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Redemption Month 9 Week 1 Jan. 20, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 9 Week 1 Jan. 20, 2007

*Fireworks explode as the crowd goes nuts for Redemption. Marv welcomes everyone to the show*

*Joe the Schmo is already seen in the ring waiting for the Highlight.*

Marv: Well Tater it looks like Joe is ready to go in his match with Highlight.

Tater: The Schmo is ready to go.

*Deadly Game by Theory of a Deadman starts to play as Highlight comes out to a chorous of boos. He slides into the ring, and Joe starts kicking Highlight while he's still down.*

Marv: It looks like Joe wants to take the early advantage.

*Joe continues to kick Highlight for a few moments before picking him up. He whips Highlight into the ropes and clotheslines him on the return. Joe starts to pick up Highlight, when Highlight punches Joe in the gut. Highlight punches Joe again, and runs twards the ropes. He bounces off, and tries to hit a clothesline on Joe, but Joe falls and hits a drop toe hold on Highlight. Joe picks up highlight and puts him into a sleeper hold.*

Marv: And Joe trying to put Highlight to sleep.

Tater: Nighty night.

*Joe tightens his hold on Highlight, as Highlight starts to lose conciousness. The ref goes in to check, and lifts Highlight's arm. It drops. The ref lifts his arm again, and again it drops.*

Marv: Five minutes into the match and this could be the end for Highlight.

*The ref lifts Highlight's arm one more time. It starts to drop but Highlight catches it, and lifts it back up. Joe tries to tighten his hold, but it's too late. Highlight reaches over his shoulder, grabs Joe by his neck, and flips him over his head.*

Marv: Good counter by Highlight.

Tater: Indeed.

*Highlight picks up Joe and chops him. He chops him again, and again, then runs towards the ropes. He jumps up, bounces off the second rope, flips around and hits a crossbody on Joe. Highlight quickly gets up and crouches in a corner, motioning for Joe to get up. Joe finally gets up and slowly turns twards Highlight. Highlight charges Joe, but Joe sees it and hits an elbow smash on Highlight's face.*

Tater: That had to hurt.

Marv: Highlight's bleeding.

*Joe picks up Highlight who is now bleeding from a cut lip. Joe sets up Highlight for a pumphandle slam, and hits it with Highlight landing in the middle of the ring. Joe walks over to the turnbuckle, and climbs up to the top rope.*

Marv: It looks like Joe is going to fly.

Tater: He can fly?

*Joe starts to turn around when Highlight gets up. Highlight sees Joe on the rops, and thinks quickly. He runs to the turnbuckle and hops onto the top rope, and grabs Joe. Highlight leans backwards and hits a superplex on Joe. Instead of covering though, he gets up. He walks around the ring for a second before grabbing Joe's feet, and putting Joe into the Walls of Jericho.*

Tater: Joe's gunna tap!

*After about a minute or so in the Walls of Jericho, Joe taps out. Highlight keeps the move apllied for a few more seconds until releasing it.*

Tater: He's won it.

Marv: Good win by the Highlight.


backstage April catches up with Judge

April: Judge, why were you at the RWA show this past week?

*Judge doesn't answer her and just gives her a blank stare*

April: Umm...well tonight you face your partner at Unstable, the World Champion, Troy, how do you feel you will do?

*Again Judge just stares at her*

April: ok, my last question Judge is next week it has been said that Primate is going to use his rematch clause to challenge you for the TV Title, what are...

*Judge grabs April by the throat, he lifts her a bit, and takes the mic from her..finally he releases her*

Judge: How do I feel, what are my thoughts. I think your little boyfriend is going to get served some hard justice next week, just like you!

*Judge pushes April down to the floor, and laughs...he then walks off*

*30 second break*


M: What an ass that Judge is.

T: that is true and the timer is up and here comes Highlight's next opponent

*Crusher walks down the aisle as the crowd goes crazy...Highlight seems a little ticked as he is still wiping blood from his mouth*

M: It's the true Wrestling Machine, Crusher and here we go, both men going at it in the middle of the ring.

