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Redemption Month 14 Week 4 July 21, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 14 Week 4 July 21, 2007

*As fireworks go off we see Mr. Smith with the Equalizer in the ring with a mic*

Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am out here to address you tonight regarding a situation that has occured in the IWO...This week the results of a steriod test came back and one superstar failed that test. I am very disappointed that any of my superstars would turn to drugs...therefore the IWO has found it in the best interest to release Oko from his contract

*crowd cheers and chants Oko Sucks*

Smith: Not with that being said, let me make it clear that any superstar found doing steriods will be sent home and will be fired from this company!

*Crowd cheers*

Smith: With that over, let me turn my attention to someone else. This man came out here and accused another superstar of being on drugs. The test this week proved those claims wrong, and I believe this man owes Force, myself, the IWO and you fans an apology...Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you the IWO World Champion, DC!

*Crowd boos as DC along with Thugged Out come down to the ring, they get in and DC stares at Smith*

Smith: DC, I find it unacceptable for you to come out here and claim that another man is on drugs without any proof..and...

*DC grabs the mic from him, as Equalizer steps forward..Thugged Out get in his face as the crowd boos*

DC: Smith, you know what your little stupid test might have said Force isn't on roids, and that's fine, because the bottom line is this, next week I am still going to beat Force's ass and I am still going to be the World Champion!

*Crowd boos*

DC: Furthermore, there is no way in hell that I am apologizing to that idiot, or you, or these backstabbing fans!

*Crowd chants you suck at DC as DC shoves the mic back to Smith*

Smith: Fine DC, if you are not going to apologize, that is fine...however, let me go ahead and tell you this...Since you are so confident in beating Force, and since you won't apologize for your actions, next week at Championship Dreams, your match with Force for the world title, will be one on one

*crowd cheers but seems confused*

Smith: And both Thugged Out and Judge will be banned from ringside!

*Crowd pops huge as DC starts yelling at Smith*

Smith: Which means that should they even get near the ring during that match, you will not only lose the match but the World Title as well!

*Crowd goes nuts for this and DC is pissed, he looks at Thugged Out then decks Smith..Thugged Out attack Equalizer taking it to him..DC goes after him as well*

M: Tater, DC has lost it, and he just attacked the commish

T: Can you blame him Marv

*Just then the crowd pops as Force with a chair in hand slides into the ring, DC and company bail out as Force goes to swinging...They head up the ramp as Force points up at DC telling him that the title will be his*

M: Force with the save, and Smith owes him for that

T: I think Smith has done enough favors for the night

*Force checks on Smith as DC and Thugged Out head to the back*

M: Folks welcome to Redemption, we will be back right after this



*The Jingling Brothers come down the aisle and get in the ring as the crowd cheers for them...Strictly Business comes out and Schmo and Public get in the ring and bell sounds...Public and Ted Jingling start things off and lock up with a collar to elbow tie-up...Public too strong gets the upperhand and pushes Ted into the ropes...he backs up and slaps him then laughs about it*

M: Arrogant move by Public

T: Well he has a lot of confidence right now

*Ted locks back up with Public, and an armdrag by Jingling sends Public to the mat..Public back up and Jingling is pointing at him and laughing...Public runs at him, but a drop toe hold takes him down...Jingling to his feet, as Public is up...Jingling with a dropkick takes him down again...Ted is up and runs and hits the ropes...Public getting up and is nailed by a cross body..cover..1..kickout..Ted to his feet but is hit in the back of the head by Schmo..the ref tries to tell Schmo to get out of the ring, as Jed enters..Jed with a right to Public, and another..the Jingling brothers whip Public to the ropes..they try a double clothesline but Public ducks under...Schmo makes a blind tag as Public bounces back off the ropes..he ducks the double clothesline again..and this time holds onto the ropes...Schmo with a knee lift from behind to Ted Jingling...Jed is distratcted and Public levels him with a clothesline*

M: What a tag by Strictly Business

T: Smart move

*Public picks Jed up and tosses him to the outside..they pick up Ted, and Public with a body slam...he holds the legs of Ted, as Schmo bounces off the ropes and then drops a leg drop...the cover...1....2..kickout*

