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Redemption Week 3 June 27, 2006
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Default Redemption Week 3 June 27, 2006

dark match 1

*The crowd is about half full in the arena as The Equalizer comes out to Commish Gene Smith's music....He gets in the ring and the strange music of Mr. Giggles come over the P.A. Giggles comes down the ring prentending to walk up a stair as the crowd chants "MIME TIME, MIME TIME!"...*

*Giggles gets in the ring Equalizer stares him down....Giggles looks at him and does the robot, Equalizer looks confused and looks to the crowd who cheers. Giggles moves closer and pulls out a finisher, his patented Man Trapped in the Box, Equalizer looks to the crowd again then levels Giggles with a big boot to the face.*

*Giggles goes down hard and Equalizer picks him up with one hand, and nails him with his version of the Baldo Bomb. He covers...1...2....3. and just like that this match is over. Equalizer takes care of Mr. Giggles...*


dark match 2

*The crowd is over 3/4 full now and Joe the Schmo is in the ring...Joe tries to get a chant going but to no avail. The Primate is coming down for his tryout with the IWO. He slides in the ring and quickly goes for a spear, but Joe moves out of the way, and Primate hits the second rope, he turns quickly and is met by a right hand. Joe throws another punch, then goes to irish whip Primate, it's reversed and Primate lowers his head, but Joe goes for the sunset flip..1...2..kickout..both men to their feet and Joe hits the armdrag, another armdrag, and Joe gets the crowd pumped up sorta as Primate rolls out of the ring.*

*Primate gets back into the ring and the two go to lockup, but Primate knees Joe in the Gut, he punches him a few times and tosses him into the corner. Primate goes for another spear, but Joe moves and Primate hits the corner post...Primate stand up and is holding his shoulder, and Joe goes for small package...1...2....3..Joe with the upset, and slides out of the ring and celebrates...Primate seems to be disguted with his loss.*


*Fireworks go off as Redemption begins with and "Blue on Black" comes on the speaker and DC is walking out to the ring still ready for action....DC gets in the ring and gets the crowd cheering*

M: Welcome everyone to Redemption as you can see DC already in the ring awaiting his opponent in this opening contest The Highlight...I'm Marv Rome and with me at ringside like always is Tater Inberg, Tater you excited tonight?

T: Always Marv, tonight is the final week before Out For Blood and what a contest we have to start off the show, as DC is coming back from that injury he suffered a few weeks ago.

M: That's right Tater, The Equalizer took at DC a few weeks back and this is the first time we have seen him since then. And here comes his opponent.

*Highlight comes to the ring to a loud chorus of boos, he gets in the ring and DC wastes no time going after him..DC is pounding on Highlight, finally Highlight is able to get up...DC whips him into the ropes and DC charges and hits a clothesline..cover..1..2..kickout.*

M: DC going for the pinfall early Tater.

T: He's trying to prove a point, trying to prove a point to Force.

M: Next week it will be Force and DC going at it, but right now DC is in charge of Highlight.

*DC suplexes Highlight and covers..1..2..kickout..DC trying to score a quick victory, but changes direction and goes for a wear down hold. Highlight trying to get up, and finally does...He pushes DC against the ropes and throws him...DC bounces off the ropes and hits a flying four arm..DC off the ropes again and drops the knee to Highlights head..cover..1..2..kickout.*

M: DC looks great in his first match back Tater.

T: He is in total control.

*DC chops Highlight and another as the crowd yells "WHOOOOO"...DC with a right hand and tosses Highlight into the corner...DC runs in and nails a clothesline...then a bulldog and DC rolls him over..cover...1...2...kickout*

M: What a near fall, He almost had that.

T: how the hell did he kick out of that.

*DC lifts Highlight up and Highlight pokes DC in the eye...he then irish whip DC into the ropes and hits a droptoe hold..*

M: DC looks to have hit his head.

T: That move although not impressive could have been devasting to DC...Remember Marv he had a concussion a couple of weeks ago.

