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Return To Hell PPV August 2, 2006
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Default Return To Hell PPV August 2, 2006

*Pyro and fireworks go off as Return to Hell gets ready to begin, the video screen comes on and we see Troy and Crazyskill standing by with Mad Hugh Miller*

Hugh: I'm am here with Troy and Crazyskill of the New Blood and tonight both of you will be in singles competition, just like your partner Jason who faces the Josh in tonight's first contest, what are your thoughts for the New Blood?

*Troy grabs the mic and pushes Hugh out of the way*

T: What a loser! This is the Epitome Troy Alston and tonight, Skill, Jason and myself make history. Tonight The New Blood destroy and finish off those two lame stables The MWO and The Enforcers. No one can stop the New Blood, especially someone like these morons.

*Troy hands the mic to Skill*

C: Tonight the most impressive group to ever step foot in the IWO will be undefeated and tonight one of us will become the first ever TV Champion. You people paid good money to see the New Blood and tonight we whoop ass and later on we party!

*Skill throws the mic at Hugh as him and Troy laugh as they walk off camera*


M: Welcome everyone to Return to Hell, I'm Marv Rome and with me again tonight is Tater Inberg. It's a great card we have with two title matches as tonight we crown the first ever TV Champion in a Royal Rumble type match. Tater what are you looking forward to?

T: Well Marv, I have to say the battle royal is going to be a good one, but the match that grabs my attention is the battle of former tag team champs, the TLC match between Josh and Jason

M: And we found out earlier that Troy and Crazyskill will both be banned from ringside for this contest which starts right now!

*‘Not Falling’ by Mudvayne blasts throughout the arena as fans stand up, awaiting for Josh. He comes up with a chair at hand and holds it up to a pop. He greets with a few fans and makes his way to the ring.*

C: The following contest is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match and is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Vancouver, Washington, weighing in at 200 pounds....JOSH!

*Josh throws his chair in the ring and goes under the ring to take out even more chairs, a couple tables and ladders. The crowd cheers their hero on.*

T: This match will get awfully physical. This is the first TLC match of the new IWO.

M: Yes, and as you can see. Anything is legal. What’s encouraged? Tables, Ladders and Chairs. They can be used for anything. And there is no title belt you have to reach. A simple pinfall will do the trick.

*The intro to Papa Roach’s ‘Blood Brothers’ plays shortly followed by ‘10,000 fists’ by Disturbed plays as the fans stand up. Jason, along with Stacy, make their way to the ring, hand in hand. Stacy looks grossed out at male fans who try to flirt with her.*

C: And his opponent! From San Diego, California...Along with Stacy, he is New Blood’s Jason!

T: If you don’t remember, Jason and Josh were former IWO tag team champions. These men know each other very well.

M: This should lead to a very close match up then.

*Stacy gives Jason a quick kiss and Jason enters the ring to Josh who is swinging a chair at him! Josh connects with a few shots and does not let up. Shot after shot, Josh rives in pain. Stacy straddles over Jason and Josh hesitates. He looks off into the crowd and nods his head. He looks maliciously at Stacy and winds up to swing at the love couple. Stacy pulls herself and Jason out of the ring before Josh connects. Stacy tries to wake Jason up and sees Josh in the corner of her eye on the top turnbuckle. She screams and sees Josh in the air attempting a dropkick to Jason. With the chair in front of his feet, he nails Jason in the head and both fall to the arena floor!*

T: A missle dropkick from the top rope!

M: With a steel chair!

T: From the top turnbuckle!

*Both men lay on the ground as Josh is the first one to his feet. He takes a table from the outside and fixes it up. He lifts Jason up and gets a running start. He attempts a JKO but Jason throws Josh straight through the table!*

M: Man. Josh should know better than to use his opponent’s finisher this early.

T: Jason is too familiar with that move.

*Jason tells Stacy to set up another table outside of the ring and she does so. Jason grabs Josh and rolls him into the ring. He whips him into the ropes and attempts a back body drop out of the ring onto a set table, but Josh kicks Jason’s bent body. Josh tries to clothesline his former partner through the table but Jason holds back by hanging onto the ropes. Jason casually enters the ring and gets hit with a DDT. Josh grabs a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Josh starts to climb but Stacy starts yelling at him to distract him. Josh jumps off and confronts Stacy. Out of nowhere, Jason nails Josh in the back with a steel chair. Josh falls to the mat and Jason keeps swinging, much like Josh did earlier.*

M: Now, a relentless attack from Jason onto Josh.

*Jason sets up a table in the ring and throws Josh on top. Jason then climbs the turnbuckle with the chair.*

T: What’s he going to do?

*Jason leaps and attempts a leg drop with the chair under him onto Josh! At the last second, Josh rolls off and Jason crashes through the table and the chair! Stacy shrieks in horror and the crowd chants ‘Holy Sh*t!’*

M: WHAT IMPACT! Jason crashes through the table along with the chair!

T: Catch out this replay!

*A replay is shown of the attempted leg drop through the table.*

*Josh sees the ladder sitting in the middle of the ring and seeks to climb it. Stacy grabs Josh’s legs so he cannot move. Josh thrusts and kicks Stacy away. He heads towards the ladder slowly and Jason too is heading for the ladder. They both climb at the same pace and exchange blows from the top!*

M: No one is letting up here!

T: This will be a turning point of the match!

*Blow after blow they exchange and finally Josh seems to be gaining an upper hand on his former partner. Stacy re-enters the ring and pushes the ladder from under them! Both men go flying! Josh lands straddled over the top rope, crotch first and Jason flies into the table laid out of the ring from earlier! The crowd roars with more ‘Holy Sh*t’ chants!*




*A replay is shown of Stacy pushing the ladder and Jason and Josh flying off. Josh lands straddled on the top rope and Jason flies out of the ring onto a table.*

-----------MINUTES Pass------------------

*Stacy is trying to get Jason up, but Josh has got to his feet, he reaches through the ropes and grabs Stacy by the hair pulling her towards the ring and up onto the apron*

M: What is Josh doing, he should be going after Jason

*Josh pulls stacy up and kisses her, she slaps him and Josh looks pissed, he grabs her and suplexes Stacy into the ring*

T: He just got some and then beat some

M: I can't believe Josh would stoop this low!

