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Turmoil in Texas Aug. 23, 2006
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Default Turmoil in Texas Aug. 23, 2006

*shots of the alamo and downtown San Antonio are shown and then we go live to a crowd shot as fireworks kick off the show*

M: good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first IWO roadshow, Turmoil in Texas...I'm Marv Rome along side Tater Inberg and we are here in San Antonio, Texas as the IWO goes on the road for what is to be a great show tonight, tater...

T: That's right Marv, 8 matches tonight including a Texas Death Cage Match between the World Champion Corey Taylor and Demon Alexander...It's going to be a hell of a fight..

M: Well here comes Johnny Blade a relative newcomer to the IWO and tonight he will face 4 men in a battle royal match and we get ready to kick Turmoil in Texas off right...

T: Marv, it looks like Blade has a light tube and a chair with him

M: Indeed he does Tater, wonder why?

*Blade gets in the ring as the song "If you want to eat my Curry" comes on...*

T: What the hell is that

M: Well here comes the newest tag team in the IWO, the Spice Boys..Curry Muncher and Gel Mibson have decided to team up after their match last week...

T: But Marv there are no partners in a battle royal!

*Blade watches as Mibson stubbles around the ring...Curry gets in and Blade nails him with the light tube...*

M: Did you see that tube break in half and Muncher is on the ground...

*Mibson rolls in the ring and is met with a steel chair to his head...Mr. Oldschool comes running down the aisle with Ervin behind him..Oldschool runs in the ring and suffers a chair shot to the head as well...*

M: Looks like Blade is going hardcore..

T: He has taken out three men but here comes The Primate down the aisle

*Primate casual walks down the aisle and slowly climbs in the ring...both Blade and Primate look at each other...Curry gets up and Blade nails him with the chair...Primate looks at Blade as both men pick up a Spice boy and throw them over the top rope...*

M: Both Spice Boys are eliminated..

T: Guess Primate and Blade like their food plain

*Primate backs up as Blade picks up Oldschool, he then tosses Oldschool over the ropes..Primate charges at Blade but Blade ducks a clothesline..Blade attempts a dropkick but Primate holds on to the ropes..*

M: Smart move by the Primate

*Primate picks Blade up and nails him with a right hand..he tosses him into the corner and charges again..Blade moves but Primate catches himself...Primate turns around and is rocked by a hard right hand..blade irish whips Primate into the other corner, and runs at him, but Primate comes out of the corner and nails a spear..*

T: SPEAR!!!!

*Primate picks up blade and hits him with a snap suplex...he then shows his strength by Picking Blade up over his head in a slam position..*

M: Looks like Primate is going to press slam Blade over the ropes and win this thing..

*Primate gets near the ropes, but Blade somehow manages to escape over Primate's back he dropkicks the big man over the top rope, and Primate goes to the floor..holding on to the middle rope...*

T: Blade wins, he has elminated Primate

*Blade is going crazy in the ring and runs to the other side and stands on the bottom rope pointing at the fans who are booing loudly...*

M: Wait Tater, Primate is getting back in the ring..

*Primate slides back in and runs to the other side, he hits Blade sending him over the top rope and crashing to the outside...the bell rings..*

T: What just happen Marv?

M: It looks like the ref is saying Primate wins the match...let's look at the replay

*a replay is shown and shows that only one foot of Primate's touched the floor...*

M: there you go only one foot touched, and the rules say that both feet must touch the ground in order for you to be eliminated

T: Looks like Primate outsmarted Blade this time

*Primate celebrates as the fans cheer for him*

*break as an ad is shown for Championship dreams*


C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit for the IWO Television Title! Introducing first...

*’Dirty Window’ by Metallica plays and Judge paces down the ramp, high fiving with fans before he rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle.*

C: From New York City, weighing in at 320 pounds.......JUDGE!

T: Week after week, Judge has tried to take the New Blood down and failed.

