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Redemption Month 15 Week 1 August 4, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 15 Week 1 August 4, 2007

Fireworks go off in the IWO arena as fans are cheering wildly as the IWO returns back home after the biggest PPV of the year, we join Marv Rome and Tater Inberg at ringside*

M: Good Evening everyone and welcome to Redemption, and Tater what a lineup we have tonight four huge title matches and this coming less than a week after the IWO's premiere event, Championship Dreams

T: That's right Marv, and tonight we see the World Tag Team Champions and the World Champ in action, but also tonight, the new TV and Hardcore Champs will be defending their belts as should be a great night.

M: No doubt, and let's start things off with the Tag Team Title Contest!

World Tag Team Championship

*The Spice Boys come down to the ring with cheers from the crowd....Curry Muncher seems to have a look of worry on his face*

M: Curry doesn't look happy, despite the fact that the tag titles are on the line.

T: Marv, would you be thrilled to be facing the most dominant tag team in the IWO?

*Tech Nine plays as the Tag Champs come down to the ring...the crowd is booing as they slide under the ropes and into the ring...the bell sounds as they quickly go after the Spice Boys...*

M: thugged Out wasting no time Tater

T: This is how they roll!

*Stick gets the upperhand on Gel and tosses him over the top rope...Exo is punching away at Curry who is against the ropes...Exo whips Curry towards Stick who hits a mosterous big boot to the face of Curry...*

M: He almost took his head off with that move

T: This does not look good for the challengers

*Stick picks Curry up and whips him into the ropes, he bounces off and Thugged Out hits the Last Call...Exo covers him as the ref counts....1.....2.....3...*

M: And just like that this one is over

T: Thugged Out keeps the belts and keeps their winning streak going

M: Is there anyone that can beat these guys?

*Exo and Stick give the knuckle bump to each other and leave the ring with the titles...the crowd is booing them....Gel Mibson climbs into the ring and checks on Curry....Gel is watching as Thugged Out heads behind the curtain and towards the backstage...Curry slowly gets to his feet...Gel is trying to get the crowd to clap for him*

M: A nice applause for Curry, although I don't know if he deserves it.

T: He just got whoopped, what do you think

*Curry raises an arm as Gel is up on the middle turnbuckle getting the crowd pumped up...he hops down and turns and Curry charges and hits the Curry Rush to the stomach of Gel Mibson...Gel hits the mat hard as the crowd begins to boo...Curry looks down at Gel with a pissed off look on his face*

M: He just took out his partner

T: What the hell is wrong with Curry Muncher Marv?

*Curry leaves the ring to boos as the ref checks on Gel*

*backstage we see Mr. Smith walk out of his office and head down a hall that leads to the ring*

M: Looks like the Commish is about to come out here when we get back!



*Smith is in the ring with a mic*

Smith: As you may all know last week Championship Dreams broke records...the early buyrates have this PPV as the best sellling PPV for it's intial showing and we can hope that it gets better with the encores...Also this week the 4th quarter ratings will be published for any finicial gurus out there!...but let me get down to business...This month, the IWO will head to the Land of the Rising, and will host a PPV in Tokyo, Japan!

*some applause is heard*

Smith: This PPV will be a huge PPV, because it will be Absolute Power 2007!

*crowd pops for this*

Smith: And it will feature the return of the Structure of Doom Match!!!

T: This is huge Marv!

M: Oh my what a bomb Mr. Smith just dropped

Smith: Next week right here at Redemption we will conduct a draft, this draft will allow two team captains to choose teams through a back and forth pick system...The captains of these two teams will be the TV Champion and the World Champion....therefore whoever is the champions after tonight will have one week to prepare for the draft and choose their teammates!

*Crowd is going nuts*

Smith: Thank you and have a good night!

*Smith leaves the ring as we go to a break*


T: The next match is a hardcore fatal 4 way which will showcase some of the most impressive up and coming IWO talent.

M: That’s for sure and first to come out is Alli who’s cult got a big win against its name last night.

T: But lets not forget this man Masque who was a vital part of Alli’s win last night.

M: Here comes a man who may not be in any type of cult but he doesn’t need a cult because he has what it takes to do it on his own. Ricky Thunder!

T: Finally, a man who probably had one of the greatest matches in IWO history last night at Championship Dreams. Corey. He is an unstoppable insane wrecking machine and him and Troy both showed how much the IWO meant to them last night.

M: Anyone could take this one out. Who is it gonna be?

