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Redemption Month 11 Week 1 March 24, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 11 Week 1 March 24, 2007

*King of Kings blares in the arena as Force makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop*

M: Welcome to Redemption everyone, and glad to have you with us, as the IWO is still in business

T: that's right Marv, and tonight we are kicking things off with a title match

M: You see the challenger in the ring and tonight Force will take on Tim Ross for the RWA title.

*a limo pulls onto the stage and Ross gets out wearing the RWA title, the crowd boos him as he makes his way to the ring.*

M: Ross still the RWA champ although that company is out of business

T: Well Smith might own the company now, but he has decided that the title will still be around for the moment and tonight it's being defended.

*Ross gets in the ring and gives the belt to the ref, him and Force stare at each other as the bell sounds...Ross offers a handshake, but Force pauses, he looks to the crowd, and Ross nails him with a right and another..Ross with a kick to the gut, and Ross unloading..he whips Force but it's reversed...Ross hits the ropes and Force goes for the clothesline, Ross ducks it, but Force hits the ropes as well, Force leaps and hits a shoulder tackle taking down Ross, he gets to his feet, and Ross slowly up, Force goes for the chokeslam but a thumb to the eye*

M: It could have been all over

T: never count the champ out Marv

*Ross with a kick to Force's leg, and another...Ross working on kicking the leg of Force, trying to take a wheel off..Ross using a combo of punches to the head and kicks to the leg*

M: He wants to take Force off his feet

T: not working well for him

*Ross hits a chop, and it just enrages Force, Force yells and then unloads upon Ross with a fury of punches...Force whips Ross into the corner and follows him naililng the clothesline...again the same move opposite corner...Force climbs the turnbuckle and comes off the second rope with a double axe handle, he connects and covers....1...2...kickout..*

M: Force is so powerful look as he picks Ross up with ease

*Force hits a suplex, and then drops a legdrop and covers for two...*

T: Force has the upperhand Marv

*Force picks up Ross and nails a right hand, he then goes for the bearhug...force squeezing and Ross trying to hold on*

T: What a move

M: very oldschool of him and he is tiring out Ross

*Force holds on as Ross seems to be weakening..just then Force hits a belly to belly and covers...1...2..Ross barely kicks out*

M: ross has to be punished, how can he keep going on?

*Force picks Ross up, he slams him to the ground, then hits an elbow and covers, another two count...Force gets Ross up again, kicks him in the gut and then irish whips him into the ropes, Force with a spinebuster*

M: What a spinebuster, you can hear the impact

T: Force signaling to the fans that he is going to the turnbuckles

*Force climbs the turnbuckles and launches, he nails the Hell from Above and covers Ross, the ref counts......1.....2......3.....*

M: it's over Force just beat Ross

T: He is the new RWA Champ

*Force gets up to the cheers from the crowd as his music hits...the ref hands him the RWA title and raises his hand...*

M: The number one contender for the IWO Title is back on top now

*Blue on Black plays and DC walks out onto the stage to a mixture of cheers and boos, DC is clapping and has a mic*

DC: Bravo, Bravo Force...I must say it is refreshing to see you once again with a title

*Crowd gives cheers to the comment*

DC: I know you wonder what I am doing out here? It's quite simple, I am the IWO Heavyweight Champion.

*mix reaction from the crowd*

DC: Don't boo people, you have to realize, that what I did at the PPV was business...nothing more than see I didn't sell out to Smith..How I feel about him still remains the same...But I did him a favor and he owed me one..he didn't hand me this belt, I went out and saved this company and beat Troy to win this title

*still a mix reaction but mostly cheers*

DC: But enough about that..Force you did something last week, you beat Black Dragon and became the number one contender for the IWO Title...and now well you have won the RWA title...It seems to me, that two World Champions are one two many...and with that being said, I think that at the next PPV, which I am told is Spring Stampede...I plan on not only defending my title against you, but taking yours as well

*crowd cheers to the thought of a DC/Force title match*

DC: So next week, we sign a contract...and we make it official, so until then you go celebrate and I will see you next week partner.

*DC walks off as the crowd cheers Force who is shaking his head in a yes motion in the ring*



*We see Alli Sabbah in the ring surrounded by his security team..a ref is taking to someone outside the ring..the ref then goes and talks to Alli*

M: Well Tater i don't get it, where is Joe the Schmo

T: not like him to not show up for a match

*the ref tells the ring announcer something, and then the announcement is made that Joe the Schmo has forfeited the match and the winner is Alli Sabbah*

M: you got to be kidding me

T: Why would he forfeit a match?

