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Redemption week 2 Aug. 16
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Default Redemption week 2 Aug. 16

Fireworks go off as Redemption begins

*Chatter among the crowd is the only sound heard as Mr. Oldschool and his manager Eloquent Ervin walk down to the ring. Once the fans see him walking down the ring, they begin to boo. He enters the ring in generic fashion and wait on for their opponent.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring with Eloquent Ervin...weighing in at 220 pounds.....Mr. OLDSCHOOL!

T: This guy is about as dull as a pair of jeans.

M: Well, he is old school.

T: Yeah, and you would think school would make him a little bit more outgoing.

*Savatage’s ‘Hall of a Mountain King’ breaks the silence and Demon Alexander does his crucifixion taunt before heading to the ring.*

C: And his opponent, from the Cathedral...weighing in at 240 pounds...Demon ALEXANDER!

M: Demon will be a man on a mission after suffering a loss to Troy last week. Now Troy is the number one contender for the IWO World Title.

*Demon enters the ring as Oldschool and Ervin look on. Demon talks off his coat and throws it at Ervin, which knocks him off the apron. Oldschool extends his arm out for a handshake and Demon looks at Ervin’s hand.. Ervin pulls back and pokes Demon in the eyes. The crowd laughs as Demon becomes enraged. He charges at Oldschool who trips him and applies a chinlock. Demon rises to his feet and throws him to the ropes. Demon charges and hits a running big boot which knocks Oldschool out of the ring.*

M: A vicious Big Boot.

T: He isn’t the kind of guy to fool around with.

*Ervin tries to help his man up but Demon exits the ring. Ervin shrieks and lets his man go, running away. Demon grabs Oldschool and whips him into the steel steps! He then presses Oldschool over his head and throws him in the ring! As Demon tries to get back into the ring, Ervin grabs his leg and holds on tight. Demon shakes him and punches him in the face. Demon makes his way back into the ring but Oldschool stomps on him. He slaps Demon in the face and gives him a bodyslam. Cover!*

T: 1....2...Kickout. Not yet.

*Oldschool then gives Demon an arm drag and climbs up to the 2nd rope. He tries a fist drop but Demon moves out of the way. Oldschool’s arm crashes onto the mat and Demon begins stomping on his arm.*

M: He misses with the fist drop.

T: And Demon has targeted that arm.

*Demon applies an armbar and wrenches hard. Oldschool rives in pain and throws Demon against the ropes. Oldschool tries a clothesline which affects his arm and Demon hits his own clothesline. He sets up for his Demon’s Dance but Oldschool wriggles out of the Full-Nelson position. He goes around him and nudges Demon to the ropes and gets him into a jacknife pin! 1.....2.........Not yet!*

M: Nice escape from Oldschool.

*Oldschool then climbs the top rope but Demon follows him up there. Demon tries to superplex him but Oldschool holds on and gives Demon a bodyslam from the top rope! Oldschool carefully climbs down and goes for the cover!*

M: Pin! 1........2..................Thr-No! Not yet!

T: I thought he had him for sure on that one.

*Oldschool waits for Demon to get up hoists him up for an Airplane Spin. Demon floats over his shoulders and kicks him in the gut. He then picks him up in the body slam position and crashes Oldschool’s shoulder onto his knee!*

T: He hit him with it! The Purifier!

M: That shoulderbreaker will just rip your arm in two!

T: He gets him for the pin!

M: 1............2...................3, Demon pulls out another one.

T: Oldschool should not have waited for Demon to get up. He should have kept his attack going.

M: Well, Ervin and Mr. Oldschool will have a week to think about this loss.

*Demon gives a grim look to Ervin and snickers away. Ervin cautiously enters the ring still looking at Demon. Demon does his crucifixion taunt and heads backstage...*

* commercial break *


* The MWO makes it way to ringside as Giggles and the crew head to the ring doing their usual mimicry…Crazyskill is introduced next and comes down to the ring to a mixture of boos and cheers…finally The Josh is announced to a huge ovation..he makes his way down to the ring…The ref turns to the MWO and makes the decision to ban all of the other mimes and sends them to the back to much disapproval… *

M: The ref just sent the mimes to the back Tater

T: Well Marv, it looks like this is going to be one on one..on one.

