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Redemption Month 14 Week 2 July 7, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 14 Week 2 July 7, 2007

*fireworks go off in the IWO arena, and Blue on Black plays...the crowd boos heavily as DC makes his way to the ring with Thugged Out...they climb in and DC asks for a mic*

Marv: Tater, what is the world champion doing out here?

Tater: If you would shut up Marv, he will probally tell us

*Crowd is booing as DC starts to speak...he pauses and then starts again*

DC: Now last week, well last week was a good week, until Demon Alexander got lucky!

*Crowd cheers*

DC: He got lucky that I decided that the hardcore title wasn't worth my time, and I let him keep it!


DC: But enough about him, let's talk about what happen to my Championship Dreams' opponent, the Unstoppable Force!

*Crowd cheers and chants Force!*

DC: Yeah chant for him, because he needs it after the beating he took last week!


DC: So tonight, I have decided along with my associates that Force's chances have just ran out...So Force, come on out and that this ass whoopping like a man

*crowd pops for this as they wait for Force*

M: DC is calling Force out right here Tater

T: I know Force won't back down from a challenge

*Cult of Personality plays as Mr. Smith and Equalizer along with several security guards come out to the stage*

*crowd boos Smith*

M: It's the commish!

Smith: DC, DC hold on one second, you see, you don't run this show, I do!

*crowd cheers*

Smith: And you will not be attacking Force tonight! Because as of right now, both you and Thugged Out have no match tonight, so therefore I am kicking you out of the arena!

*Crowd cheers for this as DC and Thugged Out get pissed off...Stick grabs the mic*

Stick: Hey nigga, you can't do that!

Smith: Watch your language, or else you could be losing those tag titles right here

*Stick goes nuts as Exo holds him back*

Smith: So please get out of my ring, because I have a show to run!

*Smith's music plays as Security comes down to surround the ring...DC and Thugged Out protest, but finally they leave reluctantly, as the crowd chants the hey hey hey goodbye song to them*

M: Looks like their night is over Tater

T: Sure does Marv, but not ours, as we get closer to Championship Dreams, but first lets show everyone what will be going on next week

*ad for Motor City Madness from Detriot airs*


*backstage Thugged Out and DC are still yelling at security as they are shown out of the building*

M: Well folks welcome to Redemption and already this place is buzzing as the World Champ and the Tag Team Champions have been tossed out of the building.

T: That's right Marv, and let's go to the ring for our first match

*The Riot Makers come out to cheers from the crowd they head down the aisle, but from behind with their briefcases, Strictly Business attacks them*

M: Come on, the match hasn't even started yet

T: This is Plan C Marv, and I don't think Strictly Business cares!

*Kage is down on the ground on all fours, as Sledge tries to get to his feet, Public gets on one side, while Schmo gets on the other side of Sledge..Sledge to his feet and Strictly Business swing their cases making a sandwich out of Sledge's head*

M: that could have done some serious damage

T: You can hear his head hitting those cases Marv

*Public nails Kage in the back with his case, then they both pick Kage up and carry him to the ring, they roll him in as the ref calls for the bell*

M: This match underway, but the damage looks to be done Tater

T: It sure is Marv

*Public picks Kage up and tags Schmo..both men in the ring and go for a double suplex..they hold Kage in the air and instead drop him in a double brainbuster*

M: Oh my, that might have caused some serious injury

T: Schmo with the cover and the three count and this one is painfully over

M: The Riot Makers never had a chance Tater

*Schmo and Public hug then leave the ring the victors...they pick up their cases and head up the aisle...Schmo sees Sledge just laying in the aisleway and goes over and kicks him a few times before they leave to the backstage*



*backstage we see Peabody poking Gorilla with a stick in his cage...he tells him that he has to be ready for his match tonight.*

*Oko is in the ring and looks upset...Crusher is announced to cheers from the crowd*

M: What is going on with Oko he looks real ticked off

T: I guess he has a lot of frustrations after losing that tag match last week Marv

*Oko watches Crusher get in the ring and goes after him, the bell sounds as Oko just punching like crazy...Crusher trying to block himself..the ref tells Oko to get off of him, but Oko pushes the ref out of the way, Crusher manages to get up and nail Oko with a right and another*

