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Redemption Month 10 Week 2 March 3, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 10 Week 2 March 3, 2007

* a ladder is seen at ringside as Alli is in the ring, a video package is shown of Alli firing Giggles*

M: And welcome to Redemption and Tater how is Alli going to be able to coexist in this match with Giggles?

T: Marv, they don't have to because it is everyman for himself

*Highlight comes down next followed by Joker, Judge, Giggles and then the lights go out, when they come on Masque is in the ring, the bell is rung and Joker is taken out with a big boot by Judge..Masque is being hit by Highlight and Alli attacked Giggles from behind and tosses him to the floor..*

M: Alli quickly after Giggles, and taking it to him on the outside

*Masque has Highlight in a chokehold in the corner...Judge with a guerilla press on Joker, and then tosses him outside, Judge goes out and gets a ladder, he gets in the ring with it, as Masque just chokeslamed Highlight..Masque turns around and he gets nailed in the face by the ladder*

M: Judge uses the ladder as a weapon

T: smart move by him

*Alli's security is out and they are beating down giggles, Alli in the ring going to get behind Judge, but he turns around..Alli pleading with him..Swinn comes down and slides in...he grabs Judge by the ankle, and Judge grabs him and tosses him off, Alli comes up and lowblows Judge from behind...he then takes the ladder and hits Masque in the face again with it..then he nails Highlight in the back of the leg with it, and finally sets it up and begins to climb*

M: Alli going for that contract hanging above the ring, that gurantees a TV Title shot

T: Yeah but here comes Joker

*Joker is in the ring, and he climbs up the other side..Alli yelling at him, and Joker up top, he catches alli and begins to hit him several times...Alli reeling, and his security gets in the ring and pulls Joker down..they toss him to the mat then to the outside...where they beat him down*

M: Alli is still groggy but he has the oppurtunity

*Judge is up, and reaches up and grabs Alli by the legs he pulls him down a little then powerbombs him off the ladder*

T: What a powerbomb!

*Highlight stumbling is up, and Judge runs and hits him with a big boot as he turns around...Masque bleeding is up and he slowly turns and gets a chokeslam for his efforts..Judge now climbs the ladder, and no one paying attention from alli's camp..Judge to the top*

M: He did, Judge just got that contract and will head to Iron Steel and Gold to face Jason for the TV Title

T: What a performance, if I was Jason I would be a little worried



*Josh and Jason with Stacy come to the ring to cheers*

M: And look at this the Hardcore and TV champ in the ring together

T: And look at Stacy

*they walk around the ring waiting for their opponents...Miss A comes out to the stage*

Miss A: Josh, Jason...I must inform you that your match tonight well, it seems that Curry Muncher and Gel Mibson are not at the arena tonight and therefore must forfiet.

*crowd boos*

Miss A: I am sorry, but congrats on your win, and it looks like you two have the night off

*Miss A leaves to boos from the crowd as Josh and Jason look puzzled..just then Crusher's music hits and he comes down the aisle with a mic..he gets in the ring*

M: What is he doing out here

Crusher: Now it seems that you two don't have a match tonight...And Jason I would love to take that TV Title from you right now, and not have to wait until my rematch with you at Iron Steel and Gold

M: Rematch?

Crusher: That's right, my rematch Jason don't look puzzled, I know what everyone is thinking, Judge has a match with you, well so do I in a triple threat Iron Man match

T: Wow

M: What a shocker!

Crusher: But If you got the balls me and you can go right now!

*Duality hits and corey comes down to ringside with a bat..he slides in the ring, and Crusher starts to yell at him*

Crusher: What the hell do you...

*Corey nails him in the gut with a bat...Josh and Jason duck out of the ring with Stacy as Corey wails on Crusher...*

M: What a beating he is taking

*Refs and security come down to get Corey off him...Corey starts fighting them...Crusher holding his ribs as finally security subdues Corey*

M: Get him out of here

*EMTS come check on Crusher*



*Security is seen tossing Corey out of the building and telling him to stay out as he laughs*

*The camera sees Josh and Jason in the hall talking, as Troy walks up*

Troy: Look at this, the three champions of the IWO, well at least the World Champ and you two guys


Josh: Why do you shut up before I show you what a champ is all about

Troy: ooooo...big words...Hey Jason when did you girlfriend start talking for you

*laughs, Jason moves forward but Stacy holds him back*

Jason: Troy, why do you just shut the hell up and go on

Troy: Shut up? Why don't you make me?

