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Redemption Month 9 Week 4 Feb. 10, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 9 Week 4 Feb. 10, 2007

*Fireworks open the show and Blue on Black comes on the speakers, DC comes down the aisle without Wilma to a huge ovation...the crowd is going nuts for DC*

M: weclome to Redemption and DC coming to the ring to kick things off tonight

T: that's right Marv, and what a tuneup he has to get ready for his title match next week as he takes on Joker.

M: both these guys are no strangers to each other and this one should be a good one

*Joker comes out next and walks to the ring to boos from the crowd he gets in the ring and the bell is rung..DC and Joker stare each other down, and Joker slaps DC..DC nails him with a punch and another..he whips him into the ropes and Joker bounces back, DC lowers his head and Joker kicks him..DC stammers back and Joker bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, DC ducks, and Joker stops..DC turns around and grabs Joker from behind and puts on the Putdown*

M: It's the Putdown, already Tater

T: Joker trying to fight Marv, but I don't know if he can get out of this

*Joker swings his arm and tries to get out, but to no avail..DC keeps the hold on and Joker slowly goes to sleep, the ref raises Joker's arm and it falls down, the ref calls for the bell*

M: It's over just like that, DC put Joker to sleep

T: If DC isn't focuses on becoming the world champ you could have fooled me

*DC celebrates as the crowd cheers*


*IN the back we see Mr. Smith in his office as Miss A. rushes in. We notice that the TV Title is seen sitting by his desk*

Miss A.: Mr. Smith, the RWA stars are coming in the building

Smith: Do what?

Miss A.: I said the...

Smith: I heard what you said, come on we have to go to work

*Smith and Equalizer leave the room in a hurry with Miss A....meanwhile, as the office door closes it stops before closing all the way...Swinn is holding the door and watches Smith and company run off..he smiles as he walks into the office.*



*Smith and company are at the back gate confronting Ravage, Oko, and the Jingling Brothers*

Smith: What do you think you are doing

Ravage" exactly what I said we were going to do

Smith: You know what I am sick of Robere and all of you losers

Ravage: Losers?

Smith: Yeah losers, but I tell you what, if you came here to fight then I will give you one

Ravage: How?

Smith: Well tonight we have a battle royal scheduled, and I see that the fans are always wanting more action well what better way than by adding four superstars from the RWA to that go get ready because that match is coming up shortly

*smith walks off as the RWA superstars are shown to a locker room*

*the new hardcore champ is in the ring...Black Dragon is waiting as the lights go out..they come back on and masque is standing behind Dragon..he turns around and Masque nails a huge boot to the face of Dragon sending him to the mat..the bell rings and the hardcore match is underway...*

M: Already the monster Masque is attacking Dragon

T: the new champ is in for a rude awakening tonight

*Masque takes the hardcore belt and looks at it..he stares at it, as Dragon is trying to get up to his feet...the ref is asking Masque for the belt but he scares the ref back..Dragon to his feet, and turns and masque levels him with the title*

M: what a shot with that belt

T: the champ may be out

*Masque holds the title in the air to proclaim he is the champion..the ref is telling him the match isn't even for the belt..masque drops the belt to the ground and the ref picks it the ref gets up, Masque grabs him and hits a chokeslam on him..*

M: Not like this, a chokeslam on the ref is uncalled for

T: I guess Masque doesn't like authority

*Dragon shaking the cobwebs off, is then pulled up by his head by masque...Masque throws a stiff thrust to the throat of Dragon, sending him into the ropes..Dragon leaning against the ropes and Masque grabs him and whips him across the ring..Masque slowly walks towards him but Dragon off the rebound nails a dropsault on the deadman...Masque stammers back towards the ropes..Dragon is up and runs at him..Masque ducks and Dragon goes up and over the top rope..he manages to land on the apron...Dragon runs towards the turnbuckle and climbs up it..Masque sees him and stops him managing to nail a punch to the midsection of Dragon, another shot knocks Dragon down to the turnbuckle causing him to straddle it.*

