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Redemption Week 2 July 17
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Default Redemption Week 2 July 17

*fireworks go off as Redemption begins*

*Music blasts throughout the arena almost sounding very whimisical in fact it's the theme from Mission Impossible....The Joker wearing a cap and his usual green attire comes running down the ring and slides in...he goes and kneels down in a corner....The music of The Highlight begins to play and he makes his way down the aisle...*

M: Welcome to Redemption folks I'm Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg...Tater tonight what a card we have with a World Heavyweight Title Rematch for the main event.

T: That's right Marv, and what a night it will be starting off with the man who could challenge for the World Title, the mysterious Joker.

*Highlight climbs in the ring and poses for the fans...The match is a hardcore match...Highlight is looking towards the crowd when Joker stands up...Highlight looks towards him and from under Joker's cape comes a fireball right into the face of Highlight*

M: What a dirty move that was, a fireball right to Highlight's face.

T: It's not illegal Marv, this is a hardcore match, and look at Highlight writhering in pain.

M: the bell is ringing and I don't know if Highlight can continue.

*Joker is shown laughing in the ring, and he takes off his cape....he puts Highlight in a crippler crossface and Highlight taps out*

M: It's over Tater, Highlight is tapping to the crossface

T: how bad is he burned is the real question Marv, and look Joker not letting go!

*Joker holds on to the move before finally giving in and letting go of Highlight, he stands up and laughs and then leaves the ring laughing up the aisle.*

M: That is one sick man Tater

T: You got that right...


April Century and Primate are seen in the back

April: Don't worry about me, I can handle it, you have a match to go win tonight

Primate: Damn the New Blood. Are you sure, I can stay with you, or maybe you should come to ringside with me.

April: I don't want to be a distraction, I will be okay, just go

*April kisses Primate on the cheek and wishes him good luck as he heads towards the ring*

T: What a lucky man that Primate is Marv

M: If you say so Tater, but will his luck continue as next up he will be facing DC.

T; that's right Marv, and this will be a true test for DC as Primate has the strength advantage, but a good warmup it should be when DC faces Force.

M: Folks we want to remind you that coming up in a few weeks is the next IWO PPV Return to Hell...That night we will crown the first ever IWO TV champ.

T: And tonight we have a great rematch for the World Title as Corey will take on Judge.

*Walked a fine line, slipped the edge under me
Rise above a suicide, taking it out of me
Got a feeling, it’s going far away, yeah
Licking the wounds from yesterday..
“No Rest for the Wicked” by Godsmack thunders through the arena speakers as the Primate exits the backstage area. He takes a few glances at the crowd, and stomps towards the ring.*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Sarasota Florida, weighing in at 300 pounds! He is the PRIMATE!

T: Would you take a look at this specimen. 6'6". 300 pounds of force and speed. He, is the total package.

M: He can sure prove it with a win against this guy..

*Night, falls,
I’m alone.
Skin, yeah..chilled me to the bone
You, turned and you ran
Oh, slipped from the edge of my hand..
Kenny Wayne Shephard’s “Blue on Black” receives a tremendous ovation from the crowd, because their hero, DC, is coming out. With Wilma, DC stops and can’t believe the applause. He points to the crowd and then heads down the ramp.*

C: And his opponent! Weighing in at 230 pounds from Atlanta, Georgia! He is DC!

M: Listen to this crowd!

T: I don’t think Primate’s affected by it. He looks ready to go.

*After receiving a kiss, DC nonchalantly enters the ring but Primate attacks the man before he can stand. He gives clubbing forearms to DC’s sternum and skull and then lets out a roar. The crowd boos but Primate continues his attack. He whips DC into the ropes and gives a quick powerslam!*

T: Cover already! 1...2...Th-Kickout. Whew, that was close.

*Primate then bounces off the ropes and splashes on DC.*

M: The hook of the leg! 1...2..Kickout.

