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Iron Steel and Gold PPV March 17, 2007
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Default Iron Steel and Gold PPV March 17, 2007

*live from pittsburgh a steel cage is seen sitting above the ring, explosions go off as we cut to Marv Rome and Tater Inberg both dressed in green*

M: Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and welcome to Pittsburgh where tonight we might be witnessing the last IWO PPV.

T: That's right Marv, but we won't have to wait long to find out if it is or not, because the first match is about to get underway

*Tim Ross' music hits and a limo pulls up onto the stage..Ross gets out and so does Mr. Robere. The Crowd boos loudly at them*

M: Here comes the RWA representative Tim Ross

T: Don't forget he is that company's heavyweight champion

M: I didn't, I just don't care.

T: Ross looks good tonight

M: we will see if that changes in just a moment, as you can see both Robere and Ross in the ring now, and you got to think Tater a lot is riding on this.

T: A lot? Hell our jobs are riding on this match

*Cult of Personality comes on as Mr. Smith comes down to ringside and grabs a mic*

Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen you are about to witness history. You are about to watch a match that holds the fate of two companies. You see this match between Mr. Ross and DC will determine which company stays in business and gets the rights to the other company.

*crowd cheering*

M: I'm ready for this.

Smith: And let me add, that should anyone interfere in this match for either company then that company will forfeit the match automatically.

T: That's huge

Smith: Now let's get on with it!

*Blue on Black plays as DC walks out to the stage and looks at the limo, the crowd pops huge..DC shakes his head and walks towards the ring*

M: Here comes DC with the IWO on his shoulders

T: He looks so prepared

M: I hope he is.

T: Looks like Smith and Robere are going to stay at ringside

*DC gets in the ring and stares down Ross the two jaw at each other as the bell rings*

M: Smacktalking going on, and here we go, Ross with a right and DC with one of his on..back and forth the two men go

T: Come on DC

*DC gets the upperhand and backs Ross into the ropes, he whips him and DC misses a clothesline, Ross hits the ropes and DC with a flying shoulder tackle knocks him down...DC goes for a headlock...Ross up and pushes DC towards the ropes, Ross lowers his head and DC with a huge DDT, and the cover...1....2...kickout*

M: So close, DC almost had the quick victory

T: Robere looks upset, his company was almost gone bye bye

M: bye bye?

T: yeah you know the term, for gone?

M: yes I know Tater

*DC is up and has Ross in the corner, he climbs up the ropes and unloads on him as the crowd counts...3....4......5....6...Ross manages to grab DC and pull him out of the corner and hit a spinebuster on him...slowly Ross covers..1...2....kickout*

M: that was close

T: yeah and both men down

*Ross to his feet first, and kicks DC as he tries to get up, another kick and then Ross gets on top of DC and pounds on him...he stops and drops an elbow to the chest and covers...1..2..kickout...Ross gets DC up, and hits a punch, then he goes for a side headlock...Ross grinding the lock on DC...he pulls him towards the ropes and Ross rakes DC's eyes on the top rope*

M: that has to hurt

T; he is taking DC's eyesight out of the equation

*Ross lets go as DC staggers and hits a knee...Ross waits as DC stands up and nails a clothesline, he covers and gets 2...Ross with a choke and lets go at 4, then does it again*

M: Ross wearing DC down

T: good strategy by the RWA champ

*Ross has DC up and punches him a few times, he whips DC into the ropes and catches him with a sleeper hold...*

M: Sleeper Hold, can DC get out of this

*Ross doen't have it on tight, and DC hits a back body drop on him...both men on the ground and the ref counting......4......5.....6...Ross moves a bit...7....DC moving...8.....Ross up first...DC is up and Ross misses a clothesline, DC with a kick to the gut and the stunner*

M: Stunner, shades of Stone Cold

T: cover him!!!!

*the cover...1.....2....kickout*

M: how did he do it

*Robere is livid and gets on the apron arguing with the ref...Smith runs over and jerks him down...Smith lays Robere out with a punch..the ref watching...DC up and pulls Ross up only to get hit with a lowblow....Ross goes for the cover.....the ref isn't looking*

M: not this way

*the ref turns around and sees the pin, he drops for the count....1..........2.....*

T: oh no!


