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Redemption Month 7 Week 1 November 17, 2006
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Default Redemption Month 7 Week 1 November 17, 2006

*The ring is shown full of tables set up on top of each other...a scaffold is seen going from one side of the ring to the other...Johnny Blade's music hits as Redemption begins*

M: Welcome everyone to Redemption, where tonight once again all three titles will be on the line, starting right now with the Hardcore Championship

T: that's right Marv, Johnny Blade has been force to go one on one with the maniacal Masque. A deadly man if there ever was one.

M: You are correct Tater, but this first contest will be a hard one for Blade who was injured last week in that Exploding Ring match. Now he must climb a scaffold and try to throw Masque off of it and throw the tables waiting in the ring.

T: They call it a snake pit match Marv, and this was thought up by this week's interim commish, Demon Alexander.

M: Speaking of Demon Alexander we will see him in the main event when he defends the TV Title against Joe the Schmo

T: Can't wait for that one Marv!

M: Blade is up on the Scaffold and as you can see the lights have gone out here in the arena, and here comes Masque down the aisle...

T: are you sure that's him?

M: I assume it is..

*The lights come on as Masque is seen climbing up onto the scaffold...Blade is at the other end as the ref calls for the bell...Blade slowly starts moving towards Masque, who finally is up on top of the scaffold...Masque tosses his robe off the scaffold, and seems to be staring oddly at Blade, who also stops...*

M: Maybe a little intimidation by the dead man

*Masque points at Blade and begins laughing..Blade seems to be angered, and goes forward towards Masque..he gets close to him and tries to swing, but Masque grabs Blade's fist...he begins to twist his arm, as Blade seems to be in pain...Masque laughs as Blade drops to a knee and Masque to turning on his wrist...*

M: Pressure hold applied by Masque

T: This is dangerous for Blade, remember who ever gets tossed off the scaffold loses the match.

*Blade uses what strength he has to punch Masque in the midsection, he punches him again...Masque let's go of the hold, as Blade shakes his wrist off...he punches Masque again, then starts to get up...he grabs Masque by the head and punches him in the face...he delivers another blow...then he dropkicks Masque in the knee, making Masque lose his balance and fall forward onto the scaffold...Blade hits the scaffold and almost goes off, but grabs a hold of it to keep from falling...*

M: He took down the evil doer but almost fell off and lost his title

T: Blade has to be careful, a wrong calculation and it's bye bye mr. Blade.

*Blade, pulls himself up, as Masque tries to get to his knees...Blade up and starts kicking at Masque's head...he kicks again, and again..he backs up, but this time, Masque grabs a foot of Blade and pulls him down causing him to land on his back..he crawls forward and begins punching Blade as he is on top of him...*

M: Masque taking control right now

*Masque chokes Blade on the scaffold, and is trying to drain the oxygen from his body..*

M: a choke hold

T: but it's legal in this match

*Blade turning purple...Masque gets up to his feet, still holding his hands around Blade's neck...he goes to pick him up by the throat, but Blade pulls his knees towards him, and manages to grab the arms of Masque...he is able to toss Masque forward, and Masque rolls, loses control of the hold, and goes rolling on the scaffold.....Masque off balance and trying to hold on...Blade trying to catch his breath...Masque goes to get up, he has his back towards Blade...Blade gets up to his feet...he goes behind Masque and nails a backcracker on Masque, causing Masque to fall off the scaffold, and through several tables and to the mat below...more tables fall over and into the ring...some to the outside as the bell sounds...Blade making sure he stays on the scaffold, just lays there as he has retained the hardcore title.*

M: Oh my god, look at the debris in the ring..

T: He might have just hurt Masque badly..

*EMTs rush to the scene and get in the ring along with the ring crew to clear away the tables and check on Masque...*


*Backstage Crusher is seen walking down the hallway and he runs into Mr. Smith's assitant and the Equalizer...Crusher and Equalizer bump into each other*

Crusher: watch where you are going asshole!

Assistant: Excuse me, but he doesn't speak English

Crusher: That's his loss

Assistant: Crusher do you know who we are

Crusher: yeah I do, you are that no good broad of Smith's and that is his personal lackey.

*Equalizer wants to hit Crusher, but the assistant beckons him off*

Assistant: then you know that we still are in contact with Mr. Smith...and just so you know Crusher, that when Mr. Smith returns he will be firing someone, so if I were you, I would be careful what I say and what I do.

