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Redemption Week 3 July 26
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Default Redemption Week 3 July 26

Dark Match

The Curry Muncher is in the ring as Joe the Schmo comes down the aisle..Curry Muncher is still chewing on what appears to be Curry from a bowl in his hands...Joe walks up the stairs and in the ring, Curry Muncher drops his bowl of Curry...Joe climbs in through the ropes and Curry Munchers screams CURRY!!! to about a half full arena...Curry charges at Joe and nails him wiht the Curry Rush...Joe falls down holding his stomach after recieving the headbutt to the gut...Curry is slapping himself and the ref rings the bell to start the match...Curry grabs Joe and puts him in postion for a dragon sleeper but he falls back and does a body scissors as well and locks in the Forgotten Spices...the ref is asking Joe if he gives as Joe is losing breath...the ref raises Joe's arm...1...again....2...the ref raises Joe's arm one more time and it drops..the ref rings the bell as Curry Muncher has just won the match....Curry gets up and celebrates his victory taking his shirt off and throwing it to the fans in the crowd...the crowd boos and some women scream for Curry to leave the ring...


Fireworks explode as Redemtion begins, we are looking at the video screen which has the caption earlier today...Mr. Smith is seen in his office when The New Blood come bursting through the door...Equalizer is standing behind Mr. Smith and a giant bingo looking thing is in front of the desk with several plastic eggs inside...Troy begins yelling at Smith

Troy: What the hell Smith? You are telling me that at Return to Hell no member of the new blood is involved in a major match. I mean come on did you see what we did to that chump Corey...Hell instead of a world title shot for The Epitome, i get to take on that civil good doer the Judge..What is this about Smith?

Smith: It's Mr. Smith to you, and let me tell you what it is about, it's about me making money and running this business. Besides, I run the show around here not you....Now we have a drawing to conduct so what don't you three go ahead and see what number you will be in the TV Title Rumble.

*The new blood look pissed off as Troy reaches in and grabs a number..he opens it and looks pleased by what he sees*

Troy: Looks like The Epitome is going to win this thing after all

*Crazyskill looks at Troy and then draws his number...he opens it and shrugs*

Skill: Yeah if I don't win it first

*Troy and Skill laugh as Stacy draws for Jason*

Jason: Don't get ahead of yourselves boys, you know I am the veteran around here..

*The three guys laugh as Stacy opens the egg and shows it to Jason...Jason looks and his smile goes away*

Jason: Looks like we need to come up with a plan guys

Troy: Let's get it on it then, see ya Smith

*Troy snickers as the New Blood leave the office*


The camera comes back to ringside as we join the announcers

M: Welcome to Redemption, I'm Marv Rome and with me is Tater Inberg

T: thanks Marv, and it's the last Redemption before Return to Hell and what a card we have tonight...

M: Indeed Tater, and let's go backstage to Mr. Smith's office for more of the TV Title Rumble Drawing.

*Camera goes back into Smith's office where DC is drawing a number, with him is Wilma as the two look at Smith and Equalizer..DC draws the number and looks at it*

DC: Well Smith seems that your worse nightmare is going to come true at Return to Hell. You thought you could stop me from winning gold, but unfortunately for you that's not going to happen...You boys are looking at the next TV Champion.

*The door to the office opens as Force walks in*

Force: DC, Wilma, hope you are ready for tonight's match

DC: I'm always ready, the question is are you?

Force: Like you even have to ask, anyway, you better be ready because tonight, I don't care if it's Demon, Highlight, or even you, pain is going to be man..

DC: Yeah, Yeah Mandatory for me...yadda yadda yadda, well good luck big man, cause regardless of tonight's outcome you are still looking at the next TV champ

*DC smacks Force on the shoulder and walks out with Wilma...Force gives a smirk and draws his number...he opens it and looks pleased about it..*

Force: Next TV champ...we'll see about that

*Force shakes his head and walks out*


*A chord from Papa Roach’s “Blood Brothers” plays signaling the arrival of a member of the New Blood. Crazyskill then comes out to his music, ‘Paint It Black’, by the Rolling Stones. The fans heavily boo him, who is hidden in his usual towel.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from New York, New York...He is..Crazyskill!

*Even more boo’s from the sound of Crazyskill’s name. He throws his black towel into the crowd and poses into the ring.*

T: Just a glimpse of what everyone thinks about the New Blood.

