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IWO Flying High May 9, 2007
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Default IWO Flying High May 9, 2007

*Cherry bombs pop, and several of the security guards are holding sparklers as the IWO comes live from Mexico City, Mexico*

M: Welcome everyone to the one year anniversary of the IWO and as you can see apparently Mexico has spared no expense.

T: Yeah they even told us we could have all the water we wanted for free too Marv.

*The lights go out and when they come back on, Masque and Joker are standing in the ring laughing*

M: And there are those two guys who earlier today exploded part of the building that their opponents were at.

T: That's right and the Mexican police might have something to say about that.

*Tech Nine plays as Exo comes out to the stage by himself*

Exo: Look here brah, it seems earlier you two chumps came to my little hot spot and decided to cause some ruckus! Well it seems you hurt my nigga Stick

*Joker and Masque look pleased*

Exo: And you know sumthin, I dont be appreciating that shit! So I got something for ya, bring your ass on up here, and I plan on beating the hell out of ya. Ring that damn bell!

*the bell rings, as Masque looks at Joker and heads up the ramp towards Exo who is telling him to bring it on*

M: Well Masque going ahead and going after Exo, and without Stick the tag titles could be in jeopardy.

T: Look Marv, look from the crowd!

*Stick comes over the barricade and slides in behind Joker who is looking up the rampway...Stick grabs him from behind and hits a reverse DDT, he covers....1.....2....3....Masque turns to see this and Exo hits him with the title belt from behind, he then hits him again in the head and again...he stomps on him as Stick comes up the ramp and joins in, they kick Masque a bit then walk off backstage*

M: well that was real quick

T: Thugged Out means business, I guess Masque and Joker aren't the only ones good at sneak attacks


*backstage Mr. Smith is seen in his office*

Smith: tonight the one year anniversary and all the company could afford was this craphole

Miss A: Don't worry sir, next week we will be right back in the U.S.A.

Smith: Yeah and one week closer to the Rumble...Which reminds me make sure we have everything ready for the drawing next week.

Miss A: I have it taken care of.

Smith: Good, I want everything to be perfect.


Tater: Here comes the new beast of the IWO Marv. The so far unstoppable Vanilla Gorilla.

Marv: He is certainly looking angry tonight as he is led out in his cage by pea body. For once I’m not sure if Unstoppable Force has got what it takes.

Tater: Well, we are about to find out as Peabody lets Gorilla out of his cage and points to the ring. Now here comes the man, the dominating force here in the IWO, until DC turned on him and took the unfair victory to win and keep his title. This should be a truly intense match the un defeated Gorilla versus the aptly named Unstoppable Force. We are under way here Marv and I’m excited!

Marv: Hold onto your seats folks this is gonna be a wild ride!

*The bell rings and the two men charge in and lock up. Gorilla over powers force pushing his back against the mat as the ref counts. 1…2…Force pushes his shoulders back off the mat and starts pushing Gorilla back. Gorilla kicks Force in the nuts and Picks him up and charges, dropping him head first on the turnbuckle. Force staggers around and Gorilla spears him into the corner.*

Marv: Have you ever seen anything like this since the IWO began Tater? Gorilla is over powering force!

*Gorilla begins stomping on Force and eventually brings him to his feet and hits a belly to belly suplex on Force and covers. 1…2…kick out by Force. Peabody signals to finish off Force with the bear hug. Gorilla picks up Force again and goes to lock in the bear hug but Force rakes the eyes and Gorilla turns around and is hit by a release german suplex. Gorilla to his feet and hit with a clothesline. Gorilla up again for a second and then a third clothesline. Gorilla up again and now hit with a running power slam.*

Tater: Here comes Force and once he gets his momentum going its near impossible to stop him!

*Force goes up to and signals for the hell from above. The crowd goes crazy. He hits it. Covers. 1…2...kick out at two and a half by Gorilla. Force goes to pick up Gorilla but is hit by a low blow and Gorilla locks in the bear hug.*

Marv: It’s the bear hug after Gorilla kicked out of hell from above, Gorilla is not human this is insane. There is no stopping this beast!

