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Championship Dreams II PPV July 30. 2007
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Default Championship Dreams II PPV July 30. 2007

Originally Posted by Dark match: Juice vs. neXus
Some of the fans are still filing into the arena, as the match begins. neXus runs at Juice with his arm extended for a clothesline, but Juice ducks under the clothesline. Juice kicks neXus in the stomach, and hits a snap suplex on him. neXus jumps right back up to his feet grabs hold of Juice and hits a belly to belly suplex on him. neXus goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.

neXus picks Juice up for a T Bone Suplex, but Juice counters into a neck breaker. Juice climbs to the top rope and goes for the cross body, but neXus catches Juice in midair and pump handle slams him. neXus goes for the Money Maker, but Juice rigs the eyes of neXus forcing neXus to drop him. Juice kicks neXus is the stomach, and hits the V8 on him. One…..Two…..Three!
*fireworks go off as Championship Dreams begins live from the Staples Center in Las Angeles, California*

M: Welcome to LA and welcome to Championship Dreams II, where tonight four big title matches headline this card...I am Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg.

T: Thanks Marv, and what a night it will be as not only do we have the four title matches, but also on the card tonight, we will determine a number one contender for the World Title, as well as tonight we could see the end of a career for either Troy or Corey.

M: Plus we have several other matches as well, but let's get things going with our first match of the night for the hardcore title.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Title Match: Demon Alexander (c) vs. Josh vs. Black Dragon
Tater: Its time for the hardcore title to be decided with three of the IWO’s most extreme athletes.

Marv: That’s for sure and the man making his way down the isle right now is Dragon who has proven that the only limit in putting a hurting on your opponent is your imagination.

Tater: Not to be outspoken though here comes the Josh who can take a licking and keep on ticking. Its hard to put down a man with an attitude like that of the Josh.

Marv: Finally, here comes the hardcore champ who’s belt is on the line tonight. Demon. He will be looking to exercise the Demon’s of Josh and Dragon who have been haunting him in recent weeks. Can he get it done? I don’t know. Will it be extreme? Most certainly.

*Bell rings. Josh and Dragon both look at Demon then at one another. They both slide out and quickly grab chairs from under the ring and slide back in. Demon signals for them to just fucking bring it! Josh and Dragon both charge in one from each side and conchairto the ribs of Demon who flexes at them both. They repeat the move and Demon just looks more pumped up. He turns to Dragon who goes to hit him over the head with the chair and he grabs the chair of Dragon and chucks it back with force into his skull and Dragon hits the mat and rolls to the outside. Josh charges up from behind but Demon turns around in time and nails a drop kick sending the chair back into the face of Josh who goes down to the mat. Demon goes over to Josh and pulls him up and hits Exercising your Demons onto the steel chair on Josh. He then goes to the outside and goes under the ring and gets his signature golden cross. He climbs back into the ring as Josh is slowly to his feet and Demon levels him with the cross and then sits on Josh’s chest and starts hammering into his skull with the cross causing Josh to bleed profusely. He eventually gets off Josh and signals for the Damnation. He pulls Josh up and hits the Damnation but then turns around and gets levelled by a massive Singapore cane shot from Dragon which snaps the cane in two.*

Tater: Demon looked like he was unstoppable for a moment there but now Dragon has brought him back to earth and it could all be over right here as Dragon goes for the cover.

*Ref counts. 1….2……………………………………….kick out by Demon. Dragon goes over to the fallen Josh and covers him. 1….2……………………………………kick out by Josh.*

Marv: None of these men is gonna go down without a hell of a fight after all this is Championship Dreams.

*Dragon slides to the outside and goes under the ring. He chucks in two trashcans and then slides back in. Dragon gets one of the cans as Demon stumbles to his feet and levels Demon with it. He then places one of the cans over the head of Demon and the other over the head of the Josh. He then drapes Josh’s near lifeless body over that of Demons and goes up top.*
Tater: What in god’s name is he thinking here? It couldn’t possibly be….I think it is!

*Dragon hits the Dragon Twist on the stacked bodies of Josh and Demon denting both the tins in the process as both men writhe about in pain. Dragon covers both of them simultaneously and the ref counts. 1….2…………………………………………………kick out by both men. Dragon looks pissed and goes to the outside and looks under the ring again and this time pulls out a ladder he slides it into the ring and climbs back in. He picks it up as Josh and Demon both slowly get back to their feet and charges in at them. Josh and Demon both think quick and double drop kick the ladder back into the face of Dragon who drops the ladder and flies back over the top rope to the outside. Josh and Demon turn to each other and Demon goes for a right hand but Josh ducks it and switches around behind him and locks him up and hits a German suplex and keeps the grip and hits a second. He then positions Demon and hits a third German suplex this time releasing the hold and sending Demon crunching into the steel ladder. Josh then picks up the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring and clambers up one side of it and is looking to jump off onto Demon but Demon is quick to his feet and scampers up the other side of the ladder. Both men start to exchange blows at the top.*

Marv: This isn’t a ladder match what the hell is going on here?

*Meanwhile Dragon has seen whats going on and has set up a five stack of tables on one side of the ring and has then gotten another ladder from under the ring. Back in the ring Josh has the advantage and Demon is starting to reel at the top of the ladder. Josh signals for the Call for Fire and somehow manages to hit it on Demon sending his face into the top of the ladder. But Demon still manages to hang on by one hand as he is majorly out of it and has been busted open by the move. Dragon is back in the ring and lies the second ladder so that it leans against the first ladders side (ala Shelton Benjamin only on the side of the first ladder not the front). He runs up the second ladder and hits a double clothesline sending Josh and Demon flying off the ladder and all the ladders falling over. Dragon hits the canvas hard and one of the ladders falls on top of him. Josh falls off onto the top rope crotching himself and then falls to the inside of the ring and Demon flies way over the top rope and crashes through the five tables Dragon had set up on the outside as carnage is everywhere and the fans chant ‘Holy Shit’. Both men are fucked up like no tomorrow but Josh somehow is the first to make it to his feet covered in blood. He picks up the golden cross left by Demon and goes over to Dragon as Dragon gets to his feet. Josh winds up with the cross and hits a mighty uppercut with the cross on Dragon which sends a splatter of blood across the canvas as Dragon’s nose is busted wide open. Josh stumbles over him and covers. 1…2…………………………...Dragon kicks out.*

Marv: Holy Shit Tater, how did he kick out

Tater: This is just crazy Marv, Josh can't believe he didn't win the match right there.

*Josh is covered in blood as he slowly gets to his feet...he stumbles around the ring for a minute or two..meanwhile, Demon Alexander is still laying in the rumble of tables on the outside of the ring...Josh finally starts to head up to the top turnbuckle, but slips...he holds on to the top rope and again tries to slowly pull himself up to the top*

Marv: This is a brave move that Josh is trying for

Tater: A stupid one if you ask me, he should just go finish Dragon off

*As Josh finally reaches the top rope, Dragon has somehow gotten up...with blood squirting from his nose, he stumbles over and punches Josh in the face, and another, and Josh loses his balance and straddles the top turnbuckle*

Marv: I hope April didn't want children, because Josh probally won't be able to have none after that fall

Tater: Look Marv, Dragon is climbing the turnbuckle too

*Dragon gets to the top rope and punches at Josh..he picks Josh up and both men standing there...he picks him up sideways as if he was going to his a power slam...just then Dragon stands on the top rope holding Josh*

Marv: He has Josh in his arms

Tater: What is he going to do

*Dragon then moonsaults with Josh in his hands and hits a slam on the mat*

Marv: it looked like a moonsault into a powerslam

Tater: Almost reminicient of a fallaway slam but no release

Marv: Whatever, either way, Dragon covers him

*the ref drops down and counts...1......2.....3...*

Tater: We have a new champion

Marv: Dragon has done it, first he left Alli's cult and now he is the new Hardcore Champion

*The ref hands the belt to Dragon as the fans clap for him, although most of them are booing...Dragon clutches the title, meanwhile EMTs rush down to the ring to check on Demon who is still laying motionless*

Marv: these guys have gave their all, and what a way to kick off the show

Tater: It's going to be hard to top that Marv.
*backstage we see DC with Judge and Thugged Out*

DC: Tonight this is what the client has talked about for months...tonight we take over the IWO...tonight we control all the cards, tonight we dominate.

Exo: Don't worry homie, we already took care of Smith, lets just say things are about to be in our favor

Stick: Word, look nigga we gonna do our part, and homie Judge is about to beat that bitch Blade lata, but yo man you got to take care of Farce.

