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Unstable Supershow Feb. 3, 2007
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Default Unstable Supershow Feb. 3, 2007

*Masque and Joker are in the ring already, as the tape delay can be shown since the show is in Berlin, Germany...the crowd is hot as King of Kings comes on in the arena, the crowd pops and DC and Force come out...DC once again without Wilma who hasn't been heard or seen from in a few weeks...they walk down the aisle and Joker immediately comes out to meet DC..the two fight on the rampway, as Force runs and slides in the ring..the bell rings and the first round of the tag tourney is underway...Force goes up to masque, and Masque grabs Force around the throat...He attempts to go for a chokeslam, but Force pounds on Masque's arm a few times, Masque lets go of Force...Force with a kick to the midsection and then a clothesline rocking Masque back, Force hits the ropes and nails another clothesline that sends Masque back again..Force hits the ropes again, but Masque ducks under a clothesline, hits the ropes himself, both men come off and connect with a double clothesline and both men on the ground*

M: Look Tater, already both men on the mat

T: They looked like two skyscrapers crashing to the ground

M: Meanwhile, DC taking it to Joker on the outside, as he rams him into the barricade...DC is pounding away on Joker

T: these two don't like each other Marv.

*Force is up to his feet and Masque sits up..Force kicks him in the head, then gets on top of him and pounds away...the ref gets Force off of him and Force gets up..he gets the crowd into it..DC now up on the apron...asking for the tag..Force picks Masque up and tosses him into the corner where DC is..Force charges in and nails a clothesline..he tags in DC..DC climbs the turnbuckle..Force pulls Masque out and hits a sideways backbreaker, keeping Masque draped across his knee...DC jumps off the turnbuckle and hits the Dogcatcher elbow...*

M: Shades of Demolition right there

*DC covers, as Joker slides in the ring..Force hits a running big boot taking Joker down as the ref counts...2.....3....the match is over..*

M: just like that the Two Man Power Trip make short work out of Masque and Joker

T: I don't know if anyone in this tournament will be able to stop Force and DC.

M: you may be right about that Tater..well folks this is Unstable live from Berlin, Germany, and tonight we look to crown the ultimate team in the IWO..but that's not all as Joe the Schmo will take on the demonic Corey in singles action and Johnny blade will defend the Hardcore title in a triple threat match against Highlight and the newcomer Black Dragon.

T: It should be a great night Marv, and coming up after the break it's the Spice boys taking on the team of Troy and Judge.



*The Spice Boys come out to a huge pop from the crowd...Cult of Personality comes on and Mr. Smith along with Miss A. and the Equalizer come out and sit at ringside...out next is Judge followed by Troy*

M: Looks like the commish is interested in this matchup

T: Well this is the first international show for the IWO, he probally wants everything to go smoothly.

*Troy starts off with Curry in the ring...both men lock up and troy pushes Curry into the ropes, he clean breaks, then slaps Curry in the face...Curry goes after Troy, but Troy armdrags him into an armbar..Troy holding on to the move, and brings Curry to the corner, he tags in Judge...judge in the ring, puts a boot to the shoulder of Curry..he then hits him with a huge punch..Curry hits the mat...Judge stomping on him, then drops down to choke Curry...the ref counting and Judge breaks the hold..the ref arguing with him*

M: dirty tactics by Judge

*he picks Curry up..and tags back in Troy..they both grab Curry and whip him into the ropes..they try a double clothesline, but Curry ducks under..curry hits the ropes again, and comes off with a high cross body taking both men down...Curry up and pounding on the world champ, he comes Gel in the ring..he gives some punches to Judge..but Judge knees him in the gut..He then tosses Gel over the top rope to the floor below..*

M: There goes Gel, and it could be two on one now

T: yeah Curry may be in trouble

*Judge hits Curry from behind he picks him up and whips him into the corner, he charges in, but Curry floats over..Curry then hits the bicycle kick and sends Judge back into the corner...he rolls him up but Judge isn't legal..Miss A. is now on the apron, and the ref goes over to talk to her...Equalizer in the ring..and levels Curry with a big boot to the face..he picks Judge up and hits a chokeslam on him...Troy is up and goes to superkick Equalizer but he catches troy's foot...he slings him around and then nails him with a huge clothesline..he tosses Troy out of the ring, and gets out himself..*

M: What is Eqaulizer doing?

