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Redemption Week 4 Month 12 May 16, 2007
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Default Redemption Week 4 Month 12 May 16, 2007

*Blue on Black plays in the arena as DC makes his way down to the ring with Thugged Out...The World Champ is met by boos from the crowd as he gets in the ring and shows off the title...He grabs as a mic as his music quits*

M: tater, it looks like we are going to start things off with the champ!

DC: It's good to be back in the USA!

*Crowd boos DC*

DC: Back home to where my fans love me!

*More boos*

DC: Let me just say that last week, what you all saw was impressive, but not as impressive as what will happen next week...Next week Thugged Out and myself will be defending our titles, and we plan on dispatching of our opponents with ease.

*boos from the crowd as DC looks at Stick and Exo and smiles*

DC: But you see, it's not about Thugged Out beating the snot out of Primate and Oko, and it's not about me once again beating Troy..oh see it's about the rumble match...A match that earlier today we found out what spots stick and Exo have drawn..And I must say it looks like the Rumble is going to get Thugged Out!

*Boos from the crowd as Stick and Exo laugh and nod their heads*

DC: So with all that out of the way, let's get to the most important question...the question that everyone has been asking for weeks...who is this mysterious client!

*DC nods to Thugged Out*

DC: I guess all of you want to know who it is?

*Crowd cheers*

DC: Well then let's quit wasting your time...ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the person responsible for grouping together the most impressive stable the IWO has ever seen.....

*Cult of Personality comes on as Mr. Smith walks out to the stage to boos from the crowd*

M: Smith? He's the client?

T: i don't think so Marv, look at DC's face

*DC seems pissed as does Thugged Out*

DC: What the hell are you doing out here?

Smith: What am I doing out here...well it's to spoil your good time

*crowd cheers*

Smith: DC, you and those thugs think you can run roughshod over the IWO, well I am here to burst your bubble

*More cheers*

Smith: You see next week I have a little surprise for all of you, starting with you Thugged Out

*Stick and Exo get near the ropes as if straining to hear*

Smith: Next week in your tag title defense, your match against Primate and Oko will now be a table match!

*Crowd cheers and Thugged Out seems okay with that*

Smith: Oh and you DC, well I have save the best for you...your match against Troy, well I have decided that for your match, Your buddies Thugged Out will be banned from ringside

DC; What!! You can't do that!

*DC is livid in the ring as Thugged Out tries to calm him down*

Smith: Oh yes I can, and not only that, but should they disobey my ruling, then you will be stripped of the World Title

*DC is pissed and tosses his mic down as Smith's music plays and he walks to the back, the crowd is cheering for the announcement*

M: DC is not happy

T: The odds are now stacked against him, without his personal bodyguards



*The Beast plays as Jack Crawford makes his entrance*

Tater: Here comes a man who needs no introduction since his debut in the IWO. He is simply ‘The Beast’ Marv.

*Schmo’s music hits and he arrogantly walks down the ring with John Public*

Marv: I really hope Crawford pulls this one out Tater I just can’t stand this Schmo guy and what’s worse is if he wins this match he has a good chance at being the next no 1 contender for DC’s title. He even has Public with him. He’s greasier than a 3am pizza joint Tater.

*Public massages Schmo’s shoulders and then Schmo climbs up in the ring. Crawford is looking eager to get his hands on Scmho. The bell rings.*

Tater: This one is under way and its all about who wants it most Marv.

*Schmo and Crawford lock up and Crawford wins the power struggle shoving Schmo to the floor. Schmo gets right back up though and goes for a right but it is countered by Crawford who goes for a right of his own but its countered. They exchange rights and counters until finally Schmo gets the advantage and hammers Crawford back into the corner. He puts his boot up and starts choking Crawford the ref counts to 4 and pushes Schmo back. Schmo says ok to the ref then charges back in for a clothesline causing Crawford to slide down the turnbuckle. Schmo starts stomping on Crawford. Ref backs Schmo up again as Crawford gets to his feet and pushes past the ref and hits a belly to belly suplex on Schmo. Crawford climbs up top as Schmo gets to his feet Crawford jumps and lands on Schmo’s shoulders sending him back to the mat and in a pinning predicament. 1…2 Schmo kicks out.*

Marv: An even match so far Tater even if that stinking Schmo has been playing dirty.

