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Redemption Month 5 Week 2 9/27/06
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Default Redemption Month 5 Week 2 9/27/06

*a clip is shown of last week when Corey laid Troy out to end Redemption...fireworks explode as we go down to ringside with Marv Rome and Tater Inberg*

M: Welcome to Redemption as we are two weeks away from Absolute Power where one team will control the IWO for 9 weeks...

T: That's right Marv, and tonight we witness the team captains pick their teams

M: Not to mention two more qualifying matches for that all important fatal fourway match to determine a new hardcore champion, as well as tonight's main event!

T: It's going to be huge Marv, Champion vs Champion as TV Champ DC takes on World Champ Corey Taylor

M: We've waiting for over 3 months to see these two go at it one more time, and tonight will not disappoint

*Cult of Personality blares throughout the arena as Mr. Smith, with his assistant and The Equalizer walk out onto the stage where two podiums are set up*

M: Well it looks like the Commish is going to start things off for us.

*crowd boos heavily*

Smith: Glad to see that the local McDonalds was able to let you all off of work tonight!

*crowd boos*

Smith: Regardless of your employment status I am out here to introduce the two team captains that will draft their teams here tonight for the huge main event at Absolute Power. With the winning team members having the oppurtunity to control the IWO for 9 weeks. So let me bring out now the captain who has the first pick in tonight's draft, the Television Champion...DC!

*DC comes out to huge cheers from the crowd..he stands on the stage along with Wilma and looks at Smith..he then hosits up the TV championship to a huge ovation..he gets behind one of the podiums*

Smith: And the other captain he is your World Heavyweight Champion, Corey Taylor!

*Duality plays over the PA..and Corey walks slowly out to the stage with the World Title draped over his shoulder..he looks at Smith and then at DC and flips him the bird...Corey goes and stands behind the other podium*

Smith: At this time I am going to ask that both you men make your first picks in the draft...DC we will start with you.

DC: You know you look up at the video screen and you see all the names of the superstars available to be picked in the draft tonight...You ask yourself what kind of strategy do you use? How do you counteract your opponents pick? To be honest with you, it doesn't matter to see my team is going to win the elimination match at Absolute Power and then we will go on to run the IWO! So for my first pick I took the man who has yet to be pinned, the only person who is unstoppable!

*crowd cheers*

DC: I take Unstoppable Force

*crowd erupts as the first pick is chosen*

M: This is huge, DC takes Force the guy he has yet to beat in a singles match

T: yet but Corey still gets his first pick

Smith: Settle down people, I know this is as much excitement as you get in your lives

*crowd boos*

Smith: Corey it is now your pick

Corey: I could speak some bullshit about what the draft means to me, but the truth is I don't give a fuck! So go ahead take Force, he will be just another name I beat the holy shit out of! Anyways, enough talk My first fucking pick is that little punk ass bitch I beat the hell out of at the last PPV...I choose Troy!

*Corey then walks away from the podium to the back as the camera focuses on DC and Smith in a staredown*

M: What a huge pick for Corey, he took his arch enemy Troy

T: And it gets better tonight Marv, because the two number one picks will square off as Force battles Troy in singles action.

M: We got to take a break and when we come back it will be a Fatal fourway to kick things off here at Redemption

*commercial break*


*DC is shown backstage talking with Force, they are walking down a hallway*

DC: Come on I'll show you what I mean

*They walk into the New Blood Lockerroom where Troy, Jason, Skill and Stacy are all sitting*

Troy: What the hell!

Jason: Who told you that you could barge in here like that

DC: Easy Adam Sandler, don't let all that Anger Management go to waste

*force and DC laugh*

Skill: What the hell do you want?

Force: What do we want, well DC here is going to make his next pick and figured that you guys would want to know first hand who it is.

DC: yeah since Troy already gets to join the circus freaks I figured that I would make things a little interesting

Troy: Screw you guys, just remember that tonight I beat you Force, and in two weeks I defeat the two of you and gain control of the IWO

DC: Keep thinking that Troy, let me tell you something you are not even in my league, oh and by the way, one more thing, I will tell you someone who will not be on your team also Troy...that's Crazyskill

Skill: you can't do that!