M: he kicked out!

*Ross can't believe it, he is upset he is up and arguing with the ref.*

M: Ross has lost it

T: he thought he had DC beat

*Ross picks DC up and DC with the rollup...1.....2...kickout...DC slowly up, and Ross runs at him, DC with a droptoe hold takes him down..he grabs the leg and falls over and locks in the STF...*

M: STF, STF in the middle of the ring

T: Ross has no where to go

*DC holds it tight, as Smith is cheering him on as well as the rest of the crowd...Ross trying to hold on...he is reaching and trying to get to the ropes, but DC has the hold on tight*

M: Come on, tap out you bitch

T: Marv?

M: I like my job, sorry!

*the fans are cheering and Ross slowly moving towards the ropes...DC trying to keep the hold on...Ross almost there...Smith slapping the mats, as the crowd keeps cheering...Ross reaches out and misses grabbing the rope...DC yanks back more and Ross taps out*

M: he's tapping, it's over!

T: DC has just saved the IWO!

*DC lets go and slowly gets up as Smith jumps up and down on the outside..the fans cheer like crazy*

M: DC maybe just won the biggest match of his career

T: I know that was the biggest match I have ever called

M: this is shaping up to be a good night

T: At least for those employed by the IWO Marv

*they laugh as DC stands on the turnbuckle and celebrates*


*backstage a Scion pulls up and Troy steps out, he goes to the back and reaches in the trunk and pulls out a rolling bag and the World Title.*

Hugh: Troy, Troy the IWO is saved and you are still it's champion will that be the case after the main event tonight?

Troy: What? are you kidding me? I know you didn't just ask Troy Alston that? Someone should have fired your ass! Troy Alston has a match and doesn't have time to answer a ridiculous question such as that! Out of my way chump!

*Troy pushes Hugh and walks into the building as Hugh mutters "jerk" under his breath*


* Josh is walking down a hallway as Johnny Blade nails him from behind with a chair*

Blade: Sorry Josh, but you have something that belongs to me, ring the bell ref!

*A ref is standing beside Blade and calls for a bell which is sounded in the arena...Blade cracks the chair over Josh's back again, then picks him up he rams Josh into a wall, and takes the Hardcore Title off of him...Blade stares at it for a moment*

M: I guess the 15 Minute Ironman Match for the Hardcore Title has started

T: Yeah no kidding, someone should have informed Josh before hand

*Blade hands the title to some jabroni and tells him to hold that for him he would be back to get it in a few minutes...Blade gets Josh up and rams him into the wall again, then he hits a double arm ddt onto the hard floor..Blade rolls him over and the ref counts...1.......2...kickout...blade looks shocked*

M: How did he kickout

T: military training

*Blade gets up and stomps on Josh some, then he goes and picks back up the chair laying in the hallway, Blade yells about kicking out and nails the dude holding the hardcore title in the head with the chair knocking him out*

M: Why the hell did he do that

T: I don't know but I bet that guy deserved it.

*Josh slowly trying to get up and uses a set of boxes to pull himself up, he turns and Blade nails him in the gut with the chair, making Josh hunch over...Blade grabs Josh and powerbombs him onto the chair...he covers and the ref counts...1......2.......3...*

M: Blade goes up 1-0 on Josh

T: yeah and about 9 minutes to go Marv

*Blade pushes the camera man down, and grabs the camera..he puts it on his shoulder...he then goes up and begins to film himself kicking on Josh...Blade hands the camera to the ref, who tries to find something to do with it, and Blade uses the camera wire to choke Josh with....*

M: He is trying to cut off the oxygen

T: hey you do what you got to do

*Blade finally lets go, and says it is time to get extreme...Blade walks off, and goes into a door...Josh is gasping for air..minutes go by, and Blade returns with about 5 minutes left in the match..Josh is up and Blade yells at him..Blade swings a barbwire bat at Josh's head, but Josh moves and the bat hits the wooden boxes and gets stuck in them..Josh with a kick to the side of Blade, and another...Josh hits a punch and another...Blade lets go of the bat and Josh is fighting back..Blade nails a knee to the midsection of Josh...blade calls him a bitch , and goes for the DDT, but Josh hits a lowblow...Josh asks him who is the bitch now, and dropkicks him down....Josh covers..1...2...kickout*