* Mountain song plays as the Titantron comes to life with Alli Sabbah sitting on plush cushions being served wine by beautiful women.

"Ah hello there my friends I have been gone for so long. Yet I your friendly merchant has returned once again"

He sips his wine and continues.

"Ah a wonderful vintage. When I was here before there was comraderie and friendship all around. I would take the young ones under my wing and teach them the ropes as a father would his children. However I am disturbed by the lack of compassion shown by a certain group."

He tosses his glass and a little guy in a jesters suit catches it draining the rest in one gulp.

"The so called New Blood. You are trying to carve a path through the IWO however you failed to think of all the possibilities. Instead of using your powers for good as I would you are nothing but a crass group of bullies."

"I made my return for one reason and that is to assist those who fight for right in eliminating the evil that is you. Josh,Judge and the mWo you have my full support and the benefit of my resources. All you have to do is.......


*all three men look at each other, then they all get in the ring… *

M: Strange, why is Sabbah against the New Blood?

T: Maybe he wants to be popular like them

* Josh and Crazy stare each other down..With Giggles in the corner entertaining the fans..All of a sudden Josh and Crazy smile at each other and explode on Giggles..Knocking him over the top rope and out of the ring..Then Josh grabs Crazy and gives him a headbutt..Josh whips Crazy into the ropes..Crazy nails Josh with a flying paced early match..Crazy puts Josh against the ropes,and batters his chest with knife edge chops..He whips Crazy whips Josh into the ropes..Josh nails a sunset flip into a rollup..cover..1..2..Giggles gets up on the apron and kicks Josh directly in the head,breaking up the count. *

M: Well good to see Giggles do something besides stand there

*Giggles is in the ring now..Crazy stumbles into the corner..Giggles pummels him with a kicks to the stomach..and a big spin kick to the face..Crazy is out on his feet..Giggles does a little routine...and tries to nail crazy with a superkick..Crazy ducks..And Giggles has a very hard landing on the top rope..Josh sneaks up behind crazy..And nails him with a backwards ddt..He goes to the top ..Giggles is still stradled on the top rope..And nails giggles with a flying dropkick that sends both men to the floor..Josh picks Giggles up..Crazy dives through the second rope and nails both men with a suicide dive!..All 3 men out on the floor... *


M: All three men are out…who is going to get up first?

* Crazy is first to his feet..He goes to whip Giggles into the steel steps,But Giggles reverses and sends Crazy shoulder first into the steel..Josh is up,and grabs Giggles and throws him into the ring..Josh slides in and quickly nails a brutal brainbuster to Giggles..cover..1...2..Giggles is able to kick out..Josh picks Crazy up..And goes for the call of fire!..he has him hooked..But Giggles drops to his knees and rolls Josh up..1..2...Crazy jumps in and makes the save.. *

M: Crazy just saved the match

T: Yeah I thought Josh was a goner

* Josh gets up and goes for a clothesline,But Crazy ducks,and nails Josh with a huge backcracker..Cover..1..2..This time it's giggles who makes the save..Giggles Picks crazy up..And drops Crazy's face right on his knee..Giggles takes his knee and rubs Crazy's face into the canvas..Giggles goes up to the top rope..But Josh falls against the ropes causing Giggles to have another bad landing..Josh goes up to the top..And has Giggles locked up for a superplex..But now Crazy is up..He goes under Josh and has him in position for a powerbomb..Here we go..OH..Big time impact as we just saw a superplex and a powerbomb at the same time!..Crazy has the advantage..He's hurt though..And slowly gets to Josh to make the cover...1....2....Josh barely kicks out.. *

M: Just needs to get a breather if he wants to survive this matchup

* Crazy sees giggles getting up and charges at him..But giggles back body drops Crazy over the top rope and to the floor..Josh gets up..Giggles nails him with a right..and another right..and another right..And does a little dance before dropping him with a final right hand..Cover..1..2..Josh kicks out..Giggles picks Josh up..and whips him into the ropes..He nails Josh with a flying dropkick..another cover..1...2..Josh once again gets his shoulder up..Giggles is taunting Josh has josh makes it to his feet...Giggles picks Josh up and goes for a vertical suplex..But Josh gets out of it..Locks Giggles up and nails the call of Fire!.. *


M: This could be all folks

* Crazy is perched on the top rope..And nails Josh with a missile dropkick that sends Josh out of the ring..Crazy covers Giggles..1..2...3....Crazy gets the win. *

M: Crazy steals the victory Tater

T: Great strategy, he made Josh beat Giggles and then nailed josh to cover Giggles..what a match!


