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Redemption month 12 week 2 May 3, 2007
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Default Redemption month 12 week 2 May 3, 2007

*Fireworks boom as the camera cuts to the stage, The Josh comes out and the crowd pops for him...he walks to the ring and gets in...Primate comes out next and the crowd is booing, Primate walks slowly to the ring and climbs up the stairs and enters the ropes, the bell sounds...Both men in the ring jawing at each other...Primate slaps Josh, Josh with a right hand and another, tries the whip but it is reversed...Primate lowers his head and a DDT by Josh...1.....2..kickout*

M: Welcome to Redemption everyone, and Josh already going for a quick pin

T: That's right marv, Josh has to try and keep Primate grounded in this contest

*Josh gets Primate up and hits a chop, and another, and another the crowd wooooing the whole time...Josh goes for another chop but Primate with a kick to the stomach and then hits a gutwrench suplex on Josh..Primate slowly over...1...2..kickout....*

M: Nice reversal by Primate

T: He is now in charge

*Primate gets Josh up and hits a hard shot to the head, he whips Josh into the corner and follows behind him hitting a clothesline...he whips him to the other corner and another clothesline..Josh sitting against the turnbuckles, and Primate with a hard punch to the gut and another...Primate lowers his shoulder and rams it into the stomach of Josh a few more times and whip to the opposite corner...Primate comes charging but Josh moves...Primate stops himself turns around and a dropkick by Josh...Primate hits the corner back first...stumbles outward, and Josh tries to kick him..Primate catches his leg and Josh hits the enzinguri....*

M: both men on the mat

T: Josh needs to make a cover

M: He does..1.....2..oh and Primate reaches out and grabs the rope

T: Good ring awareness

*Josh visibly upset, he gets up and picks Up Primate..he whips him into the ropes..Josh tries a clothesline, but Primate ducks it..Primate hits the ropes again and nails a flying shoulder tackle... Josh falls back and gets near the ropes...Primate is up and distracting the ref, as Oko comes down to the ring*

M: What is he doing out here?

*Josh is trying to pull himself up on the ropes, but Oko with a stun gun nails him right in the midsection and sends some volts through his body...Josh falls to the mat and rolls on the ground in pain..Oko ducks down out of sight, as Primate lets go of the ref and walks over to Josh*

M: What the hell, that was uncalled for

T: Primate has Josh up for a Death valley driver

*Primate with Josh on his shoulders tosses him in the air and lets Josh come down on his knee rib first...Josh is hurt and Primate hooks the leg and covers...1....2....3...*

M: A cheap victory for Primate

T: It's not over yet Marv

*Primate stops on Josh's ribs, as Oko gets in the ring..Oko takes the stun gun and begins using it on Josh again*

M: Stop it, this is unfair

T: Looks like they are trying to get rid of Josh before next week's match

*They continue to hurt Josh until Jason with chair in hand comes running down, he slides in the ring and Primate and Oko bail...they regroup and laugh at Jason who is checking on Josh*

M: These two are no good

T: Yeah but they took Josh out and that gives them an advantage going into next week

*EMTs come to check on Josh*


*backstage DC is seen walking down the hall, Alli and his security team stop DC*

Alli: DC, I want to wish you good luck tonight my friend

DC: Good luck?

Alli: Yes especially since you are teaming with my associate Force

DC: You know what, right now I have to go prepare for match, and personally I don't give a rat's ass if you and Force are a team or not. But let me tell you something Sabbah, one day me and you are going to cross paths again, and when we do, it's going to but your unlucky day.

Alli: Well until then my friend, take care, and remember shop smart, shop Alli

*DC walks away in disgust, as Alli turns to Swinn and tells him something*



*Joseph Schmo and John Public are in the ring as The Spice Boys come out...the crowd pops for them as they get in the ring..quickly they are attacked as the bell sounds....Schmo tosses Curry Muncher to the outside and The two men team up on Gel...They throw him into the ropes and hits double elbows....Public goes for the cover..1..2..kickout...Curry slides in the ring as Schmo nails the boots to him...he tosses him into the corner...the ref trying to tell him to stop...Schmo stomping away at Curry..meanwhile Public choking Gel....*

