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Redemption Month 13 Week 2 June 8, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 13 Week 2 June 8, 2007

*The IWO is buzzing as the crowd watches the fireworks explode...Marv and Tater are at ringside when King of Kings comes on the speakers*

M: Welcome to Redemption everyone and what a way to kick things off tonight with a huge six man tag match

T: And Marv here comes the man that has a title shot against DC at Championship Dreams.

M: That is correct Tater, Unstoppable Force is trying to climb back up to the top of the mountain, and to do it he will have to get past some of DC's croonies tonight.

*Force is in the ring as the crowd cheers, Jason and Josh along with Stacy come out next to a huge pop*

M: here comes Josh and Jason and Tater, will these guys be able to coexist with Force?

T: I don't see why not, I think they both have the same goal and that is to win.

*Tech Nine plays as Thugged Out comes down the aisle followed by Judge*

M: What a trio the Tag Team champs and Judge who feels that he was robbed in the battle royal a few weeks ago.

T: Hey he had every oppurtunity, and tonight he should quit talking and show us why he should have won.

*They get in the ring and huddle up as the bell sounds...Exo starts out for his team and Jason starts for his...the two circle each other and then they lock up...Exo has the advantage and locks in an arm bar..he twists the arm as Jason holds his shoulder, Exo pounds on the arm a few times, then once again wrenches it*

M: Exo being very smart, taking a body part and working on it

T: And here is a tag to Stick

*Stick comes in and hits an elbow to Jason's arm...he then locks in the arm bar...Jason in a little pain, trying to gain his compsure..Stick tightens the hold, and then locks it into a hammer lock...Stick laughs as Jason rears back and nails an elbow to his face, and another..Jason is free and hits the ropes, he comes back and is met with a big boot to the face...Stick points down at him and says something...he goes and tags in Judge*

T: The tag and Judge covers

*1....2...Josh with the save...Ref pushes Josh out and Judge pounds on Jason..He then gets him up and whips him into the ropes...Judge tries a clothesline but misses...Jason off the other ropes and then a spear that takes Judge down...Jason gets up and throws some punches, as Exo comes in and pulls him off of Judge...the ref tells Exo to get out, but Force is in and nails a huge clothesline to Exo taking him down..Stick in the ring and the two fight...they get near the ropes and Stick with a knee to the gut of Force, and then tosses him through the middle rope...Stick follows....*

M: And there they go to the outside...

*Jason is up and tags in Josh...together they get Judge, and they whip him to the ropes...they run and hit a double clothesline to take him down*

T: What teamwork

*Jason picks up Judge and slams him down to the ground...he grabs Judge's legs to go for the wassup as Josh climbs the ropes..Exo is up and punches Jason from behind...He whips him towards the ropes and Exo charges and clotheslines Jason over the top rope..Jason manages to land on his feet on the outside...Exo is turned as he sees Josh hit an elbow on Judge..Josh goes for the cover as Jason trips Exo down...the count..1....2...Judge kicks out*

M: Judge kicked out

T: This is crazy..Josh can't believe it

*Meanwhile Force is beating Stick's head into the barricade...he is then punching away at him...Jason pulls Exo to the outside of the ring and has him on the apron...Jason climbs onto the apron..he picks Exo up..Exo tries a punch, but Jason blocks it..Jason connects and then kicks Exo in the gut..Exo hanging on holding his midsection when Jason runs and nails the JKO from the ring apron sending both of them to the floor*

T: Oh my! what a JKO!

*Stacy runs to check on Jason who seems in pain, Josh can't believe it himself..the ref goes over to check on them...Josh meanwhile is pumped and has the crowd going nuts..he begins to stalk Judge waiting as Judge is trying to get up*

M: Josh looks like he is readying himself for teh Fire Mission

T: Wait, look in the ring behind Josh it's Oko!!!

*Oko has the stun gun and nails Josh from behind..Josh falls to the mat holding the back of his neck...Oko slides out of the ring...Meanwhile a low blow has given Stick the upperhand...Judge is up in the ring and picks up Josh he connects with the Final Sentence...the cover, the ref sees it and counts..1......2.....3...*

M: A cheap victory and Josh is screwed again

T: Oko and Primate are trying to keep Josh from getting to End of the Road Marv, and this is the way to do it

*Judge has his hand raised, and Stick grabs the Tag Titles..he goes over and helps Exo up as he carries him towards the ramp, Judge rolls out as the three men raise their arms in victory*

M: Just think Tater, this is just the beginning of the night



*DC is seen backstage clapping his hands as Thugged Out and Judge walk up*

DC: Great victory guys, i knew you could do it

Stick: Thanks nigga

DC: Listen about what Force said, that idiot is just trying to start stuff, you guys know I was with the client last night and we were back at the club waiting for you guys.