T: The great concept of all this marv, is that you have to fight a fresh man each match, and you never know who that person is going to be.

M:It's definitely hard to prepare in such a short amount of time.

T: You said it Marv

*Crusher manages to get an armbar on Highlight..he turns the wrist as Highlight is struggling..Highlight manages to nail a punch toCrusher and another...Crusher let's go and Highlight hits a dropkick taking Crusher down..Highlight hits a running knee on Crusher as he tries to get up and a cover..1..2..kickout..Highlight choking Crusher and the ref telling him to break the hold*

M: remember you can get DQ and be put out of the gauntlet.

T: That's right regular match rules apply in this setup.

*Highlight pulls Crusher up, he knees him in the gut...he then whips Crusher into the turnbuckles...Highlight charges and nails a splash on Crusher..Crusher stumbles outward, and Highlight runs up the turnbukcles and hits a spinning corkscrew just as Crusher turns around...he nails it and covers..1.....2....crusher with the kickout and Highlight can't believe it, he argues with the ref*

M: highlight needs to quit arguing and stay ontop of Crusher

*Highlight goes and grabs Crusher's legs, he is trying for the White Out...He goes and tries to turn Crusher but Crusher fighting...he keeps trying but Crusher uses his legs to send Highlight the other way...he spins Highlight off of him...Highlight hits the mat, but quickly gets up..he charges at Crusher, who is barely up..Crusher hits a drop toe hold, and then goes for the ankle lock..he has it on Highlight in the middle of the ring..*

M: highlight in trouble, he's got nowhere to go

T: How ironic, that Highlight just won by tap out and now it looks like he might lose by tap out as well

*Highlight struggling to hang on...blood trickles down his chin from his lips...finally he can't take it no more, and taps out*

M: The Tapout it's over, and the clock will now count until Crusher's next oppnent

*backstage we see Primate checking on April.*

Primate: Are you okay?

April: yeah just a little embarrased

Primate: I'm going to kick that son of a bitch's ass

April: Don't worry about him right now, just worry about winning the gauntlet.

*Miss A. Walks up*

Miss A: April are you okay

April: yeah, i'm fine.

Miss A: Good to know. Oh and Primate I have some news for you as well.

Primate: What's that?

Miss A: Well it seems that you will be competing in the tag tourney at Unstable.

Primate: I will? With who?

Miss A: Your partner will be the man you are about to go to the ring and face...Crusher!

*Primate and April look at each other, as April kisses Primate and wishes him goodluck*

*30 Second break*


M: And Primate is in the ring and both men in the center staring at each other.

T: Look they are shaking hands.

M: That's refreshing to see, especially since these two will be partners in two weeks.

*Both men lock up and Primate overpowering Crusher...he backs him up to the ropes...and gives a clean break*

M: Primate smiling at Crusher on the break

*they circle each other, and Crusher shoots and hits the double leg takedown..Primate trying to turn over, but Crusher quickly on top and grabs a half nelson...Primate sits out, and Crusher manages to get a full nelson on Primate...Primate to his feet, and Crusher trying to hold onto the hold.*

M: Primate with the size advantage if he fully gets up, he could break this.

T: Primate is a good 6 inches taller than Crusher

*Primate starts to break the hold, when Crusher just lets go and hits a german on the big man...he covers...and gets a 2...Crusher quickly with a headlock and wearing the big man down.*

T: smart move by Crusher wear the big man down, because Crusher has already been in the ring longer and needs to regroup

M: If he can wear down Primate this will even things up.

*Primate gets to his feet and back Crusher to the ropes, he pushes him off..Crusher bounces off the ropes and runs into Primate..Primate taking him down with a shoulder block...Primate bounces off the ropes, jumps over Crusher..Crusher to his feet, and attempts to hit a belly to back suplex...Primate reverses places with him and hits a belly to belly of his own...he covers and gets a 2...Primate up on his feet...Crusher gets to his feet and turns, and the spear from Primate*


M: Primate covers, and only gets a 2.

