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Redemption Month 4 week 1 Aug. 9
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Default Redemption Month 4 week 1 Aug. 9

dark match

Gel Mibson and Johnny Blade meet in the center of the ring..Blade knocks Mibson down with a right hand..Throws Mibson into the corner and batter him with boots to the stomach..He picks Mibson up..And Suplexes him down..Cover..1...2..Mibson kicks out..Blade pounds Mibson on the ground with right hands..Blade whips Midson into the ropes..Lowers his head..And Mibson connects with a solid boot to blades skull..Then spears him to the mat..cover..1..2..Blade kicks out..Blade picks Mibson up...And connets with a double arm DDT..cover..1..2.Blade kicks out again.

Mibson picks Blade up and goes for his curcifix powerbomb..He's got him up..But Blade wiggles out of his grasps..And nails Mibson with a gut wrench suplex..Blade's got momentum..He runs over Mibson with a clothesline....Mibson gets up a swings a wild right hand..Blade ducks and nails a neckbreaker..Blade goes up to the top rope..and connects with the suicide drop!..Cover..1.2..3...Blade wins.

*redemption begins as fireworks go off*

*‘Dirty Window’ by Metallica plays as Judge and Josh step out onto the stage. They walk down to the ring, greeting fans on each side. They give off a look into the crowd and simultaneously roll into the ring. They then climb opposite turnbuckles and raise their arms.*

C: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall! In the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 520 is the team of Judge and Josh!

M: This is the Enforcers’ first match, and they will surely be put up to the test.

T: That’s right, Jason and Crazyskill aren’t push over. And when they’re together?! Man, they make up a great team.

M: Troy has selected some hot proteges that’s for sure.

*Papa Roach’s ‘Blood Brothers’ blasts throughout the arena and lights flicker on and off. The lights finally stay on and the trio of Jason, Crazyskill and Stacy are standing on the ramp, looking at their opponents. They do the trademark New Blood pose and strut down the ring with a flurry of boos.*

C: And their opponent..accompanied by Stacy, weighing in at a combined weight of 400 is the team of Jason and Crazyskill....THE NEW BLOOD!

M: Here they are. The New Blood.

T: Yea, they have no picked up many friends here while they’ve have formed a team but that does not look like it bothers them.

*Jason receives a kiss from Stacy and the duo rolls into the ring. Judge and Josh push the ref aside and begin stomping on their opponents. The ref finally gets in between the teams and Crazyskill and Jason look puzzled as to what happened. Judge tells Josh he’ll start the match and the New Blood decide that Crazyskill will start off. Skill and Judge circle each other and get into a grapple. Skill gets a side headlock applied and wrenches back. Judge pushes Skill to the ropes and knocks him down with his shoulder. Judge stares at CS on the ground and bounces off the ropes. Jason, on the apron, kicks Judge in the back and starts chuckling. Judge takes a swing at Jason who jumps off the apron and CS sneaks in a cover!*

M: 1.....2.....No, Josh breaks up the hold.

*Skill whips Judge into the corner and tags in Jason. The two stomp on Judge until the ref orders Skill out of the ring. Meanwhile, Jason does a blatant choke on Judge while the ref isn’t looking but then finally lets go.*

T: Look at that evil smirk on Jason’s face. Taunting Josh to get into the ring.

*Jason gets Judge into the corner again and tags in CS. They hoist him seated on the top rope and give him a double suplex off it! Josh yells at the ref for their double team but he restrains him from getting in the ring. Meanwhile, Jason holds Judge up and Skill alternates rights and lefts on him. Jason lets go nonchalantly when the ref tell him to get out of the ring. Skill goes for the cover!*

M: Cover from Skill! 1.....2.....Thr-Kickout!

*CS picks Judge up for a suplex and goes for another cover. Kickout at 2! Another cover. Kickout at 1! Skill gets a bit frustrated and waits for Judge to get up for the Crazy Skeel. Judge blocks the kick attempt and gives Skill a spinebuster! Both men lay on the ring!*

T: He reversed it! This may be the edge Judge needed!

*Jason and Josh strain to get tagged and they finally do at the same time. Josh gets the hot tag and gives Jason a quick clothesline followed by a back body drop. He then throws Skill out of the ring which receives a nice reaction. He stalks Jason from behind and looks to lock in the Fire Mission. He tries to lock it in but Jason elbows out but Judge comes from behind with a clothesline! Judge falls to the ground in exhaustion while Crazyskill rolls a steel pipe into the ring.*

M: Look! He’s trying to sneak in a steel pipe!