Jason: Oh I will

*Security rushes in, and gets between the two*

Troy: Hey Jason, next week how about me and you in a match

Jason: Next week, I will be looking forward to it

Troy: You better because you will get an up close and personal look at the champ, but here's a little preview

*Troy superkicks an unexpected Josh as Jason tries to go after him but security is in between the two..Troy laughs and walks off as Jason and Stacy check on Josh*



*Crusher is seen telling the medical personal that he is fine to leave him along backstage*

M: And folks you see the attack on Crusher earlier, it looks like that match ended in a no contest and Corey is out of here

T: that has to bode well for Troy

M: Indeed it does

*Crazyskill is in the ring as the crowd boos him*

M: And there is the RWA's C.SKill formerly Crazyskill

T: Yeah he sucks my left nut Marv

M: Tater, oh hell you're right

*Blue on Black plays and DC runs to the ring without Wilma with him...he slides in and Skill going after him the bell rings...both men exchanging blows..DC gets the upperhand and tosses Skill to the ropes, Skill hits them and nails a flying forearm...Skill goes for a cover..1..2.kickout...*

M: Skill taking it to DC and holding nothing back

*Skill hits a dropkick on DC as he gets up, and covers for 2...SKill gets him up and tosses him but its reversed...DC charges but Skill in the corner goes over him for a sunset flip, DC hits skill to get out, DC up and an armdrag on skill...DC up again and this time a hip toss to Skill..Skill up again and DC takes him down with a clothesline..cover...1...2.kickout...*

M: look here comes Judge

*Judge in the ring with a chair, and DC gets up and gets leveled with it...the crowd boos as the bell rings...Judge starts to stomp on him..and skill up and joins him...Tim Ross is seen walking to the ring..he gets in, and grabs a mic...he has Judge and Skill hold DC...*

Ross: DC, I hope you enjoy this little beating because at Iron Steel and Gold it will be me and you battling to see who's company will remain in business

*Judge and Skill hold DC up and ross levels him with the RWA title belt..the crowd is booing but cheers as Crusher comes out with a chair holding his ribs and gets in the ring..the three guys scatter as Crusher weilds that chair*

M: Crusher coming to the rescue

T: Well him and Judge have a beef with each other

M: It will be DC and Tim Ross at the PPV with both companies on the line



*Camera pans backstage to 2 large, intimidating men standing guard outside a black limo. The one on the left is white and shorter than the younger, taller black man on the right. Camera moves forward to investigate the situation when suddenly the man on the right steps forward ready to destroy the camera man. He puts his hand over lens and sneers...*

Man 1: I think it’s in your best interest to keep yourself out of this. You won’t like what happens if I see you here again.

Camera nervously backs away while man 2 nods approvingly and checks his watch.

Marv: What the...who the hell is that? Who are those guys? What are they doing backstage?

Tater: Do I look like I know? Just be quiet. Hopefully we won’t see them again anytime soon.


*Mr. Smith is seen on the video screen in his office*

Smith: Well it seems that Mr. Tim Ross will be representing the RWA at the next PPV. That is fine. But Mr. Ross you come to my federation and insult my wrestlers and you do so with the help of one of our own. Well that doesn't fly around here. So next week here in the IWO Arena I propose a little match it will be Tim Ross and Judge taking on the team of DC and Crusher!

*crowd cheers*

Smith: Oh and don't think about bringing your RWA croonies because security will be making sure they don't get into the building.



M: joe the schmo in the ring, and here comes that hippie

T: What's with the gwen stefani music

M: odd

*Cryptic gets in the ring and the bell rings, he talks it over with Schmo..*

M: What are they doing?

T: Talking it looks like

*crowd booing as both men shake hands and move towards the ropes*

M: Are they leaving?

T: This happened last week

*Cryptic and Joe shake hands again as the ref begins to count..Joe walking up the ramp a little quicker than Cryptic as it seems both men decided not to fight*

T: He is peaceful

M: wait cryptic running back to the ring

*Cryptic gets in as the ref counted 9..Joe turns and sees it and tries to get back but he ref gets to 10...*

M: He outsmarted Schmo, he got him counted out

T: What a move by the hippie

*the crowd booing as Cryptic wins by countout..Joe upset about the decision*

*backstage Blade is in Smith's office*

Blade: So we have a deal?

Smith: Sure you can have a rematch with Josh for the Hardcore Title at Iron Steel and Gold, but maybe you should worry about your match with the World Champ tonight

Blade: Worry, I'm not worried, because tonight I take Troy to the extreme!



Camera returns to backstage scene to find man 1 smashing an unidentified bleading mans head against a wall. Man 1 pulls his victims hand behind his back and SNAP, breaks one finger.

Man 1: Do we need to continue this discussion any further or have I made my point?

Victim: Christ, no, please, Jesus, don’t!


The sound of a second finger being broken.

Tater:Holy Shit, what the hell is wrong with this guy!