M: Less than 4 minutes to go, Josh better hurry

*Josh on top pounding on Blade..he gets up, and grabs the bat and pulls it from the boxes..Josh says now it is his turn...Blade, trying to get to his feet, and Josh nails him in the back with the barbwire...Blade rears up in pain as the barbwire pulls the flesh from the back of Blade*

M: that has to hurt

T: It hurt looking at it

*Josh takes the bat, and puts it in front of Blade's face and then with two hands he pulls it back putting the barbwire into the face of Blade..Josh holds it there as Blade screams in pain..Finally Josh pulls the bat back and tears the skin of Blade...blood comes flowing*

M: I think I'm going to be sick

T: i have never seen this side of Josh

*With 1 minute 15 seconds left, Josh is taunting Blade, who is shaking on the ground..Blade is trying to crawl away....Josh nails Blade in the back with the bat again and lets go, he then stomps on the bat forcing it into blade's back..Josh asks him how does that feel?*

M: Josh has lost it

T: Yeah but he better regain it, because time is running out

*Under a minute, and Josh pulls the bat out of the back of blade...he then rubs the barbwire into the back of the head of Blade...the ref trying to convince Josh to stop , but Josh says he won't...he continues to grind that barbwrie with 40 seconds left..blood pouring out of Blade, who is in some pain*

M: Josh is hurting Blade, he should pin him now!

*Josh is screaming as he forcing the bat into Blade some more, just then Troy comes up the hallway rolling a bag and sees the two men...troy comes up and superkicks Josh who had no way to defend himself*

M: What the hell did he do that for?

T: He's the champ Marv, why not

*Troy looks at Josh and tells him "Payback is a bitch", and then walks off...Josh is on the ground and so is Blade as the clock winds down...10.....9......8....*

M: Johnny Blade did it, he just beat Josh for the Hardcore Title

T: Yeah but he doesn't look like a winner

*the ref checks on Blade as EMTs come rushing up*


*IWO merchandise being hawked on a promo*


*The sounds of Gwen Stefani come on, as Cryptic comes down to the ring giving the peace sign to the fans...he climbs in the ring as the crowd cheers him...Peabody comes out to his music and a cage is being rolled out by several men...they roll the cage which contains some sort of ugly looking man or beast in it...*

T: What the hell is that?

M: I believe that is the Vanilla Gorilla

T: Ok, if you say so Marv

*The cage stops at the ring, and Peabody unlocks it...he then looks at the Vanilla Gorilla and motions for him to get in the ring, he does and just stands there...the bell rings...Cryptic is trying to talk to him...Peabody yells in to the Gorilla and makes a motion at him..the Gorilla turns around and just levels Cryptic with a clothesline...*

M: What a clothesline by the gorilla

*the beast picks Cryptic up and hits a guerilla press slam on him...he then splashes the hippie, he turns him over...and Cryptic's eyes are glazed over...for some reason he begins to choke him...the ref counts but Gorilla won't let go....*

M: What is he doing, he needs to break the hold

T: He is choking him out

*Peabody is cheering Gorilla on, and he won't let go, the ref dqs him and calls for the bell*

M: Crypitc has won by DQ, but that monster won't stop choking him

*Peabody in the ring as the ref tells Gorilla to let go...Peabody nods, and Gorilla releases, he then gets up and levels the ref....Peabody raises Gorilla's arm to the boos from the crowd....he then instructs Gorilla to get back in the cage, and Peabody gives him some sort of pill, he then has the men push the cage to the back*


*Backstage a parked black limo is waiting. The camera moves in to inspect.

Marv: Oh no, is that the same limo from last week?

Tater: God I hope not. Those guys were scarry

*The 2 large security men step out of the limo and speak with each other

Man1: Alright, we got our orders and we’ve got a job to do.

Man2: Man we can't take him out, he's big time here.

Man1: yeah, I don’t really like it either. But the client wants it taken care of. And that’s what we need to do.

Man2: Yeah you're right. He's probably some fuckin' pussy. We've dealt with tougher niggas in the streets.

Man1: No shit. Have you seen some of these scrubs. I saw some asshole worship a bowl of curry and some other fag looking like a child molesting clown. Freaks.