M: Yes, he realized he cannot take the New Blood by himself and has focused on the Television Title.

*Kenny Wayne Shephard’s ‘Blue and Black’ blasts and the majority of the fans stand on their feet. Accompanied by Wild Wilma comes DC, with his TV title straddled around his waist. He yells something at Judge and points to the title before walking down to the ring.*

C: And the champion..from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 230 pounds....DC!

*DC runs into the ring and both men go at it with punches. Neither get the upperhand until Judge backs him into the corner and knees him in the ribs. He gives lefts and rights before DC turns it around and gets in his series of punches. They alternate switching off before Judge whips DC into the ropes. Judge charges and hits DC with a flying knee into a bulldog.*

M: Judge gains the upperhand.

T: Cover! 1...2....Kickout.

M: Judge needs to continue to use his power advantage over DC.

*Judge stomps on DC and picks up DC for a snap suplex. Another cover!*

M: Kickout at 2.

T: Another cover!

M: Another kickout.

T: That technique never works, much less on DC.

*Judge grinds on DC’s face and the referee tells him to let go. He picks up DC and gives him more knees to his ribs before whipping him into the ropes. Judge misses with a clothesline and gets hit with one from DC. DC springs up and gives his own elbows to Judge’s sternum. DC applies a chinlock but Judge squirms to the ropes.*

T: Looks like this match is deadlocked.

*DC signals for a DDT but Judge elbows himself out. Judge tries a DDT but DC reverses it the same way. They both bounce off the ropes and knock each other out with flying clotheslines. Both men are out and the referee starts a 10 count. Both men get up at 7 and exchange exhausting right punches. Judge rakes DC in the eyes and gives another knee to his ribs. He sets up DC into a Torture Rack!*

M: He’s got the Excruciator locked in tight!

*DC wriggles out and tries to lock in the Putdown! Judge elbows DC’s head and DC lets go. Judge grabs DC’s head into a reverse facelock position and gets ready to do the Final Sentence!
DC elbows his way out once again and picks Judge up on his shoulders!*

M: He’s got him set up for...

T: The Bust!

*DC spins in a full circle and lands his Death Valley Driver with tremendous impact.*

M: Here’s the cover! 1....2...................3!

T: DC retains!

M: It wasn’t easy.

C: The winner and still IWO TV Champion...DC!

*DC rolls out of the ring nonchalantly and brushes his shoulders off. He and Wilma celebrate on the entrance ramp with his title at hand. Judge looks from afar and points to DC’s title.*

M: How did he do it? It looked like Judge had total control of this match.

T: One hit with the Bust and you’re out for good. Enough said.


*Gene Smith is shown in his office with his new assistant...he looks at the female in a pissed off look*

Smith: Look I need you to find out everything you can about this Alli Sabbah go now and bring me what you find!

*Smith looks at the Equalizer*

Smith: I don't care who the board of directors hire, I'm still in charge of that ring, and I promise you no salesman is going to out do me...This is my show dammit...Damn Alli Sabbah!


M: Looks like Smith has had enough of the antics of Alli Sabbah

T: Well get ready for more of them Marv, because this next match is a triple threat match featuring Sabbah, Crusher and Joe the Schmo...

*Schmo is already in the ring as Crusher comes down the aisle...both men stare each other down as Alli Sabbah comes out to Moutain Song...*

T: Wonder what is in the bag

M: With Sabbah you never know...

*Sabbah gets in the ring just long enough for the bell to be rung...he then steps back out of the ring..Schmo looks at him and is attacked from behind by Crusher..*

T: wonder if sabbah knows that to win the match you have to be in the ring?

*Sabbah is trying to peddle goods to the fans at ringside...meanwhile the ref is yelling for him to get back in the ring...Crusher continues to pummel Joe...Joe blocks a punch and nails one of his own...Joe tries to whip Crusher into the corner but Crusher stops him and sends Joe the other way...Joe stops himself from hitting the ref, but Crusher comes in and nails both of them with a splash in the corner..he then hits a german suplex on Schmo*

M: The ref is down!