*Primate picks Crusher up he nails a huge right hand...Primate whipping Crusher into the ropes...and hits a powerslam..the cover...1.....2...kickout...Primate lifts Crusher up and goes for a bearhug...*

M: Interesting to see the bearhug and he is wearing Crusher down.

T: Yeah Primate trying to get a rest, but both men are using valueable time considering that there are so many superstars left in this contest.

*Crusher hears the fans reacting...chants for both men..Crusher gets the adrenaline rushing..he hits a double arm clap on Primate, and then again..Primate loosening the hold..Crusher with a right hand, and another..he breaks free, and kicks Primate in the gut..he hits a snap suplex, and rolls over, the leg is hooked..1....2...kickout....Crusher trying to figure out what to do next...he is heading towards the ropes...he goes to the apron and to the corner..he is climbing the turnbuckles...*

M: Uncharacteristic of Crusher climbing the ropes

T: He is getting desperate Marv

*Crusher to the top, unsteady, he gets his balance, but Primate kips up and runs towards the corner, up the turnbuckles and grabs a waiting Crusher...he hooks him and nails the Extinction*

T: Oh my, what a move from Primate

M: He has the cover on Crusher

*the ref counts...1......2.......3....Primate rolls off and lays on the mat the victor*

M: That match was outstanding, but now Primate must continue on, and the clock continues to tick away.

*In the parking lot we see Troy pull up in his car..he gets out and walks towards the building where Chad Willard is waiting*

Chad: Troy, can I have a word with you

Troy: sure Chad

Chad: It..

Troy: that's enough..that's your word

*Troy pushes Chad out of the way and laughs as he walks into the building*

*1 minute break*


*If you wanna eat my Curry plays, and Curry Muncher comes running down the aisle...Primate is leaning against the middle turnbuckle in one corner resting..Curry slides in as the bell rings..he charges at the turnbuckle as Primate is standing up..Curry going for the Curry Rush, and Primate side steps him, as Curry runs shoulder first into the steel ring post.*

M: A huge mistake by an optimistic Curry

T: And Primate lifting him up on his shoulder

*Primate has Curry up in a body slam postion..he then hits a shoulder breaker on Curry...he hooks the leg and covers......1....2....3...And primate with a quick victory*

M: An easy win, and it gives Primate 2 more minutes to rest up.

*We see Josh and Jason backstage...*

Josh: So in a few weeks, me and you tagging up one more time

Jason: Yeah, so are you ready?

Josh: I'm the king of all battle of course I am, but I want to tell you that tonight, if me and you meet in that ring, that I'm going to do everything I can to win and go on to Fandominuim to face that bitch Troy.

Jason: That's cool, Because I plan on doing the same thing.

*the two men shake their heads at each other*

*30 second break*


*Crazyskill walks to the ring with a mic in hand...*

Skill: Each week I come out here, and for what, so I can face some no talent hack.

*fans boo*

Skill: Well no more! You see I've had enough of the IWO, so Primate you, these fans, the announcers and Mr. Smith can all kiss my ass!

*Skill tosses down the mic and starts to walk up the ramp..Primate jumps out of the ring and goes after him..Primate nows Skill from behind...he then slings him into the barricade..Primate dragging Skill down towards the ring..Skill hits a lowblow on Primate..Primate slumps over...Skill then stomping away and the bell hasn't rung yet*

M: What has gotten into Skill?

T: Fuck him!

M: Tater you can't say that.

T: I just did, and I will do more than that.

*Tater slams his headset off, and gets up...he goes over and pushes Skill from behind...Skill turns around...Tater yells at him and pushes him again..Skill seems pissed off and Tater starts backing up...Tater then runs as Skill chases him around the ring..Tater runs and then slides in*

M: tater you fool...Skill in the ring and Tater begging him not to do anything..