T: But the ref sees him!

*The ref approaches CS in the corner and tells him he saw him roll the pipe in the ring. During this, Josh reverses a whip attempt from Jason and whips the New Blood member straight into the ref! The ref falls to the ground and lays motionless.*

T: The ref is down! It was all Josh’s fault!

M: No it wasn’t! He didn’t know the ref was there!

*Jason grabs the steel pipe and takes a full swing onto Judge’s head!*

M: OH MY GOD! What a thud!

T: He’s busted him open! And the ref didn’t see anything!

*Judge’s head is heavily bleeding and he is done. He lays in a pool of his blood. Josh sees this and grows irate. Jason looks afraid at the irate Josh, who grabs the steel pipe and looks to get revenge on Jason. The referee begins to wake up and sees Josh too blast Jason in the ribs! The referee orders the bell to ring and Josh stands there clueless.*

C: And the winners due to disqualification...the team of Jason and Crazyskill....THE NEW BLOOD!


M: The referee saw Josh hit him with that steel pipe! But it was for retaliation!

*Crazyskill and Stacy run into the ring to check on Jason who is struggling on the mat. The referee tells Josh that he saw hit Jason with the pipe but Josh tries to explain what he did to Judge, who is still down in his blood. EMTs run down to the ring for Judge’s safety. Stacy and Skill help Jason up and he begins to walk in his own power. They help him make it backstage.*

M: Those guys make me sick.


backstage April Century runs up to Troy

April: Troy, Troy...I have a message from Mr. Smith, he told me to tell you that there is trouble back at your hotel room!

Troy: trouble? In my room, you must be kidding me.

April: No! He said for you to go over there right now!

Troy: great, probally something the hotel people messed up, If you see Jason and Skill tell them I'll be back

April: Ok!

*Troy rushes off to the parking lot to his car, as April smiles*

*Commercial break*


*April Century is backstage with Mr. Oldschool and Ervin*

April: Ummmmm...tonight Mr. Oldschool you take on Primate in a street fight, what are your...

*Ervin takes the mic from her*

Ervin: April, good to see you again....(they laugh)...darling, you see Mr. Oldschool is above your questioning....A lot of people think that Mr. Oldschool can't fight new school but tonight he proves them all wrong....Mr. Oldschool is the...

*Out from nowhere Primate nails Mr. Oldschool with a chair...Ervin grabs April and holds her as she screams...Primate looks at April and Ervin and begins to stomp on Oldschool...a ref has come up to see the commotion...Primate tells him to ring the bell*

M: Look Tater it seems that this street fight is going to take place right now

T: Primate is smarter than he looks going ahead and taking advantage of Oldschool when he is vunerable

*Primate pounds on Oldschool and stands back up...Ervin smacks Primate in the leg with his cane...Primate grabs his leg, then stands up and turns around*

M: I don't know if that was a wise move

*Primate grabs the cane from Ervin and smashes it over his other leg breaking it in two...Ervin lets go of April and she runs off...Ervin begs for Primate not to hurt him*

T: beggin will do him no good Marv!

*Primate grabs Ervin as Oldschool manages to nail a low blow on Primate...Primate falls to the ground holding himself...Ervin and Oldschool begin to double team him with punches and stomps...*

M: What a dirty move

T: yeah but it got the job done

*Oldschool grabs Primate and picks him up..he holds him as Ervin slaps him and yells for Primate to never touch him again...he then slaps Primate again...Oldschool punches Primate in the back of the head and then grabs him and slams him into a wall...*

M: Look at these two double teaming the guy

T: Well I guess they thought they needed to do it

*Oldschool throws Primate down the hallway onto the ground..he goes after him kicking Primate repeatedly...He picks him up and throws him into the cafeteria area...*

T: I think Mr. Oldschool is hungry Marv!

*Oldschool rams Primate headfirst into a table...meanwhile sitting down at a far table is Curry Man eating some Curry...Oldschool continues to beat on Primate...while the fighting is going on Curry Man looks up...he drops his bowl of Curry down...he stands up and dances around then yells CURRY!!!...Curry Man charges at Oldschool who turns around to get nailed with the Curry Rush...*

M: Curry Man just attacked Oldschool

T: He just laid him out with the Curry Rush, but why Marv?