T: I think Crusher did that on purpose Marv!

*Crusher is up and waiting for Joe...meanwhile Sabbah has pulled a Salami out of his bag and rolled in the ring...he taps Crusher on the shoudler and nails him in the head with the salami*


M: he can't do that

T: he just did

*Sabbah picks Crusher up and tosses him to the outside..Joe is getting to his feet but is nailed by Sabbah with the salami*

M: It must be loaded with something

T: Protein maybe?

*Joe is out and Sabbah puts the salami back into his bag..he gets the ref up, then goes for the cover hooking joe's legs and pretending that joe is trying to kick out*

M: Oh come on, the man is out cold

*1....2....3..Sabbah rolls off of Joe and picks up his bag, he bows to the crowd and rolls out of the ring and heads up the aisle still trying to sell something to the crowd...*

M: What a bunch of nonsense

T: Well what more can you expect from a salesman, Marv!



*’Deadly Game’ plays to enormous boos from the Texas crowd as the Highlight walks out to his gold pyro. He smugly looks off into the crowd and begins walking to the ring.*

C: The following contest is a falls count anywhere match scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Santa Ana, California...weighing in at 230 pounds....HIGHLIGHT!

*’Not Falling’ by Mudvayne plays and Josh comes out to a nice ovation. He salutes the welcoming crowd and makes his way to the ring as well.*

C: And his opponent....from Vancouver...weighing in at 200 pounds...Josh!

*Josh rolls into the ring and is met by Highlight in the middle of the ring. They spit words to each other before Highlight lays a clean slap across Josh’s face. Josh turns away chuckling and then charges at the unsuspecting Highlight. He lays heavy rights on Highlight until he rolls out of the ring. Josh chases him until he rolls back into the ring and takes advantage. He whips Josh into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Highlight runs up the top turnbuckle to everyone’s surprise.*

M: Looks like he is trying to finish this match early!

T: He’s going for the End of Time!

*Highlight attempts his Swanton Bomb but misses badly. Josh springs up and locks in a quick Fire Mission! Highlight squirms and just reaches the ropes, breaking the hold. Highlight runs out of the ring to the humor of the crowd and Josh follows him.*

T: What a chickenshit!

M: Did you just say chickenshit?

*Highlight reaches the entrance stage and waves goodbye to a confused Josh. Judge comes out of nowhere and levels Highlight with a chair. He is busted open and Judge goes back to the back.
Josh goes for the pin and at two, Judge comes back out and breaks the pin. Josh stands up and confronts Judge face to face. Judge tells Josh to relax and tells him he has a plan. Highlight reels up and Judge clubs him with another chairshot. Judge runs to the back and Josh stands there confused.*

M: What in the hell is the plan?

*Moments later, Judge comes out with a table and points up at the top of the titantron and tells Josh to climb. The crowd pops loudly and Josh starts climbing. Judge rolls Highlight onto the propped table and Josh finally reaches the peak of about 30 feet. He salutes to the crowd and leaps off the screen, splashing onto Highlight and through the table!*



*Josh’s arm rests over Highlight and the referee counts 1....2................3!*

M: Josh wins!

C: The winner of this match......JOSH!

*Judge picks up his friend and carries him to the back as EMTs rush to a broken Highlight. The crowd continues to chant Holy Shit.*


*EMTs continue put highlight on a stretcher as the crowd claps at him, some people boo*

M: What a match Tater

T: yes, Marv it was definitely one worth watching let's see a replay of Josh jumping off the screen again

*replays are shown of josh leaping off the video screen*


*backstage Josh is in the trainer's room getting looked at as Judge is congratulating him...DC walks in with wilma clapping...Judge confronts him*

Judge: what the hell do you want?