Man2: Freaks indeed homie. But yeah, let's get to it man, we gotta make these Ben Franks stack to the ceilin'.

Man1: Agreed. Let’s deal with these hacks, make the client happy, get our money and get back to the club.

Man2: Yo man is that the same fuckin' nosey ass motherfuckin' punk with the camera from last week?!

Man1: You’re right, that is the same Shithead. You’d think he’d have learned.

Man2: [to cameraman]Yo bitch, get the fuck outta here with that shit before we knock you the fuck out!!

*Both men jump on camera man and camera crashes to the floor. Sounds of man being beaten resonate in the air as camera feed blacks out and turns to white noise static. The last image the camera records is a card fallen on the floor.

Marv: What the hell did they do that for? Get somebody down there.

Tater: And who is that damn client?


*Black Dragon comes to the ring, and gets in as the crowd boos, he paces around the ring when King of Kings comes on, and the crowd pops as Force comes down the aisle*

M: This match Tater is important because the winner will get a shot at the World Champion.

T: It's a guarantee, an insurance policy. If you win, then you have the right to challenge for the title, and Force is no stranger to that.

M: No he is not, but don't count out Dragon, he has won gold before and he owns a victory over Force

*Force enters the ropes and Dragon goes on the attack as the bell rings...Dragon with kicks to the leg of Force, and quickly trying to slow the big man down...Dragon with a chop and another, and then unloaded with body shots and punches to the face on Force who is backed against the ropes...Dragon drops back and charges at Force who ducks and sends Dragon flying over the ropes, but Dragon holds on and lands on the apron, Force turns around, and Dragon grabs him by the head and drops him throat first across the top rope, sending Dragon to the floor and making Force hit the mat...Dragon then pulls Force to the outside and hits a forearm shot, and Dragon with a chop to Force,he goes to whip Force into the steel stairs, but it's reversed and Dragon is sent back first into it...Force rolls back in the ring, and breaks the count, then back out..Dragon slouched over, and Force walks over to him ,and hits a few right hands...he tosses Dragon back inside and follows...Dragon crawling around, and Force stalking him, and kicks him a few times, he then picks him up and whips him into the corner...Force charges and Dragon floats over him and goes for the sunset flip, but he can't get him and Force drops down and hooks the legs...1...2...kickout...*

M: Back and forth, and right now Force is in charge

T: Much like the last match, Dragon got lucky last time Marv

*Force up and Dragon slowly getting up and is met with a punch, Force whips Dragon into the ropes, misses the big boot, Dragon hits the other rope and comes with a clothesline, but Force ducks it, Dragon hits the ropes and is met by a spinebuster from Force...Force is up and feels it...he goes to the top rope, and climbs...up top he sets and launches Hell From Above, but Dragon moves...*

M: he missed, and this is the turning point for Dragon

T: Force might have hurt that leg again

*Force holding his leg, and Dragon, slowly up to his feet...He runs and hits a version of rolling thunder on Force who couldn't get out of the way...Dragon looks to the crowd who boos him and begins to head to the corner..he climbs and goes to the top looks and jumps off with the Dragon Twist, but Force rolled out of the way and Dragon comes up empty...Dragon holding his stomach, and Force to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up...Dragon croutched over, and tries to get up..Force walks over, and Dragon is up, Force kicks him and lifts him up, and then nails the Unstoppable Drop*

M: tombstone piledriver

T: it's academic now Marv

*the cover and the count...1.....2....3....Force wins a title shot as he rolls over and holds his leg and gets his hand raised*


*video package showed of Corey and Troy from Redemption a month ago*

M: We see Crusher in the ring, and he is using his rematch clause tonight in a 20 minute Ironman match against Judge and Jason for the TV Title