*Force starts to fade, ref lifts his hand once…twice…but Force doesn’t let his hand drop a third time and starts feeding off the crowd. He hoists Gorilla up over his shoulder and hits a Alabama slam type move and covers. 1…kick out by Gorilla.*

Tater: My god these men are gonna go at it till one of them is dead!

*Force picks up Gorilla and hits a tombstone pile driver and covers. 1…2…kick out. Force can’t believe it and turns his back and starts to have words with the ref. He turns around to receive a massive spear by Gorilla sending him flying all the way back into the turnbuckle. He goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out. Gorilla pulls Force back into the turnbuckle and pounds away at Force in the turnbuckle then pulls him up to the second rope looking for a superplex. Force blocks it once, blocks it again, then hits a boot to the gut and somehow manages to pull Gorilla up and set him up for a pile driver. He climbs up to the top rope.*

Marv: No, he can’t be thinking of hitting him with the unstoppable drop! Not from there! Show some compassion! For the love of God!

*Force hits the unstoppable drop from the top rope and there is an explosion as the whole ring collapses. Force covers Gorilla. 1…2…3. Force gets the win.*

Tater: OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Marv: I’d give you shit for catchphrase stealing but in this case Oh my god is right. There is no other way to explain what just happened. EMT’s are out here checking on both men. This is just insane as Force picks up the win but not to discredit Gorilla I’ve never seen anyone take it to Force like that. But at the end of the day Force really earned his name today.


*ring crews work to get the ring fixed*

*Alli is seen talking with Swinn as they were watching the monitor...Alli is clapping for Force's victory*

Alli: that my friend is why Force is on our side

Swinn: Yeah but

Alli: Oh did you talk to Tiger

Swinn: Yes I did, and...

Alli: And that is great, the hardcore title will soon be back where it belongs, now let's go prepare!


*promo for King of the World airs*

Hugh: I am here with Force and what a match you had out there tonight.

Force: Yes it was, but like I said pain was mandatory for the gorilla

Hugh: I have to ask you Force the big question on everyone's mind, or you with Alli Sabbah?

Force: You know it's funny that the question on everyone's mind is that one. To answer you Hugh, I guess you will find out tonight.


*the ring is fixed*

Tater: Next up is the battle royal for a shot at the no #30 entrance spot at King of the World rumble with the winner of that match getting a shot at the main gold, Marv. Here we see the first contender making his way quickly to the ring, obviously all business tonight, he is John Public.

Marv: Yes, indeed Tater. Now that Schmo Joe is coming to the ring!

Tater: Don’t cal him that he likes to be referred to as Joseph Schmo now. As the riot makers, Kage and Sledge, are now making their way to the ring.

Marv: I don’t care what he’s called quite frankly he’s disgusted me since he sold out to Alli. Finally the Jingle Brothers, Ted and Jed, make their entrance. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the two tag teams in this match work. Whether they go at it as a team early on or not and whether the two solo competitors Public and Schmo will be able to fight it out solo or will choose to form a brief alliance. As this one is under way.

*All men eye each other up and circle each other for a bit. Jed Jingling charges in at Sledge but is met by a Big Boot taking Jed’s head off. Meanwhile, Ted charges at Kage who his him with the boot to the gut and the Kagebomb.*

Tater: The Riot Makers off to a great start but its no good doing damage if you can’t get your opponents over the top rope.

*Public and Schmo start exchanging blows with Schmo getting the upper hand and hitting a boot to the gut followed by a DDT. Meanwhile, Kage has Ted set up for a pile driver as Sledge goes up top and they hit the double team pile driver and Ted bounces off the mat. Jed is slowly to his feet and Sledge sees it. Goes over hits a boot to the gut ducks around a holds back his arms with Sledge and Jed with their backs close to the ropes. Kage bounces off the ropes and hits a massive super kick on Jed and Sledge uses the momentum to hit a German release suplex sending Jed over the top rope doing a full backflip before landing on his feet and crashing straight back into the barricade.*

Marv: What great teamwork by the Riot Makers as Jed Jingling is the first to be eliminated.