*Primate quickly bounces up from the pin and gives DC a gutbuster onto his knee. 1.....2....Kickout again. By this time, Primate has gotten frustrated already and starts pounding on the mat. Still, DC lays on the ground, clutching his ribs. Primate goes to the corner and waits for DC to stand up.*
T: Primate’s getting ready for the Spear!

*DC reaches to his feet and Primate charges at him. DC moves and throws Primate into the ring post! The crowd cheers at the sound of Primate’s shoulder bouncing off the post. Primate comes out of the corner, grabbing his shoulder and seeks for DC. DC leg trips the big man and begins stomping at his shoulder.*

M: Good strategy by DC, working on the big man’s shoulder.

*Primate roars in pain after DC locks in an armlock, pulling his arm to his back. He tries to reach the ropes but he is in the middle of the ring. Primate howls and stands up with amazing strength, picking up DC who is on his back! The crowd looks on in amazement and Primate runs backwards into the corner, crashing DC into the turnbuckles.*

T: Look at the strength of Primate. Heaving a 230 pound man on his back like a sack of potatoes!

*Primate gives numerous gut shots to DC’s ribs and roars to the crowd. The crowd boos in response. Primate backs off and gives a thundering shoulder tackle into DC’s stomach! DC falls to the ground on his knees and Primate begins to laugh demonically. He picks DC over his shoulder and performs a running powerslam!

M: Cover! 1....2.....Thr-No! Not yet!

T: I don’t know how much Dogcatcher can take!

*Primate again picks DC over his shoulder and runs towards the corner. DC floats over and pushes the animal into the turnbuckle, head first. The crowd begins to pick up and then DC gives Primate an arm drag. Primate bounces up and receives another arm drag. And another. DC feels the energy from the crowd and then gives Primate a neckbreaker!*

T: 1...2......Kickout.

*DC attempts to whip Primate into the ropes but gets reversed. He ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a flying shoulder into Primate! Shockingly, Primate springs to his feet and charges at DC. DC recognizes and gives him an STO!

T: What a move! What recognition!

M: And the cover! Kickout at 2! What will it take for Primate to go down for the pin?!

*DC gets up from the pin and gets whipped into the ropes from Primate. Primate, again, misses with a clothesline and DC attempts a crossbody! But Primate catches him and whips him into a Black Hole Slam!*

M: What a swinging slam!

T: The momentum has changed, just like that.

*Primate roars to the crowd and throws DC to the corner.*

M: Oh no. He’s setting up for...

T: The Extinction!

*Primate hops out of the ring to set-up for his finisher but notices someone familiar running down the ramp. It’s April Century! She jogs down the ramp, looking to tell Primate something. Primate tells her that he is in a match and to hold on. He climbs the ropes but DC isn’t in the corner anymore. He gives a forearm to the jaw of Primate, and then gives him a spike DDT from the top turnbuckle!*

M: What’s April Century doing here?!

T: It looks like she needed to tell Primate something. But she might just have cost him the match.

*The crowd cheers DC on as he stalks Primate and locks in the Putdown!*

T: He’s got it locked in! That Million Dollar Dream hold!

M: And Primate’s in the middle of the ring!

*After 15 seconds in that hold, Primate has no choice but to tap! The referee orders the bells to be rung, and DC is the winner via the Putdown submission!*

M: He did it! He made the comeback!

*Wilma comes into the ring and helps up an exhausted Dogcatcher. He puts his arms up in triumph and April Century looks nervously in the ring. DC and Wilma walk up the ramp in victory as April tries to help Primate up...*

*commercial Break*


*Backstage Commish Gene Smith is seen with Joe the Schmo...*

Smith: Joe, look I have to ask you another favor.

Joe: Again, you already have me facing Mr. Oldschool!

Smith: Yeah but that favor you asked me for earlier, I have a way to make it better than what you asked for.

Joe: Okay what's the catch?

