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Redemption Month 12 Week 1 April 26, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 12 Week 1 April 26, 2007

*Fireworks explode as Cryptic is in the ring...the music of Tim Ross plays as a limo pulls onto the stage, Ross gets out to boos from the crowd*

M: Welcome to Redemption where we kick things off tonight with the undefeated Cryptic taking on Tim Ross

T: Ross seems a little pissed off tonight Marv as he comes down the aisle

*Ross gets in the ring and the ref rings the bell...Ross looks at Cryptic who seems to be asking him if something is wrong...Ross asks for a mic*

Ross: You know it sickens me to see that a person who has never thrown a punch is undefeated in the IWO.

*boos from the crowd as Cryptic looks confused*

Ross: I am a former World Champion and I get disrespected by this company every week. I came out here and I am forced to face nobodies, like you!

*ross points at Cryptic who seems shocked as the crowd boos*

Ross: So tonight, I am going to show each and everyone of you that Tim Ross is no joke!

*Ross then nails Cryptic upside the head with the mic..the ref tells Ross that he can't do that...Ross then nails Cryptic a few more times in the head with the mic, he then stomps on him...the ref tells him to get off of him, and Ross does but goes outside the ring to get a chair*

M: What the hell is Ross doing

T: He must want to send a message Marv

*Ross gets in the ring with the chair, and the ref tries to stop him, but Ross pushes him away, he then whacks Cryptic in the head with the chair busting him open..the ref calls for the bell...Ross then wears Cryptic out with the chair leaving him laying on the mat..he picks the mic back up*

Ross: This is what I think about the IWO

*boos from the crowd*

Ross: By the way, I quit!

*Ross tosses the mic down and leaves the ring as the crowd boos*

M: Ross just beat Cryptic down and now he has quit the company

T: This is a surprise, what a loss to the IWO

M: Good riddance if you ask me

*the video screen comes alive as the following message is shown*

Breaking News.

AlliSabbah has been quoted in the papers making an offer to the wrestler known as Unstoppable Force. The quote that has been going around is as follows.

"It's a shame how a man who I thought to be aman of integrity and morals such as Mr. Dogcatcher could turn his back on a friend and ally such as unstoppable Force. I would like to go on record as offering Mr. Force my legal teams services in order to contest his sham of a match where his title was stolen from him. As a victim of the same shoddy tactics this company seems to thrive upon I feel obligated to do the right thing."

He then refused further comment telling the crew in no uncertain terms that he will only speak in more detail to Unstoppable Force Himself.*

*backstage Hugh is seen with Jack Crawford*

Hugh: Jack tonight you make your debut against the Josh, he feels you won't be able to beat him tonight, what are you thoughts?

Jack: My thoughts are simple Hugh, tonight unleash the beast, because Josh you might be great out in a field ducking down behind sandbags, but in the ring your skills wil not be up to the same level as mine. Josh tonight you bring your A game, but you will realize that it doesn't work in My House!

*Crawford walks off*



*Chad Willard stops Force to ask him about Alli's message*

Chad: Force, Force are you aligning yourself with Alli Sabbah?

Force: Sabbah, that crook has you all fooled, unlike DC I keep my word, and I promise you all that I have no connection with Alli Sabbah

*Force walks off a little peeved off*

M: Here we go in what is going to be a battle royal featuring some of the top Hardcore stars in the company.

T: You see the Jingling Brothers and Mr Giggles in the ring already

*The lights go out and when they come back on Masque and Joker are attacking the Jingling Brothers in the ring from behind...giggles watches as Alli Sabbah comes down the aisle with Swinn and his security..Swinn slides in the ring and goes after Giggles, but Giggles gets the upperhand...Alli has his security get in the ring and together they pound on Giggles in the corner...Sabbah watches from ringside as they attack Giggles..Demon Alexander comes out to a huge pop and the Hardcore Champ begins assaulting Sabbah from behind.he tosses him into the ring, and Demon slides in behind the bell rings, as it does, Alli's goons eliminate Giggles*

M: Already Giggles is gone

T: Masque just tossed out Ted Jingling as well

*Jed Jingling hanging upside down as Joker trying to get him out of the ring...Demon nailing Alli's security team, and he tosses Swinn over the top rope...Demon leveling people with right hands, meanwhile, Alli on the ground watching as Demon tosses his security out of the ring...Masque goes over and pushes both Joker and Jed over the top rope eliminating them...Alli sees this and runs to hide behind Masque*