*Gel up and slides in the ring, he gets Curry up...together they get Judge to his feet, Miss A. off the apron...Curry runs and hits the ropes, as Gel pokes Judge in the eye..Judge blinded and gets hit by the Curry Rush*

T: Curry Rush!!!!

M: yeah but he isn't the legal man

*Equalizer tosses Troy back in the ring...Troy trying to get to his feet, but Gel runs and hits a rolling thunder on him...Troy gets nailed in the back..Curry then runs and hits a lionsault on Troy..the Spice boys roll him over and together climb on him to pin him 1...2....3....*

M: What an Upset!!!

T: the SPice Boys win! The Spice Boys win!!!

*Equalizer, Smith and Miss A. get in the ring..The spice boys roll out..Equalizer tosses Troy out of the ring again..he then goes over to Judge who is trying to get up..Equalizer hits a powerbomb on him and takes him out..Smith has a mic*

Smith: It seems that you are in love with this RWA. Well I want have my talent associating themselves with some lowlife wannabe Judge, you have just got part of the punishment that is coming to you..Get his belt

*Miss A. Gets the TV Title and hands it to Smith*

Smith: You may be the TV Champion, but this belt belongs to me..and just so you know...I have a deal for you...if you win at Fandamonium, well you can be released from your contract and you can go to the RWA...but should you lose the Tv Title in 2 weeks, will not only honor your contract, but you will also be forced to do whatever I want. So good luck to you!

*Smith, Miss A. and Equalizer leave with the TV Title*



*Alli and Giggles are in the ring arguing, as Troy is still out at ringside in their corner*

M: You know the champ doesn't look real happy

T: Neither does Alli, he is laying into giggles

M: well they better get this worked out because here comes the last IWO Tag Team Champions!

*The crowd goes nuts as Jason and Stacy walk out..they kinda boo Josh since this is germany afterall.*

T: What a reunion, and we are going to see if they can still work as a team

*they both slide in the ring, and Alli and Giggles meet them..the bell rings and all four square off in the center of the ring..Josh and Jason both clear house as the crowd goes nuts...Alli and Giggles regroup on the outside with Troy...Jason hits the ropes and comes flying over the top with a splash taking out all three men...the crowd going crazy!*

M: What a move, and Josh goes out and gets Giggles in the ring..

*Josh punching on Giggles, whips him into the ropes, hits a dropkick taking Giggles down...Jason is starting to walk around to his side of the ring, when Troy is up and runs up behind him pushing him right into the corner post...Jason hits his head and hits the ground..Troy stomping on Jason*

M: look at the champ taking out Jason, he's not in this match

*Josh with a chinlock on Giggles...meanwhile Alli gets in the ring and hits Josh from behind..Alli attacking Josh, raking his eyes...Josh can't see...Alli picks him up, and hits a facebuster on him..he goes for the cover, but the ref says Giggles is the legal man...Alli argues with him and yells at Troy who slides in the ring..the ref goes over to Troy, but Troy threatens to punch him..the ref backs off..Alli tells troy something, then Alli picks Josh up..he holds Josh's arms and holds him up..Troy goes for the superkick but Josh ducks and Troy hits Alli instead...Josh nails a german on Troy taking him down...*

T: He just kicked Alli

*Josh tosses Troy out of the ring...Giggles is up, and Giggles kicks Josh in the gut, he then hits a ddt...he covers but only gets 2..Jason, bleeding climbs in the ring...Giggles, doing some mimicry at Josh who is on the ground...Giggles turns around and gets a JKO*


*Jason pulls Josh over Giggles..the ref counts..1....2....3....*

M: They did it, Josh and Jason are advancing to the finals, but how hurt is Jason

T: this could hurt them in the long run

*a video graphic is shown showing that Jason and Josh will take on the Spice boys in the semi-finals, while The Two Man Power Trip takes on Primate and Crusher who recieved a bye*