*Skill Comes over and grabs Tater by his suit coat sleeve...he starts to pick Tater up, but Tater hits a lowblow as the crowd goes nuts....Tater rolls out of the way and out of the ring...Skill holding himself...on the ground, he finally gets to his feet and just then Primate in the ring nails the spear on Skill...the ref calls for the bell, the match starts...Primate covers..the count...1....2.....3..*

M: Primate did it, he just beat his third man in a row, and he should be thanking my colleague, Tater Inberg.

*Backstage we see Gel with Hugh Morris. Gel is drinking again.*

Hugh: Gel, are you ready for tonight

Gel: KurPlungh!!!!

*Gel then runs right into a wall and falls down, as Hugh just shakes his head*

*1 minute break*


*Jason and Stacy come down to the ring and Jason gives her a kiss..he gets in the ring the bell is rung, and both men lock up...Primate still overpowering folks, backs Jason into a corner..he let's go but nails a right hand to Jason..Jason answer with one of his own..and another, but Primate pushes him back into the corner..he hits a chop, and the crowd goes WHOOOOO*

M: hard chop and here comes another from Primate and jason is slumped down in the corner

*Primate pulls him up, and whips him to the other corner..Primate charges in, but Jason floats over..Primate turns and gets the JKO*


M: the cover...1.....2.....Primate gets a leg on the rope...Good ring presence.

T: Stacy thought her man had it won

*Jason, picking Primate up, hits punch, then whips him towards the corner..Jason nails a spear of his own. and the cover..1......2....Primate kicks out...Jason gotta wonder what to do now...he picks up Primate kicks him in the gut, and goes for a DDT, but Primate manages to block it, and hits a spinebuster...both men on the ground*

M: Fatigue has to be wearing out Primate Tater

T: he is slowly going for the cover

*1......2....kickout by Jason...Stacy on edge as she is yelling for Jason to get up.*

M: Both men on the ground and slowly they are getting up.

T: Whoever gets up first has the advantage

*Jason to his feet first, and he kicks Primate in the gut...Jason backs up and goes for the shining wizard, but Primate ducks it...Jason misses and lands on the mat, he quickly gets up and runs at Primate, he hits the powerslam...cover...1...2.....kickout..*

M: Again another near fall

T: Stacy on the apron

M: she has no business there

*The ref telling Stacy to get down..Primate up and yelling at her..she turns and begins to shake her ass at them...Jason trying to get up, and he is he goes for what looks like a vertebreaker on a distracted Primate..Primate too strong pushes Jason into the ropes...he goes chest first and Primate grabs him from behind, and hits a german with a bridge...the cover and the count..1....2.....3....Jason kicking out but too late as Primate wins again.*

M: the distraction backfired, and Primate with another victory.

* backstage Hugh is with Alli*

Hugh: Alli, why did you fire the MWO last week?

Alli: Hugh, my friend, I demand respect. I demand perfection and last week the MWO once again cost me and Giggles a victory. I fired them, because I am a business man, and this is a business. By the way, have you been down to the Emporioum, he have a new line of snow shovels available. Because everyone needs to shop smart, shop Alli!

*Alli walks off as Hugh seems confused*

*30 second break*


M: Primate is wore out Tater, and what the hell?

*the lights go out...they come back on, and Masque is in the ring...Primate turns to see him, and Masque grabs Primate...Primate quickly kicks Masque down below...the ref just now ringing the bell to start the match..Primate hitting a huge suplex on masque..he covers for one and a half...Primate standing up slowly, as masque raises up..Primate kicks him in the head, and another kick..he picks Masque up, and whips him, it's reversed...Primate off the ropes, and nails the spear on Masque who didn't move out of the way..the cover....1...2...3...Primate again with a win..*

T: What a quick victory, and good thing for Primate because he needs the rest

*Duality blares as Corey comes running down the aisle, he gets in the ring and starts beating on Masque..Primate sits in a corner watching*

M: what the hell, Corey getting some revenge maybe on Masque?