M: Highlight with a cover, could this be it...No Kickout at 2

*DC seems to be fazed by that droptoe hold...just then the music of Mr. Giggles comes on, and Giggles comes out to the ramp.*

M: What the hell is that.

T: Look it's a mime, and he is pretending to pull a rope.

M: Looks like Highlight is a little pissed off

*Highlight goes to the ropes and yells up at Mr. Giggles...Giggles then stops and begins to pretend to climb a ladder..Finally Highlight just says the heck with it and turns back around, but DC is up and kicks him in the stomach and picks him up and nails The Bust*

T: He hit the BUST! It's over Marv..

M: Giggles might have cost Highlight the match..but what is DC doing, why is he not covering him.

T: It looks like he wants to go to the top..this could be the Dogcatcher Elbow

*DC goes up to the top rope, and looks at the crowd he then smiles and comes off with a top rope legdrop*

M: He just did Force's finisher.

T: DC is trying to intimidate Force, this is how Force beat Highlight last week.

*COver...1....2.....3...DC gets the victory*


M: I think he just sent a message to Unstoppable Force

*DC gets up and has his arm raised then gets out of the ring and goes to the back*


*Cameras are backstage as Hugh Miller is standing by in a lockerroom*

H: I'm Mad Hugh Miller here in the champ's lockerroom. Corey can you tell us about what happen last week?

C: Last week? Last week I proved to everyone Motherfucker here that you can't fuck with me, that's what happened.

H: But you lost to Tiger?

C: Did I lose, It looked like that little Faggat was the one laying on the ground in the end.

H: But it was a cheap attack..

C: Cheap attack, you're starting to Piss me off bitch.

H: Ummm...ummmm...

C: Is that all you have to say bitch?

H: Look I'm just here to interview you and...

C: And what, you want to know something I don't need you

*Corey takes the mic from Hugh and pushes him down. He looks into the camera*

C: IWO and any of you pussies backstage, I am Corey Taylor your motherfucking Champion. And next week at Out For Blood some CUNT by the name of Judge is going to feel pain. I'm going to beat the holy fuck out of that bitch and make him bleed. Remember last time when I made him cry like a fucking baby, this time is going to be worse.

*Corey laughs and then looks back at the camera*

C: And to the motherfucker that is playing some bitch ass games with me. Last week I showed you who was hardcore and in case you missed it, I'm going to show you it again right now!

*Corey drops the mic and goes out the door as the camera follows, he walks down the hall where Joe the Schmo is talking to some random person..Corey goes up and starts punching Joe, as Joe tries to cover up...Corey rams Joe into a box, and begins to start stomping on him..*

C: Is this hardcore BITCH!!!

*Corey pick Joe up and rams him into a wall he then picks up a trashcan and levels Joe with it..He lifts Joe into a standing postion and puts the Trash can on his head...Corey then picks up a pipe laying around and begins to start hitting the trashcan with the pipe..Finally Joe falls over, and Corey drops the pipe and begins Laughing*

C: What a little pussy!!!

*Corey walks back to his dressing room laughing the entire time as some people come to check on Joe.*

*commercial break*


*I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes..*

M: And this upcoming match will be a real fight. Crazyskill vs. Jason.

T: That’s right Marv. These two guys absolutely despise each other.

*Crazyskill comes out in with his usual black towel over his head. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd since his alignment with The Josh. Still, he smugly walks down to the ring and throws his black towel to a nearby fan. The towel hits the man right in the face. Skill smirks and climbs in the ring emotionless.*

Announcer: The following contest is one fall. In the ring, he is from New York, New York. He weighs in at 220 pounds...he is...CRAZYSKILL!

T: Boy, just imagine how long Crazyskill has been waiting for this night. The night where he could get his hands on Jason and Stacy for costing his match against Troy two weeks ago.

M: The two sure have built up a hatred if I do say so myself.