Judge: That's right DC, you are on your own.

DC: Don't worry, Force has no chance, lets just make sure that everything goes as plan, come on.

*They head off towards the locker room area*

Originally Posted by Six Man Tag: Alli's Cult vs. Riot Makers & Gel Mibson
*Alli and Joker come down the aisle and get in the ring...the lights go out as Masque shows up when they come back on....*

M: And there is Alli and his cult, or what is left of them

T: I wonder how they do without Dragon having their back?

*The Riot Makers come out...they wait as the music from Braveheart plays...then all three run and slide in the ring...all six man stare at each other..before getting out of the ring...Joker and Kage start off the match for the respective teams. Kage runs at Joker, and knocks him down with a clothesline. Joker bounces back to his feet, and ducks underneath another clothesline from Kage. Joker kicks Kage in the stomach and hits a German Suplex him. Joker drags Kage over to his corner, and tags in Masque. Masque and Joker stomp on Kage in the corner as the ref forces Joker to leave the ring. *

M: The teamwork is impecable

T: What?

M: Too big of a word for you Tater

T: Shut up Marv

*Masque then Irish whips Kage against the rope, and lowers his head as Kage comes running back…but Masque lowered his head too soon and Kage kicks him right in the face. Kage then bounces of the rope and bulldogs Masque, and goes for the pin. One…….Two...Broken up by Alli Sabbah. Gel Mibson comes into the ring, and throws Alli flying out of the ring. Gel Mibson then slides out of the ring and starts fighting with Alli outside of the ring as Sledge and Joker also start fighting. *

M: All hell has broken loose

T: This is what I live for Marv!

*Meanwhile in the ring Kage has regained control. Kage throws Masque into the corner. Kage backs up and crushes him with a clothesline. Kage then picks Masque up onto the top turnbuckle and suplexs him off of the top turnbuckle. Kage covers Masque. One………Two……Kick out by Masque. Alli and Joker slide into the ring, and chop block both of Kage’s knees. The ref sends everybody back to their corners, and in the ring both men are down. *

M: the advantage has to go to whoever gets to their feet first

T: Thanks for stating the obvious.

*Now that they have somebody in their corners, Kage and Masque both start crawling to tag in one of their partners. Kage tags in Sledge, and Masque tags in Alli. Sledge comes charging at Alli, but Alli meets Sledge with a dropkick sending him stumbling backwards. Alli tries to snap suplex Sledge, but Sledge is too big for him. So Alli runs at him and hits a quick tornado DDT. *

M: Good rethinking by Alli to get the big man down

*Alli Sabbah Irish Whips Sledge into his corner and his partners begin choking Sledge with a rope from the turnbuckle. Gel Mibson and Kage try climbing into the ring to help Sledge, but the ref won’t allow them which only allow Alli’s team to keep choking Sledge. The ref turns around, and makes them let go. Alli tags in Joker. Joker runs against the ropes, but gets tripped by Kage. Joker turns around to try to grabs Joker, but this allows Sledge to come from behind grabs Joker by the neck, and choke slam him. Sledge tags in Gel Mibson. *

T: This should be interesting

M: Mibson the fresh man looking to make some noise here

*Gel Mibson tries to pin Joker, but Joker kicks out. Alli tries to climb into the ring which distracts the ref which allows Joker to low blow Gel Mibson. Joker crawls to his corner and tags in Alli...Joker and Masque run and take out the Riot Makers..they climb outside and begin fighting with them...Mibson laying on the mat, and Alli smiling stalks behind him..he then locks in the camel clutch, as Mibson is stuck in the middle of the ring*

M: There is no where to go

T: Mibson is stuck in Alli's finisher

*Mibson trying to hold on, but can't and taps out to Alli Sabbah...the crowd boos as Alli lets go and stands straight up with his arms in the air*

M: That damn evil cult wins again

T: Hey the cult needed this win in order to maintain itself

M: Sure they did Tater, sure they did
*backstage we see Peabody yelling at Gorilla who is pinned up in a cage...Chad Willard comes up to him*

Chad: Mr. Peabody, last week the Gorilla won his match and...

Peabody: You seem a little shocked that he won.

Chad: Well sir, I....

Peabody: Listen here my boy, don't get flustered, you don't want to show the Gorilla fear, he can smell take one of these that should make it better

*He hands chad a purple pill...Chad then swallows it as Peabody smiles*

Peabody: Don't ever say I didn't give you come on you stupid ape

*Peabody has a couple guys will the cage down the hall with the Gorilla in it, as Chad begins to hold his head*

Originally Posted by Tag Team Title Match: Thugged Out (c) vs. Strictly Business
Tater: It’s time for some tag team action Marv as Strictly Buisness are making their way to the ring and they certainly look like they are what their name suggests tonight Marv.

Marv: Well you have to be when your facing Thugged Out Tater.

Tater: That’s for sure and with the titles on the line too as here come the champs.

*Thugged Out get in the ring and Schmo and Public eye them up. Stick decides to start it out for Thugged Out and Public starts it out for Strictly Buisness. The bell rings. Stick runs in and leaps at Public looking for a cross body slam but Public catches him and hits a barrel roll slam on Stick. Stick quickly back to his feet and both men charge each other. Stick leap frogs over Public and comes back off the ropes as Public turns around. Public gets hit with a spinning head scissors taking him down to the mat. Public up quickly again and runs diagonally across the ring at Stick who jumps over Public and Public keeps running and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and flips back with a moonsault on Stick for the cover. 1…..2……………………kick out by Stick.*

Marv: The action is fast and furious early on as both men are keen for the gold. This is what Championship Dreams is all about.

*Public is up and signals for Stick to get back up which he does. Public charges in at Stick who back body drops Public over him but Public lands on his feet, turns around and hits a chop block on the back of Stick’s legs sending Stick to the mat, Public quickly follows it with a standing moonsault onto Stick and the cover. 1….2…………………kick out by Stick who sends Public flying across the ring. Stick gets up and charges Public who hits stick with a hip toss this time. Stick to his feet again and is hit with a massive run up clothesline by Public which turns him inside out. Public pulls Stick up and whips him across the ring and as he comes back monkey flips him over onto the mat. Public goes over and tags in Schmo and they both hit a synchronised body splash leg drop on Stick before Public is pushed out by the ref. Public makes a fuss on the apron distracting the ref and Schmo gets his brief case but whilst he is getting it Stick manages to get to the corner and tag Exo. Schmo turns around with the briefcase and walks back towards the middle of the ring as Exo charges in and delivers a big boot sending the briefcase into the face of Schmo and then chucks the briefcase out of the ring. He covers as the ref turns back around. But the ref says he is not the legal man as he didn’t see the tag. Exo gets pissed but Stick wastes no time getting back into the ring and he signals for Exo to shut up and signals for them to hit the night cap. Exo sets Schmo up for the Night Cap and Thugged Out hit it. Stick covers as the ref forces Exo out. The ref counts. 1...2……………………………………………….Public breaks it up and then goes back to his corner aided by the ref.*

Tater: That was a close one as Thugged Out nearly retained.

*Stick pulls Schmo up by the hair but Schmo with a low blow which the ref doesn’t see as he is distracted by getting Public back to his corner. Schmo hoists Stick up and moves over to Public’s corner. They hit the Doomsday Device on Stick and Public goes back out as Schmo covers. 1…2………………………………………..Exo breaks it up.*

Marv: A close call for Thugged Out there as this match rages on. Who wants it more?

*Schmo bitches to the ref to get Exo out but whilst he does that Stick goes over and tags Exo which the ref sees. Exo charges in but Schmo sees him and hits a clothesline levelling him. Public climbs in and charges at Stick on the apron and nails him with a knee to the face sending him off the apron into the barricade. Public slides out and goes after Stick on the outside leaving Exo and Schmo in the ring. Schmo waits for Exo to get up and charges at him but Exo grabs him by the throat and hits a big time Choke Slam. He covers. 1…2………………………………………….kick out by Schmo. Schmo clambers to the corner as Exo fights with the ref over the count. Exo turns around and gets a missile drop kick from the top by Schmo. Meanwhile on the outside Stick has gotten the advantage on Public and has whipped him hard over the steel steps and Public is clutching his left leg. Schmo goes up top again and hits a frog splash on Exo. He covers 1…2……………………………………………..Stick pulls him off Exo as he has clambered back into the ring just in time. He pulls up Schmo and signals for The 88 as Exo slowly gets to his feet and heads to the top. Thugged Out hits The 88 on Schmo as Public staggers to his feet on the outside and moves towards the ring. Stick runs up and suicide dives through the ropes taking out Public as Exo covers Schmo. 1…..2…………………………………………………..3. Thugged Out retain the tag team titles.*

Tater: That was a hard fought contest Marv but in the end Strictly Buisness just got Thugged Out.
*backstage we see the camera pan into the locker room of Unstoppable Force, he is seen just sitting there obviously concentrating on his upcoming match*

Originally Posted by Battle Royal: Ricky Thunder vs. Vanilla Gorilla vs. Jingling Brothers vs. Curry Muncher

M: Well Tater it looks like Force is really focusing on his upcoming match.

