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Championship Dreams PPV 9/9/06
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Default Championship Dreams PPV 9/9/06

*the video screen lights up and shows a promo for the upcoming World Title Match between Corey and Troy, including last week when Corey costs Troy his match against Primate…the video finishes and fireworks go off as Championship Dreams begins.*

*backstage Gel Mibson is seen in his locker room, on the table is a fancy looking bottle of wine, Gel picks the bottle up and looks at it. He then removes the cork and drinks straight from the bottle…he continues to chug from it, as the music of the Crusher is heard in the arena *

M: welcome everyone to Championship Dreams, I’m Marv Rome and with me is Tater Inberg and tonight is a historic night as for the first time on PPV, two titles will be defended Tater!

T: that’s right Marv, tonight both the TV Title and the World Title will be on the line, but up first is the man we see in the ring Crusher.

M: Crusher is coming off a big win last week where he picked up the win for his team in the six man tag against some of the top IWO stars.

T: Yeah but tonight he faces Joe the Schmo, a veteran who is skilled in mat wrestling, it should be a classic battle.

*Joe the Schmo comes down the aisle to a few cheers from the crowd, he shakes some hands at ringside, and then climbs up the steps and enters the ring…Crusher immediately attacks Schmo going on the offensive. *

M: Crusher is wasting no time, he is going after Schmo right after the bat.

T: Well the first match of Championship Dreams is underway and Crusher is in total control, you got to think he is going to use that momentum from last week to help him here tonight

* Crusher hits a powerslam on Schmo..1….2..kickout, and Crusher looks upset at the ref’s count… *

M: He is dominating Schmo right now

T: Yeah but he doesn’t look to happy about the ref’s count, not as fast as he likes

M: Oh come on Tater, this guy needs to let the ref do his job.

* Crusher has Joe in the corner pummeling him, he whips him into the opposite corner and nails a running clothesline…Joe comes out stumbling from the turnbuckle…Crusher waits for him to stop stumbling, and goes up and locks his arms in around joe’s waist..he attempts to hit a german suplex, but Joe blocks it with his leg, Crusher tries again, but this time Joe hops up and locks his legs around the midsection fo Crusher..Joe rolls forward, rolling Crusher up..he grabs both legs..and the ref counts…1….2…crusher tries to kick out….3…. *

M: Oh My Gawd, Joe just upset Crusher!

T: I can’t believe it Marv, maybe all that preparation Crusher did for Alli instead of Schmo has paid off!

M: yeah paid off for the schmo!

* Schmo looks shocked, as he rolls out of the ring with his arms in triumph, Crusher stunned in the ring can’t believe he just lost… *


*backstage EMTs are checking on the MWO…Hugh Miller runs up with a mic to Mr. Giggles the only member of the MWO still standing… *

Hugh: Giggles, what happen?

*Giggles looks at Hugh, and motions that he doesn’t know…Hugh looks back at the EMTs working on the hurt members of the MWO *

M: I wonder what happen to the MWO

T: Looks like somebody is trying to send a message to the MWO

M: probally that no good New Blood

T: Easy Marv, we have no proof yet

*Mountain song plays as Alli Sabbah comes down to the ring carrying a bag…he is booed as he climbs into the squared circle…Alli grabs the mic from the ring announcer… *

Alli: My friends, my friends, settle down…It is I, Alli Sabbah, and I bring you goods that all of you can use…Of Course I would show you all of them, but there are so many, that you must check out my emporium…But first let me show you this!

*Alli pulls out a bottle of wine, that looks just like the one we saw in Gel’s locker room *

Alli: As you see I have one of the finest bottles of wine available…and as you saw earlier my opponent could not resist his lust for it…So since my drunkard friend could not resist his urge, I request the ref count to 10 and declare Alli Sabbah the winner of this contest!

M: He can’t do that

T: He just did, and the ref is counting

M: What a slimey bastard, to spike Gel’s drink so he could get an easy win

*The ref counts and gets to 8, when the music of the Spice Boys comes on…Alli looks stunned in the ring *

T: Look it’s…Curry Muncher?

Alli: Whoa, Whoa! What are you doing out here, this isn’t your match.