*Survivor, survivor.
One more goddamn day when I know what I want
And my want will be considered tonight, considered tonight
Just another day when all that I want
Will mark me as a sinner tonight, I’m a sinner tonight, yeah..*

T: Get ready to boo everyone. Here is that cocky Jason with that vixen Stacy. Their impact on IWO has been nothing of short. Former 3 time tag team champion, constantly interfering in matches..

*Jason, hand in hand with Stacy, walks down the ramp to a flurry of boos and insults. Men whistle towards Stacy but tells them that they wish. She then gives Jason a kiss which gets all of the men jealous. Jason slides into the ring and winks to the whole crowd. ‘That’s right, you all wish you were me!’ Jason is heard saying.’

M: These two men will both be in a huge tag team tables match at Out for Blood. Not on the same team of course.

T: Yeah, Marv. The hatred developed by these 4 wrestlers is about to erupt. They really are “out for blood.”

*Jason and CS meet in the middle of the ring, eye to eye. They bicker back and forth at each other and Jason slaps the spit out of Crazyskill’s mouth. Crazyskill smirks and attempts a huge haymaker but Jason ducks and gives a German Suplex. He points at his head, signaling he is smarter than his opponent. On the outside, Stacy laughs and tells Jason to turn around. Crazyskill quickly gets up and spears his opponent. They roll around on the ground, punching the life out of each other.*

M: Look at the intensity of these wrestlers!

T: You’re right! No one is giving an inch!

*Jason gains the upper hand but continues to punch his opponent. He mixes it up with chops and punches and forces CS to the corner. CS pushes Jason to the turnbuckle and does the same thing to him.*

T: Relentless! Simply relentless!

*Crazyskill gives Jason numerous punches before giving him a huge hook which knocks Jason out of the ring! The crowd ‘Oooooh’s at the punch.

M: What a hook! He sent Jason flying!

*Crazyskill does not stop his attack, however, and goes after his opponent out of the ring. He keeps giving huge haymakers to Jason’s smug face as Stacy pleads him to stop. Crazyskill locks his eyes on Stacy and stalks her.*

T: She better get out of the way! This man’s on a mission!

*Stacy screams and runs away from Crazyskill. She runs up the ramp and surprisingly, Crazyskill follows her. Jason sees his girlfriend in danger and goes after Crazyskill on the ramp. The referee is on 3 on his count.*

M: It doesn’t matter who wins this match it seems. Whoever can get revenge.

*Jason surprises Crazyskill with a clothesline to the back of the head which sends CS crashing to the steel ramp. Jason brashly kicks his opponent but Crazyskill gets up and takes Jason to the ground! They roll around like they did in the ring but no one is losing nor winning. Back and forth is this scuffle going. The crowd cheers to the brawling happening. The ref counts 5.....6.....7.....8......9......10! Double countout!*

M: Jason and Crazyskill have both been counted out!

T: I don’t think they care one bit! They’re still going!

*Stacy walks out of the stage and leads security to break up the fight. Crazyskill and Jason knock out their share of security out but still continue knocking the hell out of each other. They battle up the ramp until they reach backstage where the camera can no longer follow the action due to the buildup of security..*

M: What a fight.

T: I can't wait for Out For Blood Marv

M: Me either Tater, but first let's take a break

*Commercial break*


M: Well this next match has the makings of a good one Tater.

T: Yeah two of the IWO's most liked are about to do battle.

*The Judge walks out to the cheers of the crowd*

M: This will be a test of guts and of friendship.

T: Remember that Tiger will be Judge's corner at Out For Blood in his match against Corey.

*The Tiger comes out as the fans erupt*

M: Not to mention that Tiger has his hands full at the PPV with Demon Alexander and Highlight in a hardcore triple threat match.

