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DC 10 Jul 2006 03:12 PM

Redemption week 1 July 10
*Fireworks go off as Redemption begins, the camera zooms in on the video screen where Mr. Smith appears sitting at his desk*

Smith: Good Evening, and welcome to IWO Redemption. I am the commishioner Gene Smith and I have a very important message regarding the next IWO Pay Per View, Return to Hell...At Return to Hell we will have two title matches. That's right two title matches. One will be for the World Title and the other will be for this *Smith holds up a belt* the IWO TV Title...The TV title will be determined in a Royal Rumble style match at the next PPV, and every man not involved in the World Title match will have the oppurtunity to be in this Rumble....Now let me make one thing clear, every man involved in the Rumble will also be involved in a singles match at Return to Hell...Two of those men squaring off that night will be the two men that could not complete their match at our last ppv..I'm talking about DC and Unstoppable Force...those two will have a singles match at Return to Hell...*Crowd cheers*....As far as tonight, I have a little preview of the Rumble we are going to have at Return to Hell...tonight seven IWO superstars will compete in that ring in a over the top rope battle royale...And that match starts right now...

*camera pans back towards the stage as the music of The Tiger kicks on...*

M: welcome to Redemption everybody I'm Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg...and how about this Tater a Royal Rumble style match at Return to Hell for the new TV Title..exciting isn't it?

T: It sure is Marv but what a preview we get to see tonight, 7 wrestlers battling out in a battle royal to see who has an upperhand at Return to Hell...

*Mr. Oldschool comes out next with his manager followed by The Josh and The Primate....*

M: I tell you what some of the IWO's best are going to be involved in this match...

T: Look here comes Crazyskill, wonder if Josh will be able to contain himself?

*Crazyskill comes to the ring and slowly stands up on the apron, jawing at Josh...Jason and Stacy make their way down to the ring and go around and begin to enter on the other side*

M: Six men out who will be the last participant?

T: On No! It's that mime Mr. Giggles and it looks like his Mime Posse is coming..

*Mr. Giggles and the other Mimes slide into the ring, they all begin to do different types of Mimicry as the bell rings...the other wrestlers look at each other and then all of them attack the mimes*

M: Look at this teamwork by the other wrestlers..

T: The crowd trying to get behind the Mimes, as they are chanting Mime Time!

M: Look there goes one mime, and another...

T: I believe that was Mr. Diggles and Mr. Biggles

M: You know their names?

T: I try oh look another elimination...

*The Primate eliminates another Mime leaving just Mr. Giggles as the only Mime left...all the wrestlers team up and toss Giggles over the ropes eliminating him*

M: A group effort and Mr. Giggles is the first gone.

T: I guess the lockerroom doesn't care for mimicry.

M: Jason and Crazyskill are now going to work on Josh in the corner...

T: We saw Crazyskill turn on Josh a week ago and it looks like him and Jason are going to team up to eliminate Josh tonight as well...

*Mr. Oldschool sits in a turnbuckle by himself talking to his manager as The Primate and the Tiger exchange blows in the center of the ring...finally Oldschool comes over and hits Tiger then hits Primate with right hands...the other two men stand back then both begin to unload punches on Mr. Oldschool...they toss him into the ropes and a double clothesline eliminates Oldcshool.*

M: I guess we are going to see some new school now huh tater?

T: I guess so Marv, have you been drinking again?

M: Whatever do you mean?

*Meanwhile, Tiger whips Primate into the ropes, misses a clothesline and Primate bounces back off and nails the spear on The tiger*

T: SPEAR! SPEAR! he broke him in half Marv!

M: Now look at Primate he is helping Jason and Skill and they have Josh up and they dumped him out of the ring.

T: Looks like Crazyskill and Jason have an alliance going on..

