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Redemption Month 11 Week 2 March 31, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 11 Week 2 March 31, 2007

*the show opens with April Century looking down the hallway in the backstage area...just then a door to the building opens up and the crowd pops huge as Primate enters the building...April turns to see him and runs to him and gives him a huge hug*

April: I can't believe it, you didn't tell me you would be here tonight

Primate: I know baby, but I wanted to keep it quiet and shock these fans.

*Crowd begins chanting Primate as him and april listen to it*

April: So what are you doing here?

Primate: Well I am completely recovered, and thought I would stop by and see what was going on since I still have a company to return to.

April: Yeah can you belive that DC is the World Champion?

Primate: Yeah I heard, but I really can't believe that Judge is walking around with my TV Title.

April: Don't worry about that honey, I am sure in time you will get it back.

Primate: You damn right about that!

*Crowd is heard cheering*

Primate: Anyways, I need to go see some people, i will catch up with you later on?

April: Sure baby, glad to have you back

*She kisses him on the cheek*

Primate: Glad to be back

*Primate walks of as we go out to Marv and Tater*

Tater: Wow Marv, Primate is back

Marv: Yes he is, and good to see he has recovered, the IWO has miss him that is for sure. But let's talk about tonight, what a night we have for you folks, as DC and Force will sign on the dotted line and make it official for the World Title match at Spring Stampede.

T: I can't wait for that one

M: Right now Tater, we got some action for you as here comes Crusher

*Crusher walks to the ring a man on a mission, he gets in to a good reaction from the crowd, the Josh's music plays and he walks down the aisle*

M: Huge cheers for the guy who could be holding tag team gold soon.

T: Josh and Jason are the favorites to win the tag team title tourney, after all they never lost the belts to begin with

*Josh gets in the ring and the bell sounds, both men stare each other down, and Crusher slaps Josh, Josh retaliates and both men exchanging blows to begin this matchup...Crusher blocks one and gets the upperhand, he does a single leg takedown and quickly gets Josh in an armbar...Crusher keeping Josh grounded, as the ref is keeping a look to see if Josh taps out..the crowd split half and half in this one...Josh manages to roll and gets Crusher to break the hold, Josh up, but Crusher a step quicker and nails a clothesline on Josh...He tries for the ankle lock but Josh pushes him off, Josh up and nails a right to Crusher, another right, Josh with the whip, but Crusher reverses it, Crusher tries the hip toss, but Josh reverses it and goes for a back slide, the count..1...2..kickout....Crusher up, and Josh with a drop toe hold and then into a headlock*

M: josh showing some wrestilng moves of his own

T: Shocking

*Crusher powers up to his feet, and lifts Josh up for a side suplex to break the hold...Crusher up and on top of Josh pounding away...he picks him up and whips him into the corner...he charges but Josh floats over him and gets a sunset flip into the roll......1....2......3....Josh picks up the shocking win and rolls out of the ring....*

M: What a victory for Josh and you can hear the crowd cheering that man

T: I don't think Crusher is too happy about this.

M: he has to be pissed off that's for sure



*Crusher is walking backstage when April Century comes up to him with a mic*

April: Crusher you just lost yet again this week, do you feel you are on a losing streak?

Crusher: What kind of question is that, you stupid bitch, of course I am, and if you don't get that mic out of my face, I will show you what happens when I get pissed off

*Crusher goes past her, as April backs off, she seems upset about it*


M: That was no way to treat April

T: Yeah you don't think

M: what we have word that there is a commotion in the back

*Primate and Oko are seen yelling at each other in the hallway*

Primate: I haven't forgotten asshole

Oko: Anytime any place!


M: Wow, an explosive night and still 7 more matches to go

T: But here comes the next match and it is a first round match in the tag tourney

*Judge comes out to boos from the crowd, followed by the arrival of Tim Ross to more boos...they get in the ring as the Jingling Brothers come running out, the crowd is mixed for them, and they slide in as the bell rings, all four men going at it, but the Jingling Brothers are too quick, Ted hits a flying forearm on Tim Ross taking him down..Judge just gets the hurricanrana from Jed and goes sliding out of the ring...the Jingling brothers team up on Tim Ross, they whip him into the ropes, Jed ducks down in a doggy style position, Ross jumps over him and bounces off the ropes, Ted comes running jumps on Jed and lifts up and hits a flying roundhouse taking Ross' head off*

M: What a move that was

T: Impressive Marv

*Ted covers him ..1....2...kickout...They pick him up and whip him into the corner..Jed runs and hits the splash on Ross, then tosses him out to Ted who nails a dropkick....he motions for Jed to go up top...Jed begins to climb up the turnbuckle as Ted goes to the opposite side and begins to climb..Judge is up on the apron and pushes Jed who hits headfirst on the announce table*

M: I think we just got up close and personal with that clown

T: Look the swanton bomb!