Smith: Easy, I have signed a new wrestler and next week he is going to have a dark match, and I want him to face you.

Joe: that's it?

Smith: That's it, now good luck tonight, and next week after your dark match we will talk about me keeping my half of the deal

*Smith walks out as Joe nods his head in approval.*

*Blood Brothers by Papa Roach begins to play as Crazyskill, Jason and Stacy make their way to the ring*

M: Here comes the New Blood ready for some tag team action Tater.

T: This should be a good one, as the New Blood may have their hands full with Josh and the MWO

M: wonder if the training the Josh gave Mr. Giggles will pay off?

T: We will find out, but hey if not I'm sure he got a good workout

*The New blood finish posing in the ring as The Josh comes out to a huge ovation he gets to the end of the ramp and the familiar theme of the MWO comes on the speakers...Mr. Giggles and company come out in Military fatigues marching in a line...they get to the ring and all salute Josh...Josh shakes his head in disbelief....*

M: Looks like they are a Mime Army

T: I once had a DJ at a party that was an Amish Mime, his name was Mica Mime

M: tater what the hell are you talking about?

T: You know scratching with no turntable

M: Stay off the booze Tater, stay off the booze

* Josh and Crazy will start this match off..They lock up in the center of the ring..Crazy quickly gets Josh in a Headlock..Josh pushes Crazy into the ropes. Josh lowers his head...And Crazy nails him with a running knee lift..Crazy goes over to Josh and begins stomping him..He picks Josh up..Whips Josh into the ropes..and connects with a powerslam..cover..1..2..Josh kicks out..Crazy drags Josh over to his corner..And tags in Jason..Jason and Crazy then hit Josh with a big double suplex..Giggles is now coming into the ring..Doing his stuck in a box routine..Jason and Crazy look on laughing..And Giggles sticks both of them with big right hands..The ref instructs Giggles to go back to his corner..And Crazy does the same..*

M: I don't believe it, could it be Giggles threw a punch

T: I must be dreaming Marv, but I thought I saw the same thing!

* Jason and Josh in the ring now..Jason and Josh lock up..Jason gets the advantage with a kick to the gut..And follows it up with a snap suplex..Josh gets up to his feet..Jason looks ready..He goes for the JKO..but Josh throws Jason off of him and Jason lands hard on his back..Josh goes over and tags in Giggles...Giggles does more of his mime routine..Jason runs towards him..And giggles drops him with a drop toe hold..Jason gets up..Tries to nail Giggles with a right hand..But giggles ducks and pokes Jason in the eyes..Jason is looking at giggles..enraged..Giggles is doing another routine with his back turned to Jason...Out of nowhere Jason spears Giggles and batters him with right hands..

T: that's why Jason is a veteran Marv

M: Never turn your back on your opponent

*Jason picks Giggles up..And nails him with a belly to back suplex..Giggles lands right next to Josh and tags him in..Jason doesn't see it and Josh runs him over with a clothesline..Jason gets up and runs at Josh..But Josh catches him with a powerslam..Jason crawls over and tags in Crazy..Crazy charges at Josh but is caught with a hiptoss..Josh picks Crazy up..And whips him into the turnbuckle..And follows him in with a running dropkick.*

T: Woowee what a dropkick, and The New Blood are losing this match!

*Josh is staying on the attack and nails 3 good elbow drops to Crazy..Cover..1..2..Crazy kicks out...Josh picks Crazy up..And Delivers a DDT..another cover..1...2...Crazy kicks out...Josh whips Crazy into the ropes..And locks in a sleeper..Crazy starts to fade as he goes down to the mat...Crazy looks to be out..The ref checks his arm once,and it falls,twice,it falls,the third time..Crazy keeps it up..with a rush of adrenaline he gets up..and nails Josh with an elbow which breaks the hold..Crazy bounces off the ropes..And both men hit each other with a clothesline..*

T: Their DOWN!