*The three men then pick up Tiger and together dumped him out of the ring eliminating him*

M: Tiger eliminated and down to three men, and quickly this tandem of Crazyskill and Jason are going to work on Primate

*They double team Primate, but he starts to battle back knocking the men down with hard punches...Primate whips Jason into the corner, then hits a punch on Crazyskill, he tosses skill into the ropes, but it's reversed, and Primate bounces off and Spears Crazyskill.*

M: What a reversal


M: Primate is in charge of this match, and he charges in after Jason

*Jason takes a clothesline in the corner, and then Primate slams him to the mat..on the other side of the ring, Stacy gets up on the apron, and begins shaking her ass towards the ring..Primate notices and goes over towards her*

M: what is he doing, surely he is not going to fall for this?

T: I would

*Primate smacks Stacy on the ass, and she turns around and slaps him..he grabs her by the hair, but Jason is up and runs at Primate, he moves just in time and Jason knocks Stacy off the apron, Primate grabs a stunned Jason and tosses him over the top rope, eliminating him*

M: What instict, two men left and Primate turns around, and from no where a dropkick by Crazyskill and Primate goes over the top rope.

T: Crazyskill has won the battle royale..If he does this in a few weeks, he will be the new TV champion...

*Crazyskill celebrates the win in the ring as he falls to his knees in exhaustion.*

M: We got to take a break and be right back folks

*commercial break*


*Camera pans in the boiler room on Corey leaning against a wall and giggleing softly*

I really can't believe you have come back for more you stupid fuck. I thought I had taught you more than a lesson last time when you and that overgrown retard Masque thought you could fuck with me.

*Blood is still bleeding through a bandage on Corey's arm*


For all of those who do not know who this pole smoker is....roll the fucking footage.

*Footage airs from long ago showing Corey screaming at and cutting up Joker with a blade*

So which of you stupid ass fans would come back for more after that huh? Oh I forgot you all do not have the balls to come after me in the first place!

*Chorus of boo's throughout the arena*

I am going to put and end to you once and for all. I do not care how long it takes...You will leave the IWO in a fucking body bag you son of a bitch!

*Corey grasps his arm in pain and looks at his hand which is covered in blood*

You know...I almost...keyword ALMOST feel sorry for Dredd. He came in...showed some balls and went rounds with pure insanity...only to get a fucking fireball in his face from that clown faggot. Don't get me wrong..I still fucking hate you Dredd...your an enemy to me just like everyone else in this world...but you bled with me...AND I FUCKING LOVED IT!

If I were you...I would be going after that ass jockey clown and castrate him for soiling our great moment in IWO history. This is going to be interesting to see how this little situation plays out for us all huh?

*Corey grabs a bottle of Jack and starts chugging as the camera fades*


M: That Corey sure is a psycho

T: You're right Marv, he is one sick man

*’Theory of a Deadman’ begins as The Highlight makes his way to the ring. The crowd boos heavily at the cocky young man who struts to the ring as if his next opponent is nothing. He poses and a golden pyro flows from the titantron to the ground..He walks down the ramp confidently and rips a sign saying “Who is Highlight?”. He throws the pieces into the crowd and slides into the ring..*

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Santa Ana, California! Weighing in at 230 pounds! He is....THE HIGHLIGHT!

*The sound of his name draws enormous hate from the crowd and Breedlove tells the crowd to fuck off.*

M: Highlight not feeling the love from this capacity crowd.

T: He can’t let it get to him though. Especially against a man like DC.

*Night, falls,
I’m alone.
Skin, yeah..chilled me to the bone
You, turned and you ran
Oh, slipped from the edge of my hand
Kenny Wayne Shephard’s ‘Blue on Black’ plays to a huge ovation. Not because of the song, but because of the wrestler who comes out to this music. DC. He comes out from the back, and walks with intensity to the ring.*

C: And his opponent in the ring, from Atlanta, Georgia. Weighing in at 230 pounds. D........C!!!!

M: Listen to this ovation. The fans of IWO really love Dogcatcher.

T: This man is the symbol of IWO.

*DC and Highlight meet in the middle of the ring and begin talking trash to each other. Highlight turns away and tries to get a cheap shot in but DC catches his fist to much of the delight of the crowd. DC shakes his head and twists with one hand. Highlight wails in pain but delivers a quick kick to the gut. Highlight chuckles to himself and gives DC a quick snap suplex.*

T: Nice reversal by Highlight. But where’s he going?

