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Redemption Week 1 June 14
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Default Redemption Week 1 June 14

Dark Match

Both Joe the Schmo and now the Highlight are in the ring for a dark match before Redemption. The arena is about half full as we still have plenty of time before the actual show begins. This will be both men's debut in the IWO.

*Joe the Schmo tries to rally a ‘Joe’ chant to the uninterested crowd but just gets laughter back at him. Himself and his opponent, The Highlight, meet in the middle of the ring to a staredown.*

Highlight reaches back to slap Joe, but Joe catches his arm and twists it. Highlight rives in pain and pokes Joe’s eyes. He laughs at Joe and the crowd. Joe bends over and receives a DDT from Highlight. Highlight slaps Joe’s head around and draws some boos. He whips Joe into the ropes and delivers a big body drop.

He runs to Joe’s head and puts on a headlock to the opponent. Joe shakes his hands, trying to get the momentum from the crowd. The crowd claps and Joe elbows Highlight in the head numerously. They get up and Highlight receives a vertical suplex from Joe. Joe repeats with a bodyslam and pounds his chest like Tarzan.

He tries another suplex but Highlight locks his feet and gives his own suplex. He mocks Joe by pounding his chest. He whips Joe to the corner and gives a huge RTT from the top rope! Highlight kips up and climbs the ropes once again.

He does a huge Swanton Bomb which he calls ‘The End of Time’ and covers for the 1..2..3..*


*Fireworks go off as Redemption begins and we head down to the two announcers now at ringside, Marv Rome and Tater Inberg...*

M: welcome everyone to Redemption, just one week removed from Chance of a Lifetime. I'm Marv Rome and with me like always is Tater Inberg.

T: Glad to be here Marv, and what a PPV it was a week ago.

M: Indeed it was and we have a new IWO Heavyweight Champion and his name is Corey.

T: That's right Marv, last week Corey had a little help in defeated DC for the Heavyweight Title.

*Blue on Black comes across the speakers and DC comes walking down the aisle.*

M: well it looks like the man that could have been champion is making his way to ringside.

T: Yeah DC looks a little pissed off let's find out what he has to say.

*DC is in the ring with a mic, as the crowd cheers*

DC: Last week...Last week I was suppose to win the Heavyweight Title and come here tonight and defend it for all of you fans *crowd cheers*...But it seems that someone in the back didn't want that to happen. So I can complain and I could bitch about not being champ, but instead I want my rematch with Corey right here, right now! *crowd cheers*

*Cult of Personality comes on the PA and Mr. Smith makes his way onto the stage to a loud chorus of boos*

Smith: DC, hey calm down. Let me tell you something, last week what happen to you wasn't personal, it was business.

DC: Business? What the...

Smith: Hold on, let me finish. You see you and everyone else in the back, you guys don't run the IWO, I do. And last week I taught you a lesson. Unfortunately for you, it cost you your chance to be the champion.

DC: You damn right it did, and I want my rematch tonight!

*Crowd cheers*

Smith: rematch? Oh I get it you think you should get a rematch, but you see DC...You already did. Remember you lost to Corey last week for the Title, and then a second match took place, and well frankly you lost that too (Smith laughs and the crowd boos). So you see you won't be getting any rematch.

DC: That's a load of crap Smith and you know it.

Smith: Oh but see I'm a fair man, and I do have you a match. I saw your little exchange last night with Unstoppable Force, and since you want a match with him so bad, you can have it. At the next PPV Out for Blood!

DC: I don't want a stupid match with Force, I want my belt.

Smith: You know you should calm down before something bad happens.

DC: you should shut the hell up and give me my title shot.

*From out of the crowd, the moster of a man The Equalizer climbs into the ring behind DC and attacks him.*

M: Where did he come from?

T: I don't know but he is pounding DC.

M: A Baldo Bomb to DC, and he might have just taken DC out.

*Smith yells onto the mic for Equalizer to finish him*

M: Why is this monster going to the outside.

T: Looks like he is looking under the ring for something.

M: Oh no, a table. He has just found a table and slid it into the ring.

T: Look DC is getting up.

M: A huge big boot to the face of DC puts him back down. Equalizer is picking DC up and HOLY CRAP, a powerbomb that might have broke his back.

T: This guy is crazy, and Smith is controlling him!

*Equalizer picks DC up and tosses him into the corner, then sets the table up near the turnbuckle.*

M: What is he doing, he has put DC up on the top turnbuckle and this guy is climbing.

T: Surely he won't do this!