*Schmo gets Public to his feet and nails him with a massive right hand sending him back against the ropes. He bounces off the other ropes and comes in and nails a clothesline sending Public to the floor.*

Tater: Public now gone as the action is picking up.

*Ted is being stomped on by the Riot Makers and then brought to his feet. They go for a double hard irish whip but are reversed into a double clothesline by Ted. Ted then picks up Kage and goes to chuck him over the ropes. Kage lands on the apron and rolls back in and gets to his feet. Schmo charges from nowhere and hits a big drop kick eliminating Kage. Kage is pissed and pulls Schmo out under the bottom rope.*
Marv: Kage is eliminated but Schmo is not, he has been pulled under the top rope though and is laid out on the outside. He really hit the floor hard there Tater as the refs get Kage out of there we still have to wonder whether Schmo is gonna be able to get back in this thing.

*Sledge and Ted exchange blows in the middle of the ring with Sledge getting the better of it and whipping Ted to the corner. He hits a superplex out of the corner then picks up Ted and sets him up for the Sledgehammer and hits it. Picks Ted up again and chucks him over the top rope but he manages to skin the cat and Sledge doesn’t see it as he is leaning against the ropes with his back turned. Ted locks his legs around Sledge and pulls him over the top rope eliminating him he then slides back into the ring. He thinks he has won and starts celebrating. Meanwhile, Schmo has climbed into the ring with his briefcase and batters up behind Ted.*

Tater: Sledge has been sent packing by an impressive move by Ted but look out behind you!

*Ted turns around and cops a massive blow to the face with the briefcase eliminating him from the match as Schmo is declared the winner.*

Marv: Schmo gets the win and will face whoever the winner of the second battle royal is tonight. I hate to say it, but he was nothing short of impressive tonight Tater.

*A promo for the new DC shirt "Welcome to the Dogpound" is shown.*


*Alli Sabbah is inside the cage as Demon Alexander walks out with the hardcore belt, both men in the ring and they go at it...The LSU theme song plays as Tiger in a ref shirt comes running down the aisle, he gets in the ring and calls for the bell...another ref locks the cage door...Demon with hard rights to the head of Sabbah in the corner..he whips him into the other corner, and Demon comes running...he hits a clothesline*

M: Demon in complete control right now

T: And Demon with a ddt to Sabbah for two

*Demon asking for a faster count, but gets Sabbah up, a headlock and then sabbah backs him up..sabbah whips him into the ropes, Demon takes him down with a shoulder block...Demon hits the ropes again, and Sabbah is up but down again with another shoulder block..Demon tries an elbow, but Sabbah moves, Sabbah up and an eye rake as Demon gets up...*

M: Sabbah going to dirty tactics

*Alli then kicks Demon in the groin, Demon falls to the mat, as Tiger tells him to stop it...Alli covers and tells Tiger to count...Tiger refuses to...Alli gets up and argues with him*

M: Alli arguing with the guest ref

T: He just told tiger that he bought him

*Alli slaps Tiger, and Tiger pushes him back, Alli with a punch, and Tiger shakes it off, Alli then pokes Tiger in the eye with a thumb then grabs Tiger by the head and rams him against the cage face first...Tiger stumbles back and Alli kicks him in the balls...Alli laughs at him..Demon is up and nails a clothesline on Alli...Alli back up and another clothesline...Demon ready to beat Alli as he begs for him to stop...King of Kings plays on the speakers*

M: That's Force's music

*Demon turns to look, but Alli with another low blow...he then laughs at Demon as Swinn and his security team comes running down..they take out the other ref, and cut the lock with chain cutters...they get in the ring and begin to stomp on Demon...Swinn telling the security team to hold Demon*

M: Come on, Alli's goon are doing a number on Demon

T: we may have a new hardcore champion

*Alli looks to get ready for the Camel Clutch, when King of Kings plays again*

T: Again?