*Curry Muncher gets in the ring, and grabs the match out of Alli’s hands… *

Curry: Look here Gringo, er..I mean what ever you is…You don’t attack my partner like poison drink, so now you face me, right here essa!

*Mr. Smith appears on the video screen *

Smith: Well it seems we have a problem here….so I thought about it, and I have decided to make the match between Curry Muncher and Mr. Oldschool a triple threat match, that will involve you Alli Sabbah…Oh and by the way that match begins right now..ring the bell!

*The bell rings and Curry attacks Alli he begins pounding on him and backs him up into a corner.. *

M: Well it seems that this is a triple threat match now

T: And here comes the third man!

*Oldschool and Ervin come running down the aisle…Oldschool slides in and runs and attacks Curry from behind..he clubs him a few Alli tries to catch his breath..Oldschool grabs Curry by the hair, and then locks in a sleeperhold… *

M: Sleeperhold, this early?

T: Whatever it takes Marv!

*Alli regroups and kicks Curry in the gut while Oldschool holds him in the sleeperhold…Alli then rolls out and grabs a chair from ringside..he slides back in and looks to hit Curry..but the ref grabs the chair..he argues with Alli about the chair..meanwhile..Curry begins to elbow Oldschool in the gut…he does this a few times..then runs to the ropes..he bounces off, but his foot is grabbed by Ervin and he crashes to the mat.. *

M: Oh come on, he is outnumbered

*Oldschool and Alli begin stomping on Curry..They pick him up and throw him into the corner…Alli grabs Oldschool and whips him towards Curry..Curry lifts him self using the ropes over Oldschool…Curry runs and dropkicks Alli sending him to the outside..Curry gets up and ducks a clothesline by Oldschool…Curry nails a bicycle kick to Oldschool’s head…Curry gets the crowd into it.. *

M: He is back on the offensive

T: Look at that wetback go!

M: Tater!

T: What?

*Ervin gets on the apron..but Curry and punches him off the apron…He runs and attempts to hit the headbutt to the stomach on Oldschool, but Oldschool moves..Curry stops himself from going through the middle rope and grabs the rope…Oldschool motions for the ref to come to him…Just then Alli Sabbah with a magical salami in hand nails Curry in the head…Curry drops to the Alli begins walking towards the backstage area…Oldschool rolls him over and covers him…1….2…..3…. *

M: I can’t believe it, Curry was robbed

T: Actually he was hit with a salami

M: Damn Alli Sabbah!


*Mr. Smith is in his office when his assistant walks in..she tells him that someone attacked the MWO..he asks her to look into it and she walks out of the room..he then looks at Equalizer *

Smith: You know, I’m going to need a vacation soon, which gives me an idea…and what an idea it’s going to be.

*Smith and Equalizer laugh *

M: Wonder what idea Smith has up his sleeve

T: I’m sure it’s something big, if it’s from Smith

M: Well this next match is going to be big as both these men look to move up in the rankings, and to do that they have to put the other man through a table…

*Blade is in the ring as Primate begins walking down the aisle..the crowd seems to be cheering Primate *

T: These fans are beginning to get behind him Marv

M: What a transformation this man has made the past few weeks

*Primate slides in and is met by Blade, both men exchange blows…Blade rakes the eyes of Primate, and then pulls a potato peeler from his tights…he grabs Primate and begins to scrap his forehead…Primate swings his arms widely as he gives a scream as the peelers cuts the skin and blood begins to pour from his forehead… *

M: Look at the blood flow

T: He is wasting no time Marv, but he still has to put Primate through a table to win this matchup

*Blade quits cutting and punches at the wound…he then slides out of the ring..and looks under it for a table..he pulls the table out and slides it into the ring..he slides back in and Primate hits him with a clothesline..Primate wipes blood from his wound, and then begins to choke Blade… *