*Ted hits it, and springs up, just then Judge nails the big boot on him taking his head almost off*

M: What a shot to the face

T: Judge is going to finish him off

*Judge picks Ted up and nails the Final Sentence on him, he covers...1......2.....3....*

M: And it's over and Judge yet again victorious

T: The TV Champion could be wearing more gold if he is successful next week in the semi-finals

M: Let's see the brackets so far in this tourney Tater

Josh & Jason vs. Tim Ross & Judge
Masque & Joker vs. Spice Boys or Thugged Out

M: You can see that the winner of the Spice Boys and Thugged Out match will meet Masque and Joker next week.

T: We don't have to wait long for that match will be next



*If you wanna eat my Curry plays as Gel Mibson comes out confused as to where Curry Muncher is...he gets in the ring, and tries explaining to the ref that he has no clue to where his partner is*

M: These guys have had a lot of trouble showing up for matches

T: It must be the Curry

M: Or the Alcohol

*Tech Nine plays as Thugged Out comes down the aisle, Stick walks around to one side, and Exo climbs on the apron, he gets in as Gel runs at him trying to get some offense in, he is wailing on Exo, but Big Stick from behind with a blow to the back of Gel, Thugged out teaming up on him pounding Gel down...*

M: this looks like a mugging

T: It pretty much is Marv

*Stick and Exo do a double suplex the both guys stand up and talk some trash to a fallen Gel...Exo with a leg drop, followed by some dancing from Stick which leads to an elbow drop..he covers...1...2.Stick pulls him up and they laugh about it as the ref warns them...Exo runs and hits the ropes, Stick has Gel up, and Exo with a boot to the gut of Gel...Stick, then hits a gutwrench powerbomb on him....*

M: This is enough cover him already

*They whip Gel into the ropes, and nail the Last Call on him*

T: they might have just killed him

*Exo covers him for the 1.....2.....3.....*

M: Thugged Out will move on to face Masque and Joker next week

T: that will be a fight I guarentee it

*Backstage we see some security moving boxes from a door, they get the door open and Curry comes out speaking spanish and yelling real loud..he runs down the hall as the security watches, the door swings shut and we see a card taped to the door that reads: *

*We see a camera showing Tiger drinking a bottle of something..he then puts it down and walks towards the ring as we go to a break*


M: Tiger in the ring and he looks well a little strange

T: he seems to be staggering a bit

M: did he get into Gel's wine?

*Peabody comes out and is followed by a cage with the Vanilla Gorilla in it...Peabody nods to the guards and the cage is open, he slaps the gorilla and then points into the ring at Tiger, he then says something but we can't hear him...Gorilla slides in and Tiger stammers over, Tiger with a right, but Gorilla easily blocks it and grabs Tiger and begins to choke him...Tiger trying to get out of the choke, as Gorilla breaks before five, but grabs Tiger and nails a belly to belly on him*

M: This match underway and already Gorilla dominating

T: Tiger doesn't seem like himself Marv

*Tiger trying to sit up, but having trouble, Peabody says for Gorilla to finish him..Gorilla pick Tiger up and headbutts him back down to a knee, he then locks in the bearhug and is tossing Tiger around*

M: The bearhug and Gorilla is so strong Tiger might have to give up

T: Give up, Marv I think he just passed out

*the ref calls for the bell as Tiger is out, and Gorilla keeps tightening the hold..finally Peabody orders him to stop..he tells him to get back in the cage, he does and it is locked..Peabody, looks at Tiger and laughs...he then takes some pills out and stuffs them in the mouth of Tiger before leaving the ring and having Gorilla rolled off.*

*The camera's go backstage to see an EMT rushing down a hall. The cameraman runs to keep up. They turn a corner and you see a group of EMTs crowding around somebody. The camera tries to get a shot of who they are crowding around, but can't. Finally an EMT rushes to get some towels, and you see who it is. April Century is laying on the floor out cold, with bruises all over her, and blood pooling around her from a cut on her head.*

T: What the hell? Who attacked April?

M: Where is Primate. You can damn sure bet he's going to want revenge for this vicious attack.



*We see Primate pissed off backstage as April is on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance, Judge comes up behind Primate..*

Judge: Sorry about your girl

*Primate turns around to see Judge*

Primate: Fuck you buddy

Judge: Hey, look man, I can't help it if you were around to protect your little bitch

Primate: You keep talking and I will make you into a little bitch

Judge: Why don't you go ahead and try it

Primate: I don't have time for you, because I have to find out who did this to April, and I know you are smart enough to pull something like this off

Judge: Oh really?