M: Yeah but this time it really is Force

*Force comes down the aisle and looks in the cage...Alli is clapping and sends Swinn out to talk to Force...Swinn goes out and Force grabs him and tosses him into the cage wall..Swinn falls to the ground and tries to get up, but Force levels him with a kick to his midget head...Alli's security team comes out of the cage, and one of them turns the corner and gets nailed by a clothesline...Force then pounds on the other one, and tosses him into the barricade before clotheslining him over it and into the crowd*

M: Force taking care of Alli's crew, and Alli is in shock

*Force turns to look at Alli he seems worried, Alli gulps as Force points in at him*

T: Alli is afraid

M: he should be

*Alli backs up and Tiger is up...Tiger runs and dropkicks Alli into the cage..Alli stumbles and hits the mat...Tiger runs and nails the rolling thunder*

M: tiger getting some payback

*Demon is up and Tiger motions at him...Demon picks Alli up and signals to the crowd he then lifts him and hits the Damnation....the cover, and the count...1....2......3...*

M: Demon has retained the hardcore title

T: Thanks to Force

*Force heads back up the ramp smiling as Demon has his hand raised by tiger*


*promo for King of the World Airs*

*back in the ring the ref with a luchadore mask on is sitting in a folding chair*

M: What is up with the ref

T: Must be a mexican ref

*Troy comes out to boos and gets in the ring he looks at the ref and says something...Crypitc comes out to cheers and climbs up on the apron...the ref picks up the chair and folds it and heads towards the opposite side to hand it out..Troy looking at Crypitc, and the ref blasts Troy in the back of the head with the chair*

M: what the hell?

T: The ref just hit Troy

*Cryptic gets in and looks at the ref, who rings the bell...Cryptic asking the ref why, and the ref just punches Cryptic taking him down..he then tosses him onto Troy, and counts...1....2...3...*

M: What a fast count

T: Cryptic just got a win

M: yeah thanks to a dirty ref

*The ref gets out of the ring, as the crowd looks stunned, he takes his mask off to reveal the ref to be DC*

M: come on, it was the world champ DC

T: DC sending a message to Troy

M: Yeah but DC still has to defend the title tonight

T: This can't bode well with Troy

*backstage Chad Willard is with Johnny Blade*

Chad: Blade tonight you...

Blade: Tonight I keep my Title, this time by beating Judge, now quit wasting my time!

*Blade yakuza kicks Chad and walks off*


Tater: This match should be great Marv two of the best tag teams in the wrestling business today going head to head. Here comes my personal favourite tag team Josh and Jason and we can see Josh is heavily bandaged after that unfair assault at Redemption last week Marv.

Marv: Can you at least try and be unbiased. Oko and Primate have really been on fire of late and you can’t blame them from taking advantage it could very well help them pick up a win tonight. But I must admit seeing Oko and Primate come down to the ring now does make me feel a little pissed off they have no respect as they have chosen to come to the ring, I think, dressed up as their opponents. Oko even has an inflatable Stacy doll this is too much.

*Oko and Primate get into the ring and Primate asks for the mike.*

Primate: Oh man Jason can you smell that? Cos soon everyone is gonna smell what the Josh is brewing! *Primate puts the mike to his arse and farts loudly, Josh looks furious.*

Oko: Ooh Stacy your so hot lets forget this match and go home and I’ll whip out my dick and you can whip our yours and then we can…*Jason and Josh have had enough and charge at Oko and Primate as the bell rings*

*Jason and Josh both hit clotheslines, Josh on Primate and Jason on Oko. They then hit second and third clotheslines and Josh sends primate to the outside as the ref tried to maintain order. Jason starts stomping on Oko as Josh leaps over the top rope and collects Primate with a cross body as they brawl on the outside Jason and Oko are the legal men to start the match.*

Tater: No wasting time at all as Jason and Josh waste no time at all in taking it to the disrespectful Primate and Oko.

*Jason gets Oko to his feet and hits a DDT. Then goes up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Oko who slowly gets to his feet. Jason about to leap at Oko but Primate sends Josh into the turnbuckle on the outside causing Jason to crash and burn and Josh has already been busted wide open*

Marv: Already Primate is taking advantage of that injury last week and just like that the momentum has changed.