M: The first to get up has a huge advantage

*Both men down..Who will get to their partner first..Josh tags in Giggles..Crazy tags in Jason at the same time..Giggles has dropped his routine and is trading right hands with Jason..Giggles whips Jason into the ropes..And connects with a spinebuster..cover..1...2..Crazy breaks up the count..Josh gets up and clotheslines Crazy out the ring..He goes out with Crazy...Crazy catches Josh on the outside and rams his head into the steel steps..*

M: the unforgiven steel

T: that has got to hurt, hope he has a medic in that army

*Giggles is in the ring..Doing a pulling rope routine..And Jason is stumbling right into Giggles like he's being pulled..And Giggles nails him with a low blow..Giggles playing to the crowd..Crazy is up on the top rope..giggles turns around..And pushes Crazy off the top to the floor..Jason is waiting..Giggles turns around..And Jason nails the JKO!..Josh is still out on the floor..cover..1..2...3...Crazy and Jason win!*

M: the MWO is in shock!

T: Look they are all doing their pushing up daisies routine on the outside.

*Crazyskill and Jason celebrate with Stacy before heading to the back*

*commercial break*


M: what a match we just witnessed

T: and it's about to get better as Unstoppable Force is coming to the ring

M: He is the king of kings and right now undefeated in the IWO

T: will it end tonight Marv?

M: Hard to tell as he faces the Tiger and what a competitor Tiger is.

T: Speaking of Tiger here he comes in traditional LSU attire..

*Tiger and Force meet in the Center of the ring....They jaw at each other...Then lock up..Tiger goes behind Force with a hammerlock..Tiger slaps Force in the back of the head..Force charges at tiger..but tiger pulls the ref in front of him for protection..Both men meet in the center of the ring again..They lock up..Force puts tiger in a headlock..And takes tiger Down..Tiger gets to the ropes with his feet and the hold is broken..Both men meet again in the center of the ring..Force grabs Tiger and bullies him into the corner..Force swings with a right hand..But misses..Tiger pats Force on the back and gives him a thumbs up..Force angrily charges at Tiger..Driving him into the turnbuckle..Force rams tiger with several shouldblocks to the gut..Tiger comes stumbling out..and Force catches him with a belly to back suplex..Cover..1..2.
Kick out by Tiger.*

M: saved at the last second

*Force stays on the offensive..Picking tiger up..tiger goes for a right hand..Force catches his arm..spins him around..And nails a release German suplex...Cover..1..2...Kickout again by Tiger. Force goes over to Tiger..And Tiger catches him with a rake to the eyes..Force is blinded..And walks right into a big drop kick by Tiger,sending Force through the Ropes to the outside..Force quicly pops up and climbs on the Apron..Tiger goes for a suplex to bring him back in the ring..And drops Force groin first on the rope. Tiger smiles as Force goes down to the canvas in pain.*

T: I guess Force won't be having children anytime soon!

*Tiger picks Force up..And nails him with a bodyslam. tiger goes to the top rope..He goes for a cross body from the top..But force Catches him..Tiger is in Force's grasp..And Force nails Tiger with a fallaway slam. Force picks tiger up..and Throw's him into the Corner..He batters Tiger with a series of right hands..And a series of knees to the gut. Tiger is down in the corner..Force Runs in and tries to connect with a knee..But Tiger moves and Force goes chest first into the turnbuckle..Tiger gets Force and quickly rolls him up..1..2...Force Kicks out.*

M: great instict by the Tiger

T: Force needs to get a second wind or his undefeated streak will be over

*Force is up and goes for a clothesline..Tiger ducks and nails Force with a superkick....Followed up by a standing moonsault..Cover..1...2..Force is up....Tiger goes to the top rope again..This time he connects with a flying elbow drop on Force..Cover again..1..2..And Force is up. ..Tiger is looking to finish this..He goes for the claw...But Force grabs his arm..Both men struggiling..Force trying to keep the claw from being applied..Force trips Tiger up..Tiger is down on the mat..force quickly takes advantage and locks in a rear naked choke..*

M: tiger might not make it

T: WILL HE GIVE???!!!!

