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Redemption Week 2 June 21
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Default Redemption Week 2 June 21

* a video is shown of last week where Mr. Smith tells that Judge will meet Corey for the Title at Out for blood in a barbwire match*

*Fireworks go off and Redemption begins*

M: Welcome everyone to IWO Redemption, we are two weeks away from the PPV Out For Blood and the match everyone has been anticipating, Judge v Corey for the Heavyweight Title. I'm Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg. Tater glad to see you in better condition this week.

T: Thanks Marv, I'm feeling much better no thanks to Corey, that son of a bitch.

M: Watch it partner you don't want to get him pissed off. And look coming down the aisle for our first match is the man that had a successful debut last week, Unstoppable Force.

T: Yeah Force looked to easily beat the Josh and tonight might be no different as we see the debut of The Highlight.

*Highlight comes down to the ring and gets in and the bell sounds. Force and Highlight stare each other down..Both men lock up..Force Drives Highlight into the corner..Force gives a break,then slaps Highlight dead in the face..Highlight fires a right hand..force ducks,and slaps highlight again in the face...Force and highlight lock up again..*

M: These two men are going at it, and listen to the crowd, they hate Highlight.

T: They sure do Marv, but hey who doesn't hate Highlight?

M: Good question Tater.

*Force drives a big knee into the gut of highlight..Whips highlight into the ropes..Catches him,and nails a release belly to back suplex..Cover..1..2..Highlight kicks out. Force picks highlight up by the hair..And puts him in a vertical suplex..*

M: Force is holding highlight up for what seems to be ages

T:Yeah I'm getting old just watching this Marv

*..Force drops him down. Force floats over into a cover..1..2..Highlight kicks out..Force picks highlight up and throws him into the corner..He nails highlight with some vicious chops..Force now pummels Highlight with boot after boot in the corner,and chokes him with his boot.*

M: The crowd is loving this

T: Everyone likes to see a good ass kicking Marv, especially when it is a jerk like Highlight.

*Force picks highlight up out of the corner..Whips him into the oppisite buckle..and follows him in with a clothesline. Highlight stumbles out of the corner,and Force catches him with a big running bulldog..Cover..1...2.....Highlight barely gets his shoulder up..Force goes to pick Highlight up..Highlight rolls force into a small package..1..2..Force gets up..Highlight pops up..and force runs him over with a big clothesline. Force grabs Highlight and picks him up..sits him on the top turnbuckle..Force climbs up there as well..And nails hihglight with a big top rope superplex..He climbs on top of highlight and rains down with furious right hands...*

M: If this was boxing I think we would have seen a TKO by now Tater.

T: Yeah but Marv this is the IWO and right now we are seeing a beating, courtesy of Unstoppable Force.

*Highlight struggles to his feet..ducks a right hand by force..and comes back with a flurry of punches. Force is now staggering and highlight delievers a big clothesline that almost takes Force down..highlight bounces off the ropes..And force catches him with a huge spinebuster. Force is signaling for his tombstone piledriver..Highlight slow gets to his feet..Force catches him and sets him up...And nails his tombstone...Whats this..Force isnt going for the cover..He's signaling for another tombstone..He picks Highlight up..sets him up..and nails another tombstone!..Again Force doesn't go for the cover..highlight is down and out..

M: Why doesn't he cover him?

T: He is just humiliating Highlight, he knows he has the win.

M: this could cost him, what the hell is Force doing now?

*Force is going to the top Rope..the crowd standing in anticipation..And Force nails his Hell From above Legdrop!


*..Force finally goes for the cover..1...2....3.

M: Force is going to pick up the win'

T: Yeah, Force reigns supreme over highlight, and just like that Force is 2-0 in the IWO.

M: I'm told we have April Century backstage and she has Commish Gene Smith and the Equalizer with her, April...

A: Thanks Marv...I'm here with Commish Gene Smith, and Mr. Smith we have been told that DC only suffered a concussion last week and is at home resting.

Smith: Well April, that's right, it's a shame too, but sometimes bad things happen to good people *laughs*

A: Is it true that he will return next week?

Smith: Return? only if he is an idiot. He should stay home, the IWO is better without him, but if he decides to show up next week, then he can have a match, against Highlight.

