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Redemption Month 6 Week 2 October 25, 2006
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Default Redemption Month 6 Week 2 October 25, 2006

*the camera focuses on a steel cage hung above the ring, fireworks go off as Redemption begins...the bell rings as Mountain Song comes on and Alli Sabbah begins walking down the aisle...*

M: Good Evening Everyone, I am Marv Rome and with me is Tater Inberg, and this week the good Judge is in charge of Redemption.

T: Good, I must disagree, Judge has been nothing but a thorn in the side of several superstars Marv

M: That may be true, but he is in charge tonight, and speaking of tonight, in the ring with a mic is Alli Sabbah.

Alli: Greetings my loyal fans

*boos from the crowd*

Alli: I see you show your distaste for the Josh, but hold onto your boos, because he is not out here yet.

*crowd boos louder*

Alli: My friends I want you to know that my offer still see anyone in the back is welcomed to my little peace offering should they grant me a title shot.

*more boos*

Alli: Also I want you all to know that Alli's Emporium has just extended its hours for the holidays, so now you have any longer to get great deals!

*more boos*

Alli: but let me get to why I am here...Tonight I have a submission match against Josh...ah yes, Josh

*crowd cheers for Josh*

Alli: And tonight I plan on winning that match


Alli: So let's wait no longer and have Josh come on out

*Josh's theme music kicks on, and nothing*

M: Where the hell is he?

Alli: Come on Joshy, I know you want to beat mean old Alli Sabbah!

T: Look at that!

*Alli's masked men and Swinn come out to the stage dragging Josh who has been hogtied...they drag him down the aisle as the crowd boos mercifully, and Alli taunts him*

M: Come on now, this is ridiculous...Alli be a man and give Josh a fighting chance

T: Looks like a scene out of deliverance.

*Josh is dragged to ringside and Alli ask for the bell to be rung..the ref rings it, as Alli has his men roll Josh into the ring...Alli grabs Josh by his ear and pinches it...Josh is trying to get away but the mask men hold him down...*

M: come on this is unfair

T: Well you know Sabbah

*Alli motions for Swinn to grab Josh's arm...Swinn does and makes Josh 's arm tap on the ground...the ref calls for the bell, and Alli is declared the winner*

M: This is an outrage, Josh is the victim of a gang beatdown

T: Yeah but Alli just made Josh tap to an ear lock, bet you don't see that in TNA

*Alli and his men stomp on Josh some, then they all raise their arms to the boos from the crowd...they all leave the ring and head up the aisle*

backstage Crusher is walking down the hall when Force bumps into him

Crusher: Watch what you are doing

Force: Are you talking to me Chump?

Crusher: Yeah maybe I am

*Force laughs*

Force: Wait a second I know you, you are that little bitch that challenge anyone to beat him in exchange for a World Title Shot

Crusher: Bitch? I'll show you a bitch

Force: Easy little fella, Calm Down...that's cool, you want to be a big shot around here and claim you can beat them all...but the funny thing is, I beat you already

Crusher: Yeah but that doesn't count, you just got lucky

Force: Lucky, hell I don't need luck...Look at my record and you will see that

Crusher: Yeah i know undefeated, funny thing about that is, you still don't have a title

Force: You're right, but I plan on that changing very soon...and as for your little challenge, here's a better one for you...When I win the World Title at the next PPV, and I will win it...why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and give yourself a title shot against me!

Crusher: You know what, that might not be a bad idea, then I can shut you up once and for all...

*the two of them stare each other down as we go to commercial*


M: Things are sure heating up here tonight

T: That they are Marv

*the bell rings as Mr. Oldschool comes down the aisle with Ervin...Mr. Giggles then walks down the rampway holding his head...he is without the MWO...the music of Gel Mibson comes on but Gel is no where to be found...*

M: I guess Gel left the arena after his run-in with the MWO earlier

T: Well this match has already started Marv, and no one is making a move

*Ervin begins yelling at Giggles who looks at him and then does the man in the box trick...Ervin waves him off and argues with the ref about something...Giggles turns around and Oldschool lands a right hand that knocks Giggles to the ground, and out cold...*

T: What a punch!

M: What a cheater, look he has brass knuckles!

*Ervin tells the ref to look as Oldschool has put away the weapon and covered Giggles..the ref counts...1...2...3..Oldschool steals a victory*

M: What another dirty tactic by Oldschool

T: Well what more can you expect Marv

*commercial break*


*the ring crew is putting thumb tacks all over the ring and around the floor...*

M: Well this next match is for the hardcore title and it is a 10,000 tack match

T: Look at those tacks, someone is going to be bleeding tonight

*Blue on black comes across the speakers and the Hardcore Champ DC, comes down the aisle carrying a broom*

M: Well you don't see this often, but DC has a broom in his hand

T: what's he going to do fly around the ring on it?