M: A kickout by Jingling and I don't think Schmo liked that

T: I bet he didn't

*Public goes and gets the briefcase from the corner and runs and to the other side of the ring...he tells Joseph to pick up Jingling..the ref goes and stops Public..Schmo gets his case from the corner and as Ted gets up, he levels him in the head with it*

M: Come on, they are cheating

T: Great teamwork, it was all a distraction

*Public tosses his case to the outside as Schmo does the same...Schmo covers as the ref turns around....he counts..1....Jed get up and tries to get in the ring, but Public nails him to keep him out..2.......3....*

M: The number one contenders to the tag titles pick up the win, and if they do that next week we will have new tag team champions

T: So far Plan C has been a success Marv

*Strictly Business leaves the ring to the boos from the crowd*

*backstage we see DC telling Thugged Out that it is not fair that they are banned...Judge walks up to calm him down*

Judge: Calm down, the client said that everything is fine, and not to worry champ

DC: Yeah but now I have to get in the ring with that animal

Stick: Fuck that bitch nigga, he ain't nuthin but a punk ass white boy, that is goin' to get pimped like a ho next week

Exo: Yeah brah, his ass ain't ready fo you!

DC: You're probally right...anyway, Judge good to see you have the night off, but Exo and Stick you guys better be careful

Exo: Shit, we Thugged Out, we be keepin this place in check fo sho!

Judge: Yeah DC, just go on back to the hotel and I will stay here and make sure that Force doesn't try anything during Thugged Out's match

DC: Thanks man, alright, i will see you boys in a bit

Stick: Peace out nigga!

*DC walks off as Thugged Out and Judge head in the other direction*



*With Cryptic in the ring, Jason comes down to ringside with Stacy*

T: And here comes the number one couple in the IWO

M: By who's standards

T: Everyone's Marv, didn't you get the memo?

M: What memo

T: You should really learn how to use your email

M: I know how to use my email, but I have no idea what you are talking about

T: It's all over myspace, get with the times old man

M: Tater, you worry me

T: And here comes Joker

*Joker comes down the aisle to boos from the crowd..he spits at a fan, and the fan gets pissed..Joker acts like he is going to hit the fan, but security gets in the way...Cryptic shakes his head in disbelief as Stacy and Jason are hugging each other in the ring..the lights go out*

M: That is not good

T: That means one thing Marv...Masque!

*The lights come on, and Masque has a hold of Stacy by the hair...she is screaming as Jason turns to see this..Joker slides in and hits Jason from behind..Joker with the upperhand as the bell rings...Masque still holding Stacy*

M: She is terrified Tater

T: So am I...I think I just soiled my pants

M: I thought I smelled something

*Cryptic tries to reason with Masque and he lets go of Stacy and grabs Cryptic by the throat..Cryptic trying to plead with the deadman*

M: This might be a short lived match

*Joker telling Masque to finish him off as he watches...Masque picks Cryptic up and chokeslams him hard to the mat...*

M: What a chokeslam

T: Wait Jason is up

*Jason gets up, and hits a reverse DDT on Joker..Jason to his feet as Masque his a throat thrust..Jason stammers back, as Masque slowly walks over..he grabs Jason by the throat*

M: Another chokeslam could be coming up

T: Alli's Cult is sending a message this week

*Masque goes for the chokeslam, but Jason hops out of it..Jason with a kick to the gut of Masque..he tries a ddt, but Masque too strong picks him straight up..Jason manages to go over the back of Masque and tries to bring him over in a sunset flip predictament...Masque holding himself up...he tries to punch at the ground...Jason moves and gets up...Joker is up and kicks Jason...Joker tells Masque to finish him...Masque picks Jason up and goes for the gravedigger...Cryptic is up and runs as hard as he can and runs right into Masque which makes him drop Jason to the mat...Masque is pissed and nails a punch to Cryptic...and another...Cryptic falling backwards and rolls on the mat..he rolls out of the ring, and Masque climbs through the ropes to follow him..Cryptic to his feet and trying to head up the ramp as Masque follows..Joker yelling at Masque to come back*

M; Masque chasing Cryptic and Joker doesn't seem to like it

T: That's his partner, he needs him

*Joker turns around and Jason hits the JKO from nowhere*

T: JKO!!!!!