*The two men are in the ring and shake hands as the bell rings*

*Tiger and Judge lock up in center of the ring..Tiger puts Judge in a hammerlock..Judge breaks it with an elbow..Bounces off the ropes..Judge leapfrogs Tiger..Stops and turns around..Tiger drops Judge with a right hand..Judge gets up..ducks another right hand by Tiger..and nails Tiger with a big release german suplex..Judge goes to Work on tiger with boots to the stomach..Judge picks Tiger up..Goes for a suplex..Tiger reverses it into a snap suplex of his own..cover..1...2..kickout by Judge

M: excellent counter by The Tiger

T: He's looking better each week Marv

*Tiger locks in a headlock on Judge..Judge is quickly up to his feet..although he is still in the headlock..He picks tiger up and tries a back suplex..But Tiger Lands on his feet and drops Judge with a nice dropkick..

T: Sweet Dropkick

*Tiger goes to Judge and picks him up..and delivers a neckbreaker to Judge..cover..1...2..kickout by Judge..Tiger locks in a choke on Judge..and releases on the ref's 5 count.. tiger pick Judge up and whips him into the ropes..Goes for a clothesline but Judge ducks..Judge picks tiger up and nails him with a Military Press Slam over the toprope and to the outside..Judge goes outside after tiger..Sets him up against the guardrail..and batters him with right hands..Judge takes tiger over to the Steel steps..Tries to drive tigers head into them..but Tiger gets a shot into Judgs gut,and drives Judges head into the steps twice..Judge is now bleeding from the forehead..

M: He's bleeding and these two friends are taking it to each other

T: but in a good way Marv.

*Tiger rolls Judge back inside the ring..drags him over to the ring post and wraps his legs around it..Tiger goes back outside..And locks in a figure four around the post!..Judge is in pain as Tiger applies more and more pressure..Luckily for Judge he ref goes outside and forces tiger to release the hold. tiger gets back in the ring and goes for a cover..1..2..Tiger kicks out..Tiger is working on Judges leg with big elbows..And now it looks like he's going for a sharpshooter..But Judge kicks tiger and the momentum sends tiger shoulder first into the ring post..Judge is hobbiling and bleeding as he goes over to Tiger..grabs him by the neck and drops him with a backwards DDT...Cover..1....2..tiger kicks out..

M: Judge desperately needs to end the match, he is losing a lot of blood

T: This just shows you what kind of competitior he is, and next week will be worse in a barbwire match.

*For the first time this match Judge is on the offensive..He picks Tiger up..and Nails him with a backbreaker..And another..And another..3 backbreakers on Tiger..He picks tiger back up and whips him into the ropes..And catches tiger with a big powerslam..Cover..1..2..Again Tiger gets his shoulder up

M: How is he kicking out?

T: Instinct, pure instinct at this point.

*Judge picks tigers up and throws him into the corner..He rams Tiger with big shoulderblocks to the gut..Whips tiger into the opposite corner and follows him in with a big clothesline..Tiger falls to the ground in pain..Cover by Judge..1..2...Tiger kicks out..Judge is still bleeding badly from the head..

M: If this goes much longer Judge might not make it to Out For Blood

*Judge goes up to the top rope..He calls for his legdrop..But Tiger pops up,climbs up to the top..And nails a top rope belly to back suplex on Judge!

T: What A MOVE!

*Tiger and Judge slowly make it to their feet..Judge takes a swing at tiger...tiger catches his arm and locks in a crippler crossface!..It's locked in deep..The blood is rushing from Judges head as more and more pressure is applied..tiger is screaming for Judge to tap

T: He's got to tap, he can't take much more

M: Judge is refusing to tap

*....Judge raises his hand..But no!..He won't tap..He's crawling to the ropes..Blood and all streaming down his face..and Yes..He gets to the ropes,forcing Tiger to break the hold..Tiger seems frustrated..He picks Judge up..Whips him into the ropes..Both men get the same idea as they nail each other..Double clothesline!..

M: the first man up is going to get an advantage

T: We might be getting near the end Marv

*Both men are down..Tiger gets to his feet first..Judge shortly after..Judge Blocks a right hand by tiger and whips tiger into the ropes..And nails him with a big back body drop..Tiger gets up..Judge runs him over with a clothesline..Judge goes over to Tiger..Tiger kicks Judge in stomach..tiger goes for the Claw..But Judge Grabs his Arm..And Nails him with the Final Sentence!.. Cover..1..2..3...Judge gets the win!..