*Josh and Jason are out of the ring and celebrating..Troy is back in the ring, as Alli has gotten up and is arguing with him..he keeps yelling at Troy, and slaps him..Troy then kicks Alli and hits a Trendsetter on him...he gets up and yells at Alli to never do that again*

M: looks like some friction going on in the Alli Camp

T: you can say that again



*video is shown of Joe the Schmo being attacked by Joker...Joe is in the ring bandaged up...Duality comes on and Corey comes out with a mic..he gets in the ring*

Corey: Joe, you little faggot...Now we both know you don't want to be out here...didn't you see the destruction I did at the RWA show last week? Well if you didn't then you will tonight...Because tonight i plan on...

*the crowd erupts as Ravage comes in the ring with a chair, he levels Corey in the back with it..he then begins to pound Corey with the chair...Joe looks to go after Ravage, but Ravage threatens him and Joe hops out of the ring...Ravage yelling at Corey, then hits him with the chair a few more times..he then picks him up and hits a Ravage Driver on him...Ravage takes the mic*

Ravage: this is the reason the IWO can't compete with the for you Corey, I am challenging you to a match at Fandamonium...So if you have the balls to do it, then go ahead and accept it.

*ravage tosses the mic down and the chair and climbs out of the ring...he climbs over the barricade and goes through the crowd as security chases him...*

M: what the hell, how did he get in here?

*Joe the Schmo tells the ref to call for the bell, he does, and Joe rolls Corey over and pins him..1...2....3..the bell rings and Joe gets the victory*

M: Joe just beat Corey

T: Yeah but mostly in part to that RWA reject

*joe celebrates like he just won the world title...the crowd has mixed results*



*Force and DC in the ring as is Crusher...Primate is introduced and the crowd cheers*

M: All four men are loved by this crowd.

T: four of the top faces in the business today are about to go at it. This is going to be as physical as it gets Marv.

*DC and Crusher start things off as the bell rings..they go and lock up..neither man really moving the other one..and they break...they lock back up and still no one getting the upperhand..they break again..they circle and then Crusher shoots the single leg takedown, and DC quickly trying to get out of it..moves over on his back and Crusher goes for a half nelson...DC gets out, and puts crusher in a headlock...Crusher to his feet, and DC with the headlock takedown on Crusher...Crusher with a leg scissors on DC..DC hops out and both men up to their feet, DC goes after crusher but an arm drag send DC down...DC back up, goes after Crusher and a drop toe hold..DC on the ground, and Crusher with a headlock, but DC gets up still in the headlock, and hits a back body drop on Crusher...both men down, as DC up first..DC grabs Crusher by the leg and drags him to the corner, but Crusher kicking at DC, and kicks him off, before DC could make the tag*

M: what a catch as catch can match.

*..Crusher up, and so is DC..Crusher goes for a punch but it's blocked by DC, DC hits a chop then another, he goes for one more, but Crusher grabs DC's arm and puts him in a hammer lock..DC rolls under and reverses it, into hammerlock of his own..Crusher with an elbow and another elbow, DC lets go, Crusher nails Force, who then tries to come in..the ref stops him..Crusher with a punch to DC..Primate in the ring, and hits DC from behind, both men pounding on DC to the boos from the crowd...They whip DC into the ropes, and take him down with a double back elbow..the ref gets Primate out of the ring, as Crusher puts DC in a reverse chin lock...*

M: the ref checking on DC

T: Good double teaming Marv, on the part of Crusher and Primate, and this is good psychology wearing down DC

*Force trying to get the crowd into this one..DC fighting, and gets up to his feet...but Crusher lets go and elbows DC in the back and another..he tosses him into the corner and tags Primate..Crusher holding DC back in the corner, and Primate with a boot to the gut of DC, then both of them working DC over in the corner...Force coming in, but the ref stops him...they take turns punching DC..then they whip him into the ropes...and nail a double back drop...Primate hits the ropes and comes off with a leg drop on DC..the cover..1...2..kickout..*

