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End of the Road PPV June 23, 2007
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Default End of the Road PPV June 23, 2007

*At Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia the arena is about 3/4 the ring is Equalizer as newcomer Ricky Thunder comes down the aisle for a dark match..a few cheers are heard for Thunder...the match starts with Thunder trying to gain an advantage but to no avail...Equalizer proceeds to dominate the next 6 minutes of the match...Thunder begins a comeback and eventually dropkicks Equalizer in the back sending him chest first into the turnbuckle...he stumbles out and Thunder hits his version of the RKO on him...Thunder a little woozy climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with a swanton bomb and covers Equalizer to win..a few fans clap for him.*

*about 20 minutes later fireworks go off as the PPV officially begins*

*We go down to ringside with Marv and Tater*

M: Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia everyone and to End of the Road, I'm Marv Rome and with me is Tater Inberg, and tonight Tater, what a huge night it is, as this is the last PPV before Championship Dreams

T: That's right Marv, and with three huge title matches tonight including a unification match this card is stacked from top to bottom.

M: you got that right and we begin things off with a match for the Tag Team Titles!

*The Riot Makers come to the ring as the fans cheer them*

M: And the challengers are in the ring, and they have been on a roll lately

T: Indeed Marv, and tonight if they score another victory over Thugged Out we might be looking at new tag team Champions

*Tech Nine blares in the arena as the fans begin to boo the World Tag Team Champions*

M: These guys have been nothing short of dominant every since they showed up here in the IWO

T: yeah but the past few weeks it seems they have been unfocused and have taken some beatings

M: they better change that are tonight they could be walking out of here empty handed

*the bell sounds as Exo and Kage start things off...they lock up collar to elbow, and Exo to strong for Kage backs him into the ropes, he breaks and hits punch to Kage, he then whips Kage into the ropes and lowers his head, Kage drops down and his a throat thrust that sends Exo to the mat...*

M: Right in the throat and that will take your breath away

T: Great move by Kage

*Kage is up and kicks Exo a few times, he then picks him up and nails a right hand, he then locks in a headlock...just then Stick runs in and levels Kage with a big boot, this brings in Sledge as the ref makes Stick get out...he then tells sledge to get out as well...Exo is on his feet, and picks up Kage, he hits a bodyslam on him...he then picks Kage up and puts him in a headlock an takes him to his corner, the tag to Stick*

M:And here comes his partner and Stick hits a punch to the exposed side of kage

*Stick with a knee to the gut of Kage, and then tosses him into the corner...Stick lowers his shoulder and rams it into the midsection of a prone Kage several times, just like every big man that he hates does..*

T: Wow how many times are we going to see a big wrestler do that move Marv

M: Until the end of time I suspect Tater

*Stick is up and punches on Kage, the ref tells him to stop and Stick backs up talking to the ref...Exo begins to choke Kage in the corner...Sledge comes in and the ref stops him..Exo is holding Kage from the outside as Stick pounds on him..Stick with the tag and both men whip Kage into the ropes, they try the double clothesline but Kage ducks...he hits the ropes and comes back with his own clothesline to both men...the audience pops for this*

M: He needs to make a tag while they are both down

T: Sledge is a fresh man and could change the outcome of this match

*Kage crawls over and rolls then tags Sledge who comes in with dropkicks to both men taking them down..he whips Exo and runs at him nailing a dropkick that sends Exo over the top rope...Kage is up and they team up on Stick they whip him into the ropes and nail a double back elbow that takes him down...they grab each other's hands and drop down with elbows to Stick*

M: He's not the legal man

T: But they are still taking advantage of the situation Marv

*They pick Stick up and toss him outside the ring...they taunt for the crowd as they cheer...Exo and Stick both out by the announce table on the floor as the ref counts....2.......3..*

M: Thugged Out is in trouble Tater

T: Exo needs to get back in the ring or else he could be counted out

*Exo and Stick to their feet and Kage comes running and flys over the top rope with a flipping plancha...He overshoots them a little but still connects to knock them both down...however, Kage hits his leg on the announce table and is holding his knee*

M: WHat a move, but I think Kage might have hurt himself

T: He's right here in front of us, and is holding his knee

M: Lets see the replay of that Tater

*replay shown*

M: You can clearly see his leg connecting with the table and Kage is hurt

T: Thugged Out is on their feet and here comes Sledge

*Sledge comes over the top rope with a cross body but is caught by Thugged Out*

M: uh oh, they caught him and this doesn't look good

*They ram him back first into the apron, then shove him into the ring under the bottom rope..Exo slides in first and picks Sledge up, he whips him into the ropes, as Stick comes in..Sledge bounces off the ropes and is hit with the Last Call*

T; That's it Marv

*Exo covers Sledge as the ref counts...1....2.....3.....Thugged Out wins the match*

M: Thugged Out keeps the Tag Titles in what was an up and down match

T; But the story here Marv is how hurt is Kage

*Thugged Out takes the belts to the boos from the crowd and shows them off, they then leave the ring as the ref goes out to check on Kage*

*backstage we see April with Josh*

April: Are you sure you want to go out there tonight against Primate?