T: Look at those punches, Corey choking Masque now

*Corey continuing to pound on Masque..he gets Masque up and tosses him into the corner, he nails a clothesline then begins to hit body blows on Masque...he is chocking him with his knee...the ref trying to stop Corey from fighting Masque...the clock ticks down and the timer goes to zero.*

M: Masque hits Corey with a punch and rolls out of the ring...The ref is ringing the bell to start the match, but Corey has just jumped out of the ring.

T: So Corey is the next competitor?

M: It appears but he is chasing Masque up the rampway

*the ref is counting,....8.....9....10...the bell rings as Primate wins via Countout.*

M: Another easy victory for the beast

*We see backstage Corey catch up with Masque they continue to fight until security and other personnel break them apart.*

*1 minute break*


M: so who is next for Primate?

T: Who is this guy?

M: It appears to be a newcomer to the IWO

*Dragon jumps into the ring and Primate going after him with some hard punches, he whips him it is reversed, and Primate off the ropes...Dragon with a roundhouse kick takes down Primate..he covers....and gets 2...*

M: Dragon running to the ropes bounces off, and goes for a running legdrop and connects...the pin but only for 2 tater.

T: this guy is quick

*Dragon, motioning to the crowd that Primate is done for...Dragon picks him up, and gives him a judo chop to the throat..the ref warning him, but Dragon, whips Primate to the ropes..Primate bounces off the ropes, and ducks the roundhouse this time..he hits the ropes again, and jumps and nails a flying shoulder sends Dragon to the mat, and both men down...*

M: Dragon to his feet first, and Primate slowly getting up

*Dragon runs in, and Primate catches him and hits a baldo bomb...the cover...1....2....3..Primate with a huge victory*

M: the newcomer is put away by Primate

T: How much longer can Primate last Marv

*backstage we see Johnny blade Taping his fist up, he seems to be concentrating in his locker room.*



*Demon is now in the ring as Primate looking tired, doesn't seemed pleased...both men circling each other*

M: the lock up and Demon arm dragging Primate down

T: Primate a little slower in his step and Demon with that arm bar.

*Demon holding on, as Primate gets up..Demon lets go and nails Primate with a huge punch..Primate stumbles...Demon grabs him and goes for the Demon's Dance..but Primate too strong, breaks it, and does a wizard on Demon sending him to the mat...Primate falls to a knee..*

M: Primate shaking out the cobwebs...he runs and hits the ropes

T: Judge is here and he just grabbed the leg of Primate

*Primate turns to see Judge..the ref comes over and leans through the ropes to tell Judge to leave...Demon is up and low blows Primate from behind...Primate stunned, as Demon grabs him and hits the Demon's Dance this time..the cover...the ref turns he count......1......2......3.....Demon just beat Primate*

M: A stolen victory thanks to the Judge

T: Look at Judge laughing he just robbed Primate of his chance to be a world champion.



*Blue on Black comes on as DC walks down the aisle to much applause....Demon waiting, DC slides in and Demon attacks him the bell rings....Demon on the offense...DC trying to get up, but hard strikes from Demon...DC to his feet, and Demon whips him...DC reverses, Demon hits the ropes and DC takes him down with a running back elbow...DC motioning for Demon to get up..he does and a clothesline takes him down....DC hits the ropes and comes and nails another running clothesline...Demon gets up and DC with a scoop slam...DC dropping a leg drop and covers...1....2..kickout by Demon...*

M: DC on a roll Tater

T: The former TV Champ is on a mission

*DC picks Demon up, he goes to whip him into the corner, but it's reversed...Demon charges in, and DC moves and pushes Demon..Demon going for a splash and the extra push from DC sends Demon into the steel post headfirst..Demon stumbles and falls down to the mat...DC covers and gets the 3...*

M: That was odd

T: What DC winning?

M: No the fact that Demon doesn't really seem to be moving, he might have just suffered a concussion.



*Giggles comes out doing some mimicry as the crowd boos..he gets in the ring and looks at the crowd that boos him..he then flicks them off...he turns and DC kicks him in the gut and lifts him up..the crowd cheers as the bell is rung*

M: Uh oh here comes the Bust..