M: Jason with the cover

*the ref counts..1....2.....3...*

M: It is over, Jason and Cryptic win this matchup

T: They win this week but next week they will be opponents in that fatal fourway match

*Stacy gets in the ring and celebrates by hugging Jason as the crowd cheers*

*We see Smith irate in the back as Miss A tries to calm him down*

Smith: I can't calm down, after what happened out there

Miss A: But sir...

*Smith is looking at Equalizer*

Smith: You! Week after week you have let me know are Fired!

*Equalizer looks stunned*

Miss A: Mr. Smith think about this

Smith: I have, get the hell out big piece of shit!

*Equalizer smirks as he turns and walks down the hall*

Smith: I am tired of people pushing me around, things are going to change around here, and I mean it

*Smith walks into his office as Miss A follows him*



Tater: This next match is going to be violent for sure as Corey takes on the Josh.

Marv: Yes both these men know how to get hardcore but what is going to make this one particularly brutal is that it is a table match. The only way to win is to put your opponent through a table.

Tater: Nothing says victory like putting someone through a table as Corey is coming down to the ring with a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire. He knows its no DQ and is not going to mess around.

Marv: But here comes Josh and he can take a licking and keep on ticking. He is coming to the ring without a weapon though and I’m not sure how much of a good move that is against the deranged Corey.

Tater: We are about to find out Marv. Game on!

*Bell rings. Corey charges at Josh with his barb wire wrapped baseball bat and takes a swing for Josh’s head but Josh ducks out of the way as Corey goes off the ropes and comes back at Josh who turns around and gets a massive baseball shot to the head sending him to the mat. Corey then proceeds to land multiple barb wire baseball bat shots to Josh who crawls into a ball trying to cover up. Corey gets the bat and sits Josh up and grates the barbwire across Josh’s forehead busting him wide open. Corey drops the bat and slides to the outside and goes under the ring and feeds a table back in. Josh staggers to his feet and sees Corey trying to get back into the ring so charges in and hits a baseball slide sending Corey back into the steel guard rail. Corey staggers to his feet and Josh picks up the baseball bat and sets it up lengthwise on the edge of the apron as Corey staggers around. Josh charges in and baseball slides the bat straight into the head of Corey on the outside sending him to the mat and busting him wide open.*

Marv: Some innovative offence their Tater getting Josh back into this match.

*Josh sets up the table in the middle of the ring and goes to the ropes to get Corey. Corey meanwhile has got the baseball bat. Josh goes to pull Corey up into the ring by his hair but Corey swings the bat back and Josh gets a face full of barb wire and steel bat. Josh staggers back as Corey drops the bat and slides in. Josh staggers around and Corey with a boot to the gut and sets him up for the power bomb.*

Tater: Corey looking to hit the power bomb through the table on Josh.

*Troy’s music hits and Troy is in the ring he comes over and chop blocks Corey’s legs causing him to drop Josh. Corey gets to his feet and gets a Alston 3:16. Corey staggers around and bumps into Josh who sets him up for the Call for Fire as Troy slides out of the ring. Corey reverses the Call for Fire pushing Josh against the ropes. Josh comes back and Corey hits a big flap jack on Josh putting him through the table.*

Marv: Corey gets the win despite interference from Troy. Troy can’t be happy about this.

Tater: Speaking of being happy what about Mr. Smith, he just fired his bodyguard

Marv: Hey, let's not even talk about that..instead lets go backstage to Chad Willard who is with Unstoppable Force..Chad

Chad: Thanks Marv...Force tonight you found out that Thugged Out and Judge will not be allowed at ringside, does this increase your chances of winning?

Force: Chad, you crack me up...I don't know if my chances could get any higher...DC is a scared man...he is afraid and he is desperate...and tonight he proved that...but that's okay, because all of his problems...all of his troubles will end next week...when I take the World Title away from week DC...Pain will be mandatory...for you!