Josh: baby the King of All Battle is ready for any challenge

April: I know but I'm just worried because that cage is unforgiving and you have been pretty hurt lately

Josh: Don't worry, I got this in the bag

*Crusher walks up*

Crusher: Yeah don't worry we got this in the bag

*they all smile and laugh*


Tater: Here comes the peaceful one for a match that I’m sure will be everything but peaceful.

Marv: That’s right no part of this man Corey is peaceful and Cryptic might just find that out the hard way here tonight in a hardcore match.

Tater: Cryptic has never lost here in the IWO but unless he decides to use some offence it could well be his first loss tonight. These two men are squaring off and Cryptic has asked for a mike. What the hell?

Cryptic: Now Corey I know your generally not a very peaceful man but I don’t want to have to humiliate you tonight to prove that if you ain’t peaceful you ain’t nothing. So how about we just shake hands and go and get some vegetable smoothies from up the road I know a marvellous place.

*Corey just looks at Cryptic like he’s a piece of dog shit on his shoe. Then levels him with a right hand and the ref signals for the bell. Corey grabs the mike Cryptic was using and starts beating the crap out of Cryptic with it. Corey gets to his feet and slides out of the ring and looks under it and pulls out a tool box. He climbs back in the ring with it and opens it up and pulls out a screw driver. Cryptic stumbles to his feet and makes the peace sign at Corey and Corey stabs him in the face with the screw driver then puts Cryptic in a headlock and proceeds to stab the shit out of Cryptic who starts to bleed badly. Corey drops the screw driver and goes over and pulls out a chain from the tool box and uses it t choke Cryptic out. Corey then starts whipping Cryptic with the chain. Corey pulls Cryptic up and sets him up for a Russian leg sweep. He moves Cryptic over to near the tool box and Russian leg sweeps him backwards onto the tool box. Corey slides out of the ring again and pulls out a barbwire baseball bat and throws it into the ring and also pulls out a table and chucks it into the ring. Corey climbs back in and gets the barb wire baseball bat. Cryptic to his feet again and is bleeding everywhere and this time makes a double peace sign at Corey who nails him over the head with the bat sending him to the mat again. Corey proceeds to work over the gut of Cryptic with the barbwire bat and then grates it across the forehead of Cryptic causing even more blood to run from his forehead. Corey goes over and sets up the table and then goes back and pulls up Cryptic and moves him over to in front of the table.*

Tater: Cryptic has been decimated by Corey and is about to go through a table and suffer his first loss.

*Suddenly ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor hits. Corey drops Cryptic and looks around. But can’t see anyone.*

Tater: What the hell that’s Troy’s music but where is he? He hasn’t been around in the IWO for ages.

*Corey has Cryptic set up for the duality driver through the table but Troy slides out from under the ring and climbs into it and taps Corey on the shoulder. Corey drops Cryptic and before he can turn around is hit with a super kick in the back of the head sending Corey face first through the table. Troy kicks Cryptic over Corey and the ref counts. 1…2…3. Cryptic pulls out the win! Troy stands over them both arms raised to applause.*

Tater: I don’t believe it! Troy is back and he has just cost Corey the match and kept Cryptic’s streak alive! Wow what an impact!

*ad for Championship Dreams airs*

*backstage we see Hugh Miller with Troy*

Hugh: Troy, what a way to return

Troy: Thanks Hugh

Hugh: But why did you just attack Corey?

Troy: Why? That's easy, because I want to take everything away from Corey, because I should be main eventing, and because I plan on returning to the top and why not do it against the resident psychopath, you see Hugh Troy Alston is back and better than ever!

*Troy walks off*


*We see Jed Jingling laying on the ground backstage as EMTs check on him*

M: Not again, this is the second time we have seen a Jingling Brother hurt

*Stictly Business' music plays as both Schmo and Public come out dragging a bloody Ted Jingling behind them*

M: What the hell is this

T: Looks like Strictly Business has taken care of business

M: Looks like they assualted him

T: Maybe they were behind the attack last week as well

M: You think Tater!

*They toss Ted into the ring and tell the ref to ring the bell*

M: They are going to start the match, come on now, this is not right

T: Hey this is the IWO, you have to be prepared all the time

*The crowd is booing as Schmo begins to pick Ted up and punch him sending him to the mat, he loosens his tie a bit then drops a leg drop he covers.....1...2..Schmo lifts him up, and acts shocked*

M: Come on, enough

T: What a kickout

*Schmo goes and tags in Public, he bounces off the ropes and running hard just stops in front of Jingling and drops down for the cover, he hooks the leg...1....2.....3...Public hops up and acts like he just won the world title...Schmo runs and jumps into Publics arms as Schmo raises his hands in victory...they celebrate in the ring*

M: This is ridiculous they premeditated an attack and took advantage of the situation

T: Hey this must have been Plan B

*ad for Motor City Madness airs*

*Promo package showing the rumble victory airs*


*Judge is in the ring as King of Kings plays and Force comes down to a huge ovation from the crowd*