*the crowd boos as Alli has a mic*

Alli: My friends, calm down, let me explain

*crowd chants you suck at Alli*

Alli: Do I need to have my security come out and take care of more of you?

*Crowd quiets down a bit*

Alli: Now, Joe the Schmo made a business decision, and he earned a hefty sum for his decision


Alli: But don't you fret, because Alli Sabbah is here to give you a show, and I have decided to do that by staying here at ringside for the next matchup...oh yes and one more thing, if you make it to my shop after the show I have a nice discount on all Alli Sabbah t-shirts!

*Crowd boos as the sounds of Braveheart play...Gel Mibson comes down the aisle and looks at Alli who smiles...the crowd cheers Gel...just then Peabody comes down with a cage behind him*

M: here comes that idiot Peabody and that monster the Vanilla Gorilla

T: He did a number on Crypitc last week

*the cage gets to the ring, and Peabody instructs it to be open..Gorilla jumps out and climbs in the ring..he turns and looks back at Peabody as the bell rings...Peabody shakes his head in a yes motion and Gel immediately goes after Gorilla...Gel with punches to the head and tries to whip him, but Gorilla is too strong and reverses it into a shortarm clothesline*

M: He almost took Gel's head off with that move

T: THis guy is an animal

*Gorilla picks up Gel and does a guerilla press on him...Gorilla hits the ropes and then lands a splash...He then picks Gel back up he looks at Peabody who gives him some kind of instruction...Gorilla then begins to headbut Gel repeatedly, he then grabs a staggering Gel and locks in the bearhug...he tosses gel violently in the move*

M: The bearhug, the second time tonight we have seen that move

T: yeah but he might kill Gel with it

*Gel is unable to get his hands from under the big monster...finally the pain is too much and Gel passes out...the ref calls for the bell and the Gorilla tosses Gel to the ground..Peabody gets in the ring, and looks over at Alli who is still watching...Peabody takes some kind of purple pills from his jacket and stuffs them in Gel's mouth...Peabody laughs and smiles at Alli before telling Gorilla to get back in the cage*

M: What is the deal with Alli and Peabody?

T: I don't know but Gel might be dead

*Gorilla gets back in his cage, as Peabody and Alli stare at each other*

*Backstage Josh is in his dressing room when Jason and Stacy walk in*

Jason: you ready to go out there and do this?

Josh: I was born ready

Stacy: then lets go guys



*Oldschool, Psycho and Ervin are in the ring, as Jason and Josh are introduced...they come running down the aisle and get in the ring as the bell rings...Psycho and Oldschool quickly on the offensive and get the upperhand..Psycho has Josh in the corner and Oldschool whips Jason into the opposite corner..Jason kicks him and then reverses him into the corner...Jason pounds on him, and Pyscho looks back at them, Josh reverses him into the corner and hits a chop and another before going off with punches..they whip the two men towards each other, with Psycho knocking down Oldschool...Psycho is dazed and Josh runs and hits a dropkick to the back of him..sending Psycho towards Jason who hits the JKO on him....he covers him....the ref counts..1.....2......3....*

M: Wow! what a victory

T: the former tag champs just moved on in this tourney and never had to make a tag

M: make a tag, they just dominated their opponents

*Josh and Jason celebrate with Stacy in the ring as the crowd cheers them on*

m: they had this thing won the minute they hit the ring

T: we got to see a replay of this Marv

*replay is shown....Josh, Jason, Stacy all walk back up the ramp with cheers from the crowd*

*blade is shown in Smith's office*

Smith: I tell you if you win tonight, then you can possibly have a title shot against DC

Blade: don't worry I will win tonight, and then I better get that title shot or else

*blade slams the door as he walks out of smith's office*



*Tech Nine plays as Thugged Out comes to the ring*

M: It's those thugs we have seen from the past couple of weeks

T: It says here that the white guy is Exo and the black man is Stick

M: Stick? That guy is huge or you sure that is not a misprint?