*Force walks off*



M: Well Thugged Out and the Riot Makers are in the ring, and Tater, Judge said he will make sure that Force will not interfere in this match

T: He might not need to Marv, because the Riot Makers have been the only team to actually beat Thugged Out

*The ring announcer rings the bell, and the match is now underway. Stick starts off the match for Thugged Out, and Sledge starts off the match for the Riot Makers. Stick and Sledge lock up in the middle of the ring. Stick throws Sledge against the ropes, and knocks him down with a hard shoulder block. Stick bounces off the rope and knee drops the face of Sledge. Stick drags Sledge over to his corner, and tags in Exo. Stick stomps on Sledge before leaving the ring. Exo comes into the ring, and immediately hits a hard double arm DDT on Sledge.

M: Good teamwork from the Champs

T: They look good tonight Marv, Strictly Business has their work cut out next week.

*Exo then picks up Sledge onto his shoulders, but Sledge begins punching Exo’s shoulders and forces Exo to let him go. Sledge manages to crawl to his corner, and tag in Kage.*

M: the tag finally and now Kage coming to get him some

*Kage quickly gets into the ring, and knocks Exo down with a clothesline. Kage also knocks Stick off of the apron, but as he turns around he is met by a big boot from Exo. Exo picks up Kage, and power slams him followed by a pin from Exo. One…..Two…Broken up by Sledge.

T: The Riot Makers need to do something here, or this could be over!

Stick comes into the ring, and begins fighting with Sledge. Stick unleashes a vicious clothesline on Sledge sending him flying over the ropes. Stick turns around as Exo is holding Kage in a standing Suplex position. Stick climbs to the top rope and launches off top ropes into opponent and drives opponent into ground for the Nightcap. Exo covers Sledge, and gets the three count.

M: An impressive victory for Thugged Out

*They knuckle bump each other as the camera goes back to see Judge pumping his fist as he watches the monitor..just then Johnny Blade hits Judge in the back with a kendo stick...he begins to wail on Judge beating him to the ground...*

M: It's Johnny Blade, and the TV champ trying to take out Judge before next week

T: looks like some payback from last week Marv

*Judge can't fight back as Blade slashes him with the stick..just then Thugged Out come running and yelling down the hall..Blade sees them and runs the other way...Exo checks on Judge, as Stick yells at Blade*

Stick: Run nigga, before we fuck you up!

*They check on Judge as we go to break*



M: Now we get to see how the other half of the fatal fourway competitors fare as The Beast and Giggles takes on Alli and Dragon

T: Alli's cult has had a lot of setbacks, and I am surprised that Dragon made it back to the arena for this one

*Jack Crawford and Black Dragon start off the match for their respective teams. Jack and Dragon lock up in the middle of the ring. Crawford puts Dragon in a headlock, and throws him into the corner. Crawford runs into the corner, and clotheslines Dragon. Crawford then grabs hold of Dragon and hits a release German suplex on him. Crawford goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Alli Sabbah. Crawford pulls Dragon up by the hair, and tags in Mr. Giggles. Mr. Giggles enters the ring, and the two knock down Dragon with a double DDT. Mr. Giggles pretends to wrap a rope around the neck of Dragon, but Dragon grabs Giggles by the neck and rolls him up. Mr. Giggles manages to kick out, but Dragon runs to his corner and tags in Sabbah.

M: We don't see much from Alli but we are about to now

*Alli Sabbah comes into the ring, and immediately hits a dropkick on Giggles. Alli Sabbah throws Mr. Giggles into his corner, and two begin choking Giggles with a loose rope from the turnbuckle. Crawford tries climbing into the ring to break this up which distracts the ref allowing the other tag team to keep choking Giggles. The two let go, as Mr. Giggles puts his hands close to his neck gasping for air. Mr. Giggles suddenly has a burst of momentum, and hits Sabbah with an European Uppercut. Mr. Giggles crawls over to his corner reaches his hand out to try to tag in Crawford, but Sabbah grabs Giggles’ leg to prevent Giggles from making the tag. Giggles kicks Sabbah hard into the midsection, and dives forward to tag in Crawford. *

T: Giggles with the smart tag

Crawford comes in fresh, and knocks down Sabbah with a clothesline. The Beast jumps up on top of Sabbah and hits a quick hurricarana. Jack Crawford then picks up Sabbah and hits a reverse DDT. As Sabbah is struggling on the ground, Crawford picks up Sabbah onto his shoulders and hits the Belly of the Beast. Sabbah lies in the ring motionless, as Crawford climbs to the top rope and hits the Blackout. Jack Crawford covers Sabbah, and gets the three count.