Crusher: Uh huh...well I tell you what, right now I am about to go to the ring and kick someone's ass, then next week I am going to win the World Heavyweight I doubt I get fired when Smith gets back.

Assistant: We will see, we will see.

*They both start to walk off*

Crusher: Wait, one more thing.

*Both of them turn around*

Crusher: Next week, since I am in charge, and it seems your boy likes to get into people's faces, I thought what the hell, next week Equalizer is going to have a match against whomever I decide. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

*They both look disgusted as Crusher walks off smiling.*



*Oldschool and his partner Troy are both in the ring along with Ervin and Robere...Mr. Giggles has just come out with the MWO and Crusher's music hits...Crusher comes running down the aisle and slides in the ring...Troy and Oldschool and Giggles and Crusher all in the ring and throwing punches...Ervin and Robere step out of the ring as this one is underway...Troy taking Giggles down...he then tosses him out of the ring...Oldschool whips Crusher, Crusher ducks a clothesline, but is dropkicked out of the ring by Troy, who taunts the crowd, as Crusher tries to regroup along with Giggles on the outside*

M: Action is fast and furious....Troy and Oldschool clearing house and the ref trying to get this one under control.

T: Looks like Oldschool wants to start it off for his team, and Crusher for his.

M: these two have a little history together, as a few weeks ago Crusher beat Mr. Oldschool.

*both men lock up, and Crusher gets the advantage..he backs Oldschool against the ropes..the ref trying to break the hold, finally Crusher does, and Oldschool pokes him in the eye...he then takes him down with a shoulder block...Oldschool using a reverse chinlock to keep Crusher at bay..*

M: he is truely oldschool, using a rarity these days and trying to wear Crusher down.

T: He needs to keep him here in the center of the ring, that way Giggles can't get to him...

*Oldschool tightening the hold, Giggles tries to come in, but the ref won't let him...Crusher trying to fight out of the hold now...he has Oldschool's hands...and prys them from his chin...trying to stand up...he gets to a vertical base, and turns around..Crusher with a kick to the gut of Oldschool and then nails a DDT...both men on the ground....Crusher up and rolls over...he crawls and makes the tag to Giggles...Giggles goes over and nails Troy off the apron...he is ectastic about that...*

M: Why is he just standing there clapping?

*the ref checking on Troy who fell to the floor...Oldschool nails a clapping Giggles with a lowblow..Giggles falls to the mat...oldschool starting to get comes the mimes...Oldschool delivers a right hand to one of them, and another...Oldschool Clearing house...Crusher to his feet...Oldschool clotheslines him over the top rope...another clothesline to a mime..*

M: look at him go

T: Oldschool taking it oldschool

*Oldschool lays them out, and Giggles is starting to get up..Troy slides in the ring and sees Giggles he is waiting..Oldschool watching...Giggles is up, and Troy....turns and superkicks Oldschool*

M: What is he doing?

T: SUPERKICK! He just superkicked his own partner!

*Giggles looks at Troy as Troy looks down at Oldschool, then back at Giggles...Troy goes and climbs out of the ring and him and Robere leave as Ervin is screaming at them..Giggles covers...and the ref counts...1.....2....3...Giggles and Crusher win the match..*

M: I can't believe Troy turned on his own partner.

T: I can look who he is hanging with.

M: Folks we gotta take a break but when we come back new World Champion Unstoppable Force defends the title against 3 other men right here on Redemption.



M: You see two of the men in the ring already, Judge and Crazyskill...and here comes The Josh

T: All three of these men were winners last week Marv, and this week they have a shot at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion

M: And here comes the new Champ, Force

*Force walks to the ring to a huge ovation as he points to the crowd.*

M: Remember Force doesn't have to be pinned or submit in order to lose the title, so the odds are stacked against him

T: Here we go Marv, all 4 men going at it in the ring...the bell has rung and we got championship wrestling!

*Force and Judge exchanging blows, meanwhile Skill whips Josh into a corner..he charges in, but Josh hits skill with a boot..Josh hops up to the 2nd turnbuckle, and comes off with a double axehandle, but Skill dropkicks him right in the face...*

M: What a dropkick taking Josh down...