*Bell rings. Thunder runs at Masque and hits a Thunder Kick on him sending him over the top rope to the outside! Meanwhile Corey runs up and clotheslines Alli over the top rope to the outside. Corey and Thunder both look at each other then back at the guys they just took out. Thunder goes up on the right turnbuckle looking over Masque and signals for the Triple X. Corey walks back and runs in and dives through the ropes connecting with a suicide dive on Alli at the same time as Thunder hits the Triple X on Masque on the outside. Corey and Thunder are first to their feet and both go under the ring. Corey pulls out a barbwire baseball bat and Thunder pulls out a Kendo stick. Corey goes over and sits Alli up and grinds the bat across the forehead of Alli opening him up whilst Thunder wails away on Masque with the Kendo stick.*

T: Thunder and Corey doing great early on but eventually they are going to have to turn on one another to win this.

*Thunder finally stops beating on Masque with the stick and turns around and is smashes in the side of the head with the barb wire bat by Corey. Thunder flies across at smacks the other side of his head into the steel post before crumbling to the floor.*

M: There’s the turn Tater and Thunder could have been knocked out cold with that brutal blow.

*Corey feeds Thunder into the ring as on the outside Alli has managed to get to his feet and has gone under the ring and got a table which he proceeds to set up on the outside. Inside the ring Corey pulls a lifeless Thunder to his feet and hits the Duality Driver on him. Masque is on his feet on the outside. Corey covers Thunder. 1…..2………………………….Masque climbs in and breaks it up with his boot. Alli slides in and spins Masque around and hits a big time belly to belly suplex which sends Masque over the top rope and crashing through the table on the outside.*

T: Wow that move could have put Masque out of this match as now Alli, Thunder and Corey are all on their feet and squaring off.

*Thunder and Corey both look at Alli and charge in looking for a double clothesline but Alli ducks it and both men come back and get a double clothesline from Alli instead. Alli starts walking around the ring showing off. He finally decides to turn around and Thunder is there who wags a finger at him and then hits a big time Breaking Edge! He covers. 1…..2……………………………………Corey jumps over and breaks it up. Corey gets Thunder and feeds him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Corey then goes over and sets Thunder up for the Iowa Drop out of the turnbuckle and hits it perfectly. Meanwhile Alli has rolled to the outside and gotten a chair. He slides back in and charges at Corey. Corey drop kicks the chair back in Alli’s face and Alli staggers around and Corey picks him up and hits the Duality Driver on him nailing him head first into the steel chair busting Alli open even further. Corey covers. 1…2………………………………….3. Thunder jumps over and breaks it up a split second too late and Corey wins it.*

M: Well the human wrecking machine picks up the win and he is definitely crawling his way back to the top of the IWO.

T: But so is Thunder who also looked so impressive in this match and I wouldn’t be surprised if Corey and Thunder were to face off again.

*backstage we see Thugged Out walking towards Smith's office*

Stick: Man that nigga got to take us up on our offer, yo

Exo: fo shizzy, oh hold up, look at this fine looking lady!

*They come upon Miss A, and start circling her staring at her*

Miss A: Can I help you two?

Stick: yeah shawty, you can damn sho help us out

Exo: That's right, honey, girl you so damn fly, make a brother want to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit

*Miss A blushes as Stick puts his arm around her*

Stick: Look lil' bit, we want to holla at yo boy Smith, find out if he gonna let us be his bodyguards or not.

Exo: Straight up, Stick

Miss A: Well he is kinda busy right now, but I could let him know that you were asking

Stick: tru, tru, but say what you doing right now, you dont' look busy.

Exo: Yeah what up wit you?

Miss A: I was just...

Stick: Why don't you come hang out and chill with the champs baby!

*She thinks about it and then says okay as all three walk down the hall with Exo looking behind her checking out her ass*



*Demon Alexander is in the ring as King of Kings Plays*

M: Tater this one is going to be rough, both these men lost last week, and you got to think one of them will lose again tonight

T: Yeah and look at Demon after that horrible fall he took at Championship Dreams he really looks in no condition to compete tonight

M: Well he was fired up earlier about getting into the ring with this Man, Unstoppable Force

T: He might be having second thoughts now

*Unstoppable Force and Demon Alexander tie up in the
middle of the ring, with the cocky veteran attempting
to knee the youngster in the stomach, unfortunately
for Force, Demon managed to catch his leg and drop him
to the mat with a legsweep, which made Force look
foolish very early in the match, but he wasn't down
for long. Force and Demon again tie-up in the center
of the ring, this time around Force using his strength
to lock Demon's arm around his back as he began to
wrench upon it before releasing Demon’s but not for
long as Force struck Demon down with a bulldog. *