* backstage Jason is seen watching DC’s promo from earlier…Troy walks in the room and says hi to stacy before asking Jason about how he feels tonight *

Jason: how do I feel? That damned Dogcatcher just tried to make me look like a wuss…He thinks I can’t win without you guys

Troy: Jason, my man, calm down…He’s just trying to get in your head, and doing a good job I can see.

Jason: no Troy, he’s right, Lately all I have done is tag with Skill and beat up on those losers Josh and guys get singles get to beat people by yourselves..

Troy: bro, easy…don’t worry about DC tonight, we will go out there and..

Jason…No! Tonight, it’s me and Stacy…not you, not skill…Me, Jason, tonight I prove to DC, I prove to you guys, and I prove to the world that Jason can get the job done by himself..Tonight I become the TV Champion, and I do it on my own…Come on Stacy…

* Jason walks out of the lockerroom as Stacy turns to Troy *

Stacy: Don’t worry I’ll make sure he wins that belt tonight

* She hurries out of the room *

*break *


*The theme from braveheart plays as Gel Mibson staggers onto the stage and falls down…the crowd is in awe and has no reaction *

M: Look Tater, is he drunk?

T: I don’t know but he sure does look like it

*Gel slowly gets to the ring and goes and sits down in the corner, yelling at some kids in the audience…Curry Man comes out next to a mixture of boos and few laughs, as Curry Man is holding a bowl of curry…he gets to the ring and takes one last bite before sliding in…*

M: well tater, this is going to be an interesting matchup

T: You can say that again, both men are very unorthodox Marv, and this could be a long drawn out battle

*The bell rings as Gel is to his feet, and is trembling…Curry notices the drunken state of Gel and slaps himself…he begins running in place and then yells CURRY!!!...he charges towards Gel, but being the drunk he is..Gel just falls over and Curry man crashes shoulder first into the turnbuckle… *

M: He moved Tater!

T: I think he passed out Marv

* Gel reaches back up and grabs the tights of Curry man..he pulls him forward and rolls him up…Gel holds on to the tights as the ref counts..1…..2….3…. *

M: I don’t believe it Gel has just pinned Curry man

T: Wow that didn’t last long if you blinked you might have missed it…


*Troy makes his way down the aisle as he will be looking for revenge against Primate.. *

M: Tater this match has the makings of a classic, both these men have some bad blood between them.

T: both men have something to prove Marv

*Primate comes down the aisle to a mix of cheers and boos..he climbs into the ring..Troy and Primate lock up in the center of the ring..Primate takes Troy down and locks on a side headlock on the mat,Troy quickly gets up and gets out,Bounces off the ropes,and takes down Primate with a cross body block..Cover..1.2..Primate gets up..Both men up to their feet..Troy nails Primate with right hands and knocks him into the corner..He charges at primate but Primate moves and troy hits turnbuckle head first..Troy comes stumbling out of the corner..And primate gives him a huge powerslam..Cover...1..2..Troy kicks out. *

M: What power from the big man

T: Primate is an animal!

*Primate picks troy up and whips him into the ropes,Troy explodes out of the ropes and spears Primate,taking him down and nailing him with right hands. Troy gets up and delivers a dropkick to Primate..Primate is in the corner..Troy perches Primate on the top rope..And nails a hurricrana on Primate. Cover..1..2..Primate kicks out. Troy picks Primate up,but Primate rakes Troy in the eyes, And nails him with a bulldog..Troy is down on the mat,and stomps Troy in the face multiple times..He nails an elbow drop on Troy and goes for the cover..1..2...Troy kicks out.. *

M: I haven’t seen Troy in this much trouble before

T: If he doesn’t do something quick it could be over

*Primate picks troy up and goes for a press slam..He nails it,but Troy's foot hits the ref and knocks him down.. Priamate picks troy up..And out of nowhere Troy picks him up,and nails the trendsetter!..Both men are down on the right..