Exo: man, don't worry about his punk ass, we done gave him a beatin' he will remember yo.

Judge: Hey DC, thanks for letting me be a part of this group

DC: Whoa! I didn't say you were apart of anything..the client has a purpose for you, but just because you are helping us out, doesn't mean you are with us

Judge: Yeah, but..

DC: But nothing, tell him Stick

Stick: yea' G, this shit is fo real, we don't be letting any muthafucker up in here.

DC: Regardless, it was a good win, and now later tonight, I will walk out with the TV Title if all goes to plan

Exo: Don't worry bro, we got ya back

*The four men walk off down the hallway*

*Cryptic is in the ring as Public and Schmo are met by boos...they get in the ring and Cryptic tries to talk to them, the bell rings...the ref tells Schmo to get out of the ring, as Cryptic gives him a hug, Schmo pushes Crytpic off of him*

T: why is he hugging him?

M: This is odd, and oh my Schmo just busted Cryptic over the head with that briefcase

T: He did and the ref just called for the bell

M: He just disqualified Public for Schmo using that case

T: Public doesn't look real happy about that and the two men are arguing

*they arguing before Schmo tells Public to come on and leave the ring, they leave as they still argue up the ramp..the ref checks on Cryptic*



*Force, Josh and Jason bust into Smith's office upset*

Smith: Whoa, what is the meaning of this?

Force: You saw what happen we got screwed out there.

Smith: and you want me to do what about it?

Force: We want you to make it right.

Smith: Make it right, well I tell you what, since the three of you interrupted me while I was in the middle of something important, how about I do something for each of you...

Josh: That would be nice

Smith: shut up!

*Josh gets pissed*

Smith: Josh, since you have a hell in a cell match with Primate at the PPV, I suppose we could make things a little more even...Since you are worried about interference, despite being inside a cage, I will do this for you...your match will now have a special guest referee

Josh: Yeah who is that

Smith: Didn't I say shut up! Don't worry about who it will be, you will find out next week....Now Force, since you have a little problem with Judge I propose you two solve it in a match at End of the Road

Force: No problem, I plan on making him pay.

Smith: I like your confidence, and since you are so confident, then you won't mind the fact that your title shot at Championship Dreams will be on the line.

Force: What? You can't do that!

Smith: I just did!...and Jason you seem to be the only one that doesn't have an issue...and I was doing some paperwork and saw that you still have a rematch clause for the World Title.

Jason: yeah

Smith: Well, you will be using that clause in two weeks when you meet DC in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia for the Championship.

*Jason smiles and shakes his head*

Smith: Now get out of my office

*the three men leave two of them disgruntled*

M: Wow Tater, what an announcement, three huge matches.

T: Yeah Marv, and that match between Force and Judge will be the end of the road of one of their championship dreams!



Tater: This next match sees the new alliance of Joker and Alli coming down to the ring to face off against the Spice Boys.

Marv: Yes and the careers of Alli and Joker have really been looking up since their alliance and I wouldn’t wanna be the Spice Boys right now.

Tater: They sure better be ready to spice things up tonight Marv or they could be in trouble. As Curry climbs over the rope leaving Gel as the legal man to face off against the deadly Joker.

*Bell rings. Gel and Joker lock up and Joker gets a waist lock take down. Joker drops an elbow and then another on the back of Gel then picks him up and hits a big flag post DDT.*

Marv: What a devastating DDT and it could be over right here right now as Joker covers.

*1…2..Mel breaks it up and the ref tells him to go back to his corner which he does. Joker gets Gel up again and whips him into the corner and then goes to talk to the ref whilst Alli chokes Gel with the tag rope. Ref turns around and Alli stops. Joker charges in at Gel but Gel gets his boots up to the face of Joker who stumbles around. Gel goes for the roll up. 1…2…kickout by Joker. Joker up to his feet again as is Gel. They both bounce of the ropes and go for clotheslines laying both men out in the middle of the ring. Both men crawl over to their respective corners to go for the tag. Joker tags in Alli first who runs over and pulls Gel away from his corner and starts stomping on him. Alli pulls Gel up and delivers a suplex then bounces off the ropes and hits a big leg drop on Gel and covers. 1…2..kickout.*

Marv: Gel desperately needs a tag here Tater.