M: the champ in a bad place right now

T: Masque is climbing up the turnbuckle and this doesn't look good for Dragon

*Masque climbs up the turnbuckle slowly to the top but Dragon rakes him in the eyes..Masque is stunned as he stands on the second rope...Dragon hits an elbow to the head and another...he then stands up and does the Dragons Ascent*

M: oh my what a powerbomb

T: Dragon needs to cover

*Dragon rolls up the legs as the ref barely up crawls over and counts....1.......2........3......*

M: Another huge win for the champ

T: He is on a roll


*backstage Alli Sabbah is talking to Judge*

Alli: Listen if you stay with us, I promise that my associates and I will take care of all your problems

Judge: Yeah I just don't know, I mean the RWA is a lucrative offer

Alli: nonsense, forget about the RWA and the IWO, think alli, afterall everyone should shop smart, shop Alli

Judge: But you haven't shown me any reason why I should stay with you

Alli: Reason, you want reason my friend

*Alli motions for Swinn to come closer with a bag he is holding, Judge takes it from Swinn*

Alli: there is your reason

*Judge opens the bag and inside is the TV Title*

Alli: now let's talk a little business before your match, shall we?



*Judge comes out to the ring holding the TV title to the boos from the crowd he gets in the ring as the crowd boos loudly...Force comes out to the ring to a huge ovation*

M: here comes Force and what a pop for him

T: this guy has a lot to prove next week, but even more to prove to the TV champ tonight

M: yeah well Judge is a thief and I hope he gets what is coming to him

*Force climbs over the top rope as Judge attacks him..the bell rings..Judge getting the upperhand on Force, and is pounding him towards a corner..he hits him in the gut with a knee..and another..Force slumping in the corner, and Judge whips him into the other corner..Judge follows and hits a clothesline..he then slams Force to the ground and taunts the crowd to boos*

M: Judge getting the upperhand on Force right now

*He picks Force up, but Force pushes him off and hits a right hand, and another...Force goes for a whip, but it's reversed...Force hits the ropes, and ducks under a clothesline from Judge...he hits the ropes again, and Judge hits a running knee flipping Force over him..Judge then goes for a chin lock and has it locked in...*

M: judge looking good

T: Yeah he needs to because he has know idea who he faces next week

*Force manages to get to his feet, and elbows Judge in the gut...another elbow and Judge let's go..a chop by Force, Judge tries to punch Force, but he moves and hits a rock bottom on Judge, and both men on the ground..Force covers..1...2..kickout*

M: Force has an opening he needs to take it

*Force getting a second wind gets to his feet, he picks Judge up and slams him to the ground..he hits the ropes and nails a leg drop..cover...1...2..kickout....Force lifts Judge to his feet and then suplexes him..the crowd getting into it...Force picks Judge back up hits a chop, then whips Judge into the ropes...Force misses a big boot, and Judge hits the ropes again..Force runs and hits a back elbow, that spins Judge around..Judge shooken and turns into a chokeslam by Force...Force with the cover..1....2....kickout..*

M: judge want go down

*Force stomps him once then heads and exits the ring to the apron...he starts to climb to the top rope as the the crowd cheers*

M: It might be time for the leg drop from the top

T: Wait Marv, it's the Jingling Brothers

*They jump up on the apron and push Force off the turnbuckle causing the ref to call for the bell...Force lands hard, and both Jingling Brothers climb the top ropes...they nail their Swanton leg drop, frog splash combon of Force*

M: the RWA guys just laid Force out, and here comes Alli Sabbah and his security team

*Alli gets in the ring and argues with the former MWO members...then they all start stomping on Force...just then the crowd pops as DC comes out with a chair, he slides in the ring and hits a security member, then another..the Jingling brothers bail out as does alli and Judge..*

M: Looks like the calvary is here Tater

T: good thing DC hasn't left the building yet

M: yeah but the big question is will DC be there to help Force next week when they are opponents?