M: Oko better be careful or he will get DQed

T: this guys has some problems

*Crusher trying to get the advantage but a thumb to the eye from Oko stops that...Oko with a belly to belly suplex, and then a choke hold...*

M: Come on, there is no need for that

T: Oko has lost his mind Marv

*the ref telling him to stop and counts..Oko breaks then does it again..finally the ref pulls him off and warns him...Oko yelling at the ref, and goes and picks Crusher up...he tries a suplex but Crusher drops down out of it...Crusher tries the Angle Slam but Oko jumps out of it...Oko with a german suplex takes down Crusher the cover....a two count and Oko up and yelling at the ref again*

M: what is his deal with the ref

T: He needs to focus on the match Marv

*the ref arguing with Oko, and Oko pushes the ref, the ref pushes him back...Oko grabs the ref by the shirt, but Crusher comes up from behind and nails him in the back...Crusher with some hard fists to the back of the head of Oko...Crusher grabs him and hits a german of his own...he holds on and picks him back up and nails a second one*

M: Crusher making a comeback

T: oko might have blew it there Marv

*Crusher is up and going crazy as the crowd cheers..Oko slowly to his feet and Crusher hits the Angle Slam...the cover...1.....2.....3*

M: Crusher has done it, and he has beaten Oko

T: this is huge for him

*Crusher celebrates with his arm raised, he leaves the ring and high fives the crowd...the ref is still in the ring, as Oko gets up...the ref asks him if he is okay, but Oko kicks the ref in the stomach and then hits a DDT on him*

M: Stop that, you can't do that

T: he just did Marv, he just did

*Oko stares down at the ref as the crowd boos him*



*backstage Troy is with Hugh Miller*

Hugh: Troy, let me ask you...

Troy: stop right there Hugh, for now on you should address me as Mr. Alston

Hugh: Umm...okay Mr. Alston, tonight you return to the ring against Judge what do you feel your chances are of beating him?

Troy: What kind of lame question is that. The Epitome will not lose tonight, I will be victorious just like when I beat Corey's sorry ass at Championship Dreams and end his career...Troy Alston is back and ready to be at the top again!

Hugh: I got one more thing, lately the crowd has been on your side, but last week you seemed to piss the audience off, why?

Troy: Why? Beacuse Troy Alston answers to no one...It doesn't matter if the fans like me or don't like me, but I guarantee one damn thing, they will respect The Epitome!

*troy walks off*

Tater: This next match is the triple hardcore match of the evening and already in the ring is Mr Giggles and now here comes a man who has been nothing short of amazing since relatively recently coming to the IWO. He has no sense of remorse whatsoever. The Vanilla Gorilla led out in his cage as usual by Peabody.

Marv: But whilst he may be a beast this kid Ricky Thunder has, in his brief time in the IWO, shown that he is all about business and getting it done in the ring. This one will be violent and it will all happen right now!

*Bell rings. Giggles starts miming that he has flowers and then mimes giving them to Ricky Thunder who just smiles and shakes his head. Giggles then mimes making a balloon animal and gives it to Gorilla. Gorilla looks confused for a moment then mimes snapping the balloon in half. Gorilla turns Giggles inside out with a clothesline then pulls him up and hits a short arm clothesline and keeps his grip on Giggles arm and hits two more. Thunder comes over and Gorilla turns around and smacks him right in the face with a straight right and Thunder goes down and rolls to the outside. Gorilla pulls Giggles up and whips him into the corner then charges in and splashes him into the corner and Giggles slumps in the turnbuckle. Gorilla charges in again and this time hits a knee to the face jamming Giggles head back into the bottom turnbuckle. Gorilla pulls Giggles up by the hair and sets him up for a Baldo bomb which he hits onto the turnbuckle and Giggles falls out of the ring to the floor. Gorilla turns around to see Thunder with a chair raised high about to hit him. Gorilla with a boot to the gut and Thunder drops the chair and gets a DDT onto it. Gorilla beats his chest and lets out a war cry as Thunder is to his feet and charges in at Gorilla. Thunder hits a clothesline on Gorilla but it does nothing. Thunder off the ropes and goes for a shoulder block but again nothing. Thunder again off the ropes and this goes for a cross body block but Gorilla catches him and hoists him up over his shoulder. Gorilla runs in and hits a running power slam first into the turnbuckle and then spins around and slams Thunder to the mat.*

Marv: Gorilla is all over Giggles and Thunder and if he covers it could well be over.