Force: He just did, looks like the New Blood want get to be butt buddies at Absolute Power

Jason: Maybe you two should leave before you get the beating of your lives

DC: Well, Force you heard the man, we better leave, we don't want to end up like his private parts and get a beating

*Force and DC laugh as they leave the locker room*

Skill: Now what?

Troy: Don't worry guys I always have a plan


M: Looks like the New Blood is going to be separated at Absolute Power

*the music of Mr. Giggles plays as he comes out to the ring for the fatal fourway..he does some mimicry and then Mountain Song plays as Alli Sabbah comes down the aisle he gets in the ring and speaks to Giggles...Johnny Blade comes out and slides into the ring and gets attacked by Giggles and Alli*

M: Look at those two teaming up

T: Blade has his hands full Marv

*Blade gets pushed into the corner and both Giggles and Alli stomp and punch at him...finally Enter Sandman hits and Crazyskill comes running down the aisle he slides in the ring and punches Giggles down..he then picks Giggles up and tosses him outside the ring..he then turns to Alli sabbah who seems to be beckoning off...Skill goes after him and Alli runs*

M: Look at that coward run

*Alli slides out of the ring, and runs around it with Skill following him..Alli goes around a corner and gets in the ring..Skill turns the corner and is hit with a clothesline from Giggles taking him down..Giggles then does the man in the box trick to the crowd's delight...Alli is in the ring and turns around and is kicked in the gut by Blade..Blade then hits a DDT on Alli..he broken up by Giggles*

M: giggles just in time with the save

T: The mime has improved a lot Marv

*Giggles kicks Blade a few times..the picks him up, he whips him into the ropes, and then does the man pulling a rope..Blade holds on to the ring then shakes his head..he kicks Giggles in the stomach, and drops a knee-face buster on him...Blade then hits a hurricanrana on Giggles...Skill is back in the ring and picks Alli up he slams him and bounces off the ropes hitting a running leg drop on Alli..he covers...1...2..blade stops the count...Blade gets skill up and the two exchange blows...Crazy rakes the eyes of Blade, then tosses him to the outside..Giggles is up and Crazy runs and hits a dropkick sending Giggles to the outside...Skill picks Alli up but Alli hits a low blow as the ref has his back turned to the outside at Giggles...Alli gets up and taunts the crowd to boos*

M: Oh come on, what a cheap shot

T: Hey whatever it takes

*Alli is posing, when Blade gets in the ring and from behind rolls him up...Blade holds the tights and gets the 3 count for the win...he rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp with his arms raised victorious*

M: A cheap win from Blade

T: Yeah but if he does that in two weeks he will be the new Hardcore champ

*camera goes backstage to Corey staring at a letter...Corey smiles a crooked smile and then says that his next pick is Alli Sabbah*

*commercial break*


*DC and Force are talking as DC tells Force he will see him later...DC goes down the hall and knocks on a door he enters*

Demon: What do you want?

DC: Well I wanted to let you know that you are my next pick in the draft

Demon: Good choice, but why me?

DC: because if I am going to beat Corey's team I need someone just as crazy as him

Demon: just as crazy?

*Demon laughs*

Demon: I'm crazier, not to mention that tonight I become one step closer to being the hardcore champ..and then I will assume my role of taking Corey to hell

DC: Yeah well good luck with that, see you in two weeks

*DC walks out all weirded out as Demon is heard laughing*


*Troy bursts into the door of Corey's locker room*

Corey: are you looking to get an ass whopping bitch?

Troy:Settle down you stupid freak! I'm here to make things right, and by that I mean you should pick Jason as your next pick

Corey: Why the hell would I do that

Troy: Because with two members of the New blood on your team there will be no stopping us. You want control of the IWO, well so do we, and the only way to do that is by having the New Blood on your side

Corey: As much as I hate your fucking guts you are right. Fine, my next pick is your faggoty little buddy Jason!

Troy: Good, now let's talk about..

Corey: No motherfucker there is no lets talk about...there is a get the hell out of here before I beat the shit out of you

Troy: Whatever dude...just remember in a few weeks Me and Jason will have control of the IWO, not to mention that I will also become the new Heavyweight Champion, so you just think about that psycho!

*Troy walks out of the room with Corey staring at him*


M: Well our next match is the first of two hardcore championship qualifiers...Demon Alexander is in the ring and here comes Jason along with Stacy...