M: And Crawford and Giggles with the win

T: Good showing by both teams, but look Marv Dragon seems upset

M: He is getting a mic

*Crawford and Giggles head up the ramp shaking hands with the fans as Dragon stands in the ring looking down at Alli*

Dragon: Alli...You told me that you would take me to a higher place, but so far all you have done is dragged me down...So it seems to me that your cult is not the place for the greatest athlete in the IWO

M: What is saying Tater

Dragon: So Sabbah, I quit the Cult!

T: What a shocker! Dragon just quit, and this is not good for Alli's Cult!

Dragon: Not only do I quit but from here on out I do things for me, and me alone! Starting next week when I use my rematch clause and challenge Demon Alexander for the Hardcore Title!

*Dragon tosses down the mic as the crowd watches, stunned*

M: Dragon is going to go after the hardcore title Tater!

T: That will make next week's match a triple threat match

M: What a PPV this is going to be



Tater: Here comes Primate who was decimated by Judge last week and is looking to make a rebound against one of the IWO’s newest kids on the block. Ricky Thunder.

Marv: Here comes the kid of the hour Tater. Thunder himself. Will the new kid be able to take on the Primate who has experience on his side or will Thunder once again win against the odds. We are about to find out in this hardcore match.

*Bell Rings. Thunder walks up and gets in the face of Primate. Primate shoves Thunder. Thunder comes right back at Primate who shoves him away again. Thunder comes in a third time and goes for the Thunder Kick but Primate ducks it. Thunder turns around and gets shoved hard into the corner. Primate goes over and lays in a series of mounted punches in the turnbuckle as the audience counts. 1…2…3…4…5…5…6…8…9..10. Thunder slumps into the corner. Primate pulls him up and climbs up looking for the Extinction but Thunder fights him off and pushes Primate out into the middle of the ring on his back. Thunder goes for the Triple X but Primate rolls out of the way and Thunder crashes and burns. Primate is up and signals for Thunder to get to his feet.*

Tater: Primate is showing his experience in the ring here avoiding two of Thunder’s finishers and now looking to hit the most generic finisher of all time….the Spear.

*Thunder to his feet and Primate charges in but Thunder side steps and Primate goes shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle and then flips up over the turnbuckle and falls to the outside landing badly on his right leg.*

Marv: Wow what a massive miss move and with one little sidestep the momentum has switched in Thunder’s favour.

*Thunder slides to the outside and goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick which he shows to the crowd as they cheer. Thunder wastes no time in going over and hammering the right leg of Primate with the Kendo stick a few times. Thunder drops the Kendo stick and grabs the hurt leg of Primate and wedges it in between the steel steps and the ring post on the outside. Thunder goes and gets a steel chair from ringside and comes over and uses the chair to hammer the steel steps into the damaged leg of Primate as Primate yells out in pain. Thunder repeats the move another two times before Primate gets his leg out. Primate staggers to his feet as Thunder shows off to the crowd. Thunder turns around and sees Primate on his feet and charges in from behind hitting a chop block on the wounded leg of Primate. Thunder then feeds Primate into the ring and slides in the steel chair after him. Thunder then goes under the ring and gets another steel chair which he also feeds into the ring. Thunder slides one of the chairs under the injured leg of Primate and uses the other to deliver a conchairto to the wounded leg of Primate as Primate yelps. Thunder signals for the Breaking Edge as Primate is slowly to his feet. Thunder goes for the Breaking Edge but Primate pushes out of it and Thunder goes off the ropes and comes back into a massive spear by Primate.*

Tater: Generic Spear Finisher! Generic Spear Finisher! What a move!