*DC checks on Force, and stares down the opposition heading up the ramp*


*backstage Primate is talking to April, when someone yells his name...Primate turns around and Oko nails him with a steel pipe right in the ribs..Primate hits the ground as april screams*

Oko: Looks like a little payback bitch

*Oko clubs Primate in the back with the pipe..then he picks him up and rams him rib first into a box filled with sound equipment..Oko then punches Primate in the ribs again..he lifts Primate up and nails lands Primate rib first across his knee..April screams for Oko to leave, and he finally does..Primate is left on the floor in pain, as April screams for help*



M: folks we have the battle royal next, but let's show you what happen earlier

*replay of Oko attacking Primate is shown*

M: we don't know how bad primate is hurt but it can't be good

T: He still is scheduled to compete tonight Marv

M: And here comes the RWA guys to enter the Battle Royal

*everyone else is in the ring as the RWA guys get in...the IWO stars are on one side while the RWA stars are on the other..the bell one moves..Highlight pushes Corey out of the way and walks right up to the RWA guys..he tells them he is the best wrestler in the world today..Corey gets a wild look in his eye and goes and tosses Highlight over the top rope..everyone then begins fighting with the RWA guys*

M: here we go and Highlight already eliminated...

T: and the IWO going after the RWA guys

*the action keeps goinmg, as Giggles watches confused...Alli stops fighting and tells Giggles to help..Giggles shrugs his shoulders, as the Jingling Brothers attack Alli, they convince Giggles to help and Alli is eliminated...*

M: The MWO back together?

T: Wait maybe not

*The Jingling Brothers congratulate Giggles before attacking him and tossing him over as well...Corey and Ravage are fighting with each other in a corner, as Corey pounds on Ravage..Oko is beating down Joe the Schmo, and the Spice Boys go after the Jingling brothers..Crusher comes down the aisle and slides in the ring, he goes behind Oko and nails a german on him*

M: It's Crusher and he is going after Oko

*He then tosses Oko over the top and goes out of the ring after him...Crusher fighting Oko and clotheslines him over the barricade...he follows him into the crowd...meanwhile Gel is tossed over the ropes...and the Jingling Brothers are teaming up on Curry as they try to get him over*

T: So much for Gel and Oko

M: The RWA guys are making an impact thought Tater

*Joe the Schmo goes over and grabs Jed and lifts him, causing both him and Curry to go over the top rope to the floor..Joe and Ted start squaring off, as Ravage has lowblowed Corey and has him on the ground...Joe is whipped into the ropes, and Ted hits a spinning roundhouse kick to take him down*

M: Ravage is telling that clown to help him get rid of Corey

*They get corey up and try to get him over the ropes but he is holding on...Corey begins to bite Ravage, and he releases...Ted hits Corey, but Corey hits him back...Corey rakes the eyes of Ted he stumbles backwards...Corey then kicks him in the nuts...Ted grabs himself, but Corey tosses him over the top rope...Ravage comes back with a right hand..and another...he whips Corey who reverses it...Corey charges and nails a clothesline on Ravage that sends him over the top rope to the floor the momentum almost takes Corey as well, but he goes to pull himself back in*

T: Corey hanging on

*Joe the Schmo is up, and runs and pushes Corey on over, before he can get to his feet, causing him to hit the floor and giving Joe the Schmo the win*

M: I don't believe it, Joe the Schmo just won the battle royal

T: the fans are loving it

M: he really has made a comeback the past few weeks

*Joe celebrates in the ring like he just won a championship*


*backstage April is telling Primate not to go to the ring*

Primate: Listen I have to, I am going to compete tonight, and next week I will win the fans vote and win the TV Title

April: but you're hurt

Primate: It doesn't matter, Tonight I am going to win, regardless

*Primate walks off*



*Josh and Jason in the ring, and here comes Crusher and slowly behind him is Primate*