A: Highlight? but he just lost his debut

Smith: Yeah well, it happens, speaking of debut next week before Redemption we have two wrestlers trying out, they are The Primate and Mr. Giggles.

A: So they will have dark matches?

Smith: I just said that, it will be The Primate against Joe the Schmo, and Mr. Giggles taking on...ummm...

A: Who sir?

Smith: Well I...(Smith looks around and looks at The Equalizer)...*laughs* you know I have just the person for it

*smith smiles and so does Equalizer as they walk off*

*commericial break*

M: interesting comments by Mr. Smith

T: Yes they were Marv, and right now Tiger is in the ring awaiting the champ.

M: and here comes Corey the IWO World Champion..

*Corey comes to the ring and slides in, he drops the title and immediately goes after Tiger as the bell rings..Corey is pounding him near the corner*

M: Already the champ is after Tiger and this just started.

T: Glad to see he is mad at someone besides me this week

*Tiger gets to his feet and reverses the irish whip of Corey's, Tiger lowers his head, as Corey nails a double arm ddt...cover...1...2..kickout by Tiger.*

M: That was a veteran move by Corey that time, and the champ has Tiger right where he wants him

T: Yeah the LSU fanatic is getting it handed to him like a ragdoll.

M: A what?

T: Nevermind Marv

*Corey tosses Tiger into the corner and charges in, but Tiger goes up and over and rolls Corey up...1...2..kickout...Tiger to his feet but corey is up too, Tiger punches Corey into the corner, and climbs up him..he unloads punches as the crowd chants.*

M: tiger in control and the fans count with him..4...5....6

T: Look at Corey pick Tiger up

*Corey goes for an atomic drop, but Tiger blocks it and kicks Corey in the gut..he grabs Corey's tights and nails a piledriver...Tiger gets up and looks around, bounces off the ropes and nails the Big Cat Splash*

M: Big Cat Splash, what a move!

T: Tiger is feeling the crowd Marv!

*Tiger gets excited and goes to the top rop, he waits for Corey*

M: He is setting up for the Cat's Cradle

*Corey is up and Tiger jumps, but Corey Ducks as Tiger lands hard on his back, he slowly stammers up, and Corey grabs him and throws him shoulder first towards the turnbuckle, making Tiger ram the steel post.*

M: a cheap move by Corey

T: yeah but a smart one

*Corey is signaling for the Duality Driver, when the lights go out...smoke fills the top of the stage and Corey looks on and sees a figure standing at the top of the stage, enraged Corey jumps out of the ring and runs up towards the Corey gets close to the stage, Fire comes up from it and Corey jumps back..the lights come on and the fire goes down*

M: What is he doing?

T: Who was that at the top of the stage, but most importantly Marv, where is Corey going?

*Corey goes to the back and runs around looking for the figure..meanwhile the ref is counting...8....9....10..the bell rings and Corey has been counted out.*

M: Corey just got counted out, Tiger will win this match.

T: Look how excited Tiger is, as he just beat the World Champ.

*Meanwhile Corey runs into his lockerroom and sees a package. He opens it and finds a note that says "You are no longer Hardcore!"*

Corey: What the fuck? Motherfucker when I find you I will show you Hardcore Bitch!

*Corey throws the note down and runs out of the lockerroom*

*Commercial break*

M: Fans welcome back and during the break Corey attacked Tiger

T: What a beating it was, as Tiger went backstage after winning the match and Corey was enraged Marv

M: Indeed Tater, and beging attacking Tiger he already had a hurt shoulder from last match. They fought through the backstage area into cateering where Corey got the upperhand and ended up delivering a Duality Driver to Tiger through a table.

T: There went my dessert.

M: The bad thing is Tiger was an innocent bystander to some wicked mind games being played on Corey.

T: Innocent, Tiger just beat the champ Marv, I hardly call that innocent.

M: Anyways, let's go to the ring for our next match it will be the man that challenges Corey for the Title at Out For Blood, Judge against Demon Alexander

T: This should be a good one Marv.

*”Hall of a Mountain King” by Savatage blasts through the arena speakers, signifying Demon Alexander’s entrance. Heavy boos are heard towards the wrestler, and he looks none too pleased. He taunts fans as he walks down the ramp..*

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, from ‘The Cathedral’, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the Purifier of your soul...Demon Alexander!