M: Both men standing up on the top rope, and Equalizer picks him straight up for a suplex, but...


*Equalizer performs a super-brainbuster through the table*

*Crowd chants HOLY SHIT*

M: He might have just killed DC with that brainbuster from the top rope through the table.

*Smith gets in the ring and helps Equalizer up as DC lays motionless. He raises the hand of Equalizer...*

M: Folks we are going to take a break and get some help out here for DC.

*Commercial break*

M: During the break Tater DC was helped out of the ring onto a stretcher and put in an ambulance.

T: It's a shame, hopefully nothing major has happened to him.

M: Let's hope not, but next up is a tag match with the team of Judge and Tiger taking on Jason and Demon Alexander.

T: Yeah Marv, last week Tiger once again got defeated by Demon Alexander while, Judge picked up his first win against the Josh.

M: Let's not forget that Jason lost to Corey and blew his chance at becoming IWO Champion.

T: Look here comes Tiger to the ring.

M: Interesting to see that Tiger is coming out without Judge.

T: Yeah it is.

*Judge makes his way to the ring followed by Jason and Stacy and finally Demon Alexander.*

M: Tiger and Demon start off the action in the ring..They lock up..Tiger gets demon into a headlock...Demon throws Tiger off into the ropes..Tiger drops Demon with a big shoulderblock. Tiger smiles as Demon gets up and both me goe back into a lockup..Tiger again with a headlock..Then goes around into a wristlock..and Slaps Demon on the back of the head

T: Demon is furious, since he just got showed up.

M: Tiger goes for another lock up..But demon stops it with a kick to the stomach..Demon nails tiger with a big uppercut...Demon whips Tiger into the ropes..and nails a big back body drop..Follows it up with a quick elbow drop and a cover..1...2. Tiger kicks out..Demon gets up and makes the quick tag to Jason..

T: Good move by Demon

M: Jason goes over to tiger and picks him up..Tiger nails Jason with a right hand..Picks Jason up and goes for a bodyslam..Jason escapes his grasp..Tiger turns around..And Jason catches him with a quick belly to belly suplex. Jason calls for tiger to get up..Jason goes for the RKO but Tiger escapes and tags in Judge..Judge and Jason square off..Judge nails Jason with a big forearm to the head..Jason is reeling as Judge picks him up..And nails a great vertical suplex...Judge picks Jason up and throws him to the outside..Judge goes for a whip into the steel steps..But Jason reverses and sends Judge shoulder first into the steps.

T: those steps are unforgiving Marv.

M: Jason takes Judge over to his side of the ring..Where Demon is lieing in wait..they double team Judge..Tiger comes running to make the save..He chases Demon around the..ring..Jason is set up..And almost takes Takes Tigers head off with a huge clothesline...Jason throws Judge back in the ring as Tiger is out on the outside..Jason whips Judge into the ropes..Judge comes flying and nails Jason with a spear..judge crawls to his corner..But Tiger isnt there yet..he cant make a tag...Jason tags to Demon..Who comes over and stomps Judge..

T: Good teamwork that time.

M: Demon picks Judge up..And nails a big time piledriver into the canvas...Cover..1..2..Judge kicks out..Demon bounces off the ropes..And nails a big legdrop onto Judge..cover..1..2..Judge once again gets his shoulder up and is in desperate need of a tag. Tiger is now back on the apron..Demon picks Judge up..Judge nail a shot to Demons gut..Right hands to his face..a kick to the stomach..And a big DDT..Judge is now on the offensive

T: Judge needs to make the tag, he has to have it.

M: He throws Demon into the corner and batters him with rights and lefts..He takes his foot and crams it into Demons throat..Breaking on the count of 4..

T: Judge is on a roll

M: he picks Demon up..and connects with a big sit down powerbomb..cover..1..2...Jason comes in and makes the save.. Judge is still on the offensive..He whips Demon into the Ropes..and Locks in a sleeper...Demon looks to be out on his feet..Judge has it sinched in good..Wait..Demon picks up Judge and has him on his shoulders..He falls back...crushing Judge under his weight..Now both men are down and both corners are looking for tags

T: Whoever gets there fist has a big advantage

M: Both men crawling to their corners..Both make the tag at the same time..

T: We might see a slobberknocker, oh wait did I just say that?

M: Jason and Tiger meet in the middle of the ring,exchanging punches..Tiger gets the better of this exchange..He whips Jason into the buckle..And comes in and nails a perfectly executed hand spring elbow..Jason stumbles out of the corner..Tiger nails him with a running knee lift...Tiger then Locks in the Iron Claw

T: The Claw! The Claw!

