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Redemption Month 6 Week 1
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Default Redemption Month 6 Week 1

*fireworks go off as Redemption begins..we join Marv and Tater*

M: Well Tater tonight the IWO gets turned upside down as DC is in charge of the show.

T: And what a show it is marv, as you can see high above us is that luminous cage, the cage that represents the future for Johnny Blade, as tonight in the main event it will be Blade defending the Hardcore Title against DC...but first he must go through Unstoppable Force

M: That's right Tater, but lets get to our first matchup...

*Razor comes out limping to the ring*

M: Here comes Razor who has yet to win a match..

T: and last week Alli's thugs took care of Razor, will be interesting to see if he has recovered.

*The crowd boos for Crusher who comes down the aisle, he gets in the ring and the two men stare face to face as the bell rings...Crusher quickly does a single leg takedown to Razor...he grabs the leg and turns Razor over and locks in the ankle lock*

M: Oh my this early and it's the ankle lock

T: I don't know if Razor can take this

*Crusher falls to the ground locking the move in as Razor can't take the pain and taps out....*

M: well what a quick start to Redemption

T: Crusher is victorious Marv, and you got to think he might soon be in line for a title shot

M: He may be Tater, and he could get it during his week to control Redemption...let's get a break in folks and be right back

*ads run including a replay of last weeks Elimination Match*


M: There you see how Team DC become in charge of the IWO

T: Well this next match should be interesting as DC has ordered that the New Blood face each other in a triple threat match

*The music of the New Blood comes on as all three members come down the aisle together along with Stacy..they get in the ring to boos from the crowd...Stacy gets out of the ring as the three men look at each other...the bell one moves and Troy walks over and gets a mic...*

M: looks like Troy has something to say

T: Hope it's interesting

Troy: This is bullshit!

*crowd bulls*

Troy: Yeah figures you would boo...look DC, I know you are back there, and I know you think this is some kind of game..but let me tell you how it is...The New Blood answers to no one!

*crowd boos some more*

Troy: You people would love to see me and Jason and Skill go at it wouldn't you?

*Crowd cheers*

Troy: Well it's not going to happen!

*crowd boos*

*troy turns towards the other two men*

Troy: Look guys...we all had a bad night last week...I mean hell I missed my oppurtunity to become World Champion, no thanks to you.

*Skill and Jason look puzzled at Troy*

Troy: Hey it's okay...Not everyone can get it right all the time...I know you guys will be there next time I have a title match...So anyways lets go to the back and let the pathetic show move on without The New Blood...

*Troy shakes hands with Skill and Skill nods his head at what Troy is saying..Troy turns to face Jason but gets a JKO*


M: Troy just got the JKO, what the hell is going on!?

*Jason looks on arrogantly at Troy on the ground...Skill looks at Jason, and Jason smiles...Skill smiles back, and then both men look to the corner...Skill nods and heads to the corner to start climbing the turnbuckles...*

M: Looks like Skill is going to the top rope

*Jason grabs Troy by the feet and repositions him...Skill gets to the top rope and poses then hits the Crazyskeel on Troy*


M: and look both men are now pinning Troy

*The ref counts as both men put one foot on Troy's chest...the ref counts 3 as Jason and Skill beat Troy...Stacy slides in the ring and joins them as they do the New Blood pose over Troy's body*

M: Is this the end of the New Blood?

T: It looks that way Marv

M: Regardless Troy has been left in a pile of rubble by his teammates...folks we got to pay some bills and be right back


M: During the break Chad Willard caught up with Jason and Crazyskill

*shows Chad running up to The New Blood*

Chad: Hey Jason and Skill is this the end of the New Blood

Jason: Did anyone ask you to come bug us?

Chad: Well we just wanted to know if...

Crazyskill: Why don't you mind your own business before you bite off more than you can chew

*Skill pushes Chad against the wall as Skill, Jason and Stacy walk off*

M: So I guess we won't know if the end of the New Blood is here or not

T: Guess not Marv, but right now we will know who the TV Champ is, because we have a fatal fourway matchup

M: not only that but the special guest ref will also be the 4th competitor as well.

*Judge comes out to boos from the crowd...he is followed by Demon...both men stare each other down as the crowd pops for Primate...*

M: And here comes the new TV Champ, Primate

T: What a match he had with DC last week, being the first man to take the title off of the former champ

*Primate gets in the ring as the LSU Band music comes on...*

M: And here comes Tiger the special guest ref for this matchup

T: And also the last participant in the match..he could win the title Marv

M: He could and remember folks this match is only 15 minutes

*Tiger gets in the ring and calls for the soon as he does the other three men attack him*

M: and they are attacking Tiger all at once

T: Smart move since he could make himself win the match at anytime

*The three men beat Tiger down and then Judge and Demon team up on Primate...they pummel his ribs, and then whip him into the ropes..they take him down with a double clothesline...Demon and Judge begin to fight with each other...*

M: now they are fighting each other

T: I don't know how smart that is...