T: Here is the man who edged out a loss last week in that incredible tag-team match.

M: Right you are partner, let’s recap from last week.

*A replay is shown of Judge nailing the Death Sentence on Jason from last week, and Demon is too late to break the pin, resulting to a loss.*

T: This close Marv, this close.

M: Right you are. Let’s see if Demon can rebound from that loss last week.

*”Imperial March” blasts from the PA and the crowd gets hyped. Judge Dredd comes out in his Judge attire to ‘Judge!’ chants from the crowd. He greets with a few fans in the front row and enters the ring..*

Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at 320 pounds, hailing from New York City, New York..He is..Judge Dredd!

M: This will definitely be a great match, with two powerhouses who display finesse and speed.

T: Oh yeah, gotta love it when big men fly! They are the total package!

*Judge and Demon circle each other, feeling each other out. They get into a grasp battle and both are even. They release and shake off the pain in their hands.*

T: This already shows this will be an even contest.

*They lock hands and Judge gains an upper hand. Demon rives in pain and instinctively kicks Judge to the gut. Judge bends over and Demon gives huges rights and lefts that drives Judge to cover up in the corner. The ref breaks it up as Demon laughs demonically. They reach the center of the ring where Demon gets a headlock on Judge. Judge throws Demon to the ropes and a massive clothesline.*

T: My! He nearly took his head off!

*Judge grabs his opponent and gives off a DDT. Demon rolls out of the ring in frustration. He has a few words with the fans and Judge interacts with the crowd. Demon trips up Judge who took his eye off his opponent, and re-enters the ring.*

T: Inexperience by Judge there. Never take your eyes off your opponent.

M: Right you are.

*He turns over Judge and gives a Stump Puller which he calls ‘Exercising Your Demons’ and pulls Judge’s arms relentlessly. Judge gets his right leg to the rope and the referee demands Demon to let go. Demon bickers at the ref and picks up a lain Judge. He whips Judge to the ropes and delivers a huge back body drop, throwing Judge out of the ring!*

M: My gosh! What impact onto the arena floor!

T: Yeah! Check out this replay!

*A replay is shown of the massive back body drop.*

M: A sickening thud onto the floor.

T: Judge must be in serious pain.

M: Look at Demon Alexander!

*The camera goes back to the ring where Demon runs to the ropes and does a huge suicide dive out of the ring, flat onto Judge! The crowd cheers loudly.*

T: X marks the spot! What a move!

M: Yes! This is the athleticism we were talking about! This is IWO Wrestling!

*The ref begins a count and at 7, Demon breaks it. He rolls Judge back into the ring and struggles back to the ring. Demon gives exhausted right hands to Judge and whips him to the corner. Demon winds up and charges toward Judge and gives him a huge shoulder tackle! Judge wails to the ground and Demon goes for a pin.*

M: 1! 2! Kickout!

T: All instinct right there. Judge doesn’t know where he’s at.

*Demon attempts the same combo, and whips Judge back to the turnbuckle. He charges for another shoulder tackle but Judge falls out of the way. Demon’s shoulder crashes to the steel post. Both men collapse to the ground and the referee starts a count.*

M: Did you see that impact!

T: How could I have missed it! The sound of Demon’s shoulder crunching and breaking...

M: Oh stop.

T: You queasy, Marv?

*Judge struggles to his feet and starts pounding Demon’s head. He gives an impressive arm drag and Demon grabs his right arm in pain. Judge grabs his opponent and whips him to the ropes. Judge gives other arm drag, but holds on for the armlock.*

M: Good strategy by Judge, working on the arm of his opponent.

*Demon reaches for the ropes and does so, making Judge release the hold. Demon grasps his arm and Judge continues the attack. He lays out Demon’s arm straight and climbs the top rope.*

T: Dredd’s gonna fly!

*Judge leaps off the top turnbuckle and gives a huge leg drop onto Demon’s arm! Demon yells in agony and gets pinned.*

M: 1! 2! Thr-Kickout!

*Judge can’t believe it and twists Demon’s arm behind his back. Demon’s facial expressions say how bad he is hurting. Demon elbows Judge’s head repeatedly and Judge lets go. He uses one arm to deliver a DDT, but Demon feels the effect of his arm hitting the mat from the move. He whips Judge to the rope, misses with a clothesline and gets hit with a running big boot!*

T: Cover! 1! 2! Kickout!