M: Judge wins this and will have one week to rest up before the title match

T: It's not looking good Marv, this took a lot out of him and next week is going to be brutal

M: What a main event we will have at the PPV, but up next it's Josh v. Troy right after this message.


*You ready? Let’s Go!
Yeah, for those of you who that want to know what were all about..
It’s like this y’all (c’mon)!
The intro to ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor buzzes among the IWO crowd as they know ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston is about to enter the ring. Red and blue lights flash simultaneously to the beat of his song, like they always do and smoke builds up onto the stage. Finally, Troy Alston emerges from the smoke, to loud boos and few cheers..*

T: Take a look at this man. He has truly made a mark since his joining in IWO a couple months ago.

M: Can’t argue with you there, he has all the tools to make it big in this business.

T: If he hasn’t done so already...

*Troy struts down the ramp and smirks at fans and points at signs directed to him. He slides into the ring and embraces the fans on the turnbuckle.*

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, from Ventura, California. Weighing in at 215 pounds...he is ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston!

M: That man will team along side with Jason to face Crazyskill and Josh in a tag team tables match at Out For Blood.

T: You bet, the hatred built up from this feud will finally settle at Out For Blood. Don’t miss it!

M: Here comes one of the men, Troy will be facing at OFB, The Josh.

*Always, known in, all my time,
A little left of center now
Reflect as I realize...
“Not Falling” by Mudvayne signifies The Josh’s entrance. In his normal army attire, he jogs down the ring and interacts with fans..*

Announcer: And his opponent! From Vancouver, Washington. Weighing in at 200 pounds! He is...Thhhhhhheeee JOSH!

M: Man, The Josh still has the adrenaline pumping from his big win last week.

T: What a way to get your first win as well. Beating 2 cocky punks and making 1 tap out!

M: Swell, Tater.

*Josh charges into the ring and gives an unsuspecting Troy a vicious spear!*

M: Talk about adrenaline!

*Josh gives vicious rights and lefts to Troy’s skull as he attempts to cover up. He rolls Troy over and goes for an early Fire Mission but Troy stretches for the ropes ASAP. Josh releases the hold with a grin on his face and poses for the fans. Troy kips up and gives an elbow to the back of Josh’s head when he wasn’t looking. Josh falls to the mat and Troy smiles the crowd and does the same pose Josh did. This attracts boos from the crowd.*

T: Josh can’t make that mistake again. Never take your eye off the opponent.

*Josh struggles up and grabs his head in pain. Troy gives him an audible chop to the chest and Josh falls to the mat. Troy stands his foot over Josh’s fallen body and flexes. Chants of “Fuck You Alston!” and “Troy!, Troy!” are heard.*

M: Fans are at a stalemate whether they like this kid or not.

T: Love him or hate him. It doesn’t matter. This guy will do whatever he wants!

*Troy slowly picks up Josh but Josh swiftly turns it into a Schoolboy pin! 1...2..Kickout!*

T: That was a close one! These fans would have been mighty mad for this match to be so short!

*Troy is shocked that Josh recovered so easily. Josh punches him in the face and chops him in the chest. He whips Troy into the turnbuckle and attempts a back body drop. Troy sees that and stops and kicks Josh stiffly in the chest and gives him a spinning heel kick. Troy gets up and points to his head, signaling that he is too smart for Josh. He then runs for the cover..*

T: 1...2..Kickout. Troy needs to wear this veteran down some more.

*Troy is a bit ticked off and starts giving numerous elbows to Josh’s sternum. After the 4th elbow drop, he pretends to give another, but does a swift leg drop instead. He laughs at the fans and pins again.*

M: Cover! 1...2..Nope, only 2.