*Tiger is struggiling to breathe..He is close to the ropes..but will he pass out before he can get there..Force's big arms are choking the life out of Tiger..Tiger makes one more attempt..And Yes..he gets to the ropes. Force releases the hold..He picks Tiger up..But tiger gives him an elbow to the gut..followed up by two more..tiger is building momentum..He whips force into the ropes..And nails him with a big back body drop..Force slowly gets up..tiger goes to whip force into the ropes again..Force reverses..Force ducks his head..And tiger nails him with a running DDT!..*


*Tiger is going to the top rope..He looks like he's calling for the cats cradle..He's on the top rope..Here we go..But Force Moves..Tiger lands hard on the mat

M: He missed, I can't believe it he missed the move!

*...Force nips up..Tiger stumbles to his feet..Turns around..and force catches him..He's got him in yes..Force Nails the unstoppable drop..cover..1...2....3! Force wins.*

M: and Force remains undefeated in the IWO and has got to have his sights set on that TV Title

T: I love watching some TV too Marv!

*commerical break*


M: This next match should be a real fight.

“Hall of a Mountain King” by Savatage signals Demon Alexander’s return. Through a flurry of smoke, Demon Alexander comes out to boos from the crowd. It doesn’t affect him though, in fact, he begins to laugh and then holds his arms out like a cross..*

T: This one freaky dude.

M: Last week, he and Force had a tremendous back and forth match with his opponent coming out on top.

T: And don’t think for a second Demon has forgot about that. He looks to take his aggression out on ‘The Epitome’ tonight.

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Now in the ring, from the Cathedral. Weighing in at 240 pounds! He is the Purifier of Your Soul, Demon....ALLLLLEXANNNNDER!!

*Demon stands on the turnbuckle and does the crucifixion taunt to the crowd, who boo in response. He jumps off and laughs demonically at the crowd and at the announcer, Don Compass. Compass shakes and gets a laugh from the crowd.*

T: Demon looks ready to go. I think.

M: This man is always ready to go. Always ready to inflict pain.

*The guitar intro to Papa Roach’s “Blood Brothers” blasts through the arena and the crowd stands up in anticipation. Suddenly, a huge pyro goes off and Troy Alston’s music, Remember the Name by Fort Minor, starts and the stage gets covered in smoke. He, along with Stacy, come out of the smoke, wearing New Blood attire. The crowd gives a pop to the New Blood, but mostly covered with boos. They do a single New Blood taunt, where Stacy bends over in front of Troy and Troy poses with his arms above his head.*

M: Here they are Tater. Two members of the New Blood. In last week’s edition of Redemption, Crazyskill and Jason cost Judge his match against Troy, allowing the New Blood leader to get the pin.

T: Yeah, and they say they are the strongest force in the IWO. And, quite frankly, I don’t disagree.

*Troy and Stacy walk down to the ring on opposite sides of the ramp, attracting boos from the crowd. Troy slides into the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle.*

C: And his opponent. From Ventura, California...weighing in at 215 pounds! He is New Blood’s Troy....ALLLLLLLLLLLSTON!

T: Look at this kid, Marv. 5-1 overall record in the IWO. Leader of the New Blood. A brash, cocky kid. He has definitely turned some heads here in the International Wrestling Organization.

*Troy approaches Demon in the middle of the ring and the two talk for a bit. As Demon attempts a punch, Troy sarcastically gets on his knees to pray. The crowd laughs loudly at the kid. Demon gives a confused look and while still on his knees, Troy trips Demon and continues to pray. The crowd laughs hysterically as Troy opens one eye, and winks to the crowd. He pops up and begins pounding on the maniac.*

T: Hahaha, he never ceases to entertain me.