*Both men to their feet tie up. Schmo gets a headlock on Crawford and Crawford tries to push Schmo into the ropes but Schmo uses the ropes to flip around and land behind Crwaford and hit an inverted DDT. Schmo covers. 1…2 kickout by Crawford. Both men up again and tie up again. Schmo breaks it and threatens to punch Crawford but then hits an eye poke causing Crawford to turn around. Schmo hits the chop block on Crawford taking him to the mat. Schmo goes for the cover but Crawford rolls him up 1..2..ref distracted by Public up on the apron. Schmo gets up and so does Crawford. Crawford goes over to confront Public on the apron and Schmo comes in and rolls him up but Crawford rolls through again for the pin. 1…2…3. Crawford gets the victory and Schmo can’t believe it and neither can Public.*

Tater: Perhaps a little bit of a backfire on Public there as Crawford picks up a hard fought victory nonetheless.

Marv: Thank god for that…I mean bad luck for Joe there better luck next time.

Tater: So Crawford now will be the number 30 entrant next week, and Schmo will be number 29

Marv: Speaking of entrants let's go backstage to see Johnny Blade who is drawing his number for the rumble

*In Smith's office, Blade is talking to Smith*

Blade: So since Judge isn't using his rematch clause because he is a pussy, who will I be defending against?

Smith: It just so happens that someone has decide to use their rematch clause

*Blade draws his number and looks at it*

Blade: great what a number, so tell me who is this person

Smith: You will be defending your title against the former TV champion, Jason

Blade: Jason? Are you kidding me, he is a bigger pussy than Judge

*Just then Judge walks in the room*

Judge: What the hell did you call me?

Blade: You fucking heard me, you pussy!

*The two look to go at it, but Smith has Equalizer step in between them...he tells Blade to get the hell out*

Judge: You're lucky that I have better things to do than take back that title!

Smith: Better things huh?

*Judge draws his number and shakes his head in a no matter*

Judge: Yeah better things, because regardless of this number I don't have a match this week, and I don't have one next week, and that makes me the freshest man in the rumble

Smith: Well, you are right, you don't have a match this week

Judge: Yeah

Smith: But you do have a match next week

Judge: What?!

Smith: That's right, you think you are going to get a break just because you aren't taking on Blade? You see since you value your rematch clause so much I have decide that you should put that clause on the line, when you take on The Josh!

Judge: This is bullshit and you know it

*Judge gets pissed and walks out the door*



*The Riot Makers are in the ring as The Spice Boys run down and slide in...Sledge and Kage go right after them...They toss Gel outside and whip Curry into the ropes, they lower and hit a double back drop sending Curry into the air and hard to the mat...They raise their hands as the crowd boos*

M: And quickly Kage and Sledge going after Curry Muncher

T: Wait look coming to the ring

*Thugged Out slides in the ring as Stick nails Kage with a big boot...Exo and Sledge exchange blows..Gel is in the ring and Stick kicks him in the gut, and then hits a spine buster to take him down...Exo getting the upperhand on Sledge, rakes his eyes and whips him, where Stick hits a powerbomb...Curry is up and Exo takes him down with a clothesline...he lifts him up and whips him into the ropes...they nail the Last Call on Curry Muncher as all four men are left laying in the ring*

M: Look at the carnage

T: Thugged Out has made a statement, and left part of the tag division laying in the ring

*The match ends in a no contest, as Stick and Exo do some kind of handshake and leave the ring to boos from the crowd*

*The Josh is shown in dark room, sweat dripping down his face*

"Thought it was funny attacking an innocent woman, didn't you? Thought it was cool trying to put me out of action? Well, you didn't get the job done. Now who's laughing?"