*Josh is in pain on the mat and Troy slaps his head around. ‘C’mon Boy! Get your ass up!’ Troy is heard saying to his opponent. Suddenly, Josh extends his arm to Troy’s throat to the shock of the audience. He kneels up and chokes Troy into the corner turnbuckle. He gives huge rights to Troy’s skull and whips Troy to the other turnbuckle. Josh winds up and charges directly at ‘The Epitome.’ He connects! He then follows it with a bulldog!*

M: Beautiful combination! 1...2..Ahh, 2 count.

*Josh picks up a buzzed Troy and whips him into the ropes. Troy bounces off and gets thrown out of the ring! The crowd roars at Troy stumbling onto the arena floor. Josh points to the fans and gives them a salute. He begins to climb the turnbuckle as Troy reaches to his feet.*

T: This is an all or nothing move here!

M: Can Josh connect?!

*Troy gets met with a huge crossbody from the top turnbuckle to the arena floor! Josh and Troy lay on the floor with Troy clutching his ribs. The referee begins his count. At 6, Josh breaks the count and returns back to the attack. He gives a huge German Suplex to ‘The Epitome’ onto the floor! Josh pounds his chest and throws his opponent back into the ring. He gives Troy a body slam and follows up with a quick Dragon Sleeper.*

M: Dragon Sleeper! Dragon Sleeper! He’s got it locked in!

T: Can Troy break the hold?

*Troy suffers through the hold for about 20 seconds before he stands on his feet, spins and gives a huge reverse DDT! No one saw it coming! Chants of “Troy!” are heard more distinctively.*

T: MY GOD! What a reversal!

M: This rookie sure develops great wrestling skills. He surprises me every week.

*Troy tweaks his head back and forth and gives Josh a Half-Nelson Suplex. Cover! 1..2.......Kickout!*

M: I can’t believe he got out of that one!

*Troy says it’s over and climbs the top rope. The crowd anticipates as Troy attempts a high moonsault but Josh rolls over, sending Troy crashing on the mat! Fans are relieved that their hero made it out safely. Josh picks up a hurt Troy and whips him to the turnbuckle. He gives him a top rope DDT!*

T: What impact! It’s gotta be over!


M: Not yet! That DDT was sickening!

*Josh anticipates to lock Troy into the Fire Mission. He runs towards Troy who is using the turnbuckle as support.*

M: WHAT! Here comes Jason coming down the aisle!

*The referee sees the illegal man coming down the ring and orders him to get out. Jason shrugs and flips the ref off. The ref runs out of the ring and but Stacy climbs over the barricade and onto the ring apron! Josh runs right into a Bitch Kick from the ring apron!*

M: That bitch just gave Josh a Bitch Kick! That woman!

T: What a move! I mean, how dare her!

*Josh points at Stacy’s direction and the referee sees Stacy, but not the damage she had caused! He gets into Stacy’s face and she plays innocent. She leads the referee out of the ring. Meanwhile, Jason runs into the ring and gives the stunned Josh an impactful JKO!*

T: JKO! JKO! That move is too fast!

M: It came with assistance from Stacy damnit! Where the hell is Crazyskill?

*Troy shakes the stars out of his head and sees Jason. They hug and Jason tells him to finish The Josh. Troy attempts to pick up Josh to set up for the Trendsetter but Jason lets go of the hold. He tells Troy to climb up and Troy knows exactly what he means. Jason gives another stomp to Josh’s head for good measure as Troy climbs up the turnbuckle and gives a huge Blueprint! Jason runs out of the ring and hides under.*

T: My God! He nailed Josh with that Somersault Leg Drop!

M: Right across the throat! And he goes for the pin.

*Stacy notices the damage has been done and points to the ring. The referee is shocked to see a pin but no referee. He runs into the ring and makes the count. 1....2............3!*

M: DAMNIT! Not this way!

*Stacy and Jason re-enter the ring and hug Troy. Stacy raises both Jason’s and Troy’s arms in the air and the whole arena is filled with boos.*

T: Where was Josh’s partner Crazyskill?

M: Well, he’ll be there this upcoming Pay-per-view to even out the odds and beat some sense into these cheaters.