M: Troy surely does not have respect for many, and will not let them forget about it.

*He lets Demon get to his feet, and he charges at Troy. Troy pretends he is not paying attention and leg trips Demon into the ropes, hanging. Troy shrugs at a distracted ref and Stacy gives a huge slap to Demon’s face and the crowd boos.*

M: Troy sprints to a cover! 1...2.....Kickout.

T: If Demon lost to a slap in the face, that would be.....well, pathetic.

M: He better watch out for the 2 on 1 attack though, Tater. You can bet your ass that isn’t the last we’ll see of Stacy.

*Troy tries to whip Demon into the corner but he cannot budge the big man and he flies to the corner. He hits the turnbuckles with hard impact and bounces off. Demon gives Troy a powerslam. Demon then taunts Troy to get up from all the times he was embarrassed. Troy holds his back in pain. Demon straddles over Troy and gives him clubbing blows to his lower back and Troy rives in pain.*

T: Troy shouldn’t have gotten this Devil mad.

*Demon then forcefully whips Troy into the turnbuckle numerous times and Troy falls on impact. Demon laughs and picks up the IWO rookie. He winds up and gives a huge forearm to Troy’s back, sending him to the mat. He then takes a step on Troy’s back, putting all his weight on him.*

M: That’s gotta kill his kidneys. 240 pounds of man..

T: You mean, devil.

*Demon picks up the lain Troy and whips him into the ropes. He then gives Troy a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and immediately goes for the cover!*

T: 1....2......No, not yet.

*Stacy yells something from the outside and Demon chases her. The crowd cheers for Demon to get her. They take a full lap around the ring when all of a sudden, Troy hits suicide dive through the ropes onto a running Demon!*

M: Oh my god! What a move! No one saw it coming!

T: It was a spectacular move! But I think Troy hurt his midsection in that move too. Let’s catch a replay of that amazing suicide dive.

*A replay is shown of Demon chasing Stacy around the ring and then suddenly getting hit by an airborne Troy.*

*The crowd pops and chants ‘Holy Shit!’ as the ref starts his 10 count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..Stacy runs over to Troy and helps him get up but Demon charges at the unalert Stacy and gives her a vicious clothesline! Stacy is motionless on the ground!

T: He just clotheslined Stacy!

M: She looks knocked out cold! I think she needs help!

*Demon laughs demonically off into the crowd as Troy struggles to his feet. Demon stops the count and goes out to get his opponent. He whips Troy backfirst into the steel steps, which dismember. He then picks up ‘the Epitome’ and throws him into the barricade. Fans in the front row encourage Troy get up and Demon taunts at them. Demon picks up Troy’s body and slams it against the steel post!*

M: He’s using every unassigned weapon outside of the ring! Did you see Troy’s skull bounce off of that steel post?!

T: Demon’s got that killer mentality, and will use anything to inflict pain.

*Demon throws Troy back into the ring and goes for the cover.*

T: Cover! 1....2........Thr-NO! Kickout!

*Demon is enraged and picks up Troy’s body over his shoulder. He charges at the turnbuckle and crashes Troy’s back into the corner. He ties him up in the Tree of Woe. Demon backs up into the opposite corner and charges at Troy!*

M: Troy’s got a target on his chest!

*Demon attempts a dropkick to Troy’s stomach but Troy crunches up and Demon flies under him, sending his groin into the steel post!*

T: OH MY GOD! How did Troy do that?!

M: HE JUST DID A SIT-UP and sent Demon’s jewels into the post!

*The crowd roars in amazement and a few chants of “Troy!” can be heard. Troy propels himself up the turnbuckle and does a double foot stomp on Demon’s hanging body! His body snaps back!*

T: He just crushed Demon’s body in half! His back must be broken!

