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Redemption Month 13 Week 1 June 2, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 13 Week 1 June 2, 2007

*Fireworks explode as Tater and Marv are at ringside here in the IWO arena, the crowd is hot and ready for action*

M: Welcome everyone to the IWO arena, and what a night we have for you

T: Exactly Marv, one week removed from a PPV that saw DC keep his world title as well as all the other title holders.

M: And let's not forget Tater, that Mike Thomas the Unstoppable Force once again climbed to the top of the world by winning the battle royal and earning a shot at Championship Dreams against the World Champion.

*A ring announcer is in the ring*

Ring announcer: The next match scheduled for one fall is the fatal 4-way hardcore match with the winner being the new no 1 contender for the hardcore title!

Marv: Oh boy, oh boy Tater I’ve been looking forward to this one its gonna be intense and its gonna be brutal.

Tater: That’s for sure every time these guys are put in a hardcore match things just get more extreme. Here comes Giggles miming balloons to give out to the audience a crowd favourite as usual and now here comes Alli to a loud chant of ‘you suck’ and once again he has his trusty salami in hand.

Marv: I’m sure he will try and use it to secure a win once again Tater as Dragon comes down to the ring with a trolley of weapons he’s been shopping and has come prepared.

Tater: But can anyone prepare you for the hardcore force of destruction that is Corey Taylor, especially when he has a barbwire baseball bat Marv?

Marv: Well we are about to find out Tater. *Dragon unloads his trolley of weapons including a garbage can lid, a garbage can, a Singapore cane, some razor wire, and a ring bell. He then climbs in the ring.*

*Bell rings. Alli goes after Giggles with the salami but Giggles grabs it off him to a pop from the crowd and levels Alli with it and then starts to mime winning the hardcore belt. Corey and Dragon both look at each other then look at Giggles and charge in and hit a double clothesline using the barbwire bat and Giggles is busted open early.*

Marv: OMG the brutality has already begun not a minute into this match Giggles is busted wide open.

Dragon and Corey start fighting over the bat. Alli is up and low blows Dragon causing Corey to get the bat. He smashes Dragon over the head with it and Alli attempts the roll up from behind. 1…2 Corey kicks Alli breaking it up. Corey smashes Alli in the gut with the bat and drags him over so his head is on the trashcan and then delivers a massive overhead swing smashing Alli’s face into the garbage can which is flattened and Alli is busted wide open. Giggles has rolled to the outside meanwhile and has set up a table on the outside. Corey covers Alli 1…2…broken up by Dragon who is on his feet again. Corey gets up and starts chasing Dragon around the ring with the bat Dragon scoops up the Singapore cane and turns around and hits Corey in the head with it and Corey is groggy. Dragon bounces off the ropes and jumps up high and nails another massive cane shot sending Corey to the mat dropping his bat which falls out of the ring. Giggles is in the ring and sees Alli getting to his feet, he picks him up and chucks him to the outside but Alli narrowly misses the table. Dragon in the ring covers Corey 1…2…kickout.

Marv: This match is intense Tater

Tater: Yeah Marv, everyone is giving it their all

Dragon climbs out to the other side of the ring and starts looking under the ring as the crowd chants ‘we want tables’. On the outside Giggles and Alli exchange blows with Alli getting the better of it driving Giggles back into the apron and then smashing his head into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. Meanwhile Dragon has chucked in 2 tables and a barbwire board into the ring. Alli sees this and lays the board out in the middle of the ring and gets Giggles in the DDT position over the board. But Corey is up and charges against the ropes and bounces off hitting a dropkick to Alli sending him back first onto the barbwire and in the process giving a DDT into the barbwire to Giggles. Fans chant ‘holy shit’. Dragon is back in the ring and has grabbed the ring bell and charges in and lays out Corey busting him wide open.*

Marv: Cover anyone Dragon and you win. What the hell are you doing?

*Dragon picks up Giggles and Alli from the barbwire board and chucks them aside and double stacks the two tables over the barbwire board. Dragon goes over and puts the ring bell on Corey’s stomach and then hits his Dragon Twist from the top rope. But he doesn’t cover. He goes over and sets up the two tables he brought in earlier over the top of the barbwire board and then pulls Corey to his feet and whips him over to the turnbuckle. Dragon pulls Corey up to the top.*

Marv: Not the superplex through the tables and onto the barbwire he’ll kill them both!