M: This is a huge match, two big men, two main eventer wrestler for the oppurtunity to compete for the world title at Championship Dreams

T: I got a feeling we won't be seeing much wrestling in this one Marv

*Force gets in and Judge right away on the attack, nailing him before he gets through the ropes..the bell rings, as Judge pounds on Force sending him to a knee..huge clubbing blows, then pushes Force onto the middle rope and begins to choke him as the ref counts...Judge breaks and chokes him again...he breaks and runs bounces off the ropes and goes for a leg splash which misses as Force moves out of the way*

M: Force moves, but Judge able to catch himself and huge right hand to the head of Force

T: But Force counters and we got a slugfest

*Both men throwing haymakers at each other..Force gets the upperhand, and keeps punching Judge towards the ropes, he nails a chop and another...the crowd yelling whoooo to the third chop...Force whips Judge and tries a clothesline but Judge ducks it..Judge comes back and both men clothesline each other at the same time which does nothing...they look at each other...Judge bounces off the ropes and tries a shoulder block but it doesn't work...Force runs and tries a block but doesn't move Judge*

M: looks like Judge is going to try again, and still not moving Force

T: Force's turn and Judge with a boot to the face of Force

M: What a cheap tactic

T: It's a legal move Marv

*Judge drops the Guillotine and covers...1....2...kickout..Judge picks Force up and hits a punch, he then tries to chokeslam Force, but Force grabs Judge by the throat too...both men trying to get an advantage, and Judge with a poke to the eye...he then he then kicks Force in the gut and hits the DDT....the cover..1.....2...kickout*

M: Another near fall and Judge could be getting closer to maineventing at Championship Dreams

*Judge gets up and picks Force up he hits a scoop slam...he then bounces off the ropes and tries the guillotine again but Force rolls out of the way...Judge holding his backside as Force tries getting to his feet...both men up at the same time, and Judge goes for a punch, Force blocks it, Force connects with one then another, he then slams Judge...Force signals to go to the top*

M: Looks like we might see Hell from Above Tater

T: yeah but Judge is getting up

*Force is about halfway up as Judge gets up...Judge goes over and nails Force, he hits him again and climbs up the turnbuckle...Judge is going to try the superplex*

M: Both these large men are on the top rope

T: This looks dangerous

*Force hits a punch to the side of Judge, and another...Force blocking the suplex...Force then rears back and hits a headbutt to Judge and another...then he pokes Judge in the eye and punches him off the top rope...Judge lands hard on the mat on his back....Force perches himself, and leaps...he connects with Hell From Above...*

M: Force hit it and he covers

*the ref gets in position and counts...1........2......3....*

T: It's over, Force is going to Championship Dreams for a shot at the World Title

*the crowd cheers loudly as Force has his hand raise*

M: What an effort by both men, and this definitely lived up to the expectations that everyone had for this match

T: it sure did Marv

*ad runs for Championship Dreams*

*backstage Chad Willard is with Force*

Chad: Force congrats on the victory

Force: thanks Chad

Chad: Now that you have kept your spot at Championship Dreams do you have an opinion on who you want your opponent to be?

Force: I said it before it doesn't matter to me Chad, it is my destiny to be World Champion, and I will once again fulfill it, I just want to say both DC and Jason, no matter which one of you win tonight, just keep it the back of your mind that at Championship Dreams pain will be mandatory.....for you!

*Force walks off*


*Jack the Beast Crawford is in the ring as Oko climbs in...the bell sounds at Both men lock up...Crawford with an armbar to Oko*

M: This match is interesting as both of these men were in that 8 man tag last week

T: yeah and Crawford's team lost, so he has a lot to prove tonight

*Crawford holding the armbar and working the arm over...Oko in some pain, as Crawford hits some elbows to the arm*

M: He is really locking in that armbar

T: Hey if you take away the arm, that is one less thing for Oko to hit you with

*Oko in pain as Crawford backs him into the ropes...Oko grabs them and the ref tells him to break the hold...he does then walks into a kick to the midsection..Oko then nails a clothesline to take down the beast...Oko gains his compsure, then picks Crawford up, but a rollup by Crawford....1.....2...3......*

M: Oh my, what an upset

T: The rookie just shocked Oko and all of Atlanta with that rollup

M: Let's see that again

*Replay shows Oko getting pinned*

M: just like that Tater, and this match is over

T: Crawford gets a huge win, and he is going to be a star someday

*Crawford rolls out of the ring with his hands up in the air as the crowd applauds him...oko is in the ring pissed at what just happened*

*Motor city Madness promo airs*

*backstage Jason is with April*

April: Jason tonight you take on DC, and if you win you become Champion of the World.

Jason: that's right April, and I plan on winning, ain't that right baby

*Stacy looks at him and agrees, they kiss*

April: But Jason if you win, you will have to defend that title at Championship Dreams against the man that took the World Title from you to begin with, in Unstoppable Force

Jason: I am aware of that, and I look forward to the challenge, but tonight I need to focus on my match with DC, so if you will excuse us

*Jason and Stacy leave*


*As The Spice Boys and Giggles are in the ring, Joker and Dragon come down the aisle, they stop at ringside as the lights go out*

M: Here we go again

T: THis means one thing

*The lights come back on and both The Spice Boys are laid out...Masque is in the ring as we see Dragon and Joker dropping chairs on the outside...Giggles is looking at them and turns around...the bell rings...masque grabs him and hits the Gravedigger on him...*

M: These guys, they have cheated again

T: what do you expect from Sabbah's cult?