M: He is pissed

T: he should be look at the blood rushing from his forehead

*Primate has Blade up and nails the atomic drop…he then clips Blade’s legs…Primate lifts both legs up and hits a boot near the nether regions…Primate picks blade up and hits a hard right hand then tosses Blade outside the ring…he then sets the table up in the corner of the ring…he climbs out and gets blade up who fights back attacking the forehead of Primate…Blade rams Primate into the barricade…he kicks him a few times..then hops up onto the apron..Blade springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault but Primate moves, and Blade lands on the floor outside the ring…Primate picks him up and rolls him into the ring..he picks him up and whips him into the table in the corner..Primate backs up and gets a running start and goes for the spear..Blade moves out of the way and Primate crashes through the table! *

M: He just smashed that table with that spear

T: Yeah Marv, but because it was not an offensive move from Blade, this match will continue

*Blade gets a chair from outside..but sets up a table on the outside first…he slides in the ring with the chair…Primate uses the ropes to get up..Blade runs at him and swings the chair..but Primate ducks..the chair bounces off the top rope and comes back and nails Blade…Blade hits the ground…Primate grabs him and lifts him up and slams him back down…He then drags him to the corner..Primate lifts Blade up and sets him on the turnbuckle…Primate goes through the ropes and climbs up the turnbuckle… *

M: What is he doing

T: Surely he is not going to do this?

*Primate hooks Blade in and superplexes him off the turnbuckle to the outside and crashing through the table…the bell rings and Primate has won the match *

M: OH MY GOD!!!!

T: What a move, what a match!

*Both men lay on the ground as the ref calls for EMTs… *

*an ad runs for Redemption next week *


*Welcome to the Jungle begins to play only to mix into Enter Sandman…Both Jason and Crazyskill are accompanied to the ring by Stacy… *

M: Well here comes the New Blood, wonder if they attacked the MWO

T: Whoever it was, sure must be under some distress to attack four mimes

*the Enforcers run down the aisle, and immediately begin fighting with the New Blood…the bell rings…and finally Mr. Giggles comes out to a huge chant of mime time…unfortunately, there is no one to be his partner *
M: Giggles is all alone in this match, and that’s not good

T: Yeah no mimicry is going to help him tonight

*Giggles gets on the apron awaiting a tag as Skill and Judge are outside the ring brawling..Jason and Josh the legal men inside…Jason distracts the ref as Stacy slide in and lowblows Josh…Jason then goes over and locks in Josh’s own dragon sleeper variation.. *

M: Look Jason is mocking Josh

T: Why doesn’t Giggles do something

*Giggles begins to get the crowd to clap, but to no avail…Judge rams Skill into the stairs outside..he slides in the ring, and hits Jason to break up the move..the ref telling Judge to get on the apron…Jason motions for Stacy to give him something..she slides a chain in to Jason, who chokes Josh with it…Judge is being held back by the ref…Skill gets up and gets in the ring, as Jason loses the chain to the outside.. *

M: What a dirty move

T: look it’s New Blood double teaming

*They whip Josh into the ropes, as the New Blood hit a double dropkick…Skill goes and knocks Judge off the apron, as Jason covers..1….2…kickout by Josh..Skill runs and hits Giggles off the apron…Both men pick Josh up..Skill pokes Josh in the eye..Josh stammers back and Jason hits the JKO *


*Skill runs and hits a plancha onto Judge on the outside…meanwhile Jason covers…1…2….3…he pins Josh

M: It’s over and the New Blood get an Impressive win…

*Skill gets up and celebrates with Jason and Stacy..they leave the ring taunting the crowd…Judge eventually gets up and gets in the ring…he checks on Josh he shrugs him off…Josh says some words then leaves the ring on his own power, with Judge behind him trying to talk to him but to no avail *

M: Looks like the Enforcers may have some problems to work out

T: They better do it soon or we could be witnessing the end of this tag team

*an ad runs for some Corey Merchandise sold at the official IWO merchandise online store *

*The cage has been lowered and Tiger comes out to the marching band music of LSU.. *

M: This could be Tiger’s last match Tater, as he has put his career on the line

T: yeah he must have a lot of faith doing that especially inside a steel cage

*Demon comes out and head to the cage..he goes in through the door and it closes, the ref calls for the bell, and Tiger hits Demon in the stomach with the flag pole..he then begins to beat him over the back with the pole.. *

M: Tiger is fighting for his life in that cage

T: Demon said he would take him to hell, and this is about as close as you can get

*Tiger chokes Demon with the broken pole, and uses it to ram Demon against the cage..he then holds on and takes Demon across the ring and slams him into that part of the cage..finally tiger lets go *

M: what aggression

T: Maybe he should put his career on the line every week!