M: Looks like he wants to get momentum quick.

*Highlight climbs the top rope and poses for the crowd. He then attempts ‘The End of Time’ on DC but the veteran moves and Highlight hits the mat, neck first.*

M: He took a risk with that Swanton Bomb! But he ended up paying for it!

T: It’s too early in the match to try to finish DC!

*DC shakes himself up and seeks to capitalize on the mistake. He gives Highlight a spinebuster followed by a piledriver. He stalks a shaken Highlight and locks in The Putdown!*

T: He’s got the Putdown locked in! Whenever Ted DiBiase locked it in, it was over!

M: Highlight looks like he’s about to tap!

*Right before Highlight looks like he is going to passout, DC releases the hold and Highlight gasps for air. The crowd is stunned by DC letting go. Chants of ‘Choke Him Out!’ are clearly heard. He shakes his head “No” and picks up Highlight in a Fireman’s Carry.*

M: Here it is! The Bust!

*DC hits the Death Valley Driver variation on Highlight but does not go for the cover.*

T: What’s DC doing?

*Again, the fans are stunned that DC will not end the match. DC assures the crowd he knows what he is doing and continues the attack. DC locks in a front facelock and lifts Highlight for a suplex, and then hits his spinning neckbreaker finisher!*

M: The Leash! It’s all over!

T: I dunno, Marv. I don’t know if he’ll ever end this beating!

*In fact, DC does cover Highlight, finally, for the 1...2....3! DC wins via The Leash.*

M: Not much of a contest here!

T: Yeah, maybe now Highlight will not get his nose in anyone’s business anymore.

M: I doubt that Tater.

*DC goes on each turnbuckle and embraces the fans... he interacts with the fans on the barricade before walking up the ramp to cheers.


*commercial break*

*The camera is seen in some dark place in the arena...lighted torches are the only light as a figure appears from the darkness*

Joker: Hello IWO! I'm the Joker, but I guess you have figured that out by now, or have you?...*Laughs* Anywho!! It seems my old friend Corey is now World Champion, funny isn't it, that a tired out gimmick could be the champ...*Laughs*...why is it funny? Because he couldn't even take the hardcore title off of a deadman *laughing uncontrolably*...But on to the business at hand, the mind games have only begun and soon Corey they will get worse, or will they? *Laughs* I am here to take your belt and your soul, to finish what we started a year ago. *laughs*...Corey, the commish has granted my request and at Return to Hell, you will do just that *laughs*...Me and you in an Inferno Match...So bring some Gas, cause I already have the fire...*laughs*...

*The camera goes black as the Joker is heard laughing*


M: What a strange individual..

T: yeah him and Corey make a great match

*Smoke fills the stage as ‘Hall of a Mountain King’ by Savatage blasts through the arena. A mix of cheers and boos are heard as Demon Alexander walks through the smoke. He has a blood-thirsty, intense look on his face and extends his arms, making his body look like a cross. This brings many boos to the crowd. He slowly walks down the ramp..*

M: Demon Alexander has said himself that he does not worship the Devil. But that the Devil worships him. Pretty eerie.

T: And he’s dated two vampires? How does he survive that?!

C: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from the Cathedral...weighing in at 240 pounds, he is DEMON Alexxxxxander!

*Demon rolls into the ring and does his ‘cross’ pose on the top turnbuckle. He laughs demonically and looks on, waiting for his opponent.*

*Bow down to the..
Bow down to the King!
Motorhead’s ‘King of Kings’ blasts and the IWO turns from boos to cheers. ‘Unstoppable Force’ Mike Thomas comes out in his usual flame attire and intensely heads towards the ring.*

C: And his opponent. From Spokane, Washington, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is the ‘Unstoppable Force’....Mike Thomas!

T: Listen to this crowd. Ever since his...alignment, if you wanna call it, with DC, these fans have seen him in a new light.