*Force, winning the battle with Judge, as he punches him into the ropes..he goes to whip him...But Judge reverses it..and Skill hits a roundhouse kick to Force taking the champ down...Skill covers..1...2..Judge kicks him to break it up...Skill up in Judge's face as they argue about the call...Judge pushes Skill, and Skill comes back with a right hand and another..Judge then knees skill in the gut...and clubs him in the back of the neck sending Skill to his knees...he grabs him and whips him into the corner...Judge walks over, but Skill chops him...he goes to punch him, but Judge blocks it, and hits a headbutt to Skill sending him back into the corner..Judge chops Skill leaving a mark..he then takes his boot and chokes skill in the corner with it..*

M: You see Judge using his size to his advantage

*Force comes up and nails Judge from behind...Pounding on him, as Skill slumps into the corner...trying to catch his breath...Josh up now, and comes over to help Force..they grabs Judge and whip him into the ropes..double elbows knock Judge down...Force hits the legdrop, then Josh hits a standing moonsault and covers...1..2..Force pulls Josh off of him...Josh gets up, but Force hits a big boot to Josh taking him down...Skill up out of the corner runs at Force, but Force nails the spinebuster and covers...1...2...kickout by Skill*

M: force almost won the match that time

*Judge starting to get up, and Force sees it..he goes over and hits on Judge...Force backs him up and whips him into the ropes..Force tries a clothesline but Judge ducks..Judge off the other ropes..force tries the hip toss it's blocked...Judge tries it blocked...Force tries blocked again..Judge rakes Force's eyes...he then whips him into the corner...Judge goes in and hits the clothesline..he tries to whip Force again, but Force reverses it...Judge stops himself and whips Force back into the original corner but the ref is there...Force nails the ref in the corner knocking him out...Force..staggering, Judge hits a huge back body suplex on Force....Meanwhile Josh is up...he sees Judge getting up, and nails an running enzinguri on Judge taking him down...*

M: The ref down, Force down, Judge down, who isn't down?

T: Crazyskill Marv, and he has a chair!

*Skill in the ring behind Josh and whacks him in the back with a chair...Josh hits the canvas, as Skill yells at him..he then nails Josh again with the chair and again...Force starting to get up...And Skill waits on him...Force up and turns around..Skill with a chair to the midsection of Force...Force slumped over, and Skill cracks him over the back of the head*

M: Skill taking the champ out!

*Skill taunting the crowd...Judge slowly starting to get up...he gets to a knee...Skill sees him...he waits on him...Judge to his feet, turns around uneasy...Skill levels him in the head with the chair...the ref was starting to get up and sees skill nail Judge..he calls for the bell...Skill hears it and looks shocked as Judge is laid out..*

M: what just happened?

T: I think the ref might have saw Skill use the chair

*The announcer declares that Judge wins the match via DQ...Skill is going crazy and arguing with the ref...*

M: Well Judge has won the match because of disqualification, but the title will not change hands on a DQ, so Force will still walk away the world champion..

*Skill upset, grabs the ref, and hits him with the CRAZYSKEEL*

T; Not to the ref, not like that

M: what a pathetic person, and to think in 2 weeks Crazyskill will be in charge.

*Skill gets out of the ring and taunts the crowd as they boo...*



M: Well folks let show you what happened last week in the main event of Unstoppable.

*replay is shown of the main event tag match*

M: If you want to see more you can order the encore this week.

T: Or you could just watch right now as DC takes on Jason in a one on one match.

M: but don't forget as you see coming down the aisle right now the special guest ref, Tiger

T: Who could forget him, he has helped out the Two Man Power Trip lately, albeit probally not on purpose.

*Jason and Stacy come down the ring then Wilma along with DC...they all four get in the ring and jaw at each Tiger as the ladies to get out of the ring...he sounds for the bell and DC and Jason lock up...DC gains the advantage and puts Jason in an armbar...he squeezes the arm...and holds on...Jason reverses and gets DC in a hammer lock..he tightens it then looks at Stacy and laughs...DC nails Jason in the head with an elbow and another...DC bounces off the ropes...nails Jason with a shoulder block taking him down...DC hits the ropes again..he hops over Jason...comes back by Jason leapfrogs DC...DC hits the ropes again, and Stacy grabs his ankle..DC stops and turns and looks at Stacy...Wilma comes running around the ring and grabs her, the two get into a catfight as DC looks own...Jason comes up from behind he rolls DC up...Tiger counts...1...2...DC kicks Jason off of him...DC up, but Jason hits a dropkick...Jason grabs DC in a headlock and holds on...Meanwhile Wilma pounding on Stacy...Jason sees it and lets go of the hold...he goes and slides out of the ring and pulls wilma off of Stacy..he shoves Wilma..and looks to check on Stacy...*

M: That is no way to treat a lady

T: yeah can you belive what Wilma did to Stacy

M: I was talking about Jason shoving Wilma

*DC is up...he sees Jason helping Stacy to her feet..DC hits the ropes runs to the other side of the ring and does a suicide dive through the ropes onto Stacy and Jason and all three down on the ground as Tiger begins his count..*

M: tiger counting quickly....