T: No doubt Marv, but right now a battle royal, and these are my favorites.

M: Why is that Tater

T: Because you never know what is liable to happen in this type of match, the action is so spread out.

M: Kind of like your mind

T: Huh?

M: And here comes the Jingling Brothers!

*They get in the ring followed by Ricky Thunder, and Curry Muncher...finally Peabody escorts Gorilla to the ring...they let him out of his cage and he gets in the ring as teh bell sounds*

M: Well here we go five men who except for the Jingling Brothers are nothing alike.

T: Very contrasting styles in this one Marv

*The bells rings and all five men look at each other. Quickly Ted and Jed Jingling go after Vanilla Gorilla while Thunder goes after Curry. The Jingling Brothers each grab one of Gorilla’s legs and try to dump him over the top rope, but to no avail. Vanilla Gorilla just smashes their heads together; meanwhile Curry and Thunder have been trading right hands. Ricky Thunder Irish whips Curry against the ropes, but Curry holds onto the ropes. Thunder runs at Curry, but Curry moves. Thunder kicks Curry in the stomach, and tries to throw him over the rope. Jed Jingling comes over to help Thunder try to eliminate Curry. Jed and Thunder have Curry leaning on the top rope. Vanilla Gorilla and Ted Jingling stop fighting, and walk over to help the other men eliminate Curry. With four men forcing him over the rope Curry finally falls to the floor…eliminated.*

Eliminated: Curry Muncher

M: So much for Curry's chances and tonight the Spice Boys have went 0-2.

T: They are so much better as a team

*With Curry eliminated only four men remain: Ricky Thunder, Vanilla Gorilla, Jed Jingling, and Ted Jingling. Thunder, and the Jingling Brothers team up and pound on Gorilla in the corner…With a sudden burst of energy Gorilla is able to knock down Ted and Jed down with a double clothesline. Gorilla then gets Thunder in a bear hug and begins squeezing the life out of him. Ricky starts punching Gorilla in the head, but Gorilla doesn’t release the hold. Ted Jingling runs from behind, and chop blocks the knee of Gorilla forcing him to fall to the mat. Ricky Thunder kicks Ted Jingling in the stomach…and then hits a jawbreaker on him. Vanilla Gorilla grabs Jed Jingling by the hair as Ricky grabs Ted Jingling by the hair, and Gorilla and Thunder send the Jingling brothers flying over the rope. *

Eliminated: Ted & Jed Jingling

T: Wow, both men gone and we are down to two.

M: We will have a winner soon, as the next man over will be out.

T: No kidding!

*The final two men remaining waste no time as Gorilla picks up Thunder and Atomic drops him. Thunder jumps around in pain, and then quickly ducks a clothesline from Gorilla and counters with a beautiful missile dropkick. Ricky Thunder climbs to the top rope…waits for Gorilla to turn around and tries to cross body him, but Gorilla catches Thunder’s body and tries to toss him out of the ring. Thunder keeps himself in the ring, by raking the eyes of Gorilla before he had a chance to throw him out of the ring. Ricky Thunder quickly hits a side effect on Vanilla Gorilla, and backs up a few feet waiting for Gorilla to stand up so he can hit the Thunder Kick. Gorilla stands up and Thunder goes for the Thunder Kick, but Gorilla grabs hold of Thunder’s leg and spins him around. Thunder spins around, and then grabs Gorilla’s neck, and hits the Breaking Edge on him. *

M: Thunder is looking good so far

T: The kid is on a roll

*With Vanilla Gorilla laying on the mat motionless Thunder tries to dump his body out of the ring to secure the win. Thunder has Gorilla’s body against the ropes, and keeps lifting his legs up, but he just cannot throw Gorilla out of the ring. Ricky Thunder runs backs up the opposite rope, and tries to use his momentum to knock Gorilla out of the ring, but Gorilla ducks and pulls the ropes down sending Thunder out of the ring. Gorilla thinks he has won, but Thunder grabbed the rope and tries to skin the cat. Gorilla has his back turned…*

M: Thunder holding on to the ropes

T: Wait look at Peabody

*Peabody with his trusty cane whacks Thunder in the midsection and makes him let go of the rope..Thunder falls to the ground as the bell rings*

M: he just got him eliminated, damn that Peabody

T: That's why he is the manager, he just managed the situation in favor of Gorilla

Thunder Eliminated

*Gorilla has his hands raised by Peabody, and Peabody then forces him into the cage as they get ready to leave while the crowd boos*
*an ad runs for Absolute Power featuring the Structure of Doom match, live next month from Tokyo, Japan*

*backstage we see April checking on Josh*

April: Sorry about your loss tonight

Josh: Don't be, I gave it my all, and tonight I wasn't the better man.

April: I know, but you are still without gold

Josh: Don't worry, I plan on changing that very soon

Originally Posted by Grudge Match: Primate vs. Crusher
Tater: Here comes Primate Marv and he looks pissed after being cost a match with Josh the other week and having had his leg recently brutalised by Crusher he definitely wants to fulfil a dream of his tonight in getting some revenge on Crusher.

Marv: Definitely Tater but it looks like he has a bit of a limp going and that right leg of his might have been severely injured in his match up last week. I’m sure Crusher will not waste time targeting it. The big question is whether Primate has the resilience to pull through this match with a bung leg.

Tater: Well here comes Crusher and he doesn’t look like he is in the mood for cutting Primate any slack at all as he comes charging into the ring and the ref has signalled for the bell.

*Crusher slides in and goes straight after Primate as both men exchange blows in the middle of the ring with Primate getting the better of it. Primate winds back for a big right but Crusher ducks and hits a leg sweep on Crushers right leg sending Primate straight to the mat. Crusher starts stomping on the right leg of Primate and locks in a basic leg bar type submission. Primate is in loads of pain but manages to make it to the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Primate slowly to his feet as Crusher charges in but Primate with a drop toe hold as Crushers skull bounces off the canvas hard. Primate picks Crusher up and whips him against the ropes and hits a big belly to belly on Crusher. He then bounces off the ropes and hits a splash on Crusher and goes for the pin. 1…2 kick out by Crusher. Primate starts stomping Crusher all around. He then pulls him up to sitting position and drop kicks him in the back. He pulls him up to sitting position again and bounces off the ropes and dropkicks him in the face sending Crusher to the mat again. Primate locks in a sitting sleeper on Crusher.*

Marv: Not surprisingly Crusher went straight for the right leg but Primate has managed to fight through the pain and get Crusher in a predicament.

*Ref raises Crushers arm and drops it once. Then again. He goes to drop it a third time but Crusher keeps it up and then feeds off the crowd to get to his feet and deliver a few elbows to the gut breaking the hold. Crusher off the ropes and charges straight into a lariat clothesline by Primate. Cover by Primate. 1….2…………………………..kick out by Crusher. Primate signals for the spear and waits for Crusher to get to his feet and charges in and hits the spear on Primate but falls over awkwardly on his right leg in the process.*

Tater: What a Generic Spear by Primate but his right leg appears to have given out on him in the process as he is now clutching his right quad screaming in pain.

*Primate somehow manages to crawl over and cover Crusher. 1…….2…………………………..kick out by Crusher. Primate swears loudly and staggers to his feet really having difficulty walking. Crusher is slowly up to his feet as well and Primate hits a boot to the gut and then whips Crusher into the corner but Primate falls over again in the process. He manages to get up though and charges in and looks to put his right boot into the face of Crusher ala MVP. But Crusher moves and Primate’s right leg catches solid steel.*

Marv: That was a very risky move by Primate and it has far from paid off as now Crusher has a big opening.

*Crusher comes over and uses a roll up to get Primate out of the corner. 1….2………………………kick out by Primate. Crusher wastes no time though. He goes around and lifts the right leg of Primate into the air and jams it into the matt as Primate lets out a yell. He then does it again and a third time.*

Tater: You have to wonder how much more of this Primate can take as his right leg is quite clearly injured.