*Alli and Giggles slowly up to their feet at the same time and see what is happening in the corner. Alli runs over as does Giggles and they all hit the tower of doom through the tables and onto the barbwire as the crowd chants ‘holy shit’, Corey takes the worst of it. All men laid out as the ref counts. Dragon is first to his feet followed by Giggles. Dragon and Giggles exchange blows and Dragon gets the best of it and whips Giggles to the outside sending him through the table set up earlier. Alli staggers up now and charges Dragon who jumps up and hits a hurricana on Alli sending him crashing through the ropes on top of the laid out giggles. Dragon then stumbles over and collapses onto Corey. 1…2…3. It’s all over.*

Tater: Wow, that match was intense and if Dragon has a quarter of that in store for Demon then Demon is in trouble

*backstage we see DC walk up to Thugged Out*

Stick: Yo homie, wassup?

DC: What the hell is wrong with the two of you? Are you high?

Exo: Whoa, what are you talking bout?

DC: You two realize you are wrestling the Riot Makers tonight, not the Spice Boys!

*Stick laughs*

Stick: Rioters, Spicy men, whoever, the fact is dawg, that Thugged Out is going to be causin' some havoc in dis bitch!

Exo: Calm down boss, this shit is under control yo, we gots everything handled for the client, and these belts ain't going nowheres!

DC: Well I hope not, anyways, I got some stuff to talk about in the ring in a minute, so you two need to get your heads right and come can party with me later after the show.

*they walk off*



*Blue on Black plays as DC and Thugged Out walk to the ring to boos*

M: These guys are not crowd pleasers

T: Maybe not, but they are the champs

*They get in the ring and DC has a mic*

DC: What a warm reception for the World Champ and the Tag Champs!

*Boos from the crowd*

DC: It seems that last week, I did just what I said I would do and that is beat that pansy Troy Alston.


DC: But you see my night was not complete, because Unstoppable Force won the battle royal!

*Crowd cheers*

DC: Figures that you inbreds would like Force

*Crowd boos and chants asshole at DC*

DC: But you see I don't really care that Force won that match, because Force I own you! Me and Thugged Out have decimated you for months now, and at Championship Dreams it will be no different!

*Crowd boos at DC*

M: He sure is confident

T: He has a point though Marv.

DC: You see the problem I have with the rumble match, was that someone stuck their nose in my business....Some punk that had no business being out there.

*crowd chants Blade!*

DC: Johnny Blade, you might be the TV Champion, but son I made that title. And you know what I made you.


DC: Blade, last year I devasted you for the hardcore title inside a cage, and time after time again i pushed you to the limit. If it wasn't for DC, then there would be no Johnny Blade!

*Crowd boos, but pops huge when Blade's music kicks on...DC turns to the ramp as the TV Champion walks down the aisle, he gets in the ring, and Thugged Out step in front of DC...Blade stares them down*

DC: Hold on, hold on's ok, I'm sure Blade is smarter than he looks...

*Blade looks at DC, then pulls a mic out of the back of his pants, he begins to speak*

Blade: Let me get this straight, you are out here saying that you made Johnny Blade? Is that right?

DC: Yeah it is.

Blade: Well let me tell you something, no one made Johnny Blade bitch!

*Thugged Out start to advance but DC holds them back as the crowd cheers*

Blade: I am my own man, and I have beaten them all to make a name for myself here. In fact I have beaten your ass!

*They get in each other faces*

Blade: In fact me interrupting your business, well you have something that I want.

DC: What's that?

Blade: The World Title!

*Crowd cheers..DC backs up*

DC: So you want to fight me for the title?

Blade: You damn right I do!

DC: hmmm...Well's on!

*Crowd goes crazy*

DC: Next week me and you in this ring for the championship!

Blade: I will be looking forward to it, and trust me next week I will be walking out with gold!

*Blade drops the mic and leaves the ring as the crowd cheers....he gets halfway up the ramp when DC talks again*

DC: Oh, hey Blade, hold on!