M: Jason is in tremendous pain..but Demon comes in and breaks it up..Demon and Jason now double team Tiger...But Tiger comes fighting back..with rights and lefts to both men..Tiger turns attention on Demon..but turns around and gets nailed with a huge superkick.

T: Superkick Marv, what a move!!!

M: the ref finally gets Demon out of the ring..Judge is back on his apron..Jason is working over Tiger..Tiger comes fighting back..Tiger nails Jason with a snap suplex..Jason pops up..tiger runs him over with a clothesline....Tiger is on Fire..He goes to the corner and knocks Demon off with a flying dropkick...Tiger goes to the top rope..judge tags him on the back with a blind tag..Tiger flies off the top..Jason catches him with a right to the gut..Jason signals for it..and nails Tiger with the RKO

T: RKO!!! RKO!! It's OVER!!!

M: Jason covers Tiger..But the ref isnt counting..Tiger isn't the legal man..Jason gets up and argues with the Ref..meanwhile Judge is in the ring..Jason turns around...Judge is there and nails jason with the final Sentence...Cover...1...2..Demons coming in to make the save..3!..Demon was just a second too late,..and Tiger and Judge score the Win!

T: What a match, and a huge victory for the team of Tiger and Judge, both men really needed that.

*cameras go backstage to see Corey walking down the hallway with the IWO Heavyweight Belt on his shoulder, just then the lights go out.*

Corey: What the Fuck, did Smith not pay the light bill again?

*Just then a lid from a trashcan beside Corey blows off in an explosion, and the lights come back on.*

Corey: What the hell is going on here?

*green smoke begins to come up from the trashcan, and Corey walks off mumbling about being tired of mindgames*

*Commerical break*


*Tater slowly gets up from the announcing table and heads toward the ring...He looks really uncomfortable about this upcoming interview*

*Duality Blasts over the sound system as Corey steps out onto the aisle way holding the IWO heavyweight strap. He does not look happy at all. As he is coming down the aisle way a fan throws his beer on him...Corey enraged picks the man up by his neck and throws him into his seat. Corey slides into the ring and walks towards Tater who is trembling in fear*

Tater: C...Corey last night you were crowned the IWO Heavyweight Champion of the world. What are your thoughts?


Tater: *Clears throat* This is your first run as IWO Champ...Who would you like to challenge you first?

Corey: First of all I don't give a rats ass who challenges me...there is no one in the IWO that can run with pure insanity. The real question is...Who do I want to beat the fuck out of next? The answer is simple....I WANT WHOEVER THIS CUM DEPOSIT IS THAT KEEPS FUCKING WITH MY BUISNESS TO COME FACE ME...THE MIND GAMES WILL ONLY TAKE YOU SO FAR MOTHER FUCKER! Your time will come soon bitch.

Tater: Fair enough *swallows deep* The fans are could you kidnap an innocent woman like Wilma like that? D...Don't you feel ashamed?

Corey: *Drops the belt and grabs Tater by his throat and rams him into turnbuckle hard*


*huge amount of boo's throughout the arena*

Corey: Look at me Tater...I will do anything to be victorious...and I do mean anything. The opinions of a bunch of stupid common people mean absolutely nothing to Corey.

Tater: Last question...This mystery person that keeps playing games with you seems to have gotten under your skin heavily...Are you intimidated by this man's actions lately?

*Corey looks down and all the sudden nails Tater with a right hand. Corey stomps on Tater a few times and then props him up in the turnbuckle with both legs drapped over a rope. Corey takes a few steps back, runs up, and kicks Tater right in his jewels with authority. Corey laughs hysterically and picks up the microphone*

Me? Intimidated? You've got to be fucking joking. No one in this fed can put fear in me...not DC, Jason, Josh, Demon, Judge, Crazy, Force...IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE...YOU WILL ALL FALL TO WHO WILL BE THE GREATEST IWO CHAMP OF ALL TIME!

*Corey launched the microphone into the crowd and Duality hits on the speakers again as Corey stands on the middle rope holding the IWO belt up high. People begin to throw trash at him as he leaves down the aisleway laughing*

*Just then the sound of Justice comes on throughout the arena. Judge walks out to the stage, as Corey stops and slides back into the ring. Judge has a mic*

Judge: You think it's fun to beat up on announcers Corey, well in case you forgot me and you have some unfinished business.