M: Primate wanted the three that time

T: it will take more than that to get DC down for the 3

*Primate punching at DC's head, then gets up..he picks DC up, and hits a right hand on him..he then whips him into a neutral corner..he charges and DC gets a foot up and nails Primate back...DC hops to the second turnbuckle and goes for an elbow, but Primate with a punch to the gut of DC, sends DC to his knees on the mat...he goes over and scoop slams DC..then drops an elbow to the chest and covers for a 2...*

M: DC needs to a make a tag to Force

*Primate gets DC up and locks him in a bear hug...*

M: DC in trouble now, Primate is so strong

T: Primate going to use that strength to try and make DC tap out

*Primate wears down DC...DC looking like he might be out..the ref raises an arm...1.........*

M: two more and this match is over

*the ref raies the arm again...2......*

T: Force is trying to get the crowd into it, he really wants a tag

*the ref raises the arm again...but DC keeps it up...DC getting some adrenaline going...Primate trying to hold on...DC rears back and nails a punch to the head of Primate, then another, and another..then an arm clap to the ears of Primate and another punch..Primate lets go of DC..DC nailing Primate over and over again..he whips him into the ropes..DC bounces off the ropes too, he nails a flying forearm, and both men on the ground...*

M: Both men down, and who will make the tag first

T: DC going towards Force..he gets there and makes the tag

*Force is in, as Primate manages to dive and tag Crusher, Crusher comes in, and they exchange blows..Force gets the advantage, rocking Crusher towards the ropes..he whips him, but it's reversed...Force hits the ropes, and Crusher stumbles, Force hits the big boot in the bounce back..Crusher goes down*

M: What a boot!

*Primate up, and Force hits a slam on him..Primate back up slowly, and Force whips him into the corner..he charges and Force nails a clothesline in the corner...he whips Primate into the other corner..and charges again right behind him with another clothesline..he whips him again..but Crusher is up..Crusher comes up and attacks Force...Force fights back, DC starting to get up, and Primate nails him with a spear*

T: SPEAR!!!!!

*DC goes down, Crusher whips Force into the ropes..he lowers his head, and Force hits Crusher with a knee lift..Crusher stumbles backwards and hits the mat..Primate is up, and Force runs bounces off the ropes and hits Primate with a clothesline from hell*

M: Force taking care of business

*Crusher slowly to his feet, he gets up, and Force catches him and hits the Unstoppable Drop on him..the cover..1......2......3....*

M: What a match

T: What a victory for DC and Force

M: And they are moving on to the finals

*force raises his arms in victory, as the Two Man Power Trip is still alive*



*backstage Corey is seen with Hugh Miller, Hugh is asking him some questions and Corey pushes Hugh down and takes the mic, he looks in the camera*

Corey: Ravage you little son of a bitch, I am going to beat your fucking brains in...Come Fandomonium, I plan on beating the living fuck out of you..I don't care what match it is, let the fans pick, that way I won't be responsible for the beating you will recieve..I am coming for you motherfucker!

*Corey tosses down the mic hitting Hugh with it..he then walks off*


*Josh and Jason are in the ring, as If you wanna eat my Curry comes on..Curry Muncher comes to the ring with his head down*

M: There is Curry but where is Gel

T: curry looks a little upset

*Curry Gets in the ring and asks for a mic*

Curry: Gringos, and well European Gringos..It seems my hombre Gel, got a little excited after big win. He drunk as you say skunk!

*crowd laughs*

Curry: i could fully come out and wrestle you gringos, but me thinks essa that this is not good idea holmes. So on behalf of Spice Boys, we forfeit!

*Crowd boos at the words coming from Curry*

*the ref checks and the ring announcer tells the crowd that Josh and jason are the winners by forfeit.*

*all the men go to the back as the crowd continues to boo*

M: the finals are set, and the crowd feels that they were cheated

T: They were Marv, I wanted to see a match

M: regardless it will be Josh and Jason taking on Force and DC in the finals..but up next a hardcore match featuring three guys who all want the hardcore title, and it's next!