*Gorilla goes to pull Thunder up again as Peabody signals for the bear hug finisher. Thunder fights his way to his feet with rights and lefts and then Gorilla and Thunder exchange blows with Thunder making Gorilla reel. Thunder goes off the ropes and charges in. Thunder jumps off his feet going for a full force clothesline but Gorilla catches him mid air and locks in the bear hug.*

Tater: Bear hug locked in and this one is all over Marv. No one escapes the bear hug.

*Thunder is fading fast. Giggles climbs into the ring and gets Gorilla’s attention and starts miming that he is rowing a boat. Gorilla lets go of Thunder who rolls to the outside and starts walking towards Giggles. Pea body on the outside has a hernia and yells at Gorilla telling him to go back to the bear hug on Thunder. Gorilla charges in at Giggles who ducks and pulls down the ropes sending Gorilla crashing to the outside. Meanwhile, Thunder has gone under the ring and chucked in a table and now has a trash can in hand and has slid into the ring. Giggles turns around and Thunder dumps the trash can over his head. Giggles stammers around like an idiot for a bit and then Thunder drop kicks Giggles against the ropes. Giggles bounces back off the ropes and Thunder hits the Thunder Kick to the garbage canned head of Giggles. Giggles goes down to the mat.*

Marv: THUNDER KICK!!!!!!!!! Thunder has just turned this one right around but why isn’t he going for the pinfall? He has something else in store.

*Thunder sets up the table in the middle of the ring and goes over to Giggles. He pulls the garbage can off Giggles head and puts it aside. He lies Giggles on the table and signals for the Triple X. Gorilla is back in the ring though with a steel chair and he charges Thunder who sees it and he hits the Thunder Kick again sending the chair into the face of Gorilla and bouncing Gorilla off the ropes and back towards Thunder who then hits the Breaking Edge on Gorilla sending Gorilla’s head smashing into the garbage can Thunder had tossed aside. Peabody turns the colour of a tomato experiencing roid rage on the outside! Thunder covers Gorilla. 1….2………………………kick out by Gorilla.*

Tater: Wow! How impressive is Thunder he just hit the Thunder Kick and the Breaking Edge on Gorilla but Gorilla also impressive still managing to kick out. Now Thunder is going up top and is he going for the Triple X…..

*Thunder hits the Triple X on Giggles sending him through the table. Thunder covers. 1…2…3. It’s over.*

Tater: YES! He hit the Triple X what a move and what a way to add another notch in this kid’s career.

*backstage Judge is seen made in the hallway, he is tossing stuff saying that Smith is trying to screw him over*

Marv: What's wrong with him?

Tater: Maybe he is upset that his friends got kicked out of the building.

Marv: Aww too bad!



*Primate is in the ring as the crowd pops huge for Johnny Blade*

M: And here is the TV Champ Tater, and he has a huge challenge ahead of him

T: Indeed he does Marv, this is a big test and you got to think that Blade could possibly still be feeling the effects of last week

*Blade slides in the ring and Primate attacks him with stomps to the back, Blade hasn't even gotten the title off from around his waist, as the bell sounds*

M: Primate on the attack early, and taken advantage of a weakened Blade

T: Smart move, try to put the champ away early

*Primate gets Blade up and hits some punches, he whips him into the ropes and Primate charges in and hits a shoulder block the cover and only gets 1...Primate goes for a headlock on Blade*

M: He's keeping him on the ground

T: Another smart move

*Primate locking the headlock in tight, Blade trying to maneavuer himself, but Primate is too strong*

M: This is where Primate's strength comes in handy

T: Blade is at a disadvatange

*Blade hears the crowd cheering for him, and is able to get to his feet, but is still in the headlock, he backs Primate against the ropes, and tries to push him off, but Primate holds on, and wrenches Blade's neck*