M: Quite frankly, I don’t think the New Blood cares what the fans think. They do what they want, when they want. And they haven’t been picking up friends because of it.

*’Not Falling’ by Mudvayne blasts through the arena as the fans stand up for their hero, The Josh. He comes out from the backstage area, full of energy and saluting to the fans.*

C: And his opponent, on his way to the ring...Coming from Vancouver....He is THEEEEEE JOSH!

M: Josh receiving a much...better reaction than his opponent today, Crazyskill.

T: Crazyskill does not give a damn. Haven’t you learned that by now?

*Josh nonchalantly slides into the ring but Crazyskill starts stomping on him right from the get-go. Crazyskill picks up Josh and stomps on his left leg. Josh clutches and gets whipped into the ropes. He bounces off and receives a leg drop to the knee, and he falls onto the mat. Crazyskill looks at the crowd and gives them a salute to mock Josh.*

M: Crazyskill starting the match with ruthless aggression.

T: He’s targeting that left leg I see.

*Josh begins to struggle up behind Skill’s back. CS notices and pounds him in the face. He whips Josh into the turnbuckle and charges at him. He gives him a shoulder tackle to the ribs and Josh limps off. Skill then gives him a chop block to the back of his targeted leg and Josh falls to the mat. CS goes for the cover!*

T: Quick cover! 1.......2........Kickout.

*CS complains to the ref who does not give in. Josh opportunistically attacks Skill who has his back turned and gives him a Gutbuster. CS grabs his ribs in pain and Josh continues to attack his midsection. Stomp after stomp after stomp. He bounces off the ropes and gives a knee drop to Skill’s ribs! Skill rives in pain as Josh goes for the cover. 1......2...Kickout.*

M: Crazyskill looks stunned to see how the momentum has changed so drastically.

T: That’s what an opponent like Josh can do to you.

*Crazyskill struggles to his feet but meets with continuous rights and lefts. He falls to the mat and bounces up. A dropkick that knocks him into the ropes. Josh charges at his opponent, looking to knock him out of the ring, but CS ducks and Josh flies out of the ring!*

T: Oh man! I think Josh may have injured his leg on that fall!

M: Now CS has some time to gain some composure back.

*Crazyskill looks out at the floor and then at the turnbuckle. He begins to climb as the fans rise.*

M: Oh no! What’s he going to do?!

*Crazyskill leaps backwards and does a Corkscrew Body Splash to Josh on the outside! At the last second, Josh puts his knees up and CS lands on them!*

M: OH MY GOD! He just did a Crazy Death from the top turnbuckle to the outside!

T: HE WENT FOR IT ALL AND BOTH OF THEM PAID! I think Josh injured his knee trying to stop Crazyskill from landing on him!

M: And Crazyskill must have killed his ribs from landing on Josh’s knees.

T: Let’s check out that replay!

*A replay is shown of Crazyskill’s suicide Crazy Death attempt onto Josh.*

T: Look at the ring Marv! The ref is in the middle of the count!

*4..........5..........6...........7.............8 .........9......Crazyskill and Josh dive towards the ring but do not make it before the 10 count...*

M: Ah! A double countout! Both look none to pleased about this.

T: It was all from one move! That suicide splash from Crazyskill injured his opponent....and himself. It caused this draw.

M: Well let's go backstage and see the next drawing

*Backstage Primate and April Century are in Mr. Smith's office, where April is comforting Primate*

April: Don't worry you got everything going for you, tonight you beat Corey in a non title match, and next week you beat Tiger and win the TV title..

*Primate draws a number and looks at it then turns to April*

Primate: You know what honey, you might be right about this after all, nothing is going to stop the Primate from being the next TV champ, and tonight Corey is going to get a first hand look at what a wild animal looks like. I'm going to teach you pain in our hardcore match Corey and make a fool out of the so-called champion.

*Primate and April walk out as we go to commercial break*



Mr. Oldschool and Ervin are seen in Smith's office talking to him as Ervin pulls out a number

Ervin: My client would like another number Mr. Smith

Mr. Oldschool: Yes, someone of my talent should not enter at this spot

Smith: Look it's only one number and whatever you got is what you have to keep

*Just then the Tiger burst in the door*

Tiger: Look at you two, you are worried about a number, it doesn't matter what number you have, it's do you have the heart and the will to overcome the odds. Take LSU for instance, they are great and they play 110% every game, just like I do.