T: Yeah cheaters not prosper Marv

M: If you say so Tater, backstage we have April Century with the commish.


A: Thanks Marv, Mr. Smith we witnessed a great Redemption so far with only the main event left, and we heard earlier about a harcore triple threat at Out For Blood any truth to that?

Smith: Well April, it is true, The Tiger will take on The Highlight and Demon Alexander next week at the PPV in that very match. This is inclusion to the other great matches will we see that evening.

A: Any more additions Mr. Smith?

S: Actually yes, I have also added a match between two of our newest stars, it will be Mr. Giggles *crowd chants MIME TIME* taking on The Primate.

A: Wow two new superstars in action at a PPV.

S: Exactly.

A: Well thank you sir

S: You are welcome April.

*Smith walks off*

*commercial break*


M: we are back for the main event, and sorry folks this one is underway, as Force and Demon began battling on the rampway.

T: These two have no love for each other Marv.

M: A lot at stake for both these men, Demon is technically the number one contender in the rankings all though he will be regulated to a mid card match at the PPV.

T: Yeah that sucks for him, but Force has a lot more to lose as he is undefeated at the moment.

M: But he might not be long if this keeps up, Demon is ramming his shoulder into Force in the corner. He has total control of this match.

T: That's why he is the number one contender.

M: there's an irish whip, but Force nails Demon with a big boot from the corner, and has him staggering..

T: Nice clothesline by Force Marv.

*Force covers..1..2..kickout...Force picks Demon up and suplexes him, then he gets up and drops an elbow...cover...1...2..

M: Surely he didn't think he was going to get the win like that.

T: I think he did

*Force tells the ref to countfaster, he then picks demon up and tosses him outside the ring..

M: Folks we need one more break and we will be back with the action.

*commercial break*

M: Force has dominated this match during the break Tater

T: Yeah Demon needs to do something, and look Force now going for the Unstoppable Drop

*Demon fights out of it and rolls Force up..1...2..kickout

M: He almost upset Force that time

T: Is it an upset if you are the number 1 contender Marv?

*Both men up and brawling with each other*

M: Exchanging blows

T: I haven't had some blow in days.

M: What the hell are you talking about

T: Nevermind that, look in the ring

*DDT from Demon and the cover..1...2.kickout

M: Almost got the 3 that time

T: yeah Demon now has the advantage

*Demon picks Force up and whips him into the ropes he nails and elbow to the jaw, and Force is reeling...Demon kicks him and then attempts to go for the Razor's Edge*

M: He got Force up I can't believe this

T: But wait, Force slides out of the Damnation!

*Force bounces off the ropes and nails a flying shoulder tackle..Demon is slow to get up and Force kicks him in the gut then nails a chokeslam...

M: Chokeslam taking Demon out

T: Looks like Force is going to the top, could be Hell from Above..

*Force climbs the top and attempts the leg drop but Demon rolls out of the way

M: He moved, what awareness.

T: What a mistake by Force, this one could be over now

*Demon gets up as Force is suffering from the missed leg drop..Demon waits and goes behind Force, he tries for the Demon's Dance, but gets his leg in the rope and Demon can't get him up for it..Force breaks the full nelson and nails a right hand to Demon sending him back..Force then tries to clothesline him, but misses, Demon punches Force and runs to the ropes he comes at Force with a clothesline of his own, but Force ducks..Demon bounces off the other rope and Force charges and takes him out with a knee to the gut...Demon hits hard..and slowly gets up...

M: Looks like he is waiting Marv

T: I think it might be...It is He just nailed Demon with the Unstoppable Drop

M: He covers....and yes...Force gets the victory what a hard fought match..

T: Maybe the match of the year Marv

M: An impressive victory over the number 1 contender for Unstoppable Force

T: More importantly marv, he is still undefeated.

*Force gets up and shows off for the crowd and the fans cheer for a great match*

M: Folks that's it for us, next week be there Out For Blood, goodnight everyone.

*show ends*
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