*Tiger covers and gets a two count…he drops an elbow on Demon, then runs and goes for the Big Cat Splash and nails it..cover…1…2..kickout.. *

M: remember that you can either pin, make your opponent submit or escape the cage to win this match…

T: And right now Demon doesn’t look like he will be doing any of that

M: Tiger must have heard me cause he is trying to escape the cage by climbing up the side of it

T: that’s so stupid he could have just walked out the door

M: Maybe he doesn’t know that Tater

T: In that case he deserves to lose his career, come on Demon!

*Demon gets to his feet and climbs up the ropes and then the cage..he stops Tiger near the top, and the two exchange fists…Demon hits a chop to Tiger..Tiger tries kicking at Demon..Demon spits in tiger’s face, then moves over and elbows him in the nose..he grabs tiger around the neck, and uses his leg, to hit a modified Russian Leg sweep off the cage and into the ring… *

T: I can’t believe what I just saw

M: What an innovative move, but both men are down..Demon getting up first

*Demon shakes the cobwebs off and kicks Tiger as he gets up..Demon grabs him and rams him into the cage..he then scrapes Tiger’s face against the cage making blood come out..he then begins to wail on him..Demon whips him into the ropes and hits a running knee to the midsection…Demon then chokes him.. *

M: what a turn around…Demon now in control

T: Tiger’s career is in trouble

*Demon now ramming his shoulder into the midsection of Tiger..he then grabs Tiger out of the corner, and throws him headfirst into the cage…he picks Tiger back up and hits the Purifier in the middle of the ring…cover…1….2…..3…Demon wins this match *

M: He did it, he cameback and won this match

T: And this means that Tiger’s IWO career has just ended inside the steel cage

*Demon picks Tiger up one more time and nails another Purifier before leaving the cage… *


*Motorhead’s ‘King of Kings’ plays and a pit of fire emerges from the stage. The Unstoppable Force raises up from the ground with his head buried in his towel. A huge fiery pyro goes off and Force walks towards the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd.*

M: Force and DC have built up quite a feud heading into this one. Both men have teamed up. Both have gone at each other’s throats.

T: That’s right Marv. And now it comes to this. This heated, yet respectful rivalry has come down to this match at Championship Dreams. For the IWO TV Title.

M: You can’t say Force is the underdog either.

T: Not at all. This man is focused and ready to rip apart someone.

*Force rolls into the ring and tosses his towel into the crowd. He tweaks his neck back and forth and sternly looks at the entrance ramp, waiting for DC.*

*Kenny Wayne Shephard’s ‘Blue on Black’ sounds as the arena goes black. The crowd erupts and is shocked by an enormous pyro that shoots up into the air. When the lights go back on, DC and Wilma are on the stage, along with their TV Title. Force and DC talk trash from each end before DC finally makes his way to the ring. He slaps the fans’ hands along each side of the barricade, making a circle. Finally, DC rolls into the ring and holds his title up in the face of Force.*

T: DC does not look to intimidated of Force.

M: He’s known Force long enough to know that he strives on intimidating his opponents. That is his edge..

T: Along with all his others..Force is a monster.

*The referee grabs the title from DC and Don Compass, the announcer, enters the ring. DC and Force go to opposite corners.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IWO Television Title! There is a 25 minute time limit and DC can only lose his title by pinfall or submission. Introducing the challenger, from Spokane, Washington...weighing in at 280 pounds.......Unstoppable FORCE!

*Loud boos and cheers*

C: And the champion....accompanied by Wild Wilma from Atlanta, Georgia...weighing in at 230 pounds............DC!

*Crowd roars with applause and DC raises his arms, still keeping his eyes locked on Force. The bell rings.*
M: And here we go! TV Title on the line!

*DC and Force circle each other, keeping their eyes focused on each other. Force fakes a move and DC flinches. Force chuckles and the two circle again. They get in each others’ face and continue to talk trash back and forth. They then exchange blindless punches and the crowd goes crazy.*

T: This is what we’ve been waiting for!