M: This guy is so strong

T: This match might have been a bad idea for Blade

*the ref asking Blade if he gives, but he says no....Primate tightens the hold...Blade trying to slide out, and moves a little he manages to throw an elbow to the gut of Primate, another...then a back suplex by Blade and both men are on the mat*

M: He countered and now both men down

T: Blade needs to get to his feet if he wants to have a chance in this match

*Blade holding his neck as he slowly tries to get up..Primate to his feet first, and he grabs Blade and whips him...he tries the clothesline but Blade ducks under it...he stops himself and nails the Yakuza kick to an unsuspecting Primate...Blade drops down and hooks the leg, and some tights as the ref counts...1....2....3...*

M: blade did it, he just pinned Primate and that was easier than it looked

T: I think he knocked him could see the glazed look in his eyes Marv

M: Let's see that again

*replay of Primate getting kicked is shown again*

*Blade rolls out of the ring holding his neck and the TV Title, as the crowd cheers for him*

M: Judge I hope you were watching because just like that and your chance at being the new TV Champion could be over



*Alli and Joker are in the ring but seemed confused to where Masque is...Jason, Crawford and Cryptic come out next as the crowd cheers for them...they get in the ring and look at their opponents*

M: Well this is interesting, Masque isn't out here Tater

T: I wonder where he went?

*Alli asks for a mic*

Alli: ahh, my friends it seems to me that our colleague Masque isn't here tonight...


Alli: So myself and Joker have decided they we are forfieting tonight's matchup, good evening

M: What Alli just gave the match up

*Alli and Joker leave the ring as Crawford picks up the mic*

T: can he do that?

Crawford: Whoa, wait a second...We came here to wrestle tonight

*Crowd cheers as Alli just shrugs and says sorry*

Crawford: And we plan on doing it!

*Just then Alli's security and swinn hit the ring and attack from behind...Crawford and Jason manage to battle off the security guards and toss them from the ring..Swinn is biting at Cryptic's ankle...he manages to shrug him off, and Jason runs and hits a sliding dropkick to Swinn sending him halfway across the ring..Joker tries to get in, but Crawford meets him with a right hand and another..he tosses him towards Jason who hits the spear on him...Alli runs and heads halfway up the aisle, watching as Jason grabs Swinn and sends him to Crawford who hits a huge powerslam on him...Crawford's music hits as he stares at Alli and says next week!*

M: They get the win, and how impressive is this team

T: Very impressive Marv, I can't wait till we go to Detriot next week!



*Troy stands in the ring as the crowd is mixed for him*

M: Troy had been getting cheered Tater, but the past few weeks he has pretty much insulted the fans

T: Marv, he has insulted everybody

*Judge comes out to boos from the crowd*

M: And here comes Judge who last week helped to take out Force and Blade

T: This guy has been on a roll lately, and tonight looks to put Troy out of commision as well

*Judge steps over the top rope and stands in the ring..the bell sounds as both men start jawing in the center of the ring...Troy slaps Judge, and Judge then pushes Troy down...*

M: What a shove by Judge that took Troy off his feet

T: I think he just ticked him off

*Judge goes over to pick Troy up, but Troy with a punch to the gut and another...he gets to his feet and hits a chop, he tries a punch, but Judge blocks it, Judge with a huge punch, and another to the head of open hand chop to the Epitome...Troy is clutching his chest, and Judge rears back and chops him again, making Troy lean against the ropes holding himself*

M: He is beating him red

T: yeah he is making Troy look like a commie that just became a traitor to PWF and went to PW to post for months at a time

M: What the hell are you talking about Tater

T: huh...there must have been some interference in our headsets

M: Okay???