*Primate returns to his corner and Josh slowly makes his way back to his corner. In the ring Oko picks Jason up and hits a snap suplex into the cover. 1…2 kickout by Jason. Oko goes to pick Jason up by the hair again but Jason fights up from his knees with rights and lefts. He gets the advantage and backs Oko into the corner and makes the tag to Josh. Both men stomp away at Oko before Jason gets back on the apron. Josh pulls Oko up and hits a super plex and goes for the cover. 1…2…Primate breaks it up with an elbow and is pushed back to his corner by the ref. Jason and Josh work over Oko with frequent tags, DDT’s and scoop slams. Josh comes in again and hits the call for fire. Then locks in the fire mission.*

Tater: This one has got to be over there is no escaping that deadly hold!

*Oko manages to power up to his knees with Josh still on his back and run him back into the corner as Josh falls off and Oko tags in Primate. Primate stomps on Josh and pulls him up steps back and runs in and hits a spear into the corner. He then sets him up and hits the extinction.*

Marv: Jason needs to break this up or its all over a bloody Josh won’t be able to kick out of a move like that.

*Jason charges in from nowhere and hits a Jko on Primate who falls back and knocks over the ref in the process. Jason then goes up top and hits a frog splash and chucks a lifeless Josh who is the legal man over Primate but there is no ref to make the count.*

Tater: Oh no the ref is out Marv the ref is out for pete’s sake get a ref in here!

*Oko charges in with a steel chair in hand and smashes Jason in the head with it as he turns around from trying to revive the ref. Oko then goes over to Jason and lays in a few chair shots to his head for good measure. He then goes outside and gets a table from under the ring and slides it in and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Primate is slowly getting to his feet. Oko picks Josh up and sets him up on his shoulders and signals for Primate to go up top. He does so and hits a massive doomsday device sending Josh through the table. Oko removes the debris and the chair from the ring and chucks Jason from the ring. Primate makes the cover and Oko goes over and revives the ref pointing to the cover. The ref counts. 1…2…3. Primate gets the pinfall as the bell rings.*

Marv: This was not a hardcore match! What the hell was that? Jason and Josh just got screwed. Son of a bitch!

Tater: Don’t worry Marv I’m sure this isn’t the last we have heard of Jason and Josh.


*promo for Redemption and the drawing next week airs*

*Judge walks down the aisle and is attacked from behind with a kendo stick by Blade...Blade keeps whipping him with the stick in the back*

M: Already the TV Champ taking advantage of Judge

T: he wants to beat him and this time not by the time limit

*Judge trying to get to the ring, and gets down there, and turns and Blade with a shot to the gut with that stick...Judge bent over and Blade cracks him over the back of the head..he tosses down the stick and tosses Judge into the ring..he slides in as the bell rings...Blade covers..1..2..kickout...*

M: Already Blade trying for the victory

*Blade on top and punching Judge...he then begins to choke him, as the crowd chants that Blade is a punta....the ref telling Blade to stop....Blade says no...and keeps choking at Judge....the ref tries to get him off, but Blade pushes him again...the ref calls for the DQ*

M: Judge going to win this by DQ

T: Yeah but Blade retains the title, and right now is still unloading on Judge

*Blade punches some more, then punches the ref out...Blade slides out of the ring and grabs a chair..he gets back in...Judge trying to get to his feet...he does and Blade nails him in the head with the chair...*

M: What a chair shot

T: The champ is sending a message

*blade then stands above a fallen Judge who is busted open...he tosses the chair down...and takes his belt off, he holds it high above his head as the crowd boos...Blade then spits right on Judge and walks off*

M: What a disgrace

T: Yeah but he is still the champ


*backstage we see Curry Muncher warming up for his match as the crowd chants Curry, Curry, Curry!*

Mexican Announcer: El Curry Muncher, some spanish no one understands.....

*the two talk in spanish for like five minutes as the crowd keeps cheering*

Mexican Announcer: Go Curry Muncher!

