap flipping Joker back into the ring landing gut first on the mat. Force flips him over and goes up top and signals for the Hell From Above and hits it. He covers. 1…2……………………………………Force breaks his own count again.*

T: Joker is pretty much lifeless but Force still not covering him. He is really sending a brutal yet effective message here tonight. This is what happens if you fuck with Force.

*Force pulls Joker to his feet and hits the Unstoppable Drop on Joker. He covers. 1..2..3.*

M: No doubt who won that one as Force shows he is still in many ways….Unstoppable.
*ad for the new Thugged Out hoodies is shown*

*Chad Willard catches Force in the back*

Chad: Force, Force, that was a dominant performance just now, do you think you can do it again in the Structure of Doom Match?

Force: Chad, last year it was me that won the match for DC and his team, and this year I will do the same for Team Judge, because when our team wins, I will use my turn to regain what is mine, the IWO Heavyweight Championship!...Tonight, pain is mandatory….for the entire IWO!

Originally Posted by World Heavyweight Championship Match: DC vs. Johnny Blade

*Johnny Blade is introduced first and the fans cheer him..he gets in the ring really focused….DC is introduced next, as the fans begin to boo him*

M: Both of these men have a determined look on their faces.

T: As they should Marv

*The bell is rung for the Main Event with the champion DC taking the advantage with a kick to the gut of Blade who staggers, yet only for a second. Blade attempts to hit his first move of the match, hitting himself off the ropes to connect with a clothesline but DC isn’t fazed and then on the second attempt DC was struck down to the mat with the champion giving him a face full of boot. DC sauntered towards Blade, as he dragged his opponent towards the ropes before stamping upon Blade, who quickly slid from the ring to conserve his energy and get away from any beat-down as DC decides to stay in the ring. Blade composes himself as he rolls back into the ring, using his superior speed over DC to get away from the grasp of DC who gets hit from behind with a dropkick to the knee as the champ nearly fell. Blade continued on his little assault; with a further two dropkicks as the champion finally fell.

Blade moves around the body of DC as his cockiness was shown, but such cockiness allowed for DC to rise in the early going, striking Blade with a crushing blow to the side of the head, which sent Blade crashing towards the turnbuckle, as DC moved towards him. DC went to strike Blade with another boot in the match but Blade dodged him, leaving DC’s leg above the top rope, as Blade took advantage of the unfortunate DC. Blade slammed the leg numerous times into the turnbuckle pad as the champion fell backwards holding onto his harmed leg, but he was back to his feet moments later, only showing little damage. Blade’s confidence continued, as he flipped himself off the ropes to hit the larger man with a dropkick that sent DC staggering towards the ropes and Blade took full advantage to hit a bulldog on DC who’s face ricochet off the ropes as he slung back into the center of the ring.*

M: Blade has to take advantage, and try to go for a pin soon

T: he is wasting time, you got to put the champ away quickly.

*Blade attempted to keep DC down with a headlock, yet DC managed to free himself from the grip of Blade as both men stood on their feet. DC trying to strike Blade with a right, only for Blade to duck and hit a jab to the abdomen of DC, which showed some impact, as Blade hit the move again before hitting a DDT as DC’s head slammed into the mat. Blade now decided to go for the first pinfall in the championship bout, as the ref made the count.


NO! DC managed to throw Blade off him, sending Blade to the other side of the ring, but that didn’t stop his determination as he hit a baseball slide on DC as DC slid across the ring, barely kept in the ring. Blade hitting a second baseball slide, this time sending DC from the ring, as a large thud was heard. Johnny Blade rises to the second rope and slowly reaching the top rope, before flying through the air, hitting DC with a crossbody as DC felt the full impact of the move, as he stayed on the floor. Blade slid back into the ring, to stop the count from the referee, with Payne still down, as Blade used this to his advantage. Again going towards the top rope, righting himself before hitting a smooth moonsault. With both men on the outside, Blade picked up DC, slowly throwing him back into the ring, punching DC across the head as he got fully back in. But just as Blade thought he had total control over the match, DC struck him hard in the chest as Blade tried to hit a standing elbow drop, which in turn sent Blade packing to the mat, holding onto his chest.

DC rose to his feet, standing over the downed Blade, before picking him up and hitting a devastating one handed Chokeslam as Blade’s body slammed hard into the mat with the champion looking on, but deciding against going for the pinfall. DC instead tried to end this match very early, with the Sharpshooter, yet Blade rolled through each and every attempt from DC to stay in the match and then he rolled from the ring to keep his distance. With Blade on the outside, the referee began to make the count.


M: A countout will allow DC to keep the title

T: I don’t know if that is what he wants.

*Then on the count of three, DC walked towards the ropes, as Blade grabbed his legs and dropped him to the mat. Johnny Blade cockily rolling back into the ring, as he stood over the DC, stamping on DC’s already harmed chest. The stamping continued with Blade showing his cocky side, but the stamping abruptly ended with Blade picking up DC and slammed him into the turnbuckle with a hard Irish whip, as that move took quite a lot out of Blade. Blade slowly made his way towards DC, as he tried to hit a kick to the chest of DC, only for DC to block each and every attempt from Blade and in the end Blade’s persistence managed to take DC down with a huge kick to the face as DC dropped to his knees. Blade’s control continued as he hit the Shining Wizard as DC fell flat out in the ring. Blade again going for the pinfall, but this time he hooked the leg.


Just like earlier DC threw Blade off the pin cover. But this time Blade bided his time to pounce as DC used the ropes to get himself up. But just as DC was up, Blade pounced taking his opportunity, hitting DC with a hard chop-block, before dragging DC towards the center of the ring, applying the Texas Cloverleaf with Blade trying to secure the championship, yet DC wants to keep hold of it. The hold still applied with Blade trying to keep DC down, but the big man wasn’t going to submit easily, yet the hold is still applied. The fans chanting DC on, seemed to be the downfall of this submission hold, as DC used the fans chants to drag his body towards the ropes, finally reaching them. But the damage is evident as DC can barely rise without the assistance of the ropes. As Blade again targets the legs of DC, not hitting a chop-block but a leg sweep as Blade was hit to the mat yet again in the match. Blade dragged DC towards the ropes, and like in other matches, he placed DC’s leg upon the ropes before jumping high into the air and landing upon the leg with his entire weight crashing down, as DC again rolls from the ring. Yet this time Blade decides to stay in the ring to conserve his own energy as DC tries to refocus, as the fans chanting urges him on, as DC rolls back into the ring and Blade decides against attacking as both men now stand toe-to-toe, with Blade looking up towards the much larger DC.*

M: Both men going crazy!