Primate: yeah really, but don't worry, soon I will be coming for what is mine

Judge: Yeah you keep talking just like those other chumps, and you will find out the hard way what justice is all about

*Primate pushes Judge out of the way and heads down the hallway*


M: Poor April, and I guess Judge is not a suspect

T: I guess not, but I am sure Primate will figure out who did it

M: right now, we have a title match, a hardcore title match

T: I love battle royals

M: Yeah but this one involves weapons

*Duality plays as Corey Taylor is introduced, he is followed by Scorpion, Oko, Joseph T. Schmo Esquire, Ravage, Alli Sabbah and finally the hardcore champ Mr. Giggles...all the men are in the ring with each man holding some sort of weapon, the bell sounds...*

M: this one may get ugly!

*Schmo and Alli appear to be brawling in one corner and Corey with his chain goes after and knocks the kendo stick out of Ravage's hand...Scorpion catches Oko in the ribs with the bat and it falls to the ground...Schmo looks like he might have gotten the upperhand on Alli as Giggels walks was a ploy as Swinn dives in the ring and grabs Giggles by his ankle..Giggles is distracted and Alli and Schmo toss out Giggles*

M: the champ is gone and we will crown a new one tonight Tater

T: What is this, why is Schmo helping Alli?

*Swinn goes out of the ring and waits, with Alli's bodyguards who watch on...Corey takes Ravage over the top with a clothesline and both men hit the ground*

M: Two more eliminations

*Alli's security gets in, and they quickly go after Scorpion, he takes one out with the bat, and then the other...Swinn is in front of him distracting him, when Schmo nails Scorpion in the back with the briefcase...he drops the bat, and Alli with a chair lays him out...together Schmo and Sabbah toss Scorpion over, as Swinn grabs a salami out of Sabbah's bag at ringside*

M: It's the magical salami tater

T: that reminds me I'm kind of hungry

*Oko still holding his ribs is up, and Alli nails him in the gut with the salami, he hits one knee, and Joseph Schmo grabs him and tosses him over the top rope to the floor...Sabbah and Schmo look at each other and Schmo nods, he climbs over the top ropes and drops the floor as the bell rings..Schmo takes his breifcase and walks up the ramp as Alli celebrates with the hardcore title*

M: What the hell just happened

T: Has Schmo sold out to Alli

M: He has that briefcase doesn't he?



*A table with some chairs is in the middle of the ring as is Miss A., Equalizer, and Mr. Smith*

Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen at this time will you please welcome the RWA Heavyweight Champion, the undefeated Unstoppable Force!

*King of Kings plays as Force comes down to the ring, the crowd cheers wildly for him as he gets in and shows off the belt barely looking at Smith and Company*

Smith: And now welcome the current IWO Heavyweight Champion, DC!

*DC comes out by himself and walks to the ring, the crowd cheers, but some boos are still heard..he gets in and puts the IWO belt on the table and stares Force down*

Smith: Easy guys, tonight we sign a contract for Spring Stampede...And I heard what both of you had to say earlier in the week about this match...I have come to a The PPV not only with the IWO Title be on the line, but so will the RWA Title!

M: What a shocker!!!

*Crowd cheers loudly for this as both men are still locked in a gaze*

Smith: Now all you have to do is sign this contract and that match will be official

*Force puts his title on the table and signs the contract and pushes it at DC....DC takes the pen, but stops, he asks Smith for the mic as the crowd is starting to a boo a little*

DC: Mr. Smith, I'm glad to see that you care about this match, and have taken interest in what I had to say...So let me make one more suggestion if you don't mind...You see Force and myself have been involved in several matches together..sometimes partners...sometimes opponents...and in those matches where we were on opposite occured to me, that Force has never beaten me fact Force has one victory over me, and that was by attacking me from fact let's take a look!

*A video is shown on the big monitor from months ago when Force leveled DC with a chair when the ref was out..Force then got the pin*

DC: You see that's fine, as Force told me it wasn't personal it was business...well if there is a chance that Force is going to be able to beat me with a steel chair then I want to know it...I don't want to turn around and have someone break the rules to beat me...What I am asking for is that this match be no disqualification and no countout...

*Crowd pops huge for this*

DC: Because if I am going to lose by a sneak attack I want to know it was legal!

*Force grabs the mic from DC*

Force: You know and you we have been up and down the road together...and like you said...I hit you with a chair...just like you did me in the battle royal for the TV Title!!!