*Crusher locks in the ankle lock on the right leg of Primate.*

Marv: Ankle lock locked in and its all over it has to be!

*Primate looks like he is about to tap but then rolls over and goes to kick Crusher away but Crusher just falls to the mat and avoids the contact and locks in a grape vine ankle lock. Primate screams out in pain and tries to make it to the ropes but Crusher pulls him back into the middle of the ring and Primate has no choice but to tap out. Crusher does not let go of the hold though and security has to separate him from Primate’s right leg. Primate lies in the middle of the ring as Crusher is pushed to the back. Primate is clutching his right quad as he yells out in pain for the paramedics as the ref makes the injury symbol and medics rush the ring.*

Tater: Now that just wasn’t necessary but nonetheless it looks like Crusher has picked up the win here tonight and Primate is injured.
*We see Mr. Smith talking to Miss A in the back*

Miss A: Are you sure about next month and Absolute Power?

Mr. Smith: Of coures I am, it is a guaranteed money maker, and that is what we need...but first we need to cut some loose ends.

Miss A: What do you mean?

Mr. Smith: I mean we need to get rid of some people, because really some of these guys are just floating around here collecting a paycheck.

Miss A: Okay, so who should go

Mr. Smith: Let me go think about it, because after tonight some superstars are going to be without a job.

*Smith walks off as Miss A seems a little surprised about his decision*

Originally Posted by Last Man Standing Match for the TV Title: Johnny Blade (c) vs. Judge

M: And here comes the challenger Tater

T: This is the last shot for Judge as he has yet to take the title off of Johnny Blade

*Judge comes out to boos from the crowd and gets in the ring...the crowd then pops as Johnny Blade is introduced*

M: Here comes the Champ

T: This is Blade's element Marv, and this should be a good one

*Johnny Blade stands outside the ring never taking his eyes off of Judge. Judge walks over to the ropes, and starts talking trash to Blade. Blade looks at the crowd, and then reaches in the ring. He pulls the legs of Judge out from under him sending him crashing to the mat. He pulls Judge out of the ring, and begins to hammer him with blows to the head. Suddenly, Judge grabs Blade by the throat, and sends him flying into the steel steps.*

M: Those steps are so unforgiving.

*He lumbers over to Blade, and grabs him by the head slamming it repeatedly into the steps, causing a cut to open up on the forehead of Blade. Judge signals to the crowd to spread apart, and he lifts Blade up over his head. He throws Blade into the crowd right onto the concrete. *

T: Some lucky fan just got a souvernior.

*As Judge steps over the barricade he is hit with a vicious chair shot to the head. He wobbles, but doesn’t fall down. Blade charges at him, and swings the chair will all his might right at the head of Judge, but he dodges and the chair hits the barricade, causing Blade to drop the chair. Judge goes for a big boot, but Blade ducks under and nails him with a low blow. Judge drops to the ground in obvious pain.*

M: What a low blow and that will turn the tide of any match

T: My balls hurt just watching that

*Blade climbs back over the barricade, and starts looking under the ring for more weapons. He pulls out a 2x4, and turns his attention back to Judge who is slowly making his way back to his feet. Blade winds up, and nails Judge square in the stomach doubling him over in pain. Blade brings the 2x4 over his head, and swings it with full force, exploding it over Judge’s head. As he collapses to the ground, the ref begins his ten count.






At the count of 6, Judge starts to climb to his feet. Blade can’t believe what he is seeing, and he walks back over to the ring, searching for something to help keep Judge down. He pulls out a garbage can, and goes to hit Judge with it, but it is driven back into his own face with a vicious big boot. Blade stumbles back, and uses the ring apron to support himself. *

M: Judge needs to capitalize

T: We knew this match would be brutal, but just how brutal will it get?

*Judge steps over the barricade, blood streaming down his face. He grabs Blade, and throws him back into the ring. He reaches under the ring, and pulls out a table, and a roll of barbed wire. He slides the table into the ring, and climbs up onto the apron. As he wraps the wire around his fist, Blade charges at him, but is met with a vicious right hook, driving barbed wire square into his forehead. He stumbles back, and collapses into the corner as blood gushes from the numerous cuts on his face. The ref starts his count, as Blade struggles to his feet.







Judge takes this opportunity to set up the table near the corner of the ring. He reaches down in the corner of the ring, and grabs the bag that Blade had set down in the beginning of the match. He opens it up, and pours thousands of thumbtacks all over the table. He empties the bag, and walks over to Blade. He lifts him up, and drags his body over to turnbuckle, and sets him on top of the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top, and sets up Blade for a Top Rope Chokeslam.*

M: he could break him in half with this move

T: Judge looking to end it all right here

*As Judge wraps his hand around the throat of Blade, Johnny starts to drive his elbow into the side of Judge’s head. As Judge wobbles back and forth, Blade wraps his arm around the head of Judge, and jumps off of the top rope, nailing Judge with a vicious Cutter, sending both of their bodies through the table, as thousands of tacks go into their bodies.








At this point, Blade has made it to his feet, with the assistance of the ropes. He has tacks all over his body, and the blood drips out of the wounds. He slides out of the ring, and grabs a pair of handcuffs lying under the ring. He reaches into the crowd and grabs a chair, and slide back into the ring. Judge has managed to prop himself up against the corner, and has tacks sticking out of his face, arms, and upper body.*

M: Both these men look terrible, look at those tacks

T: If they were at the mall, I would ask the tattoo place for my money back, cause those piercings aren't doing it for me

*Blade throws the chair at Judge, and it goes ricocheting off of his head. As Judge stumbles out of the corner, Blade takes this opportunity to deliver a drop toe hold to Judge, right back into the thumbtacks. As Judge writhes in pain, Blade handcuffs his hands behind his back, leaving him completely defenseless. He picks up the chair, and begins slamming it repeatedly into the skull of Judge. With each blow, more blood is lost by Judge, and the crowd doesn’t know how much longer the match can go on, but they are loving it. *

M: Blood is pouring from Judge

T: If he loses too much he could pass out

*Finally, Blade stops the assault, and places the chair across the face of the now immobile Judge. He climbs to the top rope, and taunts the crowd. With blood streaming down his face and body, he leaps off the top rope, landing a brutal Double Foot Stomp into the chair, sending it crashing against the skull of Judge. Judge falls backwards against the ropes using them to hold his weight up. *

M: It could be over here!

*Blade grabs the chair, and swings it at Judge, but Judge ducks the chair shot and it hits the ropes sending the chair right back into the face of Blade. Johnny Blade falls backwards to the mat as does Judge who is unable to hold onto the ropes any longer after both men losing so much blood....the ref begins to count.....


M: the ref with the count

T: both men are on the mat


M: neither man trying to get up

T: They could both be gone, and this could be a draw again Marv



*Judge starting to move a little..and Blade is shaking his head trying to knock out some cobwebs...*


M: Judge has gotten to his knees...

T: Blade trying to roll over



*Judge manages to throw himself upward and to his feet...he is up as the ref counts to ten*


*Blade is still on the ground on his stomach and knees as the ref calls for the bell*

M: Judge did it, he manage to beat Blade to his feet and is the new TV Champion

*The crowd is in disbelief as Judge is handing the TV Title and falls to the mat on his bottom...Judge sits there hugging the gold, as blade can't believe his ears*

T: Both men put on a show, but tonight Judge was the better man

M: But you can bet Tater that this isn't the end of this rivalry not but a long shot!
*In the back we see Matt Millen taking to all four members of Team Millen who will be facing each other in the upcoming match*

Millen: Guys I just wanted to say I am glad you beat Team Sabbah in Detroit two weeks ago, and I wish all of you the best in your upcoming match...good luck guys!

*Millen walks off as all four men stare at each other*

*an ad for Redemption live from the IWO arena plays*

Originally Posted by Fatal Fourway for the #1 contendership: Jack Crawford vs. Jason vs. Cryptic vs. Mr. Giggles
Marv: Here comes Giggles folks and he is spreading his love and joyous ways through mime. Though whether mime will be enough to pick up a win tonight we shall see.

Tater: Speaking of love and joyous ways here comes Cryptic the master of all things peaceful who despite his lack of offence has indeed managed to prove his motto that if you ain’t peaceful you ain’t nothing.

Marv: Not sure how that will hold up against this man Jason who approaches the ring with Stacy here tonight. Folks I’d just like to remind you that Thugged Out in conjunction with the IWO are selling a very interesting tape for only $49.95 featuring these two love birds and its available right now whilst stocks last!