M: Sabbah hiding from Demon

T: Yeah but that's not a good spot to hide in

*Masque turns around and grabs Sabbah by the throat and chokeslams him...Demon then attacking Masque..he tries to whip him, but it's reversed...Masque goes for a clotheslines but Demon Ducks it...he grabs Masque from behind and nails the Demon's Dance....the crowd going crazy*

M: the champ just nailed his finisher on Masque

T: He has him up and just tossed the deadman over the top

*Sabbah, slowly getting up...he uses the ropes to pull himself up, and Demon walks up behind him and dumps over the top to the floor winning the match*

M: Demon has won the match

T: The Hardcore Champ is back and what an impressive victory

*As Demon has the belt in hand, Alli's security team and Swinn nail him from behind, they begin attacking him...Swinn goes outside the ring and looks under it and finds some bag..he slides the bag in the ring, then goes and gets Alli to get in the ring*

M: They are jumping the champ

T: What's the bag for Marv?

*Sabbah gets some kicks in and Swinn grabs the bag and hands it to Sabbah...Alli takes out the magical salami, and tells his crew to hold Demon*

M: not that damn salami

*Alli nails Demon in the head with that loaded salami causing the champ to fall to the ground...Swinn then hands Alli a mic*

Alli: Demon Alexander, my friend, at Flying High, I will be taken back my property as I am enacting my rematch clause. Until then remember to shop smart, shop alli!



*Primate and Oko in the ring as If you wanna eat my curry plays as the Spice Boys come down the aisle to cheers while wearing hunting gear*

M: What is with the hunting outfits

T: I guess they are going on a safari

*Gel gets in the ring as Curry looks to the crowd who pops..Primate charges as spears Curry right off the ring apron...Gel turns to see this as the bell is rang...Oko then nails Gel and Primate helps team up on him, they whip him into the ropes, and hit a double clothesline on him*

M: Already, Primate and Oko teaming up on Gel

*Primate goes out of the ring and picks Curry up he whips him shoulder first into the steel stairs....Gel is in the ring and Oko hits a snap suplex on him..Primate slides back in as Gel is sent flying towards him, Primate hits a spinebuster laying Gel out..Primate tells Oko to finish him...Oko locks on the full nelson/camel clutch variation and Gel gives up*

M: It's over that quickly, Oko and Primate have done a number on Gel Mibson

*backstage a stretch limo pulls up, and Thugged Out gets out with a bunch of girls*

M: I thought these guys left the building

T: Looks like they brought the party back here

M: Tater, look at these girls, hey is that her thong showing?

T: No I believe that is the tattoo on her back Marv

*Thugged Out heads towards the locker room*



*Black Dragon is in the ring and jason is introduced...jason gives Stacy a kiss and gets in the ring as the bell sounds*

M: Jason needs a win to get back on track tonight

T: That's right Marv but so does Dragon

*The two men lock up, and Dragon with an armdrag takes Jason down..Jason up and runs at Dragon who kicks Jason in the gut..Dragon tries a DDT, but Jason blocks it with his leg...Jason then hits Dragon in the gut with a punch, then another...Jason up and hits the dropkick...Dragon gets up and runs at Jason..Jason with a droptoe hold, and then slides into a headlock...Dragon quickly to his feet but still in the headlock, he lifts Jason up for an atomic drop, but Jason manages to do a headlock takedown and put Dragon on the ground...Dragon with a leg scissors takes Jason over, but Jason up on his feet, and he kicks at Dragon..Jason runs and hits the ropes...he jumps over Dragon and hits the ropes again, the leapfrog by Dragon and Jason goes under...Jason off the ropes and Dragon tries a roundhouse kick, Jason ducks it, and turns around and hits the JKO*

T; JKO!!!!!

M: Jason just nailed it and that quickly this match could be over

*Jason picks Dragon up and hits the vertebreaker for good measure*

M: the vertebreaker and it is academic

T: Jason gets the win, and you got to think that the former World Champ is back on the right track

*Jason gets a kiss from Stacy as they walk up the aisle to cheers from the crowd*

*backstage the Riot Makers run into Thugged Out...Stick tells those bitches to watch their fucking step...the two teams start brawling as the women begin to scream...Exo slams Kage up against a wall..Stick then takes a chair and levels Sledge with it...Exo ends up putting Kage through a table, The two men then lay out Sledge as well leaving him in a bloody mess..Thugged Out and the women leave as EMTS and IWO staff check on the Riot Makers



M: Folks we have just been informed that the tag match between the Riot Makers and Joseph Schmo and John Public will not be held tonight, as the Riot Makers have forfeited due to the attack from Thugged Out

T: What a shame, but these guys took a beating backstage

*Blue on Black plays as DC comes out with the new Undisputed Heavyweight Title belt..the crowd is booing him*

M: Here comes the World Champion

*DC is in the ring and gets a mic and the crowd chants you sold out!