*Smith gets the mic back*

Smith: Gentlemen, know listen, it seems that both of you have a score to settle and that is fine you can do so at the PPV in a no dq, no countout matchup

*Crowd cheers*

Smith: But first I need DC to sign this contract

*DC looks at Force and then takes the pen, he signs the contract*

Smith: thank you...oh and one more thing, since you two guys are such good buddies and this should be a good match, I want to make sure you are both ready for it, so as a tuneup next week you two will be tagging up to take on Scorpion and Razor. Have a good night!

*Cult of Personality plays as Smith, Equalizer and Miss A leave the ring with DC and Force holding their belts and staring each other down*



*Joker is in the ring hutched over a corner...Masque hasn't shown up yet and the new tag team of Kage and Sledge the Riot Makers come out to a pretty decent pop*

M: Another new tag team and these guys look for real

T: Nevermind that where is Masque?

*The Riot Makers get in the ring and they stop Kage looks at Sledge and points over to Joker, he walks over and grabs Joker by the shoulder, Joker raises up and a fireball comes out and nails Kage right in the face...Kage hits the ground and rolls around as Sledge looks stunned, Joker begins wailing on Sledge, but he quickly gets the advantage and is rocking Joker with some right hands..the lights go out and when they come on, Masque is in the ring behind Sledge with a chair, Sledge turns around and gets leveled by the chair...the bell sounds as the match officially starts*

M: What a fireballl

T: What a chair shot!

*Joker is jumping up and down yelling at Sledge..he tells Masque to finish him off...Masque lifts him up and then hits the Gravedigger on him....he covers him...1....2....3.....*

M: And just like that it is over

T: If I am Thugged Out I would be worried about next week

*Masque stands up as the lights go out...when they come back on both Joker and Masque are gone, and Both Riot Makers are laying on the mat in the ring...EMTs rush in to check on Kage and his burns*

*backstage Priamte is walking around when Hugh Miller stops him*

Hugh: Primate any word on who took out April?

Primate: yeah there are some suspects and I about have it narrowed down and when I do, I promise you someone will pay

*Primate walks off down the hall still enraged*



*Troy turns the corner and bumps into Primate*

Troy: watch where the hell you are going you stupid animal

*Primate loses it and begins to assault Troy..he rams him into the wall and then tosses him into a table backstage...Primate on top of him with punches..Troy trying to fight back rakes the eye of Primate...Troy gains composure and tries for the superkick but Primate catches his foot and then kicks Troy in the balls...Troy is hunched over and Primate picks him up and powerbombs him through a table...he then grabs some kind of equipment box and tosses it on top of rushes to the scene to get Primate out of there*

M: Troy just got assautled by Primate

T: you don't mess with a man that is pissed off

*Jason's music hits and him and Stacy come to the ring to the cheers from the crowd...they get in the ring and Jason and Stacy kiss*

M: well this is the match Troy is scheduled for

T: Here comes Chad Willard

*Chad goes to the ref and tells him something, the ref nods then goes to the ring announcer*

Ring Announcer: I must inform you all, that Troy Alston will be unable to compete tonight, therefore your winner by forfeit is Jason!

*Crowd not happy about the match not taken place, but Jason sure is as he hugs Stacy and they kiss before leaving the ring*

M: Well I guess Troy is hurt more than we thought

T: I guess so marv

M: Up next it's a streetfight and it's the main event!



*We come back to the street fight already taken place in the backstage area...Johnny Blade is bleeding from his forehead after a chair shot that started the match when Dragon attacked him...Dragon tossing Blade all over the place and finally a ref is back there...*

M: blade in trouble early on Tater

T: yeah and that wound is once again open

*Dragon has Blade against a wall and nails fist of fury on him...Blade staggering and Dragon rams him face first into the opposite wall..Blade falls on the ground as Dragon pushes the camera man down...he then takes the camera wire and begins to choke blade with it*

M: Blade being choked now, and this could be all for him

T: That move is definitely cutting his oxygen off

*Dragon gets Blade up with the wire still around him...he then rams him headfirst into some boxes that fall over and Blade goes crashing to the floor as well..Dragon yells at him to get up...Dragon goes over and picks Blade up and slaps him in the head a few times..he then gets him by the head and drags him into the catering room...He tosses blade into some folding chairs that fall over..blade hitting the ground*

T: damn I should have went and got my food earlier like I wanted to

*Dragon gets a tray from a table, and kicks Blade in the back, he then yells something at him and then drives that tray in between blades shoulders...he covers him on the floor...the ref gets into a position to count....1....2...kickout...*