Tater: Marv could we keep it family here? Next you’ll be talking about B*****. Anyway here comes Jack Crawford who has certainly proven himself a beast here in the IWO and he definitely has a very real chance of winning this match and facing the IWO champ. Let’s see who wants it more.

*Bell rings and Cryptic asks for a mike which he gets*

Cryptic: Now as you all know to get anywhere in life we need to be peaceful. So with that said I would like to propose we have this match in a different style. Rather than beat each other up we should partake in a elimination game of rock, paper, scissors with the winner getting a shot at the IWO Champion. Yes?

*Giggles looks interested and goes over and mimes giving a gift to Cryptic and then gives a peace sign to the other two along with Cryptic as they both grin with joy and love. Crawford and Jason look at each other then at the other two and charge them. Jason clotheslines Cryptic over the top rope. Crawford hits a boot to the gut on Giggles and hoists him up over head and Gorilla press drops him over the top onto the prone Cryptic. Jason and Crawford both turn to each other and begin to exchange blows as Cryptic and Giggles slowly get to their feet on the outside. Jason gets the advantage in the ring and hits a boot to the gut and chucks Crawford through the ropes to the outside connecting with Cryptic and Giggles on the outside and sending all men to the mat. Jason sees all the men on the outside and runs up and hits a springboard shooting star press connecting with everyone on the outside.*

Marv: What a way to start the match as bodies are laid out everywhere! This certainly ain’t gonna be peaceful.

*Jason is the first up and feeds Giggles back into the ring. He then goes up top and waits for Giggles to get to his feet which he does. Just then Cryptic slides into the ring and runs in front of Giggles holding out the peace sign. Jason shrugs and dives off and hits a missile drop kick on Cryptic sending him back into Giggles and both men roll to the outside. Crawford climbs back into the ring as Jason turns around and Crawford hits a hurricarana on Jason. Jason stumbles quickly back to his feet turns around into a boot to the gut by Crawford and a big time Belly of the Beast power bomb. Crawford signals for the Black Out and goes up top.*

Tater: If Crawford hits this it is more than likely game set match.

*Giggles charges around the outside and pushes Crawford off the turnbuckle and climbs in. Giggles signals that he is pulling Crawford in on a rope as Crawford stumbles up to his feet towards Giggles. He looks up and Giggles nails him with a big European uppercut which surprises Crawford as he staggers back over the top rope to the outside. Giggles turns around and Jason hits the JKO on Giggles! He covers.*

Marv: Out of nowhere the JKO! Folks we have a new number 1 contender, all we need si the 3 count.

*ref counts. 1….2…………………………………………..Cryptic pulls Jason off the cover. Cryptic goes over and checks on Giggles as Jason is up and walks over and taps him on the shoulder. Cryptic turns around and Jason goes for a big right but Cryptic ducks and comes back up and looks angry. He hits a boot to the gut and a Blissful End on Jason.*

Tater: Cryptic has finally had enough and has decided to take aggressive action!

*Cryptic covers. 1...2……………………………………………Crawford is back in the ring and breaks up the pin with a boot to the gut of Cryptic. Crawford picks Cryptic up and hard irish whips him to the outside. Giggles charges in but Crawford turns around a big back body drops Giggles over the top rope and onto Cryptic on the outside. Crawford pulls Jason to his feet but Jason with rights and lefts to the gut and then Jason hits a flag pole DDT on Crawford. He covers. 1…2…………………………………kick out by Crawford. Both men to their feet. Jason charges at Crawford but Crawford ducks around him and hits a release german suplex on Jason. He covers. 1…2………………….kick out. Both men to their feet again....Crawford with a right hand to the head of Jason...and another...he whips him into the ropes and Crawford misses a clothesline...Jason off the other ropes and crossbody takes him down..the count....1..2...kickout...Jason is up and waits...Crawford to his feet and Jason goes for the JKO..but Crawford pushes him off and Giggles now on the apron...Jason runs into him...Giggles goes flying as Jason stumbles backwards...Crawford grabs him and hits a german suplex....Jason on the ground and Crawford going to the top rope...he starts to climb but Cryptic is up on the apron and pushes Crawford off the top rope and sends him flying to the floor outside*

M: I don't believe it, Cryptic just did another move

T: Is a push really a move

M: Either way, Jason is down and Cryptic to the top rope

*The fans are standing as Cryptic is on the top...he looks to everyone and gives the peace sign...he then leaps with a shooting star press and connects*

M: What the hell?!!!

T: What a move!!!

*Cryptic covers.....1......2......3.....*

M: Jason just got pinned by the hippie!!!

T: Cryptic just became the number one contender to the world title

M: And he finally did an offensive move

T: What is going on here!!!!

*the fans explode with screams and applause as Cryptic is declared the winner...he gets up and gives a double peace sign to everyone*
*We see Juice with Hugh Miller*

Hugh: I am standing here with Juice, who next week makes his in ring debut for the IWO, and Juice any thoughts about what you have seen so far?

*Juice looks at Hugh, and then smirks and walks off...Hugh stands there just watching as Juice heads down the hallway*

Originally Posted by Loser Leaves the IWO Match: Troy Alston vs. Corey Taylor
M: Now it’s time. Troy Alston versus Corey Taylor in what may be their last match between the two...or even altogether. These men have an outstanding past, dating back to the resurgence of the IWO. Troy, the cocky, athletic pretty boy and Corey, the sadistic, bloodthirsty maniac, could not be any more different.

T: You’re right Marv. These two have clashed time and time again and it seems like neither have the upper hand on each other. But nevertheless, these two always bring the best out of each other and definitely send these IWO fans home happy. I know for a fact, they won’t disappoint on the biggest stage of them all, Championship Dreams. This could be the last match for one of these phenomenal superstars! Why Marv? Why couldn’t it be Mr. Giggles or Gel Mibson? Why couldn’t they be in this match?

M: Shame on you Marv. Are you saying you want them out of the IWO?


M: Well, as we’ve mentioned, this isn’t the first time Troy and Corey have faced off. Their storied past, bitter rivalry, all come down to this. Take a look.

***A video package is shown alternating between Troy’s career highlights along with Corey’s. Included are their IWO Title victories, and other clips of them victorious and using their finishing moves. The last scene is of them staring in the middle of the ring at Redemption.***

*I push my fingers into my eyes/
It’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache/
But it’s made of all the things I have to take/
Jesus it never ends, it works it’s way inside/
If the pain goes on....
“Duality” by Slipknot blasts through the speakers as the arena goes red. Suddenly fire rises from the sides of the entrance stage as Corey peeks out from the curtain and walks quickly to the ring, intimidating fans at ringside. He rolls into the ring giggling to himself and a sudden pyro, triggering the lights back on.*

T: There’s Corey. You never know what is on this guy’s mind. He’s unstable, uncontrollable, unpredictable- pretty much any un- in the book!

M: The lights go dark, and I think we are going to see Corey’s rival come out...

*You ready? Let’s go/
For those of you that wanna know what we’re all about/
It’s like this y’all c’mon!/
This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain
And a 100% reason to remember the name...
Blue and red lights flash to the beat of “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor as smoke fills up the entrance stage. Troy Alston emerges from the smoke in his normal wrestling attire and walks towards the ring. As he walks through the ramp, sparks fly from the sides of the ramp, receiving loud pops. Troy slides into the ring before jumping on every turnbuckle to embrace his newly found fans. The ref holds back Corey who is eager to tear this guy apart. Troy looks at Corey from the turnbuckle and winks at him.*

T: I don’t know if this is such a smart move from Alston. He’s just toying with Corey.

M: Mind games Tater. While Corey may be ruthless, out comes his recklessness which could cost him against a man like Troy.

(Troy jumps off the turnbuckle and Don Compass, announcer, begins to speak)


(Corey does not bother to take his eyes off Troy while he gets flooded with boos)


(Troy smirks to the fans and gives them a little wave. Huge chants of ‘ALSTON’ are echoed throughout the arena and completely blow over the few ‘COREY’ chants.)

M: Here we go! They lock off and boy, they have been waiting for this match for ages!

T: Yeah, finally Corey can get his lethal paws on Troy’s neck! This is the beginning of a masterpiece!

*Troy and Corey grapple each other around the ring but neither get an upperhand. They let go and Corey charges for another grapple. Troy goes low and gives him a fireman’s carry takedown, which draws cheers. He gets on top of Corey and starts delivering fierce blows to Corey’s dome.*

M: Looks as if Troy has the upper hand so far!