T: It could be

*Barbwire Joe comes down the aisle, followed by Ravage, Joe is in the ring first as the bell rings...him and Exo start out...they lock up, and Exo and Joe both struggling to get some leverage...they break, and Exo points over towards Ravage, Joe looks and Exo nails him with a right hand that takes him down..Exo laughs and goes over and tags in Stick..Joe is up and looks mad he goes over to tag Ravage, but Ravage backs down..Joe looks at him and turns around to get a boot to his face...*

M: ravage didn't want to tag in against this big guy..ummm..Stick

*Stick picks Joe up with ease and whips him into the corner where Exo is..Stick grabs the ref and tells him something and points to Ravage..meanwhile, Exo choking Joe out in the corner with the tag rope*

M: look ref, they are cheating

T: Stick distracting the ref, and Exo taking advantage

*Exo lets go as Stick takes a shot at Ravage, but he moves..the ref arguing with them, as Exo pounding on Joe in the corner..he grabs Joe and drops him throat first on the top rope as Exo jumps to the floor...Joe on the ground, and Stick goes over and covers...1...2....kickout..*

M: they almost took the victory that time

*Stick gets Joe up and tosses him into the corner, and tags in Exo, they get in and stomp him together in the corner..Ravage just watches on..the ref tells Stick he needs to get out..Exo pulls Joe out of the corner and hits a suplex..he covers....two count...Exo gets Joe up and hits him..he tags in Stick, they whip Joe into the ropes and nail the Last Call*

T: What a finisher

M: They call that the Last Call

*Stick covers as Ravage doesn't move off the apron...the count...1....2...3...Exo and Stick get up and shake hands before Exo pulls out a card and lays it on top of Barbwire Joe*

M: Ravage didn't even bother to help his partner

T: maybe it was intimidation

*Thugged Out leave the ring and head up the ramp, as Ravage gets in the ring...he walks over to a fallen Barbwire Joe, and Picks him up, he then kicks him in the gut and lifts him up and nails the Ravage Driver on him..the crowd boos, as Ravage laughs and walks out of the ring*

M: Why did he do that

T: Totally uncalled for



*all four hardcore opponents are in the ring, and they hear the bell and go at it...Blade and Dragon exchanging blows, but Oko gets the upperhand on Giggles and they go outside...Oko taking Giggles out on the floor...Oko ramming Giggles headfirst into the announce table, then hits a huge clothesline to take him down...Oko picks up a chair and slides in behind Blade who has knocked down Dragon..he turns and Oko blasts him in the head with the chair...the blood comes rushing from the wounds Blade had the previous week*

M: oko with the champ bleeding should go for the cover

*Oko tosses down the chair, and grabs Blade and goes for his finisher..he locks in the full nelson/camel clutch variation...Dragon slides over and gets the chair, he nails Oko in the back with it, causing him to break the hold..Oko hits the mat..Dragon with a chair shot again to the back of Oko...and another...Dragon tosses the chair down and covers Blade......1......2...kickout*

M: blade managed to kick out

T: a true champion, and what endurance he has

*Dragon upset, unloads on top of Blade...blood still pouring from the champ, as Giggles watches on the outside now..Giggles with some mimicry for the crowd....they don't seem entertained...Dragon picks Blade up, and nails a roundhouse kick on him taking him down...he begins to choke him with his boot, Oko trying to use the ropes to get up....Dragon, back on top of blade choking the champion...Oko standing up holding his back as Giggles slides in..he gets the schoolboy on Oko..the ref counts..1.....2.....3.....*

M: Oh my god, what an upset!!!!

T: Giggles just won the Hardcore Title!!!

*Oko lays on the mat shocked that giggles just beat him..Dragon gets up and can't believe that the mime just won...He runs and hits a spinning roundhouse on Giggles taking him back to the mat...He picks up a chair, as Giggles tries to get up...Oko slides out of the ring, and heads to the back...Giggles is up and Dragon lays him out with the chair*

M: this is not neccessary

T: You lost, deal with it!