*Both men lay on the mat motionless and the referee starts another 10 count. At 7, Troy gets up and so does Demon. They exchange exhausting punches to each other. Demon begins to get the upper hand and tries a huge haymaker. Troy ducks and reverses it into a German Suplex with a bridge!*

M: He’s got a cover! 1....2.......Thre-NO! Not yet!

*Troy can’t believe he did not get the win there. At this point, Stacy gets to her feet and looks okay. Demon gets to his feet and Troy runs to the ropes and attempts a springboard crossbody. But Demon catches him! He hoists him up and sets up for the Purifier!*

M: He’s got him into position!

T: For the Purifier! The shoulder breaker!

*But Troy gets his arm locked around Demon’s neck so he can’t bring him down. Instead, Troy uses his weight to fall backwards, performing a reverse DDT on Demon!*

M: Another cover!

T: 1.........2...................Thre-Kickout again! How did he kick out of that high impact DDT?!

*Troy picks up Demon to his feet and signals for the Trendsetter! He picks up Demon onto his shoulders but Demon floats over and pushes Troy into the ropes. Demon misses with a huge clothesline attempt, almost sending him to the ground. Troy bounces off the ropes and does his huge 23 superkick to the back of Demon’s head!*

M: He got him with the 23!

T: And dead-on too! Demon is knocked out cold!

*Troy struggles and picks up Demon’s carcass onto his shoulders and delivers his Samoan Sit-Out Driver finisher!*

T: He got him! He hit him with the Trendsetter!

M: And the cover! 1.........2..........................3! Troy comes out with the victory again!

*Stacy rolls into the ring, holding her head and gives Troy a hug of congratulations. Troy raises his arms to mixed boos and cheers.*

M: Troy definitely has a bright future ahead of him. And he’s proving it to the world.

T: Whether you like him or not, you cannot deny this man’s talent in the ring. Every week, he gains the respect of at least one new fan with his ability. What a match.

*Troy and Stacy exit the ring to his music and do the New Blood pose before heading into the back..*


*Primate is seen talking to April outside the arena, he has his bag in his hand*

April: I'm sorry Primate, I didn't mea...

Primate: It doesnt' matter, don't worry about it, I got to go now

April: but why, why are you...

Primate: Listen you look fine and all but I just can't hang around you, you just cost me my match because you didn't listen to me the first time. Maybe I'll see you next week, maybe not.

*Primate gets in his car and drives away*

*commercial break with an IWO ad for the PPV Return to Hell featuring the INferno match between Corey and Joker*

M: This is going to be interesting Tater, Joe the Schmo and Mr. Oldschool both out here to do battle, the last time they fought was in a non televised match.

T: So neither one of these guys should be unfamilier with the other one Marv

*Both men in the ring and the bell rings with both guys exchanging blows, Oldschool with a kick to Joe's leg taking him down, picks him up, but Joe pushes him and hits a flying fourarm...picks him back up and both men exchange blows again...*

M: what a brawl we are seeing!

T: This is definitely oldschool Marv

*Irish whip into the corner by Joe, he charges but Oldschool gets a foot up to stop him, Oldschool with a few chops, goes to punch but it's blocked and they exchange blows whip by Joe is reversed, clothesline on Joe..Oldschool picks Joe up and throws him outside the ring, then poses..*

M: why is he posing and wasting time like this?

*Joe back in and an irish whip by Oldschool, chop takes Joe and kickout at 1...Oldschool picks Joe up and punches him three times taking him down...Oldschool picks up Joe's leg and begins to kick it, then picks JOe up backs him into the corner, and lets go then cheap shots Joe with a punch...ref talks to Oldschool and Joe hits a dropkick on Oldschool...*

T: Joe might pull this thing out!

*Joe punching like crazy while Oldschool is on ground, picks him up, irish whip, reversed, and a clothesline sends Joe to the floor...Oldschool goes out there and tosses Joe back in..picks him up and hits a suplex..cover..kickout at 2...*

M: Almost a pinfall victory by Oldschool.