Victim is let go and drops to the floor, curling up and holding his hand as backstage crew run to his aid. Man 1 steps over crowd and tucks a card into victims shirt pocket.

Man 1: You look to be in pretty bad shape. If you had our services, this could have been avoided. Give us a call some time.

Man 1 winks at the victim and walks off. He returns to the limo to see man 2 waiting patiently by door, just before he hangs up phone.

Man 2: We’re done here today. Let’s go.

Man 1 holds door open and both climb inside limo and drive off. Victim is being helped up when card falls out of his pocket onto the ground, camera zooms in to see what it says...


M: Those guys bother me Tater

T: No kidding

*Black Dragon is in the ring as Force makes his way out to cheers...Dragon runs and leaps over the top rope only to be caught on the outside by Force..Force hits a back breaker as Dragon falls to the ground...Force gets him up and tosses him in the ring and follows as the bell rings...Force picks up Dragon and Dragon trying to punch him in the gut, another punch, and Force backing up..Dragon up and gets in some kicks to Force's leg..Force reeling, as Dragon tries to whip him, but it's reversed...Dragon ducks a clothesline...and nails a flying roundhouse kick to Force...Force bounces back to the ropes...Dragon up bounces off the ropes comes at Force, and Force ducks and sends Dragon flying over the top to the outside*

M: that has to hurt as Dragon sent on a ride

T: Yeah Force so powerful

*Dragon looking under the ring as Force gets a breather inside..Dragon pulls out a trashcan and tosses it in the ring..Force just looks at it as Dragon slides in..Force grabs Dragon and he gets him to his feet, Dragon rakes Force's eyes..Dragon with the trashcan, and going to nail Force, but Force stops it, and grabs the can from him..Dragon spits in the face of Force..and Force gets pissed off..Force nails Dragon with the can, and the bell rings..Force tosses the can down and picks Dragon up..he lifts him up and nails the chokeslam on him*

M: Force just got DQ

T: Dragon outsmarted him

M: Yeah but he is paying for it right now

*Force gets Dragon up again and lifts him for the Unstoppable Drop..he then nails it on the trashcan as Dragon lays motionless...*

M: Impressive even in defeat

T: Yeah but he still hasn't been pinned



*Troy coming out to his music is attacked from behind by Blade..the bell rings as Both men fight on the outside*

M: Here we go a non title hardcore match

*Troy beating down Blade as he gets the upperhand...Troy takes off the belt and then whips Blade into the railing..Troy goes over and chops him a few times...Troy whips Blade into the other railing...the fans booing as Troy taunts them...Troy walks over, and Blade with a kick to the gut...Blade then hits a DDT and both men down..Blade covers as the ref counts...1...2...kickout...Blade picks up the world title belt and looks at it..he then walks over to Troy and yells something at him as he stands over him..Troy then kicks Blade in the balls...Blade drops the belt and slumps down to the ground...*

T: What a low blow by the champ

M: Troy is such a dirty cheat

T: Yeah but it's legal

*Troy is up and stomps on Blade...he gets Blade and drags him towards the stage...Troy runs Blade into the stage wall...and bangs it again..he rubs it against the wall until he cuts Blade open..he drops Blade to the ground...*

M: here comes the blood

T: Troy in control Marv

*Troy knocks down a camera guy and gets the camera wire..he chokes blade with it...he chokes him as the ref can do nothing about it...Troy picks Blade up still with the wire around his neck and hits a neckbreaker...Troy covers..and gets 2....*

M: Blade is in trouble

*Troy grabs Blade's legs and nails a punch to the gonads...Blade holding himself as Troy taunts the crowd again..the crowd boos..just then Josh comes up on the stage and nails Troy with a chair to the back...the crowd erupts as the hardcore champ hits Troy again in the back with the chair*

M: It's Josh with a little payback to the champ

*Josh gets Troy up and hits the Call for Fire on him...Josh gets up and says some things then raises his arms...the crowd cheers as Josh goes to the back*

M: Both men down

T: Whoever gets up first will have the advantage

*Blade to his feet slowly first...Troy barely getting up...Troy is up and Blade hits a Yakuza kick to him that sends Troy off the stage and through a table...crowd chants Holy shit!*

M: Oh my , Troy just went through that table

T: hell he just went off the stage

*Blade bleeding looks down at the champ who is laying in debris..Blade hops off the stage and goes for the cover...1......2.....3...*

M: And once again Johnny Blade has beaten the World Champion

T: yeah but you got to give him an assist from The Josh

M: Will the champ be able to recover for next week as we move one week closer to Iron Steel and Gold

T: Troy has to be in trouble Marv as next week he faces Jason in a champion vs. champion non title match

M: It will be a classic, folks for Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome and we will see you next week!

*End Show*
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I think the show has gotten better since I left. Great job.
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