M: That may be so, but he will still keep his focus and intensity. Plus, he’s always willing to wrestle his new “friend.”

*Force slides into the ring but Demon begins attacking him before he could get up. Force rolls out of the ring pissed off and shakes the lights out of his head. Demon poses to the fans who boo back. Force sneaks back into the ring and gives the unsuspecting Demon a spear! Force gives clubbing blows to Demon’s sternum and he rolls out of the ring.*

M: Can Force keep up this attack. We’ll be back!

- - -

*We go back to the action where we see Demon attacking Force on the outside. He whips Force into the steel steps.*

T: Sorry folks, we’re back.

M: Yes we are. During the break, Force attempted a suplex to Demon who was on the apron. However, Demon, using brute strength, reversed the attempt, and delivered a suplex of his own, catapulting Force from the ring, onto the arena mat!

T: You gotta see it to believe it.

*A replay is shown where Demon suplexes Force out of the ring.*

M: And Demon has not stopped his attack.

*After whipping him into the steps, Demon whips Force into the barricade, spine first. Force yells in pain as Demon chuckles demonically. He then approaches Force and begins biting him!*

T: He’s biting him!

M: He is an animal!

*Demon lets go and smiles to the crowd. He picks up a lain Force for a suplex but Force gets his weight down and slams him chest first on the top of the barricade! Force falls to his knees in exhaustion and the crowd supports him. Force rolls into the ring to break the count but rolls back out. He picks up Force and presses him above his head!*

M: Check out the strength by Force! He is pressing Demon!

T: And Demon ain’t no piece of paper. He’s a 240 pound man!

*After pressing him, Force throws Demon back into the ring, through the middle ropes! The crowd cheers in amazement and Force howls to the crowd. He goes for the pin...1...2...Kickout..*

T: This guy just brings so much energy to the show.

*Force rolls back into the ring and stomps on Demon. Demon uses the ropes to get on his feet but get whipped into the ropes. Forces gives him a huge clothesline.

M: Here’s a pin! 1...2....Nope.

T: Demon’s too strong to get pinned already.

*Following that, he gives him a huge back body drop. Force pounds his chest in excitement. He says the match is over and picks up Demon for chokeslam but Demon grabs Force and reverses it into a spike DDT! Demon puts his right arm over Force for the cover!*

T: 1....2....Thr..No. Man, I thought it was over!

*Demon locks Force into his submission “Exercising Your Demons” and pulls Forces leg up, bending his body in half.*

M: He’s got that Stump Puller locked in.

T: How’s Force going to get out of this?

*After about 15 seconds of being stuck in the hold, Force gets energy from the cheering crowd. He elbows Demon in the sternum until he lets go and Force follows with numerous clotheslines. Demon runs at Force and but receives a quick powerslam. Force covers! 1.....2....No, kickout! The crowd groans but Force continues his attack. He climbs the top turnbuckle and fans raise out of their seats. He gives a huge elbow drop across Demon’s sternum and goes straight into the cover!*

T: Force with the huge elbow drop! 1...2...Kickout!

*Demon rolls around the ring in pain but Force is relentless. He attempts an inverted suplex to concentrate on Demon’s sternum but Demon twists and hits a reverse DDT!*

M: My god, what a move!

T: Quick cover! 1...2......Ah not yet.

*Demon grasps Force by the throat and delivers a Piledriver. Cover! 1....2....Kickout again.*

T: I thought he had him after that ‘Heading Straight to Hell’ Piledriver.

*Force gets to his knees but is slapped numerous times by Demon. Force blocks a slap attempt and delivers a shot to Demon’s ribs. Demon clutches and Force, still on his knees, puts Demon over his shoulder and kneels up.*

M: What strength! To pick up Demon from his knees!

*Force gets him into position for the Unstoppable Drop. Demon locks his legs around Force’s head and delivers a hurricanrana!*

T: Oh my god! I’ve never seen a reversal of a Tombstone Piledriver like that!

M: And this is coming from a 240 pound man! Think about the leg strength to pull that off!