*Judge pounding on Troy against the ropes, and then whips him into the other ropes, Judge lowers his head, and Troy with a sunset flip...trying to get the big man over...but Judge reaches down and punches Troy in the face, and again..he grabs him by the throat with both hands and pulls Troy up from under him...he lifts Troy up and hits a baldo bomb...he covers him...1....2....kickout*

M: Somehow Troy kicked out

T: yeah somehow, Judge is domininating Troy right now Marv

*Judge gets up and hits the ropes he comes back and tries the leg drop but Troy rolls out of the way...Judge holding his butt, and Troy slowly getting to his feet....Judge to his feet and Troy tries the superkick, but Judge catches his leg...he sweeps Troy and takes him down and then Judge with an elbow dropping down on the leg of Troy*

M: Judge has Troy's leg locked and is pulling back on it

T: That's that leg that DC injured a few months back...How healed is Troy's leg really Marv

M: We are about to find out Tater

*the ref asking Troy who refuses...Judge gets up and again drops down with an elbow...Troy slapping the mat in pain, but not tapping...Judge back up and drops a knee to the inside of the leg...and another...he then locks in a spinning toe hold...*

M: Judge going a little oldschool here Tater

T: He must have been watching some old Flair or Finlay matches

M: Quite possibly...but I doubt it.

*Judge once again with the spinning toe hold, he tries to spin around again, but Troy reaches up and gets the small package, the ref counts..1.....2..kickout*

M: Troy almost surprised Judge there

*Troy trying to get up...but Judge up quickly...Judge goes and kicks Troy in the back of his leg taking him down...Judge picks Troy up who is hobbling, Judge with a suplex that takes Troy to the mat hard*

T: Judge having his way now that Troy is crippled

M: Come on he's not crippled

T: He might need a wheelchair after this

*Judge up to his feet and this time connects with the leg drop he covers...1.....2.....kickout by Troy...Judge is up and waiting for Troy to get up*

M: This might be it Tater, Judge waiting for Troy

T: He might be getting ready for the Final Sentence

*Just then Johnny Blade runs down the aisle and slides in the ring with a kendo stick...Judge backs Blade looks to swing at him..the ref is watching....Troy is up and turns and Blade cracks him in the head with the stick..the ref rings the bell...Judge looks at Blade like what the fuck?*

M: Blade just hit Troy!!!

*Blade hops out of the ring and is smiling, the ring announcer tells the auidence that Troy is the winner by DQ...Judge is pissed and is showing it, and yelling at Blade...Blade is laughing up the aisle*

T: He got Judge DQed Marv, he cost him this match

M: Blade one ups Judge here Tater

*Judge climbs out of the ring pissed off and heads up the rampway...The crowd is watching as Corey Taylor runs down the aisle pass Judge and gets in the ring....Troy is getting back to his feet....Troy is up and turns around and a kick to the gut, and Corey lifts him up and hits the Duality Driver on him*

T: Corey with the Duality Driver

M: What is he doing out here

T: looks like he is taking Troy out a little early

*Crowd booing Corey...he gets a mic*

Corey: Motherfucker, let me tell you something, you little bitch!


Corey: This is just a fucking preview of what is going to happen to your sorry ass at Championship Dreams, because I will end your fucking career!

*Corey drops the mic on Troy and leaves the ring as the crowd boos*



Tater: Here he comes. Its Black Dragon one of the top hardcore competitors in the IWO and he is scheduled to compete here tonight against the Josh a man who never says die no matter the odds.

Marv: Josh now making his way to the ring and both these men are fairly evenly matched Tater this should be a very close match and it will be a hardcore match to boot.

*Bell rings. Both men lock up and Josh pulls Dragon into a headlock which he cinches in and then pushes Dragon off the ropes and hits a shoulder block take down on him. Josh stomps away on Dragon and then rolls him over and pulls his leg up and smashes it back onto the canvas. He then repeats the move and locks in a basic leg lock submission manoeuvre. Josh yelling at Dragon to just tap now. But Dragon refuses and Josh turns the hold into an STF. He pulls back on it applying pressure but Dragon doesn’t tap and starts to crawl slowly over to the ropes. Dragon makes it to the ropes and Josh releases the hold. Both men up and both charge in and hit same time clotheslines on each other laying both men out in the middle of the ring. Both men quickly to their feet and go off the ropes and collide again as Josh attempts a spear and Dragon attempts a shoulder block, both men on the mat again. Slowly they both get to their feet again. Both men exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Dragon getting the better of it as Josh starts to be rocked by the blows.*

Tater: The momentum is starting to change here Marv as Dragon is getting the upper hand with those rights and lefts.