*Blade takes a deep breath before hitting DC with a huge right, but it doesn’t make much of an impact whereas a punch from DC sends wolf stumbling backwards, as Blade stays there for a few seconds before running at full pelt towards Blade only to be met with a thunderous uppercut. Blade makes it back to his feet, yet DC hit him unawares with a lariat that sends DC over the top rope, but he managed to catch his feet and land on the ring apron, as DC moves towards him. Blade managed to leave DC hanging on the top rope, which startled DC and made him stagger towards the center of the ring, allowing Blade to flip himself onto the ropes as he tried to hit a crossbody, only for Blade to hit a slam with both men down in the middle of the ring.


On the count of four both men dragged themselves towards the ropes.


And then on the count of six, both men were up to their feet, reeling a little from that big slam from DC. Blade makes his way towards DC, as he ducks underneath a jab attempt from DC to hit a Reverse DDT with DC being slammed into the mat, yet Blade doesn’t stop there, instead he applies the armbar, with DC trying to use his long arms to catch the ropes, but no such luck with Blade keeping the hold on tight. The hold continues with Blade slowly dragging down DC, as the fans against show their appreciation and determination to stay in DC’s corner, but this time it doesn’t seem to work, with the hold too expertly applied as Blade jabs DC in the cranium with his other arm for larger effect and allow him to win the match here. The jabbing from Blade continues, but as he does that, a little bit of his grip upon the armbar is let go, but Blade notices and regains his hold as DC drops to his knees, as he used his superior strength to try as Blade managed to keep himself down for the time being, using his own weight to counter DC, but DC’s sheer strength was too much as the move was released and Blade’s control slowly slipping. And DC hit a Tiger Driver with Blade’s control totally lost as DC looked to be in his rhythm as he hit another Tiger Driver, with Blade’s head crashing hard into the mat, as DC made his first pinfall of the match.


NO! Blade managed to shoot his shoulder up to stay in this match. DC didn’t take kindly to Blade getting his shoulder up, as DC picked up Blade, kicking him in the stomach before hitting an elevated double arm DDT as Blade’s face yet again in the match crashed hard into the mat, but this time DC decided against the pinfall. DC hoped he could inflict more pain upon Blade to show his dominance as he connected with a powerslam, yet Blade didn’t stay in the ring long enough for DC to capitalize. And just as Blade thought he had some time to recover, DC flew out of nowhere to hit Blade with a suicide dive between the ropes as both men hit into the ring announcer’s table, Blade obviously taking more brunt of the move. DC continued his advantage, by taking Blade’s face and slamming it into the announcer’s table, with a large bruise developing above the eye of Blade.*

M: Blade may be hurt Tater

T: he should learn to deal with it.


The slamming continues, with DC wanting to bust Blade open.


If he continues he will get his wish, as Blade cannot defend himself.


And then bang, Blade is now bleeding, DC’s determination enough to make Blade bleed, as Blade was thrown back into the ring by DC. DC kept on the outside for a second before jumping upon the ring apron, as he tried to move between the ropes, only for Blade to meet him with a thunderous strike to the chin as DC was flattened. DC’s hesitation giving Blade the time he needed. Blade moved out of the ring, as the blood didn’t affect his vision just yet, as he struck DC in the stomach before Irish whipping DC into the ringsteps as Blade held onto his shoulder. Blade jumped back into the ring, cockily waiting for DC to enter as the blood was wiped from his brow, yet the sight of his own blood made Blade work harder, as he left the ring yet again, chucking DC into the ring, before sliding him towards the center. Blade then turned his back on DC, flipping himself off the ropes to hit another smooth moonsault, hooking the leg of DC for the pinfall, as the referee made the count.


NO! Blade was annoyed that DC managed to get his shoulder up as Blade moved towards the referee to complain, allowing DC to apply the roll-up.*

M: you know….

T: Shhhh Marv, just let the match speak for itself.


NO! Blade kicked out, and the angry Blade rose to his feet, kicking DC in the chest before continuing his verbal altercation with the referee. This allowed DC a little more time to recover, but unlike a moment earlier DC didn’t go for the roll-up instead he slammed Blade to the mat with a Diving Reverse DDT, as DC floated to the body of Blade to strike him with a succession of blows to the chin and top of the head, to make Blade bleed more. The beating continued with Blade unable to defend himself as his vision became worse, the blood the cause of it.

DC picks up the bloody Blade, before lifting him high into the air, as he takes a little run up, before hitting Blade with the Running Powerbomb into the turnbuckle as the body of Blade flailed to the mat as DC stood tall. DC’s confidence allowed him a little freedom, as he moved towards the ropes, placing himself on the second rope, as he tried to hit a fist upon the downed Blade, only for Blade to move out of the way.

As he bided his time and moved at the right time to avoid any damage, with DC taking a little too long. DC stayed on the mat, allowing Blade to make it back to his feet, yet the blood-loss made it quite hard for him to mount an attack just yet, as the blood was wiped from his face, but out of nowhere a flash was seen. DC striking Blade hard in the face with a boot, as Blade was sent flying across the ring. DC’s control was evident as he moved towards the downed Blade, with the fans cheering on the champion, and boos for the challenger which is nothing new for either of them. DC attempted to stamp upon the arm of Blade to use the weakness later in the match, but Blade caught DC’s leg and flipped to his feet, and in turn hitting another legsweep as DC slammed into the mat after being caught unawares.

The challenger Blade stood over the champion DC with a devilish look in his eyes, as he picked up DC as he tried to pick up the giant, yet the sheer size of DC made that feat impossible, with Blade weakening from the loss of blood. Blade tried for a second time to pick up DC and he received the same fate, a harmed back as Blade took a step back as he held onto his back. This allowed DC to hit another lariat, again sending Blade crashing to the mat. Blade slowly made it back to his feet, the blood becoming a huge problem, as DC used this to his advantage yet again, as he applies the Reverse Armlock with Blade scurrying towards the ropes only for DC to lower his body and stop Blade from getting away. DC keeps the hold strongly applied with Blade now screaming in pain for the first time in the match, as DC looks on gleefully. Yet for the first time in this match, the fans are actually cheering on Blade, not as much as DC, but a little to give him the desire to fight through the pain to keep himself in the match. DC’s weight is slowly becoming shifted as Blade drags himself towards the ropes, with the grip from DC slowly loosening, giving Blade more freedom to escape. Yet the hold is still applied as DC momentarily rose and dropped to put more pressure on the back of Blade, but that still didn’t stop his determination, as he dragged his body towards the ropes fighting through all the pain DC has put him through. Then he reached the ropes, finally able to release himself from the grasp of DC.