*Highlight and Dragon are both in the ring, as Johnny Blade comes down with the Hardcore Title in his hand...he has a singapore cane in the other...he runs and slides in the ring and the two challengers immediate jump him..Blade drops the cane, as Highlight and Dragon pound on him...the bell rings as this match is underway*

M: Looks like the challengers are going to work the champ over

T: good move on their parts take Blade out of the equation and then go after each other

*Dragon puts a boot on Blade and chokes him on the ground...Highlight stomping on Blade's stomach..Highlight backs off, as Blade uses the ropes to get more leverage for his choke...Highlight picks up the Singapore cane, and whacks Dragon in the back with it..Dragon feels the sting of the cane, and Highlight smacks him again..this time sending Dragon down to a knee..Highlight chokes Dragon with the cane*

M: You can't trust anybody

T: Well we know how low Highlight will stoop to win a match

M: yeah but this time it's legal

*blade rolls out of the ring, as Highlight is still choking Dragon, he goes over him and puts him in what could be a camel clutch using the cane...the ref checking on the rookie as Highlight is being booed by the crowd...Blade reaches under the ring, and pulls out a trashcan..he tosses it into the ring and slides in...he grabs the can and hits Highlight in the head with it..Highlight releases his hold on Dragon and drops the cane...Blade nails highlight again this time in the back with the trash can..he then tosses the can down and begins to pound on Highlight...Blade gets up and picks Highlight up..he backs up and nails a Yakuza kick sending highlight back down to the mat...Blade goes over and gets the singapore cane...Dragon still on the ground is getting to the ropes..he tries to pull himself up, but blade nails him in the back with the cane, and it sends him back down to the mat*

M: blade is so dangerous in these kinds of matches

*Highlight, to his knees, and blade comes over, he looks to hit Highlight but Highlight hits a lowblow on Blade..Blade slumps to the mat, Highlight rolls out of the ring, and slowly goes and gets a chair..he climbs back in..Dragon has rolled out of the ring as well..Blade trying to get to his feet, slowly he is up and turns around..Highlight cracks him in the head with the chair...*

M: What a shot

T: I think it busted Blade open

m: you're right blood is coming from Blade's head

*Highlight begins to use the chair to stab Blade in the ribs with it..he hits him several times..Highlight drops the chair and covers...1....2...Dragon dives in for the save*

M: the newcomer making the save and keeping the match alive

*Dragon gets Highlight up and they exchange punches...Highlight with a poke to the eyes of Dragon..he whips him into the corner..Highlight charges, but Dragon floats over and rolls Highlight at the same time...the count...1...2...kickout...Highlight up, and Dragon with a dropkick takes him down..Highlight up again and Dragon hits a running clothesline...Dragon off the ropes Highlight back up..he tries a clothesline, but Highlight ducks..Dragon hits the ropes, but Highlight with a dropkick sends Dragon over the top rope to the floor below...meanwhile..Blade still bleeding comes up behind Highlight..he grabs him from behind and starts for a pumphandle..he lifts him up, but Highlight goes over him...he hits a german suplex, and goes for the cover..1...2...kickout...*

M: Blade is so tough

*Blade is picked up by Highlight...Highlight whips him into the ropes, he ducks his head, and Blade with a huge DDT..both men down...Blade slowly with the cover..1....2.....kickout...*

M: How did he do it

T: Blade can't believe it himself

*Blade slowly to his feet, gets Highlight up..he knees him in the gut and whips him into the corner..Blade runs right up Highlight's chest and kicks him in the face..Highlight stumbles out of the corner and falls to the mat..he rolls to his back..Blade climbs up the turnbuckle and goes for the the Suicide Stomp, but Highlight rolls out of the way...Blade picks him up, but a lowblow again takes Blade down...Highlight grabs a fallen blade and goes for the Highlight Stick (walls of Jericho)..*

M: Highlight has him in a submission move...and Blade turned towards the center of the ring, can't even get to the ropes

T: not that it would matter, because everything is legal

*the crowd pops as Josh slides in the ring from the backside of Highlight, he picks up the chair, and runs with it..Josh hits the ropes, and hits a dropkick with the chair into the face of Highlight sending him to the mat..*

M: The Josh, Josh just took out Highlight

*the crowd boos and cheers as Josh slides out of the ring*

*Highlight is out on the mat, as blade still bleeding is slumped on the mat as well..Dragon rolls in the ring, goes over and picks up Blade he tosses him out of the ring..then he runs up the turnbuckle and comes off with the Dragon Twist landing on Highlight..*

T: What a high flying maneuver..