*Blade turns around*

DC: I forgot to tell you, next week when we wrestle for the title, it won't be my world title on the, our match will be for the TV Title!

*Crowd boos as Blade looks pissed*

DC: See you next week!

*DC and Thugged Out laugh at Blade as he stares at them pissed off, while Blue on Black plays*

M: Next week DC is cashing in his rematch clause for Blade's title

T: That is going to be a classic Marv



*Joker was in the ring when Cryptic gets in...Cryptic tries to talk to him, but Joker kicks him..the bell rings, as Joker hits a clothesline to take Cryptic down..he begins to choke him with a boot as the ref tells him to stop*

T: Doesn't look like Joker wants to be peaceful

M: I am amazed that each and every week this hippie remains unbeaten.

*Joker breaks the hold and pushes the ref, the ref warns him...Joker picks Cryptic up and hits a punch, then another he whips Cryptic into the ropes and then hits a spinning heel kick to take Cryptic down..Joker laughs to himself..he then slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside, he gets back in and looks to go after Cryptic but the ref grabs the chair from him...Joker smiles and takes a chain from his tights...he loads it around his fist and nails Cryptic right in the head...he then begins to choke Cryptic..the ref sees this and calls for the DQ*

M: Joker has been DQed Tater

T: Yeah but he is not letting go

*the ref is telling Joker to get off of Cryptic and finally he does, the ref checks on Cryptic, but Joker loads the chain up, he grabs the ref and levels him...he then gets on Cryptic and pounds on him with the chained fist, and Cryptic is busted open...finally security and refs come out to get Joker out of the ring*

M: this was uncalled for, he has made cryptic bleed and the match is over

T: I guess Joker was sending a message

M: But for what Tater?



*We see Miss A in the back with security telling Joker that he must leave right now...Alli Sabbah and company walk up and try to settle things down...he hands Miss A some money and she walks off, as Alli turns to Joker*

Alli: Touche Mr. Joker

Joker: what the fuck do you want

Alli: Come on now, like you don't know, I need a new stable, and You and your evil partner Masque are just the guys I need to start it.

Joker: We work alone

Alli: You say that now, but I think I will change your mind, just give me five minutes.

*Alli and his crew walk Joker towards a room down the hallway.*

M: This can't be good Tater

T: With Sabbah you know it's never good

Marv: Well Tater here comes Joseph T Schmo with public close behind and this match should be interesting.

Tater: That’s for sure Marv Schmo is set to face off against Blade who must be looking for a bit of vengeance after the Rumble match at King of the World didn’t exactly go according to his plans. Here he comes now and boy does he look pissed off Marv.

Marv: You ain’t kiddin Tater it seems that Schmo is asking for a mike now I wonder what he has to say.

*Schmo gets a mike and symbols for Blade to back off for a second.*

Schmo: Now I know you might be upset about last night’s rumble match and so am I and we both have something to prove here tonight. I’m out to prove I’m still a legitimate force to be reckoned with and your out to prove…well…your gonna prove *Schmo gets in Blade’s face* YOU DON’T KNOW SCHMO! *Schmo turns away from Blade to hand the mike out of the ring and turns back and Blade hits a massive Yakuza kick as the bell rings*

Tater: Wow Blade didn’t appreciate that comment and it could be over early.

*Blade covers. 1..2..kickout by Schmo. Blade wants Schmo up and Schmo gets to his feet and charges at Blade who ducks his clothesline attempt. Schmo bounces back off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from blade. Blade turns around and is caught with a drop kick by Schmo. Schmo drops a few elbows before Blade rolls to the outside but Schmo wastes no time and hits a baseball slide on Blade sending him hard into the barricade. Public comes around and sinks a few boots into Blade whilst Schmo has the ref distracted. Public chucks Blade back into the ring and Schmo comes over to cover but is caught with a rollup. 1..2..kickout by Schmo. Blade pulls Schmo up by his hair and looks for a belly to belly suplex but its blocked by Schmo who lands a DDT on Blade. Schmo turns his back on Blade and bounces off the ropes by Blade is quick to his feet, sees Schmo coming and hits a massive belly to belly suplex sending Schmo all the way over the top rope to the outside. Blade starts working off the fans as Public helps Schmo back into the ring. Schmo charges in and hits a lariat clothesline for a quick 1 count on Blade. Schmo pulls Blade up by the hair but Blade hits a boot to the gut and then starts head butting Schmo back against the ropes.*

Marv: Wow Blade relentless with those headbuts and he’s now busted both himself and Schmo wide open.