*Judge sets up for the Final Sentence, but gets hit with a low blow which the ref did not see! Judge hits the ground along with Demon, who endured pain using his arm to deliver the low blow. He attempts a Damnation, but cannot lift his opponent up due to his arm injury. Judge floats over and gives Demon his own finishing move, The Purifier!*

T: WHAT! He just used Demon’s own finishing move! That’s very disrespectful!

M: Disrespectful my ass! Demon just gave him a low blow! That shoulder-breaker is great strategy!

T: Well this one is over.

M: 1, 2, Thre-NO! Kickout! How did Demon do it?!

T: His own finishing move! And he kicked out!

*Judge is completely stunned and starts pulling his own hair. He picks up Demon for a Torture Rack which he calls ‘The Excruciator’. He gets Demon into the Argentine position but Demon floats over and gives Judge a huge Full Nelson Slam! Demon grasps his arm in pain and collapses to the ground!*

T: The Demon’s Dance! The Demon’s Dance!

M: But Demon can’t make the cover! His arm must be broken from picking up Judge for that Full Nelson Slam!

*After several seconds of lying on the mat, Demon rolls over and covers Judge with his good arm. The ref counts..*

T: Here’s the cover! 1......2..............3!

M: Demon did it!

*Demon raises his good arm in victory to applause and boos. Judge lie motionless on the mat, still feeling the effects from the Demon’s Dance.*

M: Demon has proved to all he is a legit wrestler in this company. Plus, I think he has gained the respect of these IWO fans with his heroics!

T: That might be so, but I don’t see Demon Alexander changing his ways any time soon.

*commercial break*

M: And finally we come to the main event Tater, a tag match that has the makings of a classic.

T: That's right, last week Troy and Jason tried to humiliate Crazyskill, but Josh made the save, and this week Josh has told Stacy not to interfere in the match or else.

M: Or else is right, wonder what the secret is?

T: No idea but look at this here comes Stacy and she is leading the way for both Jason and Troy.

M: team unity I suspect.

T: At least you know they are on the same page.

*The two men get in the ring and Jason kisses Stacy, then Troy slaps her on the ass and she climbs out of the ring..Josh makes his way down the aisle and waits for Crazyskill, both men slide in the ring as the other two bail out...finally all four men get in the ring and the ref gives instructions.*

M: You can feel the intensity here Tater

T: Exactly you know Troy and Jason have embarrased Josh and Skill for weeks now, tonight it might end.

*Crazy and Troy will start this match off..They lock up..Crazy gets Troy in a headlock..Troy throws Crazy into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder blocks..Crazy pops up and takes Troy down with an arm drag..Both men get up..this time Troy takes Crazy down with an arm drag..Crazy gets up and runs at Troy..Troy sidesteps Crazy and puts him in a drop toe hold..Crazy gets to the ropes to break the hold..Crazy and Troy go back to the middle of the ring where they lock up..Troy takes control with a kick to Crazy's stomach..Whips Crazy into the ropes..and connects with a big back body drop..Cover..1...2..Crazy gets up..Troy tags to Jason. Jason lays the boots to Crazy on the ground..Jason picks Crazy up ..and nails him with a quick snap suplex..cover..1...2..kick out..

M: Crazy needs to make a tag.

T: He sure does because Troy and Jason are working like a well oiled machine marv.

*Jason goes to pick Crazy up,but Crazy escapes and tags in Josh..Josh comes in and he and Jason lock up..Josh gets the upper hand with a headbutt that stuns Jason..Josh then picks Jason up and delivers a hard bodyslam..followed up by a quick elbowdrop. Cover..1...2..Jason kicks out..Josh picks Jason up,and delivers a big time backbreaker..Another cover..1...2...and again Jason kicks out....Josh drags Jason over to his corner and Tags in Crazyskill

M: good work by Josh and Crazy

T: Excellent work Marv, that's why they are the veterans.

*..Crazy sets Jason up in the corner and batters him with right hands..He goes to whip Jason into the opposite buckle..But Jason reverses and Crazy hits the buckle hard and does a Ric Flair like flip outside the ring...Jason tags Troy..making him the legal man.