*Josh ducks a right hand by Dragon and hits a head butt to the midsection. Josh then goes for the Call for Fire but as he is about to hit it Dragon pushes him off and Josh bounces chest first off the ropes and Dragon hits a bridge suplex pin. 1…2…………..kick out by Josh. Dragon wants Josh to get to his feet and he does and Dragon hits the Fists of Fury on Josh as Josh goes to the mat again. Dragon pulls Josh to his feet and whips him into the corner. Dragon charges in but Josh moves out of the way but Dragon compensates and jumps up on the top turnbuckle and hits a reverse elbow to Josh’s face off the top rope sending him to the mat. Dragon goes up top and hits a split legged moonsault on a prone Josh and covers. 1…2………kick out by Josh. Dragon goes to the outside and looks under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. Josh to his feet. Dragon is back in the ring and charges at Josh who ducks behind him and locks his arms around Dragon’s mid section and hits the three German suplexes. Josh signals for the Fire Mission as Dragon gets to his feet and Josh locks it in and brings Dragon back down to the mat.*

Marv: Fire Mission locked in and if Dragon can’t find a way out of this one he’s in trouble.

*Josh keeps the Fire Mission locked in for a while but Dragon refuses to tap out. Dragon starts to throw wild punches at Josh but Josh hangs on. Dragon slowly gets to his feet with Josh still locked onto him. Dragon runs forwards and drops Josh back first onto the mat causing him to break the submission. Dragon goes up top and signals for the Dragon Twist.*

Tater: Now Josh needs to get out of the way or this one could be over.

*Dragon goes for the Dragon Twist but Josh rolls out of the way and Dragon crashes and burns. Josh goes to the outside and slides a steel chair back into the ring. He hits a few chair shots on the laid out Dragon and then goes to set up the table in the middle of the ring. He sets it up and pulls Dragon to his feet but Dragon with a head butt and then another one to the gut of Josh. Dragon then with a boot to the gut and hits the Dragon Driver through the table on Josh. Dragon covers. 1……2………………………….kick out by Josh.*

Marv: Wow Josh managed to kick out of the Dragon Driver through the table and Dragon has managed to power out of the Fire Mission. This is indeed a close match Tater.

*Dragon goes to pull Josh up but Josh fights out with shots to the gut followed by a boot to the gut and out of nowhere the Call for Fire which he hits onto the steel chair busting Dragon wide open. Josh covers. 1…..2………………………….3. Josh wins.*

Tater: Wow what a match but in the end the resilience and persistence of Josh proves too much for Black Dragon but you can’t say he didn’t look impressive in this match.

*In the crowd we see a commotion, as DC and Thugged Out are walking down the aisleway in the crowd*

M: What are they doing here, they were kicked out of the building

T: Yeah, they can't be here

*They get to the front row and show the camera three tickets*

M: they bought Tickets Tater

T: I love these guys, they are always one upping Smith

*They take their seats in the front row*

M: Looks like they are here to see the main event

T: And it's coming up after this



*The Jingling Brothers come to the ring and are cheered*

M: Well this handicap match will be interesting since DC and Thugged Out have bought tickets and are sitting front row

T: Marv, Force doesn't need to worry about them, he needs to stay focused on the two men in the ring

*king of Kings plays and the crowd pops huge...Force walks down to the ring, and goes around to where DC and Thugged Out are, he jaws at them before getting in the ring...the crowd cheering him on...the bell sounds and Force will start out with Ted Jingling first...both men lock up, and Force so strong pushes Ted down*

M: What power from Force

T: Jingling needs to use his speed Marv

*Again they lock up and for a second time Force pushes him down to the mat*

M: What is he thinking

T: that's just it, he's not

*Ted gets up as Force poses for the crowd to a huge pop...Ted goes and tags in Jed...Jed circles Force and they lock up and again Force pushes Jed down*

M: Force is too strong to overpower, The Jingling Brothers need a new gameplan

T: They need a miracle Marv

*Jed gets up and bounces off the ropes and tries a shoulder block which does nothing..Force laughs at him...Jed again off the ropes, and Force with a big boot takes him down...Ted comes running in the ring and hits the ropes, Force turns and a dropkick rattles Force...Ted again off the ropes and another dropkick moves Force a little...Ted again off the ropes, but Force moves and knocks him down in the air...*