*Force backs DC into the ropes and gives him a knee to the stomach. DC clutches and Force knees him in the face and then gives him a slap. The crowd ‘Oooo’s’ and Force continues to mock the champion.*

M: Not showing much respect for the champ.

T: He is just trying to get into his head. Good thinking.

*Force gives DC an uppercut that gets a good reaction from the crowd. Force bounces off the opposite ropes and tries to clothesline DC, but he ducks and Force flips on his feet on the apron. DC relaxes and Force clubs him in the back of the head. Force climbs the top rope and hits a flying clothesline onto DC.*

M: Flying clothesline. Cover!

T: 1.....2...........Kickout. I almost thought he had him.

*Force chokes DC on the mat and the ref has to physically break it up. Force stares at the scared ref who runs out of the ring. Force chuckles and again starts choking DC. Force stares the ref on the outside and Wilma rolls into the ring.*

T: What’s Wilma doing? Putting herself in danger?

*Wilma gets behind Force and kicks him in the ribs, which releases the hold. The crowd pops and Force is enraged. He viciously goes after Wilma who screams and runs out of the ring. She runs towards backstage and surprisingly Force follows her. The ref re-enters the ring and starts a count!*

M: Force is on the verge of being count out!

T: Get your ass back in the ring Force!

*At 6, Force gets back into crowd view and sprints back to the ring. The crowd chants the referee count. ....8....9! Force slides into the ring just in time.*

M: And Force just makes it.

T: Imagine how mad he would’ve been if he lost...

*Force surrounds DC again and kneels down for a choke. DC pokes Force in the eyes and goes on the attack.*

M: He was playing possum!

*DC gets to his feet and gives his right hands to Force. He backs him into the corner and gives Force a dropkick. Force sits down in the corner and DC charges at him from the other corner and gives him a running knee to the chest. Cover!*

M: Kickout at 2. Only 2.

*DC grabs Force and applies a facelock. Force pushes off and DC bounces off the ropes and knocks Force with his shoulder. DC runs again and gives him a sunset flip!*

M: 1..............2..........Kickout.

*DC applies a sleeper on Force and he struggles to reach the ropes. Inch by inch he nudges, getting closer by the inch. He finally reaches the ropes and falls to his knees, gasping for breath. DC winds up and kicks Force straight into the back.*

T: Ah man! That’s gotta hurt!

M: Did you hear that?! The thud.

*DC picks up Force and connects with a Scoop Slam. He points up into the sky and climbs the top rope. He leaps but misses with the Dogcatcher Elbow!*

M: DC goes for it all in unfamiliar territory with that top rope elbow.

T: Yeah, we’re not used to seeing an old-fashioned wrestler like DC perform aerial moves. Maybe he feels he has to pull out all the stops against Force. And he might be right.

*Force stands up and DC repeatedly chops him in the chest which the crowd chants “Wooo!” after each one. He whips Force in the ropes and Force surprises him with a Spear! Cover!*

T: Kickout at 2. DC was not expecting that one.

M: Those knife-edge chops did not hold Force down very much.

*Force gets DC into the corner and misses with a clothesline. DC props Force onto the toprope and DC too begins to climb.*

T: Oh no. What’s he setting up for now?

*DC hooks Force’s arm and connects with a top-rope superplex! The ring almost falls apart!*

M: Superplex!

T: I think everyone felt that impact!

*DC barely drapes his arm over the opponent, but Force barely kicks out at 2 and a half. The crowd is stunned.*

T: Force kicked out! I don’t believe it!

M: Both men are laid out on the mat. The referee starts a count.

*1............2.....................3............. .....4................5..........DC reels up along with Force. The two exchange exhausting punches and DC starts gaining the upper hand. He whips Force into the ropes and hits an arm drag. Force bounces up and gets hit with a clothesline. Followed by a scoop slam. DC shakes the ropes and kicks Force in the gut.*

M: It looks like he is propping him up for the Bust!

*DC gets Force up but he wriggles out of the way, to the fans’ dismay. He connects with a German Suplex with a bridge! 1..................2............Kickout! Force can’t believe it.*

T: What a reversal by the big man.