Ervin: Look you imbecile, you come in here cheering and whatnot, but you should be worried about what Mr. Oldschool is going to do to you and that little punk kid Jason tonight. You are looking at the next TV champion and we are going to show you first hand what Oldschool is about.

Tiger: If you don't shut up, I'm going to show you first hand what a flagpole up your ass feels like.

*Oldschool and Ervin walk out pissed off, as Tiger draws his number..he opens it up and shakes his head*

Tiger: Damn numbers, just like the BCS they always hate the Tiger

*Tiger walks out as the camera comes back to ringside for the next match*


*‘No Rest For The Wicked’ by Godsmack sounds through the arena, followed by flashes of orange and black. The Primate walks down the ramp, flexing his muscular physique.*
C: The following contest is a hardcore match scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 300 pounds! He is the....PRIIIIIIIMATE!

M: Would you take a look at this man.

T: 6'6". 300 pounds. Look at this specimen.

M: He surely will have to use his size against our World Heavyweight Champion. But folks, this is a non-title match.

*’Duality’ by Slipknot blasts through the arena speakers as the boos start to get louder. IWO World Champion, Corey Taylor, walks out from the back and rushes down the ramp, giggling to himself. He has a barbed wire baseball bat at hand.*

C: And his opponent, weighing in at 230 pounds, He is the IWO World Heavyweight Champion..Coreyyyyy TAYYYYYLOR!

*Corey slides into the ring and takes vicious hacks at his opponent with his bat wrapped in barbed wire. None connect to Primate who exits the ring ASAP. Corey holds the bat up the to fans to get a pop. Primate sneakily grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring and enters the ring again. Corey turns around and gets hit with a shot to the head from the sledgehammer! Corey falls to the ring and already, he is busted open. Corey giggles to himself on the ground to the sight of his own blood.*

T: It looks like Corey is enjoying the fact that he is bleeding!

M: Look at Primate! He doesn’t know what to do!

*Primate looks confused and begins punching Corey’s wound. Corey laughs at every blow to the head. Primate picks Corey up and gives him a facebuster, but Corey instantly bounces up and starts laughing.*

M: Our champion is a freak!

*Primate sees the barbed wire bat and retrieves it. He charges at Corey with the bat, but Corey does a drop toe hold and Primate falls face first onto the bat! The crowd chants ‘Holy Shit’ and Primate rips the bat from his dome. Corey laughs off to the crowd and Primate springs to his feet.*

T: Looks like Primate is a freak too!

*Corey turns around and receives a huge Spear! This time, he does not get up laughing! He gets whipped to the corner and Primate signals the end. He exits the ring..*

M: Looks like he’s gonna get the Extinction!

*Primate goes through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle. Suddenly a video plays on the TitanTron.*

-*From the TitanTron*-

Mr. Oldschool: Oh...PRIMATTTTTE!

Ervin: Yes, you! Barry Bonds! Take a look at what we have!

*Ervin turns a chair around and April Century is tied to it, with a gag on her mouth as she shrieks for help.*

*Primate continues to look at the screen but Corey has already recovered! He gives a blow to Primate’s head and picks up Primate onto his shoulders.*

M: Oh no! Looks like he is going to hit..

T: The Duality Driver!

*From the second turnbuckle, Corey hits Primate with his Death Valley Driver and goes for the pin.*

M: 1.......2.........3! Corey wins!

T: For the second straight week in a row, April Century has cost Primate a match.

M: It wasn’t her fault this time! Mr. Oldschool and his manager Ervin distracted the animal. And what better way to do it by capturing his “Jane.”

T: Who's going to help her now Marv?

M: It's out of our hands, hopefully she will be okay, we will keep you updated folks, but it seems we have another drawing taking place...


*Smith is shown yelling at the Equalizer and security to find out what happen to April...meanwhile the MWO comes in and all begin tricks of mimicry...Mr. Wiggles pretends to roll the cage around and draw a number..the other mimes follow in suite before Smith gets mad and speaks*

Smith: You damn mimes, quit your antics and Giggles draw a number

*Giggles bows forth repeatedly looking like he is apologizing for the antics...he then draws a real number and looks at it...he frowns and shows it to the other mimes...the mimes then stack on top of one another with Giggles not in the stack...Mr. Biggles holds a fake rope down to Giggles who puts it around his neck and proceeds to "hang " himself with it...*

Smith: get the hell out of my office

*commercial break as the mimes run out*


*‘Le Cirque Reinvente’ echos throughout the arena as the fans cheer for their favorite mime, Mr. Giggles. Mr. Giggles does his trademark walk down the ramp, pulling a “rope” to get him there. Several chants start a “Mime Time” chant as the unusual fellow walks down the ring.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Quebec, Canada...Mr. Gigggggggggles!