*Force and Demon lay on the ring and the ref begins to count...*

M: At 7, Demon struggles up.

T: And so does Force!

*The two give exhausting blows at each other with Demon finally gaining the upper hand. He whips Force into the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Force is stunned on the mat. Demon begins to climb the top rope as Force struggles to his feet.*

T: Looks like Demon is gonna fly!

*Force finally gets to his feet and Demon attempts a crossbody but Force catches him!*

M: Force caught him!

T: And he hoists him on his shoulders! Looks like he's setting up for the..

M: Unstoppable Drop!

*Force plunges his opponent's head on the ground with his sit-down Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd goes nuts!*

T: And the cover!

M: 1....2.........3! Force pulls it off!

*Force raises his arms in triumph and exhaustion. The referee raises his arm in victory and then checks on Demon. Force climbs the turnbuckles to embrace the fans before struggling to the back after his win...*

*commercial break*


*backstage The josh is seen sitting in a locker...Mr Smith and the Equalizer approach him Smith yells out Josh's name and he jumps up...*

Smith: Settle down, easy boy..*laughs*...look I'm here for a reason

Josh: What's that?

Smith: I know lately you have been getting screwed over by Jason and his woman..

Josh: Bout time somebody noticed..

Smith: Anyway, I have good news, a few months ago you wanted a TLC match with Judge, remember?

Josh: yeah I remember, what's your point?

Smith: My point is I am granting the TLC match

Josh: Oh yeah, but how does this help with my problems with Jason?

Smith: Oh the TLC match isn't with Judge, it's with Jason..

*Josh appears exciting about this news and pumps his fists*

Smith: Glad you like the news, oh yeah one more thing, that match will be the same night you compete in the battle royal for the TV Title.

*Josh's face turns to a grimmace as he seems pissed off by the news*

Smith (laughing) : Have a good evening Joshoroo!

*Smith and Equalizer walk off*


M: What a night it has been so far Tater, another match signed for the PPV, this time Josh and Jason in a TLC match

T: I love the IWO Marv!

Don Compass (Announcer): The following contest is tonight’s main event!

*Fans stand up in anticipation and look at the titantron.*

*You ready?! Let’s go!
Yeah, for those you that wanna know what we’re all about..
It’s like this y’all c’mon!
The introduction to ‘Remember The Name’ by Fort Minor alerts the crowd of the hated rookie about to enter the ring, ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston. Smoke fills the stage and Alston emerges out to huge boos from the crowd. He shakes his head with a smile and struts down to the ring.*

Compass: On his way to the ring, from Ventura, California! Weighing in at 215 pounds, he is ‘The Epitome’ Troy..ALLLLSTON!

T: Love him or hate him, this kid has made a serious impact in the IWO.

M: Might I add, some of his feats did not come from his own-doing. He’s had some help, just like this past week at Out For Blood.

T: That’s right Marv. We were all looking at a great tag team tables match. But that bastard Crazyskill turned on his partner, The Josh, and Stacy’s secret was kept safe. Why ‘Skill?

*The red and blue lights from Troy’s entrance stop flashing and he poses on the turnbuckle. He takes off his wifebeater to cheers from women and tosses it into the crowd. He lays across the top turnbuckle ropes arrogantly and waits for his opponent..*

*I see my reflection in the window
It looks different, so different than what you see..
Projecting judgement on the world
This house is clean baby
This house is clean...
‘Dirty Window’ by Metallica plays and the crowd roars for a limping Judge, all covered up in bandages. He gives a nod to the crowd to show that he is okay and heads on towards the ring. He is greeted by fans on the sides of the ramp...*

C: And on his way to the ring is the challenger. From New York City, New York..weighing in at 320 pounds...he is Judge!

M: My, this man put up a hell of a battle against Corey at Out For Blood, but once again, he got screwed.

T: So true Marv, but it doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you get it! And Judge is definitely feeling the effects!