DC: I see you people are booing me

*more boos*

DC: I didn't sell out and I can explain

*King of Kings plays and Force comes to the ring walking with a purpose...he charges and gets in the ring, as DC slides out the other side*

DC: Force, Calm down man, let me explain

M: I don't think Force cares to hear what DC has to say

*DC gets on the ring stairs*

DC: Force Listen, what happen last week was just business...It wasn't personal

*Force looks like he might attack as DC backs up...DC tells him to move back and he easily gets in the ring*

DC: Look I had nothing to do with those guys attacking you


DC: You know that I have your back, and if they would have continued after the match I would have made sure I helped you out...But face it if they had attacked me, and you had the chance to become the world champ you would have taken any oppurtunity you had to win it.

*Force stares at DC as the crowd boos more*

DC: Listen, I have your back, and if they were to try and attack you again, I would kick their asses...I didn't sell out

M: DC trying to convince Force

*tech Nine comes on as Thugged Out walks to the stage*

T: Oh no here comes trouble

*DC and Force look up the ramp at them*

Stick: Look at you two niggas up there bitching and crying, because the Tag Team champs done ran roughshod over your punk asses


Stick: Don't boo me bitches, I will fuck yo asses up!

*more boos*

DC: Hey if you have a problem with us, why don't you come on down here and I will show Force and you two clowns who side I am on

*Exo gets the mic*

Exo: Oh is that right, well I tell you what mr. champion, how bouts we come down there and thugged you out just like we did those pussy ass mothermuckers the Riot Makers

*Exo drops the mic as Stick and Exo head down the aisle...Force and DC are in the ring and look ready...Cult of Personality comes on as Mr. Smith comes to the stage...several IWO security come down the aisle and get in between the four men*

Smith: Wait a damn minute...You four think that you are going to get in the ring and fight tonight

*crowd cheers*

Smith: I don't think so!


Smith: but I tell you what...How about this, if you four want to fight then next week you will do so


Smith: Next week it will be Force, teaming up with take on Thugged Out in a tag team match...Oh and that match will be for the Tag Team Titles!

*The crowd erupts as security holds all four men back*



*The Josh is in the ring as The Beast comes down the aisle to a little fanfare....The crowd anticipating a good match....Beast in the ring and the bell sounds, both men lock up and the collar elbow tie up and Beast able to get Josh to the ropes, a clean break and both men circle each other again, Crawford again backs Josh into the ropes, this time he nails a chop, Josh chops back, Crawford with a chop, Josh with a chop, after about 2 minutes of Chopping, Beast hits a punch and another, the whip Beast lowers his head, and Josh with a knee buster...Crawford stumbles back and Josh takes him down with a clothesline..the cover...1..2..kickout...*

M: Josh the veteran showing the rookie how it is done

T: Look at their chest, how red they are

*Josh goes for an armbar and locks it in...Crawford to his feet, and Josh wrenches the arm around...he backs Beast into the corner, Josh with a chop...Josh then with a punch and another..he whips Crawford into the opposite corner, Josh runs in and goes for a splash but Crawford moves...Josh manages to use the ropes to stop himself, he turns around and Crawford with punch and another, then Crawford lowers his shoulder and rams Josh in the stomach, he continues to ram his shoulder into Josh, he whips Josh into the opposite corner, Crawford follows and hits a clothesline...He then chops Josh taking him down..Crawford drops and elbow and covers..1...2.kickout...*

M: neither man with an advantage

*Crawford picks Josh up, he goes for a suplex but Josh floats over, Josh tires a reverse DDT, but Crawford flips over and nails one of his own...the cover...1....2.kickout...Beast picks Josh up and tries a powerbomb, he has Josh up but Josh pummeling Beast in the head...Josh able to hit a hurricanrana to reverse the move...Crawford seems out of it*

M: Josh with the chance to put Beast away

T: Look at the video screen Marv

*On the screen Primate and Oko are seen standing by April Century...Primate is crowding her telling her not to worry about some punk ass bitch like Josh, that Primate was still her man...he tells her that he had to put her in the hospital a few weeks ago*

M: What are doing back there with April

T: I don't think Josh likes it

*Josh is standing at the ropes watching, he seems to be irrated by what he is witnessing..just then Crawford Rolls Josh up from behind...the count...1...2....3....*