M: These two rich kids are doing a number on the Spice Boys

*The ref sees the choke and stops Public..Public argues and begins to punch away at Gel...Meanwhile Schmo hits a slam on Curry...he then picks up his briefcase..*

M: Surely he is not going to hit Curry with that briefcase

T: Looks like he is about to introduce him to the bull market

*Schmo has the briefcase high over his head...Curry is getting up and has his back turn...All of a sudden Curry hits the bicycle kick to Schmo knocking him back and through the ropes..*

M: Oh my what instinct

T: He just knocked Schmo out of the ring

*Public sees this and gets up off of Gel...he starts to go after curry, but Curry hits the Curry Rush and takes him down*

T: CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: Curry covers

*the pin...1......2.....3....*

M: The Spice Boys just picked up the victory

T: What momentum especially since Curry will have a chance to wrestle for the World Title next week

*The Spice Boys celebrate outside the ring to the delight of the fans

*backstage we see Force go into DC's lockerroom*

DC: What the hell do you want?

Force: I saw the exchange between you and Sabbah, and I am here to tell you in person that I am not with Sabbah

DC: That doesn't matter, because all I care about is winning the tag team titles tonight

Force: That's good, just make sure you keep that attitude the entire match

DC: Why don't you just get the hell out of here

Force: I will, but just remember tonight we might be partners, but me and you, we still have unfinished business

*Force walks out of the room*



*Mr Giggles makes his way down to the ring miming that he is rowing down the ring as the fans lap it up*

Marv: Here comes the man who will be facing Judge tonight and I think he might just have that smile wiped off his dial by the end of tonight Tater.

Tater: I think you could well be right Marv but we will see.

*Judge charges down to the ring to his music and jumps into the ring but Giggles mimes blowing a whistle and signals for him to stop. Judge does so but looks very impatient. Giggles mimes out making a balloon animal and mimes giving it to Judge.*

Marv: It appears Giggles is offering some kind of mimed balloon peace offering to the Judge Tater.

Tater: Yes Marv and we saw an instance of gift giving early tonight with Cryptic and that worked out well. Let’s see how this strategy goes for Giggles.

*Judge mimes taking the imaginary balloon animal. Giggles jumps up and down and then turns around and starts doing his patented stuck In a box miming trick for the fans. Meanwhile, Judge shakes his head and mimes snapping the balloon animal in half. Giggles turns around and is met with a massive clothesline by Judge.*

Marv: So much for that idea Tater and Giggles spun around three times before even hitting the ground!

*Judge picks Giggles up and hits him with a massive power bomb and goes for the pin. 1…2…Judge breaks up his own pin.*

Tater: He wants to really hurt Giggles as he seems to be saying ‘you’re not gonna get off that easy Blade’ but that’s not Blade Judge what’s wrong with you!

Marv: I think he’s sending a message Tater.

Tater: Oh.

*Judge picks Giggles up and hoists him up on his shoulders for a running power slam. He pins him but again breaks up his own cover. Picks him up again and hits the final sentence. Then picks him up yet again and hits the go to sleep.*

Marv: A new move by Judge and he calls that the Blind Justice! What impact!

*Judge picks a now bleeding Giggles up yet again and locks him in the Excruciator for the tap out and Giggles passes out giving Judge the win.*

Tater: I would not like to be in Blade’s shoes right now Marv that’s for sure!

*backstage we see Peabody with Hugh Miller*

Hugh: Peabody, that monster you call the vanilla gorilla is off this week, but has been ensured a match next week in Mexico, how does he prepare?

Peabody: Imbecile, is this the kind of questions they teach you in announcer school?

Hugh: well, I ...ummmm

Peabody: Shut up! The Gorilla is ready for any challenge, but what is really important is these

*Peabody takes some pills out of his pocket*

Peabody: These will cure whatever ails you! Here try one.

*he hands it to Hugh and then he knees Hugh in the groin..Peabody forces the pill down his throat*

Peabody: there that should do it, have a nice night!

*Peabody walks off as Hugh is doubled over on the floor*



Tater: Our next match for the evening pits the devilish Joker who finds amusement in punishing his opponents versus the self proclaimed friendly merchant Alli Sabbah.

Marv: Indeed as we see Joker make his way down to the ring one has got to wonder whether Alli will be able to find a way to take down this menace.

