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Redemption Month 9 Week 2 Jan. 27, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 9 Week 2 Jan. 27, 2007

I had this almost typed up and the power went out. So I am just going to give highlights of the show, although I will post the entire main event.

-Show opened with Alli In the ring, Skill came out and cut a promo saying that he quit the IWO.

-backstage DC questioned Force about using his rematch clause


-Smith had Equalizer beat down Skill and throw him out of the building stating he was fired.

-DC and Force d. the Spice boys dominating the match. the close came when Gel was on the receiving end of a spike Unstoppable Drop.

-Smith came out and said that Skill could kiss his ass. He then stated that he had some announcements. At this point he asked Force if he wanted to be in the main event at Fandomonium. Force said yes, and a triple threat was announced for the World Title. Smith said that starting tonight polls would be put up throughout the next few weeks and that the fans would vote on opponents or match stipulations. he then challenged any team from the RWA to show up at Fandomonium.


- Josh and Highlight had an arm wrestling contest that never saw a winner. After much back and forth, Highlight had poked Josh in his good eye, then began to beat Josh down...Highlight hit Josh with a chair and looked to injure Josh's leg with the chair but Jason came down and made the save.

-Alli prepared Judge backstage for his TV Title Match tonight


-Johnny Blade retained the Hardcore Title in an elimination match. Demon Alexander suffered another concussion, and then injured his knee later in the match. Doctors are going to undergo test, and Demon may be out of action for a while. Joker was also bloodied real bad as it came down to Balde and Joker in the end, with Blade hitting the Death Drop for the victory.

-DC had some words with Force backstage and left the arena without him


-Dragon made his debut beating Giggles in little time. Dragon would pick up his first win in the IWO.

-Troy cut a promo saying he didn't care if he took on two men that he would still come out on top at Fandomonium


-Jason and Crusher ended in a double countout...good match, neither man really had an advantage. action spilled to the outside, where both men brawled up the ramp...neither one got back in the ring and both were counted out.

-Mr. Smith told Blade that next week he would defend his hardcore title again


-Joe the Schmo won the fans over as he seemed to make a complete turn. Joe took it to the Champ Troy, and it looked like Troy had hurt his leg after being back body dropped over the top rope to the outside. The ref called for medical help and they checked on Troy...Joe tried to get the crowd to give Troy a hand, and when Troy got to his feet with help, he then superkicked was a ploy and Troy then hit the Trendsetter to beat Joe.

-Miss A. explained that because of Demon's injury that him and Corey would not compete in the Tag Tourney next week. She stated that the team of Primate and Crusher would have a bye into the semi-finals.



M: Tater the cage is down and you see the challenger inside.

T: he really looks like he belongs Marv

M: what are you saying

T: Ummm...look here comes the champ

M: And this crowd booing Judge

*Judge come down the aisle and climbs through the door, he gets inside the cage and primate attacks him...the bell rings, and primate whips Judge into the ropes..Primate misses a clothesline, Judge off the ropes, and Primate with a spear..the cover, and two...Primate takes the belt off of Judge, he holds it in his hands..the ref trying to get it from Primate..Primate fighting back...he goes to lift Judge up, but Judge lowblows Primate who drops the belt...Judge slowly getting up..he starts walking towards the cage door that opens...he looks to be climbing out..but Primate runs and hits him from behind...Primate pounding on Judge in the corner...he tries to whip him into the other corner, but it is reversed...Primate hits the turnbuckle comes out and Judge levels him with a big boot, the cover...1..2...kickout..*

M: What action so far, as both men with near falls

T: but remember Marv, you can also climb the cage or go out the door and still win this match

M: And Tater there is a fifteen minute time limit, which right now we got about 12 minutes left

*Judge with a choke on Primate..he stops...he gets Primate up and wraps his arms around him..he then rams him into the corner...Judge ramming the shoulder into the gut..a few times then he backs up..he hits a back elbow to Primate, and another..he then whips Primate into the other corner..Judge coming in too, but Primate moves..Judge hits the turnbuckle and Primate hits a german on Judge...both men down..Primate getting to his feet first..nails Judge with a right hand, another right..kicks Judge in the midsection and attempts to hit a powerbomb, but Judge back drops Primate...he picks Primate up..and rams him headfirst into the cage..Primate bounces off the cage and falls backwards...Judge goes over and picks him up again...he rams him into the cage a second time..he then grabs the head of Primate and grates it against the cage, making him bleed*

M: less than 10 minutes to go and Primate is cut open

T: Look at Judge dominate the beast

*Judge suplexes Primate to the ground and covers..1...2..kickout...Judge with a reverse chin lock wearing down the beast...Judge picks Primate up, nails a chop to him...he then whips him into the ropes..Judge with a big boot but Primate ducks..Primate hits the ropes and comes back with a shoulder takes down Judge..Judge back up and so is Primate, they exchange blows, and Judge with the upperhand, blood pouring down Primate..Judge whips Primate into the corner..he charges with in, but Primate gets a boot to the face..Primate to the second turnbuckle jumps off with a double axe handle, but Judge catches him..Judge trying for a chokeslam, but Primate jumps out of it..he then dropkicks Judge into the cage..Judge hits face first, and comes buck..Primate rolls him up...1...2..kickout...Primate bleeding gets up..he starts up the cage as 6 minutes are left*

M: Not much time and Primate trying to escape

T: he is climbing..but Judge is back up

*Judge climbs the ropes, and reaches and gets Primate..Primate kicks at Judge some..but Judge manages to get up there with him..Judge pulls him back to the ropes..both men on the top rope, fighting with each other..Primate with a poke to judge's eye, he grabs judge and hits the Extinction..*

T: What a move, The Extinction it could be over

*Primate bounced off of Judge...he crawls over and covers him..1.......2......

M: Judge kicked out I don't believe it!

T: 4 minutes to go Marv, and what does Primate have to do to win this thing?

*the crowd is going crazy...Primate trying to shake it off..He gets up and pulls Judge up..he whips him into the corner...Primate goes for the spear, but Judge moves..Primate goes and hits shoulder first into the pole...Judge pulls Primate out of the ropes and puts him in the Excruciater*

M: It's judge's version of the torture rack

T: 3 minutes to go, and Primate is in trouble

*Judge keeps it on, as the ref is checking on Primate, he wont' give up

M: the pain has to be hurting him

*Judge then drops to the ground nailing a modified torture rack back breaker on Primate...he then starts crawling towards the corner*

M: judge not going for the pin, Primate is hurt,

T: yeah he only has 2 minutes left

M: Look he is going for the cage door

*Primate in pain, rolling on the ground..Judge near the door, it opens and he starts to crawl out..Primate sees him..he tries to make a leap at him, but it's too late as Judge escapes through the door and the bell sounds*

M: It's over Judge retains the TV Title

T: he sure did, but I got a feeling that these two may meet again

M: Either way that would be a great match, as they just gave us 14 minutes of super action

T: I can't wait till next week Marv

M: Neither can I, and I am sure you folks can't either, so for Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome saying see you next week from Germany!

*show ends*
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