M: A bulldog, another old school move from Force

T: This guy is wrestling circa 1987

*The youngster was right back to his feet, as he
managed to deter from a kick attempt from Force, again
catching the leg, but this time Demon hit a spinning
wheel kick as Force fell down to the mat, but not for
long. Both men stood staring at each other, with Demon
using his speed against Force, ducking underneath many
attacks, before striking the veteran with a selection
of arm drags that shows his confidence for this match.
Force was then picked up to his feet, as Alexander
Irish whipped him into the turnbuckle before hitting a
Stinger Splash with Force falling hard onto the mat,
Demon going for the first pinfall of the match. *

M: Can Demon put him away?


Demon didn't even manage to get the two count as Force
used his strength to throw Demon off of him to break
the pinfall. Force made it back to his feet, but he
was made with the exact same confidence and enthusiasm
that sent him down to the mat moments prior, with
Demon combining many of his moves for maximum effect
as Force became complacent as he began to attack Demon
with weak punches and kicks which Demon used to his
advantage as Force was again put on the mat. Then
Force seemed to re-enter the match, after ducking
underneath a punch from Demon, Force managed to hit a
German suplex as Demon flew through the ring, but he
was not on the mat for long. Force otherwise seemed to
be back in this match, as he placed Demon in the
turnbuckle, using his strength before lifting Rivers'
body high into the air and then he slammed Demon down
on the mat with a devastating backbreaker, as Force
went for the first pinfall.


T: It's over

M: NO! Demon managed to get his shoulder up, with Force
annoyed that didn't get the job done.

*Force slowly
getting up as did Alexander, who noticeably held onto
his back, but Demon managed to hit an out of nowhere
enziguri which Force realized and quickly nailed Demon
with a vicious right hook. Force picks up Demon into
the tombstone position and hits the Unstoppable Drop.
Force covers Demon.


M: What a match, and those injuries may have been too much to overcome for Demon

T: Hell Marv, Force was too much too overcome, give the guy some credit will ya!

*backstage we Alli Sabbah yelling at Joker and Masque*

Alli: You two, you should know your roles...tonight I want someone taken out, and you better show me that you belong in this cult!

*he then mutters some arab shit, and walks off as Joker and Masque stare at each other*



*The crowd is booing as neXus and Juice come down the aisle*

M: Here are two guys making their in-ring debut tonight

T: This could be the makings of a talented tag team Marv

M: Well they are about to take on one heck of a team in the Riot Makers

*the Riot Makers come down the aisle as the crowd cheers, they get in the ring...The bell rings, and the match starts off with Juice squaring off with Kage. They lock up, and Juice uses his athletic ability to shove the less talented Kage down to the mat. He springs right back up, and rushes at Juice only to be met with a clothesline. Juice lifts him up, and Irish whips him into the ropes. Kage is able to duck under another clothesline, and kicks Juice square in the gut. He uses Juice’s own leg to gain elevation, but Juice nails him with an Enziguri that sends him down to the mat. Juice makes the quick cover..




M: Juice is a stud Tater

T: I can't understand this guy half the time, but in the ring, he is defintely a better wrestler than talker

*Juice drags Kage over to his corner, and makes the tag into neXus. As the Arrogant bloody Englishmen steps over the ropes, Kage musters up the strength to punch him in the stomach, but it barely fazes neXus. He lifts Kage up above his head in an amazing display of strength, before dropping him down with a vicious powerslam. He lifts Kage up, and throws him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, but fails to notice that Sledge made a blind tag. Kage slides under a Big Boot attempt, and then slides under the ropes. As neXus stands in the middle of the ring confused, Sledge hits a chop block to the back of the knee. neXus drops to one knee, and is immediately hit with a Shining Wizard. Sledge seizes the chance and makes a quick cover.




T: You got to admit, the Riot Makers are a good tag team

M: They are the only team Tater to have beaten the tag team champions

*Sledge slams his fists on the mat, visibly frustrated. He makes the tag to Kage, who climbs to the top rope. He dives at neXus with a splash, but neXus is able to roll out of the way. As Kage crashes hard to the mat, nexus grabs Kage’s legs and puts him in the sharpshooter. Kage holds himself up in a pushup position, reaches his hand out to try to tag in Sledge but he can’t reach him. Kage can’t take the hold any longer and taps out.*

M: Wow, what a victory for Juice and neXus, as Kage taps out

T: What a wuss, I can't believe that.