T: that's right Marv, and here comes The Judge

*Judge comes down to the ring and gets in...him and Crusher start going at it right away, and Judge gets the upperhand and pounds on Crusher...Jason comes running down with Stacy behind him..Jason slides in and drops the belt, Judge goes at him, but Jason nails a dropkick on Judge taking him down...the bell rings and the clock starts counting..Judge up, and Jason meets him with a right, and another..Crusher comes over and the two begin to work over Judge, they back him up into the ropes and take turns chopping him..then the whip, they go for the double clothesline but miss and Judge ducking under hits the ropes, and comes back with a clothesline of his own taking both men down...Judge up, and nails the big boot to Crusher..he then knees Jason in the gut as he gets up..Judge with a suplex on Jason, and covers...1...2.kickout...Judge wants faster count but won't get it...Judge gets Jason up and open hand slaps him in the chest...he whips Jason into the corner pauses and charges in..Jason with a boot up in the face of Judge..Judge stumbles outward, and Crusher from behind hits the Angle Slam....Crusher pops up and starts pointing and Judge and jawing at him but turns and recieves a JKO for his troubles....*

T: JKO!!!!

*Jason covers Crusher...1.....2.......3.....*

M: 15 minutes to go and Jason is up 1-0-0

T; the champ just needs to protect his title now

*Jason tries to cover Judge, and the ref counts...1`....2....kickout....Stacy upset on the outside wanting to see her man pick up another pinfall...Jason gets Judge up, and punches at him, then a kick to the midsection, and he tries to go for the vertebreaker but Judge to big and strong, and powers out and nails the Final sentence instead...Judge goes for the cover....1.........2....3...Judge gets the pin but Crusher pulls Judge off by grabbing his foot, and then locks the ankle lock on him...*

M: the ankle lock and Crusher now has the advantage

T: Judge better tap are he won't make it through the rest of the match

*Crusher with Judge in the middle of the ring, and Judge taps out...*

M: with 10 minutes to go we got a three way tie

*Crusher drops an elbow on Judge after letting the ankle lock go, he picks Judge up and tosses him through the middle ropes to the outside...Crusher sees Jason who is coming around...Crusher goes for the ankle lock on Jason in the middle of the ring, and Jason in pain*

M: the champ in trouble and Crusher could take the lead if Jason taps

T: Stacy is in the ring marv

*Stacy gets in the ring and runs up and jumps on crusher's back...crusher lets go of the ankle lock and is battling to get stacy off his back, he finally snap mares her down...Stacy hits hard, and Crusher has a weird look in his eyes...he grabs stacy's ankle and locks the ankle lock on her*

M: Oh come on, that's enough

T: He could snap her ankle in half

*Jason is up, and nails the dropkick on Crusher to take him down...he checks on Stacy and tells her to get out of the ring, Crusher back up and hits a german on Jason and bridges up for the cover..1....2..kickout....Crusher with a headlock with 6 minutes to go...Jason up to his feet and pushes Crusher off, Crusher hits the ropes and takes Jason down with a shoulder block..Crusher hits the ropes again, and jumps over Jason..Jason hits a leapfrog on the go back..Crusher off the ropes once more and Jason attempts the hip toss, but Crusher blocks, he tries, blocked, Jason tries again blocked...Jason with a kick to Crusher's gut, and he attempts the vertebreaker...he gets Crusher up and nails it....Stacy is in pain and holding her ankle as she hasn't gotten out of the ring and Jason sees her..he gets up and check on her*

M: less than 4 minutes to go and he checks on Stacy

T: Hey I would to

M: yeah but you don't have a title on the line

*Jason gets her out of the ring and turns around..C.Skill comes out of the crowd and gets in the ring, he nails a pele kick on Jason taking him down*

M: what is he doing out here

T: Is that a DQ

M: Not in this case because he doesn't represent anyone in the match

*Skill jawing at Jason as the ref tells him to leave, and he does*

M: Under 3 minutes to go, and both Crusher and Jason are down

*the ref counts.....4.....5........6....7.....Jason is up, and So is Crusher, Jason using the ropes and turns around and gets a belly to belly, the cover...1...2...kickout...Crusher picks him back up, and whips him and Judge pulls the leg of Jason from the outside..Jason trips and Crusher hits a release belly to belly....Crusher up and Judge nails the big boot on him.....*

M: he almost took his head off with that

*Judge covers Crusher.....1......2....3....Judge has the advantage 2-1-1....Judge picks up Jason and tosses him out of the ring, and then he does the same to Crusher as the clock counts down under a minute*