*Fans build up a MWO chant and several little mimes come running down the ramp and surround the ring.*

M: Here is the one they call, Mr. Giggles. A quite unusual character if you ask me.

T: Unusual he may be. But he is pretty damn entertaining! Listen to the crowd!

*When Giggles finally approaches the ring, he squats down on the middle of the ring, like he is sitting on a chair. He gives one last wave to the crowd.*

T: Mr. Giggles may get the cheap pop, but the man he is facing does not give a DAMN how much the IWO fans love him.

M: No, Troy Alston has said before that he has no sympathy whatsoever for the mime from Quebec, and looks at him like he is nothing but a pile of dirt.

T: But, that raises the question, can you blame him?

*The beginning guitar chord for Papa Roach’s ‘Blood Brothers’ sounds through the speakers as the fans stand up in anticipation. Shortly after, a pyro goes off and the stage begins to smoke. Troy’s music, ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor follows after the intro and Troy finally exits the backstage area. He pauses and looks at both sides of the crowd, where he receives a mix of boos and cheers. He does his single New Blood pose and then struts to the ring.*

M: New Blood’s Troy Alston has said no one in the IWO can stop him..

T: Nobody has done so yet. Just look at the last couple weeks of Redemption!

M: That’s right. If you don’t remember, the New Blood surprised Judge and Corey with an ambush during the title match. After the match was over, Troy hit the Trendsetter on our World Champion through our very own announce table!

T: That’s called making a statement. Beating down the champion just like that? Mark my words, Troy will score gold sometime soon..

C: And his opponent....From Ventura, California, he is coming in at 215 pounds. He is the New Blood’s Troy Allllllllston!

*Troy’s few cheers get overpowered by boos when one of Mr. Giggles’ mimes bumps into Troy on accident while he was making his entrance on accident. Troy picks up the much smaller mime and the other 3 mimes surround Troy and signal him to put him down. Troy ponders for a bit and then forcefully throws the mime into all 3 of his “brothers”, sending them all to the arena floor!*

M: What an asshole! That mime didn’t do anything to him!

*Troy slides into the ring like nothing happened and poses on the top turnbuckle. During this time, Mr. Giggles stays in his “seated” position, not budging once. Troy jumps off the turnbuckle and meets Giggles in the middle of the ring. Giggles extends his arms out in his seated position for a handshake. Troy attempts to give the mime’s hand a shake back but Giggles backflips out of the way. The crowd roars with laughter as Troy stands there confused.*

T: Heh heh, didn’t we say he was an entertainer?!

*Mr. Giggles notices the crowd reaction and does numerous backflips in Troy’s direction. When he gets near Troy, Troy goes for his 23 superkick to the back of the mime’s head and connects! Mr. Giggles falls straight to the ground.*

M: My god! Did you hear that thud!

T: Troy said he wouldn’t hold back! And I think Giggles just got a first hand look of what he meant!

*Giggles lie on the ground unconscious as the crowd tries to rally him on. Troy does a Hogan-esque hearing taunt to the crowd and goes back for the attack. He applies a Surfboard submission to the 5'4" mime as he winces in pain.*

T: Look how Troy is just pulling Giggles’ arms out of his sockets! His back must be riving in pain!

*Troy lets go of the hold to the crowd’s relief and picks the mime up. He bends the mime over and elbows him in the back of the head. Giggles stays on his feet but receives a swinging neckbreaker!*

M: It’s over. 1...2....Thre-NO! Pardon me folks but that was not 3!

T: Giggles just got his shoulder up before the 3 count.

*Troy picks up the mime and begins punching him in the head. After a flurry of punches, Mr. Giggles starts to “hulk up” in silence! He regains momentum and after a while, seems not to feel Troy’s punches anymore. He finally blocks a punch, and gives his own to Troy’s ribs. He gives another and another and another. Mr. Giggles does not go for one more however, but instead pokes Troy in the eyes!*

M: What a rally! C’mon kid!