M: both wrestlers and the ref are out cold

*Troy puts his shoulder over Primate,Primate puts his over Troy..Here comes another ref..

T: Look Marv it’s another official

*The old one is getting up as well..They both count..1...2...3...One ref is raising Troy's hand,one is raising,Primates..

T: Who won?

M: It seems we have some confusion…both men are claiming they are the victors..

T: The refs are confused too…this one might never get settled

M: folks let’s take a break

* break *


M: Tater here comes The Highlight, a man that has been on an incredible streak

T: Yeah Marv a losing streak

M: Tonight he can turn it around if he can beat newcomer Johnny Blade

T: yeah but that will be difficult since this is Blade’s specialty, a hardcore match

*Blade comes running out with a kendo stick and nails Highlight on the rampway from behind..he begins whipping him…

M: Blade is taking an early advantage, look he is wearing Highlight out…

T: That has got to hurt, and now Blade is throwing highlight down towards the ring

*Blade throws Highlight into the ring and reaches under it to find a trashcan..he tosses it in the ring…he then reaches under and finds a hammer…Blade slides in the ring…

M: look at all that junk under there Tater…

T: Yeah the ring crew needs to do some cleaning

*Blade waits for Highlight to get up, then hits him on top of the head with the Trashcan, making Highlight fall backwards..he then lifts Highlight into a sitting position and puts the trashcan on his head…Blade picks up the hammer and nails the trashcan several times..

M: his head is going to be hurting after that

T: I wonder if Blade works for Habitat for Humanity?

*Blade drops the hammer and picks highlight back up into a sitting position..he runs and bounces off the ropes then dropkicks highlight..the can crunches as blade’s feet hit it…Blade then does a standing moonsault onto the trashcan covered highlight..the ref counts…1…2…Blade gets up…the ref argues with Blade…

M: He has the match won, why keep going

T: he wants Highlight to pay Marv

*Blade picks up trashcan highlight and belly to back suplexes him…he then climbs the top rope…Blade nails an elbow from the top right into the trashcan then gets up and goes outside the ring…

M: What is he doing

T: Looks like he needs more weapons Marv

*Blade gets a chair from ringside and slides back in…he begins pummeling the trashcan covered highlight…finally blade takes the can off of highlight is bleeding from his head…he ddts Highlight right into the chair…

M: come on this is enough, the man is bleeding

*Blade picks Highlight up again and calls for it..he lifts him up and nails the Death drop…he covers…1…2..3….Blade picks up the win and raises his arm in victory as Highlight lays in his own blood on the mat…


* Troy is seen backstage arguing with Mr. Smith… *

Troy: Smith, I should have won that match and you know it.

Smith: Look boy, it’s like this…at the next Redemption you and primate can have another match.

Troy: I don’t want another match I want to be declared the winner

Smith: Now you listen here…I said next Redemption you can settle it, now you need to go somewhere else before I have the Equalizer take care of this little problem…

Troy: Whatever

Smith: Oh, Troy one more thing…Next week in San Antonio, you and the rest of the New Blood will be taking on all 5 members of the MWO in an elimination match…so good luck with that.

* Troy gives a disgusted look and walks down the hallway *


*The LSU fight song sounds to a nice reaction as the LSU mascot, Tiger, rallies on the IWO fans. He crawls in the ring and raises his arms for his fans.*

C: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Baton Rouge, Louisiana...weighing in at 250 pounds.....Tiger!

*’Dirty Window’ by Metallica blasts and a bandaged Judge limps out from backstage. He struggles to make his way to the ring and gets some sympathy from the fans.*

C: And his partner, from New York City....weighing in at 320 pounds......Judge!

M: Last week, it was the New Blood versus the Enforcers where Jason blasted a steel pipe shot straight to Judge’s skull.

T: It wasn’t a pretty sight to see Marv.

*Tiger pats Judge on the back and the two look on to their opponents..*

*Motorhead’s ‘King of Kings’ plays throughout the arena and the Unstoppable Force rises out of a pit of fire and heads down toward the ring, with his head under a black towel.*

T: This man is all business.

C: And their opponents. From Spokane, Washington...weighing in at 280 pounds...He is the Unstoppable Force...Mike THOMAS!