M: judge has gotten rid of his opponents

T: He is playing it safe

*Jason trying to get up as is Crusher with 30 seconds left Jason in the ring, and Judge stomping on him..Crusher slides in and Judge runs over to stomp on him...20 seconds.....Jason almost up, and Judge unloading on him and whips him into the ropes, he misses a clotheline and Crusher runs and hits a flying forearm to take Judge down...13......1.2.........11 seconds...Jason off the ropes and nails a high cross body on Crusher and hooks the leg...1......2....kickout........4......3.....2... ..1....the bell rings*

M: Judge just won the TV Title

T: Jason is upset about this

*Jason pounds the mat in anger as he just lost the title..Judge rolls out of the ring and gets the TV Title from ringside, he raises it in the air as the crowd boos*


*Promo for IWO merchandise airs


M: Look at all these superstars as we wait for the final entry

T: What happen to the lights

*the lights come back on and Masque is in the ring ready for the battle royal...the bell rings and immediately a bandaged up Highlight is tossed over the ropes and eliminated, followed by Gel tossing the midget Swinn over...fighting continues with Equalizer squaring off with Masque and Joker helping out..they pound on the bodyguard meanwhile, Barbwire Joe is eliminated by Oldschool and Psycho...*

M: 21 men and three eliminated already

T: the winner gets to keep their job or in the case of the RWA guys, if they win they get a job with the IWO

*Curry Muncher charges at Tiger, but he moves and Oko tosses Curry out of the ring and he is eliminated...Equalizer hits a clothesline on Masque to send him over the ropes but Joker and Joe the Schmo take advantage and push Equalizer over eliminating him....Ravage hits the Ravage Driver on Gel Mibson and Scorpion begins to fight with him...Crazyskill runs at Psycho who ducks and pulls down the ropes and eliminates him...Psycho looks at Oldschool who likes the move, and Oldschool tosses Psycho over....Psycho looking up at him as Oldschool has a whatever look and Oko eliminates Oldschool...*

M: Oko with another elimination and the ring is clearing a little bit

*Jed and Ted Jingling see a prone Giggles laying on the mat they head to the top rope and Oko quickly runs and pushes Jed off the top to the floor outside...someone hits the ropes and it causes Ted to lose balance and he straddles the top rope...Razor comes over and shoves him off eliminating him...*

M: the Jingling Brothers are gone

T: They were in this match?

*Tiger eliminated by Alli and Gel Mibson..Gel attacked by Alli with a thumb to the eye...Giggles is tossed out by Scorpion and then Ravage clothesline Scorpion over the top...Razor fighting with Ravage...and Joker comes up and gives him a low blow...they eliminate Razor...meanwhile, security for Alli is out and they have gotten in the ring and helped get Gel out...*

M: these guys are suppose to be out here

T: Who said, there is no DQ

*Oko in a corner fighting with Joe the Schmo, the security team goes after Ravage and Joker..they eliminate Ravage, but he pulls one out of the ring...the other one gets Joker out, and then goes after him...Joker and Ravage battling with the security team and Oko tosses Joe out, but Joe holds on to the ropes...he tries to skin the cat, and Oko turns around..Oko goes to get him, but Joe locks him in a head scissors and pulls Oko over and sends him to the floor eliminating him...Joe holds on and stands up on the apron...Alli comes running and puts a knee to the back of Joe sending him into the barricade and leaving Alli as the winner*

M: I can't believe this, Alli Sabbah just won the battle royal

T: looks like we will be seeing more of our friendly merchant

M: that doesn't mean that is a good thing Tater

*Alli celebrates in the ring by bowing to his fans as they boo him*


*promo for Troy/Corey match*


*The cage is lowered and both the World Champ and challenger are inside..the bell rings, as the ref hands the title out to another ref that locks the door...45 minutes begins ticking the ironman match begins with Troy slapping Corey...Corey wastes no time lighting into Troy and putting him in the corner, nailing punches to the head and stomach...Troy can't get any offense in, and Corey choking him as he slumps down in the corner...Corey with a knee to the throat and it's legal...finally he backs off only to run in and hit a knee to the face*

M: that psycho Corey is at home in the cage

T: you don't say Marv

M: look Tater, I don't know what your deal is tonight but..