*Judge enters the ring slowly in pain and Troy has fallen asleep on the turnbuckle ropes. The crowd chuckles and Judge charges at the cocky rookie and gives a clubbing blow to his ribs. Troy crashes onto the mat and the ref orders the bell to be rung.*

T: He sure paid the consequences on that one!

*Judge gives relentless kicks to Troy’s ribs and Troy struggles up to get on the ropes. Judge whips Troy into the corner and gives him a huge shoulder tackle and Troy limps out of the corner. He turns around and meets with a mean Big Boot!*

M: This week’s Judge seems to running on adrenaline and adrenaline only!

T: It seems he is ignoring all of his injuries and letting all his anger on Troy.

*Troy gets to his feet but gets whipped into the ropes. Judge tries for another big boot but Troy ducks and springboards on the rope and flies into Judge, hitting a huge crossbody into a pin!*

T: What a move! Cover! 1...2...Kickout!

M: The athleticism this rookie possesses impresses me every week.

*Troy kips up and gives a grin to the crowd. He stomps on his opponent, mainly where the bandages are. On his last stomp, he fakes it and instead gives a leg drop across Judge’s throat. Cover, 1...2...Kickout!*

M: My, has the momentum shifted. Just like that.

T: That’s what happens against a wrestler like Troy. One slip-up and you might find yourself down on the mat.

*Judge holds his neck in pain and suffers a German Suplex. Troy keeps the bridge! One! Two! Thr-Nope, only two.*

T: I don’t know how much Judge can take. I’m not trying to make excuses for him, but he did receive a huge beating at Out For Blood.

M: No offense, Tater. But I doubt he wants your sympathy anyway. He can handle it.

*Troy grabs Judge by the head and gives him a Randy Orton-esque backbreaker. Judge bounces up in pain and gets a Backcracker!*

T: He is just so innovative!

M: Sure is! Cover! 1....2......Kickout!

T: All instinct to kickout there Marv.

*Troy seems a little bit frustrated and gives a huge haymaker to Judge’s jaw. He climbs the top rope and leaps to a rising Judge. Judge catches Troy over his shoulder and gives a huge powerslam! The crowd erupts and both men lay on the ground, motionless.*

M: That may have been the move he needed! What a reversal!

T: And the ref begins his count!

*At the count of 6, Judge reaches his feet first to the crowd’s approval. Troy gets up as well, and receives numerous punches to his face and stomach. Judge whips Troy into the corner turnbuckle and hits him with a huge clothesline! Troy bounces off dazed and Judge climbs to the second turnbuckle. The crowd looks on in excitement as they see their big man is going to fly! Judge locks his hands together and gives a huge double axe handle to Troy’s upper back! Troy falls to the ground and Judge goes for the quick pin.*

M: 1! 2! Damn, kickout.

T: Judge amazes me more and more with his athleticism for such a big guy.

M: I think he shocks everyone, every week.

*Judge can’t believe it but continues his beating on Troy. He chops him across the chest and delivers a back-breaking powerbomb! Pin! No! Judge signals it is over and climbs the turnbuckle once again and the fans rise in anticipation.*

T: The big man’s gonna fly again!

M: Could it be the Guillotine?!

*Judge leaps and hits the huge leg drop across Troy’s throat. Judge’s bottom slams on the mat hard as well and rives in pain. He cannot make the cover!

M: He hit it! Dead-on!

T: But the effect it had on Judge’s body. It hit him dead-on too. And he can’t make the cover!

*After 5 seconds of rolling around in pain, Judge puts his arm across Troy for the pin!*

M: Shoulders on the mat! 1.....2.........Thre-NO!! How did Troy kickout?!

T: What?! What a match folks!!

*The crowd moans but cheers for these men’s heroics. Troy lay on the ground motionless and Judge pounds on the mat in frustration. He bounces off the ropes and splashes right on top of Troy! Following that, he hits a suplex for good measure. Judge, again, signals the end of Troy and picks up Troy in the Argentine position. He bends Troy in half across his shoulders!*

M: He’s got him in it! The Excruciator!

T: Yes he does! Troy can’t get out of this Torture Rack!