*Juice shakes the hand of neXus as the two men leave the ring*




*The Beast is in the ring, as Judge's music hits and the new TV champ comes down to boos from the crowd*

M: Here is the new TV Champ Tater, and one week later he is defending the title in a 15 minute match against Jack Crawford.

T: The odds are definitely in the challenger's favor Marv, as Judge went through hell in that match with Johnny Blade at Championship Dreams.

*Both men in the ring as the ref takes the belt...the bell sounds and both men lock up...Beast with the upperhand as he puts a headlock on Judge*

M: Crawford has 15 minutes to win the title, and right now trying to get the advantage on the big man

*Judge powers out of the headlock and tosses Crawford towards the ropes, off the ropes and Crawford knocks Judge off balance with a shoulder block...Crawford off the ropes again and taking Judge down with the shoulder block this time*

T: the champ off his feet, and Jack is in control

*Beast picks Judge up, and a huge right to the face from Judge...Judge tosses Crawford into the corner, and hard punches to the midsection of Beast...Judge stops as the ref tells him too, and Crawford tries to get away...Judge grabs his arm and locks in an armbar...he wrenches it and takes him down to the mat, still applying pressure to the hold*

M: Judge now working the arm

T: Great strategy, trying to take out a bodypart

*Jack trying to get to his feet, and does, but Judge twists the arm and puts on more pressure, another twist and into the hammerlock...Crawford trying to find a way out and back Judge up into the corner...elbows to the head and Crawford out......he turns around but a right hand to the face of The Beast...Judge grabs him and whips him to the opposite corner...he chargers in but a foot to the face of Judge*

M: Nice counter...

*Beast out of the corner and takes Judge down with a clothesline...the cover...1...2..kickout....Beast to his feet...and trying to get the crowd into this*

T: Why is he wasting time?

*Judge is slowly getting to his feet...Crawford off the ropes and a forearm to the back of the head of Judge...he gets Judge to his feet and several punches to the head of Judge*

M: Judge in trouble and we got about 7 minutes left in this one Tater

T: time is certainly a factor Marv

*Crawford with a snap mare out of the corner...Judge on the ground and Beast twisting the head of Judge...a modified chin lock, and the neck being twisted*

M: This has to hurt, and Jack Crawford trying to wear down Judge

T: Judge needs to get out of this or else his title reign could be over

*Crawford still using the hold and putting the pressure to Judge..the ref checking him...Judge wanting to fight out...and using the power...he gets to his feet....Crawford might be in trouble...Judge with a side suplex takes Crawford down and both men on the mat...*

M: this is crucial, who gets to their feet first

*Crawford up first...and Judge slowly to his feet..Crawford moves towards him..But Judge grabs him by the throat*

T: We might see the chokeslam!!!

*Crawford hitting away at the arm of Judge...and again...he lets go and Crawford using various kicks and punches Judge...finally a kick to the midsection The Beast, and he tries to suplex Judge...Judge blocks it and hits one of his own...the cover...1...2..kickout...*

M: Judge was so close on that one

T: this is a classic Marv

*Under 4 minutes to go, and Judge to his feet, and waiting for The Beast....Crawford up and turns and a big boot from Judge...Judge picks him up and whips him into the corner...he runs in and hits a clothesline....he backs up and hits another clothesline..*

M: Crawford in trouble

*Judge whips Crawford into the opposite corner...The Beast bounces off of it...and nails a spear*

T: SPEAR!!!!

M: Both men down and less than 3 and half minutes to go...will we see a winner

T: Crawford crawling towards Judge

*He drapes his arm over him and the count..1........2........kickout*

M: he kicked out...and this one is still going on

*Crawford to his feet and waiting...he decides to go up to the top rop...he climbs and waits..Judge is up...Crawford leaps but Judge catches him by the throat and hits the chokeslam...both men on the mat....Judge slowly making his way over....he covers...1.....2......foot on the rope by Beast*

M: Crawford saved himself with a foot on the rope

T: yeah but we have one mintue and a half left....he could miss his oppurtunity...

*Judge can't believe it as he rolls off of Crawford exhausted....Judge slowly to his feet....he waits for Crawford...Crawford slowly getting up.....less than a minute to go...he uses the ropes to get up*

M: Crawford trying to get up

T: yeah but Judge has to be looking to finish him off

*Crawford uses the top rope to pull himself up...Judge from behind grabs him and we could see the Final Sentence...Crawford elbows him in the head though and another...Judge stumbles back, and Crawford turns he kicks him in the gut and hits a stone cold stunner on him*

M: What the hell a stunner from the Beast!!!