Blade jumps upon the second rope, as he sees DC move towards his feet, and then Blade pounces hitting a swinging DDT as DC’s face slams into the mat. But Blade isn’t done; he takes his fist, and slams it into the face of DC hoping to make DC bleed, yet after the third punch DC protected himself but that didn’t stop Blade whose determination outweighed his punches, with DC able to kick Blade away. Yet that didn’t stop Blade, who stamped hard into the head of DC, before hitting him hard with a stiff punch, as a little bit of blood appears on the face of DC, but its Blade’s dripping. DC strikes Blade from behind sending him into the ropes. Blade then ricochets off the ropes to be met with a boot from DC that sends him through the ropes.

Blade backs up and crawls back into the ring, as he meets DC with a knee to the stomach before hitting the Roll of the Dice. As DC is picked up to his feet, with Blade hitting the Roll of the Dice for a second time, showing his confidence over this match. Blade continues the assault, yet not as the speed he would’ve hoped for, as the blood loss is slowly him down quite a lot, as this is allowing DC time to recover from successive roll of the dice’s. DC and Blade stand toe-to-toe for the second time in the match, as a brawling contest ensues with DC taking the advantage, using his much superior strength to hit Blade with a huge right that sends him to the mat, but Blade is right back up, as he takes DC down with a flying forearm. Blade ascends yet again in the match to the top rope, hitting a legdrop upon DC, going for the pinfall.


NO! DC managed to shoot his shoulder up, as Blade in the middle of the ring is angry that he cannot put DC away. Blade picks up DC, as he tries to apply the STF, yet DC scurries away and he rolls from the ring. No words are exchanged as DC gets right back into the ring. Blade strikes DC in the back of the head, as he again tries to apply the STF again, yet DC reaches the ropes. DC’s attention shoots towards him allowing Blade to take advantage, connecting with the German Suplex. Blade uses so much of his energy to pick up DC and slammed him down with the suplex, as both men lay on mat. Blade puts his arm over DC, for another pinfall in the match.


NO! DC slowly shoots his arm up in the long two counts, as Blade made it back to his feet. Blade moved towards the feet of DC, calling for the end, as he applied the Sharpshooter, with DC not able to kick Blade away. Blade keeps the hold applied, as DC is slowly coming to terms with how far away the ropes are, trying to fight through the psychological and physical pain to retain his belt. Blade keeps the hold applied. Yet Blade isn’t able to apply any more pressure to the hold, with DC using his long reach to grab the bottom rope and give himself hope in this match as the unfortunate Blade drops forward. Blade slides back into the ring, and charges at DC.*

M: I can’t take it anymore, good lord this match is insane

T: You just can’t keep quiet can you marv?

*DC made it back to his feet, moving his attention to Blade, as he stopped the charging Blade with a kick to the gut, before lifting up Blade’s body as the ref watches from the corner. Blade is struggling on top of DC, but DC takes Blade’s body and throws into the body of the ref who couldn’t get out of the way. The ref lies on the mat motionless as DC picks up Blade’s body. Blade has a quick burst of momentum and goes for the Suicide Stop on the champ, but DC quickly ends Blade’s momentum by low blowing the challenger then sliding out of the ring. The ref wakes up and realizes that Blade is down as DC is making his way up the ramp.


The fans boo DC as he walks on the entrance ramp, and heads backstage.


M: this is just wrong, DC took the easy way out

T: What’s the big deal, Blade still won the match

M: yeah but that damn DC kept the title

T: you know I would be careful if I was you Marv.
*We see Team Judge in the back as Judge is talking to everyone but Blade who has yet to get back there*
Judge: In just a few moments we will be going out there and entering a structure like no other…And tonight Justice will be served…cold.

*The guys all grunt and shit as we go back out to the ring*

Originally Posted by Grudge Match: Gel Mibson vs. Curry Muncher

*The theme from Braveheart plays as Gel Mibson comes down the aisle to cheers from the crowd*

M: That this is the battle of two former partners

T: Yeah Marv, but I guarantee that this one is going to get ugly

*Next Curry Muncher runs down the aisle and slides into the ring…The bell rings and we’re off. Muncher and Mibson stare each other down for a few seconds and lock up. Mibson quickly pulls the overhand into a side headlock and tightens it. Muncher tries to pry Mibson’s hands free unsuccessfully and then pushes Mibson to the ropes, breaking free as he sends Mibson over to the other side of the ring. Mibson rebounds off the ropes and flips over Muncher, who put his head down.*

M: Nice back and forth action

*Muncher quickly counters into a leg sweep, taking Mibson down. Muncher does a front flip into a leg drop. Muncher grabs Mibson’s hair and hoists him up as he gets to his feet. Muncher levels two punches to Mibson’s head and then Irish Whips him into the ropes, hitting a spin kick to the face as MIbson comes back to him.

The crowd boos and Muncher responds with a crossarm directed at everyone in the arena.*

M: Come on this crowd doesn’t need that

T: bout time someone gave it to this crowd

*Muncher quickly hops up to the top turnbuckle and hits a flying headbutt. Mibson flails on the mat in pain as Muncher gets up again, laughing hysterically. The crowd has more boos for him, but Muncher just pulls down his trunks, exposing his ass cheeks to them. Muncher pulls his trunks back up, and laughs as he spits toward the fans.

Muncher stalks over to Mibson and delivers a series of boots to the chest and head of Mibson, then stoops to pick him up. Lying on his back, Mibson hits a quick thumb to the eye and Muncher recoils, complaining to the ref.*
T: Complaining won’t help you here.

*Mibson springs up, runs to the far rope, rebounds and hits a cross body drop, hooking Muncher’s leg. The ref slides down to count 1…..2…..Muncher kicks out, still grabbing at his eye.

Mibson quickly picks Muncher up and hits a scoop slam, and then staggers drunkenly around the ring, soaking in the cheers from the crowd.

“KerPLAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mibson screams. The crowd screams “KerPLAHHHHHHHH” back.*

T: You gotta love that

M: no Tater, no I don’t.