*Ervin yells at Curry Man who slaps himself and then screams at Ervin...Ervin runs out of the room as Curry Man begins to chase him, yelling comeback here gringo!*

T: Ervin better run a little faster or he might be eaten!

*Oldschool is using the table to pull himself he gets up he turns around and Primate now on his feet charges and hits the spear on Oldschool sending both men up and over the table...*

T: SPEAR!!!!!

*Primate grabs Oldschools leg and leans back covering him as the ref counts...1....2.......3....Primate gets a victory*

M: What a move, he fought back and won this matchup Tater

T: Primate is really starting to turn his career around Marv.

*commercial break*


M: We are live here folks from the IWO arena and what a night it has been so far right Tater

T: Right Marv, and tonight we will see...

M: Look Tater, it's Ervin running down here to the ring...and Curry Man is right behind him

T: He's still giving chase Marv

*Ervin slides in the ring and out the other side jumping over the barricade into the crowd...Curry slides in the ring and is stopped by the ref, who convices him to stay for his match*

M: Guess it's time for Curry Man's match

T: And here comes his opponent The Highlight

M: You know Tater, Highlight has been struggling lately

T: Seems he has some bad luck Marv, maybe he can turn it around tonight

*Curry and Highlight lock up in the center of the ring..Curry puts a headlock on Highlight..highlight throws Curry into the ropes,but Curry nails Highlight with a clothesline...Curry Picks Highlight up..And nails him with an elbow to the head..Highlight goes down to a knee..And curry drops an elbow right to his spine..cover..1..2..Highlight kicks out..*

M: At this rate Highlight might not get a win

T: Yeah seems his bad luck is continuing

*Curry stomps on Highlight and props him up into the corner...He chokes him with his boot..breaks at the count of 4..Curry picks Highlight up..But highlight comes back with right hands..and runs Curry over with a clothesline..Highlight goes for a vertical suplex..But Curry blocks it..And knees Highlight in the stomach..Then connects with a swinging neckbreaker..cover..1...2...Highlight kicks out.*

M: curry man is dominating this matchup

T: It must have been that curry he ate earlier

*Curry mounts Highlight and nails him with right hands..Bounces off the ropes..and connects with a big kneedrop..cover..1..2..Highlight kicks out again...Curry picks Highlight up and throws him into the corner..He goes for a right hand but Highlight ducks and nails Curry with a succession of chops..He climbs on the top and nails a monkey flip sending curry flying across the ring.. Highlight goes for a cover..1..2..Curry throws Highlight off of him..Curry charges at Highlight..But Highlight ducks..Highlight goes for a hurricana..But Curry catches him and drops him with a powerbomb...Curry goes for the cover..1..2..Highlight kicks out.*

M: How much more can Highlight take?

*Curry picks Highlight up and drives his knee right into his face..He gets Highlight by the leg and locks in a Boston Crab..Highlight is hurting..and looks to be fading fast..But Highlight uses his last ounce of strength and is able to reach the ropes..Curry lets go of the hold..Goes to pick Highlight up..But highlight nails Curry with elbows to the gut..He bounces off the ropes and nails Curry with a cross body block..1..2....Curry kicks out..both men to their feet..Highlight nails Curry with a drop kick..cover..1..2..Curry up again..Highlight tires to connect with a right hand...But Curry ducks and locks Highlight in his dragon sleeper..And highlight has no choice but to tap..Curry wins.*

M: Highlight made a valiant attempt but fell short Tater

M: Yeah he stinks!


*Chad Willard is seen backstage with Johnny Blade*

Chad: Blade next week you make your Redemption debut, are you exciting

Blade: Excited? I'm more than excited week I have the oppurtunity to prove to everyone why I am one of the greatest hardcore wrestlers and soon to be one of the greatest IWO wrestlers the world has ever seen!

*crowd boos*

Blade: Boo all you want but it's true

Chad: So Johnny, you don't know who you will be facing next week, but I'm sure Mr. Smith will have a tough opponent for you.

Blade: It doesn't matter who I face, next week I take the IWO to the Extreme!!!

*Blade pounds his head against the wall making himself bleed, he turns back to the camera*

Blade: EXTREME!!!!