*Primate goes for the cover. 1…2………………………………….kick out by Thunder. Primate bitches to the ref as Thunder gets to his feet. Thunder comes in and hits another chop block and then locks in a grape vine ankle lock on the wounded leg of Primate who screams in pain but refuses to tap. Primate eventually makes it to the ropes and Thunder is forced to break the hold. Thunder signals for the Breaking Edge again as Primate is to his feet. Thunder again goes for the Breaking Edge but Primate again pushes him against the ropes but as Thunder comes back he goes for a Thunder Kick which Primate ducks. Thunder turns around as Primate goes for a haymaker right but Thunder ducks it and Primate spins around and Thunder hits the Breaking Edge. He covers. 1…..2………………3. Thunder wins.*

Marv: Wow what an amazing sequence there by Thunder who hits his Breaking Edge third time lucky.

Tater: I don’t think luck had anything to do with that one Marv that was a hard fought victory for Thunder and things aren’t looking good for Primate.

Marv: Yeah he is clutching his right leg and writhing in pain as paramedics are now seeing to him. I sure hope its nothing serious Tater.



M: The match is a true contrast of styles Tater

T: That is definite Marv

*The bell rings and both men begin walking in circles around the ring not for one second taking their eyes off of each other. Peabody begins banging on the ring apron as Vanilla Gorilla runs at Crusher and hits him with a knee to the gut. As Crusher bends over in pain Gorilla grabs Crusher’s hair and slams him to the mat. Gorilla picks up Crusher and power slams him. Crusher retaliates by chop blocking the back of Gorilla’s kneecap causing Gorilla to fall to one knee. Crusher backs up to the ropes and starts to run at Gorilla, but Peabody grabs Crusher’s leg sending him crashing to the mat. Crusher slides out of the ring, and chases Peabody around the ring until Gorilla slides out of the ring, and stands in front of Peabody…protecting him. *

M: That is a loyal competitor

T: Hey you don't let your paycheck get hurt

*As the ref begins the ten counts…Gorilla and Crusher trade right hands, and Crusher tries to Irish Whip Gorilla into the steel steps, but Gorilla counters sending Crusher flying into the steel steps. Crusher yells in pain, and begins reaching for his back as Gorilla, and Peabody both manages to grin. Gorilla slides into the ring at the ref’s count of nine in order to break the ten counts. Gorilla rolls back outside of the ring… picks up Crusher and puts him underneath his shoulder, and hits a sidewalk slam on Crusher. Gorilla climbs back into the ring as the ref begins another ten count. Crusher begins to stir at a count of 6, and just barely keeps the match going by sliding back into the ring at 9. *

T: that was a close one

*As Crusher slides back into the ring, Gorilla immediately starts stomping the back of Crusher. Gorilla picks up Crusher for a spinning power bomb, but Crusher manages to slide off of Gorilla’s shoulders and throws him into the corner knocking the ref down in the process. Peabody reaches under the ring, and pulls out a steel chair. As Crusher begins to build some momentum inside the ring, Peabody slides Gorilla the steel chair. Gorilla gets it and levels Crusher with it...he covers as a second ref comes down the aisle...he slides in...One…..Two….Three!

M: Gorilla just stole the victory

T: You mean Peabody, because it was his interference that won it

*Peabody gets in the ring and raises the arm of Gorilla..he then reaches in his pocket and takes out some pills..he opens the mouth of Crusher and shoves them in there...the crowd boos as Peabody escorts Gorilla to the outside and puts him in his cage*



Tater: Here comes Demon Marv who has been looking really impressive recently and is looking to continue his trend tonight in another one of the matches he has redefined with his innovative ways of putting a hurting on his opponents. The hardcore match.

Marv: But if he wants to continue his recent success he has his work cut out for him as he is taking on this man, the recently returned Troy who has also been blazing a path of dominance in the IWO of late. This will indeed be a clash of the titans and its going to happen. Right now!