DC: easy big man, I already took care of you once, don't make it twice in one night...look i'm here to give props to your partner on a great match..I mean it takes one crazy mofo to jump off a video screen...

Josh: Thanks i guess...

DC: Oh and one more thing, after your performance this week, Gene Smith has granted my request to defend the TV title against you next week at make sure you rest up!

Judge: Don't worry he will be ready for next week, and the gold is going where it belongs to the Enforcers...

DC: Keep on dreaming Judge, keep on dreaming..

*DC turns to walk out as Judge stares at him..Wilma kicks Judge in the balls and he slumps to the ground*

DC: (laughing)...oh i bet that had to hurt...hey josh this is future buddy, just keep that in mind...come on Wilma

*DC and Wilma walk out of the room laughing as Judge holds his crotch cussing..Josh asks him if he is alright as he stares out the door*


M: Let's get back on track with this next match...and here comes tiger to boos?

*The crowd in texas boos loudly at Tiger*

T: I think this texas crowd hates LSU Marv!

*Tiger looks stunned then continues to the ring...he gets in and waves the LSU flag to boos...*

M: And here comes his opponent

*Force comes out to an unexpected cheering crowd...he walks down the aisle and gets in the ring...Force and Tiger lock up in the middle of ring..Force drives Tiger into the corner..The ref tries to get a break..And force slaps Tiger on the break..Tiger is infuriated and attacks Force with right hands..Tiger whips Force into ropes..Goes for a dropkick,but force holds on to the rope,and Tiger hits the mat hard..Force picks tiger up and throws him into the corner..He nails him with shoulderblocks to the gut..And then delivers a belly to belly suplex..Cover..1..2..Tiger kicks out..Tiger sits up and Force delivers vicious crossface shots to Tiger..He picks Tiger up,,Goes for a suplex..Tiger reverses it,picks force up and drops him stomach first on the top rope..Force is hanging there..Tiger goes to the top rope..And nails a legdrop on Force that sends him flying out of the ring..

M: the crowd not liking that move

T: They are really giving it to Tiger Marv!

*Tiger goes outside to get Force..And whips him back first into the barricade..He pummels Force with a series of right hands..But out of nowhere Force explodes and drives Tiger back first into the ring post..Force grabs Tiger and throws him back into the ring..Tiger trips force up with a drop toe hold,into an STF...Tiger wrenches back on Forces neck..Force is nowhere near the ropes..Force tries to spin out of the STF,but Tiger keeps it locked on..Force is reaching for Tigers face..And is able to elbow him in the temple,breaking the hold.*

M: A good counter by Force

T: He has to get back in control if he wants to win Marv

*Tiger picks Force up and whips him into the corner..He batters Force with knife Edge chops..Force grabs Tiger by the throat..and nails him with chops of his own..He whips Tiger into the opposite turnbuckle and tries to follow up with a clothesline,but tiger moves and force goes shoulder first into the ring post..Tiger gets up behind Force and rolls him up..1..2..Force kicks out..Tiger quickly sees his advantage and locks an armbar on Force,going after that shoulder..*

M: Tiger is keeping a grip on this matchup

T: Force better do something or else his undefeated streak may be over

*Force is in pain on the mat..He eventually struggles to his feet..Tiger trying to keep the armbar applied..Force grabs both of Tigers arms..And pics tiger up over his head,and nails a press slam..He runs Tiger over with a clothesline..Followed up by another..Tiger gets up and goes for a right hand..Force ducks,and drops tiger with a DDT. Both men are down,Force favoring his shoulder..He gets to Tiger and makes the cover..1..2...Tiger kicks out..Force grabs Tigers legs..Force smiles slyly..And locks on the Sharpshooter to Tiger..He wrenches back on Tigers legs..The crowd is on their feet..Tiger is struggiling to get to the ropes..He takes one final attempt,and barely grabs the ropes..Force is refusing to break the hold..he finally does and begins an arguement with the ref..*