*Following the eye poke which received a huge reaction from the crowd, he gives Troy a bulldog! Cover! 1.......2.....Kickout!*

T: Despite our wishes, Troy is too strong to be pinned already.

*Mr. Giggles approaches the turnbuckles and begins climbing. The fans stand up to see what the mime is going to do. To everyone’s surprise, he begins walking down the invisible stairs! The crowd bursts with laughter until Giggles is met with an unsuspecting spinning heel kick! Giggles instantly falls to the ground on impact!*

M: Ah! Giggles makes another mistake. And this will likely cost him.

*Troy throws the mime seated on the top turnbuckle and Troy taunts the crowd.*

T: Oh no. What’s he going to do here?!

*Troy exits the ring onto the apron and smiles for the crowd. He then pulls an invisible rope up the turnbuckles to much of the fans’ dismay. Once near the stunned mime, Troy hoists Giggles up onto his shoulders and stands on the top turnbuckle! The fans know what he is going to do!*

M: No Troy! You’re going to break him in half!

T: Stop! Get him down!

*Troy stands up there for a couple seconds and points down to the mat. The flurry of mini-mimes then climb on the apron, attempting to pull Troy down. Troy thrusts his leg and all go flying onto the floor. Troy then leaps with Giggles on his shoulders and plants him onto the mat with the Trendsetter!*



*Troy slowly makes the cover on the unconscious mime and gets the much expected 1........2........3.....*

C: And the winner of this match via Trendsetter from the Top Rope..He is one-fourth of the New Blood, ‘the Epitome’ Troy....ALLLLLLLSTON!*

*Not much reaction from the crowd because all are worried for the beloved Mr. Giggles. 2 EMTs rush down to the ring and bring out a stretcher. 1 of the EMTs pick him over his shoulder to set him down on the stretcher...but the other gives him an RKO!*


*The man who attacked the helpless mime peeks his head up...and IT’S JASON! The other looks up and it is CRAZYSKILL! Troy, who mindlessly stood in the ring, begins laughing devilishly along with his stable mates.



*They all embrace and the fallen mini-mimes enter the ring to defend their MWO leader. The New Blood attack all of the mimes, taking turns beating the 4 mimes up. Troy stacks 2 mimes on his shoulders, and sends them both crashing down on the mat with a double TRENDSETTER!*


*After this, Jason runs up on the other 2 dazed mimes and gives them each a JKO at the same time, one on each of Jason’s shoulders!*

T: DOUBLE JKO! This is an ambush!

*Troy and Jason all laugh at their work and drag the lain mimes in the middle of ring, side by side. They stuff Mr. Giggles into the middle and Crazyskill climbs the top rope.*

M: Oh no! What’s he going to do?!



*All of the mimes look dead about now and the New Blood’s music starts to play. They roll out of the ring and taunt the mimes and the booing crowd. Real EMTs sprint down to the ring, past the unforgiving New Blood. Troy, Jason and Crazyskill enter the back still laughing to what they had did...*


*backstage The Judge is talking with The Josh as they walk into the Mr. Smith's office, as he is on the phone*

Smith: Look I'm glad you guys found April, but I have some business to take care of...Guys glad you could be here, I hope that your new tag team is going to be a success here in the IWO, not too often that Tag teams prevail.

Josh: Obviously you haven't seen what I accomplished in the old IWO

Judge: Besides we are going to take care of the New Blood and get rid of them pantywaist boys once and for all.

*Josh draws a number and looks at Judge*

Josh: Good thing i have my stamina built up

*Judge draws and seems kinda disappointed*

Judge: Well I guess it's time for the law to go take care of Joker..

Josh: yeah time for some revenge

*the two men walk out*



*Back in Smith's office we see Highlight fussing about something*

Highlight: I have been robbed week after week and instead of a world title shot to make up for it, I have to face Demon at Return to Hell, what is that about Smith

Smith: It's about you shutting up and drawing a number right now

*Highlight draws and looks very pleased*

Highlight: Looks like the TV Title is going to the ultimate Heel, see you in hell next week Smith

*Highlight turns around and bumps into the Equalizer...Equalizer grabs Highlight and slams him against the wall then tosses him into the hallway...Equalizer and Smith laugh*


M: well here we are and here comes Mr. LSU, The Tiger

T: Yeah i really like that marching band beat

M: this is going to be a triple threat match between Tiger, Jason and this man coming down the aisle