*the camera fades black as we go to a commercial*


*LSU’s fight song begins to play and the always energetic Tiger runs out and shakes hands with a few fans. He runs into the ring and yells LSU!*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IWO Television Title! Already in the ring, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana...Tiger!

*Tiger does a Hogan-esque taunts and runs up the turnbuckle.*

T: Tiger came quite short in his quest for the new TV Title and feels he deserves a rematch against the champion.

M: And our champion is a fighting champion. He will not avoid challenges.

‘Blue and Black’ by Kenny Wayne Shephard plays and the crowd erupts for the new IWO TV champion. DC, accompanied by Wild Wilma, walk down the ring hand in hand, greeted by fans from both sides. She gives her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek and he rolls into the ring.

C: And his opponent..from Atlanta, Georgia..he is the IWO TELEVISION CHAMPION! D....C!!!

M: Listen to the crowd cheer their champion.

*As DC hands his title to the timekeeper, Tiger runs over and gains the upper hand. He punches him into the ropes and then tries to whip him but gets reversed. He ducks a clothesline attempt from DC and hits a flying clothesline. DC springs up and Tigers gives him another clothesline. DC springs up again and gets a dropkick. Cover!*

T: Cover! 1......2...Nope. Not yet.

M: Tiger trying to get the upper hand early in the match. That’s what you are going to have to do against a man like DC.

*Tiger’s whip attempt gets reversed and he bounces off the ropes. Tiger slides under DC’s legs and dropkicks him into the ropes. Tiger flips him over for the cover!*

M: 1.....2....No.

T: Beautiful combo by Tiger.

*Tiger seeks DC and gives him a sleeper hold on the mat. DC tries to escape but suddenly loses conscience. The ref raises his arm once which falls to the ground. Twice and it falls to the ground. The last raise, DC lifts his arm from falling and gets momentum from the crowd. He elbows Tiger in the gut to release the hold until he finally does so. DC whips Tiger into the ropes and gives him a spinebuster. He whips him again and gives him a back body drop. Once more, he gives him a swinging DDT.*

M: And just like that, the tables have turned!

*DC stalks the rising Tiger and applies the Million Dollar Dream! The crowd cheers as Tiger blindly tries to reach the ropes!*

T: He’s got the Putdown locked in!

M: Square in the middle of the ring!

*Tiger’s body falls to the ground from exhaustion and his hand taps the mat! DC has won!*

C: Here is your winner and STILL IWO TV Champion...DC!

M: What a title debut!

*Wilma runs in the ring and raises her man’s hand in victory. They walk up the ramp to a wave of fans as the referee attempts to help Tiger up.*

*ad runs for Turmoil in Texas in two weeks time*


M: Look in the ring at Mr. Giggles that damn mime is ridiculous

T: Yeah but he's entertaining, although he does look a little strange Marv

M: I've been saying that for weeks Tater

*King of Kings comes on and Force comes down the aisle to a mix of boos and cheers*

M: Here he comes the man who beat DC in a singles match at Return to Hell but lost in the battle royal

T: Only because DC hit him with a chair

*Force gets up on the apron and enters the ring as the bell sounds*

M: This one will be interesting folks!

*Force and Giggles meet in the center of the ring...Giggle starts to do a routine..And Force smacks him in the face and drives him into the corner..He batter him with Back eblows to the head..Force picks Giggles up over top of head..And tosses him to the floor on the outside. Giggles is down on the outside and Force comes out to get him..Force picks Giggles up..And drives him back first into the ring apron..and then whips him shoulder first into the steel steps..*

M: well it looks like mimicry won't help Giggles

T: Have you notice the MWO isn't out here Marv?

M: Why yes I have Tater, I like the fact that they aren't here

*Force puts Giggles up on the ring apron and batters him with right hands..Force rolls Giggles into the ring and goes for the cover..1..2..Giggles kicks out...*

M: kickout by the mime

T: I'm telling you giggles looks different

M: He looks the same Tater, maybe your eyesight is getting bad

*Force goes to pick Giggles up..but Giggles rakes force in the eyes..Giggles whips Force into the ropes..Force ducks a right hand by Giggles and nails Giggles with a huge superkick. Force nails an elbow drop on Giggles and goes for the cover..1..2..Giggles kicks out again..Force locks on a blatent choke in front of the ref but lets go before the count of 5...Giggles gets up on all fours..and Force nails him with a vicious kick to the gut..Force picks Giggles up by the throat..and tosses him in the corner..Force nails a series of shoulderblock to the gut of giggles..Then backs away and charges in for one..But Giggles moves and Force nails the post with his shoulder..Giggles goes up behind Force and rolls him up..1..2..Force kicks out..*