*Giggles is laid out as Dragon stands above him looking down as the crowd boos him*



*Promo shown for Riot Makers*

M: another new team heading to the IWO next week

T: I can't wait

*Cryptic came out to the ring, as the crowd cheers*

M: this man is undefeated and has yet to throw a punch

T: he doesn't have to

*If you wanna eat my curry comes on, as Curry Muncher comes to the ring..the bell is sounded and both men in the ring talking....Cryptic tells Curry something and the two of them just talking..Curry shakes his head and smiles, and the two men shake hands...just then Cryptic hits a small package as the ref counts....1...2...3....*

M: Crypitc just did a move

T: he just won again, but all he did was pin Curry

*Cryptic gives the peace sign and rolls out of the ring, and Curry goes over and bangs his head on a turnbuckle in utter disappointment*

M: tough break for Curry

T: another loss for the Muncher



*Razor is in the ring, as Scorpion drops down to the center of the ring..the crowd cheers them, and Joker comes down the aisle...he points at the two of them, and Razor jumps out of the ring and comes after him..he chases him up the ramp, as the lights go out..they come on and Masque is in the ring...Scorpion turns around and recieves a chokeslam for it*

m: The belll rings and Scorpion left alone in this tag match with Masque

T: the winner moves on in the tourney, but right now it's just Scorpion getting choked by Masque

*Masque picks Scorpion straight up and holds him by his throat in the air with both hands*

M: he's choking the life out of him

T: poor Scorpion not a way to redebut in the IWO

*Masque drops him straight down ala Khali...he then picks Scorpion back up and nails the GraveDigger on him...he covers...1....2....3...*

M: Masque and Joker pick up the win, and move on in the tag tourney

T: With the deadman on your side, you can't really go wrong

*Masque stands up and gives a crooked smile, as the lights go off again*



M: the main event Tater, and it's 15 minutes for the TV Title

T: all Judge has to do is not get beat

M: easier said than done

*Crusher comes out to cheers from the crowd and gets in the ring..the crowd cheers him some more, before Judge comes out with the TV Title to the boos from the crowd..he gets in the ring, and right away him and Crusher go at it, as the bell sounds...Crusher tries a whip, but it's reversed...Judge misses the boot, and Crusher grabs him from behind and hits the german suplex...cover....2 count...*

M: Crusher wasting no time going for the pin

T: Time is his enemy Marv

*Crusher with an armbar on Judge..Judge to his feet, and Crusher turns it into a hammerlock...Judge walks to the ropes and Crusher has to break the hold...both men then lock up, and Judge overpowers him into the ropes...the ref calls for the break and Judge does but hits a cheapshot punch to Crusher...he then whips him but it's reversed...Crusher lowers the head, and Judge tries for the powerbomb, he lifts Crusher up, but Crusher goes over his back, and rolls him up...1.....2..kickout...Crusher to his feet, and so is Judge...Judge with a punch but it's blocked, Crusher hits a kick to the gut, and then a snap suplex...he tries for the ankle lock and has Judge halfway turned*

M: the ankle lock almost applied

*Judge too strong uses his other leg to kick Crusher off...Judge up, but Crusher back on him with fists...Crusher unloading, with punches as Judge is on the ropes...the ref separates them, and Judge with a poke to the eyes...he then nails a clothesline and takes Crusher down...he gets on top and punches the crap out of him with 8 minutes to go*

M: Halfway home, and Judge with the advantage

T: get him off of him ref

*the ref counts on Judge who gets up..he stomps on Crusher some, and picks him up...Judge with the whip, and misses yet again the boot..Crusher off the ropes...and goes for a flying forearm...Judge falls back into the ropes..Crusher charges at him, and Judge ducks and sends him flying over the top rope to the floor below...*

M: A hard spill by Crusher and Judge resting for a few seconds

T: and now he is going after him

*Judge on the outside, picks Crusher up and whips him into the barricade...he then hits an open hand chop on him and grabs him by the waist, he then rams him back first into the barricade again...Judge rolls in and breaks the count and back out as less than 6 minutes are left...Judge chokes Crusher with his boot against the barricade..he then rolls Crusher back in the ring...Judge follows, and picks Crusher up...he hits a slam...runs and nails a legdrop...he gets up and does the leg drop again and covers...1.....2...kickout*

M: Crusher still trying to hold on

T: judge only needs to last 5 more minutes

*Judge gets Crusher up, and hits a right hand, he whips him into the corner...Judge runs at him, but Crusher with a boot to the face of Judge..Crusher up on the second turnbuckle, he comes off, and gets chokeslammed....Judge picks Crusher back up gets him in position and hits the Final Sentence...he covers...1.....2......3..*

M: It's over and Judge retains the TV Title

*Judge stands up and is handed the belt he shrugs the ref away, and raises his arms as the crowd boos him..the camera fades to black*

*end show*
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