*Jason is starting to stir a little outside the ring, Josh picks up a chair and climbs up onto the top rope...Jason starts to get up to his feet and Josh jumps from the toprope to the outside holding the chair, he dropkicks Jason right in the face with the chair sending Jason flying back and Josh landing hard onto the ground*

M: What a move, I can't believe Josh risked that!

T: You got to give him credit he is gutsy!

*Josh looks to be in pain and Jason is laid out...Josh crawls over towards Jason and ref slides out of the ring..Josh puts his arm over Jason's body and the ref counts...1.....2.....3...Josh pulls out the victory*

M: He did it, Josh finally gets some revenge by beating Jason

T: Yeah but at what price both these men still have to compete later in the Rumble match

M: So true you are Tater, looks like the New Blood is not starting the night off on the right foot...well folks coming up next month the IWO is heading out of the IWO arena and straight into the heart of Texas...the first ever Turmoil in Texas takes place in 3 weeks live from San Antonio Texas and let's take look!

*ad runs for Turmoil in Texas*


M: that is going to be a hell of a card Tater

T: yeah but we still got a lot of action left tonight marv, including the next match which pits two newcomers, Mr. Oldschool and Curry Man

M: Curry Man will be having his first match and what a way to debut than on a PPV

T: Look here comes Curry Man now!

*Curry Man comes to the ring eating Curry in a bowl..he climbs in and goes and sits down on a turnbuckle chewing the Mr. Oldschool and Ervin walk down to the ring to boos from the crowd..Oldschool gets in the ring, and Curry puts down his bowl and yells some mumbled words*

T: What did he just say Marv?

M: I'm sorry i don't speak gibberish

*Oldschool and Curry meet at the center of the ring and lock up..Oldschool gets a short shot into Curry's gut..Takes him down by the hair and goes for a quick cover..1...2..Curry easily kicks out. Both men back on there feet..Curry drives Oldschool into the corner and swings wildly with rights and Lefts..Curry whips oldschool into the ropes..Nails a big boot..cover..1...2..Oldschool kicks out...Curry picks oldschool up and whips him into the ropes again..And nails a powerslam..Curry charges at Oldschool and tries the Curry Rush..But Oldschool moves out of the way..And nails Curry with an atomic drop,followed up by a bulldog..cover..1...2..Curry kicks out.*

M: He sure is using a lot of oldschool manuevers.

T: Well he is Mr. Oldschool

*Oldschool picks curry up..And connects with a well exectued brainbuster..1..2...Curry kicks out. Oldschool locks up a headlock on Curry to wear him down..Curry is able to get up to his feet..and breaks the hold...Curry bounces off the ropes..Oldschool catches him and drops him with a sideslam..Cover..1..2..Curry once again is up..*

M: What does Oldschool have to do to beat this guy

T: Possibly pin him Marv?

*Oldschool is now going to the top rope..He's perched up there..But Curry pops up and catches him on the top rope..and press slams him to the mat. Curry is building momentum..he nails Oldschool with a clothesline..And follows it up with another.*

T: CURRY!!!!

*Curry picks Oldschool up..And goes for a ddt..and connects..Oldschools face was drvien right into the canvas. Curry sets Oldschool up...And goes for his world cup fever..But Oldschool grabs his leg..and rolls Curry up...1..2..Curry kicks out. Oldschool gets up..and runs at Curry going for a clothesline..But he ducks..And oldschool nails the ref leaving him out on the canvas..*

M: The ref is down, and you not what this means

T: what his premium on his insurance policy goes up?

*Curry comes up behind and nails the Curry Rush..Curry goes for the cover..But theres no ref..Curry goes to wake the ref up..Wait..Oldschool has a roll of quarters in his hand..He turns Curry around and nails him right in the head..*

M: He just hit him with a roll of quarters

T: I like to see people putting their money where their mouth is

*Oldschool wakes the ref up..Cover..1....2....3.!..Oldschool steals a victory at Return to Hell..*

M: What a cheater

T: Yet again Mr. Oldschool proves he is one of the dirtiest players in the game

*Oldschool and Ervin celebrate in the ring then leave up the ramp to boos from the crowd*


*backstage Judge is seen with April Century*

A: Judge, tonight you get your chance to wrestle Troy one on one with no interference from the New Blood, are you going to be able to keep the momentum going that Josh has already started in his match against Jason?

J: You know the answer to that one April. Tonight I beat Troy, not because the New Blood is banned from ringside, not because my partner Josh beat Jason, but because Justice always Prevails. Because tonight the Law comes for Troy and his punishment is going to be severe!

A: Well good luck tonight Judge

J: Thanks

*Judge Walks off as April throws it back to the guys at ringside.*


*Demon Alexander is in the ring as Highlight is coming down to the ring for this Last man Standing match*

M: this is going to be interesting Tater

T: it sure is Marv, the winner of this match will be the guy that is left standing

M: That obvious huh Tater

T: What?

M: Folks to win this match you have to beat down your opponent until they can't answer the 10 count...then and only then will you prevail as the winner, this is going to be extreme people!