*Bell rings. Both men lock up and Troy gets a boot into the gut of Demon and hits a front body slam followed by a leg drop. He pulls Demon to his feet and hits a Neck rack on Demon he then goes up to the top rope. He signals for the Blue Print.*

Tater: Troy could finish this one early if he hits the Blue Print now.

*Troy goes for the Blue Print but Demon gets his legs up and Troy finds himself clutching his gut on the mat in pain. Demon gets up and drops a few elbows on Troy before ascending the turnbuckle himself. Troy slowly to his feet and cops a missile drop kick from Demon off the top turnbuckle sending Troy sliding out of the ring and to the floor. Troy goes underneath the ring and finds a ladder as Demon charges in and flies over the top hitting a cross body on Troy nailing the ladder into him and hurting Demon as well both men are laid out on the outside.*

Marv: What a move and that’s going to take it out of both of these competitors.

*Demon is first to his feet followed closely by Troy. Demon pulls back the protective covering on the floor and goes over to Troy and hits a boot to the gut followed by the Heading Straight to Hell Piledriver dropping Troy headfirst onto the concrete. Troy is busted open on the top of his head. Demon picks him up and feeds a lifeless Troy into the ring. Demon slides in and covers. 1………2…………………………………………kick out by Troy.*

Tater: That was close and Troy is far from out of the woods as he has quite a nasty gash on his head that could affect the outcome of this match.

*Troy stumbles to his feet as Demon comes over to him again and looks for a DDT but Troy powers out with shots to the gut and then a Alston 3:16 out of nowhere. Troy goes up top again and this time successfully hits the The Blueprint.*

Marv: Troy hits it and now this one could well be over if Troy can make the cover.

*Troy crawls over to Demon and makes the cover. 1…….2…………………………kick out by Demon just in the nick of time. Troy can’t believe it and starts arguing with the ref. Demon with a roll up from behind. 1…2…………………………kick out by Troy. Demon quickly slides to the outside and gets the ladder and brings it into the ring he charges at Troy with it but Troy hits a drop toe hold on Demon sending Demon face first into the ladder busting his nose open. Troy signals for The Trendsetter. He pulls Demon up and hits The Trendsetter on Demon crashing him into the ladder.*

Tater: It has to be over now no one can survive that.

*Troy covers. 1….2……………………………kick out by Demon. Troy blows up and chucks the ladder to the outside and starts ripping turnbuckles in half and shoving the ref.*

Marv: I can’t believe this Demon just kicked out again and Troy is absolutely irate.

*Demon gets up as Troy is fighting with the ref. Troy shoves the ref and the ref shoves back. Troy turns around and cops The Demon’s Dance from Demon who covers. 1…….2……………………………………………….kick out by Troy.*

Tater: For the love of god how are both men doing this!

*Demon slides to the outside and goes under the ring and pulls out a golden cross. He slides back into the ring as Troy is slowly to his feet and gets a cross to the midsection and then Demon takes a massive swing and connects with the cross to the face of Troy who staggers back and bounces out of the turnbuckle and Demon hoists him up for The Purifier.*

Marv: Now Demon looking for the purifier will this be it?

*Just as Demon is about to hit the Purifier Troy slides out the back and pushes Demon face first into the turnbuckle. Demon stagers out and around and Troy hits The Trendsetter again. He covers. 1……..2………………………….3. Troy wins.*

Tater: Wow what a fantastic match and a great win for Troy but Demon has nothing to be ashamed of either.

*Just then Corey hits the ring with a barbwire bat...Troy is up and Corey charges him..he nails Troy in the face with it taking him down*

M: What is this maniac doing here

T: Maybe revenge, man Marv are you that dense..quit acting like a n00b!

*Corey begins to grind the wire bat into Troy's head..he finally lets go and picks Troy up..he lifts him up and hits the duality driver as the show ends..

end show*
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credit to DrDoom for writing the two hardcore matches and the table match, and to Skill for writing the Thugged Out, Crawford, and Gorilla matches.
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Good show. Thugged Out is the shit lol

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

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nice show everyone. I was lmao at "Get out of big piece of shit."

The Nitecap is awsome

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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