*Alli pulls Gel up again by the hair but Gel starts fighting back with punches and gets Alli reeling. He bounces off the ropes but is met by a massive lariat clothesline by Alli. Alli pulls Gel up and sets him up in power bomb position on his shoulders with his back facing Joker who ascends the turnbuckle in the corner.. Alli then staggers back into his tag corner.*

Marv: What the hell are these guys thinking of pulling off now?

*Joker leaps off the turnbuckle and hits a cross body on the back of the head of Gel as Alli falls back causing Gel’s face to be smashed to the mat and then smashed into it from behind by the force of Jokers body. Alli tags Joker as Joker covers and Curry comes in to try and break it up but Alli hits a massive drop kick sending Curry back and over the ropes. Joker pins Gel. 1…2…3.*

Tater: Its over and an interesting offensive tag move to win it there. Alli and Joker are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

*backstage we see Primate and Oko standing with April Century who looks worried*

Primate: It's okay baby, I'm sure little Joshy woshy is ok.

April: Leave me alone

Primate: You didn't say that a few months ago

*they laugh as April tells them to shut up*

Oko: Listen bitch, it's like this you tell Josh that at End of the Road, when I become the special guest ref, he will finally see his career come to an end!

*April rolls her eyes and runs off as the two men laugh*



*Kage is in the ring as Sledge is pumping him up...Primate and Oko come out to boos from the crowd*

M: This match will be interesting, as Primate seems really focused

T: that he does Marv

*Primate slides in and goes after Kage..the two fight as Sledge gets out of the ring..the bell rings and Primate with the upperhand, backs Kage into the ropes and hits a chop, then a whip to the other ropes...Primate lowers his head, and Kage with a sunset flip for 1 and a half....Kage is up and nails a dropkick to take down Primate..Kage waits for him, as Primate comes at him and an arm drag...Primate up and another arm drag from Kage..Primate up again and a dropkick sends him down to the mat...Kage bounces off the ropes and Primate up quickly and hits the spear....Sledge is up on the apron..and Primate sees him...Oko runs around and grabs Sledge's legs pulling him down..Oko nails him with a punch and takes him down...Josh comes down the aisle and slides in the ring...Primate sees him, he charges and tries a clothesline, but Josh ducks under it and runs and does a plancha through the middle rope and takes out Oko*

M: Josh just took Oko out and Primate can't believe it

T: Josh has lost his mind

*Primate goes over to look outside the ring and Kage is up, he rolls Primate up from behind and the count..1......2....3....*

M: What an upset, Kage just shocked Primate for the win

T: A rollup and Kage with a huge victory

*Primate is stunned as Kage is announced as the winner..Kage rolls out of the ring and raises his hand as Sledge comes over to hug him and congratulate him..meanwhile Primate goes outside the ring...he sees Josh, and spears him as he turns around...*

M: oh no, Primate taking out Josh

*Primate gets a chair*

T: He can't do this

*Primate pounds on Josh with the chair a few times then drops it...Oko is up and the two then scatter as Jason comes down to make the save...*

M: The damage is done

T: These two will settle things in a few weeks marv, and you got to think it's going to be physical.



*The Jingling Brothers are in the ring as Corey is at ringside...Gorilla is lead down to the ring with Peabody..Corey yells at Peabody, as he tells Corey to start...Corey is in the ring and the bell sounds...he immediately begins tossing punches at Jed Jingling...Corey with the upperhand and puts on a headlock...Ted is up on the turnbuckle and launches and hits a missle dropkick to Corey as he turned into it...the ref tells Ted to get out..Meanwhile, Peabody has Gorilla out of his cage and is giving him instructions....Jed with the cover, and Corey kicks out...Jed tags in Ted, and they whip Corey...both men lower their heads, and Corey with a double DDT takes them down*

M: Corey with a huge double ddt

T: He needs to make a tag Marv

M: yeah but Gorilla isn't on the apron

*Corey is trying to go to his corner, and he sees Gorilla still outside...Corey slides out and yells at him...Gorilla just stares..Corey yells at Peabody...Corey then grabs Peabody but Gorilla attacks him*

