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Redemption Week 3 May 29
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Default Redemption Week 3 May 29

Fireworks blast off for Redemption*

M: Welcome Everyone to Redemption and we are one week away from “Chance of Lifetime” where one superstar will become the new Heavyweight Champion of the IWO. I’m Marv and joining me is Tater.

T: It’s an exciting night Marv and we begin with a loser’s bracket matchup.

M: This next match features the man making his way to the ring right now. The Tiger.

T: yeah Tiger gave a rousing interview the other day, will be interesting to see him work in the ring tonight.

M: And here comes his opponent former IWO Rookie of the year, Crazyskill. Remember the winner of this match will have to wrestle again tonight.

T: that’s right and the loser goes home, or they could join that Boot Camp Spectacular later tonight.

M: this is true Tater, and Crazyskill is now in the ring. Tiger and Crazyskill square off..Both men lock up..Quick arm drag by Crazkyskill..Both men pop up..Another arm drag by Crazyskill..Both men pop up again and stop as Crazyskill gives a little smile to Tiger. they lock up again....this time Tiger hits an armdrag..Both men pop up..Crazyskil sees it coming and stops before the arm drag..Tiger hits Crazyskill with a boot..Going for the tiger claw..Crazyskill grabs Tigers arm and hits him with a big knee lift to the gut..Followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Crazyskill whips Tiger into the ropes...Tiger ducks a right hand..stops and turn around..Picks up Crazyskill and nails him with an atomic drop..runs him over with a clothesline..1...2...Kick out. tiger picks Crazyskill up..whips him into the rope..Big time back body drop and Crazy goes flying into the lights..Crazy rolls to the outside to regroup..tiger follows him..chasing him around the ring..Crazy gets in first..And nails tiger with a right hand when tiger follows him into the ring. Tiger falls to the mat..Crazy applying some boots to his back..Picks him up and delivers a bodyslam..Bounces off the ropes,and connects with a perfect flying kneedrop. Cover..1..2...tiger gets a shoulder up.

T: The action is fast and furious Marv in this first match.

M: It sure is Tater, and right now Crazy picks Tiger up..throws him into a turnbuckle and runs across the ring to an opposite one...He comes running in..Handspring elbow attempt..tiger moves..Crazy Turns around..and gets smacked with a big superkick to the face. Tiger seizes the oppertuinty and locks an STF on Crazy. Crazy looks to be in pain..but fortunately is close to the rope and is able to grab it.

T: Good ring presence by Crazyskill. That’s why he is truly a superstar.

M: Tiger goes to the top rope..Tries a missle dropkick..But misses. Crazy capitalizes with a DDT to Tiger. Quick cover..1..2...Crazy picks tiger up and throws him into the corner..WHAM..a big time chop connects for Crazy..WHAM..another one

T: the crowd oooo's and ahhh's..I Like oooo’s and ahhh’s Marv.

M: I’m sure you do. Crazy then whips tiger into the other turnbuckle with maxiumum force. the ring litteraly shook on that one. Cover..1..2..Tiger is up again...Crazy goes to pick tiger up..tiger fights back with some right hands..Crazy goes for a kick...tiger catches his foot..then Crazy comes out and nails Tiger with a big time ensuguri to the head. Crazy goes over and chokes tiger on the bottom rope..letting go at the count of 4.

T: dirty tactics by Crazy, he’s a desperate man.

M: Crazy puts tigers neck on the 2nd rope..bounces off the other side..Tries for the running sitdown across the neck,But Tiger moves out the way landing right where it hurts on the ropes if you catch my drift. Tiger sees this..And comes at Crazy with a flying clothesline that takes both men outside. Crazy and Tiger both make it to their feet at the same time..Both exchange some right hands..Crazy pokers tiger in the Eye..Goes for Clothesline..tiger ducks around it..sinches Crazy In..Oh my lord..Tiger nails a german suplex on Crazy into the steel steps!..Crazy got folded up like an accordian. Tiger throws crazy back into the ring..cover..1..2..

T: NO. Crazy gets up...tiger has him in the perfect spot..he's signaling for it..He goes for the big cat splash.

M: But Crazy gets his knees up..taking all the air out of Tiger. Crazy gets up..He perches himself in the corner..waiting for tiger..Tiger gets up..turns around..Crazy plants him with a huge spear!...Crazy slow to make the cover..1...2..Tiger barely gets up. Crazy picks tiger up..Tiger swings wildly..Crazy catches him..takes him down..and locks in the crossface!..