Tater: I’m sure he will be looking for a way to send a message to Demon Alexander who took his hardcore title from him Marv.

Marv: Yes indeed as Sabbah now makes his way to the ring

*Sabbah stops at ringside and Swinn comes out behind him...he hands him a mic*

Sabbah: Mr. Joker, Let me inform you of something. Next week I wrestle inside a cage for the Hardcore Title. With that being said I need time to relax, and concentrate on that match. So tonight, I will not be facing you. Instead you will be taking on my associate Swinn.

Marv: Swinn? Well this is a shock...Swinn gets in the ring and they face off. I hope that Swinn can keep it to mat wrestling for once. Not that I’m insinuating anything but These guys have some dirty tactics, espcially with Alli at ringside. I would hate to be on the recieving end of a magical salami.

Tater: I don’t think any of us do Marv as this one is under way.

*Joker and Swinn lock up and struggle with each other for a bit before Joker backs Swinn into the corner and starts hammering away at him with rights and lefts. He then pulls Swinn to the top of the turn buckle and chucks him off the top and goes for the cover. 1…2..kickout by Swinn. Joker starts to stomp on Swinn and then goes to drop the elbow but Swinn moves and Joker’s elbow smacks into the mat. Swinn to his feet charges in and hits a clothes line then another and a third. He picks Joker up and hits a scoot slam then turns around and starts bowing to his fans. Joker up to his feet slowly and sees Swinn showboating and goes for the roll up. 1…2…Swinn kicks out sending Joker flying across the ring and straight into the referee. Swinn notices Joker is down and motions to the entrance ramp.*

Tater: Who is he motioning too? I get a feeling this is about to get very dodgy very fast.

*Alli’s security force makes its way down to the ring dressed in riot gear and armed with Batons. They get into the ring and proceed to beat the living heck out of Joker. One of them gets him up and holds him at Swinn's command. Alli goes under the ring and pulls out his salami.*

Marv: We know where this is going Tater. The turkey slap of doom. I don’t think even Joker will be able to find the humour in this one.

Tater: Did you just call it a turkey slap Marv? There are kids watching for Christ sake!

*Alli connects with the Salami sending Joker to the mat who has now been bloodied. Alli sees the referee coming to and signals for the security force to leave. They do so and Alli goes outside as well. Swinn covers. The ref sees the cover and counts. 1…2…3.*

Marv: It’s all over and you’ve got to be thinking Demon will be looking over his shoulder for any long large thick meaty objects attacking from behind.

Tater: For god’s sake Marv. But Alli definitely has sent a message that’s for sure. How will Demon be able to handle these group of hoodlums?

Marv: The good thing is Alli will have to be the one doing the fighting next week and his friend will be locked outside of the cage.

*Alli and company celebrate Swinn's win and heads to the back*

*backstage a long limo pulls up...Thugged Out gets out and Stick looks back in the limo*

Stick: Don't worry, those niggas ain't got nuthin on us. We'll be right back yo!

*Thugged Out walks off*



M: Wecolme back folks and already in the ring Jason and Oko are going at it...Jason jumped Oko on the ramp and these two are in the ring and the match is underway

T: Oko with a powerslam and the cover

*Oko gets a two count and argues with the ref*

M: We have an update Josh has been taken to a local hospital

T: He has to have some kind of injury Marv

M: Also you can see that Jason has told Stacy to stay in the back for this match, so he is out here alone

*Oko using the middle rope to choke Jason and the ref counts..3...4...Oko breaks and is warned...he runs and bounces off the ropes, then he hits a splash with his leg as he straddles Jason against the middle rope..Jason falls down and Oko with the stomps...he drops and elbow and covers...but Jason with a foot on the rope*

M: Oko in control, and you got to think that Jason has more on his mind than this match

T: he has to, his partner is in the hospital and it's thanks to this man

*Oko lifts Jason up and a hard shot takes him right down...Oko bounces off the ropes and goes for a legdrop but Jason moves..Oko grabs his leg as it stings...Jason trying to knock the cobwebs out and slowly getting up..Oko is too...Oko is up and runs with a clotheline..Jason ducks it..Jason witha dropkick taking Oko down...Jason to his feet and a chop to Oko, and then a punch and a chop and a punch, and knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone...Jason with Oko in the elbow to the head, and Jason climbs up the turnbuckles he looks to the crowd who cheers, Jason unloads as they count...1.....2....3....4....5...6....7...Oko manages to grab jason and walk out of the corner and hit a modified spine buster....he slowly covers...1..2..kickout*