*Force is frustrated and starts climbing the top rope. The fans stand up and Force points down to DC. He leaps and tries his Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope but DC dodges it!*

M: Ooooh! Force is in serious pain.

T: We’ve now hit the 23:30 mark in this match. Keep in mind that it is over in 25.

*Force struggles up and DC runs at him and tries a crossbody press onto Force but he catches him! He circles around and DC’s legs knock down the ref! But Force doesn’t see it!*

M: The ref is knocked down!

*Force hoists DC up and connects with a powerslam. He then starts doing push-ups in the ring.*

T: What the hell is he doing?

M: There’s less than a minute left to go in this match!

*Force yells at DC to get up and he does. A kick to the gut and Force lifts him up high and nails an Unstoppable Drop!*

T: We’re going to have a new champion!

M: But the ref is out cold!

*Force covers but then notices the ref is out. He shakes the hell out of him but no budge. He picks up the ref, presses him and throws him out of the ring, crashing through the announce table!*

M: The ref has been laid out right in front of us!

T: Force just threw a man 15 feet, from the ring through the announce tables!

*A group of referees run from the back to check on their colleague and Force yells at them to make the count. Finally, one runs from the back and Force goes back to the cover.*

T: We are going to have a new champ!


*A buzzer goes off through the arena as the ref is about to count 3. Force thinks he’s won the match and orders for the belt. The ref tries to convince him but to no avail. He refuses not to hold his arm up.*

Timekeeper: The outcome of this match due to the expiration of the 25 minute time limit is a draw!

M: DC is still champ! The time expired!

*The crowd erupts along with Force. He rolls out of the ring and dismantles the steps, barricade and ring apron!*

T: We aren’t safe here Marv!

*ad runs for Redemption next week *

*Troy makes his way down the ring as the challenger and is followed by Corey who wears the World Title belt with his name covered in blood on it…Troy and Corey lock up in the center of the ring..Corey takes Troy down in a headlock on the mat..Troy quickly makes his way to his feet..Pushes Corey into the ropes..And takes Corey down with an Armdrag..Corey pops up..And Troy nails another arm drag and keeps Coreys arm in an arm bar on the mat..Troy drives his elbow into Corey's face..Corey makes his way to his feet.And drives Troy back into the corner..the ref tries to break the two men..Corey nails Troy with a boot to the stomach on the break..Corey whips Troy into the ropes..Troy ducks a clothesline..Turns around,and smacks Corey in the face with a dropkick that sends Corey over the top rope.

M: This is the main event we hoped for, it could go either way

T: This is going to be a classic, both men want to prove they deserve to be the champ!

*Corey is on his feet on the outside..Troy charges and flies over the top rope and nails Corey with a senton bomb...Both men down on the outside now..Troy goes to pick Corey up..But Corey rakes Troy's eyes..Corey whips Troy back first into the barrier..He batters Corey with a series of right hands and throws Troy back into the ring..Corey nails Troy with a series of elbow drops and goes for a cover..1..2..Troy kicks out..Corey picks Troy up,goes for a Suplex..But Troy reverses it into a jackhammer!..Cover..1..2..Corey kicks out..Troy picks Corey up..Delivers a shot to Troy's gut..Bounces off the ropes,and connects with a swinging neckbreaker..Cover..1..2...Corey once again kicks out..*

M: If it keeps up we could have a new champion

*Troy picks corey up,nails him with a flurry of forearm shots..He whips Corey into the turnbuckle..charges in and nails Corey with a clothesline..Corey stumbles out of the corner..Troy like a cat goes to the top rope..He tries to connect with a flying dropkick,but Corey catches him out of mid air and drives him to the mat with a huge spinebuster..Cover..1..2..Troy barely gets his shoulder up..Corey picks Troy up..whips him into the ropes,and connects with a belly to back suplex. Coey goes over to Troy and lays in the boots to Troy's head...Corey picks Troy up and sits him on the top rope..He nails Troy with alternating right hands and chops that echo through the Arena..He goes up to the top rope..Possibly trying to deliver a superplex..But troy pushes him off..Corey lands hard back first on the mat..Troy has him in a vulnerable spot..And he pulls off a beautifully executed Blueprint!..It's over..New champion!..But wait..Troy seemed to hurt his leg on the landing..He's holding it in pain on the mat..It's really slowing him down,but he gets to the cover..1.....2...Corey gets out by a split second. *