M: Gorilla is attacking his own partner

T: These two are fighting with each other, and the ref is counting Corey out

*8...9....10...the bell rings*

M: The Jingling Brothers just got the victory by countout

T: Yeah but look at these two on the outside

*Gorilla rakes the eye of Corey, then rams him back first into the ring post..he then locks in the bearhug, as Corey is helpless...Gorilla keeps it on until Peabody tells him to stop...he then gets him back in his cage and they roll him to the back...meanwhile the JIngling brothers celebrate in the ring with the cheers from the crowd*



Marv: This next match is for the hardcore title and here comes the champion Demon Marv who certainly has his work cut out for him tonight against Dragon.

Tater: For certain Marv. Dragon showed us what he was made of in that no 1 contenders match taking violence to a whole new level and I’m not sure how Demon is gonna fair against a man who evidently has no fear of pain.

Marv: Well we are about to find out as this one is underway.

*Bell rings. Dragon and Demon face off and circle each other. All of a sudden Dragon charges in and catches Demon by surprise with a massive spear. Dragon slides to the outside and grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Whilst he is doing so Demon is to his feet. Dragon slides back in the ring and approaches a groggy Demon and attempts to strong irish whip him over the top ropes but Demon fights it and hits a short arm clothesline. Demon pulls Dragon up and hits a one arm DDT. Pulls him up again and hits another one arm DDT. Then again and this time hits a tornado DDT. Demon off the ropes and hits a massive splash and covers. 1…2..kickout by Dragon.*

Marv: Wow what brutal offence by Demon but Dragon showing that resilience to pain that you talked about earlier Tater.

*Demon goes over again to Dragon who this time pulls his legs out from under him bringing him to the mat. Dragon goes to the outside and goes under the ring and chucks a garbage can and a ladder into the ring and climbs back in. Demon is up and grabs the garbage can and cracks Dragon over the head with it sending him to the mat and busting him open. He pulls Dragon up and hits the heading straight to Hell pile driver on the garbage can.*

Tater: My god the pure brutality of Demon and he has the win all he has to do is cover…but what the hell Masque is here!

*Masque slides into the ring behind Demon with a barbwire bat as Demon turns around and is levelled with the bat. Then Masque sits Demon up and starts grating the wire bat across the forehead of Demon busting him wide open. Masque pushing him back down and goes to drape Dragon over Demon.*

Tater: Not like this, not like this! But is that…its Giggles!

*Giggles runs up the ramp and climbs into the ring and starts miming going down stairs then rowing a boat. Causing Masque to be distracted. He walks over to Giggles and gets in his face then boots him in the gut pulls him up, spins around three times and power bombs him to the mat, Giggles rolls to the outside. Demon meanwhile is on his feet and comes up from behind and hits a German release suplex on Masque who slides out of the ring and drops to the floor. Dragon is up on his feet and comes charging in and hits a crossbody on Demon. Dragon goes up top and hits a frog splash on Demon and covers. 1..2..kickout by Demon. Dragon can’t believe it and starts bitching to the ref. Demon to his feet walks over and taps Dragon on the shoulder. Dragon turns around and gets the Demon’s Dance.*

Marv: Demon’s Dance its over! Its over! All Dragon has to do is cover and he retains the title.

*Demon covers. 1….2……he is pulled off the cover by Joker who has come out from under the ring with a glass light tube in one hand. Demon stumbles to his feet, turns around and the light tube is smashed over his head by Joker. Joker signals to the ramp and Alli with his magical salami and two of his goons equipped in riot gear with batons come down the ramp and enter the ring. Alli points to Demon and the goons start working him over with the batons. Joker goes over and gets dragon up whilst Alli goes over and gets the ladder and sets it up overlooking Demon. Alli and Joker help Dragon climb the ladder and Dragon gets to the top and Alli signals for his security to hold Demon down which they do. Dragon hits the corkscrew moonsault off the top of the ladder on the completely prone Demon. Both men are strewn across the ring after the impact of the move.*

Marv: OH MY GOD!!!!!! The Dragon Twist. Dragon is gonna win this with help from all those damn thugs!

Tater: But here comes Jack ‘The Beast’ Crawford to save the day!