*Mibson comes with a series of his own boots to Muncher’s head and then picks him up, quickly transitioning into a snap suplex. Mibson backs up to the ropes, comes up to Muncher and delivers a flying knee drop to the cranium. Mibson throws his hands in the air as the crowd cheers for him.

Mibson picks Muncher up and irish whips him into the ropes. Muncher ducks under Mibson’s clothesline on the rebound, hits the opposite ropes and comes back only to get a heel kick to the head from Mibson. Muncher is flat on his back and Mibson again waves his arms, pumping up the crowd as he goes to the corner and hops up to the top rope.

Mibson hits a moonsault and hooks the leg as the ref slides down to count again 1…..2…..Muncher kicks out.*

M: close call there

*Mibson slaps the canvas in frustration and goes to the corner, stalking Muncher for the Spear of Destiny.

Muncher slowly gets up and looks to see Mibson’s bloodshot eyes full of hate and whiskey as he rushes him. Muncher deftly sidesteps and throws Mibson’s drunk frame into the turnbuckle shoulder first…where it collides with the ring post.

Mibson is screaming in agony as he slowly brings himself down from the second rope, staggering in a daze. Muncher grabs him and quickly hits a Samoan Suplex. Mibson is flat out in the ring as Muncher looks out at the booing audience with delight.

He picks up Mibson, who is struggling to stay on his feet, has a few things to say to Mibson up close and personal and then hits a series of five headbutts in succession. Mibson only remains standing because Muncher continues to hold him up as he laughs at the crowd and hits one more vicious headbutt. Muncher lets go and Mibson immediately falls to the canvas, sprawling in a heap of sweat.*

T: He might be out of it.

*Suddenly, Muncher notices the second ring…and gets an idea.

Muncher slides out of the ring and into the second ring. He begins screaming and slapping his head and screaming some more, at no one in particular.

Mibson begins to slowly and groggily get up as Muncher backpedals to the far ropes, then charges to the near ropes. Muncher jumps to the top rope, balances on the ropes for just a moment and then leaps through the air from the second ring to the first ring, screaming “CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

Mibson looks up in time to see his maniacal former partner come down on him seemingly from the sky with a thunderous headbutt that sends Mibson clean into next week.

Mibson lays on the mat in an unconscious daze as Muncher drops on top of him and hooks the leg. The ref counts 1……2……3!!!!!!!!!!*

M: And this one is over Tater

T: Both of these men laid it all out there.

*Muncher jumps up, pumping his fists, flipping off the crowd and eventually spitting on his former partner in a show of class and sportsmanship. *

M: What a spoiled sport

*The crowd is booing as Muncher leaves the ring..he stops, and turns back..he walks around and grabs a chair and comes back and gets in the ring*

M: What is he doing?

T: He has a chair, I guess he isn’t finished

*The ref tries to stop him, but Curry runs him off…he then sees Gel laid out..he takes the chair and begins nailing Gel with it…he then takes the chair and puts it around the head of Gel…he goes and climbs up on the middle rope*

M: No he can’t do this, he can’t!

*Curry leaps and lands on the chair, which shuts on the neck of Gel…security and other refs rush to the ring and get in…the back Curry off..the crowd is booing*

T: Holy crap, he might have just killed him

M: he could be in some serious pain Tater

*Curry finally leaves the ring smiling as the crowd boos…EMTs come out and bring a stretcher.*
*Ad runs for some merchandise*

*we see the EMTs taking Gel back on a stretcher…the crowd is stunned*

*The ring crew begins to come out to prepare the Structure of Doom*

*backstage DC is addressing his team*

DC: I could tell all of you some quirky antidote, or I could give some catchy phrase, but the truth is, that this match, this match could end your career…this match will test you like no other…and if we win, then control of this company is ours for the next nine weeks…All I can ask is that we do what it is that made me choose each one of you for my team..we dominate…we beat the living hell out of the other team..and we walk out of here the victors…Now let’s go kick some ass!

*video package of how the teams were chosen is shown, mixed with clips of last year’s match showing how brutal it can be*

Originally Posted by Structure of Doom Match: Team Judge vs. Team DC

M: This match is what makes a person great.

T: Or it is what could end their career Marv.

M: The rules are simple, each team will have a member enter, then entrants will alternate between teams. The participants are drawn at random, so no one knows where they enter.

T: That’s right Marv, as you can see two rings are side by side like they have been all night, except now the first ring has been lined with barbwire ropes on two sides..

M: And you can see in ring two, three sides of a 20 foot steel cage surround it, making it almost impossible to run away.

T: Let’s not forget that the top of the cage walls have a two foot scaffold attach to them.

M: Making it extra tough to leave the structure.

T: You can only enter from one side of ring one, without going over barbwire or scaling the cage walls.

M: And eliminations will not begin until all 18 men have entered the match.

T: That’s right, participants will enter at one minute interviews, after the first two men are in the match for five minutes.

M: And the only way to eliminate a person is by pinfall or submission.

T: It’s come as you are, bring what you want, and it’s right now Marv!

*the bell rings as the ring announcer stands outside the cage.*

RA: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Structure of Doom Elimination Match!

*Crowd pops*

RA: Introducing the first person chosen from Team Judge!

*Symphony of Destruction plays as Josh heads out to the stage, the crowd is going nuts for him*

RA: From Vancouver, Washington…weighing in at 200 pounds, he is the King of All Battle, The Josh!

*crowd is clapping for Josh as he walks down to the ring…he stops and looks at the structure…he then climbs up on the apron and enters the first ring…he raises his arms to the cheers from the crowd…he then climbs in between the rings and enters the second ring and turns toward the stage*

M: Josh is the first man in this matchup

T: That is not good

M: Yeah but this guy has army training he might be the only guy that could go the distance in this type of matchup.

RA: And introducing the first member of Team DC!

*Come Gangsta comes on the speakers as the crowd begins to boo…*

RA: Weighing in at 235 pounds and standing 6 foot 4 inches, he is one half of the tag team champions, representing Thugged Out, this is Exo!

*the crowd is booing as Exo pays them no attention and walks to the ring*

M: Whoa, what a matchup for the first two men

T: We already saw them in a match earlier, and if you are Josh you have to be hoping that the outcome will not be the same.

*Exo gets into the first ring and hands his tag title to the ref waiting in the ring…the bell sounds to signal the start of the match, Josh is waiting in the second ring telling Exo to bring it on*

M: Josh is just begging for Exo to come get him

T: I don’t know if I would want another beating Marv…hey look at those bling bling rings Exo is wearing.