*Tiger is back up and sees Demon and Judge fighting in the corner...he sees Primate holding his ribs on the ground..Tiger gets up and bounces off a rope he nails the Big Tiger Splash on Primate and covers him..Tiger counts his own pin..but Demon sees it and kicks him breaking the count...*

M: that was a close call Tiger almost won the match

*Demon picks Tiger up and punches him...he hits him again..but all of a sudden Judge lowblows Demon...*

M: Oh my a lowblow

T: Hey look Marv, Tiger and Judge are smiling at each other

M: they are friends after all

*Judge says something to Tiger, then Judge picks up a hurt Primate...he nails a huge chokeslam on the beast..and drops down to cover him...*

M: Looks like Tiger and Judge made a deal

*Tiger goes to count...1....2.....Tiger stops his hand from coming down..Judge yells at him...and Tiger flips him the bird*

M: Look at this Tiger just told Judge his thought about Judge winning the belt

T: Maybe Tiger wants the title for himself

*Judge stands up and Tiger does too...they begin to come to blows...Judge gets the upperhand..with less than 8 minutes to go Judge whips Tiger into the corner...he nails him with a huge clothesline...Judge then kicks Tiger in the gut and picks him up and hits the powerbomb....*

M: What a powerbomb

T: He might have broke Tiger in half

*Judge is pumped up but turns around...Primate has the TV Title and levels Judge in the head with the belt*

M: Primate using the title to knockout Judge..he has the match won

*Primate drops the belt and looks at Judge on the mat...From behind Demon hits the Demon's Dance on Primate...he covers him*

M: demon has Primate covered, but Tiger is still out

*Demon reaches over and grabs Tiger's arm..he slaps it on the mat 3 times and then makes Tiger's arm wave for the bell...*

M: I can't belive it!

T: Demon just won the TV Title!!!

M: He made Tiger count the pin, this is incredible

*The crowd is in shock as Demon gets up and is announced the winner...he picks up the TV Title and looks at it..he then climbs out of the ring...*

M: What a shocker, and this crowd still can't believe it...

*replay of the final moments of the match are shown*

M: Well one title has changed hands will there be another tonight

T: We will find out soon Marv, but let's take a break cause up next is the Salami on a Pole Match


M: Wow what a night so far, and it is just going to get Alli Sabbah is in the ring

T: Also Marv you can see the pole on one of the turnbuckles on it is a Magical Salami

M: that's right Tater, the only way to win the match is be the first man to get the Salami down and use it on your opponent, once that occurs the match will be over

*Josh comes out to a huge ovation he runs towards the ring and slides in, and quickly goes after Alli..the bell rings*

M: josh is wasting no time

T: he is a man on a mission Marv

*Josh knocks Alli to the ground and has the crowd cheering...he begins to head to the turnbuckle...he starts to climb and looks up the pole..Alli is back up and goes up to the turnbuckle..he hits Josh..Alli climbs up the turnbuckle as well and the two begin to fight...Josh wins the battle and has Alli reeling..he grabs him and nails a rock bottom from the top rope...*

M: Josh and Alli crash to the mat hard

T: What a move by Josh and he should have the advantage now

*From under the ring comes a midge named Swinn..he slides in and runs and goes up the pole..Josh sees him and goes up the turnbuckle..the midget kicks at Josh...Josh shrugs them off then hits the midget in the back..he grabs the midget and tosses him to the outside and crashes to the floor below...*

M: he might have just killed that midget

T: Maybe Josh should think about joining the midget tossing league

*Josh goes up the pole and gets the salami, and comes back down*

M: All he has to do now is hit alli with that Salami

*Josh gets down and the crowd cheers..he points to the salami then to alli, who has now gotten on all fours...the crowd cheers again..just then a few mask men come down the aisle they get in the ring, and Josh hits one with the salami taking him to the ground...the other attacks Josh, and makes him drop the Salami..Josh and the masked man fight...*

M: what are they doing out here

T: it's Alli's thugs

*Josh kicks the Thug and then manages to hit the Call for the crowd's approval..meanwhile Alli is up and has the Salami...Josh gets up and Alli levels him with the salami as the ref calls for the bell...*

M: I don't believe it

T: Josh just got nailed with a salami

M: Alli has stolen another victory

T: I guess Josh got beat by the meat

M:Tater you are awful

*Alli celebrates to the boos from the crowd*



M: Folks let's go backstage where Corey and Masque have begin to brawl

*Corey is bleeding from the wounds he recieved last week...Masque slams Corey up against the wall taking the advantage, he then tosses Corey through a curtain and out to the stage as the crowd goes crazy*

M: Masque is dominating the bleeding world champ

T: he sure is, and as you can tell that the champ has had no time to recover from those two matches last week.