*DC up first and slides back into the ring as Tiger is really counting fast...8...9.....10...Tiger rings the bell and DC looks at him...DC is declared the winner by countout....he asks Tiger what is going own but Tiger doesn't answer and just climbs out of the ring...*

M: I don't think DC minds the win, but I think he is upset by how he got it.

*Jason is up and realizes that he just lost, and got screwed out of the victory...Stacy up and realizes it too, she yells at Jason and chews him out then heads towards the back...with Jason trying to apologize to her...*



*Alli Sabbah is in the ring with a mic*

Alli: My friends, can I have your attention

*crowd boos*

Alli: I have a ref out here and right now I want him to ring the bell.

*ref calls for the bell*

Alli: Now, let me tell all of you that it seems Razor is forfeiting yet again tonight, so mr. Ref please ring the bell and declare me the winner!

*the ref does so and raises Alli's arm, as his security and Swinn, who are at ringside clap for him...the crowd boos*

Alli: Since Razor is no longer part of my business, let me address a new matter, and that matter is my stable.

*crowd boos*

Alli: As you can see tonight I have gained a victory as well as my new associate The Judge, although he should be the New World Champion

*crowd boos, as chants bullshit!*

Alli: However, my latest acquistion, has made tonight a perfect three out of three. You see my buddy Mr. Giggles picked up a victory tonight, when the newest members of my group let's bring out my newest find, Troy and Mr. Robere

*the crowd boos as Troy and Robere come to the ring...they get in and shake hands with Alli...Alli hands a check to Robere and they hug.*

Alli: you see, tonight marks the dawn of the Alli era. And next week Alli Sabbah and Company plan on taking over the IWO!

*they all raise their hands as the crowd boos them...we go to commercial*


*Joker is up on the scaffold with a mic*

Joker: So come on Corey, I told you meet me on the scaffold...Come on a little height never hurt no one...

*Duality plays as Corey walks down the aisle...he gets to the ring and begins to climb up the scaffold*

Joker: that's right, don't be afraid Corey come on up!

M: He must be crazy

T: Last time these two were on a scaffold, Joker ended up in the hospital.

*Corey gets to the top of the Scaffold and Joker tells the ref to ring the bell...the bell rings and Joker throws the mic at Corey hitting him, and pissing him off...Corey starts charging towards Joker, when the lights go out...they come back on..and Joker is on his knees beggin for Corey not to hurt him...Corey is smiling, but Masque is on the scaffold behind Corey...Masque is attached to a harness, he grabs Corey and from behind and tosses him off the scaffold...Corey crashes to the mat below as the fans chant holy shit!*



*the ref slides in the ring to check on Corey who isn't moving...Masque jumps off the scaffold and easily comes to the ground thinks to the harness...Joker begins climbing down as well...Masque walks over and looks at Corey who isn't moving at all...Joker finally gets down and comes over and puts his foot on Corey's chest...he tells the ref to count....the ref does and counts to 3...he announces that Joker is the winner...EMTs rush the Masque and Joker laugh*

M: this is just awful, I don't wish this upon anyone.

T: Those two are happy about what they did.

M: Folks let's take a break



M: Welcome back to Redemption and let's show you what happened moments ago.

*replay of Corey being tossed off the scaffold*

M: You can see they have Corey on the stretcher and have taken him to the back. We know he is breathing but what condition he is in, is still unknown.

T: I have never seen anything like that Marv.

*Primate and Oko come to the ring with cheers from the crowd*

M: Well let's move on to this next matchup, Primate v. Gel Mibson

*Gel comes down the aisle staggering...he gets in the ring with a bottle he takes a swing, then turns to toss it out..the ref calls for the bell...Gel turns around and Primate spears him.*


M: Already Gel is out...but wait Oko telling Primate to pick him up.

*Primate picks him up and puts him on his shoulders into the torture rack...the ref checks Gel and it's over, he is out...Primate will win.*

M: And just like that an impressive victory for Primate

T: gel never had a chance.