*DC uses the broom to push aside some tacks in front of the ring and then knocks some off the ring apron...DC takes the broom into the ring and begins sweeping tacks away...Blade's music comes on and he comes running down the aisle...he slides into the ring and DC clocks him in the head with the broom stick breaking it in half and cutting Blade's forehead wound back open*

M: And here we go the bell has rung and already Blade is bleeding

*DC punches Blade in the head and backs him against the ropes, he goes to whip him, but it's reversed...DC bounces off the ropes and gets dropkicked falling backwards into some tacks..DC raises up a little in pain as Tacks go into his back...*

T: That has got to hurt

M: those tacks are no joke, look you can see them sticking into DC's back

*Blade takes a second to gain his composure, then he stomps at DC..he grabs DC by the head and begins punching him..he then rubs his elbow onto DC's forehead trying to break open DC's old wound....Blade elbows DC across the throat a couple of times...then locks in a reverse choke hold...*

M: Blade is trying to tire DC out

*DC begins to get up..he gets to his feet, with Blade holding onto a headlock...DC backs him against the ropes and pushes him off...Blade hits the ropes and comes back ducking a clothesline...He hits the other ropes but DC charges and hits a clothesline this time sending Blade over the ropes to the outside and falling on several tacks...*

M: Blade is in some pain now, as the blood continues to pour

*DC goes to the outside...and grabs Blade he then picks Blade up and knees him in the midsection...He then hits a snapsuplex, causing both men to land in tacks on the outside...*

T: that move hurt both of them Marv

M: Both men in pain, and this one is taking it's toll

*DC is up first and gets up..he walks over and gets a chair from ringside...Blade slowly trying to get to his feet..DC comes up from behind and pops Blade in the back of the knee with the chair, causing Blade to drop to the ground and into more tacks...Blade is on his knees, and DC lifts the chair and plants it into Blade's head...Blade falls over still into more tacks...DC covers him...1....2......3....the match is over and DC retains the belt*

M: Blade and DC are both hurt from this match, but DC still comes out on top

T: But will that be the case next week, as Johnny Blade will be in charge of Redemption

M: He better rest up because next week could be his big break

*DC takes the belt and holds it up for the fans to cheer..he slowly walks to the back as Medical personnel come to check on Blade*



*while the ring crew is cleaning up the tacks, Corey and Masque are once again fighting backstage in the hallway*

M: Well the World Champ and Masque are going at it...and the ref is now on scene and the bell is being rung

T: Remember Marv, anything goes, the only way to win is knock your opponent out until he can not answer the 10 count....

*Masque has the upperhand and slams Corey into a wall..he then grabs the bleeding champ and tosses him into a door headfirst..the door opens and Corey falls into the men's bathroom...Masque goes in behind him and kicks him a few times..he then grabs Corey's Head and rams him into a wall headfirst making the champ fall to the ground...*

M: Masque is so tough and so relentless

T: I've never seen the Champ manhandled the way Masque has done him the past few weeks

*Masque chokes Corey on the ground...the kicks him..he picks Corey up, and rams Corey headfirst into a paper towel dispenser..knocking the box off the wall...Masque punches corey and again...he then whips Corey chest first into a sink...Corey just lays over the counter top...*

M: The champ is taking a beating, and masque should capitalize

*Masque goes over and picks up the broken towel dispenser..he walks over to Corey and lifts it up to hit him...but Corey just moved, as the dispenser hits the counter and breaks into more pieces..Corey then fires some punches at Masque...He then kicks him in the gonads...*

M: What a low blow

T: You do what you got to do Marv

*Corey rams Masque's head into the counter..and again and again..he then grabs Masque by the head and yells fuck you, and rams Masque into a mirror on the wall causing the mirror to crack and Masque to bleed...Masque falls over and onto the ground...*

T: Looks like Masque might have 7 years of bad luck now

*Corey catches his breath and stomps on Masque..He grabs the deadman and slings him into a stall...Corey then punches on masque...he pushes him into the stall and punches Masque who is now cornered...He grabs Masque by the head and rams him on the walls of the stall..he then tells Masque to go fuck himself..and rams his head into the urinal..he then flushes the toilet...*

M: that is so gross

T: I hope Masque likes Swirlies

*Corey then drags him out of the stall...he picks Masque up and punches him, then he lifts him up and hits the Duality Driver on Masque in the center of the room...he has the ref count...the ref does..and gets to 10..he declares that Corey wins the match...*