T: Oh its got to be over..The pain is eched on Tigers face..

M: He's raising his hand..looks like he might tap...No...He's trying..and..YES..he gets to the ropes. Crazy cant believe it..Pulls tiger back to the middle of the ring..and locks it on again!..But this time tiger turns over and tries to pin Crazy..1...2..Crazy gets up..Both men get up quick..Crazy goes for a clothesline..Ducked by Tiger..Tiger hits a kick to the gut..Bang..Big time piledriver that leaves both men down.

T: Whoever gets up first as a huge advantage here..

M: It's Tiger to his feet first..Crazy follows him soon after..Tiger locks in the Iron Claw!..But no!..For the 2nd time Crazy pokes tiger in the eyes...

T: Watching those ric flair tapes can be helpful..

M: Crazy goes for a double arm DDT..tiger stops it and nails a northern lights suplex. Crazy is down..Tiger goes to the top..

T: The crowd rises in anticipation..

M: Crazy gets to his feet and turns around..tiger flies off and hits the cats Cradle!!!..Cover..1...2...3....Tiger with the Win.

T: what a great match and now Tiger advances to meet the winner of Demon Alexander and Corey later tonight.

M: Speaking of Corey there’s a camera back in the lockerroom with him right now.

Corey is seen looking into a mirror that has the words “Soon, Corey” painting in red on it. He is yelling at Commish Gene Smith.

C: Why the hell is this shit on my mirror, Smith?

S: look Corey, don’t get an attitude with me. I’m not in charge of mirrors. In fact you should worry less about some writing and more about your upcoming match. Cause it’s going to happen right now.

--Smith walks off as Corey turns back at the mirror. The mirror begins to shake and the images become blurry as Corey, yells and throws a chair through the mirror.---

Commercial break *

M: That’s was very odd what happen before the break.

T: Indeed Marv, why did the mirror look like that?

M: No idea but you can bet that breaking it may have just gave Corey 7 years bad luck.

T: that’s just an old superstitious, but anyway Demon Alexander is in the ring and here comes Mr. Bad Luck, Corey

M: You know Tater Corey hasn’t been beaten in the tourney so far.

T: but he’s in the loser’s bracket.

M: Yeah but only because he got himself disqualified. But here we go Tater. Demon and Corey lock up..Both men can't seem to get position,as both are equal in size. They lock up again,Corey hits Demon with a shot to gut and drives him into the corner. Corey goes to hit demon with a wild right,Demon moves and bashes Corey with a couple of chops. Demon whips Corey into the other turnbuckle,and follows it up with a clothesline..Corey stumbles out of the corner,and runs right into a nicely delivered clothesline by Demon. Cover..1..2..Corey kicks out. Corey Picks Demon up and whips him into the ropes..Lowers his head,Pays the price as Demon nails him with a kick to chops..Demon bounces off the ropes,and scores with a big running knee lift. He stomps Corey relentlessly and picks him up..Delivers nice vertical suplex into a pin..1..2..Corey's up. Demon picks Corey up..Corey nails Demon with a big right hand into the gut..Whips Demon into the ropes..And throws Demon over the top rope..
Demons momentum taking him into the guardrail on the outside.

T: What a match so far. We need a break Marv.

M: We sure do Tater, back after this.

Commerical Break *

M: We are back folks and the fighting has continued outside, but Corey grabs Demon and pulls him back into the ring area..Puts him on his shoulders..Oh wait..Looks like he's going for a Duality Driver on the outside..Demon blocks it with a rake to the eyes.. Corey turns around..And gets nailed with a single arm DDT. Demon rolls corey into the ring..bounces off the ropes..And gives Corey a Leg drop...cover..1..2..Corey kicks out. Demon picks Corey up and delievers a nice Belly to Back Suplex..another cover..1..2..Corey again kicks out.

T: Corey is relentless, he won’t give up that sicko.

M: Demon pounds Corey's head with punches..the ref tells Demon to lay off..Demon is arguing with the ref..Corey gets up..Demon sees him..Demon goes for a clothesline..Corey ducks and drops him with a big boot..Demon pops up..And almost gets his head taken off by a clothesline.

T: The crowd is not really pro corey in this one.

M: Corey picks Demon up..Kick the gut..Sets him up..BAM..Big powerbomb delievered to Demon. Corey goes for the cover..1..2....Demon finds a way to get out. Long two count there.