M: Crawford just surprised Josh and got the pin

T; I don't think Josh cares

*Josh seems pissed and slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp...meanwhile Crawford has his arm raised in the ring and claps can be heard*

M: Josh is hurrying backstage to April's aid

*Josh turns a corner backstage and is leveled in the face with a trashcan...Josh falls to the floor as Oko steps into camera view...Primate has April by the hair and drags her over...*

Primate: See this is the piece of trash you have chosen, now he is going to pay the price

*Oko then nails Josh a few times with the trashcan before tossing it down...Primate pushes April to the ground and they walk off...April checks on Josh*



Tater: As we come back from the break Marv scorpion already in the ring.
Marv: Yes indeed and he looks ready to go but just how prepared can you be for the man he’s about to face.
Tater: Here he comes. The Vanilla Gorilla. I have trouble telling whether he is a man or monster at times but one thing is for sure he has really made his presence felt here in the IWO.
Marv: Yes indeed as he is let out of his cage by pea body who points at his opponent scorpion seemingly suggesting that Gorilla should snap him in two Tater.
Tater: The bell rings and this one is under way!

*Scorpion attacks early going for a clothesline but its ducked by Gorilla who bounces of the ropes and collides with Scorpion from behind who falls hard to the mat. Scorpion rolls over as Gorilla bounces off the ropes again and goes for the splash but Scorpion rolls out of the way and Gorilla is in pain.*

Marv: Could have been all over right there Tater but Scorpion showing a surprising amount of resistance.

*Scorpion drops a few elbows on Gorilla before Gorilla makes his way back up to his feet. They lock up. Gorilla kicks Scorpion in the gut and hoists him way up high and walks him around the ring.*

Tater: Perhaps you spoke too soon as Gorilla is really showboating his power here.

*Gorilla drops Scorpion on the turnbuckle as he screams in pain. He stumbles into the middle of the ring where he is hit again by Gorilla this time with a pump handle slam. Peabody signals to Gorilla to finish Scorpion off. Scorpion slowly to his feet and Gorilla charges in with a massive clothesline turning Scorpion inside out. He then picks him up and locks in the bearhug.*

Marv: Gorilla is treating scorpion like a toy.
Tater: Yeah and one that he has finished with by the looks of it.

*Scorpion taps out and Gorilla runs with him into the turnbuckle and a lifeless Scorpion slides to the ground as Gorilla is escorted out of the ring.*

Marv: Another impressive showing by Gorilla there Tater and we have yet to find a man who can stop this beast.

*backstage we see Jason in Mr. Smith's office*

Jason: I think we deserve a shot at the Tag Titles

Smith: You do, well I tell you what, at Flying High in two weeks in Mexico City, you and Josh will get the chance to prove yourselves...It will be Josh and Jason taking on Primate and Oko in a #1 contenders match..the winner gets a shot at the tag titles at King of the World..Now get out of my office

*Jason seems pleased as he and Stacy walk out of Smith's office*



M: Something you don't see much and that has been Judge as the challenger

T: But he is in the ring and the crowd showing no respect to the former TV Champion

M: And here comes Johnny Blade

T: It seems like the crowd is cheering for him

M: Why not, he took the title off of Judge

T: Yeah but tonight Judge has 15 minutes to regain the gold

*Blade slides in the ring, and Judge quickly goes after him...the bell is sounded as Judge not letting Blade get up...stomping him, finally Judge gets Blade up and hits a huge open hand chop that makes Blade grab his chest in pain, Judge whips Blade into the ropes...Judge misses a clothesline, and Blade hits the opposite ropes, Blade goes for a crossbody, but Judge catches him...he hits a backbreaker and covers..1...2..kickout....*

M: Judge so strong, you got to think Blade is at a disadvantage

T: Only if he can't get the big man off his feet

*Judge picks Blade up and hits a punch and another...he whips Blade into the corner and charges in..Blade with a foot to the face..Blade hops to the 2nd turnbuckle and tries to come off, but Judge catches him with a big boot and lays him out...the cover..1.....2..kickout*

M: You have to wonder if Blade is out of his element

T: this is definitely not a hardcore match that's for sure

*Judge is up and hits a legdrop..the cover...1..2.kickout...Judge goes for a reverse chin lock and pulls back...Blade in trouble as the ref is checking him....11 minutes left in the match and Blade trying to power himself up..blade to his feet, but Judge rears back a hand and comes down hard with a clubbing blow across the chest of Blade..Blade falls to his knees...Judge picks him up and tries to go for the Final Sentence...Blade manages to flip himself upward but ends up on the shoulder of Judge...Judge runs and hits a running powerslam....he covers and hooks the leg..1.....2....kickout*

M: how did blade kick out?