*Demon and Highlight lock up in the center of the ring..Demon pushes Highlight down to the mat...Highlight gets up..And Demon knocks him right back down with a clothesline..Demon throws Highlight out on the floor..And rams his head into the barrier multiple times..Demon grabs a chair..But highlight hits Demon with a low blow..A desperate move..Demon is on the ground..Highlight grabs the chair..takes a swing at Demon..But demon ducks..kicks highlight in the gut..And nails a DDT on Highlight...Demon picks up the chair..Highlight staggers to his feet..And Demon nails him over the head with a vicious shot...The blood is rushing from Highlights skull..*

M: and we already have bloodshed

T: you knew this was going to be a violent match Marv

*Demon throws Highlight back into the ring..And batters him with right hands into the corner..Highlight is down in the corner..Demon goes back outside..He throws a trash can into the ring..And a sledgehammer..Demon rolls into the ring..Highlight grabs the trash can and nails Demon over the head with it...Demon stands there..And laughs it off..It had no effect on him..Highlight throws a right hand at Demon..Demon catches him and drops him with a full nelson slam. Demon picks up with Sledgehammer..Highlight is trying to get to his feet..He does..And demon nails him vicious shot to the stomach..Demon picks highlight up by the face..And nearly takes his damn head off with the Sledgehammer..Highlight is out..Highlight is done..The ref begins his count..He's at 8..9...But wait..Demon picks Highlight up..Demon has a sadistic smile on his face...*

M: why did he stop the count

T: Looks like Demon wants to punish Highlight some more

M: this is uncalled for, he had the damn match won already!

*Demon goes to the outside..And brings out a table..*

M: Oh god..

T: This is getting extreme..

*Demon throws the table into the ring and sets it up..Demon then goes over to Highlight..who nails Demon with a weak right hand..Demon feels no effect and hits Highlight with a boot to the gut..Demon takes Highlight over to the table..No wait..He's taking him to the top rope..Demon goes to the top rope..He has Highlight up there with him..He's got him in a powerbomb position..And then nails a vicious Top rope powerbomb on Highlight through the table!!..

M: Good lord..highlight is broken in half..


*He lays in a pool of blood..The ref counts..gets to 10..And Demon dominates the last man standing match here at Return to Hell*

M: Someone get some help out here for Highlight

T: He better hope he didn't draw number 1 in the TV Title Match, cause it's not looking good for PWF's top Heel

*Demon leaves the ring to a mixture of boos and cheers, as EMTS check on Highlight*

*An ad for the next ppv Championship Dreams airs*


*’Le Cirque Reinvente’ begins as the Mime World Order, along with their leader Mr. Giggles, make their unique way into the ring. They are in a straight line and all pull a rope to the ring. They do a great job of pretending to struggle and the crowd loudly pops. Mr. Giggles holds up the rear and waves to the crowd.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Quebec, Canada, he is one member of the Mime World Order...Misssterrr GIIIIGGLES!

T: You know Marv, this mime thing is getting a little old.

M: Will you be quiet Tater. It’s all in fun.

T: Yeah, well.. Mr. Giggles’ opponent will not have any of it. Last week, Troy along with his New Blood mates gave the MWO a beating they will never forget.

*A chord from the New Blood’s entrance, ‘Blood Brothers’ by Papa Roach, blasts throughout the arena as lights flicker on and off. Then, ‘Paint It Black’ plays, signalling Crazyskill’s arrival.*

C: And his opponent...from New York...weighing in at 220 pounds. He is New Blood’s....CRAZYSKILL!

*The crowd boos loudly but Crazyskill has yet to be seen. Mr. Giggles stays in his seated position looking a bit confused. The MWO, who are waiting outside of the ring, huddle up and are puzzled as well. The lights stop flickering and the arena goes black.*

T: What the hell is going on here?

M: Well, the lights are out. But why?

*The lights finally flicker back on and 4 members of the MWO are seen laying on the ground. Standing above them is Crazyskill and Troy!*

M: What the hell? Troy and Crazyskill just attacked the 4 mimes when the lights went out!

T: Troy has a steel pipe!

*Troy, in street clothes, gives Skill a handshake and makes his way out, through the crowd. Skill chuckles but behind his back, Mr. Giggles gives Skill a dropkick to the back from the ring! Skill stumbles and catches an airborne Giggles, who attempted a crossbody. Skill then throws his body into the steel steps!*

T: Skill just threw the MWO leader into the steel steps! Like a sack of potatoes! Let’s just hope Mr. Giggles weighs as much as one!

*Crazyskill throws Giggles back into the ring and enters himself. He laughs at the struggling mime, who is still feeling the effects from the unforgiving steel. Crazyskill then whips him into the corner and clotheslines him. Giggles bounces off and Skill gives him a bulldog.*

M: Nice combo. Cover! 1...2....

T: Kickout!

*CS gives a confused look as well but snickers it off. He grabs Giggles and whips him into the corner again. He charges at the mime again but Giggles hoists himself up before CS’ attempt. Skill looks around to see where he went, but Giggles climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps off but Skill catches him into a Crazyskeel!*

T: OH MY GOD! He caught him into that Double Arm DDT!

*Crazyskill goes for the cover but at 2, he releases to everyone else’s surprise. He looks off into the crowd and goes straight into a Crippler Crossface! He wretches back on the mime’s tiny back and Giggles taps out almost instantly. The referee orders the bell to be rung but CS keeps it locked.*

M: That son of a bitch! Let him go!

*Finally, Crazyskill lets him go and struts out of the ring.*

C: The winner....CRAZYSKILL!

*The sound of the name brings boos from the crowd. One of the MWO mimes tries to get up but CS shoves his head back down and walks up the ramp, laughing.*

M: That son of a bitch.

T: Watch your mouth Marv. He’ll mess you up.

*a promo airs for the new superstar Johnny Blade as it shows him in some hardcore matches*


*The Louisiana State University Fight Song sounds through the PA and the always energetic Tiger runs out to the ring, getting high fives from fans.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Baton Rouge, Louisiana...he is...TIGER!

*Tiger crawls into the ring and asks for a mic from the timekeeper.

T: Looks like Tiger has something to say before his match against Primate.

Tiger: Give me an L!

Crowd(weakly): L

Tiger: Give me a U!

Crowd: U

Tiger: Give me a..

*At the sound of that, ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ by Godsmack interrupts Tiger’s speech and the enormous Primate exits the tunnel. He walks out alone, with his eyes locked on the other animal, Tiger.*

C: And his opponent..from Sarasota, Florida...he weighs in at 300 pounds...he is PRIMATE!

T: Well, it looks like it will be the battle of the animals as the LSU fan, Tiger, takes on the wild animal, Primate.