*Judge is flung backwards and bounces down to the mat...he rolls as Beast runs towards him..he rolls him over and tries to go for the pin.....1.......2.....shoulder barely up*

T: I can't believe it, he kicked out

*Crawford tries pinning him again......1.....2....kickout...Crawford is stunned as less than 15 seconds...he picks Judge up who is hard to get up...He has him up and hits a scoop slam...he covers....1....2....kickout......the crowd chanting......5.......4...Crawford with another pin.....1.......2.....kickout...the crowd....1......the bell rings*

M: It's over, and Judge will keep the TV Title

T: yeah but Crawford gave him a run for his money

M: this has to be one of the best matches of the night Tater

*Crawford sits in the ring upset that he came so close...the crowd is booing the decision...*



M: Here comes the Joker who was not successful in his match last night but still looked impressive none the less and has always been a force to be reckoned with in the IWO.

T: Well he better be as his opponent makes his way to the ring, that opponent, Jhonny Blade. Who lost the TV title in a fantastically brutal Last Man Standing match against Judge last night. Though he certainly proved that he was no coward in that match he will be looking for a victory tonight to keep him up the top of the IWO rankings. This is a hardcore match and its about to get brutal!

*Bell rings. Blade charges at Joker but Joker hits a drop toe hold on him and Blade’s skull bounces off the canvas. Joker quickly slides to the outside and goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair and chucks it in the ring, he doesn’t see that Blade has quickly got to his feet and caught the chair. Joker slides in and gets up and is nailed in the head by Blade with the chair. Blade pulls Joker up and flag pole DDT’s Joker into the chair busting him wide open. He covers. 1…2………………kick out by Joker. Both men stagger to their feet with Joker using the ropes to help him up. Blade sees Joker leaning against the ropes and charges at him but Joker ducks and pulls down the top rope sending Blade flying to the outside and as he goes his back connects with the announce table before he goes to the floor. Blade winces in pain and clutches his back.*

M: Great move by Joker to change the tide in this hardcore match. Can he capitalise?

*Joker slides out of the ring and goes underneath it. He pulls out a stop sign and goes over to Blade. Blade staggers to his feet and Joker nails Blade in the gut with the sign and then smashes him over the back with it sending Blade to the mat. Joker then proceeds to remove the protective covering on the outside exposing the concrete. He pulls Blade up and nails his head a few times on the announce table and then irish whips him into the steel steps back first. Joker pulls Blade up and sets him up for a suplex onto the concrete but Blade blocks it. Blade blocks it again and switches around and hits a big time delayed vertical suplex on Joker eventually dropping Joker back first hard onto the concrete.*

T: Wow that was hardcore but can Blade now capitalise?

*Blade goes under the ring again and pulls out a table which he gets into the ring with. He sets up the table near one of the corners and then goes back to the outside and goes to pull Joker up but Joker has been searching under the ring whilst Blade was getting the table set up and he smashes Blade in the head with a fluorescent light tube which causes Blade to fall back on his arse on the concrete and cuts his head open a little bit. Joker gets up and goes under the ring again and pulls out some barbwire which he wraps around his arm. Joker then goes over and rakes his barb wire arm across the forehead of Blade opening him up big time. Joker feeds Blade into the ring and covers. 1…2………………….kick out by Blade. Joke argues with the ref as Blade stumbles to his feet. Blade goes over and Joker turns around in time to get a boot to the gut and is hoisted up over the shoulder of Blade as if going for a running power slam. Blade carries Joker over to the turnbuckle which he has the table set up near and sets Joker up on the turnbuckle. He then hits the Fall from Grace on Joker putting him through the table. Blade covers. 1…2…………………………………..3. Blade gets the win.*

T: Blade gets a sense of Redemption here tonight as he has proved he is still a force to be reckoned with in the IWO.

*backstage we see Alli run into Peabody, who is having two guys push the cage with the Vanilla Gorilla in it*

Alli: Ah, Mr. Peabody, I see your beast has a match tonight for the Hardcore title..

Peabody: What's it to you, Sabbah...if you don't mind I have to get him ready...

Alli: Hold on there...are you trying to push me out of the you have no time for a man of my great qualities.

Peabody: Qualities? are nothing but a two-bit salesman, you have nothing on me, and my brilliance, now outta my way!