M: Dragon covers Highlight

*the ref counts..1........2.......3.....*

M: the rookie just won the Hardcore Title

T: oh My, we have a new champion!

*Dragon looks shocked as the crowd cheers, the ref hands him the hardcore title..Dragon clutches it and holds it to his chest*

M: A new champion and we still have the tag tourney finals to come

T: Let's take another look at that corkscrew moonsault

*replay is shown of Dragon hitting the Dragon Twist for the victory*

M: folks we got to take a break and when we come back it will be the finals...DC and Force taking on Josh and Jason



*All four men are in the ring...they shake hands and Force starts off with Josh...Jason is bandaged up from his earlier bust open...Force locks up with Josh and the power of Force is too much as he pushes Josh to the ground*

M: This match underway to determine the most dominant team in the IWO, and right now Force is using his power to show how dominant he is.

T: Remember Force has yet to be pinned or made to give up

*Josh is back up and again they lock up..Josh still trying to get an edge on Force but Force is too strong and pushes Josh down again..Josh tags in Jason, and the crowd cheers..Jason and Force lock up, and Jason trying to hold his on, but Force pushes him down to the mat...DC wants in, so Force tags in DC....*

M: well this is interesting DC wants in and Force lets him

T: Don't know how smart this is

*DC and jason circle each other and they lock up..DC quickly with a headlock on Jason...he wrenches it in..Jason backs DC into the ropes and pushes him off..DC takes Jason down with a shoulder block..DC hits the ropes..he jumps over Jason..DC hits the ropes and Jason with a leapfrog, but DC grabs him in midair and hits the spinebuster..he covers..1...2..Josh with the save...the ref gets Josh out of the ring, and DC picks Jason up..he punches at the bandage and another ..DC then rips the bandage off of Jason exposing the gash...DC goes for a punch but Jason blocks it..Jason with a punch of his own..then a kick to the gut...and a ddt...both men down...Jason rolls over and DC out at 2...Jason gets up...goes and tags Josh..DC is up..and Jason runs and hits a shining wizard..Force in but the ref gets him out of there..Josh...goes for a dragon sleeper on DC...*

M:" good teamwork by Josh and Jason and the dragon sleeper is applied

T: DC in an awkward position

*DC struggling for air..Josh has the submission on..Force has seen enough and runs in and lands a boot to Josh, before the ref makes him leave the ring...Josh shakes the cobwebs off and goes towards his corner..he tags Jason..Jason back in and grabs DC's leg keeping him from getting to his corner..he drops an elbow on DC's back..he then gets up and stomps on DC...Jason picks DC up and punches him..he then whips him into the ropes..Jason misses a clothesline, and DC hits the ropes again..he comes back and DC nails the flying forearm..both men on the ground..Highlight comes down the aisle and pulls Josh off the apron...Josh blocks a punch from Highlight and lands one of his own..he hits him again and whips Highlight into the barricade..Josh clotheslines Highlight over the barricade and both men go into the crowd...*

M: Josh has went after Highlight

T: they are in the crowd

*DC is making his way towards Force ...Jason heading towards his corner..DC tags in Force..Jason is up to his knees and sees no Josh..he stands up..Jason looking into the crowd...he turns around and Force with a kick to the gut of Jason, and then hits the Unstoppable Bomb on him...he covers...1....2.....3....*

M: It's over...Force and DC have won the Unstable Tag Tournament

T: And You got to think that Josh might have cost his team the victory as he is still chasing Highlight through the crowd

*King of Kings plays as Force and DC celebrate their win...*

M: Force and DC successful tonight as partners, but in two weeks they will be opponents when they take on Troy for the World Title

T: If I was Troy I would be worried right about now

M: Well folks we will see you next week back in the USA when we return for the last Redemption before Fandamonium...for Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome saying goodnight from Berlin!

*end show*
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LMAO, the Highlight Stick is a spear by the way but a great show nonetheless. My fued with Josh is turning out pretty well. Good show!

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I didn't really look, but i will keep that in mind for next time.
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