*Troy wails in pain as Judge squeezes harder and harder. The ref gets into Troy’s face, asking him if he wants to give up. The IWO fans begin to chant “Tap Out Troy!” “Tap Out Troy!” Troy shakes his head and yells in pain!*

T: He’s gonna give up! He’s been in the lock for so long!

M: Troy’s been in this hold for 30 seconds. How is he refraining from tapping?

*Survivor, survivor
One more goddamn day when I know what I want
And my want will be considered tonight, considered tonight
Just another day when all that I want
Will mark me as a sinner tonight, I’m a sinner tonight, yeah..
‘10,000 Fists’ by Disturbed shocks the IWO fans who all turn to the entranceway and see Jason and Stacy walking down to the ring in their cocky fashion. The ref and Judge both see the intruders and turn their direction to them. As Troy looks like he is about to tap, Judge releases the hold and runs towards Jason who is on the apron. Stacy pretends to try to enter the ring but the referee stops her.*

T: What the hell are these two doing here?!

M: Damnit! Not these two! Troy was about to tap, and you all know damn well he was.

*Jason receives a clubbing punch to the jaw from Judge and he falls onto the arena floor. The crowd erupts in delight. BUT, CRAZYSKILL IS IN THE RING AND GIVES A HUGE CHAIRSHOT TO JUDGE’S SKULL!*


M: DAMNIT CRAZYSKILL AGAIN! He struck again! Damnit!

*The IWO crowd is in shock and give loud boos to Crazyskill who runs out of the ring and hides under. Troy struggles to his feet and begins to climb the turnbuckle.*

M: DAMNIT! Not this way!

T: Damnit! He hits it! The Blueprint!

M: There’s no way Judge can kick out from a chairshot and a somersault leg drop from the top rope.

*Stacy jumps off of the apron as the damage has just been done. Troy gives a cocky grin to the crowd and slowly makes the cover. 1.....2.........................3. Troy wins via Blueprint.*

T: God damnit. Troy always has something up his sleeve.

M: And look who’s getting back into the ring. Damn you guys.

*Crazyskill crawls from under the ring and Jason and Stacy enter the ring. Troy demands a mic from the timekeeper. The crowd begins a ‘Fuck You’ to the wrestlers in the ring. Troy, Jason and Crazyskill raise their arms in unity. The lights turn green and gold(like the NWO except different colors)*

Troy: Weeks have past and I have shaken the IWO world. Single-handedly.

M: Yeah, right.

Troy: But, leading up to Out For Blood. I knew I could cause a much bigger impact if I had a couple friends to do it with. Crazyskill, Jason and Stacy.

*Crowd boos loudly and continues their ‘Fuck You’ chant.*

Troy: Judge. Josh. You were made into examples these past two weeks. And will continue to be, if you ever step into the ring with us. That goes for anyone else. We are the youngest, hottest things today, and our individual impacts we’ve made will create one solid force. We don’t give a damn about legacy, except leaving our own. Take a look, bitches. We are the New Blood.

*Jason, Troy and Crazyskill, in this order and in a line, pose with their arms over their head and their hands locked. Stacy spreads her legs and bends with her head up. That’s their trademark pose.*

M: These guys make me sick.

*’Blood Brothers’ by Papa Roach blasts through the PA as the camera fades out with New Blood doing their trademark pose in the middle of the ring...*

Skill 10 Jul 2006 03:57 PM

Ha ha watch out New Blood. :evilgrin:

Spear 10 Jul 2006 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Crazyskill
Ha ha watch out New Blood. :evilgrin:

Primate was fighting the whole damn stable at the end of the battle royal.:err:

Good show. I loved reading the battle royal. It wasn't what I was expecting.:stunned:

DrDoom 10 Jul 2006 09:07 PM

That whole show was really good. Once again guys keep it up.

Jason 10 Jul 2006 10:20 PM

Damn good show.

Glad to see The New Blood is finally together:cool:

DC 11 Jul 2006 03:13 PM

Special thanks to Troy for helping with the matches

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