*DC hits it and covers Giggles..1....2..3..a quick win*

M: that didn't last long

*break, then an ad runs for Unstable*


*King of Kings comes on and here comes Force down the aisle*

M: Whoa! Here comes Force the partner of DC

T: Looks like these two are going to have to go one on one

M: We knew this might happen at some point.

*Force gets in the ring the bell is rung and DC and Force standing in the center of the ring..both men staring each other down..they shake hands, and then lock up..Force with the upperhand..pushing DC towards the ropes..he is holding DC there as the ref tells him to break..he does and gives DC a little pat on the face.*

M: Force sending DC a message

*they lock up again, and Force backs DC into the corner..he again lets go and smiles...they go to lock up again, and DC kicks Force in the knee..Force stops..DC with a right hand and another, he goes for a third but it's blocked..Force connects, then goes for a clothesline...DC ducks, and DC with a back elbow..Force stumbles...DC with a chop...and then the whip..DC gets reversed..Force lowers his head, and DC hits the DDT on him..the cover and a kickout at 2...*

M: DC trying to put Force away but will have to do better than that

T: Wait Joker is here with a chair

*DC is up and turns around and Joker levels him with the chair...DC is busted open and the bell rings.*

M: DC is going to win by DQ

T: Joker is still hitting DC with the chair.

*Joker wailing on DC with the chair..DC unable to defend himself..Joker drops the chair and begins punching DC opening him up more...Force gets up and sees this..Force runs and takes Joker's head off with a huge big boot*

M: force is pissed, Joker just cost him a rematch for the World Title.

*Force grabs Joker and lifts him up...he then hits the Unstoppable Drop onto a chair...Force spits on Joker then leaves the ring...the clock ticking down*

M: We gotta take a break



M: the bell rings and it looks like Joker is the next man in this matchup..both men on the ground still Tater

T: Yeah but DC starting to stir as is Joker

*DC is bleeding and gets to his feet..Joker to his feet bleeding as well from Force's finisher...DC holding his ribs...sees Joker..he runs and hits a lou thesz press..he is punching Joker...*

M: DC is pissed off

T: He should be, look at the blood running down his face

*DC gets up and picks Joker up...he hits a european uppercut on him, and Joker falls to the mat...DC applies the texas cloverleaf and turns Joker over...Joker with nowhere to go, and stuck in that hold*

M: Joker lunging for the ropes, he is trying to get there

T: DC pulls him away and has the hold locked in more

*Joker taps out as DC beats him...DC lets go and picks up the chair...he then wails on Joker*

M: A little payback from earlier

T: Yeah but DC should be taking the time to rest

M: DC is a man possessed.

*DC gets Joker and tosses him out of the ring*



*Josh is introduced and the crowd cheers, a bloody DC with a chair in hand is outside the ring on the side where Josh's bad eye is...Josh comes down the aisle and DC runs at him...Josh can't see him with that eye and DC nails him in the head with the chair.*

M: What is going on, DC just leveled Josh with the chair

T: DC has lost it, I think the blood has made him go crazy

*DC drops the chair and tosses Josh into the ring..DC follows as the match begins..he picks Josh up and then nails the Leash on him..he covers and gets the 3...*

M: A cheap victory and the fans not pleased with DC



M: It's a drunk Gel and he can barely make it to the ring.

T: Well finally he is getting in and this match is underway

*DC runs and nails him with a clothesline to take him down...DC on top pounding away*

M: the blood continues to pour from DC, and he is like a man possessed..DC showing no mercy on Gel

*the ref gets DC off of Gel...DC picks him up and whips him into the ropes..Gel stumbling, and DC hiptosses him down to the ground...DC then grabs Gel and puts on the Putdown...Gel with no where to go....on the ground in the sleeperhold...*

M: gel is losing it

T: I don't think he can get away

*The ref raises Gel's hand and he is out...DC picks up the win*



*Johnny Blade out in the ring, and both men exchaging blows to begin the match...Blade gets the upperhand, and whips DC into the ropes...DC comes back and Blade hits the yakuza kick on him...DC drops to the ground...Blade runs and hits a running shooting star on DC..he covers...1....2...kickout..*