T: sorry marv, I am just ready for the PPV to be over, I have a midget hooker back in my room dressed as a leprechaun and I want to go search for her pot of gold

M: What the hell Tater

T: Oh look more choking by Corey

*Corey using his foot to hold Troy in the corner with it..he then begins to stomp on the champ, before finally pulling him up...Corey whips Troy into the ropes and lowers his head, he goes to toss Troy, but Troy manages to land on his feet he rolls Corey up and gets a 1 Corey back up, and Troy with a kick to his stomach....Troy then grabs Corey and hits a ddt...he covers..1..2..kickout...Troy on top punching away, then choking Corey...he gets up and runs hits a legdrop and covers for two....*

M: 38 minutes to go and neither man with an advantage

*Troy picks Corey up and whips him...Corey hits the ropes and Troy goes for the superkick but Corey catches him, he elbows him in the leg..and then grabs Troy by the head and rams him into the cage face first...Troy bounces off and falls to his knees...Corey grabs him and punches him in the head several times..he then grabs Troy and rams him again into the cage..he holds him there and rubs his face against the steel causing the champ to bleed*

T: Troy is cut open, and this isn't good

M: Corey in control now

*Troy bleeding as right hand takes him down...Corey lifts both legs up and punches Troy in the gonads....Corey lifts Troy up and kicks him in the gut and hits the double arm ddt, and covers..1.....2.....3....*

M: corey is up 1-0 with 30 minutes left in this matchup

*Corey choking Troy some more, and then gets him up, he whips him into the corner and runs and hits a clothesline..Troy stumbles but Corey throws him back in the corner...Corey rams him in the stomach with his shoulder several times, then lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle...Corey climbs up, and looks to be going for a superplex..he has Troy almost up, but Troy with a punch to the ribs and another, he nails Corey in the head and takes him down...Troy leaps and hits the shooting star press...he covers...1......2....3....*

M: What a move from the champ and we are tied up

T: Yeah but can these two men still go at it for another 27 minutes?

*Troy bleeding as he sits on the mat trying to recover...he gets to the ropes and pulls himself up...Corey is up and Troy hits the 23 to the back of the head of Corey sending him forward and into the middle rope...Troy runs and hits a leg splash as Corey was draped across the ropes....Corey slumps to the mat and Troy makes the cover..1....2....kickout*

M: how did he manage that

T: some fight still left in Corey

*Troy can't believe it and gets up, he picks Corey up and punches him and then a chop...he whips Corey but it is reversed...Troy hits the ropes, and Corey then grabs him and tosses him face first into the cage again...Troy staggering and Corey lifts him up and hits the Duality Driver.....he covers...1......2.....3....*

M: corey back in charge again as there are 20 minutes left in this one

T: He needs to rest some and stay on the offensive

*Corey walks around a bit knocking off a couple of minutes randomly kicking Troy..finally he gets on him and pounds away at him...Corey lifts Troy up and chokes him against the top rope...he lets go as Troy tries to walk away holding onto the ropes...Corey then hits a chop block to the leg of Troy taking him down..he then stomps away at the leg of Troy...and goes for a single leg crab...*

M: 16 minutes to go and Troy in trouble

T: If he gives up it pretty much should be a lock for Corey

*Troy won't give and after two minutes Corey releases the hold and stomps the leg some more..he gets Troy up and Troy uses a small package to surprise him and get the 3*

M: we are tied up again Tater

T: Corey can't believe it, and he is pounding on Troy

*The champ being beaten with 12 minutes to go...Corey gets him up and kicks him in the gut, he lifts him up but Troy's leg hits the ref and knocks him down..Corey hits the Duality Driver again...he covers.......*

M: the ref is down and no one is in the cage to count...

*Corey gets up and checks on the ref he yells for the other ref to get in the ring...that ref looks for a key and finally unlocks the door and climbs in....Corey covers and the ref counts...1......2....Troy kicks out*

T: he is still in it

*Corey gets up and grabs the ref and kicks him and hits the Duality Driver on him..he then walks to the door and climbs out of the cage...he grabs a steel chair...Troy has gotten to the ropes and is pulling himself up but Corey back in the cage with the weapon...He sees Troy and runs at him and swings...troy moves and the chair bounces off the top rope and nails Corey in the face...Troy hits the superkick and takes Corey down...he ref still*