M: it was almost over, I thought Oko had it won

T: Oko to his feet now Marv, and he tosses Jason into the corner

*Oko runs in with a clothesline and connects...he then chops Jason...he lifts Jason up and sits him on the top turnbuckle...Oko with a hard right to the head...Oko tries to climb the turnbuckle...he gets up there, and Jason with a punch to the ribs and another shot...Jason with an eye rake*

M: Uncharacteristic of Jason

T: He's a desperate man Marv

*Oko can't see, and Jason lowers Oko's head and then Jason stands up on the top rope and flips over Oko landing on his feet and pulling oko over him nailing a powerbomb*

M: What a move

T: He has the pin

*The ref stunned begins the count..1......2....3...*

M: Jason has done it he beat Oko

T: maybe a little revenge for earlier

*Jason is wore out and he gets to his feet, the ref raises his arm as Primate slides in the ring and levels Jason he begins attacking him on the ground....Oko is to his feet and the two men begin to stomp on Jason*

M: And now the two on one attack

T: They took Josh out and are looking to the same to Jason

*Primate backs off as Oko picks Jason up...Primate charges and hits the spear on Jason*

M: the spear and this is enough

T: Looks like Oko is going for his finisher

*Oko locks on the full nelson/camel clutch finisher and Primate taunts Jason...they hold the move on him for a while, then finally release it as Jason just drops to the mat...The two men raise their hands as the crowd boos*

M: If this happens next week, then we are looking at the new number one contenders for the tag titles



Marv: This next match should be interesting Tater, as the man who preaches peace and love is coming down to the ring to face off against the vicious Ravage…and what’s that he has in his hand Tater?

Tater: It appears to be a plate of brownies, and Cryptic is dispensing some of them to the crowd.

Marv: I wouldn’t touch those things with a twenty foot pole Tater god knows what’s in them. Now Cryptic is in the ring and is asking for a mike, let’s see what he wants to say.

Cryptic: Hello my peaceful brothers and sisters it’s so lovely to see you all here tonight! *crowd cheers* Tonight my opponent is the impressive Ravage, a man who prides himself on his violent ways here in the IWO, though he is a wise man and I’m sure open to learning lessons. So with that said I’d like to invite my opponent out to the ring. *Ravage’s ring music hits as he makes his way out to the ring, dressed to compete but looking a bit confused*

Marv: What the hell is he talking about? Teaching Ravage a lesson?

Tater: I guess we are about to find out Marv as Ravage is in the ring and appears to be asking the same question.

Cryptic: Hello my fellow wrestler. Today I would like to teach you a lesson…a lesson…if you will…in love. *Ravage looks pissed off* I would like to offer you, as a token of my friendship and respect for you, before your match, one of my hand cooked brownies to signify my love for you. *Cryptic offers Ravage a brownie and Ravage is still looking confused, he asks for a mike.*

Ravage: I dunno what your on about pal but this is a wrestling ring and I came here to fight. Ring the damn bell *bell rings*. So either put up or the shut the fuck up and get those fucking brownies out of my…*before he can finish Corey has slid in the ring and hits a massive baseball slide which takes out the legs of both Ravage and Cryptic. Ravage falls backwards and Cryptic falls forwards on top of him and drops the plate which smashes on Ravage’s head. The referee slides over and counts the 1…2…3*

Tater: Cryptic picks up another improbable win but I’m not sure Corey is finished.

*Cryptic gets up, looking confused as the ref raises his hand but before he realises what’s just happened Corey comes from behind and chucks him to the floor. He then goes and gets a chair from the outside and brings it in. The ref tries to stop him but he lays him out with the chair and then sets it up in the middle of the ring. He then goes over to a knocked out Ravage and picks him up and hits a Duality Driver on the chair and Ravage is left bleeding as Corey walks back up the ramp laughing manically*

Marv: Oh my god! I can’t believe the barbarity of Corey. Nonetheless I guess it's another win for Cryptic.



*Demon waits in the ring as the lights go out...they come on and nothing....the lights go off again and they come back on...nothing...*

M: Where is Masque?