T: Remember this match is a hardcore match so anything goes..

M: Look at Demon wasting no time attacking Jason on the aisle...

*Demon slams Jason into the barricade and begins pummeling him as Stacy screams..Demon stops and looks at Stacy who begins to start backing away as Demon moves forward slowly smiling at her...she begins to back farther and Jason gets up and chokes Demon from behind with a television cord*

T: Talk about being unplugged

*Jason uses the cord to pull Demon down a little then rams him headfirst into the barricade..he checks on Stacy and then kicks Demon a few times..he tells stacy to head to the ring...He then picks Demon up and drags him by the head towards the they get to ringside..Demon punches Jason in the gut a few times..he then hits him with a right hand to the face, then he spits in his face..Demon grabs Jason and slings him into the steel stairs...meanwhile Stacy has pulled a kendo stick from under the ring, and is holding it...Demon looks under the ring and finds a fire extinguisher..he waits for Jason to get up and sprays him with it..then he clocks him with it in the head..*

M: looks like Jason is no longer hot stuff Tater

T: Yeah he can chill permanantly

*Demon goes to cover Jason, but Stacy cracks him with the kendo stick...Demon looks up at her and she hits him again...Demon laughs and gets up as Stacy tries again..but Demon grabs the stick and takes it away...He goes after Stacy he gets in the ring...Demon stalks her, and she cowers in the corner*

M: looks like the end for stacy

T: Come on she is a girl

*Demon wants to hit Stacy but the ref gets in front of her in the corner and tries to talk Demon out of it...Meanwhile Jason is up and runs and hits a splash on Demon sending him into the ref and into the corner...Jason backs up and the Demon stumbles backwards Jason then clotheslines Demon to the ground as Stacy gets out of the ring, but the ref falls down on the mat out cold*

M: Well even though it is hardcore rules there is on ref now

*Jason gets the stick and hits Demon a few times with it..he then covers him but there is no ref..Jason picks Demon back up and hits him..he whips him into the corner and Jason lowers his head..Demon counters with a swinging neckbreaker and both men are down....Demon is up first, and kicks Jason he then chops him and whips him into the corner...Demon charges in but Jason leaps over him...Jason punches him and goes for another but it is blocked...Demon hits him a few times, and then nails a lou thesz press...the is hauling off on Jason when the crowd erupts and Tiger comes running down the aisle*

M: What the hell is he doing here, he is suppose to be retired

T: Well i guess he isn't anymore Marv!

*Tiger slides into the ring wearing a Tiger T-shirt...he looks at Demon who looks at him..Tiger says some things, and Demon yells back at him..Tiger pushes Demon, but Demon pushes Tiger back and to the mat...Tiger backs up and rolls out of the ring..Demon points at him and says some things then turns around...From nowhere Jason hits the JKO on Demon*


*Jason covers as Tiger on the outside rips off his T-shirt and reveals a ref shirt underneath..he slides in the ring and counts...1....2....3..Jason is the winner*

M: I don't believe it, it was a ploy all along

T: Looks like Tiger found a new job Marv

M: And demon got screwed because of it

*Jason celebrates with Stacy in the ring as Tiger looks down at Demon and says some things*

*backstage the camera crew is with DC...*

DC: Fans of the IWO, I know that sometimes we all make difficult decisions, and tonight is no different...I know that a lot of you have fallen out of favor with my next pick but i hope that you understand why I am choosing him..I need someone who will be able to withstand pain, someone he is going to show up each and every week...So my next pick is Judge Dredd....Thank you

*camera goes black and to commercial*


*In the cafeteria Primate is throwing stuff around*

Primate: i can't believe it..I haven't even got the chance to beat the crap out of Judge yet, and DC picked him for his team...This is bullshit

*Corey walks in and yells at Primate*

Corey: Hey Monkey Fucker

Primate: Are you talking to me, cause i know you didn't just say that to the Primate

Corey: are you deaf King Kong, I just did you dumb son of a bitch

Primate: I should kick your ass right now

Corey: How about this, how about you go out there and kick Judge's ass and in about two weeks both of us do it, cause you are my next pick...