M: Wild animal is right. This man will tear you limb from limb if you get in his way.

T: April Century has been lately. Possibly the reason why she did not accompany Primate to the ring.

*Primate slides into the ring and poses to the fans. He looks at Tiger who bounces off the ropes and slides through Primate’s legs and rakes him in the back. He then runs and gives the big man a chop block as Primate falls to the mat.*

M: That’s what Tiger must do. Use his speed and experience to outsmart Primate.

T: But, Primate is very fast for his size.

*Tiger climbs on Primate’s back and locks in a sleeper. Primate struggles to get up but finally falls to the mat. The referee lifts Primate’s arms up twice, but they fall to the ground. On the third lift, Primate holds up and lifts himself up, with Tiger on his back! He backs in to a corner forcefully and Tiger releases the hold. Primate shakes the stars out but Tiger runs back and gives him another sleeper. This time, Primate flips Tiger over and slams him onto the mat.*

T: What strength from Tiger. Lifting a 250 pound man twice like that.

*Tiger rolls around in pain and Primate recovers from the sleepers. Primate straddles over Tiger but Tiger rakes him in the eyes. He bounces off the ropes and gives Primate a flying clothesline but it doesn’t knock him down. Tiger attempts again but this time, Primate catches him sideways. He gives him a fallaway slam straight into a cover!*

M: 1....2....Nope. Not yet.

T: Again, impressive strength from Primate. Maybe he can finally fully concentrate without April Century on his side.

*Primate grabs Tiger and knees him in the ribs. Tiger clutches his stomach before receiving a kick to the ribs this time. Tiger rolls around in pain as Primate lets out a yell, which doesn’t receive too nicely with the crowd. Primate notices the boos and is set to hurt Tiger even more. He ties Tiger in a Tree of Woe on the turnbuckles.*

T: Oh no. We’ve seen this before!

*Primate charges and tackles the upside-down Tiger straight into his ribs! Tiger howls and falls to the mat. Primate stomps on Tiger who tries to struggle back up. He finally does and Primate attempts a huge clothesline but Tiger ducks. He then gives a dropkick to Primate’s knee and he falls down. Tiger then lifts Primate’s knee and slams it straight down! Then, he drags Primate over to the corner and exits. He grabs Primate’s targeted leg and whips it into the steel post!*

M: A sickening thud onto the steel post!

*Primate cries in pain as Tiger continues his attack.*

T: Figure Four! He’s locked Primate into a figure four!

M: No one can last this hold for long!

*Fans in the arena hope for Primate to tap as he moans. He lets out a roar and stretches for the ropes. He then reaches it and Tiger lets go when ordered to from the ref. Primate stays on the mat and Tiger locks in another hold! This time, a Boston Crab! Primate starts yelling in pain again but uses his strength to kick Primate off.*

T: His strength just amazes me. Look how he gets out of the Boston Crab hold.

*Tiger sneakily climbs up the turnbuckles and stomps down on the leg of Primate! Primate screams in pain and Tiger goes for the cover. 1....2.....Thre-Kickout! Not yet! Tiger points up to the turnbuckles and signals for the Cat’s Cradle. Suddenly, April Century comes running down toward the ring and Tiger stops.*

M: What is April doing here?

T: Oh no. This is the point of the match where Primate loses the match..

*Tiger turns around and gets nailed by a spear from Primate! Tiger rolls around in pain and gets stuck up on the turnbuckle. Primate exits the ring and climbs as well. He holds Tiger sideways and jumps off the turnbuckle and slamming Tiger’s body onto the mat!*

M: Extinction! He hit it!

T: Cover! 1....2.............3! Primate wins!

C: Here is your winner........Primate!

*after the match Primate gets out of the ring and looks at April who seems to be apologizing...he stares at her and then turns away and goes up the ramp, as she looks sad....*


*DC is shown backstage with Chad Willard*

C: DC are you ready for your contest tonight?

DC: Wow you just got right to the point huh Chad?...but yes, I am ready not only for my match against Force, the biggest hyped match in the history of the IWO, but also for my TV Title Triumph

*crowd cheers*

C: So what number did you draw DC?

DC: Oh that"s easy it's the number I'm not going to tell wonder Jason picks on you every week

*Crowd laughs*

DC: Fans it doesn't matter what number I drew, because with you behind me, I know that these other superstars have no chance, tonight, everyone in the IWO is getting a firsthand look at what it's like to be in the Dogpound!

*crowd cheers as we go back to ringside*


M: Folks, this upcoming match is going to be a real fight.

T: You’ve said it Marv. Back and forth have Judge and Troy gone. It may all end tonight, but I hope not! It’s been pretty damn entertaining.

M: I have a feeling someone is going to get really hurt after this match.

*‘Dirty Window’ by Metallica plays and the crowd erupts to see Judge come out. He looks off into the crowd and then sternly walks down the ramp, embracing with some fans.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring, from New York..Weighing in at 320 pounds, JUDGGGGE!

*Judge climbs the turnbuckle and poses. He then takes off his gown and throws it into the crowd. Judge waits for his opponent.*

T: These fans sure love Judge.

*The intro to the New Blood theme song, ‘Blood Brothers’ by Papa Roach, blasts shortly followed by a huge pyro. Then, Fort Minor’s ‘Remember the Name’ starts and fans start to boo. ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston peeks through the smoky stage and struts down the ramp and points to signs directed to him.

C: And his opponent, from Ventura, CA. Weighing in at 215 pounds...He is ‘The Epitome’, Troy ALLLLSTON!

M: The leader of the New Blood looks ready for the match. Or is that cocky look his only expression?

T: What’s there not to be cocky about? He’s got it all..

*Troy casually slides into the ring and Judge pushes the ref out of the way and starts stomping on the unprepared Troy. Troy covers up and rolls out of the ring as soon as he can. The crowd laughs at him and he tells them to shut up. He checks his lip if he’s bleeding and slides back in. Judge again goes after him but doesn’t let Troy escape.*

M: Relentless attack from Judge.