M: Giggles making an attempt to put up some kind of offensive moves

*Both men to their feet..Force goes for a right hand..But Giggles blocks it and nails force with one...Giggles whips Force into the ropes..Force reverses and sends Giggles into the ropes..And nails him with a big boot sending Giggles down to the mat. Force is laughing as he slaps Giggles on the ground and taunts him..Giggles slowly makes his way to his feet..Force grabs him by the throat..And nails him with a vicious chokeslam..Giggles is done..But Force isn't..Force picks Giggles up..and nails him with another chokeslam. Force is going for the cover..1...2...Wait..Force put giggles hand on the rope..Force picks Giggles up..And has him in position for the unstoppable drop..But giggles gets out of it..Giggles tries to throw a right hand but Force catches him..picks him up,and nails the Unstoppable drop..Cover..1..2...3. Force wins.*

M: well what do you know the mime loses again.

T: I'm telling you Marv he doesn't look the same

*As Force walks back up the aisle, Jason and Skill pass him, they exchange looks and The New Blood head to the ring...they slide in and look at Giggles who is trying to get up*

M: Looks like the New Blood is here to take care of Giggles

*Giggles stands up and pulls at his hair which comes off...Skill and Jason look shocked as Giggles looks at them.*

M: His hair came off, what is going on!

T: Look it's not Giggles, it's I don't believe's Alli Sabbah!!!

*Sabbah looks at Jason and Skill and laughs at them as both men look shocked...just then The MWO hit the ring and begin attacking The New Blood*

M: It's some kind of set up!

T: Look at Giggles coming down the rampway!

*The MWO take turns double teaming The New Blood as Alli goes outside to get a chair, he slides it in to a mime, who begins to work over both New Blood members with the chair..*

M: This is crazy, they are outnumbered!

*Giggles climbs in the ring and watches clapping at what it going on!*

*In the back Troy has pulled up outside...Stacy rushes to him and tells him about the MWO attacking Jason and Skill...Troy tells her to come on and enters the arena..Troy begins to run when Primate comes out from nowhere to SPEAR Troy into a rollup door..Troy hits hard and slumps to the ground*

Primate: Next time you will think twice before messing with me Bitch!

*Primate walks off*

M: What was that about Primate took at Troy and the MWO has just laid out Skill and Jason

T: Maybe they are in it together Marv

*Both Skill and Jason are laid out in the ring as Giggles does his man in the box move to the boos of the crowd....Alli then instructs the mimes to leave the ring as the New Blood are out cold*

*commercial break*


M: I can't believe what we just witnessed Tater

T: neither can I, but right now we have to go backstage somewhere to the World Champion Corey!

*backstage in some dark place Corey is sitting down drinking on some Jack*

Corey: It's about time motherfuckers!....I've been waiting all night...

*crowd cheers*

Corey: Shutup faggots, no one asked you, you think it's cool to cheer me, I should come out there and slap all you bitches around!

*crowd begins to boo*

Corey: That's more like it, now last week I beat that fucker Joker to a bloody pulp, and burnt his sorry it seems i have to fight either that pussy Troy, or that wannabe vampire fucker Demon...I don't give a shit about either one of you and could care less who wins...

*Corey takes another sip then throws the bottle against the wall*

Corey: Whoever is the bitch that wins tonight, will be the fucker that gets his ass beat by me in a motherfuckers prepare to get your bloody faggotty ass kicked all over the ring by the real fucking champion, ME!

*Corey laughs as he looks at the World Title with his name on it in blood*



*‘Hall of a Mountain King’ by Savatage echos throughout the arena and Demon Alexander looks focused and ready to go. He stomps down the ramp, ignoring the boos and jokes made at him. Demon slowly enters the ring and does his crucifix taunt which does not go nicely with the fans.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine the number one contender for the IWO World Title! In the ring from the Cathedral...weighing in at 240 pounds, he is DEMON...ALEXANDER!

T: This man has climbed up the IWO ranks. And consequently, he has been put into this match as a reward.

M: So has his opponent. This will be the biggest match of their IWO careers so far.