*Corey stands in the ring yelling at Judge, but has no mic cause he tossed it into the crowd*

Judge: You remember don't you, the barbwire 2X4 you took to my face a few weeks ago. Cause I do, and I'm here to make you pay!

Smith: Whoa, Whoa, hold it one second

*Mr. Smith appears on the Video Screen*

Smith: It seems you two have a problem. And since I'm in a good mood tonight, I'm going to solve it. Since Judge wants some revenge, and Corey I think it's time you prove you can be the Heavyweight Champ, I'm going to put you both in a match.

*Crowd cheers

Smith: Oh but not tonight, especially for these fans.

*Crowd boos*

Smith: At this month's PPV Out for Blood, it will be Judge vs. Corey in a match for the IWO Heavyweight Title. And to make it interesting it's going to be a barbwire match. So rest up boys you are going to need it.

*the screen goes black and Judge speaks again.*

Judge: Oh that's fine with me, Out for Blood Corey, I will see you there and then you will get served!

*Judge walks to the back as Corey is still cussing at him from the ring.*

*Commerical break*

M: Welcome back folks and with me now is Mad Hugh Miller.

H: thanks Marv, sorry about Tater.

M: It happens, but up next is the return of Unstoppable Force.

H: That's right Marv, and I tell you this is a good chance for The Josh to pick up a win. Force has to be rusty.

M: This could be true, and here comes Josh to the ring right now.

H: He has yet to pick up a win, so will definitely be looking for it tonight.

M: But ringrust or not, Force is no walk in the park and here comes the former IWO Champion, Unstoppable Force...both men are now in the ring and the bell is sounded. Force and Josh lock up..They tustle around in the lock up..Force pushes Josh to the ground and he hits hard..Josh looks stunned..He gets back up and the two men lock up again..Josh drives Force into the corner..And nails him with a big chop....Force smiles..Pushes Josh out of the corner..And runs him over with a big clothesline..Josh gets up..Force catches and nails him with a huge powerslam..cover..1..2..Josh kicks out.

H: Force is looking pretty good in his first match back so far Marv.

M: Force picks Josh up..Grabs him by the throat and throws him into the corner..He nails a big back elbow to Joshs head..And hits him with a series of boots that leaves him laying in the corner. Force goes to the other side of the ring..And runs in and smashes Josh's head with a big running knee. Force picks josh up out of the corner...Josh pokes Force in the eye and nails him with a standing dropkick. Force is stunned..Josh whips force into the ropes..Force ducks a clothesline from Josh..turns around..kicks Josh in the stomach..And drops him face first with a ddt.

H: You can tell why Force was a former champ, an excellent counter into a ddt.

M: Force is dominating here with a smile on his face. Force takes Josh to the corner..And nails him with a big chop..Followed up by two more. He picks Josh up and sits him on the top rope...Force goes up there to try to get a top rope suplex..Josh hits force with a right hand knocks him off the top..Josh goes for a splash off the top..But force moves out of the way.

H: Great ring presence he hasn't lost a step yet.

M: Force nails Josh with right hands..whips him into the ropes..And catches him with a HUGE spinebuster that shakes the ring. Force doesn't want to go for the cover..

H: Could be a mistake not covering Josh, both of these guys are veterans of the ring and this is not the way to win a match.

M: Force picks Josh up..Josh nails Force with some right hands to the gut...He bounces off the ropes..And smashes Force with a big right forearm that sends Force to his back..Josh picks force up..Drops him with a bodyslam,followed up by a quick elbow drop...cover..1...force kicks out..Josh gets up..Locks force in the Texas cloverleaf..Force quickly gets out...Josh waits for Force to get up to his feet..He charges at Force..Force Moves and Josh goes flying into the ring post shoulder first..Josh comes staggering out of the corner..runs right into a big belly to back suplex by force.

H: Force has Josh reeling

M: he picks Josh up..Whips him into the ropes..and drops him with a big boot to the face. Force goes up to the top...And nails Hell From Above..his top rope's over..1..2..Wait..Force Picked Josh up..

H: What is he doing, this is crazy he had the match won!

M: Force stands up..And signals for Josh to get up..Josh slowly makes his way to his feet. Force catches him,picks him up..and nails him with The tombstone piledriver known as the unstoppable drop. Force goes for the cover..1..2..3.

H: Force gets the win in his debut. I guess he proved me wrong.

M: Yeah that doesn't usually happen to Tater, you need to brush up a little bit.

H: What are you saying.

M: Ummm...I'm saying we need a break.