M: That could be a problem for Troy

T: A leg injury is not something you want in a match like this Marv

*Troy is favoring his leg,as he goes to pick Corey up..Corey nails Troy in the gut..Gets up..and nails a vicious chop block to Troy's right injured leg. Troy is on the ground in pain...Corey sees an opening and starts to attack the leg of Troy..He stomps on troy's knee several times..He grabs Corey's leg and drives his elbow directly into the knee several times..Now it looks like Corey is going to try a boston crap..But Troy kicks Corey directly in the face and gets corey off of him..Corey is down on his knee with his back to Troy..Troy comes up behind Corey and goes for a german suplex..but he can't lift him up...As his knee gives out on him..Troy is back on the mat..And Corey tries,and is succesfful this time locking in the boston crab.. *


M: It could be all for Troy, he might have to tap out

*Troy is in pain on the mat..Corey has the Boston crab sinched in really tight..Troy raises his right hand..looks like he might tap..But he makes a desperate grab at the ropes..And gets there!..But Corey pulls Troy back off of the ropes..Troy is desperate to break this hold..He reaches back and is able to grab Coreys foot,which trips Corey up and breaks the hold..Troy and Corey get up at the same time..Troy can barely walk..Core goes for a right hand..but Troy blocks it and nails one of his own..Troy whips corey inot the ropes..And catches him with a quick powerslam..Corey gets up and goes for a clothesline..but Troy ducks..And connects with 1 suplex..then another...then one more!..the three amigos!..Troy is hobbling but he has a head of steam..Corey makes it to his feet..Troy comes up behind him and nails a backcracker!..Cover..1..2....Corey just kicks out.. *

M: We are witnessing two of the best in our sport right here Tater

T: You got that right Marv!

*Troy picks Corey up..It looks like it's time..Troy goes for the Trendsetter..but corey escapes through the back..Picks up Troy,and connects with a huge backbreaker...Both men are down..First one to their feet has a big time advantage...That man is Corey..Troy gets up..turns around..Corey picks Troy up..And Nails the duality driver!..this one has to be over...cover...1....2....Troy got his foot on the rope!..Corey is in shock..Corey picks Troy up...He goes for another dualtiy driver,but Troy reverses.. *

T: Trendsetter Trendsetter!..Troy connects!..

ML Corey is out..The crowd is in a frenzy..Troy is crawling..inching his way over to Corey...He gets his arm over Corey...

*The crowd counts with the ref..1....2.........Corey kicked out! *

T: no way!..

*The crowd cant believe it and neither can Troy...Troy can barely walk..He slowly makes his way onto the apron and on the top rope..His knee looks to really bg hurting him..And because of that..Corey is almost to his feet..Troy positions himself on the top rope..But Corey catches him...Corey goes up to the top..Nails Troy with what looked to be a low blow...He has Troy on his shoulders..

T: No way..Surely not

M: Yes it is Tater, A Duality Driver from the top rope!!!...Cover..1..2....3!..Corey retains in an epic battle..

T: What a matchup and Corey has definitely proved he should be the champ

M: I got a feeling that this one isn’t over with yet Tater

T: you’re probally right Marv

M: Well folks that’s all for Championship Dreams we will see you next week at the IWO arena for Redemption, have a good night!

*end PPV*
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Two fucking badass title matches...Great job One and Troy.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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Great fuckin' matches DC, One.

Loved the main event, even though it didn't go in my favor.

Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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Great show guys.

Keep it up
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Yeah top shit time to get the Judge out of tag team action me thinks *schemes evily*

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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any feedback you guys have is always welcome, thanks to troy for the banners and the TV title match, and One for writing the main event.
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Fucking awesome show guys. It amazes me that people can do this stuff to the level of which you do it.

<a href=""><img src="" width="235" height="149" border="0" /></a>
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