*Peabody pushes Sabbah as the cage rolls through...Sabbah stands there pissed off*



T: Here comes Strictly Buisness Marv who suffered a loss to Thugged Out and were unable to capture the tag titles last night. They need to really re-establish themselves here tonight.

M: But here comes another team out for redemption after neither of them had a particularly good night last night. The team of Jason and Josh with Stacy at ringside.

T: Both teams looking for redemption here tonight. Who is going to get it?

*Bell rings. Josh starts it out with Schmo. Josh runs in and hits several clotheslines on Schmo and then a big drop kick which sends Schmo back into the corner. Josh goes over and starts the mounted punches in the corner. The crowd counts them. 1…2….3….4….5..Schmo pushes Josh off him sending him to the mat. Public distracts the ref whilst Schmo goes over and splits the legs of Josh and stomps on his nads. Ref turns back around. Schmo picks Josh up and whips him into the Strictly Buisness corner and tags Public. They pull Josh out and hit a double suplex on him. Schmo goes to the corner again. Public stomps on Josh for a bit and then pulls him up and rakes the eyes and whips Josh into the corner again where he tags Schmo. Both men double stomp on Josh in the corner and then Public climbs out but Schmo tags him in again and this time they double DDT Josh. Public goes up top and hits a frog splash on Josh and covers. 1…2……………………………Jason breaks it up.*

M: That was close but it won’t last much longer if Josh can’t get a tag.

*Jason goes back to his corner as Public and Josh exchange blows in the middle of the ring with Josh getting the advantage. Josh hits a DDT on Public and covers. 1…kick out by Public. Josh locks in a sleeper on Public and ref checks him. Hand raises and drops once, then a second time but on the third Public keeps his hand up and fights to his feet with elbows to the gut eventually breaking the hold. Public bounces off the ropes and charges in at Josh who ducks a clothesline and steps behind Public and grabs him around the waist. Josh hits the three German suplexes. Josh locks in the Fire Mission on Public.*

T: Fire Mission locked in and just like that it could be over.

*Public is about to tap out when Schmo comes in and breaks it up and pulls Josh up and hits a swinging neck breaker on him. Schmo goes back to his corner. Both men start crawling for their corners and Josh gets there first and Jason charges in and pulls Public away from his corner. He signals for a Spear as Public gets up. Jason charges in but Public side steps and Jason eats turnbuckle. Public goes over and turns Jason around and Jason hits a JKO out of nowhere! Josh climbs in as does Schmo sensing the cover. Schmo runs at Josh who hits a boot to the gut and the Call for Fire on Schmo. Jason covers Public and Josh counts along with the ref. 1…2………………………………..3. Jason and Josh get the win as Stacy climbs in and celebrates with the boys.*

M: Well a much needed win there for Jason and Josh with Stacy and that might be just what they needed to get back on track.

*We see Miss A leaving the dressing room of Thugged Out...Stick and Exo watch her leave as the camera comes in closer on them*

Stick: I told you that shit was tight dawg

Exo: Man, that move you did in there, that was the pimp shit yo

Stick: Shit, we still got some time before the show is over tonight

Exo: hey let's watch that tape of Jason and Stacy again

Stick: Aight, Homie!

*the door closes*




M: Here comes the new hardcore champ Black Dragon Tater and he doesn’t look to happy about being in this match.

T: I can’t say I blame him he had an intensely violent hardcore match at Championship Dreams and now he has to have another one, defending his newly won title, against the Vanilla Gorilla.

M: Here comes Gorilla in his cage now and he looks absolutely primal tonight and ready to tear Dragon apart. From the grin on Pea Body’s face I think that’s exactly what his instructions have been. This could be the shortest hardcore title reign the IWO has ever seen.

*Bell rings. Both men charge at each other and duck each others clothesline and go back off opposite ropes and collide mid ring as they both go for cross body take downs. Both men to their feet at the same time and charge at each other again this time both levelling each other with same time clotheslines.*

T: These two are each as determined as the other to destroy one another here tonight and gain the gold.

*Both men charge in again but this time Dragon ducks under Gorilla’s clothesline and jumps up on his back and rolls him up with a crucifix pin. 1…2….kick out by Gorilla. Dragon goes over to the ropes and hops up on them as Gorilla turns around and is hit by a springboard drop kick which sends Gorilla back and he gets tied up in the ropes. Dragon slides to the outside and gets a kendo stick from under the ring and comes back over to Gorilla. He proceeds to nail the living shit out of the tied up Gorilla with the Kendo stick which busts Gorilla open. Pea Body runs round and eventually unties Gorilla who rolls to the outside. Pea Body gives Gorilla a chair as Dragon runs in and leaps through the ropes for a attempted suicide dive which turns out to be really suicidal as Gorilla nails him in te head with the chair as he flies through the ropes.*

M: Dragon was going so well but just like that it could be over.