*The ref gets inbetween Troy and Corey’s head and Troy backs off reluctantly. Just as that happens, Corey springs up and delivers and punishing spear and starts going wild on Troy! Troy covers for safety but to not much avail. Corey corners him and blatantly chokes Troy, his face against the bottom turnbuckle. The ref comes to release the hold but Corey shoves the ref away. He picks Troy up and delivers 5 vicious chops across his chest. After an elbow to his head, Troy gets irish-whipped and gets knocked with a Lou Thesz takedown and again gets his head punched in.*

T: Corey is relentless! He is not giving Troy any air to breathe! Now he’s giving straight kicks to the ribs of Alston, I don’t know how much he can take!

*Corey continues with his relentless assualt of Troy. Corey rips off a layer on his gloves and a sharp spike sticks out from his knuckle but the ref cannot see it!
T: What did he just take off from his glove!

M: Gawd darnit! That’s a damn spike on the end of his glove! He’s jamming it into Troy’s skull! But the ref doesn't know!

*The ref still does not see the illegal weapon and Corey continues his beating causing a cut to form! The blood trickles down Troy’s face as he yells in pain. Corey finally stops the punchfest and slams Troy’s face into the turnbuckle, immediately followed by a back suplex! Cover- 1.......2...........Kickout.*
M: Corey definitely has the upper hand in this one, already busting Troy open!

*Corey applies a straight choke to Troy’s throat along with repeated elbows to the cut. He picks Troy up and delivers elbows to his head. He kicks Troy in the gut and hoists him up on his shoulders. DUALITY DRIVER! Already! Corey looks to have hurt his arm in the process and grimaces. He slowly makes the cover after wasting quite a bit of time.*

T: Duality Driver! It has to be over! Troy Alston is gone from the IWO!

*1..................2............................. ...............Thr-KICKOUT!*

M: NOO He isn’t! He kicked out of the Duality Driver! How the hell do he do it?

*Chants of ‘ALSTON’ are heard and Corey hysterically laughs at the crowd. He continues his punching assault when he winds up for a huge punch which Troy ducks and begins to gain momentum again. The crowd lightens up as Troy gives him a front slam followed by a leg drop of his own! Corey kicks out of the cover at 1.*

T: Finally, Troy seems to get back in the thick of things.

*Troy whips Corey and gives him a massive back body drop. Another failed cover. Troy looks in for another punch but Corey goes ducks and punches Troy, spike first, into his forehead! Troy screams in pain but the ref remains clueless!*

M: That animal Corey! That cut has become a huge gash now! He’s so sadistic! No remorse!

*Corey hits Troy with a big boot followed by multiple running clotheslines. He whips Troy into a Triple H-esque Facebuster! Another cover! 1.......2...............Kickout! Again! Kickout at 2. Again! At 1.*

T: Corey looks really frustrated now! I think he’s pulling off his own hair!

M: From the looks of it, I wouldn’t say no.

*Corey goes on an emotional rampage as Troy finally staggers up. Corey charges at Troy with his illegal spiked glove but Troy ducks the punch and reverses it into an armbreaker takedown, followed by an armbar! The crowd cheers until Corey ultimately reaches the ropes. Troy continues to do work on the right arm, stomping at the target. He picks up Corey by his arm and slams it right back down with his leg!*

M: It looks as if Troy is working on that arm so he cannot use that illegal weapon on his hand!

T: Cover by Troy! 1...............2............Kickout.

*Troy picks up Corey but reverses to an Irish whip. Troy ducks a clothesline and delivers a spinning heel kick! He knocks Corey into the turnbuckle and grabs Corey’s own illegal-used arm and begins punching himself in the face with it! The crowd roars in laughter and Corey screams at the pain of the spike going into his skull while the ref remains clueless. Corey falls to the ground as Troy approaches the top turnbuckle*

M: It looks like Alston’s gonna fly!

*Troy goes in for a flying crossbody but Corey hits him with a dropkick! Both men fall to the ground and the ref starts his 10 count. 1.......2..................3...........4.......... .......5.............6......Corey staggers up and goes after Troy again. He kicks Troy in the gut and picks him up on his shoulders.*

T: I think we’re going to see the Duality Driver! Hit it!

*Troy struggles off Corey’s shoulders and pushes him off. Corey accidentally hits the ref and he falls down. Troy charges after Corey and Corey nails him with a straight shot with the spike! Troy collapses and Corey goes for the cover but the ref is down! He throws the ref out of the ring and runs around crazy in the ring. He gives Troy illegal right hands and throws him out of the ring as well. He bashes Troy’s head into the ringpost, and then the steel steps! Corey then climbs the barricade and hits Troy with a double axe handle.*

M: It looks like the ref is coming back to life. And he is returning to the ring.

T: Plus, he’s starting his 10 count!

*Corey hops back into the ring and thinks he can win by countout. 1................2...............3................ 4.....................5...............6........... ...7..................8...................9....... .............Troy struggles onto the apron at the nick of time and Corey goes over to attack him again. As Corey goes over, Troy grabs him by the pants and throws him out of the ring as well, sending him tumbling to the mat! Troy stands up on the apron...*

M: Troy’s back! He’s climbing up the apron!

T: Oh my gawd! A beautiful moonsault off the apron onto Corey on the outside! Listen to the crowd! The audible chants of “IWO” and “ALSTON.” This place is going nuts!

*Another 10 count by the ref is broken at 7 by Troy. Corey follows shortly and the two exchange exhausted blows.*

M: These two are giving each other all they got. This match could very well be their last!

*Corey begins to get the upperhand again and connects with a clothesline. He sets Troy up on the turnbuckle and climbs it himself. He grabs Troy by the head and slams him face-first to the mat with a spike DDT! Troy’s head seeps with blood on the mat and Corey goes in for a quick cover!*

T: What a move! It has to be over! 1......................2..........Gooodbye Tr-

M: Kickout! Kickout by Troy! He’s still alive unlike the looks of things. He looks like a carcass!

*Corey goes ballistic once again and sits Troy atop the turnbuckle. Corey stand on the apron to climb the rope as well as Troy grabs him and connects with a Tornado DDT onto the floor! The crowd erupts with cheers and chants!*


*The ref exits the ring to see if Corey is alright rather than start his 10 count. Troy grabs Cody and stands both atop the announce table.*

T: It looks like we’re getting an upclose view! Marv, what do we do? Fellas, get off from there!

*Troy punches Corey and sets up for the Trendsetter. Corey reverses and shoves Troy off the announce table, also crashing into the ref once again! Troy seems alright and goes after Corey again. Kick to the gut and hoists Corey on his shoulders- Trendsetter onto the floor!*

M: The Trendsetter on Corey! His face just hit the ground with tremendous impact! It’s over!

T: No it’s not! The ref isn’t up yet!

*Troy goes for the cover but the ref is still knocked out. Troy is livid! His career is on the line and the ref is knocked out! Troy goes back over to Troy and connects with a low blow! But the ref is still down! And another low blow! And another! Troy collapses to the mat.*

M: What a cheap bastard! He’s giving Troy blatant kicks to the jewels!

*Corey laughs hysterically and staggers to the bottom of the ring apron and unveils a 30 foot ladder! He brings it out and sets it up in the ring. He climbs the ladder, ready to crash down on Troy’s body from 40 feet in the air! Troy staggers up and begins to climb the ladder himself!*

T: This isn’t safe! Both men are now on the 30 foot ladder located in the ring!

*Troy and Corey meet up top and restart exchanging blows! The crowd cheers for Troy’s punches and boos for Corey’s. Finally, Corey starts to get the upper end, nailing consecutive punches. He flips off the crowd, and then Troy, and tries to get Troy up onto his shoulders for a massive Duality Driver off the ladder but Troy resists! Troy comes off Corey’s shoulders and barely making it back onto the ladder. The ladder beings to shake violently and falls over, slinging from the rope and Corey and Troy fly from 40+ feet and come crashing onto the announce table!*


(Colossal chants of Troy and Corey’s name are heard and announcers Tater and Marv throw off their headsets to attend the two bodies. They signal down referees, EMTs and Commissioner Smith. The crowd is still erupting from possibly the most ridiculous stunt in recent wrestling. EMTs carry both men off into stretchers. Troy beats his chest twice to let the fans know he is okay. Corey removes his mask off in his own power after. The two receive a pop that blows the Staples Center’s roof off. A referee comes into camera view and asks Commissioner Smith about the outcome of the match...)

Commish SMITH: Are you fucking kidding me. Neither leave the IWO for their dedication and heart in their last match.