*Corey turns and walks aways as Primate stands there shocked*


M: Tonight gets more and more interesing Tater

T: It sure does and next up is the tag team match

*The Spice Boys song comes on as the two come dancing to the ring*

M: If these two spent as much time dancing as they did wrestling, they could be contenders

T: True Marv, but you got to admit that Curry Song is catchy

*Mr. Oldschool comes out to ringside with no music as the crowd boos...he is followed by Crusher to boos as well...both men are in the ring with the Spice boys and the bell rings...Oldschool and Crusher talk it over then both of them go after the Spice boys...they pair off as Oldschool ends up going to the outside with Gel..meanwhile Crusher and Curry are in the ring fighting*

M: We got action all over the place

T: This is becoming a melee

*Crusher goes for the belly to belly on Curry, but Curry ends up on his feet..Curry hits a bicycle kick on Crusher taking him down..on the outside Ervin hits Gel with his cane...and then Oldschool rams him headfirst into the announce table...Crusher is starting to get up in the ring, as Curry waits in a corner running in place...Oldschool slides into the ring behind Curry yells CURRY!!!! and charges with the running headbutt..Crusher moves out of the way and Curry nails Mr. Oldschool*

M: He hit it, he hit it!

*Crusher hits a version of the Angle Slam on Curry and covers him...1....2.....3..Crusher and Oldschool pick up the victory*

M: that was quick

T: But another tag victory for Crusher who seemingly did it all by himself..

*Ervin tries to shake hands with Crusher but he refuses and leaves the ring*

*backstage DC sees Blade standing by a water cooling*

DC: Good match out there tonight Blade

Blade: Yeah what's it to you?

DC: What's it to me, well a lot, since you are my next pick in the draft

Blade: Yeah well you made a damn good pick because if there is anyone that is hardcore around here it is Johnny Blade

DC: Well I hope so

*DC walks off as we go to break*


M: During the break Corey told the crowd here via the video screen that his next pick was Mr. Giggles

T: Interesting seeing that i thought Corey hated Mimes

M: I guess he changed his mind

*Blue on Black plays as DC comes out to the podium*

DC: It seems that during the break Corey took Giggles as his next you folks can see we each only have 3 picks remaining but there are 7 men left on the obviously someone is going to be left out..however, that someone is not my next pick...after seeing the last match, I have decided that I need a great technical wrestler, someone that has the stamina to last in a match like the one that will take place at Absolute Power..therefore my next pick is Crusher!

*Fans cheer and boo as DC heads to the back*


*The camera is back in a locker room where EMTs and IWO personnel are looking over someone*

M: It looks like the Joker Tater

T: It is Joker, looks like he was attacked

*Josh comes running into the room*

Josh: Whats' going on?

EMT: This man has been knocked out cold

Josh: Really?

EMT: Yeah he must have been attacked

*Josh spots a ref in the room*

Josh: Hey Ref, why don't you count then

*Josh moves the EMTs out of the way and covers Joker...the ref confused reluctantly counts the pinfall....*

Josh: now go ahead and raise my arm and declare me the winner of this hardcore match

*the ref does what josh says and the rest of the room looks on...the emts go back to checking on Joker...Josh then walks out of the room where Corey is in the hallway waiting for him...Corey claps his hands*

Corey: You know I am glad you beat that little faggot...I have been wanting to see his bitch ass punished for years...I just wish I was the one to have knocked him out

Josh: Yeah...well...

Corey: Anyways, you are my next pick in the draft, so make sure you bring that quick thinking with you in two weeks...

Josh: I will

*Corey walks off in one direction as Josh watches*

*commercial break*


*DC is in his lockerroom looking distraught...*

Wilma: What's wrong?

DC: Well I don't know what to do, I mean look at who is left

Wilma: Yeah, and?

DC: And? I mean we have to wannabe singers, a guy that just got laid out, that Oldschool guy that has like 3 moves and then Joe the Schmo..Come on, Schmo? I have no idea who to pick

Wilma: Seems like you have a hard decision to make

DC: Hard is right...and if it's going to be a hard decision then why not make it a hardcore answer...Wilma you are genius..Come on let's go check on Joker and let him know he is the next pick for our team

*DC and Wilma leave the room


M: Well at least someone took interest in that last match

T: Seems Corey and DC both have some stock in that

M: Speaking of Stock, here comes a match between the two number 1 picks in tonight's draft...both men want to be the Heavyweight Champ and tonight might decide who gets that shot at Absolute Power...