M: come on let him do his job

T: force is upset Marv, and he should be

*Force is trying to get the Ref to see thing his way..Meanwhile Tiger is back up to his feet..He grabs Force and turns him around..And locks on the claw..Force is fading away..He's almost out on his feet..He grabs the ropes..But Tiger kicks His hands off of them..Force in an act of desperation kicks what looks like it could of been a low blow..The ref says it was clean however..Force gets a rush of Adrenaline and nails Tiger with rights and lefts in the corner..He puts Tiger on the top rope..And nails a huge Spike DDT..The cover..1..2..Tiger kicks out..Force can't believe it..Force is calling for the Unstoppable Drop..Tiger gets up..Force has Tiger in position..But Tiger gets out of Force's grasp..Tiger goes for the claw..But Force grabs his arm..and picks him up..and connects with the Unstoppable drop..Cover..1...2...3..Force picks up the victory..*

M: What a move

T: he showed his veteran status by countering and picking up the win...

*Force walks up the aisle*



*’Le Cirque Reinvente’ plays and chants of ‘MWO’ and ‘Mime Time’ already begin as Mr. Wiggles, Biggles, Tiggles, Squiggles and Giggles all pull their invisible rope leading to the ring.*

C: The following contest is a 5 on 3 elimination match. All of the members of the opposing team must be eliminated for the team to win. Introducing first...the Mime World Order......the mWo!!!

T: Well, the ‘circus sideshow’ is on their way to the ring and the fans love them and all...but do you think the New Blood has a point? They can’t wrestle?

M: That remains to be seen.

*Papa Roach’s ‘Blood Brothers’ plays to loud boos from the Texas crowd. A huge pyro goes off and Troy, Jason, Crazyskill and Stacy make their way out to taunts from the crowd. They brush it off with smirks and strut to the ring, where they do their trademark pose.*

C: And their a combined weight of 615 pounds! They are Troy, Jason and Crazyskill....the NEW BLOOD!

*The 5 members of the mWo and the 3 of the New Blood meet in the middle of the ring. NB talk trash to the mimes who obviously do not respond. The New Blood asks them to have a free shot at each of them which the mWo accepts. The mimes shake hands and Biggles fingerpokes Troy, Wiggles attempts to lift Skill for an airplane spin, and Tiggles gives a judo chop to Jason.*


M: Heh heh, entertaining I guess.

*These “moves” have no avail and the New Blood give a confused look at each other. They grab the 3 mimes’ heads and slam them together. Giggles and Squiggles climb onto Skill and Troy’s back but the 2 real wrestlers flip them over onto the mat. The New Blood comically make their own invisible rope chain and taunt around the ring. Troy, Skill, and Jason then grab each of their own mimes and perform their respective finishers on each. Trendsetter, Crazy Skeel and a JKO. All cover and Biggles and Wiggles get pinned 1...2....3.*

T: Good bye to two Iggles. Marv, how am I supposed to remember their names?

M: Oh it’s easy..Uh...

*Before Tiggles gets pinned for the 3 from Jason, Giggles dives and breaks the cover. Troy and Skill surround Giggles but Jason yells at them to stop. He tells him that he wants to do it on his own and tells them to go away. Out of nowhere, Squiggles hits a low blow on Jason and he, Giggles, and Tiggles stack on top of each other onto Jason for the pin! The crowd goes nuts!*

M: OH MY GOD! Jason gets pinned!
T: Unique strategy! Dog piling onto Jason so he couldn’t kick out.

*Jason tirades and brawls with Squiggles until the referee tells him to get the hell out. He then throws a tantrum out of the ring. Back in the ring, Troy and Skill have a chuckle before surrounding the remaining mWo. Skill holds Tiggles and Troy sets up for his 23 superkick. He purposely misses, kicking higher than Tiggles’ height and pretends to be confused. Skill then slams him backfirst onto the mat. Cover! 1......2.......3!*

M: What an asshole Troy is.