*We hear muffled cries but can't see anything in the room*

"Well, you should have thought of that before you screwed with me. But the past is the past and now, you learn what it means to mess with a soldier."

*The Josh takes a set of brass knuckles, puts them on and proceeds to walk away from the camera towards the darkness. All that is heard is metal on bone, muffled screams and liquid splattering on the ground. A few minutes later the Josh walks back into the view of the camera*

"I told you a war was coming, and you had better watch your back. Now you know. Mike, come in here and take him to the hospital."

*Mike Allnight comes into view and goes towards the dark area. When he returns, he's dragging the body of Oko. Mike is motioned to stop by Josh*

"Take this as a lesson. Don't fuck with me, April, Jason, or Stacy again. Do you smell what I'm brewing, now, Oko?"

*Oko, barely conscious, slowly nods and proceeds to pass out from pain*



M: Folks before the break you saw the attack on Josh, but let's show you what happen during the break

*camera shows Thugged Out using bats to attack Ravage and Corey leaving Corey bloody and Ravage knocked out...*

T: Thugged Out have been destroying everyone in their path

M: They must be sending a message to commish Smith.

T: Well Marv, it seems that the Ravage/Corey match has been cancelled thanks to Stick and Exo

M: That is has, let's go backstage as Hugh Miller is standing with Unstoppable Force

Hugh: Thanks guys, Force earlier you drew your number for the rumble, and we know how much it means for you to win it, do you feel good about your chances?

Force: Hugh, I always feel see in the rumble, no matter what number I enter, I am an unstoppable force, and pain will be mandatory for 29 other men!

Hugh: Tonight you get Masque and I know you are ready for him, but do you worry that with the match being a hardcore match, that DC and Thugged Out might attack you

Force: I don't expect anything less from them, in fact I invite them to come on down, because this time I am ready and waiting!

*Force walks off down the hall*



*Primate is livid as he finds April Century in the hallway, she backs up but runs into the wall as Primate gets in her face snorting and huffing, he grabs the mic and her hand and holds them as she seems to be in pain, he leans in*

Primate: You tell that boyfriend of yours, that what he did to Oko was nothing, and that next week, when I find him in the rumble, I plan on making him pay...If he wants a tell him it's on!

*Primate lets go and walks off pissed, as April holds her hand*

M: Primate is upset Tater

T: As he should be

*Cryptic is in the ring as Tiger comes down the aisle*

M: Last week Tiger was the special ref, and he helped stop Alli from winning the Hardcore Title

T: Yeah but he has a lot to handle for Cryptic has never been beat

M: And he has never thrown a punch

*The bell rings, as Cryptic offers his hand to Tiger...they shake and both men circle...Tiger locks up with Cryptic and backs him into the corner...he breaks cleanly, as cryptic smiles at him...just then DC slides into the ring, and hits Cryptic with the World Title right in the head...Cryptic falls to the mat, as DC looks at him....Tiger is shocked as DC goes under the ropes and starts up the aisle..the bell is called for and Cryptic is announced the winner by DQ*

M: DC just leveled Cryptic with that belt

T: Cryptic did say that it wasn't DC that helped him last week, I got the champ took offense to that

M: Look Tiger is going up the ramp after DC

*Tiger grabs DC, and begins to throw punches..DC is rocked, but then a thumb to the eye slows Tiger down...DC then hits a kick to the gut, and then tosses Tiger shoulder first into the barricade..he throws some hard punches to the head of Tiger beating him to the floor...DC picks up the title and walks off*

M: DC proving his point, and if I was Troy I would be worried



*Miss A goes into Demon's locker room*

Miss A: Smith wanted me to tell you,that next week you will be defending the hardcore title in a fatal fourway match against Alli Sabbah, Joker, and the man using his rematch clause Mr. Giggles