M: he forgot to take them off before the match.

T: Or did he?

*Exo begins to walk over to the ropes, he climbs through the first set and steps onto the apron of ring number two…josh rushes him and begins to punch at him…Exo in between both rings getting attacked…*

M: Josh is going after Exo quickly.

T: He is doing what needs to be done.

*Finally Exo blocks a right hand, and grabs Josh around the head dropping down making Josh get flung on the top rope neck first and making him get sent flying back towards the mat…Exo seems to have his leg step in between the rings*

M: Exo stopping the attack, but he might be stuck Tater

T: He could be, this could spell bad news for him

*Exo manages to get his leg out, and he uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, he climbs in through the ropes, but Josh is up again and runs and hits the shining wizard to the head of Exo taking him down…both men on the mat, and Josh climbs on top of Exo and begins to unload*

M: Josh showing some fire here early on Tater

T: Marv he has too, these two guys have to stay in here until everyone else
enters, no matter what, and then they are here till they win or get eliminated.

*The fans are cheering for Josh, who gets up and taunts at the crowd…Josh walks around a second, then comes to stomp on Exo, he gets him up and pushes him towards the corner..Josh lowers his shoulder and begins ramming

M: I have never seen Josh like this.

T: Me either, it’s scary.

*Josh gets up and chops Exo..Exo then fires a right hand at Josh, and he still has those rings on..Josh stammers back, and Exo with another punch, and one more sends Josh crashing to the ground*

M: He hit him with those rings.

T: Bling Bling Marv, Bling Bling

*Exo on top of Josh and punching away as the blood begins to come as Josh is cut by the rings..Exo gets up and takes the ring off and tosses it over the cage and out to the crowd..he picks Josh up and rams him headfirst into the steel cage..*

M: Josh’s head just bounced off of the cage

T: He is bleeding like a his woman on her period Marv

M: That is just fucking gross tater

*Exo picks Josh up and slams him down to the mat as the buzzer goes off*

M: And with that the five minutes are up and here comes the next entrant from Team Judge

*Johnny Blade comes out with a kendo stick, and walks gingerly down the aisle..Exo looks up to see him and laughs…he then begins to stomp away at Josh..Blade gets to the ring and climbs in, as the crowd is cheering…Blade stands in the first ring and looks at Exo…Exo tells him to come on, and Blade puts a hand up to say no, he then backs up towards the opposite end of ring one..*

M: blade isn’t going to help his partner

T: What is he doing?

*Exo picks Josh up again, and lifts him up..he holds him in the air and nails the suplex…He then climbs on top and punches away at the blood as Josh is helpless..meanwhile Blade is watching…the buzzer goes off to signal the end of the minute*

M: And here comes Crusher!

T: He is the next entrant for Team DC

*Crusher with his mask on comes down the aisle, he looks in the ring as Blade has turned to tell him to bring it..Blade holding the kendo stick, as Crusher walks to the stairs..he climbs them and looks in the ring..Exo comes over to the first ring and from behind uses a double handle clubbing blow to make Blade drop the kendo stick..Crusher gets in the ring, and joins exo as they begin to wail away at Blade*

M: Now we see some teamwork

T: Exo and Crusher working together to double team Blade

*Exo picks up the kendo stick and tells Crusher to lift up Blade..Crusher picks him up and Exo to the back of Blade with the stick*

M: you can hear the crack of that stick as it hits Blade

*Crusher turns Blade around, and Exo goes to hit him in the head, but Blade ducks and Exo nails Crusher instead..Blade nails the Yakuza kick to Exo taking him down..Blade falls to his knees as the buzzer sounds*

M: Listen to the crowd as Force is the next entrant

T: he won this thing with DC last year.

*The next member from team Judge walks to the ring, and gets in..Blade is up and has the kendo stick..he then begins to whip Exo with it..Force climbs over the top rope and gets in the ring..Crusher has gotten to his feet, and Force grabs him by the throat with one hand, and slings him backwards into the barbwire ropes…Crusher hits them and screams as the wire cuts his back..Force begins to deliver some huge shots to the head of Crusher*

M: Crusher is stuck in that wire, and has no place to go

T: Force doing a number on him

*Force pulls him out of the wire, and Crusher bleeding now, is lifted up for the unstoppable drop..Force turns and nails the move…Meanwhile, josh who is bleeding has climbed into the first ring..he tells Blade to stop hitting Exo and asks for the kendo stick..Blade hands it to him and Josh begins to nail Exo…the three men standing tall as the buzzer sounds*

M: Who could it be?

T: It’s the new guy Don Smith

M: they call him the Solar Con

T: Well whatever they call him I know he looks to rock

M: I guess you are right, why else would he be carrying a guitar with him

*Smith comes down the aisle with a guitar in hand..he sees the three men, and want to get in, but they are waiting for him..they continue to hit Crusher and Exo with the kendo sticks, as Smith can’t get in..he just waits until the next buzzer sounds*

M: this is not good, as Smith didn’t even get in the ring

T: And here comes Stick, who is on Team Judge, not Team DC

*Stick walks out, but from behind Joseph T. Schmo and John Public nail him with their briefcases..they then pick him up and ram him into the barricade..*

M: these guys aren’t in the match

T: No kidding Marv, but they do have a beef with Thugged Out, especially since they got thrown out of the tag team title match earlier tonight.

*Smith watches the attack on Stick and watches Exo and Crusher get pummeled in the ring by Team Judge..the buzzer sounds again and the next member from Team DC comes out*

M: Here comes Juice

T: OJ Simpson is here?

M: No you idiot, Juice, the IWO Superstar.

*Juice has his fists taped up and they are covered in what looks to be like glass*

M: What is on his hands

T: Looks like something shiny.

M: I think he has glass shards glued to his gloves

T: kinda like something you would see in a Jean Claude Van Dam movie huh?

*Juice gets down to Smith and they look at each other and slide under the ring rope..Team Judge rushes them…Force nails Smith and he drops the guitar on the ground and is trying to get to his feet..Josh gets to Juice first, but Juice with a shot to the midsection cuts Josh and he stumbles back..Juice is up and ducks the swing of the kendo stick from Blade, he counters with a left hook, and Blade hits the mat hard, as his face is cut..Juice comes up from behind on Force and punches him in the back of the head with those fists of danger, and Force being cut in the head..Josh is up and Josh runs and hits a dropkick that sends Juice right through the middle rope to the outside..Force is on his knee holding the back of his head..Josh gets up but so does Smith..Smith runs and hits the spear on Josh*

M: He just took him out with a spear.