*Primate is happy as the crowd cheers...Oko gets in the ring, he tells Primate to finish him...Primate tells oko its over..Oko goes over and begins stomping on Gel...the crowd boos...Primate grabs Oko and gets him off of gel...oko says something to Primate and climbs out of the ring...Primate follows*

T: what's gotten into him

M: I have no clue

*Gel is trying to get up, as the MWO music hits..the mimes come down to the ring and get in, and begin attacking Gel.

M: Come on, there is no need for this!

*The crowd boos as the mimes do their mimicry and take turns kicking on Gel, who can barely stand because of his drunkeness...*

M: This is despicable.

*the crowd cheers as help comes down the aisle.

M: here comes some help and it's...

T: It's Curry Muncher!

*Curry slides in the ring and nails a running headbutt on one of the mimes...he yells CURRY!! and nails another one...he bicycle kicks another mime as Giggles and the other mime get out of the ring...the mimes all on the outside as If you wanna eat my curry comes on the speakers...Curry checks on Gel...*

M: What is he doing back

T: Maybe we are going to find out, he is asking for a mic

Curry: Hey gringos! Yeah you mimes. You wanna attack my compadre? Well next week essa, you and me, right here in ring...CURRY!!!!!!

M: look's like a challenge to Mr. Giggles

T: Glad to see Curry Back, I sure do miss that dancing



*Joe the Schmo is in the ring as Demon Alexander is coming down the aisle.*

M: here we go the main event for the TV Title, 15 minutes for Joe the Schmo to have his moment of fame.

T: this is really unfair for Demon to make this match.

*Demon hands the belt over to the ref and bell rings...Demon offers to shake the hand of Joe...Joe looks to the crowd and Demon kicks Joe in the midsection..he then hits a neck breaker and takes Joe down..the cover...1...2..kickout...Demon laughs as he chokes Joe on the ground.....he breaks the hold and does it again...then breaks it...he gets to his feet, and picks Joe up...he pokes Joe in the eye...and Joe hits his knees...Demon picks him up again and whips him into the ropes..Demon lowers his head, and Joe sunset flips...he tries to pull Demon over, but Demon punches Joe in the head...he drops down to his knees and hooks a leg of joe's...1...2...Joe manages to hook the arms or Demon and flip him into a pin...1...2.kickout by Demon...Joe slow getting up, and Demon meets him with a right hand...another..he tosses him into the corner...Demon charges in and nails a clothesline...he then rams a shoulder into joe's stomach a few times...he pulls Joe out of the corner, and then grabs him by the shoulder and tosses him shoulder first through the corner into the ring post...*

M: Demon is laughing about this...he is just toying with him now

T: Well this is his show for the week, I guess he can do what he wants to do.

*under 10 minutes to go...Demon school boys Joe...1...2.Demon let's go he is acting like Joe kicked out..the ref looks at him confused...*

M: come on just beat the guy dammit

*Demon grabs Joe and picks him up...he hits the Purifier...1.....2....Demon breaks the pin...the ref telling him not to do that.

M: you got him beat, pin him!

T: Demon having a little fun.

*just then the crowd erupts as Joker comes over the barricade and slides in the ring behind the ref...Joker with a pipe in hand nails the ref in the back of the head...Demon gets up and sees this, he yells at Joker...from the other side of the ring, Masque comes over the railing..he climbs in as Demon continues to yell at Joker..Masque in the ring, grabs Demon from behind..Demon trying to fight him..but joker hits Demon in the back with the pipe.*

M: what are these two doing out here again.

T: seems they are attacking Demon.

*Demon hits a knee, from the pipe shot...Joker tells Masque to grab him and he does, he picks Demon up on shoulders and nails his death valley driver he calls the Gravedigger.*

M: that move just took Demon out.

T: that and the lead pipe.

*Joker pulls Joe on top of Demon...just then Tiger comes running from the back..he slides in the ring and counts...1......2......3...Tiger calls for the bell and Joe the Schmo has just won the TV Title.*

M: I don't believe it, Joe the Schmo is the new TV Champion!

T: And all thanks to Joker, Masque and I guess Tiger

M: what is Tiger's association with those two.

*Tiger helps roll Joe out of the ring and hands the belt to him..he sees the title and looks shocked...meanwhile Joker and Masque stand over a fallen Demon Alexander just laughing as the camera goes black.*

*end show*

any feedback is appreciated.
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