*King of Kings plays as Force comes to the ring..he is then followed by Troy..both men get in the ring and stare at each other..they begin jawing, before Troy slaps Force..Force pushes Troy down..and walks towards him..Troy kicks Force in the shin and has time to get up..he punches at Force rocking the big man..he then kicks Force in the knee a few times*

m: Look at Troy trying to chop that big tree down

*Troy hauls off with punches before whiping Force torwards the ropes..Troy bounces off a rope and hits Force with a clotheline sending Force backwards..Troy gets up and hits a dropkick to the knee of Force knocking him down to only one knee..Troy punches at Force some more..Force starts getting up..but Troy bounces off a rope and hits a chop block to the leg of Force..He grabs force leg...and begins to stomp at it..then he locks in a leg lock..*

M: Troy really working over the leg of Force right now

T: Good strategy keep the big man off his feet

*Troy has the leg lock on tightly, but Force uses his other leg to kick at Troy...finally Force kicks Troy away..He gets slowly up but Troy is back with more punches..a kick to the back of Force leg..a chop by Troy..Troy punches force again..look at Force he is getting mad..another chop another punch...Force is shaking..he blocks a right hand by Troy and delivers one of his own..he nails Troy again, and again..he grabs Troy and whips him into the ropes..Force lowers his head..Troy leapfrogs him..Troy off the other side of the ropes...goes for the flying forearm and rocks Force backwards into the ropes...Troy runs at him, but Force ducks and flips Troy over the ropes..Troy holds on and lands on the apron..he springboards at Force trying for a seated senton..Force Catches him in midair..Troy punches at Force a few times..But Force hits the Unstoppable Bomb*

T: OH MY GOD, HE might have killed him

M: Powerbomb by unstoppable Force!

*Force falls to one knee...then he gets up and picks Troy up...he suplexes Troy to the mat...Force then gets up and looks at the crowd..he points to the turnbuckle..Force slowly walks over and begins to climb up to the top rope...just then Crazyskill and jason come running down to the ring..Skill pushes Force off the top rope, as the ref calls for the DQ...Jason and Skill begin stomping on Force...Stacy is at ringside and grabs a chair and slides it into the ring...Jason picks it up as Skill checks on Troy...Skill gets Troy up at the same time that Force gets to his feet..Jason nails Force from behind with the chair...Force stumbles a bit then turns to face Jason..Troy is up and hits the 23 to the back of Force's head sending him forward into the chair of Jason, who lays Force out...Skill then climbs to the top rope and nails the CRAZYSKEEL!!!!!*

M: This is uncalled for, look at the New Blood doing a number on Force

*The crowd goes crazy as DC with a baseball bat in hand comes running to the ring...the New Blood scatter as DC hits the ring swinging the bat...The New Blood regroup and head up the aisle pointing at DC who is checking on Force*

M: just like the cowards they are Tater

T: Yeah but they live to fight another day

*commercial break*


*Corey is in Smith's office*

Corey: Look at the fuckers that are left, how am I suppose to have a winning team if I have to choose one of them

Smith: Hey I make the rules so you abide by them

Corey: Fuck the rules

*Equalizer steps in front of Corey..the two men stare at each other*

Corey: Motherfucker I will beat your ass too!

Smith: that's enough, now either you pick another person, or I will see to it that you are stripped of the World Title and suspended from the IWO

Corey: Yeah that sounds like the bitch ass thing you would do...Fine what the fuck ever, I guess I will pick that faggoty Gel Mibson...Maybe his drunk ass can stay fucking sober for one night..As for you, you big son of bitch, get in my face again and I will fucking kill you

*Corey then walks out of the room*

M: harsh words from the champ

T: Yeah but there is a reason he is the champ Marv

M: this next match will feature two guys that will be on opposite teams at Absolute power...Primate and Judge Dredd

*Judge comes out to the ring first and gets in..he is followed by Primate...Primate and Judge lock up in the center of the ring...Primate takes control with a headlock..Judge tries to pick him up for a back suplex..But Primate stops it with an elbow to the back of Judges head..Primate nails a series of chops to Judge and drives him into the corner..He whips him into the other side,tries to follow in with a clothesline...Judge moves,and Primate craches chest first into the turnbuckle..Judge comes up behind Primate,picks him up and delivers a big time backbreaker..cover..1..2..Primate kicks out..judge whips Primate into the ropes...Judge lowers his head..Primate kicks him directly in the face,and run judge over with a huge clothesline. Primate picks Judge up..And nails him with a knee to the gut..followed up with another..Primate sets Judge up...And has him up in a suplex position..He holds him there,the blood rushing to Judges head..and Primate nails Judge with a huge brainbuster..cover..1...2...Judge kicks out.