*Dragon gets in the ring, and tells Masque that he has this...Joker and Masque toss the Spice Boys out of the ring....Dragon picks Giggles up...and then he hits the Dragon Driver...he then climbs the top rope*

M: This is uncalled for, the guys is beat

T: Yeah but Dragon wants to add insult to injury

*Dragon comes off with the Dragon Twist landing on Giggles...he makes the cover...1....2......3..*

M: And a cheap victory for this trio

T: A win is a win Marv

*Backstage we see DC with Chad*

DC: Shut up Chad!

*DC takes the mic from him*

DC: Force, you got lucky tonight, and after I beat Jason and keep the World Title, I plan on making your life a living hell the next you watch closely because tonight I'm going to put on a wrestling clinic...I hope you brought your notebook!

*DC tosses the mic at Chad as he walks off*


Marv: Its time for the unification of the TV and Hardcore titles match Tater and for one of these men it will be the End of the Road for their championship reign.

Tater: An exciting stipulation for certain Marv and here comes the Hardcore champion Demon with a shopping trolley full of weapons. He’s got everything in there and is unloading it all into the ring. A traffic cone, a stop sign, a garbage can and lid, a cheese grater, a TV monitor, a steel chair wrapped in barbwire, some razor wire and even the kitchen sink Marv!

Marv: Its all in the ring but here comes a man who is equally trained in using weapons and getting violent and has also proved he knows how to beat you down with his bare fists. It’s the TV champion Blade.

*Demon slides into the ring when he sees Blade coming and Blade comes up and looks at the Trolley and chucks it into the ring. And climbs in himself. Both men square off.*

Tater: Wow even the trolley is now in the ring this is going to be hardcore.

Marv: Lets not forget it’s a 25 minute time limit match Tater but with all the weapons in the ring I doubt it will even last that long Tater. This is going to be intense. Folks tuck your kids into bed this one is about to begin.

*Bell rings. Demon picks up the stop sign as Blade charges in and drop kicks the sign into Demon’s chest sending him flying over the top rope to the outside. Demon staggers up still holding the sign as Blade charges in and hits a springboard tope con hilo to the outside on Demon nailing the sign into him again. Blade gets up again and this time ascends the turnbuckle and jumps off going for a five star frog splash but Demon reaches for and grabs the sign and chucks it into the gut of Blade before rolling out of the way. Blade crashes and burns clutching his gut. Demon goes over to the time keeper and grabs the ring bell and goes over to Blade who slowly gets to his feet only to get the ring bell to the gut. Demon drops the ring bell and delivers a single arm DDT into the ring bell on Blade.*

Marv: Blade got the early advantage but now Demon is paying him back with interest.

*Demon looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He waits for Blade to get to his feet and levels him with it busting Blade wide open. Demon clears off one of the announcers tables and pulls Blade up and onto it. Demon pulls Blade up and sets him up for the Demon’s Dance.*

Tater: We are just 8 minutes into this match and it could all be over right here if Demon puts Blade through the table with the Demon’s Dance!

*Blade drops back behind Demon and hits the Death Drop through the announce table on Demon. He gets Demon up and feeds him into the ring. He covers.*

Marv: What a reversal by Blade and now this cover could lead the IWO to having new unified TV and hardcore champ!

*1…2……….kick out by Demon. Blade wastes no time and goes over and gets the cheese grater. Blade walks back to Demon who is now sitting up not quite aware of where he is and Blade starts pounding the grater against Demon’s head then running it back and forth across Demon’s head busting him wide open at the 11 minute mark. Blade chucks the grater away and tries to bring Demon to his feet but Demon fights back with right hands and then a boot to the gut and hits the stunt puller on Blade. Demon goes over and gets the trash can and stands it up in the middle of the ring. Demon then gets the garbage lid and goes over to Blade as he staggers to his feet and cracks him in the head with the lid sending him back to the mat. Demon puts the lid on Blade’s body and starts stomping it into him. Demon then gets blade to his feet and then sets him up for the Demon’s Dance again and walks over to the standing up trash can.*

Tater: Again Demon going for his finishing manoeuvre this time on a trash can. Will Blade be able to counter again?

*Blade struggles to try and slide out but Demon hits the Demon Dance on Blade crushing the standing garbage can completely. Demon covers at the 15 minute mark.*

Marv: The cover and its going to be all over Demon will be the new unified champion!

*1…2……………………………………………………kick out by Blade.*

Tater: My god how do these men do it? Both men have kicked out of their opponents finishing manoeuvres. What will it take to get one of these men down for the count?