M: Well once again the champ battled back and won the match

T: But at what cost Marv



Corey is seen in his locker room, when Masque comes in the two begin fighting again...and continue exchanging blows, until Masque rakes Corey's eyes...he then rams Corey against a locker... Masque punches Corey some..then lowblows him...he picks Corey up and nails the gravedigger DVD through a table in the locker room leaving Corey laying a pile of debris...Masque looks down at Corey and tells him that soon his time is up*

M: Well Corey won that last match but it looks like Masque might have won the war

T: I got a feeling that the war is far from over Marv

*The Music of the New Blood comes on, as both Skill and Jason along with Stacy come down to the ring...they get in the ring and do the New Blood pose as the music of Troy comes on the speakers...*

M: And here comes the special ref for this matchup Troy

T: yeah last week Jason and Skill left Troy laying in the ring after he tried to make peace with them

*replay of last week is shown*

*Troy gets in the ring and quickly rings the bell...he then walks and goes to the corner and sits on a turnbuckle...both Skill and Jason look at him as Stacy gets out of the ring...he motions for them to begin wrestling and they soon turn to each other and lock up...Skill backs Jason into the corner...and lets go of the hold..meanwhile, Troy is just looking into the crowd*

M: What is he doing, he has a job to do

T: I guess he needed a break Marv

*Crazyskill locks up with a Jason again and this time backs him against the ropes...he lets go and punches Jason..he then whips Jason, but it's reversed...Skill bounces off the ropes, and leapfrogs Jason...he comes back across and Jason hits the dropkick...Skill gets up and jason again with a dropkick..Skill up again and this time he doesn't run at Jason..the two look at each other and Skill runs at Jason..Jason hits an armdrag, and then he does it again...Skill looks fed up and yells at Troy..Troy shrugs, but Jason looks at him too...Skill then goes over and punches the distracted jason...*

M: A smart move by Skill that time, distracting Jason

*SKill punches him again..and again..he goes for another punch, but Jason blocks it..Jason connects, then whips Skill into the ropes...Skill comes off and hits a flying roundhouse kick to take Jason down...he covers..but Troy is still on the ropes...Skill is pissed off and goes over to argue with Troy*

M: come on ref do your job

T: I think Troy resents Skill for what happened last week

*Jason is up and Skill turns around..Jason hits the JKO on him*


*Jason gets up to taunt the crowd, but Troy hops off the ropes and superkicks Jason...he then picks Skill up and hits the Trendsetter on him....both Jason and Skill are lying in the ring as Troy gets a Mic*

M: What the hell is this?

Troy: So last week, you two idiots thought you would take me the leader of the New Blood..well this week Troy Alston showed you why I am the Epitome!...and just so you know you two veterans can kiss my ass!

*Troy tosses down the mic and leaves the ring as Stacy attends to both Jason and Skill*

M: What a friend he must be to have

T: Remember Marv they turned on him first

M: Well next is the main event the Ironman Steel Cage Match for the TV Title



*Judge comes down the ring along with the special ref Tiger..they both step inside the cage as the crowd boos....Demon Alexander comes out with the TV Title to a mixture of cheers and mostly boos...He slowly walks down the aisle...he hands the title to someone at ringside and steps into the cage..Judge quickly jumps on him and begins the attack...Tiger calls for the bell to ring and the 30 minute ironman match is underway inside the cage...a ref outside the cage locks the door....*

M: And Judge wasting no time attacking Demon

T: this is his chance, his buddy Tiger is the ref, and he has control of Redemption this week

M: that's right, Judge made this match in an attempt to wrestle the Belt away from Demon who just won it last week...

*Judge rams his shoulder into the stomach of Demon who is in the corner..he rams it again and again..he then begins choking Demon...Tiger looks on, then goes over to tell judge to stop..Judge does, then goes back to choking him...Tiger lets this go then breaks Judge's hold again...Tiger then turns and kicks Demon in the balls...Demon slinks to the ground, as both tiger and Judge laugh*

M: That's not right, why does Tiger have to get involved

T: He is the ref

M: exactly the ref, not a competitor

*Judge and Tiger stomp on Demon together..they pick him up and sling him into the ropes...they nail a double clothesline..Then Tiger runs and hits the ropes and hits the Big Cat Splash..Judge then runs and nails the big legdrop on Demon..he covers, and Tiger counts..but somehow Demon kicks out...*

M: He kicked out

*Judge is pissed..he begins punching Demon..then chokes him...he gets up and looks at Tiger who seems confused...Judge then lifts Demon up and rams him headfirst into the steel cage as less than 25 minutes to go in match....Judge rams Demon into the cage wall again..this time rubbing his face against it...Demon is now bleeding*

M: and here comes the blood

T: Judge is a man possessed..