T: That’s right, he won’t let him up.

M: That’s what you have to do against a guy like Troy. Don’t give him any space to go on the offensive.

*Troy stays parallel to the ring as Judge pounds on his back and head. Troy tries to get up from his knees but Judge gives him a kick to the ribs and Troy gets back down. He whips Troy to the corner so forcefully, he falls on the impact of the turnbuckles. Judge roars for the crowd who gives him a nice pop. He picks up Troy by the head and gives him knees to the face, followed by a snap suplex.*

T: What an attack by Judge. Troy has no breathing room.

M: Ever think that the loss of New Blood at ringside has an effect so far this match?

*Judge gives Troy repeated elbow drops to his sternum and finally gives a last one to his face. Cover! 1......2........Thr-No. Troy barely gets the arm up. Judge does not complain however, and goes back to his merciless attack. Troy reaches his feet, but gets hit with a shoulder tackle from Judge, followed by more punches to his face.*

T: Troy really is getting everything he deserves.

M: Judge isn’t only fighting for himself. But for everyone Troy and the New Blood has embarrassed.

*Judge begins a blatant choke on Troy but the ref orders it to be released. Troy cautiously looks at Judge, who backs off from orders of the referee, and gives him the middle finger. Troy then laughs but Judge runs back and gives Troy the same choke. The ref breaks up the two and Judge stomps Troy out of the ring. Troy hides under and Judge exits the ring. He gives a forearm to Judge’s face and tries to whip him into the steps, but Judge reverses it and whips Troy into the steps, which dismember on impact!

M: What a throw!

T: And Troy ain’t no french fry!

*Without wasting any time, Judge picks him up and throws him into the barricade! Troy rives in pain as Judge picks him up from the ground again. He then drags him to the steel post, which he drives Troy’s skull into!*

M: And Troy’s busted open! Judge will not let up.

T: Oh no, what’s he gonna do with those steel steps!

*Judge picked up the steel steps and walks towards Troy’s body, which is straddled over the post. Judge winds up and slams down but Troy ducks out of the way at the last second! Judge recovers and tries again. This time, Troy drop toe holds Judge and he trips face first onto the steel steps! The crowd pops loudly and Judge’s head lays motionless on the steel steps! Troy struggles up and breaks the referee’s 10 count.*

T: Phew, I thought this match was going to end in a countout!

M: Where’s Troy going?

*Troy makes his way up the top turnbuckle and the crowd is confused to what he is doing. He leaps and plants a leg drop to the back of Judge’s head, driving his face into the steel steps!*




*A replay is shown of the leg drop from the top rope, onto the ground! The crowd chants ‘Holy Shit!’*

*Judge turns over to reveal his crimson face. Troy clutches his leg which he used for the leg drop. Troy limps up into the ring to break the count and falls back down on the floor. After another period of lying on the ground, he rolls the still motionless Judge back into the ring. Troy falls down on the mat and the ref starts yet another count.*

M: These men must be exhausted beyond belief.

T: They’re out. Plain and simple.

*Troy is the first one to his feet and uses the ropes for leverage. Judge gets up as well and wipes blood out of his eyes. He looks at his hands and viciously looks for Troy. Troy ducks a blind punch and swings Judge around for a DDT! Cover!*

M: 1....2......Thr-NO! Not yet.

T: And Troy can’t believe it!

*Troy gets frustrated and says its over. He reels Judge close and kicks him in the gut and hoists him up his shoulders. Judge floats over and picks him up on his shoulders!*

M: Missed Trendsetter attempt. Looks like Judge is trying to lock in the Excruciator!

*Troy wriggles out and pushes Judge from behind into the ropes and he receives a spinning heel kick! Judge falls to the ground and Troy rushes up the turnbuckle. But Judge springs up and smacks Troy. He gets Troy into an inverted DDT position!*

T: No. He’s not going to give him the Final Sentence.

M: An elbow drop DDT from the top rope?!

*Judge lifts and gets Troy airborne. Troy does a backflip onto his feet and gives Judge an enziguri!*

T: What a reversal! Into an enziguri!

*Judge dazily walks and ends up on Troy’s shoulders! Trendsetter! Troy slams Judge head first onto the mat in front of him!*

M: Trendsetter! He hit it!

T: It’s gotta be over!

*Cover....1.......2....................3! Troy wins it!*

T: Troy escapes with the win!

M: These men put everything to it but Troy....once again....somehow pulls out a narrow victory. A narrow one.

*The referee raises Troy’s lain arm in the arm to a mix of boos and cheers. He helps the bloody Troy up and he stumbles out of the ring. A group of referees rush to the ring and two help Troy up the ramp while Judge lay motionless on the mat...*

*a promo for Turmoil for Texas airs again*


M: here is match we have been waiting for DC v. Force

T: This should be a classic

*both men come down to the ring and get in, Force and DC meet in the center of the ring..Talking trash to each other..Force throws the first right hand..and DC counters with one of his..Both men nailing each other with right hands back and Forth..DC whips Force into the ropes..And drops him with a shoulderblock..DC bounces off the ropes..And Force returns the favor with a shoulderblock..Both men stand up..And lock up again..Force drives DC into the corner..And beings to punish him with elbows..He whips DC into the opposite corner and tries to follow up..But DC catches him with a boot to the stomach..And drops him with a bulldog...Cover..1..2..Force kicks out..DC picks Force up..Force rakes DC in the eyes..Force whips DC into the ropes..Force lowers his head,and DC connects with a reverse neckbreaker..Cover..1..2..Force kicks out.

M: It's going to take more than that to beat him

*Force is down on the mat..DC bounces off the ropes,and connects with a kneedrop to Forces forehead...DC picks Force up..goes for a vertical suplex..But Force blocks both his attempts..He locks his arms around DC,and nails a northern lights suplex into a bridge..cover..1..2..DC kicks out...Force and DC get up..Force goes for a clothesline..DC ducks and attempts a German Suplex..But Force lands on his feet..And runs DC over with a clothesline. Force is going to the top rope..But DC catches him on the top..He locks him up..And nails a top rope superplex on Force..Now it's DC's turn to go to the top rope..And he nails Force with the Dogcatcher elbow..cover..1..2..Force gets a shoulder up.*

T: He kicked OUT!