*Ref gets Blade to back off which he does and ref checks on Schmo. Blade charges in a hits a clothesline which catches the ref as well sending all three men to the outside. Public sees the ref down and gets the ring bell and comes over to Blade who is getting up. Blade turns around and cops a massive ring bell shot to the face and is fed into the ring. Schmo is put on top of him and the ref is revived by Public. The ref slow counts. 1…2….kickout by Blade. Schmo complains to the ref to count faster. Blade up to his feet taps Schmo on the shoulder, he turns around and cops the Death Drop in the middle of the ring. 1…2…3 its over Blade wins.*

Tater: A hard fought victory but in the end no amount of cheating could stop Blades path of destruction.

*backstage Dragon is seen walking into Alli's lockerroom...*



*The Jingling Brothers are in the ring as The Spice Boys come down the aisle to cheers..all of a sudden Dragon and Joker attack the Spice Boys....*

M: What is going on, why are they out here

T: I don't know but Sabbah and Swinn are here too

*They attack Gel and Curry, while the Jingling Brothers watch in the ring...the lights go out, and when they come back on, Masque is in the ring behind Ted and Jed...he is holding a pipe, Jed turns around and gets nailed by it...Ted turns and Masque nails him in the gut with the pipe...Ted clutches and falls to his knees..Masque then cracks him in the head with it...*

M: This is total devastion Tater

T: All four men laid out thanks to Alli and his crew

*Alli and the others stop beating on The Spice Boys and walk to the top of the stage, they raise their arms in unison, as Masque laughs in the ring*

M: An evil alliance is forming Tater



Marv: That last match was a no contest, thanks in part to Alli and his goons

Tater: That's a shame, but this next match is battle of the beasts with this caged animal the Vanilla Gorilla taking on Jack ‘The Beast’ Crawford.

Marv: A really interesting bout we have on our hands here both men have been brutal and dominating since their appearance in the IWO and I’m at a complete loss as to which one of these beasts is gonna win this match I do know one thing though Tater, either way the fans will be winners here tonight.

*The bell rings as Crawford and Gorilla face off. Gorilla and Crawford lock up for a bit with Gorilla getting the better of it and hitting an Alabama slam type manoeuvre on Crawford. Gorilla starts viciously stomping on Crawford who eventually manages to get to his feet and start exchanging blows with Gorilla. Gorilla gets the better of it again though and starts rocking Crawford with blow after blow, then bounces off the turnbuckle and leaps off the ground hitting a massive shoulder on Crawford sending him back against the ropes. Gorilla starts pounding Crawford in the ropes with kicks and punches then pulls him out and whips him hard into one of the turnbuckles. Gorilla charges in at Crwaford who gets his boots up to the face of Gorilla and hits a German release suplex. Crawford then goes up top and waits for Gorilla to get to his feet. Crawford connects on a missile dropkick sending Gorilla across the ring. Gorilla to his feet again and hit with a clothesline then another by Crawford. Crwaford comes charging again and this time goes for a crossbody take down but Gorilla catches him and hits a barrel roll suplex. Peabody wants Gorilla to go for a splash pin so Gorilla goes up top and attempts a splash but Crawford gets his legs up and Gorilla is on the mat in pain. Crawford pulls Gorilla up to his feet but Gorilla rakes the eyes and locks in the bear hug.*

Marv: Bear hug! Bear hug! Will Crawford tap?

*Crawford starts feeding off the crowd and starts to reign down blows on Gorilla but Gorilla clinches in the hold tighter. Crawford fading fast but with a last effort hits a massive head but on Gorilla breaking the hold and sending Gorilla against the ropes. Gorilla bounces off the ropes and stumbles towards Crawford who hits the Belly of the Beast power bomb then drags Gorilla to the middle of the ring as Peabody is having a hernia on the outside. Crawford goes up top and hits the Blackout on Gorilla and pins. 1….2…3. Its over.*

Tater: What a match it really looked like Gorilla was going to dominate Crawford there but Crawford dug deep and showed us all why he is ‘The Beast’.