*The crowd erupts as the two incredible competitors get wheeled off backstage for medical assistance...*
*an ad for Absolute Power is shown again*

*backstage we see Hugh Miller with Miss A*

Hugh: Miss A, earlier tonight we saw Primate lose his match to Crusher and possibly injure his leg, do you have an update?

Miss A: Well Hugh, right now Primate is at a local medical facility here in LA, and we do know that he has done some kind of damage to his leg, he will undergo tests to determine how much damage, but right now the early results are that he may have torn his quad.

Hugh: Thank you Miss A

Miss A: you are welcome Hugh

*She walks off*

*A video package is shown of Force and DC's rivalry dating back to when DC won the World Title*

Originally Posted by World Title Match: DC (c) vs. Unstoppable Force

M: This is what we all have been waiting for Tater

T: You can say that again, last year these two gave a match of the year candidate, and no doubt will we witness it again

*King of Kings plays in the arena as Don Compass introduces the challenger...the crowd pops huge*

Compass: Ladies and Gentlemen this match is set for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship......Introducing the challenger, from Spokane, Washington....he is a former two time World Champion, and the current number one contender....Mike.....the Unstoppable Force....Thomas!

*the crowd goes crazy as Force gets in the ring....*

M: You can feel the excitment, and the enthusiasm for Force

T: He is a two time champ, and tonight if he wins, he will make history by being the only man to hold the World Title Three times.

Compass: And introducing his opponent!

*Blue on Black hits the arena as the crowd begins to boo...DC walks out to the stage as the crowd is booing hard*

Compass: From Atlanta, Georgia...he is the World Heavyweight Champion....This is...D..C!

*DC walks to the ring with his music playing...the crowd booing him as he climbs in and hoists the title above his head...Force just has this stare locked in on him*

M: for months DC has ran from Force, but tonight the running comes to an end

T: DC will be all alone, as Thugged Out and Judge are banned from ringside for this match

*DC hands the belt to the ref, he shows it to the crowd....he then hands it to the outside and rings the bell...DC and Force both in the middle of the ring staring each other down*

M: You can tell Force has the size and height advantage in this one

T: Yeah but DC is the champ, and there is a reason for that

*DC begins yaking at Force, he is talking smack back..DC slaps Force rubs his cheek...Force then hits a right to DC, and another..he goes for a third, but DC with a thumb to the eye..the crowd booing, as DC answers with a right of his own..he tries to whip Force, but it is reversed...Force takes DC down with a clothesline...Force wiping at his eye, then picks DC up...he hits an open handed chop to the chest of DC, which causes DC to stumble back and grab the ropes and his chest*

M: You can just hear the sound of that chop

T: Listen to the echo, and Force with another chop, and DC in some pain

M: Those heavy hands doing some damage

*Force whips DC into the opposite ropes, and tries a big boot, but DC rolls down and goes under it...DC up and a chop block to the left leg of Force, takes him down...boos are heard from the crowd...DC is up and grabs the left leg of Force, he begins to stomp at it*

M: DC taking Force down and now working over the leg

T: Great strategy by the champ, if Force can't stand he can't hurt you

*DC then drops an elbow to the inside knee of Force...on the ground he pulls back on the lower leg of Force*

M: DC working the leg and trying to do some damage

T: Force in a little pain, he needs to get out of this, before he can't walk

*Force being asked if he gives, and says no..he then grabs DC by the hair, but the ref makes him let go..DC gets up and another knee drop into the leg...and another...finally DC lets go...he goes and stomps at the chest and head of Force...the ref telling him to stop..DC gets Force up and a right hand to the head, and another..he tries again, but Force blocks it, and counters with one of his own...DC tries again, but blocked, Force with another right...and another sendind DC backwards...Force with a clothesline takes DC down..Force holding the top rope to keep his balance as he shakes his left leg*

M: Force limping a little bit

T: What do you expect Marv

*Force drops an elbow to DC and covers...1...2.kickout...Force with a chin lock to the champ*

M: Smart move, not only does it wear down DC, but this gives Force a chance to rest his leg

T: Plus his size is doing some damage to DC

*Force with the move locked in, as DC struggling to get out...the crowd cheering for Force....DC trying to get out of the move, but Force is sitting above him...Force sensing that DC might get out, throws some bows to the head of DC...Force then up and holding DC by the head, he nails a headbutt...DC falls to his knees*

M: Wow oldschool right there from Force

T: Who uses the headbutt still?

*Force with a right hand to a stunned DC...he then picks him up and tosses him back into the corner...Force lowers his shoulder and hits DC in the midsection, and again...and again...Force climbs up the turnbuckle and is standing above DC, who looks to the crowd and punches DC....they chant as he connects...2......3.....4...*

M: Force reeling away on DC

T: And the crowd chanting along

*9....10...Force hops down as DC seems stunned...Force whips him into the opposite corner back first and DC hits hard and slams to the mat...Force walks over and covers...1....2..kickout*

M: And the champ refusing to be put away

*Force has DC up again, and another headbutt sends DC back into the corner...Force with a whip and DC hits the other corner..Force comes charging in, but DC manages to lift both his legs up and connects with Force, making him stammer back..Force gets turned around and DC with another chopblock to the leg of Force*

M: This crowd is booing and rightfully so

T: Hey Marv that is not illegal in this business

*DC on the mat as is Force who is holding his leg...DC is up first, and stomps away at the leg of Force and then at Force's head...the ref telling him to stop, but DC grabs both legs of Force and drops a knee to the midsection..the crowd boos*

M: That was close and DC could have gotten DQed

T: yeah but he is smart and knows what he is doing

*DC with a spinning toe hold on the leg of Force..Force in some pain, and DC again with the toe hold.....he locks it in and Force not giving up...DC goes to spin again, but Force reaches up and a small package...1....2...kickout...DC is up first, as Force trying to get to his feet...DC goes and hits a kick to the ribs of Force..Force rolls and goes outside....Force holding the apron to keep his balance, and DC runs off the ropes and connects with a baseball slide to Force's face sending him flying into the barricade*

M: The champ now going on the offensive

T: He has to Marv if he wants to win this thing

*DC going outside, and stomping at the leg of Force as he is propped in a squatting position against the barricade...DC firing some rights into the face of Force..DC gets Force up and whips him, but it is reversed and DC goes back first into the steel stairs*

M: those stairs are so unforgiving

T: And DC may be in some pain

*Force trying to keep his balance runs not near at full speed with that hurt leg and tries to hit DC, but DC moves and Force runs knee first into the stairs and goes flying over them.....DC falls to the ground as well as the ref comes out of the ring to check on Force*

M: The ref letting this one go, and he should

T: Yeah we want to see a winner in this thing, the people paid good money to be here

*DC walks over and grabs Force by the leg...he turns him over and has a half boston crab on him*

M: What is he doing, he can't make him submit out here

T: the ref telling DC to let Force go

*DC with it locked in and Force in pain..finally DC lets him go...he argues with the ref, then picks up a hurt Force...he pokes him in the eye, and Force again blinded...then DC hits a drop toe hold which sends Force face first into the stairs*

M: What a cheap move

T: Look Marv, Force is busted open

*blood begins to come from the ref telling DC to get back in the ring..DC is smiling as he goes over and lifts Force up from the ground..he punches at him causing the blood to run more...He pulls Force towards the announce table...he slams Force's head into the table*

M: Tater they are right here in front of us, and what is DC going to do

T: DC has one of the monitors and he might be looking to hurt Force with it

*DC thinks about it, but the ref grabs it from him...they toss and tug, but finally the ref gets it from him..the ref turns to put it down, as Force has the other monitor and levels DC in the head with it*

M: Force just connected and DC is bleeding and down

T: That could be the turning point in this matchup

*the crowd cheering as Force still hobbling, picks a bloody DC up, he then rams DC head first into the table..he then pushes DC up onto the table*

M: on now, Tater we better move, this could get ugly

*the ref telling Force to get down, but he stands up...he has DC in a powerbomb position....the crowd going crazy..he tries to lift DC, but DC blocks it, DC with a back drop sends Force flying, but Force lands on his feet right beside the table, as DC drops to his knees on the table...Force loses his balance a little but holds on to the table to keep from falling...he then gets up on the table behind DC, who is now to his feet, DC turns around and Force with a poke to the eye of his own, has DC blinded in one eye..he then grabs him and hits a chokeslam that breaks the table and sends both men to the floor*

M: Oh MY GOD!!!!