M: this match underway quickly and Blade pulling out all the stops early on

T: WHy is Gel still out here

M: I..I don't know

*Blade picks up a bleeding DC, he whips him into the corner..Blade walks over, and DC tries a punch..Blade blocks it..Blade hits DC with a punch sending him into the ropes...Blade climbs up the turnbuckle and begins to unload on DC..the crowd counting with him...2.....3.....4.....5...Gel slides in the ring, and stumbles over he bumps into Blade..he loses his balance a bit..Blade hops down as the ref trying to tell gel to get out*

M: Gel isn't even in this match anymore

T: Maybe no one told him

*Blade kicks Gel in the midsection and then hits teh Death Drop on him..the crowd pops for this...Blade gets up and yells at Gel...DC comes up from behind Blade and rolls him up...the ref counts....1....2..DC with some tights....3.....DC gets the win...Blade can't believe it...he is pissed off, that he just lost...DC rolling out of the ring and resting at ringside as blade argues with the ref*

M: DC using the tights

T: Hey a win is a win, and there is only one man left

M: And that man will be out here next



*Mountain Song comes on as Alli and his security team come out...just then Force comes out and takes out the security team...Alli sees him and runs to the ring he gets in as does DC, the bell rings..Alli watching on and then turns around..DC kicks Alli in the gut and lifts him up, and nails the Bust...DC turns and points at Force*

M: Oh my, DC with the Bust and just gave Force some approval

T: the cover by DC

*DC covers and the count..1....2.....3...DC just pinned Alli Sabbah*

M: How appropriate that DC pins Alli Sabbah and will now get a shot at Alli's champ, the World Champion Troy Alston

T: DC celebrating in the ring but here comes Force..

*Force gets in and looks at a bloody DC...Force then raises the arm of DC, as the crowd cheers...Alli gets up and Force hits a big boot to take Alli back down, the crowd pops as the Two Man Power Trip Celebrate.*

M: folks after this it will be Champion vs. Champion, Troy vs. Judge is next!



*Judge is in the ring, but Primate is out..*

M: Primate with the upperhand on Judge, getting his revenge from earlier

T: here comes Troy Marv, and Troy attacking Primate from behind

*The two men get the advantage on Primate and eventually put him out of the ring...Judge looking out at Primate as the bell rings..Judge turns around and Troy nails him with a superkick to the jaw..Troy covers and hooks the leg...1....2...3...Troy just got a win*

M: What a partner Troy will be taking full advantage of a distracted Judge

*replays of the superkick are shown..*

*Troy is up on the turnbuckle with the World Title celebrating when the Equalizer gets in the ring..He runs over and pushes Troy over the top rope and Troy lands hard on the outside...Judge slowly Getting up, and Equalizer nails a clothesline to take him down..he picks him back up and hits a chokeslam...Cult of Personality comes on as Miss A. and Mr. Smith walk down the aisle..Miss A. goes over to the time keeper and grabs the TV Title and then gets in the ring where Smith is ordering Equalizer to finish Judge off..Equalizer hits the powerbomb on Judge...*

M: what is Smith doing out here?

Smith: Judge...It seems you like to show up at other federation's shows..Well I don't like that...But since you didn't compete in the RWA, I can't really penalize you financially. However, since you like to show up at rathole arenas wearing my title, I have decided to protect my interest. Therefore..this belt is staying with me, until next week. Because next week Judge, you will defend the TV Title in the main event when you take on Primate. And Judge that match will be inside of a steel cage!

*Smith walks out with Miss A and Equalizer taking the TV Title with him...Judge is shown laying in the middle of the ring as the camera goes black*

*end show*


Thanks to Dr. Feelgood for writing the first match of the guantlet.
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Another good job DC.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Now THAT was a show. That was entertaining as hell and heck I won the first match that Spear wrote. Great job guys.

You down with RTT?
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another great show, damn entertaining if ya ask me
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Great show as usual.
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