M: what determination

*DC mounts Force..and nails him with a flurry of right hands..DC bounces off the ropes..And drops a leg on force..cover..1..2..Force kicks out...DC goes to pick Force up..But Force gets DC with a drop toe Hold..and then Locks in an STF on DC..Force is bending DC's neck back at a painful angle..DC cant escape..He's reaching for the rope..and gets there..Force breaks the hold..DC picks Force up..Force whips DC into the ropes..DC ducks Forces Clothesline..But on the way back Force catches him and nails him with a belly to back suplex. Force covers DC..1..2...DC kicks out..Force picks DC up..Force tries to hit a DDT..But DC pushes Force away..And he's got Force set up..there it is..The Leash!..Force is down..DC makes the cover..1......2....Force barely gets his shoulder up..*

M: I think DC feels the victory in his grasp!

*DC can't believe it..Dc picks force up and throws him into the turnbuckle..He drives his shoulder into Forces gut..sending Force down in the corner..DC walks to the opposite corner..And charges in trying to smash Force's head with his knee..But Force moves out the way and DC slams into the corner..DC comes stumbling out..Force catches him..picks him up..And nails The Unstoppable Drop!..Force has him..cover..1..2...DC kicks out.. Force is now going to the top rope..Trying to connect with hell from a above..He's winded and climbing slowly..He's finally perched on the top..but DC is up..and shakes the rope..caushing force to fall on a vulnerable area..DC walks over to Force..and puts him in a standing headlock..He crushes Force with a spike DDT from the top Rope....Cover..1..2...Force gets his foot on the rope..*

T: Insticts baby, Insticts!

M: great awareness by Force to get a foot on the rope

*DC can't believe it..He picks force up..Force is out on his feet..He puts force on his shoulders..going for the bust..But Force wiggiles his way off of DC's shoulders..And nails DC with a release German suplex!..Both men are down,but Force is quickly to his feet..He picks DC up..and DC strikes back with a right hand..Force comes back with one of his own..Both men exchanging shots just like the start of the match...Force kicks DC in the gut..And goes for a running knee lift..But DC moves and drops Force with a clothesline...DC picks Force up..and whips him into the ropes..DC goes for a flying clothesline..But Force ducks and DC takes out the ref...Force picks DC up..and nails him with a huge spinebuster...Force and DC are down..and so is the ref...*

M: Force is up and getting out of the ring..what is he doing

T: He has a chair Marv!

*Force gets back in the ring with the chair and waits for DC to get up, he plants the chair right to DC's forehead*


M: I can't belive Force has been driven to this

*Force puts the chair down in the ring, and picks DC up he puts him in position and nails the Unstoppable Drop on the chair*


M: Force is getting the ref up

*Force wakes up the ref and covers DC...the count...1......2......3....Force has beaten DC*

M: He stooped this low but got the victory

T: A tainted victory

M: Regardless Force is still undefeated

*Force gets up and has his arm raised to boos from the crowd...he leaves the ring as the ref checks on DC*

*ad runs for a new superstar Gel Mibson*


*Hugh Miller catches up with Force backstage*

H: Force, Force, why did you do what you did to DC

F: Why? because i can, that's why! Look DC, I beat you, and you know what it doesn't matter how i did it, but I did. Look at it this way, it's nothing personal it's just business.

*Force walks off...meanwhile the ringcrew sets up the inferno match*


M: well we are ready for the World Title to be defended in an Inferno Match

T: yeah this is going to get crazy marv

*Both men make their way to the ring as Corey gets in and shows off the title with his name written in blood on it*

*Corey and Joker lock up mid ring..The flames billowing on the outside of the ring..Corey takes Joker down and applies a side headlock..He tries to throw Joker into the flames..But Joker escapes his grasp and makes it back up to his feet. Both men Lock up again..Corey puts Joker into a hammerlock..Joker tries to reverse it..But Corey puts an Armbar or Joker..Corey rams 5 straight elbows into Jokers arm..Joker drops to a knee..And trips Corey up..Corey falls down and almost runs into the flames..Joker comes at Corey..Corey moves and nails Joker with a full nelson slam...Cover..1..2..Joker kicks out..*

M: You have to remember the fire doesn't matter, it's about pins and submissions in this one

*Corey Picks Joker up and throws him into the turnbuckles..both men deathly close to the flames..Corey pounds Jokers with right hands..Corey grabs Jokers head and tries to force it into the flames..But Joker nails Corey elbows to the stomach..Corey gets up..And drops Joker with a Backwards DDT. Corey is down on the mat..Joker steps on Coreys face and grinds his head into the mat...Joker picks Corey up..and whips him into the ropes..And nails him with a greco roman throw that sends Corey's hand into the flames..Corey screams in pain and his hand looks to be singed..Joker takes full advantage and steps right on Corey's Damaged hand...A sadistic attack..Joker goes for the cover..1..2..Corey kicks out.*

T: Joker really working over Corey's injury

M: Smart move Tater, it's definitely a smart move

*Joker picks Corey up..Corey nails Joker with a left hand..trying to prevent using his injured one..Corey bounces off the ropes..And climbs on Jokers back..Corey trying for a crucifix roll up..But Joker drops down and squashes Corey..cover..1..2..Corey kicks out..Joker grabs corey and drags him towards the flames..He attempts to get Corey's already burned hand back into the fire..But Corey nails Joker with a low blow..Corey gets up and drops Joker with a huge clothesline..Corey goes to work on Jokers arm..Stomping it..driving it into the mat..Corey locks an armbar on Joker..Joker is in major pain..but the ropes wont save him unless he plans on getting burned..Corey is putting a lot of torque on Jokers arm..Joker takes a free hand and nails Corey in the head 3 consecutive times..and Corey lets go of the hold..*