M: well Primate is hurt pretty badly but still wants to wrestle tonight

T: I don't know how wise that is

*the bell rings and Crusher and Josh start off...they go to lock up, but Crusher goes behind Josh and pulls his legs out from under him causing him to hit the mat..he then circles him, and smacks him on the head before standing up...Josh looks pissed at Crusher he smiles at him...Crusher drops and does a pushup then hops back to his feet*

M: he is taunting Josh

T: Making fun of his military experience

*Josh tells him to come on, and this time Crusher takes him down with a single leg, he then gets on top of him and begins to pound as Josh covers up..the ref tells Crusher to get off him and he does...Josh gets back up, and they circle each other...this time the traditonal collar and elbow tie up...Crusher so quick drops to a knee, and goes behind Josh, he lifts him and tosses him to the ground...he then locks in a headlock on the ground...*

M: Crusher out wrestling Josh right now

*Josh gets up to his feet, and back Crusher to the ropes, he goes and pushes him off, but Crusher holds on, drops to a knee quickly and right back up still with the headlock in tack...Crusher laughing and he turns, and Jason comes off the top rope with a missle dropkick*

M: What a move

T: And here comes Primate

*Primate in slowly, and hits Jason with a punch, and another..he whips Jason towards the corner...Primate charges in, but Jason moves and Primate hits the corner chest first..he falls to the ground holding his ribs...meanwhile, Josh tossing punches at Crusher who is on his feet, Josh whips Crusher into the ropes..Josh lowers his head and Crusher kicks him backwards...Crusher goes and grabs Josh for a belly to belly suplex, and nails it..Crusher covers..but Jason breaks it up...Jason lifts Crusher up, but Crusher hits punch and another punch..he then hits a fireman carry taking Jason down, and goes for a full nelson...Jason manages to get to his feet, but the full nelson still on him...*

M: Jason is not the legal man

T: I don't know if Crusher cares

*Primate holding himself gets up...Josh uses the ropes and gets to his feet, Primate goes for the Spear but Josh moves and Primate goes through the ropes to the outside...Josh goes over and nails Crusher from behind and he drops Jason to the ground..Stacy checking on Jason from outside the ring...Josh clubbing crusher from behind...he tries the Call for Fire but it's blocked, Crusher with a kick to Josh's midsection and goes for the Angle Slam, but Josh gets out of it...Josh dropkicks Crusher in the back and it pushes him into the ropes..Crusher bounces back off it and Josh lifts him for a german, just then Jason gets up and climbs the top rope...Josh nails the german, and Jason comes off right after that with a moonsault...Jason bounces off of Crusher and Josh covers him...1.....2.....3...*

M: What a huge win for these guys

T: Yeah but how hurt is Primate Marv?

*Josh and Jason celebrate as Stacy comes in to hug Jason...*

M: folks when we come back the main event, the former hardcore champion Johnny Blade will take on the World Champion Troy Alston for the first time ever in a non-title match, and it's next!



*Johnny Blade is introduced and the crowd gives him a decent applause, but still boos as well...Troy is introduced next to boos from the crowd, as the champ walks very calmly to the ring..he gets in and hands the World Title to the ref..the bell rings...Troy looks at Blade like he is nothing, and laughs at him...he then asks for a mic*

Troy: So let me get this right, you think just because you held that mediocre title, that garbage title, that you are in the same league as me...boy, you are can't handle the epitome...

*crowd boos*

Troy: In fact, this is a waste of my time, and these people's money

*more boos*

M: Is the champ afraid?

Troy: I mean really you have climbed the rankings because of what, because of a chair? Because of your little stipulations? because of beating chumps..well dammit, I am Troy Alston, I am the World Champion, I beat Unstoppable Force, And next week I beat the Two Man Power Trip at one time...but first

*blade grabs the mic out of Troy's hand*

Blade: first, why don't you shut the fuck up!