M: 6'8" 280. Definitely a sturdy...specimen.

*Force rolls into the ring and walks by both Judge and Tiger and does his taunt. He stares at his opponents, and not at his upcoming partner.*

*Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ plays through the PA and our World Heavyweight Champion Corey Taylor walks out of the tunnel, and paces speedily down the ramp. He walks straight to the ring, not looking at any of the fans.*

C: And his partner, weighing in at 230 pounds.. He is the IWO World Heavyweight Champion! COOOOREY!

*Corey and Force exchange looks at each other and the bell rings. Tiger reasons with Judge that he is hurt and he should start out. Corey and Force argue of who should start out first and get into a pushing battle.*

T: Well, that’s a good way to decide!

*Force knocks Corey down and heads towards Tiger. Corey has no choice but to let Force start in the beginning. Force shoves Tiger down and the mascot quickly tags in Judge. Judge runs at him to clothesline him but Force ducks and flips him over with a back body drop. Judge yells in pain and Force whips him in the corner. He drives his shoulder into Judge’s ribs and Corey tags himself in the match. He pushes Force out of the way and gives relentless rights and lefts to Judge’s face. He whips Judge into the ropes by Tiger, who jumps off the apron. Corey again starts punching his opponent and gives him a powerslam. He goes for the pin but Force interrupts the pin!*

M: Why in the blue hell did he do that?

T: I think he wanted to finish the match!

*Corey and Force argue for a bit until they get out of each other’s faces and head for a single opponent- Corey seeks Tiger while Force goes after Judge. Corey flips Tiger into the ring and Force gives Judge a DDT. Force and Corey each climb up opposite turnbuckles, carrying their opponents with them. They give a hand signal..1....2...3...and Corey lands Tiger with a Duality Driver from the top rope while Force hits his Unstoppable Drop to Judge from the top rope!*

T: Oh my god! Duality Driver from the top rope.

M: And an Unstoppable Drop from the top too!

*Force and Corey pin their opponents at the same time and each get the 1....2.....3.*

T: Well, they win an easy one.

*Corey and Force immediately leave the ring not looking at each other, up the ramp.*

M: Well, the two worked together and annihilated Judge and Tiger.

T: Worked together? They pummeled one team member on their own!

M: That may be so, but they still came out with the win

* Force keeps walking down the hallway ignoring Corey after they walk through the curtain…a weird looking woman whose skin appears burn comes running down the hall and up to Corey…she kisses him on the cheek, and whispers into his ear that “ an old friend is coming to see him” the woman then runs off as Corey yells at her *

* break *

*The New Blood intro plays shortly followed by Guns N Roses’ ‘Welcome to the Jungle'. Jason comes up, hand in hand with Stacy, both sporting New Blood attire. They walk down the ring together, smiting at fans at each side.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and it is for the IWO Television Title! Introducing first from San Diego, CA...he is accompanied by Stacy, weighing in at 180 pounds....he is the New Blood’s JASON!

M: Former IWO Tag Team Champion Jason hopes to win his first ever singles gold.

T: Yeah he is, but he will be put through a huge test against our TV Champ.

*Kenny Wayne Shephard’s ‘Blue on Black plays to a huge ovation. The TV Champ, DC, walks out with Wilma and they receive a huge pop. They walk down to the ring together, pointing at signs directed to them and his fans.*

C: And the champion! From Atlanta, GA...he is accompanied by Wild Wilma, weighing in at 230 pounds....D.....C!

M: And here is our champion.

*DC enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, holding up the title as Jason looks on. He gives the title to the timekeeper and the bell rings. The two men circle and feel each other out. Jason tries to go low but DC dodges it. DC tries the same technique but misses too. Stacy taps Jason on the shoulder and the two share a kiss. DC comes in and punches Jason hard in the back.*

T: What a stupid mistake. You can’t take your eyes off your opponent.

*DC drops his knee on Jason’s back multiple times and then locks in a Boston Crab. Stacy pushes the ropes toward Jason which he grabs easily. The referee confronts Stacy and Jason gets momentum back. He whips DC into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Jason stands over DC and slaps his face a couple times. He slingshots DC into the ropes and DC falls back straight onto Jason’s arched knees!*

M: What an attack! Cover 1...2......Kickout.