*Both men to their feet and Demon grabs the steel chair wrapped in barbwire and Blade grabs the TV monitor. Demon swings at Blade at the same time Blade swings the monitor at Demon. Blade’s monitor hits the barbwire chair back into the face of Demon sending him to the mat and causing him to bleed even more. Blade goes and sets the TV monitor on the ground near the ring ropes. He goes back over to Demon and picks him up and sets his feet over the middle ring rope and spike DDT’s Demon back into the TV monitor. Blade covers Demon. 1…2……kick out again by Demon. Both men get to their feet and exchange blows with Demon getting the better of it. Demon bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline on Blade who is staggering but still upright. Demon hits another one and Blade looks like he is about to fall over. Demon hits a boot to the gut and sets Blade up for the heading straight to hell pile driver. Demon goes over to where the kitchen sink is and hits the pile driver onto the kitchen sink.*

Marv: Wow another big move by Demon as the time ticks down he needs the cover here.

*Demon covers Blade. 1…2…………………………………kick out by Blade just in time. The clock is at 20 minute mark and only 5 minutes of the match remain. Demon looks pissed off and starts arguing with the ref as Blade rolls to the outside to take a break.*
Tater: Stop arguing Demon and go after Blade there are only five minutes remaining!

*Tech Nine’s Come Gangsta hits as Stick and Exo charge the ring. They climb in as Demon turns around.*

Marv: What the hell is this? Thugged Out has no part in this match! What the hell are they doing here Tater?

*Stick hits a boot to the gut on Demon and sets him up for the Nightcap. Exo runs in and they hit it perfectly. Exo sees the traffic cone in the ring and goes and gets it. He goes over to Demon as the match has only 3 minutes remaining. All of a sudden Blade is back in the ring he charges over but Stick points him out and Exo smacks the traffic cone on top of Blade’s head and Blade starts stumbling around as Exo and Stick laugh. Stick goes over and drop kicks the traffic coned head of Blade sending him to the mat. 2 minutes left. Stick pulls Blade up still with the cone on his head and Stick and Exo deliver the 88 to Blade. Stick and Exo both look at each other and then let out a yell of ‘Let’s get the tables!’. They both go under and pull out tables and set them up in the middle of the ring. Stick puts Blade still coned up onto a table and goes up top. Meanwhile, Exo sees the razor wire in the ring after laying out Demon on the other table. Exo wraps the razor wire around one of his legs and goes up the opposite turnbuckle to Stick. The time left in the match is at the 10 second mark. The crowd counts down. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Stick hits a moonsault on Blade at the same time as Exo hits a razor blade leg drop through the table on Demon as the ref calls for the bell.*

Tater: Well Thugged Out just got some revenge for their beat down last match and ruined what was an intense match. I guess Demon is still the hardcore champion and Blade still the TV champion as a result of this time out draw here tonight.

Marv: It doesn’t look like either of them are champions right now though Tater.

*ad for Motor City Madness airs


*Mountain Song plays as Alli comes to the ring, after that Peabody brings Gorilla down in a cage*

M: Well I have no idea what brought this match on

T: You can say that again Marv

*Sabbah is in the ring with Gorilla, Peabody yells at Gorilla, Sabbah tries to handshake him, but Gorilla with a stiff clothesline takes him down..Gorilla lifts him up by his throat and then plants him with a doublehanded chokeslam...Alli's security comes running down to the ring*

M: ANd here comes the goons

*Gorilla nails a double clothesline on both of them*

T: He took them out

*Swinn slides in, and Gorilla with a kick to the face to Swinn..he then tosses one of the guards out of the ring...he picks the other one up and nails a release belly to belly suplex, then picks Swinn up and hoists him up over his head...he then tosses him into the crowd*

T: Looks like one lucky fan has a souvineir

M: What a toss

*Sabbah is up and Gorilla turns around as Sabbah hits a punch and another...Sabbah tries to whip him but Gorilla blocks it and brings Sabbah to him and locks in the bearhug*

M: The bearhug and Gorilla is slinging Alli around with ease

*Alli taps to stop the move*

T: Wow, a tapout we don't get to see that often..

*Gorilla releases him and Sabbah drops to the mat...the ref is afraid to raise the hand of Gorilla, Peabody gets in and does it instead he then tells him to get back in his cage*

*Ad for championship dreams airs*

*promo for the next match airs with a video recap package*


Tater: Do you know what time it is Marv?

Marv: No what time is it?

Tater: Time for Primate and Josh to go to hell. Hell in a Cell that is!

Marv: What a match this should be with Crusher as the special guest referee. Here comes Crusher himself and lets hope he calls this one down the line Tater.

Tater: I’m sure he will Marv. As now Josh comes down to the ring and he looks pretty prepared Marv.

Marv: But can you ever be prepared for this man here, the one and only Crusher Tater?

Tater: Well we are about to find out as both men are in the ring and Crusher has signalled for the bell and this one is under way.