*crowd cheers huge*

Blade: Garbage Title, the only garbage in this ring is you!

*crowd cheers, but Troy punches Blade, he hits him again, and then they begin exchanging blows...*

M: here we go, the champ and Blade squaring off

*Troy rakes Blades eyes, then whips him into the corner..Troy charges in but Blade goes up and over him...Troy turns around and Blade his a Yakuza kick sending him back into the corner...Blade runs up the chest of Troy and kicks him right in the head, and Troy falls down to a knee..Troy on all fours, trying to shake it off, but Blade grabs an arm and a leg and rolls him over for a cover...1...2.kickout*

T: Almost a victory for blade

M: Blade showing the champ a wrestling move or two

*Blade picks Troy up and whips him into the ropes, he lowers his head and Troy hits a spinning neckbreaker as both men down...Troy to his feet first, as blade getting up..Troy with a knee to the gut, then he hits a snap suplex on Blade...he rolls the legs, and gets up and nails another suplex..he pops the hips again and completes the three amigos and covers Blade...1...2...kickout...*

M:"The world champ is back in control tater

T: Yeah but it will take more than that to beat Blade

*Troy gets blade up...he looks at him and kicks him in the gut..he goes for a Stunner but Blade pushes Troy off him into the ropes, Troy off the ropes and Blade nails kick to the gut and then the DDT...Blade covers for 2....Blade up and gets Troy up, he chops the champ, then another chop, he goes for a kick, but Troy grabs his leg, he spins Blade, and Blade spins around hitting a heel kick on Troy taking him down...Blade gets up and goes to the second turnbuckle, he attempts the Suicide Stomp, but troy rolls out of the way...Troy starting to get up, and Blade goes to grab him, Troy with a small package...1....2....kickout*

M: The champ almost had the win

*Troy hits a european uppercut on Blade...then another...he kicks him in the gut and hits a ddt of his own...Troy goes and climbs up the turnbuckle...he launches a moonsault but Blade gets his knees up...Troy lands on Blade's knees and bounces off holding his midsection*

M: the champ might be hurt

T: Yeah but can blade get up to capitalize

*Troy holding his midsection on the canvas, while Blade slowly gets up..Troy Trying to get up, but Blade grabs him and hits a powerbomb..he covers...1.....2..kickout...Blade can't believe it...Alli Sabbah runs down the aisle as does swinn..Swinn grabs the World Title belt and holds it in his hands...Alli has a chair and slides it in the ring, then gets on the apron..he argues with a ref...Blade sees him...Blade goes over and grabs Alli and pulls him over the top rope and into the ring...Swinn hands the World Title to Troy*

M: Alli in the ring

T: Blade may have his way with Sabbah

*Alli holding his back is pulled up by Blade..Blade grabs him and hits the Death Drop on him....*

T: The Death Drop

*Meanwhile Troy is up with the World Title holding it ready to nail Blade when he gets up..the ref sees Troy with the belt..he grabs it and tugs with Troy..finally he gets it from Troy but Swinn on the apron arguing with the ref..Troy picks up the Chair*

M: The Champ with a chair

*blade is up and turns around...Troy tries to nail Blade but he ducks out of the way of the chair...Troy turns around and Blade hits a dropkick into the chair that nails Troy in the face..Troy bounces off the ropes..dropping the chair...Blade grabs and arm tucks it under the champ and hits the Death Drop on Troy*

T: Another Death Drop

M: Blade has the pin attempt, and the ref turns to see it...the cover..the count....1.....2........3....

*Johnny blade beats Troy, as Swinn gets in the ring..swinn punches on Blade, but Blade grabs him and tosses him out of the ring...Blade looks down at the World Title and picks it up..he stares at it*

M: What an upset, and Blade has to be ready to wear gold again

T: Yeah but what gold Marv?

*Blade continues to stare at the World Title as the show goes off the air and the camera goes black*

*end show*
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