T: This is odd

*the video screen comes on and we see Masque tied up in the back...Demon gets out of the ring smiling..he walks up the ramp and to the back where Masque is*

Demon: Alli I know you can hear me...You see this?

*He picks Masque's head up as blood is coming out of it*

Demon: Alli this is my message to you, next week in the cage, this if future, only for you it will be worse.

*Demon covers the tied up masque and the ref counts the pin...Demon picks up the win*

M: What a message, Demon already attacking Masque and tying him up

T: i have never seen the deadman treated like that Marv



Tater: We are back from the break folks as Tiger is in the ring and is set to go toe to toe with the man coming down the isle now to his self title’s theme song. Jack ‘the beast’ Crawford.

Marv: Yes indeed a man who has been really asserting himself since coming to the IWO and we will see if he can do it here once again against the ever ready Tiger as they face off and the bell rings.

*Both men lock up for a few secs until Tiger hits the boot to the gut then the atomic drop, bounces off the ropes and hits the flying clothesline as The Beast is sent down to the mat. Tiger wastes no time in ascending the turnbuckle*

Tater: Tiger looking impressive in the early going and possibly looking to finish this one off early.

*Crawford slowly to his feet as Tiger leaps off the turnbuckle with a flying kick but Crawford catches his leg and steam rolls through him with a big clothesline. Crawford bounces off the ropes and hits a running elbow drop on Tiger. Pulls Tiger to his feet. Tiger starts to throw punches as the two exchange blows. Crawford gets the advantage and backs Tiger into the turnbuckle with right and left fists. Tiger with a boot to the mid section. He locks his arms around the neck of Crawford and pulls him up to the top turnbuckle.*

Marv: Could be looking for the Cat’s cradle here Tater will he get it?

*Tiger hits the Cat’s Cradle from the top rope and goes for the cover. 1…2…kick out by Crawford and Tiger can’t believe it. Tiger runs against the ropes and hits the Big Cat Splash on a down Crawford and goes for another cover and another 2 count. Then pulls him up and puts him in a sleeper hold.*

Tater: Tiger just can’t seem to put away Jack Crawford who is truly earning his name ‘The Beast’ at the moment just by withstanding all this punishment.

*Crawford works his way to his feet working off the crowd and finally hits a few elbows to the midsection and breaks out of the sleeper. Crawford off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Tiger to his feet. Crawford charges but this time ducks around Tiger and hits a release German Suplex and cover. 1…2…kick out at two by Tiger. Crawford picks Tiger up and gets behind him and hits the Hurricana then goes up top. Tiger slowly to his feet and Crawford leaps with a cross body which he hits but Tiger rolls through and gets Crawford’s shoulders down. 1…2…kickout.*

Marv: Great ring presence by Tiger there but still not enough to pin ‘The Beast’!

*Tiger attempts to take Crawford to his feet but he fights him with elbows to the gut then pulls him in and hits him with the Belly of the Beast*

Tater: Out of nowhere he hits it and it has to be over now!

*Crawford signals for the Blackout and goes up top and hits it perfectly and gets the cover. 1…2…3.*

Marv: If it wasn’t over then it certainly is now no one works out of a match victorious after receiving that powerful combination! Another win for the aptly named ‘Beast’.

Tater: when we come back the Main event for the tag team titles!



*the main event is underway as Force and Exo are starting out for their teams. The tag titles are on the line, and both men lock up...neither one gets an advantage and they break...They lock up again, and Force with an arm wrench...he keeps it tight and then hits a huge punch to the head of Exo taking him down..exo backs up and makes the tag to Stick*

M: looks like Exo doesn't want any of Force

T: do you blame him?