*Curry smiles and walks off*


*Gel, Ravage, Corey, giggles, Dragon and Crawford are all in the ring and the bell sounds and they all fight for the next battle royal to see who faces Schmo next week for the #30 spot*

M: What a battle royal

T: And look Corey just tossed Ravage over the top from behind..

*Ravage looks back in and fusses at Corey..Corey shoots him the bird, but Dragon tosses Corey over the top from behind just like he did Ravage...Corey is pissed, and Ravage begins to hit on Corey , and the two fighting outside....Gel getting beat by Crawford, and Dragon goes after Giggles who is running around the ring..finally dragon stops and waits as Giggles circles him a few times..Dragon then hits a roundhouse taking Giggles down*

M: What a kick from Dragon

T: And look Gel in trouble trying to hold on

*Dragon goes over and helps The Beast and they eliminate Gel*

M: Gel is gone, and now Dragon and Crawford fighting

*Crawford whipped into the ropes, and Dragon lowers his head..Crawford tries a pedigree, but Dragon backdrops him...Dragon turns to see Giggles running at him..Dragon sidesteps him and tosses him over the top rope*

M: giggles eliminated

T: Dragon may just win this thing

*Dragon lifts Crawford up and hits him with a punch, he tries to toss him over, and Crawford over the top, but holds on, as Dragon turns to celebrate*

M: Crawford holding on

T: He is skinning the cat Marv

*Dragon turns to see this and goes over to him..Crawford grabs Dragon with his legs and tosses him over the top rope, leaving the Beast as the winner*

M: Jack Crawford wins this battle royal and can be no worse than number 29 at the rumble match

*Crawford celebrates to the fans delight*

*promo for King of the World airs*


*Blue on Black plays as DC gets in the ring with the World Title to the boos from the crowd...If you wanna eat my curry blasts through the arena and the crowd chanting the challengers name*

M: they want Curry Muncher

T: They sure do, what an oppurtunity tonight

*Nothing....Then Tech Nine plays as Thugged Out comes down the aisle dragging a bloody Curry Muncher...DC smiles as they toss Curry into the ring...the bell is rung*

M: Thugged Out just brought Curry to the ring and he is bleeding tater

T: Looks like they beat him up pretty bad

*Thugged Out gets in the ring as well, as DC puts the title belt down...he begs Curry to get up who seems to be lifeless...Stick and Exo pick him up and sling him towards the champ..DC lifts Curry up on his shoulders spins and hits the the Bust*

M: Come on, Curry can't even defend himself

*DC arrogantly covers and hooks the leg, as the ref reluctantly counts....1.....2...3....*

T: DC just picked up the easiest victory ever

M: And the crowd does not like this

*DC gets up and Thugged Out picks Curry up...they hold him as DC nails him with the title belt in the face*

*crowd boos*

M: shades of what happen to Force

*the crowd pops as Gel comes running down the aisle, he slides in only to get hit by Stick with a big boot..They toss, him into the ropes and hit the Last Call on him*

T: Gel gets the Last Call for his efforts

M: DC and company are sending a message

*the crowd erupts as Troy and Force come down the aisle with chairs in hand..they slide in the ring as DC and Thugged Out exit..*

M: look here Tater, it seems Force and Troy are coming to the aid of the Spice Boys

T: I don't know about that Marv, but I will have to say that both of those men want the same thing, and that is the World Title that DC has

*Thugged Out and DC head up the ramp, as DC holds the belt out at Force and Troy who both lean against the ropes pointing and telling them to bring it on*

M: What a week it will be next week back at the IWO arena

T: I can't wait for year two Marv!

*End show*

Thanks to DrDoom for writing the Primate/Oko tag match, the Schmo battle royal and the force/gorilla match.
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nice show man. Thanks.

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Good show.
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Damn, we were part of two of the easist matches ever! Thugged Out kicks so much ass
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Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.
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Originally Posted by STICK
Damn, we were part of two of the easist matches ever! Thugged Out kicks so much ass
...and I'm going to sound so white in my next promo.
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Cryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICK

Fantastic show. Very entertaining.

Peace and love
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