T: HAHA That was great! He missed him because he kicked too high!

M: It was a joke. Troy is an asshole.

*The 2 remaining mWo members and 2 remaining New Blood members meet in the middle of the ring like before the match. Troy and Skill smugly extend their arms for a handshake but Tiggles and Giggles do not buy it, and slap both New Blood members to the canvas. The crowd goes nuts and the mimes do a mime-ish taunt. They squeeze Troy and Skill’s testicles to a louder pop from the crowd. Troy and Skill squirm away and Stacy tries to relieve them. They do a rope pull to the turnbuckles and taunt more to the crowd. The New Blood gets back up and attacks the mimes from the top rope. They both climb; Troy hits the Trendsetter from the top rope and Skill hits his Crazy Skeel from the top rope!*

M: A Trendsetter from the top rope onto Tiggles!

T: And a Crazy Skeel from the top! Giggles must be broken in half!

*Troy covers Tiggles for the 1....2....3 and Skill goes to do the same. At the count of 2, Troy interrupts the count to the crowd’s delight.*

T: What the hell did he do that for?

M: Crazyskill looks as confused as we are.

*Troy reasons something with Skill and both laugh. Troy grabs the last mime, Giggles, over his shoulders and climb the top rope.*


*Troy brushes off his hands and leads the way for Crazyskill. Crazyskill surrounds Giggles and locks in his Crippler Crossface!*

M: Crossface! Crossface locked in!

*Giggles almost instantly taps but Crazyskill holds onto it. He finally lets go to the relief of the crowd. Troy and Skill kick Giggles out of the ring and smugly raise their arms in victory.*

C: And the winners of the match....: The New Blood!

*Stacy celebrates with the two guys into the ring and try to call out Jason from backstage. He peeks out and gives a sarcastic applause before heading back to the locker room. They look on confused and then do their New Blood pose before heading up the ramp too...*

*ad runs for next week's Redemption*


*a cage is lowered in the Demon Alexander comes down the aisle..he gets in the ring...*

M: this match is going to be a Texas Death Cage Match

T: That's right the only way to win is to knock your opponent out inside the cage and have the ref count to 10...

*Corey comes out to a loud boo as the champ goes down the aisle...he climbs inside the cage...Corey and Demon meet in the center of the ring,and lock up..Corey locks in a side headlock on Demon,But Demon trips Corey up and locks in a headlock of his own on the mat..Both men quickly up..Corey breaks Demons grip with an elbow to the stomach..Corey goes for a DDT..But Demon drives Corey back first into the steel cage. Demon stomps Corey on the mat..Demon picks Corey up,and tries to ram his head into the cage,But Corey blocks the attempt,and instead rams Demons face head first into the cage. Demon is on the mat and bleeding badly..Like a shark Corey delivers right hands to Demons open wound..*

M: Demon is bleeding a lot, he is seeing first hand what it is like to be in the ring with the Champ

T: Corey is doing what he does best Marv, hurt people!

*Corey picks Demon up and takes him to the side of the cage,raking his head against the steel. Corey takes Demon to the corner and puts him up on the top rope..He climbs up to the top rope and holds on to the top of the cage,delivering boots to Demon's bleeding skull..Demon catches Corey's foot on one attempted kick,and sends Corey to the canvas..Demon settles himself on the top rope...and nails an elbow drop right onto Corey's throat. Demon picks Corey up,whips him into the ropes,and gives Corey a back body drop that sends him into the cage back first. Corey is now on the other side of the ropes..And Demon takes his boot and pushes Coreys head into the cage..*