M: Joker needs to mount a comeback if he wants to win this match

*Both men back up to their feet now..Corey goes for a shot..Joker reverses..picks Corey up and nails an atomic drop..Joker bounces off the ropes and nails corey with a running DDT..Cover on Corey...1..2..Corey kicks out..Joker gets up..And has an idea..He goes over to the turnbuckle..and removes the padding..He picks Corey up..And he drives corey's burnt hand into the exposed turnbuckle..Corey stumbles away in pain..Joker grabs Corey and tries to do it again..But Corey stops him..Corey grabs Jokers injured arm and rams into the exposed turnbuckle multiple times..Joker goes down to one knee in pain..Corey runs at him and catches him with a knee lift..And then clotheslines him over the top rope and barely over the flames..Now Corey is on the inside and Joker is on the outside..The flames are rising high..Corey charges and takes an insane suicide dive out to the floor taking out Joker in the process.*

T: OH MY GOD!!!!

M: You have to win by pin..Both men need to get into the ring..

*Now Corey brings out a table.. He sets it up next to the ring..He picks Joker up..And both men are now on top of the Table..Corey picks Joker up..And Powerbombs him off the table above the flames and back into the ring..Corey now has to get back in..And He jumps and lands on the top rope...But joker is now up and waiting for him..He catches him and nails him with a huge spinebuster..Both men are down..The flames still rising ever higher.*

M: The person up first has the advantage Tater

*Both men make it to their feet and exchange right hands..Joker bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline..But Corey catches his arm and takes him down into another armbar..but this time he drags Jokers arm into the flames!..Jokers arm is on Fire!..

T: I smell Flesh Marv

*Joker is stumbling around with his arm in flames..Corey catches him..Picks him up..and nails the duality driver..cover..1..2...3...

M: Corey Retains!..

*Medical staff quickly come out and put the flames out on Jokers arm..but extreme damage must have been done..Corey remains champ.

M: You have to wonder what the damage is, and how badly hurt Joker is Tater

T: What a brutal match Marv

*ad runs for Championship Dreams*


M: we are set for the TV Title Battle Royal and let's find out who drew number 1

*Blood Brothers by Papa Roach plays as Jason comes out to the ring with Stacy*

T: It's Jason, and look at the effects he suffered from earlier, he looks a little sluggish

*Jason gets in the ring as the LSU fight song comes on, and Tiger comes down to the ring waving the LSU flag, he slide in and quickly charges at Jason he pushes Stacy towards Tiger...Tiger stops himself, and Jason dropkicks Tiger...*

M: He just used Stacy as a distraction

T: I think it was a smart move

*Stacy gets out of the ring, as Jason pounds on Tiger..Jason gets up to boos from the crowd as he goes over and kisses Stacy...Jason turns around and sees Tiger getting up..Jason picks up the flag and breaks it over Tiger's head*

M: dirty tactics by Jason

T: yeah but this should be no surprise Marv

*the buzzer goes off as Mr. Oldschool and Ervin come down to the ring...Oldschool gets in the ring and together Jason and Oldschool work over Tiger*

M: look at these two teaming up

T: There are no friends in this match Marv, but every little bit helps

*Jason and Oldschool take turns stomping on Tiger...both men pick Tiger up and get him close to the ropes they try to get Tiger over the top rope*

M: If he goes over then Tiger will be eliminated if both feet hit the floor

T: Here comes the number 4 person, and it's Mr. Giggles!

*Giggles come out and does the rope pull all the way to the ring...Tiger is trying to hold on for dear life*

M: Tiger is going to be gone unless Giggles finally gets in the ring

*Tiger keeps holding on as Giggles slowly gets closer to the ring, the buzzer goes off and Demon Alexander comes down the aisle...he attacks Giggle from behind and tosses him into the ring...Demon chokes Giggles in the ring*

M: well Giggles is finally in the ring

T: And he is finally getting his ass kicked too Marv

*Demon lets go of Giggles and goes over and helps Jason and Oldschool with Tiger..the three men finally eliminate Tiger as the buzzer goes off again*

T: It's Josh!!!

*Josh runs down the ring and slides in, quickly fighting off the three heels...Josh is knocking them down with punches as Giggles finally gets up...Josh is getting pumped and looks for Giggles to help out*

M: Josh clearing house Tater

T: Yeah but can he get Giggles on the same page?

*Ervin slides his cane into Mr. Oldschool as Josh starts fighting with Jason backing him into the corner..Giggles goes after Demon Alexander punching him then nailing him with a dropkick...Giggles begins doing the man in the box, when Oldschool smacks him from behind with the Cane...*

M: Another cheap shot from Oldschool

*Oldschool beats Giggles down, then tosses the cane back out to Ervin...He then attacks Josh from behind, the buzzer goes off and Crazyskill runs down to the ring..He slides in and grabs Giggles, he then tosses Giggles over the ropes to the outside*

M: another superstar gone

T: And I was looking forward to more mimicry

*Crazyskill goes over to help Oldschool and Jason as they team up on Josh..they get him near the ropes and hold him there, Demon is up and goes over to help as the four men toss him over*

M: Look at them all team up on Josh

*the buzzer goes off and Judge comes to the ring...all four men attack the big guy*

M: just like a pack of wolves

T: they smell blood Marv

*Judge gets beat down and is pretty much getting decimated..the buzzer soon goes off and DC comes running down the aisle with Wilma behind him...DC gets in and starts leveling folks*

M: Here comes some backup for the Judge

T: yeah but what effects does DC have from those chair shots he suffered a little while ago

*DC is winning the battle against the four heels, until Oldschool rakes DC's eyes...Wilma slides in the ring and jumps on Oldschool's back..the other heels look on distracted, as Dc regains his sights and attacks Jason knocking him down..Crazyskill and DC battle as Judge gets up and levels Demon with a big boot..Wilma turns Oldschools mask where he can't see...Ervin slides in and chases Wilma right out of the ring...Judge tosses Oldschool over the ropes eliminating him...ervin can't believe it*

M: Looks like Oldschool is done for the night, thanks to Wilma and Judge

T: It's CURRY!!!!