*Mr. Oldschool and Ervin walk down the aisle determined about their match as they watch Tiger point to his flagpole and then at them*

M: Looks like a couple of these guys are ready

T: I'm ready for something else Marv

*Jason and Stacy come down the aisle and Jason runs and slides into the ring*

M: this is going to be a hell of a fight Tater

*All 3 Men are in seperate corners..The bell rings and we're underway..Jason and Oldschool lock up and go right at each other with shots..Ignoring Tiger who sits in the corner watching the two..Jason hits a bodyslam on oldschool..Tiger sneaks up Behind Jason and rolls him up..1..2..Jason gets up...Jason goes for a clothesline but Tiger ducks and Jason connects with Oldschool..Oldschool goes flying over the top rope and out of the ring. Jason turns around..and Tiger nails him with a superkick that sends him over the top rope and to the floor with oldschool. Tiger goes to the top rope..And nails a suicide dive onto both Oldschool and Jason...Tiger gets up and rolls Jason back into the ring..cover..1...2..Jason kicks out..

M: You got to admire Jason's toughness

T: Yeah but I rather admire Stacy instead

*Tiger picks Jason up..And Out of nowhere Jason hits the JKO!..cover..1..2..Oldschool makes the save..Oldschool picks Jason up..and nails him with a big atomic drop..He calls tiger over and they double team Jason..They whip Jason into the ropes...And nail him with a double clothesline...Tiger drops an elbow on Jason..Then Oldschool does the same..Both men get up..look at each other..and begin dropping alternating elbows on after the other..
Tiger picks Jason up...Tiger goes for the claw..but Oldschool grabs Tiger's arm..Oldschool shakes his head at Tiger..Oldschool nails Tiger with a series of right hands..Whips him into the turnbuckle..And follows in with a clothesline..Tiger is stumbling around..Oldschool goes to the top rope..And nails Tiger with a missile dropkick..Cover..1...2....Tiger kicks up..*

T: That looked a little new school if you ask me

*Jason is up now...and he attacks oldschool..Gives oldschool a knee to the Gut..And folloed up by a DDT..Cover..1..2..Oldschool gets up..Jason picks Oldschool up..and throws him into the buckle..Jason batters oldschool with chops that echo through the arena..Jason goes to the top rope..Mounting Oldschool..and delivers a series of right hands..But Oldschool comes out of the corner and drops jason chin first on the top turnbuckle...Oldschool spots Tiger getting up and goes after him with a right hand..Tiger ducks..And nails a German suplex into a bridge..1..2..Oldschool kicks out.*

T: what a german

M: great technical wrestling Tater

*Tiger goes to work on oldschool..Driving knees into oldschools stomach...He picks Oldschool up...And locks on a Dragon sleeper..Jason is still down and Tiger has Oldschool locked up good..Oldschool is grabing for hair..Anything to get Tiger to break it..But it's not working...Oldschool raises his hand..About to tap..But Jason flies in from the top rope and nails Tiger with a double axe handle just in time...Jason goes to work on Tiger..Picks him up..And delivers a Vertical suplex..Jason then hits a standing moonsault..cover..1..2..Tiger kicks out..*

T: He almost had it there Marv

*Jason picks Tiger up again..And whips him into the ropes..He nails Tiger with a huge Spinebuster..Cover..1..2..Again..Tiger kicks out. Jason is now stalking his prey...Ready to deliver the JKO..Tiger gets up..Jason goes for it..But Tiger catches Jason..And tosses him over the ropes and to the floor. Oldschool quickly comes up behind Tiger and nails him with a backcracker...Quick cover..1..2..Tiger kicks out. oldschool goes to pick tiger up..But Tiger fights back..He nails Oldschool with rights and lefts to the stomach..He whips Oldschool into the ropes..And nails a back body drop..Tiger bounces off the ropes..and nails a Hulk Hogan style legdrop on Oldschool..Cover..1..2..Oldschool kicks out.*

M: It looks like Tiger is showing Oldschool up at his own game

*Tiger is calling for it..He goes to the top rope..He goes for the Cats Cradle..But Oldschool moves..Tiger lands hard on the mat...Oldschool gets to his feet. Kicks Tiger in the gut..And nails the Dropout!

T: The Dropout, it's OVER!!!