*Commercial break*

*I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes..
‘Paint It Black’ by the Rolling Stones blasts as Crazyskill walks out in his normal black wrestling tights with a black towel on his head to a wave of boos from the crowd. Determinedly, he walks down the ramp, staring beams into the ground. He disgustedly looks at a young fan cheering for him and smirks away..*

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring..from New York, New York. Weighing in at 220 pounds, he is Crazyskill!

Crazyskill slowly slides into the ring and mutters something to himself. He then throws his towel at the front-row fans.

M: Here is Crazyskill folks, who look in an irate mood.

H: And how can you blame him Marv? He lost to a damn rookie!

M: That might be so. But ‘Skill shouldn’t take it that bad, Troy simply outwrestled him in that match..

*You ready? Let’s go!
Yeah, for those of you that want to know what we’re all about..
It’s like this y’all, c’mon!
Red and blue lights flash simultaneously to the beat of ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston emerges through a heavy smoke on the entrance stage. Cheers and boos are heard through the audience. He poses on the ramp and walks down the ramp, pointing at signs directed to him.*

M: There’s the man that shocked the IWO World when he defeated Crazyskill at Chance of a Lifetime. He surely impressed me.

H: You mean the man who got lucky. All it was, Marv. Luck.

M: We’ll see partner, this match here can prove whether it was luck or talent that determined that match.

Announcer: And Crazyskill’s opponent. He weighs in at 215 pounds. From Ventura, CA, ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston!

*Troy slides into the ring and cheers from women are loudly heard. He goes up to the turnbuckle and poses. Crazyskill stares viciously at his opponent.*

H: I can’t wait for the match! They put on such a show at CoL, the encore must be better!

*Troy takes off his wifebeater and tosses it to the fans. A young lady reaches and grabs the clothing and waves it in the air. Crazyskill and Troy stand face to face in the middle of the ring.*

M: This is intense, Hugh.

*Troy extends his arm out for a handshake. Crazyskill reaches out his hand but pulls back, and slicks his hair. Troy chuckles and backs off.*

M: What a cheap move.

H: Ha! He sure showed him who the veteran is!

- - - DING! DING! DING!- - -

*The bell rings and ‘Skill and Alston circle each other in the ring. Troy bounces off the ropes but misses a spinning heel kick when Crazyskill ducks. He starts laughing at Troy who is on the mat. Troy stands up, smiling at the cocky opponent. They continue circling each other as Troy goes low and gets a Fireman’s carry, flipping over Crazyskill. ‘Skill bounces up and receives a hard clothesline. Troy picks up his opponent and attempts to whip him into the ropes but CS reverses it to his own. He delivers a punishing back body drop.*

H: What impact! Did you see the height in that?!

M: Indeed it was.

*Without any taunting, CS drops huge multiple elbows to his opponent’s sternum. He then applies a headlock but Troy quickly grabs the ropes. Crazyskill does not let go until the ref reaches 4 on his 5 count. He stomps away at Alston who struggles to get up, using the turnbuckle. He finally gets up but receives more and more punches.*

H: Vicious blows from the former IWO Rookie of the Year.

M: True that, Hugh. I don’t know how much Troy can take!

H: Did you just say true that?

M: Nevermind that Hugh, Skill whips Troy into the opposite turnbuckle and gives him a flying shoulder to the gut. He quickly follows up with a DDT.

*He smirks and taunts the fans some more. He sets Troy up for full-nelson slam and grabs Troy’s arms. Troy elbows CS in the head, wraps around him and gives him a neck-crunching German Suplex! He picks up a stunned CS and whips him into the turnbuckle and leg-trips him. He points to the fans and gives an amazing Standing Shooting Star Press to much of the fans’ delight. The crowd pops loudly.*

M: What a combo by the kid!

H: Eh, it was impressive.

*Troy applies an STF on Crazyskill who strains for the ropes. He barely makes it and grabs on. Troy lets go and tries to lock in a Boston Crab. CS kicks his feet at Troy, who backs off and receives a punishing Spear!*

H: Oh man! You gotta love the ring psychology of Crazyskill. He has improved so much from one year!

M: I won’t argue with that statement.