*Demon snickers then turns to her*

Demon: I guess that means that three men will have their souls taken instead of just one

*Demon laughs as Miss A seems creeped out and leaves*

T; A fatal fourway, Demon has to be in trouble next week

M: I have a feeling that the more people Demon gets to hurt the better

T: Speaking of lots of people check out the ring as all six of these men are now ready for the battle royal

*Tech Nine plays as the tag champs come out...the bell has already rang, as Stick and Exo get in the ring..we see Dragon slide under the rope, and wait at ringside...The Jingling Brothers run at the champs, as Scorpion is attacked by Vanilla Gorilla...Gorilla pounds on him in the corner, as Thugged Out and the Jingling Brothers exchange punches..Public is holding his briefcase and watching*

M: They aren't in this match

T: I don't think they care

*Exo tosses Jed Jingling over the top....then he nails Ted from behind..he holds him as Stick nails some blows, then they both toss him over the top.....Public goes after Stick with the briefcase, but Exo sees him and hits a boot to the case to the face of Public...*

M: He just laid Public out

*Exo tosses him over the top Gorilla stops pounding on Scorpion...he turns and looks at Thugged Out...he charges them and they begin fighting with him...Peabody is on the apron screaming at Gorilla..Gorilla knocks down Stick, then knocks down Exo..he pounds his chest...Peabody tells him to get Exo..He grabs Exo..but Stick with a lowblow..Cause Gorilla to hunch down...together they toss Gorilla over the top rope...Peabody can't believe it*

M: Peabody has to hate that his man was just eliminated

T: Uh oh, looks like Thugged Out have plans for Peabody

*Thugged Out grab Jerimiah and toss him over the rope into the ring..they then pick him up, and Stick whips Peabody over to Exo who nails a belly to belly suplex on him...Thugged Out high five each other, as they leave the ring...*

M: Thank god they are gone

T: Yeah but they left Scorpion in the ring

*Scorpion pulls himself up and looks at Peabody and sees that he is the only one in the ring..just then Dragon slides back in and comes up behind Scorpion...he grabs him and tosses him over the top rope*

M: I don't believe it, Dragon just snuck up and won this thing

T: If he does this next week, he could very well be the number one contender for the world title



*Masque’s music hits as Masque makes his way to the ring looking very confident*

Tater: Here comes a man I wouldn’t want to have my back turned to in a darkened alley Marv. Especially not when things are about to get hardcore.

Marv: Wow Tater, you’re the one telling me I need to make my commentary more family friendly. But yes I see your point. Masque is still surprisingly looking confident considering who he has to get in the ring with. Here he comes now.

*Unstoppable Force’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring to a massive ovation*

Tater: Yes after what Force did to Gorilla at Flying High I certainly wouldn’t want to be in either of these men’s shoes tonight Marv. I must admit though I’m looking forward to this hardcore match and I’m sure its gonna be brutal. *the bell rings*

*Force and Masque circle each other and then Force stops and dismisses Masque with a wave of his hand and turns his back on him. Masque taps him on the shoulder and spins him around and goes for a punch which Force ducks. Force then gets in Masque’s face and steps back pointing to his head and offering him a free shot.*

Marv: Wow offering a free shot to Masque not exactly a tactically sound move in my books Tater.

*Masque winds back and nails Force in the face who proceeds to fall straight back like he’s been knocked out. Masque then takes something off his hand and slides it out of the ring.*

Tater: He had brass knuckles on! That’s not fair, but I guess it is a hardcore match where anything goes.

*Masque goes for the cover. 1...2…kickout by Force. Masque complains to the ref and Force gets to his feet and taps Masque on the shoulder. Masque turns around and gets hit with a massive chokeslam. Cover. 1…2…kickout by Masque. Force slides out of the ring and looks for weapons he chucks in a garbage can, a garbage can lid, a steel chair, the ring steps and a table.*

Marv: Force looking to get extreme this is gonna get ugly quick folks!