*Curry Man runs to the Judge and Jason battle it out...Crazyskill and DC are paired off...Demon gets up and recieves the Curry Rush knocking him down*

T: CURRY!!!!

*Curry goes over to help Judge as they get Jason in the corner...DC is still battling with Crazyskill as DC backs him into the turnbuckles and is trying to get him over the ropes...the buzzer sounds and Troy come to the ring*

M: well all of the New Blood are here now

*Troy gets in and quickly goes over and attacks Curry Man...he tosses him into the ropes and Curry comes back with a clothesline..Troy ducks it and hits the 23 sending curry forward into the ropes...Troy goes up and tosses Curry Man over the top rope and to the floor...*

T: oh well CURRY!!!

*Troy attacks Judge and Jason and Troy team up on him...meanwhile Demon attacks DC keeping him from throwing Skill over the ropes...Both DC and Judge are getting teamed up on*

M: It's not looking good for the good guys

*the buzzer sounds as Primate comes sprinting down the ring..he quickly spears Crazyskill to the disbelief of Demon...DC manages to fight back against Demon, as Jason goes after Primate..Primate quickly gets the upperhand and tosses Jason into the corner hitting him with shoulders to the gut...Troy meanwhile is trying to get Judge over the top rope...the buzzer sounds and Unstoppable Force walks down the aisle*

M: here comes Force to do battle with these superstars

*DC sees Force and slides out the other side of the ring...he grabs a chair and waits...*

M: What is DC doing?

T: Looks like he is hiding

*Force gets in the ring and nails Demon with a clothesline taking him down..He goes over and along with Troy eliminates Judge...Troy looks at Force and then goes over to to help out Jason who is being beaten by Primate..Force looks over as Crazyskill gets to his feet...he grabs Skill and nails a monsterous chokeslam...Force gets up all pumped up as troy looks shocked at him..Troy goes over and nails some right hands...he rocks Force..Troy bounces off the ropes but Force nails him with a huge big boot taking him down*

M: Force is dominating Tater!

*DC slides back in behind Force...Force turns and DC levels him with a chair shot to the head, rocking Force backwards..he does it again and again..taking Force down to a knee..DC has the crowd to their he hits Force again sending him into the ropes...DC looks at the other wrestlers and tells them to come on..together they all gain up and take the big man and get him over the top rope eliminating him*

M: look at the teamwork, they all ganged up and eliminated Force

T: yeah with the help of a chair

*Force is outside and pissed off..meanwhile the buzzer goes off and Highlight comes down to the ring*

M: here comes the final entry Tater

*as Troy battles with Demon, Primate spears Skill again...DC and Primate then team up and toss Jason outside the ropes as highlight enters the ring..*

M: Nice to see Stacy comforting her man..

T: yeah but now Primate and DC are fighting

*Highlight goes over and punches on Skill...Troy gets ddt'ed by Demon...Demon gets up and sees Highlight he attacks him from behind with a lowblow..he then hits the Purifier on him*


*Demon eliminates Highlight over the top rope, and then tries to do the same to Skill...Troy goes over to break it up...atatcking demon...DC and Primate stop fighting and Primate Spears Troy taking him down...Primate seems to be exciting about his spear, when DC grabs him from behind and tosses him to the outside*

M: You have to watch your back in this match

T: Yeah good move by DC to eliminate Primate

*the buzzer sounds again*

M: what is this?

T: It's Joe the Schmo

M: this must be the favor Smith owed him, to be the final entry

*Schmo comes into the ring to a huge pop...he starts using Hulk Hoganesque punches taking down the superstars...eventually the superstars all get up and team up on Schmo..each one hits their finisher before the group throws Joe out of the ring to the floor*

T: Well I guess we don't know Schmo!

*four men remain as Troy and Skill both try to take out DC and Demon..Skill knocks DC down and gets the advantage..he rams DC shoulder first into the ring post...the New blood team up to beat down Demon...Skill holds Demon up with his back turned towards Troy..Troy backs up and goes for the 23...but somehow Demon was playing possum and grabs Skill's arm and pulls him into the boot...*

T: Troy superkicked Skill

M: Smart move by Demon

*Troy is in disbelief, Demon begins to punch Troy he tosses him into the ropes..but Troy hits a flying forearm...Troy gets up and gets Demon to the ropes...he tries to get Demon over to no avail..Demon trying to fight back, but Skill gets up and goes over and together the New Blood eliminate Demon*

M: three men left!

*DC gets up and clotheslines Skill over the top rope when he turns around..leaving just Troy and DC..the two exchange blows...Troy irish whips DC, but it's reversed..DC ducks a clothesline from Troy and runs at him...DC clotheslines Troy over the ropes and looks to eliminate him...DC turns around and raises his arms in victory*

M: Look Troy held on, DC doesn't see it

T: troy is going to skin the cat, but wait look at Wilma!

*Troy attmepts to skin the cat and pull himself back over..but Wilma grabs his leg in Wilma holds on..DC turns around..he runs and dropkicks Troy right in his back sending Troy crashing to the floor...the ref rings the bell as DC has won the match..*

M: DC did it, he has just won the TV Title

T: This is history Marv

M: It sure is Tater

*DC is handed the new TV Title belt and Wilma climbs in and raises his arm...the two celebrate in the ring as the crowd cheers*

M: What a night as we crown a new champion...folks we will see you next week for Redemption!

*DC is shown celebrating on the turnbuckle as the camera fades*

credit to Troy and One for the singles matches...and also Troy for the banner
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Nice work to all involved. Shold fix up the start where the first bit of the TLC match is repeated like 3 times.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Damn good show. Best so far. Good job to One and DC.

Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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Same to you Troy.
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Originally Posted by DrDoom
Nice work to all involved. Shold fix up the start where the first bit of the TLC match is repeated like 3 times.

i fixed it now you should fix "should"
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Nice job on the matches DC, One, and Troy. This is turning into quite a success.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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