*Stick in the ring, and they go to lock up but Stick with a kick to the gut...he nails a right hand, then backs Force into the ropes, where another knee to the gut happens...he then tries to choke Force but the ref causes the break...Stick with a whip, but it is reversed...Force misses a clotheline, and Stick off the ropes...Force catches him for a belly to belly, but Stick with a thumb to the eye...Stick then hits a big boot and Force goes down*

M: Force is in trouble

*Stick grabs Force and puts him in a headlock and tags in exo...Exo with a punch to the side of Force's ribs...Exo then locks on the headlock......he has a tight lock on it...finally force backs him into the ropes and pushes him off...Force takes him down with a shoulder..Force bounces off the ropes...he jumps over Exo...he hits the other ropes and Stick puts a knee to his back..Force stumbles, and Exo locks in a crippler crossface....DC gets in the ring and kicks Exo to stop the move..the ref makes DC leave....Stick in the ring and him and Exo hitting Force, they push him against the ropes and whip him...they try a double clothesline and Force ducks it..he hits the ropes and connects with a double clothesline of his own...*

M: this crowd is alive, as they want Force to make the tag

T: DC is wanting the tag

*Force goes over, and makes the tag..DC in the ring and a right hand takes down Exo, a kick to Stick and a snap suplex puts him on the ground..Exo is up and tries a punch, but DC blocks it he connects with one of his own, and whips Exo into the ropes...DC lowers his head, and Exo with a knee lift..DC stammers back and Exo tries a big boot, but DC ducks and kicks Exo when he turns around, and a DDT...Stick is up, and DC backs him against the ropes, the whip is reversed..Stick waiting and DC nails the flying forearm to take him down..DC is up and feeling it...he tags back in Force...DC takes Stick and tosses him to the outside...he follows..Force in the ring and waiting..Exo is up and Force with a right and another*

M: Force leveling him right now tater

T: We could be looking at new champs

*Force whips Exo into the corner and charges and hits the splash...Exo stammers out and Force hits a scoop slam....Meanwhile, Stick tosses DC into the barricade...Force climbs up top looking for the Hell From above...Stick grabs the tag title, and gets on the apron and levels Force in the head with it making Force fall to the mat..the ref calls for the bell*

*the crowd boos*

M: He just hit force causing a disqualification

T: Thugged Out have lost the match but kept the titles

*Stick gets in the ring and begins to stomp on Force...Exo gets to his feet and the two men again beating on Force..DC is up and grabs the World Title belt he looks in the ring and walks around it to the ramp..he looks in and heads up the aisle*

M: DC is leaving force in the ring to get beaten down

T: He must feel that Force deserves this

M: What a coward

*DC walks up the ramp as the crowd boos...He stops and looks at the video screen of Thugged Out kicking Force...DC shakes his head and turns back..he stares in the ring..Thugged Out looks at him..DC then runs and slides in the ring...Exo goes after him...DC drops the title on the mat, and him and exo exchange blows...Stick comes over and hits DC from behind...DC trying to fight both men off but they get him into the corner...DC trying to fight but to no avail..Force is up and hits STick from behind...Force whips Stick and takes him down with a boot...Exo leaves DC slumped in the corner and charges at Force...he nails him a few times....*

M: Force taking on Exo, and Force whips him

*Force hits the spinebuster on Exo and pops up to the cheers from the crowd..he turns around and DC levels him in the head with the World Title..the crowd boos heavily*

M: What the hell, why did he do that?

T: DC just took Force out

*DC looks down at him as Stick is up on his feet, Stick comes over and looks at DC, he then helps Exo up...then all three men begin stomping on Force*

M: What is this, all three men stomping on Force

T: Has DC joined them?

*THugged OUt gets force up and they whip him into the ropes, they hit the Last Call on him...DC tells them to lift Force up..they do and he can barely stand..DC then nails him in the head again with the belt....*

M: Force hit hard with that gold and he is bleeding

T: This is an assault on Force

*DC has Thugged OUt lift him back up...DC then grabs force and lifts him up...he spins and hits the Bust leaving Force laying in the middle of the ring...DC then has his arms raised by Thugged Out as the crowd boos*

M: DC sold out, and you got to think there will be hell to pay

T: But why Marv, Why?

M: We will see you all next week as the new IWO turns one year old, see you next time everybody!

*End show*
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AAAAAAAGGHHH!! DC! The anticipation. It's killing me! Great stuff man. I'm digging this.

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Oh yeah, Thanks to DrDoom for writing the cryptic, judge, alli, and crawford matches.
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Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.
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Awsome show. Great ending. Good work yet again.
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Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.
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Good stuff DC.

Looking forward to the supershow.
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Cryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICKCryptic is a STICK

Fantastic work, my peaceful brothers. Keep it up.

Peace and love
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STICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DC

DC turned on Force That was badass
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