T: Judge is dominating this match

*Judge on top pounding away with punches...He gets Blade up and hits a headbutt...Blade staggers back...Judge backs Blade into the ropes and whips him...he tries a clothesline but Blade ducks it...Judge tries a reverse swing but Blade ducks it as well...Blade off the ropes with a back handsrping into an elbow*

M: Shades of Taijiri right there

T: Blade takes Judge down, and finally Blade back into this match

*Both men down, and Blade shaken off the cobwebs gets to his feet..Judge slowly getting up...Blade off the ropes and hits a flying roundhouse kick to Judge to take him down..the cover..1...2..Judge with his shoulder up...Blade gets up and hits a standing moonsault...the pin...1...2..kickout again*

M: 6 minutes to go and Blade trying to put Judge away

*Blade gets up and heads to the turnbuckle..the crowd cheering...Blade climbs to the top rope...Judge slowly to his feet and Blade leaps with a missile dropkick taking him down...Blade covers...1...2.Judge powers him out and Blade hits the mat...Blade to his feet, and Judge is getting up...Judge turns around and Blade with a Yakuza kick sends Judge backwards and makes him fall out of the ring...*

M: what a kick

T: Judge to the outside now

*Blade gets a breather as Judge struggles to get to his feet..Judge finally to his feet, and Blade launches himself over the top rope and onto him...both men laying on the floor...the ref counting....1........2..*

M: Both men are down, but Blade getting up first

*Blade gets Judge and rolls him back in with 3 minutes to go...Blade covers...but only gets two....Blade nails some kicks to Judge, then gets him up...Blade with a chop, then whips Judge into the corner...Blade comes running at him but Judge lunges from the corner and hits a clothesline taking Blade down...Judge covers him..1....2....foot on the rope*

M: Blade got a foot on the rope

T: judge has two minutes to beat him, he better hurry

*Judge pulls Blade up and hits a punch, he tries the chokeslam, but Blade with a kick to the gut and another..Blade stops it, and tires a roundhouse..Judge catchs his leg, and Judge with leg in hand, wraps around blade and hits a modified belly to belly/leg suplex*

M: He might have just killed him

T: Judge covers, we got a new champ

*1.......2.....shoulder up*

M: Oh my god, Blade kicked out

T: yeah but he could be hurt

*Judge is furious...He picks Blade up and hits a shortarm clothesline, the cover..1.....2...kickout....less than a minute to go....Judge arguing with the ref*

M: Arguing isn't going to help

T: time is running out

*Judge tries a pin again...1...2.kickout...Judge gets up and drops a big elbow..cover..1...2.kickout...40 seconds left....Judge picks Blade up...he turns him around and lifts him for the Excruciator*

M: The Excruciator is on

T: that torture rack move could make Blade give up

*Judge with the rack and blade in pain...the ref checking...25 seconds left.....Blade still not giving up and Judge continue to go up and down with the move....*

M: Blade won't give up

T: Judge not letting go

*18 seconds and Judge getting frustrated...he continues to keep the hold on....the ref asks again and Blade shaking his head no...blade starting to go limp with 12 seconds left*

M: Will he give up

T: He only needs 10 seconds

M: Judge is so close

*4......3.....2....1...the bell rings and Blade didn't give up...Judge drops him and thinks that he won...the ref tells him no and Judge is pissed*

M: This match has ended with a time limit draw

T: Judge is not happy

*Judge mad pushes down the ref...He picks a hurt Blade up and hits the Final sentence on him...he then takes the TV Title and holds it up above Blade as the crowd boos*

M: could we see Judge with the belt in the future

T: I don't know, but tonight he has sent a message that he will do whatever it takes to get that belt back

M: I'm sure we haven't seen the last of this rivalry

*Judge still poses with the title as the camera goes black*

*end show*


Let me know what you people think...this show was more of moving storylines as oppose to quality of matches...but feedback is greatly appreciated

Also thanks to Dr. Doom for writing the Vanilla Gorilla/Scorpion match.
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Good show.
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"...after about 2 minutes of Chopping..."

Thanks for the show DC. Great stuff. Nice work also Doom.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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Another good show. Interesting to see where alot of this is going. Good stuff.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Nice show, good stuff my peaceful brother, keep it up.

Peace and love
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