T: They just broke the table, and both men are out

*the ref checking on both men...and trying to see if they are alright...finally the ref gets in the ring and begins the count...1....*

M: The ref in the ring and counting...and we could see a double countout

T: Force is starting to stir Marv

*3.........4....Force is to his feet and stumbles towards the ring*

M: If DC is counted out he still keeps the belt

T: Look Force just broke the count and now goes to get the champ

*Force gets DC up and punches him a couple of times, he then rolls him into the ring...Force climbs in as well...he picks DC up and signals for the Unstoppable Drop...he lifts him up, but DC comes down behind him...and a dropkick to the back of the hurt leg of Force...DC bleeding gets up and grabs Force's hurt leg, he locks in the texas cloverleaf and tries to turn him*

M: Can he get the big man over

T: Yes, he did, but he doesn't have a tight hold on the move

*Force is so big, that DC can hardly keep the move locked in..he lets go and then drops an elbow to the back of Force...DC sits there a moment and rolls Force over, the hook of the leg and the count...1...2..kickout*

M: Both these men are bleeding and Tater, who is going to win this thing

T: Right now the match is in favor of the champ, but he has to find a way to put Force away.

*DC lifts up Force and a kick to the gut, he tries to lift Force up for the Bust, but Force so big goes over the back, and Force with a back suplex and both men on the mat*

M: both men down, and the crowd cheering for Force

T: the ref counting

*3.......4.......5.......6......7...Force is up and DC slowly getting up...Force connects with a right and another, then whips DC to the ropes..Force lowers his head and DC hits a ddt...both men on the ground again...DC finally covers...1.....2..kickout*

M: Force kicked out, and this one is still going on

*DC upset, and gets up...he picks up Force and tries for the leash, but Force blocks it...Force hits a suplex and both men down....the crowd chanting for Force, as he gets to his feet, starting to feel the adrenaline..DC is up and Force with a clothesline takes him down...he gets DC up and a right hand...then a scoop slam...Force feeling it, and he goes to the top rope...*

M: It could be over

T: Force going to attempt the Hell From Above

*Force trying to keep his balance and taking a long time to get up there...he leaps off the top , and DC moves out of the way..Force lands hard on the hurt leg...and is holding the back of it...*

M: Force is in pain right now, and if DC can get to his feet he can capitalize

*DC slowly up to his feet, he sees Force is hurt...Force trying to get to his feet but holding that leg...pulling himself up on the ropes...DC stalks him....Force manages to get up and turns around only to have DC kick him in the gut and lift him up and hit the Bust....*

M: The Bust! The Bust!

T: It's over Marv

*DC nails it, and rolls over to cover Force...the ref drops down to count...1......2.......*


M: OH My, he kicked out, I can't believe it

T: DC is shocked

*DC is arguing that is should have been a three count...the ref telling him that Force kicked out...finally DC heads to the top rope as the crowd boos him..he gets up to the top and flips the crowd the bird before leaping with the dogcatcher elbow...Force manages to roll out of the way and DC crashes hard with his elbow on the mat....*

M: Both these men taking high risks and neither one of them paying off

T: Someone has to take advantage Marv

*DC holding his elbow is slowly getting to his feet as is Force...DC tries to punch him, but it is blocked by Force, and Force with a right hand and another...He whips DC into the ropes and lowers his head again..DC kicks him in the face and Force stammers back...DC runs at him and tries a flying forearm, but Force ducks it and DC connects on the ref...the ref is knocked down as DC looks at him..DC turns and gets a kick to the stomach...Force then lifts him up and hits a muscle buster on him*

M: A muscle buster from Force

T: That's his new finisher, he calls it the Deletion, Marv

M: Force covering DC, but the ref is out

*the crowd is counting....1.....2.....3.....4.....5..*

T: He has DC beat, but there is no ref

*Force looks and sees that the ref is out...he then rolls out of the ring and grabs the World Title...he gets back in the ring as the crowd is cheering for him*

M: What is Force going to do here?

T: Looks like he is about to take advatange of a downed referee and do to DC what DC would have done to him

*Force smiling as he looks to be waiting for DC to get up...just then out of the crowd a fan with a ball cap on, hops the barricade and slides in the ring behind Force, the fan nails Force from behind with a low blow, making him drop the title and fall to the mat*

M: What the hell is going on, who the hell is that?

T: A fan just got past security and hit Force

*The fan stands up and tosses the ball cap to let a flowing wave of long brown hair drop down their back....the fan turns towards the camera and...*

M: OH my god, that's Wilma, that's Wilma, DC's valet that has been gone for months

T: What the hell is she doing here Marv

*Wilma takes the World Title belt and goes over to DC...he is telling him to get up...she hands him the title and points to Force who is trying to get to his feet, while still holding his groin*

M: Wilma just gave the gold to DC

T: Surely not this way right Marv

*DC is up and Force to his feet, Force bleeding turns and gets leveled in the face with the title...DC tosses the belt as Wilma grabs the ref and tosses him over towards DC who is now pinning Force*

M: Not like this!

*The ref counts....1......2..........*


T: Force kicked out, he got a shoulder up

*Wilma is shocked as is DC..she yells at him to finish him as the ref just lays on the mat*

M: DC thought he had Force beat by not yet

*DC then gets up and picks Force up..Force hardly can stand as DC kicks him then lifts him up and hits the Bust again...he covers as Wilma makes the ref count.....1........2...........3!*

M: And this time it was too much, and DC is still the World Champion

T: Yeah but only thanks to Wilma

M: What a match, and it is a shame that it ends like this

T: But Marv, why is Wilma out here, and why now

M: Those are questions that only the champ can answer

*Thugged Out and Judge come down the aisle to get in the ring...they grab Force and toss him to the outside as well as the ref...the crowd is booing as Thugged Out lifts DC up on their shoulders as he holds the gold...Judge hugs Wilma, and then they clap for the champ...the crowd boos hard as the camera shows DC still holding the title lifted up on the arms on the Tag Team Champs*

M: It looks like a new era has begun in the IWO Tater, and next week hopefully we will get the answers as to what just happened here tonight....folks for Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome, saying see you next week for Redemption...Goodnight Everybody!
*end show*

Juice d. neXus in a dark match
Black Dragon d. Josh & Demon Alexander to win the Hardcore Title
Alli, Joker, & Masque d. Riot Makers and Gel Mibson
Thugged Out d. Strictly Business to retain the Tag Titles
Vanilla Gorilla won a battle royal
Crusher d. Primate
Judge d. Blade to win the TV Title in a Last Man Standing Match
Cryptic d. Jason, Crawford, and Giggles in a Fatal Fourway Match
Troy vs. Corey ended in a draw
DC d. Force to retain the World Title


Thank you to everyone that promoed, and helped to make this a great card..I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to the next few weeks as the IWO gets ready for Absolute Power...

Thanks to DrDoom, who has done an outstanding job with helping me write the matches for the show...good job on the matches for this card which were, the Fatal Fourway, The Tag Title Match, The Hardcore Title Match, and the Crusher/Primate match.

Also thanks to Skill who has joined the writing team, and wrote the following matches...The dark match, the TV Title Match, the 6 man tag match, and the battle royal.

Thanks to Troy who wrote the Troy/Corey match, and for also making the individual match banners.

And Thanks to Glue who make the PPV poster, both the smaller one that is in my sig and the bigger one that was used for the card.

I put the actual matches in quotes so that you could see them better (troy's idea) and that way you could distinguish between those and the backstage segments, if you like them, then i will do the shows like that for now on, so let me know.

As always feedback is very much appreciated.
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Great show, good work to everyone involved. Best PPV so far and worth the wait.

Peace and love
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The qoutes for the macthes was a great idea, but I think the matches should only be like that for PPV and major shows. It makes those shows more special than the normal shows.
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Awesome show fellas.

Well worth the wait.
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Great Work to the other guys who wrote the matches. I love the quote idea it is a really good one especially with the graphics as well. Makes it easier to find the matches and looks better. Rep will be coming to Skill for writing that TV title match which was great and DC the main event was great also really loved Corey vs Troy I had no idea what was gonna happen next, great work Troy writing that one.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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That was sooooo sick. Very nice stuff.


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Great show all around. Nice matches from all the writers.

LOL@Cryptik finally doing a move
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Absolutely loved it. Every match was great and probably one of the best ppv's we have had. Hope the next one is even better.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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Awesome PPV DC, one of the best you have ever written. Keep it up man.

The War
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Awesome work everyone. The banners were tight. The matches were badass. You guys really went all out and wrote up a classic. Glad to be a part of it. And big props to my teamate Stick for keeping us in the show while I was out. The promos in the other thread were badass. Looks like IWO is doing some good things.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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Thank you all, hopefully things will only get better.
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