*Josh and Primate lock up and Josh gets a waist lock take down. Josh starts all around stomping Primate and then locks in a boston crab submission. Josh pulls back hard on the hold looking to get Primate to tap but Primate suddenly powers out sending Josh across the ring. Josh charges in and Primate is up and hits a spine buster on Josh. He pulls Josh up by the hair and then hoists him up into power bomb position. He spins him around three times and power bombs him to the mat. Primate covers. 1..kickout by Josh. Primate goes to pull Josh up again but Josh fights up to his feet with lefts and rights to Primate’s midsection. Josh bounces off the ropes and comes in with a clothesline followed by a second and a third. Josh off the ropes again and charges in but Primate ducks the clothesline and Josh bounces off the ropes again comes back at Primate and is hit in the face with a straight right sending Josh to the mat. Primate pulls Josh up and irish whips him over the top rope and onto the floor between the cell and the ring apron. Josh slowly to his feet and Primate charges in and dives through the middle rope hitting a big time spear on Josh sending him back hard into the steel of the cell.*

Marv: What a massive spear by Primate and just like that this one could be over.

*Primate covers. Crusher counts. 1…2…kickout by Josh*

Tater: Josh showing that resilience of his that has helped him out so well here In the IWO.

*Josh gets back to his feet and starts exchanging blows with Primate. He starts rocking Primate with rights and then pushes him back first into the cell. Josh grabs the hair of Primate and then slams his head into the turnbuckle and then goes to do it again but Primate blocks it with an elbow to the gut. Primate grabs Josh by the hair and smashes him face first into the cell and starts repeatedly pounding Josh’s head against the steel busting Josh open. Primate then starts grating Josh’s face across the steel of the cell before chucking him to the ground and covering him again. 1…2…kickout by Josh. Primate goes to pull Josh back up but Josh hits a low blow and then pulls Primate up into suplex position and suplexes him back into the steel and then drops him face first onto the floor. Josh covers. 1…2 kick out by Primate which sends Josh flying. Josh stumbles back into the ring losing a lot of blood and Primate follows Josh stumbles around and Primate charges in looking for a spear but Josh falls out of the way avoiding the Spear but Crusher isn’t as lucky and gets speared.*

Tater: Oh no! The referee Crusher just got speared. There is no one to count the pinfall or submission!

*Primate looks down at Crusher and realises what he has done and starts trying to slap sense back into the ref. Meanwhile Josh has gone underneath the ring and chucked in a table and a steel chair. Josh gets the steel chair and runs in and smashes Primate in the head with it as he turns around busting him wide open. Josh starts going ape shit on Primate with the chair and then covers. But there is no ref.*

Marv: Josh could have had the win but there is no referee.

*Primate stumbles to his feet and Josh looks for another chair shot. He swings but Primate catches the chair and takes it off him, he then chucks the chair back to Josh who catches it and looks confused for a second before Primate spears the chair into the chest of Josh.*

Tater: Another Spear and Crusher is coming too. But Primate doesn’t look like he is interested in the pin. What the hell is he doing?

*Primate gets the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He then goes over to Josh and whips him into the corner. He then goes over to him and sets him up for the Extinction.*

Marv: Not an extinction through the table. Primate is truly looking at taking Josh to hell here tonight.

*Primate hits the extinction through the table and covers. Crusher is still getting up.*

Tater: Crusher is taking forever here and we need a pinfall to end this brutality.

*The crowd starts counting the pinfall for Primate. They count as Crusher gets to his feet. 1…2…3…4…5…6 Crusher finally on his feet and sees what’s going on and comes over and officially counts. 1.......2......Josh kicks out barely as Crusher's hand is coming down.*

Marv: OH my god, Josh kicked out

Tater: how did he do it, he looks like he is dead

*Primate can't believe it...he gets up and yells at Crusher who is up now...both men yelling at each other, and Primate slaps Crusher which sends Crusher down to a knee*

M: What a slap

T: Primate is mad as hell

*Primate says something and turns back to get Josh..Crusher is up and from behind nails the Angle Slam on Primate*

M: the Angle Slam! The ref just took him out

T: I knew it, I knew he would turn on him

*The crowd goes nuts as Crusher looks at him and yells something..he pulls Josh on top of him and fast counts...1...2..3......Crusher calls for the bell*

M: Josh gets a victory thanks to the ref

T: Hey it's Primate's fault

*Crusher still talking shit to Primate as he raise the arm of a laid out Josh*

*ad for Motor City Madness airs*


*Jason and Stacy come to the ring with the crowd booing a whole bunch, and a few cheers being heard*

M: Whoa, what a reaction, this crowd is against the challenger

T: Welcome to Atlanta Marv, home of DC

*Jason shakes his head as he kisses Stacy and gets in the on black plays and the crowd pops huge*

M: What an ovation for the World Champ

T: They love him Marv

*DC comes down to the ring and gets in he hoists the World Title up as the crowd cheers for him*

M: How often do you see a guy that is despised everywhere else in the world get cheered like this

T: They are treating Jason like he was John Cena booing him the way they did

M: Well they do kinda look alike

T: I guess Marv, but I feel bad for Stacy she doesn't deserve this

M: And maybe Jason doesn't deserve her

T: Do I hear some jealousy Marv

M: No of course not...hey we are underway as the both men are in a lockup, and DC with the advantage backing Jason into a corner