*Old kicks joe in the stomach then hits a gutwrench suplex..cover but kickout at 2 by Joe...Oldschool seems disgusted with the count he then picks Joe up and throws him into the ropes, Oldschool takes joe down with a shoulder block...Old picks Joe up irish whips him into the corner, JOe back at, Oldschool tries the hip toss, it's blocked, Joe tries, blocked again, Oldschool hits the hiptoss...Joe down near the ropes..Oldschool covers kickout at 2...Oldschool not happy, picks Joe up but a right hand by Joe and another dropkick...Joe hits a clothesline, then another...he scoop slams Oldschool and gets the crowd into this match as Ervin gets up on the apron...*

M: What is he doing up there?

T: Wait look what is Oldschool doing?

*Mr. Oldschool pulls some object from his tights and puts it in his mask...Joe goes over and picks Oldschool up while Ervin has the ref distracted..Oldschool punches Joe then headbutts him knocking him out cold..he pulls the object out and tosses it out of the ring, as Ervin gets off the apron...Oldschool covers Joe*

M: Not like this, surely not like this!

*The ref counts...1...2....3..Oldschool picks up a cheap victory*

T: He stole the match, what a rotten son of a bitch

M: Folks we got to take a break and then it's time for the main event!

*commerical break*


*Metallica Plays as Judge comes down the aisle...Corey comes from behind with a chair and nails Judge on the rampway...He picks Judge up and rams him into the barricade...Corey then whips Judge into the steel stairs*

M: Come on the match hasn't even started yet

T: Not to mention it's not a hardcore match

*Corey rolls Judge into the ring and the bell rings as the World Title match is underway...Corey begins to punch on Judge and the ref finally gets Corey off of Judge warning him to watch the fists*

M: Corey close to getting disqualified

T: I don't think he cares Marv

*Corey rolls outside the ring and gets a chair...he rolls back in and the ref tries to stop him by fighting with him with the chair...the ref gets the chair away as Corey argues with him...the crowd erupts as Jason, Troy and Skill come running down the aisle and slide into the ring...Skill and Jason jump Corey, as Troy waits for Judge to get up...*

M: What are these guys doing, they are in the match?


*the ref calls for the bell as Troy hits the Trendsetter on Judge...Corey begins to fight back against Jason and Skill, knocking them down with left hands...Troy hits the 23 on Corey sending him through the ropes...He tells stacy to get a chair as he climbs outside the ring...*

M: what is she doing getting a chair, someone stop this

*Troy gets the chair and begins to wail on Corey on the outside...meanwhile Skill picks up Judge, and holds him for Jason to nail the JKO...Jason and Skill spit on Judge and slide out of the ring...*

M: this is nonsense, get security out here

T: The New Blood have taken over marv!

*Troy gets the equipment off the announce table as the announcers move...he stands up on the table and has Skill and Jason roll Corey up onto it...Troy manages to pick Corey up and his the Trendsetter breaking the table!*

M: OH MY GOD! He just laid the champ out through the Table

T: What a Trendsetter, and the New Blood have sent a message to everyone in the IWO, that they are not to be messed with.

*Tory, Jason, Skill and Stacy all get back in the ring as they stand over Judge, before doing the New Blood Pose and ending the show*

*camera fades*

Special thanks to Troy and One who helped write the matches...remember to rep the writers for their work if you liked the show....and thanks for all the good promos guys remember if you have any suggestions leave them in the suggestion thread or pm me.
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Once again,great show.

Not to sound like I'm bitching but I'd like it if Stacy only accompanied me She is my girl and all.

I loved that we destroyed the main event
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I like this faction angle. Pretty cool. I predicted all the match outcomes though. Still very cool show.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Well thats great..I put out my best promo in awhile and I get my ass kicked by the pretty boys....thats ok though I'll come through next week.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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