*Pea Body helps Gorilla get Dragon back in the ring and slides the chair in as well. Gorilla gets into the ring and pulls Dragon up and locks in his Bear Hug finisher. Dragon is struggling to remain consciousness.*

T: This is not good at all for Dragon I think we are about to have a new hardcore champ.

*With his last ounce of strength Dragon reaches down and manages to grab the chair near Gorilla’s feet and gets it and smashes it into the skull of Gorilla who still does not let up the hold. Dragon hits him again with the chair and this time Gorilla lets go but is still on his feet swaying. Dragon bounces off the ropes and charges in and leaps up and nails him with all his force with the chair which breaks the chair in two and finally sends Gorilla to the mat. Dragon covers. 1…2…………………………………kick out by Gorilla.*

M: What a kick out by Gorilla but it still wasn’t enough. What is it going to take to get this big man down for the three count.

*Gorilla back up on his feet as Dragon looks shocked. Gorilla charges in and spears the fuck out of Dragon. Pea Body is on the outside and gets a trash can from under the ring and feeds it in to Gorilla. Gorilla puts the trash can over the head of Dragon who is laid out from the spear and goes up top. Gorilla hits a massive splash on the head of Dragon crushing the can into his skull. Gorilla pins. 1….2……………………………………kick out by Dragon.*

T: This is why Dragon is the hardcore champ check out that resilience!

*Gorilla gets pissed and stomps the crap out of Dragon before ripping the garbage can off the head of Dragon and chucking it to the outside. This reveals that Dragon is bleeding. Gorilla hoists a nearly lifeless Dragon up and over his shoulder and running power slams him into the turnbuckle, which Pea Body has just been busy removing the covering of, and then Gorilla running power slams Dragon to the mat. Gorilla covers again. 1…2………………………………………..kick out by Dragon again. Gorilla wastes no time in going over and trying to pull Dragon up by the hair but Dragon has other ideas as he fights his way to his feet with fists to the gut and then hits the Fists of Fury on Gorilla as Gorilla stumbles around and crashes to the mat. Dragon slides to the outside and goes under the ring and gets a kitchen sink. He brings it and places it in the middle of the ring. Gorilla is up on his feet and as Dragon turns around he gets turned inside out by a massive clothesline. Gorilla gets the kitchen sink, holds it high in the air, and brings it down into the gut of Dragon. He then covers. 1…2………………………………..kick out by Dragon.*

M: My god again Dragon shows his resilience but how is he gonna get the win over Gorilla?

*Gorilla is irate as is Pea Body who is looking like B***** in a domestic situation is also upset. Gorilla goes over and tries to pull Dragon up again but Dragon hits a low blow and gets to his feet and hoists Gorilla up in the air and goes over and hits the Jackhammer on the kitchen sink to Gorilla. Dragon covers. 1….2……………………………….3. Dragon retains the hardcore belt.*

T: Wow what a match that was intensely close and I’m sure Gorilla will be after a rematch after that.



*Backstage we see Joker and Masque standing there laughing as Joker is holding a steel pipe in his hand....neXus is laying out cold on the floor as EMTs rush up to check on him*

M: I guess they took somebody out

T: Poor rookie, just another victim

*The Epitome comes out to the ring as the crowd is cheering*

M: And Troy Alston has finally got this crowd to cheer for him

T: they love him Marv

*Crusher comes out next to much fanfare as well*

M: This guy Tater, this guy not only put Primate out of action, but also ended his career at Championship Dreams

T: they always say that payback is a bitch

*The bell is rung with the faster of the two Troy
Alston striking Crusher with a succession of punches
to the body as Crusher slowly manages to protect
himself with punches of his own, before using the
ropes to hit a swinging DDT with the face of Troy
Alston slammed into the mat. Crusher doesn't go for
the pinfall, instead he ascended to the top rope early
in the match, as he tried to hit a legdrop, but Alston
managed to shoot away to avoid any pain with Crusher
dropping on his legs. Alston scurried back to his
feet, as he struck Crusher with an enziguri, before
picking Crusher to his feet and then using for maximum
effect as Troy connected with a perfectly struck
missile dropkick as Crusher was sent hard into the
mat. Troy then went for the first pinfall of the


No! Crusher managed to shoot his arm up very early in
the match. Troy then struck Crusher with stomps to the
face, before Crusher managed to quickly apply the
triangle lock as Troy attempted to pick Crusher up,
putting Crusher now in control over the match in the
center of the ring as Troy seems to be losing air at a
fast pace. Troy tried all he could to stop the
submission hold but every attempt was thwarted by
Crusher, and even when Troy dropped backwards, the
referee counted his shoulders down.