M: Primate is determined to win this match

T: i think he is upset that DC didn't pick him Marv

*Judge crawls into the corner..Primate follows him and nails Judge with a series of boots to the chest..Primate turns around,showing off to the crowd..He turns around,and Judge grabs him and throws Primate shoulder first into the turnbuckle post..Primate comes staggering out of the corner..And Judge catches him with a single armed DDT. Judge works on Primates shoulder..Driving his knee into it..Judge then stomps on Primates Hand..Primate rolls around on the ring in pain..Judge mounts Primate,and delievers a vicious series of right hands to Primates face..Judge gets up and bounces off the ropes..And nails Primate with a huge kneedrop..cover..1..2...Primate gets up..Judge picks Primate up..And nails an arm ringer on that injured shoulder..Judge bounces off the ropes,and connects with a big knee lift to Primates chest..cover..1..2..Primate barely kicks out..*

M: Good move by Judge, he needs to stay on top of Primate

T: Judge has done good in tag action but he needs to get back on track in singles competition

*Judge gets up and goes to the top rope...Possibly for the Guillotine..But Primate is up..He nails Judge with a right hand..And goes up to the top with him..Primate gets a hold of Judge,and Primate connects with a belly to back release suplex from the top rope as both men come crashing to the mat. Both men are down in the center of the ring....Primate is able to crawl to Judge and get his arm over him..1..2...Judge just kicks out. Both men making it to their feet now..Judge throws a right hand and connects,Primate responds with one of his own..Back and forth they go trading right hands..Judge whips Primate into the ropes..Primate ducks a clothesline..Turns around and Primate is their to meet him with a boot to the gut and a DDT...Cover..1...2..Judge kicks out..Primate goes to pick Judge up..But Judge rakes Primate in the eyes..Primate is blinded..Judge picks him up..and has him in the excurtiatior torture rack!..this move is diffcult to escape.. Judge has it locked in good and Primate may be forced to tap out..But Primate takes his arm and bashes Judge in the head with it many times..And Judge has to break the hold..*

M: That's one way to get out of a hold

T: Primate needs to mount a comeback or this one is going to be over

*Judge seems to be getting Frustrated..He goes over to primate..But Primate explodes out of the corner and drives Judge down with a huge spear...Cover..1...2..Judge just barely gets his shoulder up..

M: The tide about turned as Primate almost got the victory

*Primate makes his way up to his feet..He tries to connect with a right hand..But Judge reverses and goes for the eye of the hurricane..But Primate reverses that and rolls Judge up..1..2...3..Primate sneaks out a victory over Judge..*

M: what a match

T: Indeed Marv, what a match

*commercial break*


*Blue on Black plays as DC and Wilma come to the ring*

DC: Well it seems the end of the night is here, and you know since i have to wrestle Corey, I only figured that we would make our final picks right here in the ring!....So Corey bring your sorry ass on out here!

*Duality comes over the speakers and the champ comes out and makes his way to the ring*

M: Well only three men left, it will be interesting to see who doesn't get drafted

T: It could be anyone of these three Marv

DC: Now that you are here, I will let you know that my final pick is Curry Muncher

*Corey begins laughing hard*

Corey: are you fucking serious? No wonder you are only the B-champion...Well motherfucker let's get this over with, my last pick is Mr. Oldschool, and now it's time to beat your bitch ass all over this ring...Corey and DC go toe to toe in the center of the ring..talking trash..Out of nowhere DC slaps Corey in the face and drives him into the corner..DC connects with a series of right hands..Corey grabs DC and throws him into the corner..And nails a series of chops to respond..Corey whips Dc into the ropes..and connects with a big backbody drop..Corey quickly gets on top of DC with an armbar..DC is able to get to his feet..And nails corey with a headbutt to break the hold..DC kicks corey in the gut,hooks him,and nails Corey with a gut wrench suplex..Cover..1..2..Corey kicks out..