M: The fresh tag is made and Troy is going to go after Crazyskill

T: Always good to have a fresh man in the ring

*Troy drops off the apron to grab Crazy..He picks Crazy up,and drops him throat first on the guardrail


M: It sure looked like it did

*...Troy throws Crazy back in the ring..Crazy gets up and meet Troy with a big forearm..he whips Troy into the ropes..Crazy goes for a back body drop but receives a boot to the head...Troy goes around and locks Crazy into a German Suplex,..Troy keeps the bridge..1..2..Josh comes in and saves Crazy from the pin..Josh goes over to Jason on the apron and nails him with a clothesline sending him flying to the outside..Josh then goes back to his corner..

M: That was uncharacteristic of Josh

T: Maybe he figures you have to think like a heel to beat a heel.

*Troy has Crazyskill up..And nails him with a nicely executed neckbreaker. Crazy is hurting on the mat..Troy goes to crazyskill,and locks on a surfboard..Crazy looks to be in a lot of pain here and might be forced to tap out..

M: Wait..Josh is on the top rope

T: what is he doing?

*..He comes flying in and nails Troy with a big top rope elbow drop that breaks the hold...The ref is busy trying to get Josh out of the ring..

M: Jason has a chair..

*Crazy gets up..And Jason smacks in directly in the skull with the chair..


*Troy goes for a cover..The ref is back and makes the count..1..2...Crazy gets up..

M: an amazing job by Crazy to kick out..

T: He is keeping his team alive, for a little while longer

*Troy is now going to the rop rope..He tries to connect with a moonsault..But Crazy gets his knees up and they hit troy directly in the stomach..Both men make it to their feet..Crazy hits Troy with a right hand...He kicks Troy in the gut and nails his double arm DDT. both men are down..*

M: Who can make a tag first..

T: Whoever does will probally win this match Marv!

*Crazy and Troy reach their partners at the same time..Josh comes in and meets Jason with a flurry of right hands..Josh whips Jason into the ropes..and nails him with a beautiful dropkick..Troy comes in ..Josh sends him down with a big right hand..Josh turns around..and Jason nails him with a beautiful superkick..


*He sets Josh up..and connects with the JKO

T: JKO! JKO! He nailed him with it


M: Crazy comes in to make the save..

*Crazy goes to the top rope..And connects on Jason with a beautiful top rope dropkick...Troy catches Crazy and hits him with the Trendsetter!

T:Trendsetter it's OVER! IT's OVER!

*...Troy goes for the cover..1..2.....Josh is there to break it up once again..

M: great save by The Josh

*Troy tries to hit the trendstter on Josh..but Josh reverses it into the unprettier!..Jason is pounding crazy in the corner...Josh sneaks up behind Jason..and locks in the Fire Mission!..Jason has nowhere to go..and yes..Jason taps out!

T: He TAPPED OUt! I can't believe it!

M: Josh scores the win for himself and Crazyskill! He is no longer winless in the IWO.

*Josh then gets a mic, and tells the fans he knows something about Stacy...Crazyskill gets up and goes over to Josh and looks to be asking him not to do it....Just then the sound of Cult of Personality comes on and Mr. Smith appears on the video screen*

Smith: Now, Josh we know that you are a very how do you say man of morals and values. So we know you wouldn't do nothing to put a woman like Stacy to shame.

*Josh seems ticked off*

Smith: But I will tell you what, since the fans seemed to enjoy this match, i think it's fair to have a rematch, at Out for Blood.

*Josh seems excited, both Troy and Jason are out of the ring now and heading up the ramp, Crazyskill doesn't seemed thrilled*

Smith: To make it better I have a deal for you, If you and Crazyskill lose at the PPV then you leave Stacy alone, but if you win, you can share her whole secret with the world.

*Jason and Troy are going crazy, they can't believe it, Josh is pumped raising his arms*

Smith: Oh yeah and one more thing the match at Out for Blood will be a tornado tag Tables Match. *Smith laughs*

Josh: A table match, well boys it looks like you are better go rest up cause when me and Crazyskill get through with you at Out For Blood, there might not be nothing left you .....IF ya smelllllalalal what the Josh is...*crowd says Brewing!*

*Josh's music hits as the cameras fade out with Josh celebrating in the ring*

*Show ends*
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