M: How the hell did he do it

*Dragon is pissed and tells the ref to count faster...he gets Blade up and leans him against a table..he picks the tray back up and cusses at Blade, he then goes to nail blade with the tray but Blade manages to yakuza kick him right over a table and onto some chairs knocking them down..Blade too falls to the floor as well*

M; What a kick

T: Blade needs to get up and do something

*Blade bleeding tries to pull himself up on the table...Dragon finally gets the chairs off him and gets to his feet..Blade with some kind of energy hops up on the table and nails a dropsault taking Dragon down and making Blade hit his back hard on the ground as well...*

M: both men down again

T: What a match so far

*Blade holding his back gets to his feet, Dragon is up..Dragon comes running at him, but Blade kicks him in the gut and then hits a belly to belly suplex and sends Dragon onto a table but it doesn't break...*

M; that had to hurt with that table not breaking

*Blade wipes blood from his face, and then climbs up onto another table..he tooks at Dragon who is laying sprawled on the other table..Blade runs a little then leaps and hits a splash that causes the table to break and both men land on the floor....Blade is on top in a covering position and the ref counts....1......2...Dragon gets a shoulder up*

M: incredible

T: How did he do it?

*Blade rolls off of Dragon, and slowly gets to his feet...Blade grabs a chair...Dragon slowly rolls over..he tries to get to a knee...Blade comes up behind him and whacks him in the leg with the chair, causing Dragon to hit the ground...he then begins to wear Dragon out with the chair...*

M: Blade has that crazy look in his eye right now

*He gets Dragon up, as Blade with a second wind, spins and catches his foot right in Dragon's nose causing it to bleed*

T: He might have broken his nose

M; the blood is coming now

*Dragon stunned on the ground, is turned away from Blade, blade grabs him and hits the Death drop onto the chair....he covers him....1......2.....3....*

M: Blade did it, he came back and won this thing

T: neither man really looks like a winner

M: You gotta think that Blade is putting himself in position to go after the World Title

T: yeah but which one

*Blade has his arm raised, as he wipes more blood from his head...Primate's music hits and he begins walking to the ring to a huge pop from the fans*

M: Here comes Primate

T: What does he want?

M: I guess we will find out right after this



*Primate is in the ring with a mic*

Primate: As you all know, April Century was attacked earlier tonight...and I said I would find out who did it...well I have.... I have narrowed it down to two men...Crusher..

M: Crusher, come on he couldn't have done something like that

Primate: And Oko.

T: That would be my guess Marv

Primate; So both of you sorry sons of bitches need to get down here right now!

*Crusher's music hits as he walks to the ring..he gets in and Oko comes out to his music..both men are in the ring and Primate goes up to Oko*

Primate: I don't like you, and I know you don't like me which gives me all the reason to believe it was you....

*he turns to crusher*

Primate: At the same time, you got in April's face earlier and made a threat at her, so it must be you

*Crusher asks for the mic*

Crusher: Look I was pissed off, but I wouldn't do such a thing...I got nothing against you man, and I can tell you and everyone else out here, that I am here to wrestle and become a champion not attack some chick.

*Primate looks at him, and backs off away from both men*

Primate: You know, I figured that both of you wouldn't really tell me anything...but you see I know which one of you did it...and that person is....You!!!!

*Primate looks at Oko*

T: I knew it

*Crusher tells and yells at Oko who just seems to be smiling...Crusher looks back at Primate and he is nailed with the Spear*

M: He just speared Crusher

T; What is going on?

*The crowd is stunned, as Primate looks at Oko..they both start stomping on Crusher...Primate tells him to get Crusher and Oko puts him in the full nelson/camel clutch varition..Primate kicks Crusher in the face as he is helpless*

M: what the hell is Primate doing

*Primate slides out of the ring and looks under it and grabs a table, he puts it back in the ring and sets it up as the crowd is booing at this point*

T: What is that table for?

*Oko picks Crusher back up, and Primate hits another spear*

M: Someone stop this

*Primate gets Crusher and puts him in the corner, and sets him on top...he climbs up and looks back he then nails the Extinction through a table*

T: OH MY GOD!!!!

M; He might have just been broken in half and then some!

*Oko helps Primate up as Crusher is laying in the debris..Primate gets the mic as the crowd is booing him..he hugs Oko*

Primate: As you all can see the person that attacked April Century was.....ME!!!!!

*Crowd boos as Primate and Oko raise their arms...the camera fades out*

*end show*


any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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Awsome show. Awsome ending.
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Awesome show.

I had a feeling it was Primate that hurt April.
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Keep up the great work. That is all.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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I like the storyline DC.

Great job with the show man.

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