M: The ref is still down

T: What is the champ going to do with 5 minutes left in this match

*Troy bleeding slowly gets up...he goes over and gets the ref up....the ref slowly getting up, as Troy picks up Corey only to get a rake to the eyes....and then Corey bites Troy in the face as more blood pours...Troy staggers back and Corey picks up the chair....Corey going to hit Troy with the chair, but the ref grabs the weapon...Corey yells at him, but the ref yanks the chair from Corey's hand...Corey turns and Troy hits the Trendsetter on him....the cover.....1.....2......3....*

M: 3 minutes to go and Troy is one up on Corey

*the ref gets the chair and gets it out of the both men on the ground...the ref checking and starting the count..1.........2........3....*

M: two and half and Troy is up to his feet and holding on to the ropes..

T: time is important

* troy sees the ref and superkicks him....*

M: what was that for

T: taking out the ref so he can't make the count

*Corey is up and Troy pounding on him with under two minutes to go...Troy tries to whip Corey but it's reversed...Troy hits the ropes, and Corey hits a running knee sending Troy to the ground..Corey locks in the Subliminal Stretch, but the ref down*

M: Troy in pain and you know he wants to tap but no ref

*the other ref comes too and starts to crawl over with under a minute to go....Troy won't tap.....the ref can't see his face, as he gets near corey...*

M: If troy gives up then Corey will be the champ...

*Troy passes out, but the ref is out of position to see it...Corey still with the bow and arrow on, and less than 10 seconds....the ref can't get to his feet, and Corey senses Troy is out, he drops the hold...he yells at the ref...he rolls Troy over and covers.....the ref counts....1.......2..the bell rings...time ran out*

M: Troy keeps the World Title

T: Corey thinks he won

*Cult of Personality plays as Mr. Smith and Equalizer come down the aisle, Smith has a mic and orders the cage be lifted...Corey is up and celebrating but the ref tells him that he didn't win...Corey argues with Smith in the ring about it*

Smith: Corey you didn't win, now I have other business to take care of

*Corey grabs Smith, but Equalizer hits Corey and nails a baldo bomb on him*

Smith: get that piece of trash out of here

*Equalizer tosses Corey out of the ring, and security comes down to help drag Corey to the back*

M: why is Smith out here

*Troy is barely awake and bleeding as Smith speaks to him*

Smith: Troy, congrats you are still the IWO Champion, at least for the moment

T: for the moment?

Smith: You see, I made a deal, I promised something...I owe someone a favor...and well they decided to cash in on that favor.

M: what is he talking about? What favor?

Smith: So Troy your night is not over, because you have another match...another match where you will defend the IWO Heavyweight Title...and that match is going to be right now!

M: Another match right now

T: Troy isn't in condition to compete again

Smith: And your opponent, is the man that I owe, that we all owe, because earlier tonight he saved the IWO!

*Blue on Black hits and the crowd is stunned as DC walks down the aisle*

M: DC has a title shot

T: he did save the company

Smith: ring the bell and lets get this thing going

*the fans cheer as DC slides in the ring, Troy is up and the two begin exchanging blows..DC with the upperhand on the bloody champ, he backs him into the ropes and nails a chop..Troy holding his chest, as DC whips him...DC lowers his head, and Troy kicks him...DC staggers back and Troy goes for a kick to the gut, and then for the stunner, but DC pushes him into the ropes and then locks in the Putdown....*

M: The sleeper hold from DC, and Troy has lost a lot of blood Marv

T: I don't know if he can take much more

*Troy trying to fight, and Troy falls to the mat...DC with the move in tight.....the ref raises Troy's arm...1.....again.....2.......again....Troy's arm drops, but he maintains it at the last second and gets his second wind*

M: Troy fighting back, and DC is shocked

T: the champ can make a comeback

*Troy up and an elbow to the midsection and another, DC lets go of the hold, Troy hits the ropes, but DC nails a clothesline to take him down...DC picks Troy up and kicks the bloody champ in the stomach and lifts him up...he spins him around and hits the Bust...*

M: the bust and it's all over

*the count...1.....2.....3...*

T: we got a new world champion Marv

M: yes we do, and not who we thought it would be

*the crowd cheers loudly as DC is handed the IWO World Title...he hoists it in the air, as the camera fades to black*

*end show*
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