*Judge lets go of Demon who stumbles backwards..Judge then hits a big boot on him...Judge drops an elbow and covers..this time Tiger counts faster but Demon still kicks out..Judge can't believe it...*

M: And Judge is outraged again

T: What does he have to do to beat Demon?

M: Folks we have to take one more break and be right back


M: Welcome back folks and so far Judge has continued to beat on Demon, let's show you the last near fall


T: Yeah Judge doesn't know what to do as about 17 minutes are left in the match

*Tiger watches as Judge uses his boot to choke Demon in the corner..he lets go and grabs Demon and whips him into the other corner..Judge takes a breath and charges at Demon..Demon moves out of the way..and Judge hits the turnbuckle chest first..Demon then nails the Demon's Dance on him....*

T: He nailed it!

M: Demon on the ground bleeding and Judge is out...he needs to cover him...

*Demon sits there, then shakes his head, he crawls over and covers Judge..but Tiger won't count...Demon lays there and finally looks up he sees that Tiger won't count...Demon gets his blood pumping and gets up...he stares at Tiger, who tells Demon that he is an official...*

M: I don't think Demon gives a damn if Tiger is an official or not...

*Demon grabs Tiger by his shirt, and yells at him...Judge happens to reach up and low blow Demon...he then rolls him over..Tiger jumps over and counts...but Demon still kicks out at Two...Tiger is pissed, and picks Demon up...the rams him into the cage wall*

M: this is enough, they are teaming up on the TV champ

*Tiger begins laying punches on a fallen Demon as Judge gets to his feet..Tiger gets up and tells Judge to pick Demon up...Tiger walks over and climbs up the turnbuckle...Judge lifts Demon onto his shoulders...Tiger on the top rope, jumps and hits the Cat's Cradle on Demon....*

M: this is uncalled for

T: but what a move by Judge and Tiger!

*Judge covers and Tiger counts...1....2...3....Judge goes up one fall to none with about 6 minutes to go in the match...*

M: I don't know if Demon can come back from this Tater

T: You're right we might have a new TV Champ...

*Judge and Tiger look happy, as Judge gets up and poses..He then picks Demon up and whips him into a corner..Judge goes over and picks Demon up and places him on the turnbuckle..the crowd pops, not for Judge but for Primate who is running down the aisle along with his new manager...the two of them get to the door but it's locked...Oko knocks the ref outside Primate grabs the door and yanks it off it's hinges...*


T: you can say that again Marv

*Primate and Oko get in the ring, as Tiger goes over to yell at them...Primate looks at Tiger, and Oko throws a powder into Tiger's eyes blinding him...Judge just came off the top turnbuckle nailing a belly to back suplex on Demon...Primate Kicks Tiger and hits the huge DDT on him...he gets up as Judge is slowly getting to his feet with about less than 2 minutes to go...Oko grabs the ref shirt off of Tiger and begins to put it on..Judge is up and turns around and Primate hits the spear*


*the crowd goes crazy, as Primate grabs Demon's arm and drapes it across Judge...he then also covers Judge as Oko counts to 3 twice...making Demon go up 2 falls to 1...Primate picks Judge up and rams him headfirst into the cage wall, he then whips Judge into the ropes and hits the Powerslam on him....the crowd is loving it, as the clock is under one minute now...Tiger is getting to his feet, and Primate sees him..Primate runs and hits the huge Spear again*

M: Another Spear and the former TV champ is cleaning house

T: but don't forget Demon is winning the match right now, as we are under 25 seconds...

*Demon is beginning to get up...he is up to his feet and Primate Spears him as well...Oko has gone outside and gotten the TV Title...Primate is going nuts in the ring, as the crowd cheers...Oko gets in the ring and hands Primate the title as the crowd counts..10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4..3...2....1..the match is over, and Demon retains...*

M: Demon has won the match, but you can't tell it Tater

T: It looks like Primate has won this match

*Primate stands in the middle of the ring with the TV Title in one hand as Tiger, Judge and Demon all are laid out on the ground..Primate raising the belt with one hand, as Oko raises Primate's other arm...*

M: and Primate standing tall, but will that be the case next week, when Johnny Blade is in charge of Redemption

T: I got a feeling that next week, Redemption is about to get a little hardcore Marv

M: We will find out, and we hope you can join us as well folks, for Tater Inberg, I'm Marv Rome, have a good night!

*Camera fades out*

*end show*
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Awesome show well written. Even though I didn't get the belt. Liked the ending.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Jeezy is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.

I was wondering where this speech by Force was.

If he does win the title and I do challenge him that means I must change my show. Damn.

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