T: And the buzzer sounds and here comes Demon Alexander

*Blade is on the ground holding his face, and Smith decides to get up and grab the guitar..he waits as Force is up and when he turns, Smith nails him in the head shattering the guitar into pieces*

M: What a shot to the head of Force

*Demon comes down to the ring, and sees Juice getting to his feet, he grabs him and rams him shoulder first into the steel stairs..Juice in some pain, as Demon begins to kick away at him…Smith on the inside, helps Exo up..he then picks up Blade and whips him into the wire..Blade hits it and gets his right arm caught in it..Smith picks up the kendo stick and begins to hit at Blade’s arm..Exo picks up Josh and tosses him into the second ring…Exo then heads into the next ring himself..Crusher is now to his feet, but Demon gets in the ring..Demon with a chop to Crusher and another…then Demon grabs Crusher by his mask and turns it, to where Crusher can’t see..Crusher is turned around, and Demon pushes him into the wire…he then grabs him by the back of the head and pushes his face into the wire, making him get cut more..Smith sees this and runs up behind Demon and begins punching him in the back of the head..the buzzer sounds, and Corey Taylor with a chair in hand comes down the aisle..he runs and slides in the ring*

M: here comes Corey and the crowd is booing like crazy

*He slides in and whacks Blade as blade was getting out of the wire…he then climbs into the next ring, and tells Exo to pick up Josh..Exo does, and Corey nails him as well…just then Joker runs in the ring, and goes to the second ring…he runs and hits a dropkick that sends Corey into Exo, knocking both men down..Joker then runs and begins to climb the cage wall*

M: what is he doing out here?

*Meanwhile, Stick gets in the first ring..he goes over and climbs into the second to check on Exo…Corey is up and begins to scale the cage…he gets to the top just after Joker…Joker goes up onto the scaffold and tries to kick at Corey..Corey grabs a leg and trips Joker who falls back*

M: he almost fell that time

*Corey gets to the top of the scaffold and looks down at Joker and laughs..just then the lights go out*

M: What the hell is going on

T: the lights are out marv

*they come back on and masque is standing on the scaffold he grabs Corey by the throat and chokeslams him off the top of the cage and through the announce table..headsets and monitors go flying as the table is in pieces…the buzzer goes off…then the lights go out…when they come back on Masque and Joker are gone but Corey is laid out on the floor below, in the second ring, Black Dragon is standing and he delivers a roundhouse kick to Exo..Stick hits a huge boot to the face of Dragon taking him down..the announcers are trying to get their mics to work…EMTs have rushed down to ringside*

*Stick taunting Dragon as he helps Exo back up..they climb into the first ring, where Force has gotten back up..Force is clearing house, but he turns and Thugged Out hit a double clothesline on him taking him down..Juice back in the ring now, and he looks at Thugged Out as they are the only ones standing..Juice then goes and grabs Force..Stick pulls out some handcuffs from his pocket and they handcuff Force, as Exo punches away at him..finally the headsets are working*

M: What the hell, bring the stretcher for this man

T: that was insane

M: sorry about that folks, as you can see the carnage laying here at ringside, but inside the ring, thugged Out working together and they have Force handcuff with his hands behind his back

*Juice goes into the other ring and gets the chair, he tosses it to Stick..Juice then locks in a chin lock on Josh who is massively bleeding…Dragon gets to his feet, and runs and hits a dropkick to Juice knocking him off of Josh as the buzzer sounds*

M: EMTs rushing a stretcher down here, and here comes the World Champion DC.

T: The champ looks pleased

*DC comes down to the ring, as Exo and Stick are just beating people down with a chair..DC stops at the end of the ring and looks under the apron..he finds a screwdriver and gets in the ring…Dragon is up and runs and leaps from the top rope onto Exo knocking him down..he gets up and Stick nails him in the head with the chair*

M: that was a short lived attack.

*Stick gets Exo up, as Force is to his feet yelling at them..DC from behind hits
the backcracker on Force taking him down..Force laying on the ground in Exo picks Dragon up, he whips him into the ropes and Thugged Out hit the last call on him*

M: they might have just put Dragon out

T: look at the bodies laying in the ring from the beating that Thugged Out has delivered

*DC tells them to get Force up..they do and he picks up the chair and levels Force in the head with it..another shot and Force bleeding like crazy as the buzzer sounds…Corey has been taken to the back finally as Cryptic walks by him..Cryptic shakes his head and gives him the peace sign..he then walks down to the ring..DC gives Exo the chair and Exo wailing away at Force with it, beating him in the ribs and head…Stick begins to kick and punch anything moving…Cryptic climbs up on the apron and gets in the ring, only for DC to run at him and stab him in the shoulder with the screwdriver*

M: it has to be like a nervehold, Cryptic is on the ground Tater

*DC then takes the Screwdriver and pushes it into the head of Cryptic causing the blood to pour*

T: Look at the pain in his face

*DC then tosses the weapon and begins to punch away at Cryptic opening the wound…Juice is back up and is tossing Josh into the steel cage…josh can hardly fight back…the rest of Team DC is to their feet as the buzzer sounds….Troy comes out to cheers from the crowd*

M: Troy taking his time getting down here

T: Do you blame him after the beating he took earlier

*Troy stops at the ring apron, and watches his team beat the crap out of Team Judge..from behind with a pair of wire cutters comes Jason who levels Troy in the back of the head with them..he slides in the ring and runs to Force, who nobody is paying attention to..he cuts the cuffs off of him, then he runs and hits DC from behind with them knocking him to the outside..Jason tosses the cutters out and comes up behind Crusher he turns him around and hits the JKO*

M: what is he doing out here, the buzzer hasn’t sounded yet

T: looks like he couldn’t wait

*Jason gets into the second ring, and goes right after Juice, Jason nailing him with rights and lefts, and a dropkick takes him down..Meanwhile Thugged Out are having their way with Blade and Dragon…Demon blocks a right hand from Smith and he tosses Smith into the barbwire..Demon holding smith in a chokehold..Jason runs and hits the lionsault on Juice to take him down*

M: Jason is on fire

*the buzzer sounds and Jack Crawford comes down the aisle..he slides in the ring, and tells Demon to come on..Demon and Crawford go toe to toe in the center of the ring….Demon pokes him in the eye..and Crawford stumbles around and gets hit with the Demon’s Dance*