M: Masque throwing Corey down the aisle, and the deadman is manhandling the champ

T; The match hasn't even started

*Masque is pummeling Corey, and finally gets him into the ring...the ref calls for the bell and the match officially begins...Masque climbs over the ropes and into the ring, where Corey is struggling to get up...Masque picks up Corey and lifts him up and bodyslams him...*

M: this is a beating the likes we have never seen on the World Champion

*Masque drops a legdrop on Corey...he then chokes the ref tells him to break it up...Masque gets up and starts backing the ref down*

M: I don't think Masque cares about the rules

T: he don't give a damn about the rules Marv

*Masque has the ref in a corner...and grabs him by the throat...he begins to choke the ref, who is grabing at Masque's hands...Corey slowly gets up and charges nailing a spalsh in the corner, sending the ref to the mat and Masque stunned..Corey kicks Masque in the balls and Masque seems stunned..Corey then kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT on Masque...Corey rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair..*

M: What is he going to do with that Chair?

*Corey rolls back in with the chair, as Masque is starting to get up...Corey smacks Masque in the head with the chair several times..sending the big man to the ground...*

M: he is bleeding

T: they are both bleeding

*Corey grabs Masque and lifts him up...he turns to the camera side of the crowd and nails the Duality Driver...the ref counts slowly...1...2....3....Corey wins the match*

M: And the champ survives, what a match



*Johnny Blade is in the ring with a lightbulb tube*

M: Well this is the first match of two for Blade tonight, he will be defending the title against DC, but first he must get past Force in a tables match

*King of Kings begins to play as Force comes down the aisle...the crowd is he makes his way towards the ring...Blade rolls out of the ring, and comes around the side..he hits Force in the chest with the tube...shattering it...Force is cut on his chest and drops to a knee holding his chest area...*

M: Wow, Force is bleeding

T: i guess Blade is trying to get an advantage'

*Blade chops the chest of Force then rolls him into the ring...Force is holding his chest as Blade reaches under the ring and pulls out a fire extinguisher...he lays it on the apron..he then reaches under and gets a garbage can...he pulls the can out and holds it up to force it in between the ropes...Unstoppable Force is up and runs and baseball slides hitting the can and sending it face first into Blade...this cuts Blade open*

M: Blade is bleeding

T: that wound has opened back up

*Blade is crawling on the Force gets out of the ring...he grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays Blade with it....Blade covers up...he then tries to get up, but Force hits him with the object in the back...Force picks up Blade and whips him into the barricade...he then punches him a few times and then whips him into the steel stairs...*

M: Force is now having his way with Blade

T: He is a monster

*Force rams Blade's head into the stairs, making the blood come more....he then carries him over towards the announce table...Force rams Blade's head into the table...he then begins tossing monitors out of the table*

m: What is he doing?

T: I think he is rearranging the table Marv

*Force grabs Blade and but Blade punches back..he connects with two punches, but Force puts a knee to the midsection..he elbows blade in the head..then kicks him in the gut, he picks him up and delivers an unstoppable bomb through the announce table*


T: Force just won the match

*Blue on Black comes on, as DC walks down the aisle with a mic*

DC: Hold on one second, I said this was a table match, not an announce table this match continues..get him in the ring Force

M: What this is uncalled for

T: i guess rules or rules

*Force rolls Blade into the DC gets a table..DC slides the table in as Force kicks on Blade..DC sets the table up and Tells Force to put Blade on it...DC hits Blade a few times as Force climbs up the top turnbuckle*

M: Oh no, not this

T: Force is going to fly

*DC moves as Force comes off with the Hell From Above Legdrop...he crashes through the table and it breaks...the ref rings the bell as Force is declared the winner*

M: Blade has to be hurt

T: And he still has another match

*DC checks on Force and helps him up as Blade lies on the mat in the rubbage of table...DC grabs the mic as Force gets out of the ring*

DC: Don't worry about the barbwire...just lower the damn cage!

*the cage begins to lower, as DC begins stomping on Blade...He then picks Blade up and hits the leash on him...the cage finally lowers and DC calls for the ref to start the match as Blade lies on the ground...*

M: Oh come on, this is uncalled for, DC just pin the guy

*DC picks Blade up, who can barely stand..he rams him into the cage wall...he then rams him again...and rubs blade's face against the cage causing the blood to pour...*

T: He is punishing Blade

M: Why would he do this?

T: i guess he wanted to teach the rookie a lesson

*DC picks up Blade and lifts him up..he spins and hits the bust*

T: adding insult to injury

*DC covers and the ref counts...1....2.....3...DC wins the belt*

M: And finally we have a new Hardcore champion

T: it was a setup all along

M: Well DC better enjoy it, because next week the power shifts to Judge, and I'm sure we can all expect Justice...

T: You wish Marv

M: Folks we will see you next week at Redemption!
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*Moments after the show these comments were made by Demon Alexander*

This is the greatest moment of my life....Eh, who am I kidding? Winning the TV title is like kissing your sister. Sure she is hot and gets you excited, but she is still your is only the TV title; there is much more out there to accomplish.

*Holds up the belt*

Sure I will cherish this title, but it is only going to be used as a stepping stone; it is the next rung on the IWO ladder.

*Screen fades*
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