*...Jason slides back into the ring..grabs Oldschool and turns him around..And nails Oldschool with the JKO!..Cover..1..2...3!..An oppertunistic Jason gets the Win!*

M: That damn Jason, he steals this victory

T: You gotta hand it to him he made the perfect move at the perfect time, that's why he is the veteran..


*backstage Demon is drawing his number he looks at it and seems upset*

Demon: If the devil wasn't on my side, i would think i had no friends

*demon walks out*



M: well here we are both men in the ring, and look at this setup Tater

T: Yeah a strap match, with belts tied onto the ropes, but the biggest belt is the one holding the two men together.

M: the ref has now got Judge and Joker tied together by the belt...and in this match you can win by pin or submission.

T: that's right Marv, and you can use that strap, plus you can't get away from your opponent.

* the bell rings as Joker tries to get away from Judge..but to no avail...finally Joker goes towards Judge and tries to kick him, Judge grabs his foot and tosses him around..then hits a clothesline...*

M: Looks like he might have got caught in that strap

*Judge untangles the strap, and chokes Joker with it...he lets go and picks Joker up, he tosses him into the near rope and hits the big boot*

M: Judge looks focused

T: he sure does, and maybe Joker's mind games have worn him out...he seems to be nothing without his little tricks

*Judge puts Joker up to the middle rope and grabs a belt and begins wailing on his back with it*

M: That has got to hurt

T: Listen to that stinging sound

*Judge stops as Joker tries to crawl away...the big man gets Joker up and hits the Final Sentence on him*

T: This may be all she wrote..The final sentence

*the ref counts...1...2..3...Judge wins*

M: What a statement to make and if I were Troy I would..

T: if you were Troy you would be sliding in the ring right now!!!

*Troy, Jason and Skill hit the ring and attack Judge from behind while he is still tied to Joker...Skill unties Joker and tosses him out of the ring as Troy and Jason punch Judge...Judge begins to fight back but Skill slides out and gets a chair...Judge hits Troy with a right hand then takes Jason down with a big boot...Judge hits Troy again, but Skill nails Judge in the back with the chair...he tosses the chair to Troy he plants a chair shot right to the top of Judge's head...knocking him down..Jason is up and pissed and tells the the other two to get Judge up, they do and he nails the JKO!*

M: this is uncalled for Tater

T: Yeah but what a plan, take out Judge before next week while he is vulnerable.

*The New Blood grab Judge and toss him over the top rope, still holding the strap...they get the strap around his neck and begin to hang him...Skill and Jason hold the strap in the ring as Troy slides out with the chair...He says something to Judge before nailing him in the gut with a chair shot.*

M: look here comes help!

*Josh, Tiger and the MWO come running back out to ringside...the New Blood drop Judge and jump the barricade escaping through the crowd as Josh and Tiger check on Judge, the MWO mimics EMT help like the kind they recieved earlier in the night*

M: good thing they got here to stop this

T: Yeah but the impact has already been made Marv



*Curry Muncher is in Mr. Smith's office eating a bowl of Curry, he offers some to Smith who declines*

Smith: ummm...look I know you are new and all but you seem to have a lot of potential, ummm well if you could quit eating that damn curry

*Curry Muncher shakes his head and continues eating*

Smith: Anyway you are in the TV Title Rumble next week and you need to draw your number

*Curry nods in approval and keeps eating*

Smith: Tell you what I will draw it for you...

*Smith draws the last number and opens it, he shows it to Curry*

Smith: See this will be you

Curry: CURRY!!!!!

*Curry Muncher stands up and rushes out the door*


M: what a strange man

T: What a strange night, but it's time for the main event, and here comes Demon Alexander

*Demon, then Highlight make their way to the ring, then "King of Kings" comes on the PA...*

T: It's the only undefeated man left in the IWO...Unstoppable Force

*Force comes down to the ring and "Blue on Black" begins to play and DC and Wilma come down the aisle*

M: But here is the man who could change all that right now, DC

*All 4 men Are in the ring..Staring each other down..Each waiting for the other to make a move..*

T: You can cut the tension with a knife

*Demon and DC quickly lock up..As do Force and Highlight..Force Dumps Highlight out to the outside and follows him out there..DC whips Demon into the ropes..DC sidesteps Demon and throws him to the outside..Force Picks highlight up on the outside and drops him throat first on the barrier..Force goes into the ring..DC is there waiting for him..They stare each other down..the moment everyone's been waiting for..The crowd rises to it's feet..But out of nowhere Highlight and Demon come in and knock Force and DC to the ground..Highlight is stomping Force in the corner and choking him with a boot..Demon has DC up..And nails a fishermans suplex..cover..1..2..DC kicks out.*

M: That would have been the first time that Demon had beat DC if he could have gotten the three count

T: Hey Marv I wonder what number Demon got?