*Chad is standing there with Alli and his group*

Chad: Alli why did you attack The Spice boys and the Jingling Brothers

Alli: Simple they were in the way

Chad: In the way of what

Alli: Total Domination by me and my stable, now young man, excuse us we have some celebrating to do!

*They push by Chad and head towards the locker room*



*The Riot Makers are in the ring when THugged OUt comes down...the tag champs are met by boos from the crowd...they get in the ring and Exo starts it out with Kage as the bell sounds...*

M: This match is for the tag team titles and Exo and Kage starting out

T: This is a big oppurtunity for the Riot Makers who have not been impressive at all

M: Not impressvie?

T: Well they haven't Marv

*Exo with a headlock on Kage and Kage backs him into the ropes, he pushes him off, and Exo with a shoulder block takes Kage down..he bounces off the ropes as Kage waits for him to go over him, but Exo drops a knee to Kage's back instead*

M: Exo outsmarting him that time

*Exo with an arm bar and Kage in pain, Sledge runs in to break the hold..the ref pushing Sledge out and Stick comes in and Thugged Out stomping on Kage, they get him up and whip him into the ropes, they hit a double hip toss to take him down..the ref makes Stick leave the ring and get on the apron...Exo covers..1...2.Sledge makes the save..the ref tells Sledge to get out but he won't...the crowd pops at from behind Force shows up with a chair and nails Stick in the back with it knocking him off the apron...Stick stammers in pain, and Force nails him in the head with the chair knocking him to the ground...Force backs off, as Stick lays on the ground outside...Exo jumps out and checks on Stick...Exo looks up the ramp and is yelling at Force...meanwhile the ref is counting Exo out....Force tells Exo to bring it on, as Exo stands at the bottom of the ramp..8...9....10...the bell rings..Exo turns at the sound to see Sledge helping Kage up*

M: I don't believe it, Exo got counted out

T: The Riot Makers just beat Thugged Out

M: Thanks to Force

*Exo is pissed as the Riot Makers celebrate the win...Force is standing at the top of the ramp smiling as the crowd cheers*



*Primate, Oko, Josh and Jason are all in the ring with the bell sounded going at it...(Not like when Jason apparently goes at it with SC and Tri, but going at it none the less)...Oko gets the upperhand on Josh and Primate on Jason they back them into the corner...Josh is still bandaged but Oko is pounding away at that on his head...*

M: Back and forth action and Oko attacking Josh's injury

T: Yeah Josh took a beating at King of the World last week

M: No love lost between these four men

*The ref trying to gain control and finally gets Jason and Primate out of the ring..Oko whips Josh and lowers his head..Josh with a kick to Oko..Oko rears back and Josh with a dropkick to take him down..Josh slow to get up and grabs Oko off the ground he picks him up and puts a forearm to his head...he tries to whip him but it's reversed and Josh hits the turnbuckles..Oko comes charging in, but Josh with a boot to the face...Primate runs down the apron and punches Josh in the head before he can do anything..Jason in the ring, and the ref has to get him out...Primate now choking Josh in the corner..Oko comes running and dives in with a shoulder to Josh's midsection..he then unloads with punches and Josh is bleeding*

M: Josh bleeding and he needs to make a tag

*Oko pulls him out of the corner, and knees him in the gut, he then picks Josh up for a slam, but instead hits snakeyes in the corner, making Josh fall back and to the mat...Oko covers...1....2..Jason with the save..Primate comes running in, and nails Jason the two go at it, as Oko gets up..Jason with the upperhand, but Oko from behind..they pound on Jason then toss him to the outside...they go over and pick Josh up...they take turns punching him and making him bleed before they toss him into the ropes..Josh ducks the clothesline, and comes off with a double clothesline to both of them..the crowd going crazy cheering for Josh...Jason back on the apron reaching for the tag...Josh slowly crawls over and dives just as Oko is up..Jason gets the tag and is in*

T: Here comes Jason!!!