*DC breaks the hold and gives a little slap to the jaw of Jason, as the crowd pops for it..Jason charges at him and DC with an arm drag takes Jason down..DC up and taunts the crowd as they cheer*

M: this crowd is pro-DC all the way

T: Look at Jason's face he is hating this

*Jason gets up and they circle, Jason goes in but DC with a drop toe hold..he circles around the back of Jason then smacks him the head and shows off to the fans again to a huge ovation*

M: Some technical wrestling there, and DC playing to the crowd

T: He has Jason at a mental disadvantage...Jason needs to block out this crowd

*DC and Jason lock up again, and DC backs Jason into the ropes...DC starts to break but goes downstais with a punch, he then whips Jason...DC lowers his head but Jason with a sunset flip...the count..1..2...DC manages to flip over and now has Jason on his back, and hooks the legs...1....2..Jason rolls over and has DC back in a pin...1...2..DC kicks out..both men up and Jason with a dropkick takes DC down...DC rolls and gets up, and another dropkick to the champ....DC up again and Jason with a right hand, he then whips DC into the corner, and Jason charges at him..DC with an elbow knocks Jason back..DC hops up onto the middle rope and comes off with a double axe handle, but Jason with a punch to the gut takes DC down...*

M: What a dumb move by the champ

T: who uses that nowadays?

*DC holding his stomach gets to his knees and Jason with the shining wizard takes the champ down...he covers....1.......2....DC with a shoulder up*

M: That was close, Jason almost won it there

T: Jason with a chin lock and this is smart, wear the champ down

*the crowd chanting for DC, as Jason holds him on the mat with a reverse chin lock...DC hearing the crowd begins to pump his fist...he manages to start getting up...Jason looking nervous..and DC holding Jason's hands...trying to force them off of him, but Jason nails the backcracker on the DC*

M: That had to hurt

T: Jason with the cover

*DC kicks out at 2*

M: another kickout and the champ is in trouble

*Jason looks to Stacy who tells him to stay on DC..the crowd booing Jason...he picks DC up and hits a chop, and another..he whips DC into the ropes, and tries a hip toss, but it's blocked, DC tries but it's blocked..Jason goes under and with a backslide on DC...1.....2....kickout...DC gets up and Jason is too and Jason hits a spear that sends DC through the middle ropes and to the floor outside...the crowd boos*

M: And DC to the outside, Jason needs to capitalize

T: this is his oppurnity

*Jason rolls out of the ring, and picks DC up, he kicks him in the gut, then tries to whip him...DC reverses it and sends Jason into the steel stairs knee first...Jason goes flying over the stairs and lands on the floor...Stacy comes to check on him as DC drops to a knee holding his stomach*

M: both men hurting and DC finally going to head over to Jason

T: Stacy run!

*Stacy moves out of the way as DC stomps on Jason...the ref telling them to get in the ring..DC picks Jason up and stomps him in the knee sending him down again...Stacy comes and jumps on the back of the champ*

M: What is she doing

T: Saving her man

*DC grabbing at her, and turns and finally grabs her by the hair and snapmares her off...the ref outside the ring now telling DC not to do anything*

M: The ref out to protect Stacy

T: It's about time

*The ref telling DC to stay away as the crowd is going crazy..DC turns around and Jason with the JKO on the outside...*

T: JKO! JKO!!!!

M: Jason just laid out the champ

*Jason goes to check on Stacy as the ref gets back in the ring...the ref begins a count....1..........2...*

M: The ref is counting

T: Jason back in the ring and the count at 5 now...

M: If DC gets counted out Jason doesn't win the title

*Stacy tells Jason to get out of the ring and break the count...he listens and does at 8....Jason then gets DC up and rolls him in the ring...Jason rolls in and covers DC...1......2....DC with a foot on the rope breaks the count*

M: Foot on the rope

T: That was so close we about had a new champ there

*Jason can't believe it and gets DC up...he tries to go for the vertebreaker, but as he starts to lift DC, DC's legs hit the ropes and he comes down...DC then chop blocks Jason's bad leg and both men down*

M: DC taking out that hurt leg of Jason

T: Smart move by the champ

*Jason holding his leg, as DC gets up and grabs the leg, then locks in the STF...*

M: STF by the champ and Jason is in trouble

*Jason is in pain and can't hold out much longer...DC pulling back on the chin as the ref is asking him...Stacy gets up on the apron and gets in the ring..the ref gets up and tells her to get out...DC lets go of the hold and looks at Stacy, she starts backing up and tries to slide out of the ring, but DC grabs her and pulls her back..the crowd is popping huge..DC picks her up and lifts her up...*

M: He wouldn't do this

T: Oh yes he would

M: THe Bust on Stacy

*DC lays her her with the Bust as the crowd erupts...DC then picks her up and slides her out of the ring*

M: He didn't need to do that

T: I agree not to Stacy

*DC goes over and Jason to his knees..Jason with a punch to the midsection of DC, and another...Jason gets up and hits the DDT....both men on the ground*