M: They could be all for Crawford

*Thugged Out come to the aid of Crawford and attack Demon..the double teaming pushes him to the corner, where they take turns punching at him..*

M: I can’t believe that Stick would turn on his team like that

T: he said he would not fight Exo

*Jason is in the second ring kicking away at Juice, as Dragon pulls himself up and climbs over there as well…Force is finally getting to his feet but is bleeding like crazy when the buzzer sounds*

M: And here comes Judge, the last member of his team

T: and you can tell he wants this bad

*Judge runs down the aisle, he grabs DC who is starting to get up and hits a chokeslam on the floor on him…he then grabs Troy and tosses him over the barricade and into the crowd..he looks under the ring to find a trashcan..he tosses it into the ring and slides in..thugged Out come at him, but he tries fighting them off…They get the best of him..but Blade is up…Blade from behind on Stick..Force comes over as well and hits Exo..all five men battling..meanwhile…Jason and Dragon doing a number on Juice as Josh gets to his feet in the second ring…*

M: All hell has broken loose

T: This is what the Structure of Doom is all about

*Judge connects with a trashcan shot to Exo, and then to Stick taking them both down..he looks to the crowd who is cheering..Force turns around only to get met with a huge spear from Don Smith..Smith gets slowly to his feet and gets a trashcan shot from Judge for his troubles…the buzzer sounds and Ricky Thunder comes running out of the Tokyo Dome Crowd..he begins scaling the outside of the cage*

M: The last team member of DC’s team and what is he doing?

T: He is climbing the cage wall Marv

*Thunder gets up top and leaps off the scaffold onto Jason, Josh and Dragon as all four men fall to the mat..the Japanese crowd is going crazy as the bell sounds*

M: And the eliminations can now begin

*Troy climbs back over the barricade and gets into the ring, and hits the 23 on Judge from behind making him drop the can..Blade then throws a kick to Troy that sends him back into the turnbuckle…Blade with a chop, but Troy grabs Blade and exchanges positions with him, and troy with a right hand and another..DC is managing to finally roll into the ring again*

M: everyone is in the ring now, and who will get eliminated first Tater?

T: it could be anybody, how are these guys still able to go?

*DC goes over to help Troy as they team up on Blade in the corner..meanwhile in ring two, Juice is up, he waits as Dragon is the first to his feet, Juice grabs him and hits the V8…he goes for the cover and a ref comes into the ring, he counts…1…2….Jason is up and stops the count..Jason kicking at Juice then gets him up, the two men fighting with each other..Thunder and Josh both get up, and Josh kicks Thunder in the gut, he then tosses him into the cage head first…Josh then rolls Thunder up…the ref counts…1…..2…..3…*

Thunder Eliminated

M: Thunder is out

T: Last man in, first one to go

*Josh is bleeding as he gets up..Juice pushes Jason into Josh from behind..they bump heads, as Jason grabs his head, Juice hits a fisherman suplex on him..the ref counts….1….2…..3…*

Jason eliminated

M: Oh my goodness, Jason just got eliminated

T: Josh just cost his partner the match

*Jason gets up as the ref tells him to leave he can’t believe what just happened..Juice is punching at Josh, but Jason shoves the ref, he runs and hits a dropkick to the back of Juice’s head that makes him stumble over Josh to the mat…Jason helps him up and asks Josh what happened?*

M: Looks like some argument in the ring

T: I think Josh is trying to say he didn’t do it on purpose

*Jason shakes Josh’s hand, but then hits the JKO on him*

T: JKO!!!!

M: he just turned on Josh

*Jason stands up as the crowd boos, they can’t believe what just happened…
Jason climbs out of the ring and then leaves the first ring..meanwhile, Don Smith seeing this, jumps into the second ring and covers Josh…the ref counts…1….2…..3.*

Josh eliminated

*In the first ring, Cryptic is getting beaten on by Crawford, but Demon Alexander is up and hits the Demon’s Dance on him…Stick nails a big boot to the face of Demon..leaving Exo by himself with Judge…Exo pounding at Judge, but Force is up..Force with a boot to the face of Exo taking him down…Troy leaves DC with Blade and comes running at Force by gets hit by a spinebuster…Stick turns to see this, and Force with a right hand and another..Stick counters back..meanwhile Don Smith has Dragon in the other ring..he whips Dragon into the ropes, and lowers his head, Dragon flips over with a sunset flip…Smith trying to hold on, and Juice is up and nails the elbow drop to the head of Dragon…both men cover him, the ref count…1….2…….3…*

Dragon eliminated

*Blade hits a low blow to DC, and then runs and leaps onto the far turnbuckle…he then leaps into the 2nd ring landing on both Smith and Juice…*

M: Blade taking out two men

T: this is getting crazy

*Force has knocked down Stick and Crusher is up, he tries the Angle Slam, but Force jumps over him..Force with a kick to the midsection and Judge is up as well, Force and Judge grab Crusher and hits the double chokeslam on him..Judge covers…1….2…3..*

Crusher Eliminated

*Demon is up and so is Crawford, Crawford with a belly to belly suplex on him, but Judge from behind hits the final sentence…DC is holding himself and he sees Cryptic laid out on the ground..he drapes his shoulder over him as Judge covers Crawford…the ref counts…1….2…3…*

Cryptic and Crawford eliminated

M: Two men gone at once

T: That is insane!

*Demon is on his feet and so is Judge and Force…Stick and Exo get up, and DC slowly getting to his feet…meanwhile in the second ring, Blade hits the Yakuza kick on Smith…Juice tries to hit a clothesline, but Blade ducks it and hits a spinning heel kick on him instead…he then runs and hits a double hop moonsault from the turnbuckle and lands on Smith…the ref in that ring counts….1…..2…..3..*

Don Smith eliminated

*the six men in the other ring square off…Troy has slipped outside and gotten the ring bell from ringside…as he walks back towards the ring..he quickly slides in…he looks to hit Judge, but Judge ducks and Troy nails Stick instead….Judge then nails a big boot to Troy knocking him down…Judge has the ring bell as he sees Force fighting with Exo..Judge hits Exo in the back with the bell knocking him down…Force then lifts Exo up and hits the Unstoppable Drop on him as both men on on the mat…Judge drops down and covers..1…..2… the meantime, DC throws Demon into the wire where he is trapped…DC turns around to see Judge standing there face to face with him*