*Jason takes down oko with a punch, then one for Primate..a dropkick to Oko, then one for Primate...a clothesline to oko, and he goes to hit Primate but Primate ducks..Primate nails a right hand and another, he whips Jason into the ropes, but Jason bounces off with a flying forearm....he takes Primate down..Oko from behind on Jason...he pounds on him and tosses him into the corner...Josh is slowly up, and sees Primate on the ground...Josh goes to the top rope...*

M: Josh heading to the top rope

T: What is he doing Marv!

*Josh gets to the top, but the blood gets in his eye and he stumbles and falls crotch first onto the turnbuckles*

M: That has to hurt

*Primate is up and sees Josh on the turnbuckle..he looks to see Oko punching away in the corner with Jason...Primate runs and leaps to the turnbuckles..he clutches Josh and comes off with the Extinction*

M: Oh my god!!!

T: What a move from Primate

M: both men are down

*Oko turns to see both men on the ground...he turns back and gets kicked in the gut by Jason...Jason then nails the vertebreaker on Oko....Primate is getting to his feet, and Jason runs and hits the JKO on him*

T: JKO!!!!

M: Jason runs back and covers Oko, and the count

*1.......2......3...Stacy jumps in the ring to celebrate with Jason as the bell rings...Jason helps Josh up who is still bleeding and Stacy raises both their hands at the crowd cheers*

T: What a win for this team

M: Jason really proved himself tonight



*Judge stands in the ring with the crowd booing, he is holding a bat in his hand and looking up the rampway...THe lights dim and some flashing lights come on as the crowd cheers*

M: OH my, what a main event this will be

T: Here comes the hardcore champion

M: remember Tater, this is a hardcore match, but it is not for the title

*Demon comes out carrying a 2X4 wrapped in barbwire, he gets to the ring and walks up the stairs..Judge looks ready as Demon holds off getting in for a minute*

M: You have to be careful, Demon doesn't want to walk into a bat shot

T: Yeah but Judge doesn't want to get hit with that barbwire board

*Demon slowly gets in the ring and Judge runs at him...Judge nails a bat shot to the back of Demon..Demon drops the board, as Judge goes for another shot to the back..Demon is hit and rolls out of the ring...the crowd boos Judge, who then climbs through the middle rope and gets out as well..he drops to the floor and Demon hits him with a poke to the eye..Judge is blinded, and Demon with a kick to the gut makes Judge drop the bat..Demon grabs Judge and whips him into the steel stairs back first...Judge in pain..Demon picks up the barbwire board, and the crowd cheers..he runs and swings at Judge but he moves, and Demon hits the stairs with the board...Judge then with a big boot drops Demon to the ground*

M: He was trying to take his head off with that board

T: Judge is a pro, and now he needs to take advantage

*Judge argues with a fan at ringside that was yelling at him...Judge picks up the barbwire board and Demon is trying to raise up..Judge then takes the board and rams the barbwire right into the forehead of Demon...Demon is screaming as Judge grinds the wire into the head of Demon, blood is coming out now...and Demon is wailing his arms trying to combat the pain*

M: Judge is torturing Demon

T: He has cut him open with that wire

*Finally Judge lets go and pulls the wire out of Demon's head...the blood comes pouring as Judge points to a fan and says this is what happens to people like you...Judge then picks Demon up and whips him into the barricade...Judge comes over and unloads with some punches...opening Demon up more*

M: Demon is bleeding heavliy Tater

T: This is not good for the hardcord champ especially since next week he has to defend his title

*Judge takes Demon and grabs him around the waist, he then rams him into the ring apron...Demon's back is hurt and he slumps down to the floor..the crowd boos*

M: Demon getting beaten from pillar to post

T: I don't like this Marv

*Judge looks under the ring and finds a table...he pulls it out...he slides it into the ring, he goes to grab Demon but Demon with a right hand and another...he connects with another, and Demon tries to whip Judge, but Judge holds on and hits a shortarm clothesline*

M: Demon trying to comeback

T: Another failed attempt and now Judge rolls him back in the ring

M: Tater, I don't like where this is going, Demon is already bleeding and I don't know if he can take much more

T: Marv, I understand what you are saying, After last week and now tonight Demon might not be in any shape to take on Dragon next week

*Judge goes to set up the table and he does, he picks Demon up off the ground, but Demon manages a lowblow that causes Judge to fall backwards holding himself*

T: What a lowblow and now both men down

M: The first man up could have a huge advantage here tater.