M: both men down and the ref counting

*3..........4...........5.........6........7.....J ason to his feet first......DC gets up and Jason with a right hand and another...Jason pushes DC into the ropes and whips him, but it is reversed...DC tries a clothesline, but Jason ducks under and nails a german suplex....Jason with the cover...1....2....kickout by DC*

M: Another close fall

T: This crowd really trying to get DC back into this thing but it doesn't look good

*Jason hobbles over and climbs up to the turnbuckle...he gets up and waits....DC finally to his feet and Jason jumps and hits a missle dropkick...but he comes down hard on his knee, and Jason on the mat holding his knee while DC is laid out*

M: That was a risky move and it might have hurt Jason more than DC

T: Jason goes for the pin

*the ref counts...1....2.....kickout by DC*

M: He took too much time getting over there Tater

*Jason to his feet and picks DC up, but DC with a thumb to the eye...Jason blinded, and DC hits a dragon screw to the leg of Jason....*

M: Jason on the mat and DC going to work on that injured leg

*DC goes for the spinning toe hold and is twisting that leg...Jason is in pain as the ref is asking him...DC again spins around, but Jason reaches up and a small package.....1......2...DC kicksout*

M: Almost again by Jason

T: DC is up and waiting for Jason who is slowly getting up

*Jason to his feet and DC kicks him in the gut, he lifts him up for the bust and begins to spin, but Jason slides off of him...Jason then hits a reverse DDT to the champ....he covers....1.....2......kickout*

M: Oh my this crowd can't believe it and niether can I...I thought it was over Tater

T: What does he have to do to beat the champ

*Jason gets to his feet, and slowly lifts DC up...he grabs DC for a suplex, and starts to lift him..but DC blocks it....another block....DC then swings and hits the Leash on Jason, and both men down*

M: both men on the ground and DC slowly rolling over

T: the cover

*the ref counts....1.......2....Jason barely with a shoulder up...the crowd erupts like crazy in shock*

M: How the hell did he kick out

T: Both these men are running on fumes at this point Marv

*DC up to his feet...he lifts Jason up and slams him...DC goes to the top rope...he is looking for the Dogcatcher Elbow...Stacy back up on the apron, and reaches for the top rope pulling it causing DC to fall and straddle the top turnbuckle..the crowd boos*

M: Stacy saving Jason again

T: I knew she could do it

*DC falls forward hanging backwards on the turnbuckle...Jason slowly gets up and walks over limping towards DC...he unhooks DC who falls to the mat...Jason pulls him over a bit...then climbs out of the ring and goes up to the top...*

M: We may be seeing the end here

T: All thanks to Stacy, yeah Marv!

*The crowd is booing like hell as Jason is up top, he leaps with the frogsplash and DC gets his knees up...Jason lands on them, and rolls off holding his midsection the crowd cheers as Stacy can't believe what she just saw*

M; DC got his knees up, and the champ is still alive

T: could he do that!

*The crowd chanting for DC, as he gets to his feet...Jason is rolling on the ground, and DC picks him up, a kick to the gut, and he lifts him up...DC spins and hits the Bust....he covers and looks at a stunned Stacy on the outside...the ref counts...1........2........3....the crowd erupts with cheers as DC smiles and gets up to the sound of his music*

M: DC did it, he retained the World Title in a very hard fought match

T: Yeah, he did that, I got to give it to him

*DC raises his arm thanks to the ref and is handing the World Title...Stacy comes in to check on Jason...the crowd is cheering like crazy as DC climbs up to the top rope holding the title belt above his head*

M: DC is the champ and will remain that way for at least another week

*King of Kings plays in the arena as DC looks up the rampway to see Force up on the stage*

T: It's Force

M: Well it will be these two men at Championship Dreams Tater

*Force stares at DC, as DC shows the belt to him...Force points and then motions that the belt will be around his waist*

M; I can't wait for that one, but folks we have to...

T: What a match that will be

M: For Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome saying goodnight from Atlanta!

*DC is still showing the belt to Force as both men are pointing at each other saying that each one will be the champ as the camera fades to black*

*end show*


Thanks to DrDoom for writing the Demon/Blade Match, the Corey/Cryptic Match, and the Hell in a Cell Match...Feedback is very much appreciated.
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*Stick with a knee to the gut of Kage, and then tosses him into the corner...Stick lowers his shoulder and rams it into the midsection of a prone Kage several times, just like every big man that he hates does..*

T: Wow how many times are we going to see a big wrestler do that move Marv

M: Until the end of time I suspect Tater
I was lmao@that
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glad to see that someone is reading and catching the occasional jokes that are hidden in the show

BTW, I Want to say that I thought DrDoom did a good job on the Demon/ Blade Match and that personally, I feel that the World Title Match was probally one of the best matches I have written.
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Originally Posted by DC
T: They are treating Jason like he was John Cena booing him the way they did

M: Well they do kinda look alike
That put a smile on my face

Great show and one helluva World Title match we had there.,though you will pay for giving Stacy The Bust
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I also liked the big man joke, that was classic, and yes the World Title match, amazing just amazing.

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Great stuff. Can't wait for Championship Dreams: Thugged Out are gonna have their work cut out for them

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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