Exo eliminated

M: We may be looking at a showdown Tater

T: This is what we have been waiting for

*Blade has Juice in the other ring…he whips him into the corner…Blade comes running in but Juice with a boot to the face knocks him down..Juice grabs his legs, and slingshots him over the turnbuckle where Blade hits his head on the cage corner…Blade stumbles backwards and a schoolboy by Juice and the ref counts…1…..2…3…*

Blade eliminated

M: Blade is gone, and look at the action in the first ring

*DC and Judge going at it toe to toe, both men exchanging blows…Judge gets the upperhand and tries to chokeslam DC but DC kicks him in the nuts..Judge holds them as he slumps to the ground…Force is up and nails a huge clothesline to DC…Juice has climbed into the first ring and covers Stick who is out cold…the ref counts..1…..2…..3.*

Stick Eliminated

*Demon pulls himself off of the wire…Juice walks over to him and tries a punch, but Demon blocks it..Demon grabs Juice by the head and tosses him into the wire…Juice is bleeding badly as he is caught in that wire..Demon standing there..pulls Juice out and hits the Purifier on him…he covers…1…2….3..*

Juice eliminated

*Demon slowly to his feet as Force covers DC…1…2..kickout by the champ…*

M: DC still holding in there, as we are getting down to the last few men

T: This has been one hell of a match Marv

*Demon turns and gets hit by the superkick from Troy..Troy falls on him…the count…1…..2…3..*

Demon Eliminated

M: that kick came out of nowhere

T: we are down to four Marv

*Force is up on his feet…Troy is waiting and goes for the superkick again, but Judge has gotten up and gets hit with it instead….Judge falls to the mat, as Force kicks Troy in the face with a huge boot…Troy is out on the mat...*

M: You can feel it Tater, the crowd is going crazy

T: Force is feeling it, he has a second wind

*Force is busted open and bleeding all over his body, he picks DC up and kicks him..he then lifts him up and nails the Unstoppable Bomb on him*

M: It may be over for the champion

*Force covers him…the ref counts…1……2….3…*

T: DC just got pinned by Force

DC Eliminated

M: Troy is by himself with Judge and Force

*Force can feel the adrenaline pumping in his blood…he is waiting for Troy to get up..Troy is slowly getting to his knees..Force just waiting as the crowd pops…*

M: oh my god, I don’t believe this Tater, but here comes Corey Taylor down
the aisle

*Corey is bandaged up and is carrying a barbwire bat*

T: He has a weapon and Force has his back turned, this is not good Marv

M: And technically Corey never got beat yet so he is still in this matchup

*Corey slides in behind Force and nails him in the back with the barbwire bat…the bat sticks into Force, as he rears back and falls forward to the mat…the bat still stuck in him*

M: that bat is lodged in Force’s back

T: the pain he has to be in

*Corey screams as the crowd is stunned that he has come back out here..Judge is slowly getting to his feet..Corey kicks him in the gut and lifts him up…he nails the Duality Driver on him…Corey covers and hooks a leg..the ref counts…1……2…..3…*

Judge eliminated

M: We are down to two on one

T: And Force looks like a sitting duck Marv

*Corey gets up and rips the bat from Force’s back..Force is on his knees in pain, as Corey is laughing at him..he then spits on Force*

M: oh come on now, there was no need in that

*Troy is just now getting to his feet..Corey sees him, and all of a sudden he levels him in the head with the barbwire bat…Troy is laid out as Corey is yelling at him*

M: he just took out his teammate

T: He must still have some bad blood from their encounter earlier this evening

*Corey can feel it, as he turns around..Force is getting to his feet battered and bruised, Corey looks at him then nails him in the midsection with that bat…Force clutches his stomach as Corey lifts him up on his shoulders, he then nails the Duality Driver on Force*

T: That’s his finisher!

M: Corey with a cover

*the ref drops down, and counts…1……..2………3….the bells sounds*

M: Corey just did it, he just pinned Force

T: Corey and Troy have survived and won the match for Team DC
*Duality plays as Corey and Troy are announced as the winners…backstage the camera cuts on Miss A walking towards Curry Muncher and a group of Japanese people*

Miss A: Curry!

Curry: Yeah?

Miss A: How dare you take out Gel Mibson like that…you should be ashamed of

*Curry says something in Spanish at her, then laughs*

Miss A: So you want to be funny do ya? Well laugh about this…You’re FIRED!!!

*Curry can’t believe it and starts cussing in Spanish, Miss A just walks off*

*the camera cuts to show DC, Wilma, and Thugged Out heading to a limo…
Chad stops them*

Chad: DC, Champ, your team just won the Structure of Doom where are you going?

DC: Where am I going, where else, but to celebrate, because the IWO is mine!

*DC and company get into the limo as the camera is shown back in the ring with Corey raising the barbwire bat in victory*

*end show*


Thanks to Troy for the banners.

Thanks to Exo for the belt banners

Thanks to DrDoom for writing the Force match, and the Corey/Troy match

Thanks to Skill for the World Title and Tag Title matches

Thanks to fox for writing the TV Title Match

Thanks to Glue for the Curry vs. Gel Match

And thank you to everyone who promoed, this was probally the best show yet.

Also during the structure of Doom match , the eliminations were not based on promos, just the winning if you eliminated early on, it had nothing to do with the promo I just wanted to make the match more realistic.
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Great show DC and everyone who helped.
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I agree. this was a great one!
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A great PPV all round. Great work from everyone involved in making this PPV such a good show. Now i look forward to seeing how storylines develop and the peaceful one shall recover!!

Also those belts and the banners were rather splendid i must say.

Peace and love
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Awesome show fellas.

I love the way you set up me turning on Josh...great stuff

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Great show as usual, and props to Glue for writing a match.

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Great work everyone. That Structure of Doom match kicked arse.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Holy shit.

That was great. All around, everything about that was great, but the Structure of Doom match was just fucking ill as all hell.


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I fucking loved it. Great job everyone I love where this fed is going.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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Absolutely amazing. One again you have done an amazing job lads.


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That was awsome. It's also really cool to see so many people contributing.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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Great show all around everyone. That was cool as hell
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Wow, this is some entertaining stuff, great work guys. This Efed is great, cool promos and great shows, good stuff.

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<option>StarScream (x2)</option>
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I can't belive I missed this, great show guys.

^^^^Made by the Big Homie Stick...PC representer.
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