*Troy clutches his ribs as CS picks him up. He delivers stiff kicks to the midsection and ‘The Epitome’ falls to the turnbuckles while seated. Crazyskill gets a running start and does an impactful dropkick to Troy’s midsection! Troy wails in pain and rolls out of the ring. Crazyskill points and laughs at the hurt Troy Alston and poses for the fans. The fans chew him out very loudly. Troy makes it to his feet and Crazyskill attempts a suicide dive from the ring. Troy catches the flying Crazyskill for a huge DDT! The crowd is going completely nuts!*

(Chants of ‘Holy shit!’ and ‘IWO!’ from the crowd.)



(A replay is shown of the amazing DDT onto the floor)

*The ref starts his count to the lain Crazyskill and Alston on the mat floor. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Troy uses the mat for leverage and breaks the count. He goes back to the arena floor and whips Crazyskill into the steel steps. Crazyskill yells in serious pain. Troy rolls Crazyskill into the ring and starts kicking him mercilessly. Crazyskill covers up and the ref breaks up the attack. The ref gets into Alston’s face and Troy looks off distantly, pretending not to listen. The crowd begins to laugh a bit. Crazyskill wakes up from his state and shoves the ref into Troy, causing both of them to hit the mat.*

H: Ah, what a move!

M: What the hell kind of move was that? It was cheap!

H: Yeah, yeah.

*The ref is still stunned and CS picks Troy up. They deliver alternating rights to each other and Troy gains the upper hand. He kicks ‘Skill in the gut and attempts the Trendsetter. He puts CS on his shoulders and finishes him off into a Samoan Driver!*

M: He hit it! He hit the Trendsetter!

H: It’s gotta be over.
M: No! But the ref is knocked out cold!

*Troy notices the ref down and does not bother to pin. He slowly climbs the ropes and signals for the Blueprint. He points to all of the fans and leaps into a somersault. Crazyskill instinctively kneels up and gives a huge low blow to the airborne Troy. Troy is in serious pain, grabbing his ‘jewels’.

M: Whoa, what a reversal. If you wanna call it. It was cheap tactic, but the ref didn’t see it!

H: Hell no he didn’t!

*All 3 men lay on the mat: Troy Alston, Crazyskill and the referee. Crazyskill gets up to his feet first and picks up a struggling Troy. The ref wakes up and comes back to reality. CS underhooks Alston’s arms and delivers a Double Arm DDT!*

H: Crazyskeel! Crazyskeel!

M: It’s over!

*Crazyskill looks over at ‘The Epitome’ Troy Alston with such hate and jealousy. He swings his arms signaling the end of Troy’s chances in this match. Crazyskill sternly climbs up the turnbuckles as everyone in the crowd rises to their feet in anticipation...*

M: This is going to be the beginning fo the end for Troy

H: look coming down the aisle it's Jason and Stacy

M: Crazyskill sees them and what a move he just hit the Crazydeath on Jason and stacy on the outside of the ring

*Crowd cheers*

H: I don't know how smart that was cause all three of them are down and Troy is now back up in the ring.

*Troy slides out of the ring and picks up Crazyskill*

M: Troy just hit the Trendsetter on Crazyskill on the outside of the ring.

H: Nice Move, very nice

*the ref is at 6....7...

M: Troy better get back in are he is going to be counted out.

*Troy slides in at the count of 9....10....Crazyskill is counted out.*

M: Troy is going to win by countout.

H: He just took advantage by a mistake from Crazyskill.

M: Or interference by Jason and Stacy.

H: Look at him taunting the crowd now.

*Jason and stacy get up and Jason rolls Crazyskill into the ring.*

M: What is this?

H: Look at Troy and Jason teaming up on Crazyskill.

*after pounding on Crazy, they hold him so Stacy can slap him in the face.

M: what an insult, this is humiliating.

*The crowd erupts as Josh comes running to the ring.*

H: Here comes the calvary

M: It's about time

*Josh slides in the ring and ducks a clothesline by Jason and nails him with a dropkick sending Jason through the ropes to the floor. Troy punches Josh and they exchange blows.

M: back and forth they go.

H: Look at troy hit Josh in the eye with a finger

M: I believe it's called a poke to the eye

H: Whatever, but there's the Irish whip by Troy

*Josh hits a flying four arm on Troy, and both men get up and Josh nails a dropkick taking Troy down.*

M: where is he going

H: smart move by Troy no need to mess with Josh the damage is down already.

*Troy slides out of the ring and goes around towards Jason and Stacy, as Josh points at them from the ring.*

The camera fades out.

Special thanks to The One and Troy for writing the matches on this week's Redemption
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Real solid show. Well put I must say .

Hope you guys like the Troy/Crazyskill match


Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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Great show guys.

My move is called the JKO not the RKO Same move but different name.
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