*Jason then applies a chinlock as DC tries to reach the ropes. DC starts to fight back but then Jason gives him a Randy Orton-esque backbreaker!*

M: Modified backbreaker! 1......2.....No.

T: Oh man, I thought it was over there.

*Jason rises up and stalks over DC. DC gets up and Jason goes for an early JKO but DC pushes him away. Jason turns around to be hit with a neckbreaker! 1....2.............Kickout! Jason gets up stunned and gets met with a vicious right hand. Jason falls back into the turnbuckle. DC gets a running start and charges at DC; Jason floats over the top rope and DC’s shoulder crashes into the steel post. From the outside, Stacy slaps DC in the face which attracts massive boos. Out of nowhere, Wilma gives Stacy a Lou Thesz Press and goes wild on Stacy! They roll around on the outside before officials run down to the ring and separate the two. The referee in the ring tells them to take the two valets out to a mixed reaction from the crowd!*

M: Now it’s going to be a 1 on 1 match without any managers...just how I like it.

T: Are you gay Marv?

*Back in the ring, Jason does a springboard elbow drop onto DC’s back and goes straight for the cover! 1......2.................No! Only 2! Jason gives DC a backbreaker and heads for the top rope. DC struggles up and connects with a missle dropkick! DC flies back and gets covered for the pin!*

T: 1.......2.......No!

*Jason can’t believe it and gives vicious rights to DC’s dome. The ref breaks it up and Jason pushes the ref. The ref pushes him back and then out of nowhere, DC hits Jason with a spear! Both men lay on the mat and the referee starts a 10 count. 1.............2...............3.................4. ..........5.................6.........7..........8 ....DC gets up to his feet and locks in a sleeper on Jason. Jason struggles to get out but then falls dazed. The referee lifts Jason’s arm and it drops once, twice but not a third time. Jason gets up to a vertical base with the sleeper still applied and gives DC a jawbreaker which releases the hold!*

M: And this match isn’t over yet folks!

T: What a match!

*Jason runs to the top turnbuckle again and waits for DC to rise to his feet. He tries a crossbody but DC catches him into a powerslam! Straight into the cover!*

M: He caught him with the powerslam! 1......2.....................................NO! Not yet!

T: Neither of these guys have given up!

*DC falls onto the mat in exhaustion and the referee starts another 10 count. At 4, DC stands up and he and Jason exchange exhausting rights and lefts back and forth. DC gains the upper hand until Jason blocks a punch. Inside cradle on DC! 1.........2..........Kickout!*

T: Jason is just so quick. You never know when he is going to strike.

*Jason whips DC into the ropes and attempts a hurricanrana but DC catches him in the powerbomb position! DC runs, planning to slam him but Jason grabs onto the top rope! DC tries to muscle him off but Jason uses his legs to push him through the ropes and onto the arena floor! Jason slingshots himself and connects with a crossbody! Both men lay on the floor and yet again, the referee starts a 10 count!*

M: Listen to this crowd!

*Jason is the first to get up and he rolls DC back into the ring. He gives DC a leg drop and stalks DC once again. DC reaches his feet and Jason tries another JKO! But, DC catches him! He hoists Jason up and puts him on his shoulders! He spins around and hits his Death Valley Driver!*

T: He got him! He got him with the Putdown!

M: Straight into the cover! 1............2................3! DC retains!

C: Here is your winner and still IWO TV Champion......D.....C!

*The crowd erupts for their champion has one and Wilma comes out from backstage. DC and Wilma hug as Jason starts get up to his feet. Wilma and DC try to help him up but Jason shoves both of them away. The crowd boos loudly at Jason.*

T: What an asshole! They were just trying to help him.

M: Well, it shouldn’t hurt DC’s feelings much. That’s Jason’s reputation.

*Wilma tries to slap Jason but DC restrains her. They make their way up the ramp not looking at Jason. They celebrate with fans at ringside as Jason approaches the announce table.*

M: Oh no, what’s he going to do!

*Jason spits at Tater and Marv and he begins dismantling the announce table like Bret Hart did. The fans boo loudly and throw a couple articles of trash at Jason’s direction. The show ends with Jason talking trash to the whole IWO crowd...*

* end show *

thanks to One and Troy for writing some of the matches
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