M: Well this match is on, and unfortunately Joe the Schmo didn't get drafted

T: yeah I don't think that is anyone's loss Marv

M: However if Corey doesn't rebound soon he may lose this match to DC

*DC on the offensive,nails corey with a big time elbow drop..and locks him in a choke..The ref forces DC to break the choke..DC bounces off the ropes,and nails a well placed legdrop on Corey..cover..1..2..Again Corey kicks out..Dc picks corey up..he tries for a suplex..But Corey blocks it and Picks DC up..And drops him stomach first on the top rope..DC is hanging on the top rope..Corey charges at Dc with a head of a steam and kicks him right in the chest,and it sends DC to the floor..DC is trying to make his way to his feet..Corey goes up to the top rope..And nails DC with a double axe handle..Both men on the outside now..Corey picks DC up and drops him chest first on the steelsteps..DC is down in serious pain..Corey delivers the boots to DC's chest..Corey picks DC up..and goes to whip him into the barricade..But Dc reverses and sends Corey over the barricade into the front row of the crowd..*

M: This match is all over the place and DC is in control

T: Looks Like DC wanted Corey to have a front row seat for this match

*Dc walks over to Corey and pounds him with right hands..He hooks him up,and suplexes him from the front row back into the ringside are..DC grabs Corey by the head,and drives his skull into the steel steps..Dc gets on top of the steps..And connects with a piledriver on Corey onto the steps..Corey is out on the ground and has been busted wide open..Dc picks corey up and throws him back into the ring..cover..1...2...Corey just kicks out..DC mounts Corey and drives right hands into Corey's wound..Corey crawls into the corner..DC drives his boot into Corey's throat..and breaks it at the refs count of 4..Dc picks Corey up and sits him on the top rope..Corey nails DC with a right hand..DC staggers,turns around..Corey grabs him by the head..and nails a tornado DDT from the top rope!..*

T: DDT!!!!!

*Both men down now..Corey is still bleeding badly..Both men slowly make it up to their feet..DC connects with a right hand..Corey pokes DC in the eye..Takes him down by the legs..and slingshots DC face first into the ringpost..DC staggers out of the corner..And Corey is there and nails him with a belly to back suplex..DC is now bleeding badly..both men spilling blood everywhere..Corey drives his boot into DC's bloody face..Corey goes to the top rope..Takes a chance..And connects with a huge Elbow drop from the top..Cover..1.....2....DC just gets his foot on the rope..Corey can't believe it..Corey picks DC up,and goes for the duality driver..But DC escapes..DC nails Corey with a hard uppercut..Picks Corey up on his shoulders..And connects with the bust!...*

T: THE BUST!!!!!

M: It's over folks you don't get up from that, DC needs to capitalize

*both men down now..DC is crawling..Blood all over the ring..He gets the cover on Corey..1...2....Corey kicked out..

M: Good god..DC is in shock..

T: I can't believe it either Marv!

*He picks Coreys almost lifeless body up..And locks Corey up in the Putdown..DC is squeezing the life from Coreys bloody skull..Corey looks to be fading..He's flailing around..And accidently nails the ref in the face..The ref tries to get his barrings about him..While he's doing that..Corey gives DC a low blow..The putdown is broken..DC is stunned and basically out on his feet..Corey picks him up..And nails the Duality Driver!..Cover...1...2.......DC kicked out!..

M: Unbelieveable..

*Corey locks DC up in the Subliminal stretch right in the center of the ring..DC is bleeding all over the place..He's not tapping..He's trying to reach for the ropes..Corey just keeps applying more pressure..DC isn't moving..The ref asking DC is he wants to quit..No response..Corey just keeps wrenching back on the hold..The ref again tries to get a response from DC..There is none..The Ref calls for the bell..He stopped it..DC never tapped,but he passed out..Both men laying in a pool of each others blood..Corey victorius in this one..

M: What a hell of a match, as both men have given it there all

T: And it's going to take all they have if they want to win control of the IWO

M: Folks we will see you next week

*fade out*

*end show*


Thanks for being patient sorry the show is so late...also thanks to One for writing the main event and the Primate/Judge match...

any feedback you guys have is appreciated
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what did the show suck for you guys or something?
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