*Masque to his feet as Force slides back into the ring. Masque quickly picks up a chair, runs in and nails a chairshot to Forces skull. Masque slides out of the ring and goes over to the time keeper and grabs the ring bell and brings it into the ring. He sets up the ring bell underneath Force and puts Force’s head in the chair. He then goes up to the top rope and drops a elbow on Forces skull ringing the bell and busting Force open. Cover. 1…2…Force kicks out with authority sending Masque across the ring.*

Tater: My god the power of Force! How can anyone kick out of that move with such power!

*Force gets up and so does Masque. Force gets a table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Masque charges in with the ring steps. Force steps out of the way and Masque runs the steps into the corner and his head follows into the steps he drops the steps and stumbles back into Force who hits a German release suplex on Masque sending him through the table. Force goes over and retrieves the steel steps and puts them in the middle of the ring and drapes Masque over them. He then goes under the ring again and retrieves a ladder. Brings the ladder into the ring sets it up next to Masque and the steps and climbs up and signals for the Hell from above and hits it on Masque smashing him into the steps. Force covers. 1…2…3. Force gets the win.*

Marv: Holy hamsters Tater that was hardcore! Force truly is one unstoppable crazy beast!

*Force celebrates his win, but Thugged Out jumps over the railing with bats...they slide in the ring behind Force, and nails him..they begin to beat him down as DC comes down with title in hand and gets in the ring...Force on the mat, and DC tells them to pick him up..they do and DC runs and nails him in the face with the belt laying him out on the mat*

M: Damn it! Thugged Out and DC have once again blindsided Force

T: Force might be hurt

*The crowd pops as Troy comes down the aisle, he gets in the ring and nails a dropkick to DC knocking him down...Stick comes after him, but Troy is up and hits a punch..and another..Exo comes over but is hit by a superkick and is sent flying backwards...Troy back after Stick and whips him...Stick reverses it, but Troy bounces off the ropes and hits a flying forearm...Troy is up and the crowd pops...just then DC nails him with a chop block to the leg...*

M: DC from behind and Troy is grabbing his leg

*DC kicking on Troy, and gets his legs then hits a lowblow, while Troy is on the ground...*

T: Troy is in trouble

*Stick is up and they begin to stomp on Troy...Exo is out of the ring and gets a chair..he gets back in....DC holds down the left leg of Troy..while Stick pounds on his head...Exo with a chair, nails Troy in the leg*

M: You can hear that chair hitting off his leg

T: They are trying to take Troy out before next week

*Exo nails him a few more times, and they continue to kick on Troy, as he holds his leg..finally Thugged Out and DC get up and raise their arms to the boos from the crowd*

M: Tonight, Thugged Out and DC have sent a message to the entire IWO

T: yeah that mean business

M: Well folks we will see you next week live from Washington D.C. as our nation's capital host King of the World, good night everybody!

*end show*


*What you didn't see when Redemption went off the air*

*Mr. Smith is seen with Miss A and Equalizer in the hallway backstage he is pissed off screaming about what DC and Thugged Out did...Scorpion comes walking by, and Smith sees him*

Smith: Hey you!

*Scorpion turns to him*

Smith: You're FIRED!!!!!!

*Scorpion seems shocked*

Smith: Get the fuck out of here, I said you're fired!!!

*Scorpion walks off pissed*

Miss A: but what about his spot in the rumble? You will be a person short

*Smith looks at Miss A, and pauses...then he smiles as he turns to Equalizer..he looks at him and back at Miss A*

Smith: I think I know of the perfect replacement..

*smith and Equalizer laugh*


Thanks to DrDoom for writing the Force/Masque match and the Crawford/Schmo match
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w00t. Nice stuff. Thanks

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We killed the entire IWO roster tonight
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