M: a role reversal Tater

T: Demon needs to capitalize and keep the punishment coming

*Corey tries to suplex demon back into the ring..But demon escapes and lands behind Corey..Demon goes to whip Corey into the ropes,..But demon reverses..He puts Corey up on his shoulder..And drives Corey's head into the cage like a javeline..Multiple times. Corey is now lying on the mat and bleeding badly...Demon takes it to Corey,driving his boot into Coreys wound..He bounces off the rope,and connects with a kneedrop right on the top of Coreys head. Corey is down on the mat..The ref begins his count..1...2..3...4...5...6..Corey gets up to his feet..Demon tries to spear Corey but Corey moves,sending demon through the 2nd rope and face first into the cage.. Demon is out and the ref begins his count..1..2...3..4..Corey picks Demon up..Corey sets him up for a powerbomb..But drops backwards,dropping Demons neck onto the top rope. Demon is reaching for his throat for air..And Corey sees this and chokes him.*

M: He is trying to cut off the oxygen

T: If he makes him lose his breath enough, Corey can pick up the win

*Corey picks Demon up..And connects with the Vertebreaker!..Demon is out on the mat,the ref begins his count..1...2...3....4..5....6...7...8..Demon struggles to his feet. Corey is there to meet him with right hands and shots to the gut..Corey whips Demon into the ropes,Demon ducks a right hand by Corey,and comes back,nailing Corey with a huge flying clothesline. Demon goes over to Corey and pics him up,he takes Coreys head and slams it into the cage one time after another..Blood is everywhere,on the mat and on the cage..Demon locks Corey up in his grasps,and nails a belly to back suplex,sending Corey upside and back first into the cage..Corey is again on the other side of the ropes..Demon charges,and nails a huge flying dropkick,sending Corey back first hard into the cage. Corey's back is now bleeding and is torn up..Demon Drags corey back through the ropes,and delivers hard elbows to Corey's bleeding back. He picks Corey up..and nails the Damnation!..Corey hit hard on his bleeding back. Corey is down and the ref starts his count..1..2...3...4...5...6...7....8..Corey barely gets to his feet.*

M: It was almost over, Demon had the match won

T: Yeah but Corey is tough, you have to do more than that to take out the champ!

*Demon goes over to Corey,but Corey fires back with right hands...He whips Demon into the ropes..Catches him,and drops him backwards,head first into the cage. He picks Demon up..and sets him up on the top rope..both me are now on top. Corey slams the back of Demons head into the cage..Then connects with his top rope DDT..Both men are down..The ref is counting..1..2...3...4...Corey gets up..5...6..7..8...9..Demon uses the ropes and barely gets up to his feet..Corey has Demon in the corner..wait..Here comes the New Blood!..*

M: What the hell are they doing?

*The New Blood has wire cutters and cut the lock off the cage..the members enter with steel chairs and begin to pummel both competitors*

M: come on!

T: Looks like the New Blood wants to make an impact!

*Both Corey and Demon are down as all three members of the New Blood continue to beat them with chairs...Crazyskill picks up Demon and places a chair on the ground...Jason runs over and nails the JKO onto the chair...*


M: this has got to stop they don't need to be out here...

*Troy pummels Corey with the chair as Crazyskill climbs up to the top turnbuckle...he jumps and hits the Crazyskeel on Demon*


M: This is ridiculous, get them out of here...

*Troy then motions for the other two to pick up Corey...they hold him as Troy slaps him in the face...he then grabs Corey and hits the Trendsetter...*


M: Don't even say it Tater

T: but Marv, it's the New Blood, you know i'm there biggest fan

*Troy laughs in the ring, as looks at Skill and Jason...they each stand on top of Corey and Demon and raise their arms in triumph as this match ends in a no contest...*

M: I'm sure Corey and Demon will have something to say next week at Redemption, fans thanks for watching and we'll see you back at the IWO Arena!

*the show ends with the New Blood posing*

*end show*


thanks to Troy and One for writing some of the matches...and troy for the turmoil banner

remember if you liked the show rep your writers and stuff
looking for my sig? look harder!
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