*A chord of Papa Roach’s ‘Blood Brothers’ plays and red and blue lights flash. A huge pyro explosion goes off and then Troy Alston’s entrance music, ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor, shortly follows. He spreads his arms out to the dismay of the crowd and confidently walks down the ramp.*

C: And his opponent..making his way to the ring, from Ventura, CA. Weighing in at 215 pounds....he is the New Blood’s, TROY......ALSTON!

T: This man is only 23 years old. And already he is in the IWO World title hunt.

M: Well, this was not given to him on a silver platter. He too has risen up the IWO ranks, with an impressive win-loss record.

T: Yeah but how will Troy hold upafter that spear he just took from Primate?

*Troy slowly goes up the stairs and gets in the ring holding his ribcage...The ref has to hold Demon back from attacking him. The two meet in the center of the ring with Troy talking trash. Demon pushes Troy, and Troy pushes back. They suddenly start brawling with neither letting up. Demon backs Troy into the corner and elbows him in the head repeatedly. Troy dodges another elbow and gives his licks into Demon. Demon grabs him by the throat and throws him into the corner where he chokes him. The ref counts and breaks the hold. Demon does not look to pleased and starts stalking the ref.*

M: C’mon Demon! He’s just doing his job!

*Troy recovers and gives Demon an enziguri to the back of his head while he wasn’t looking. Demon falls to the ground on his knees and Troy runs to the ropes and connects with a running dropkick to Demon’s face. Troy quickly exits the ring, springboards to the top rope and connects with a leg drop!*

T: Beautiful springboard leg drop!

M: Cover! 1.....2.....Kickout!

T: Nice strategy by Troy, using his agility and athleticism over the bigger Demon.

*Troy holds his ribs and then goes to the Troy the top turnbuckle and waits for Demon to stand up. He does and Troy leaps, looking to connect with a crossbody but Demon catches him! Demon walks around a full circle and hits a swinging slam onto Troy!*

M: Black Hole Slam! 1...2.....Thr-Kickout!

T: God, what strength to catch the airborne Troy and swinging him around and then slam him!

M: You got to think that the injury Troy has is holding him back a little!

*Demon rubs his elbow on Troy’s face and wrenches down. The ref again breaks the hold to Demon’s anger. He pretends to go after the referee who runs out of the ring in fear. Demon then turns to Troy but is nowhere to be found. Troy runs behind him and hits the 23 superkick!*

M: Superkick to the back of the head!

T: 1.....2..............NO! Not yet!

M: He surely surprised Demon there, but those ribs kept him from making a good pin.

*Troy gets behind Demon and wretches back, pulling his head back too. Demon grabs the nearest ropes and the referee tells Troy to break it. Troy grabs Demon and picks him up for a Tigerbomb! He connects!*

M: Tigerbomb! 1....2...kickout!

*Troy picks up Demon and begins slapping him. Out of nowhere, Demon spins and hits Troy with a Full-Nelson Slam!*

T: Demon’s Dance! Demon’s Dance!

M: Both men are on the ground!

*The referee starts a 10 count and at 5, Demon stumbles up. He grabs Troy by the head and whips him to the corner. He chops him across the chest and puts Troy up seated on the top turnbuckle. Demon gives him rights and lefts to his face and then climbs to the second turnbuckle. Troy fights back and walks across the second rope to maneuver into Demon’s backside position! They both are straddled on the second rope and Troy grabs onto Demon. Demon elbows backwards to try to knock Troy off his back. Troy ducks an elbow attempt, hooks his right arm and slams backwards into a Half-Nelson Slam!*




*Finally, Troy gets up and climbs the top rope. Demon, laying on his face, is motionless. Troy slowly to the top, he waits, and Troy leaps and connects with his somersault leg drop from the top turnbuckle!*


T: He connects on Demon’s injured neck!

M: Both men are hurt...Troy is holding those ribs, but he goes over and He rolls Demon over, cover! 1.....2.................3! Troy is the number 1 contender!

C: Here is your winner and the number 1 contender for the IWO World Heavyweight Championship.... ‘The Epitome’....TROY ALSTON!

*Troy lays on his back with his arms holding his midsection as Demon is motionless on the mat. The referee helps Troy up as a group of referees try to wake up Demon. Under his own power, Troy struggles to the back and motions that the title is his.*

*end show*

thanks to Troy for writing matches and the banner and also thanks to One for writing matches
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