NO! Troy managed to shoot his shoulders up, but the
submission hold was still applied as Alston slowly
dragged himself towards the ropes and then after the
struggling, Troy was free, for now. Crusher rising
back to his feet, as Troy was lofted high into the air
as Crusher hit a hard powerbomb, but he wasn't done.
Troy's body was flipped over towards the turnbuckle,
as Crusher hit the mid-section of Troy for good
measure before picking up the fiery youngster and
lifting him up high once again before connecting with
a brainbuster as Troy's body shook on impact with the
mat. Crusher went for the pin, the referee slowly
making the count.


NO! Troy again managed to raise his shoulder from the
mat, as Troy slowly made it back to his feet, holding
onto his already damaged head. Crusher then kicked
Troy in the stomach calling for the Olympic slam, but
Troy managed to flip Crusher over his shoulder. As
Crusher stands up Troy hits him with the 23 from
behind. Crusher falls hard to the mat as Troy picks
him up and hits the Trendsetter. Troy covers Crusher.


M: I''m speechless, that was just a great match

T: No doubt, you can bet your ass it was.



World Heavyweight Championship

*Sweet Escape plays as Cryptic walks down the aisle flashing the peace sign to the crowd....the fans are cheering*

M: Here comes the challenger, and Tater this guy has never been pinned

T: yeah and until last week he never had performed an offensive move either.

M: What are you saying?

T: I am saying that things don't look good for this guy

*Blue on Black Plays and the World Champ comes out to boos from the audience*

M: DC making his way to the ring, and the champ without Wilma tonight

T: Hey, is Wilma the client?

M: Well, I don't know Tater, DC hasn't said

*DC gets in the ring and the ref calls for the bell...DC takes off the World Title....Cryptic looks at him and flashes a peace sign...DC smiles and then levels him with the gold...the ref signals for the bell again*

M: I think DC just got DQed

T: Are you low can the champ go?

*Cryptic is laid out as the ref yells at DC...DC then punches the ref and then begins to stomp on Cryptic..he drops down and punches the crap out of his head*

M: The match is over, what is he doing?

*Judge and Thugged Out come running down and slide in the ring...they try to convince DC to stop*

M: I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness they came out here to stop this.

T: Wait Marv!

*They join DC in the stomping of Cryptic*

M: This is enough, the guy did nothing to deserve this

T: marv he challenged the champ, and this is what happens

*DC tells Judge to go outside the ring...Judge does and gets a table and slides it in...Thugged Out...whip Cryptic to the ropes and hit the Last Call on him....DC and Judge set up the table...Judge then picks up Cryptic who has been busted open from that title belt to the head...Exo and Stick taking turns opening the wound...DC then comes and hits him in the head some...*

M: This is uncalled for

T: DC making an example of the peaceful one

*DC then kicks Cryptic in the midsection and lifts him up on his shoulders...he spins him around and hits the bust....the crowd is booing...DC gets up smiling and tells Judge to finish him*

M: YOu proved your point, you guys can stop

T: Hey this is what they do Marv

*Judge picks Cryptic up and lifts him up for the powerbomb..he turns and sends Cryptic through the announce table...Stick gets a mic from ringside and hands it to the World Champ as the crowd is booing*

DC: Next week, it doesn't matter who me, or who Judge picks on their team...because one thing is are looking at the most dominant stable to ever step foot into a ring!...and nothing is going to change that!....and if anyone back there wants to try...let this be your example of what you can expect!

*DC tosses the mic down as all four men raise thier arms to the boos from the crowd....*

*end show*


Props to Skill for writing the Force, Troy and Juice/neXus matches....

Also big ups to Judge for all three hardcore matches and the Josh and Jason tag match....

feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Miss A now knows what it feels like to get...Thugged Out

Still tag champs

Great show all around
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Great show as always guys.
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Very nice.


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Good show, well done to everyone involved. The peaceful one shall recover!

Peace and love
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If only our match lasted 16 minutes.

Good show though.

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Nice work everyone. Got some interesting storys coming along. Miss A

What's going to happen to our stable when we have to face each other

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