*Crawford slides into the ring and Alli and Joker attempt to hit a double clothesline on him but he ducks and runs over and bounces off the opposite ropes and comes in and hits a double clothesline on Alli and Joker sending them both over the top rope and crashing through the table set up by Dragon earlier. Alli’s security see what’s happened and run over to attack Crawford but Crawford uses their momentum to flip them both over the top rope in one move and they crash into Joker and Alli on the outside. Dragon finally manages to crawl across meanwhile and get the cover on Demon. 1…2…Crawford just makes it over in time to break it up. Crawford gets up and turns around and is levelled with a chair shot from Masque who has gotten back in the ring.*

Tater: My god! After all that Dragon has survived it can’t end like this.

*Masque drops the chair in the middle of the ring and goes over with Dragon and they both pull up Demon and bring him over to the chair and go to deliver a double suplex onto the chair but Demon blocks it. Blocks it again. Gets out and bounces off the ropes and hits a double clothesline. Meanwhile all the guys on the outside are getting up. Demon picks up Masque and runs up and hurls him over the top rope sending him crashing into all the guys on the outside sending them back down to the floor. Dragon is up and stumbles over to Demon who turns around and hits a boot to the gut followed by the Purifier. He covers. 1…2…3. It’s over.*

Tater: What a match Marv but when all is said and done Demon is still the champion.


M: We are back from the break and right into the next match as Crawford and masque were already out here during that last bout

T: Masque has the upperhand right now, as he has through much of the break, and Crawford is in trouble

*Masque chokes Crawford in the corner...the ref telling him to break and he does, then goes right back into the choke...*

M: get him off of him

*Masque backs up and then hits a thrust to the neck of the Beast..Crawford falls down, as Masque picks him up, he then hits a belly to belly suplex on Crawford..he goes over and covers with his foot..1....2.kickout*

M: What an arrogant cover

T: He can't beat him like that

*Masque drops a knee to the chest of the Beast...he then begins to choke him*

M: This guy doesn't care about he rules

T: You think?

*Masque goes to pick up Crawford, but Crawford with a schoolboy...1....2......3....*

M: Another stunner

T: Crawford just suprised Masque and got the win

*Crawford rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor as he is announced the winner..Masque seems mad, and grabs the ref, the ref tells him no, but Masque chokeslams the ref to the mat...the lights go off and come back on and Masque is gone*

M: THat will cost him

T: Yeah if you can find him



*Blue on Black plays as the World Champ walks out to boos from the crowd*

M: And here comes DC, and tonight he is the challenger Tater

T: Not to often that you hear that, but tonight, DC is using his rematch clause for the TV Title

M: And just think of what would happen if he beats Blade

T: Total chaos Marv

*Blade is introduced and the TV Champ is met by cheers, he runs to the ring and slides in and right away both men go at it..the bell sounds...and both men throwing punches..DC with a knee to the gut of Blade, then kicks him again..DC then nails a hard left that sends Blade down..DC on top of him punching hard*

M: DC is punching for real and I think he might have just blackened Blade's eye

*Blade flips DC off of him..Blade is up as is DC, and DC comes at him, and Blade with a roundhouse kick takes DC down..Blade on top of DC punching away...the ref tells him to stop and Blade has lost it*

T: Blade just busted DC's lip with that kick and has made it bleed with the punches

*Blade gets off of DC, then right back punching away..the ref tells him to stop, but he won't the ref calls for the bell...the ref trying to get Blade off of DC*

M: Blade is pissed and is punching away

T: Yeah but he got DQ

M: He still keeps the belt

T: Oh no here comes Thugged Out

*They hit the ring and attack Blade from behind..they work him over, as he was blindsided...Exo picks him up, and Stick levels him with the big boot..they whip Blade into the ropes and hit the Last Call*

M: ANd they take blade out

*They help DC up, and they stomp on Blade...he has them pick Blade up..DC then punches Blade and again..then he punches him again and sends him to to the mat*

T: It's easy to hit someone when they are behing held by two guys

*DC gets Blade up and lifts him for the Bust...Force runs down with a chair, and slides in..DC drops Blade as he and Thugged Out bail...*

M: Force with the save

T: and just in time

*DC and Thugged Out walk up the ramp as Force stares them down from in the ring*

M: Next week what awaits these superstars, tune in and find out folks, for Tater Inberg, I am Marv Rome saying good night everybody!

*End show*


Props to DrDoom for writing the Hardcore Title match and the Alli/Joker Tag Match.
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