*Highlight picks Force up..Force gives Highlight a knee to the gut..And hits a gorilla press slam..throwing highlight to the floor..Demon Goes for a suplex on DC..DC gets away and pushes Demon into Force..who gives Demon a big belly to back suplex..Force goes for the cover..1...2..DC breaks it up..Force gets up and looks at DC..He smiles..And nails DC with a right hand..DC returns the favor..The crowd is in a frenzy as both men are nailing each other with right hands..DC rakes Force's eyes..And spears him through the ropes and out to the floor..*

M: a preview of next week Tater

T: All eyes have to be on these two at Return to Hell

*Meanwhile Demon and Highlight are in the ring..Demon whips Highlight into the ropes..And delivers a big boot..Cover..1..2..highlight kicks out..On the outside of the ring..Force and DC continue to brawl..Force whips DC shoulder first into the steel steps..DC is down..Force goes over to DC..He goes on top of the steps..He tries to piledrive DC on the steel steps..but DC reverses and sends Force flying and hitting the floor back first..*

M: DC has the advantage and Force seems to be hurt

T: This has open the door for DC to win this thing

*Demon continues to beat on highlight inside the ring...But Highlight comes back and nails Demon with a dropkick..Highlight goes to the rop rope..And flies off..but Demon catches him and delivers a sick power bomb into a pin..cover..1..2..DC is in and breaks up the count..DC picks Demon him a kick to the gut..Bounces off the ropes..And nails a reverse neckbreaker..Cover..1...2..force is in and stops the count this time..DC gets up and gets in Force's Face..Both men spot Highlight out of the corner of their eye and drop him with a double elbow..*

T: What teamwork!

M: Yeah but next week it won't be like this

*Force and DC work as a team on Demon..Nailing him with a double clothesline..The pick demon up..DC puts Demon in position..And Force helps DC nail a spike Piledriver onto Demon..Force is turned around catching a breather..DC grabs him and picks him up..going for the bust..but highlight comes in and kicks DC in the stomach..And DC drops Force and goes down to one knee..Highlight works on DC with right hands..He bounces off the ropes..but DC catches highlight..And delivers The Leash....cover..1..2...Demon breaks up the count..Force is up now...Demon whips DC into forces direction..and Force catches DC with a powerslam..*

T: What a turncoat

M: It's a fatal fourway anything goes, no friends here

*Force picks DC up..Demon charges at force..But Force moves out of the way..And Demon and DC collide sending both men to the outside..force and highlight are left in the ring...Force turns around..and Highlight nails Force with a low blow..Those two are out in the ring..*

M: Who is going to get the advantage?

*Highlight gets up and climbs the ropes looking for a moonsault, Wilma jumps up on the apron and grabs the top rope, causing Highlight to lose his balance and fall nuts first onto the top turnbuckle*

M: Wilma just dropped Highlight

T: that has got to hurt Marv!

*DC and Demon are both up and Demon takes DC over the barricade with a clothesline...both men on the floor in the fans seciton now, as Demon tries to punch DC..Wilma runs and jumps onto Demon's back clawing at his eyes...knocking him down to a knee...meanwhile in the ring, Force is up and sees Highlight sitting backwards on the top turnbuckle...He goes over and grabs highlight, pulling him downward...the picks Highlight up and walks backwards a bit and hits the Unstoppable Drop*

T: I've never seen that done before

M: Unstoppable Drop and the cover

*DC jump over the barricade as the ref counts..1...2...DC slides in but is too late....3.....Force pins highlight*

M: Force gets the win

T: Looks like DC was a little late

M: yeah but Force wins but not over DC

T: good point but next week these two go one on one and someone is going to lose

*Force looks at DC and points to him saying next week, then leaves the ring and walks up the aisle to the cheer of the fans*

M: Next week folks the IWO Returns to Hell, see ya then!

*show ends*

special thanks to Troy and The One for writing the matches
looking for my sig? look harder!
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