*Demon crawling on the ground still bleeding, he rolls out of the ring...Judge trying to catch his breath and rolls over onto his stomach..Demon picks up the barbwire board and slides back in...Judge is up on all fours, and Demon slowly to his feet, he raises the board and comes down hard on the back of Judge...wire piercing the back of Judge, and he rears back in pain...Demon strikes him again...*

M: Another shot, and that wire just ripping at the back of Judge

T: Uh oh looks like payback time marv

*Demon takes the bat and does the exact move Judge did to him...he takes it and puts it to the head of Judge, and begins to grind it in...blood is rushing from the wound of Judge, and finally Demon lets go of the move...Judge on the ground in pain and blood is hitting the mat from Judge's head....Demon tosses the bat down as the crowd goes crazy...Demon picks Judge up and punches him a few times, before laying him on the table..he begins to pound on the chest and head of Judge...Demon sits Judge up on the table...he then climbs up himself...he picks Judge up and steadily has Judge bent over with his head between demon's legs...*

M: He can't be serious

T: I think we might see a piledriver Marv

*Demon goes for the piledriver, but Judge is holding on...Demon tries to lift him again, but this time Judge comes down and backflips Demon over him and sends him crashing to the mat hard*

M: that elevation off that table'

T: Not to mention that Judge is no midget

*Demon's back is hurt, and Judge falls on the table holding his back and then rolls off...both men bleeding and Judge walks over to Demon he drops and elbow and covers.....1...2...kickout*

M: The champ kicks out, and you got to give him credit he won't give up

T: Judge has to wonder what he needs to do to put Demon away

*Judge slowly gets up and picks up Demon...he goes for a guriella press lift, but Demon goes over Judge's back..he nails a punch to the back of Judge's head, then locks in a full nelson, he attempts the Demon's Dance, but Judge blocks it by putting his left leg between Demon's feet...Judge breaks the full nelson, and hits a back elbow and another...Judge runs and hits the ropes and tries a clothesline, but Demon ducks it...Judge off the other ropes, and Demon runs and hits a knee lift that makes Judge fall to his knees...Demon picks him up and hits the DDT...the cover...1....2...kickout*

M: A kickout by Judge, and you got to think that one of these men can't go on much longer Tater

T: They have both lost a bunch of blood Marv

*Demon is up and picks Judge up...he gets him near the table and sets Judge up for teh Damnation*

M: This could be it Tater

*Demon tries to lift Judge but can't..he nails Judge in the back that is hurt, and then tries again, he lifts Judge up and has him in the cruxifix...Judge somehow manages to wiggle out, and Demon can't hold him..Judge drops down behind Demon..Demon turns around, and a thumb to the eye by Judge...a kick to the gut, and Judge picks Demon up and powerbombs him through the table...Judge falls to the mat as well*

M: Oh MY GOD!!!!

T: Demon just crashed through that table

M: Judge slowly over and he covers him

*the ref counts the pin...1.....2.....3.....the bell rings, as Judge slowly rolls off bleeding...the ref raises his arm on the ground*

M: What a match

T: Judge picks up the win, and that has to make up for not winning the rumble next week

M: I don't know about that Tater, but he did prove that he could step up to the challenge, and tonight beat Demon Alexander at his own game

T: both these men put it all on the line, but you have to wonder Marv, was it smart for Demon to be involved in a match like this when next week his title will be on the line

M: I don't know but i bet Alli Sabbah is a happy man right now

*Judge gets out of the ring, as the crowd boos him, but some clap for his hard performance, he slowly makes his way up the ramp*

M: Folks next week, two title matches right here at the IWO arena, so don't miss it...For Tater Inberg, I am Marv Rome saying have a good night!

*end show*


Thanks once again to DrDoom for writing the hardcore fatal fourway, the blade/schmo match and the crawford/Gorilla match...

If you want to write for the Efed let me know

Also any feedback you guys give us, about the matches is greatly appreciated, it helps us know what to work on.
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Awsome match between Primate & Oko - Josh & Jason.
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