M: Three is not the charm

*Force picks Ted up and tosses him through the middle rope...Jed is up and tries to punch Force, but it is blocked..Force then knees Jed in the gut, and lifts him up over his head in a slam position..he walks to the ropes and tosses Jed over the top to the outside where he lands on Ted*

M: And both of the brothers are on the outside

T: Force yelling at DC and Thugged Out, while he should be going after the clowns

*Both Jingling Brothers trying to regroup, as Force finally comes to the outside...Force grabs Ted and whips him into the barricade...he then runs and hits a clothesline on him...he turns and Jed hits a dropsault that staggers Force and makes him take a knee to keep from falling...Jed quickly with right hands to the head..he tries to ram Force's head into the steel stairs, but it's blocked...Force instead sends Jed headfirst into the stairs*

M: Force still too strong

T: He is impressive tonight Marv

*Force rolls Jed back into the ring...he picks him up and lifts him in the air for a suplex, just holding him...he points to the crowd and then falls back sending Jed hard to the ground..Force gets up and is feeling the cheers*

M: Such a specimen Force is

*He picks up Jed and whips him into the ropes, he hits the spinebuster*

T: Shades of AA right there

M: Tater this one might be over and the crowd can feel it

*Ted Jingling is up on the apron, he jumps to the top rope and springboards going for the sitting senton, but Force catches him in the air*

M: Force has him, and no where to go

T: What a powerbomb!!!

*Ted is laid out and the crowd is going nuts...Jed trying to slowly get up...Force goes over and grabs him, kick to the gut, lifts him up in position...he turns and looks at DC and points at him...and hits the Unstoppable Drop*

M: The Drop, and the cover

T: It's over, Force gets the victory in this handicap match

*DC and Thugged Out hop over the barricade and hit the ring..Force gets to his feet and tries to fight them off, he nails Exo, then Stick, then DC and again*

M: Force trying to overcome the odds

T: You knew these guys were up to something

*DC hits a lowblow on Force and Thugged Out overpowers him...they beat him down to the ground pounding on they are stomping away...Demon Alexander comes down to the ring and slides in..DC tries to go at him, but Demon knocks him down..Demon and Stick exchanging rights, but Exo from behind...*

M: Demon coming to save Force, or at least get some revenge on Thugged Out

T: Yeah but the numbers are overpowering

*They begin to work over Demon, when the crowd pops for Josh who has a bat...Josh slides in the ring and tries to go after DC who bails out...Stick sees this and bails too..Exo turns and Josh swings, but Exo falls to the ground and rolls out of the ring, with Josh going nuts inside...they all regroup at the aisleway*

M: It's Josh, Demon's opponent at Championship Dreams, why is he here?

T: Maybe he is saving his opponent? I don't know Marv

*Josh pointing at DC and Thugged Out as Force and Demon are both up now...Cult of Personality hits as Mr. Smith comes out to the stage with a mic*

Smith: Settle down, hold on one minute...So DC and Thugged Out you tried to out do me tonight, by buying tickets and getting in to the show..well done..but I am going to out do you...because I am making a match for next week in Detriot...It will be the Tag Team Champions Thugged Out.

*boos from the crowd*

Smith: Teaming up with the World Champion, DC!


Smith: taking on the team of...The Josh


Smith: His partner the Hardcore Champion, Demon Alexander


Smith: And their partner, Unstoppable Force!

*Crowd pops huge*

Smith: And it's going to happen in that ring next week


M: What an announcement

Smith: So gentlemen, I will see you in Detroit!

*Cult of Personalitly plays as all six men stare each other down..the camera goes black*

*end show*


Thanks to DrDoom for writing the two hardcore matches

Please give us feedback about the matches and any other comments you have, I know we both appreciate it, and it helps us when trying to write everything up.
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Originally Posted by DC
T: yeah he is making Troy look like a commie that just became a traitor to PWF and went to PW to post for months at a time

M: What the hell are you talking about Tater

T: huh...there must have been some interference in our headsets

M: Okay???

Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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Nice work guys. Thugged Out keep getting in the way

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Ah, a fantastic show from the IWO organization. Great work from all those involved in the story.

Peace and love
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