T: Corey seems a little shocked..but quickly goes back to work.You got to love his intensity.

M: .Driving his boot into Demons face. He throws Demon against the turnbuckle...and rains down on him a number of big time shots..Demon slumps in the corner as corey drives his boot into Demons throat..choking him..
Corey sits demon on the top rope...Heres comes his signature DDT...He wraps his arm around Demons neck..But wait..Demon Stops him..And picks him up and nails a top rope spinebuster!..Oh what a feat of strength by Demon!..He covers corey..1..2...Corey once again kicks out. Demon picks Corey up..Goes for a clothesline..Corey ducks..Kick to the gut..BANG..Duality driver by Corey.

T: both men are down as Corey seems weakened by that top rope spinebuster.

M: Corey does get the cover though this should be it..1....2....3.!..No no wait..Demon got his foot on the rope.

T: Corey thinks he's won...The ref is trying to inform him that he didn't. Corey doesn't believe it..

M: Corey eventually goes back to work on demon..Picks Demon up..Demon nails corey with a short shot to the gut..Turns him around..locks him up..And drives him into the mat with the Demons Dance. Both men are down once again..The ref is beginning his count..1...2....3...4....5.....6....7...Demon and Corey both reach their feet. Demon strikes with a right hand..And Corey follows suit..Both men nailing each other back and forth..

T: Who's going to blink first...

M: Corey pokes demon in the eye..Picks him up..Has him on his shoulders in position for another duality Driver..He spins around..Demons foot smashes the ref in the face...the ref is blinded..Corey is distracted ...Demon reaches down and nails Corey with a low blow..Corey drops Demon and to his knees in pain..Corey stnads up..Turns around..Demon picks Corey up..And drives his shoulder hard With his singature Purifier...The ref is back now..Demon with the cover...1.....2......

T: What the hell?

M: What happen to the lights Tater?

T: Maybe Mr. Smith forgot to pay the power bill this month!

M: You can’t call the action with no lights on in the building, but what is that awful smell?

T: I’m no chemist, but Marv it smells like ether!

M: God it stinks. The lights are back on.

T: Look Corey’s arm is draped over Demon’s body.

M: both men seem to be out cold it looks like…

T: The ref is confused but he counts the pin.

M: 1….2…..3…and in one of the weirdest matches to date, Corey is going to pick up the win, and I don’t even think he realizes he did.

T: this is the second week that Corey has had some mysterious help in winning Marv.

M: Speaking of winning, let’s go backstage to April Century who is standing by With DC….April

A: Thanks Marv, but before we talk to DC about his match tonight, Mr. Smith wanted to inform me, that next week at Chance of Lifetime, former IWO Heavyweight Champ, Unstoppable Force will be in the building and give an interview that is surely not one to miss.

DC: did you just say Unstoppable Force?

A: well yes, I did DC.

DC: on my time you start talking about a guy that ran from the federation. And like you said a former heavyweight Champ, keyword being former.

A: I was told to…

DC: you were told to interview me. Let me make it clear about one thing. About tonight and about next week. I am going to be the man to carry this company and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. Tonight Jason will learn the hard way what it’s like to go to the dogpound.

A: Well DC, I would…

DC: wait! As far as next week is concerned and the pansy Force coming back here, let me be the first to say that next week I will be waiting for him. Let’s call it the IWO welcome wagon and I will prove to him that I was the best champ this federation ever had. Not to mention that next week I claim the IWO Heavyweight Title. I mean think about it, Force is another guy in a long list of guys that ran away. Like that punk Dante. He’s probally in a bar reading poetry somewhere, drunk as a skunk. Or perhaps that piss-stain Ravage.

* DC laughs

DC: Or what about Mr. Magic Salami Alli Sabbah, he probally got deported. But let’s not forgert Cutlip a guy that got hurt and was such a baby that he couldn’t return, or even the last IWO Heavyweight Champ, Chris Stunner. I guess he got all coked out and couldn’t find the arena. Nonetheless next week, I’m glad to see Force coming back, cause he can witness perfection

DC walks off


M: well DC seems real passionate about the return of Unstoppable Force.

T: He sure does Marv, but it looks like Josh is in the ring, along with newest superstar Troy, and Judge who is all bandaged up.

M: Yeah Judge is sure showing the aftermath of his match with Corey last week. Let's go up to Josh who has a mic.

Josh: Welcome to the first ever Boot Camp Invitational. I am The Josh and tonight I am going to prove to the IWO that I am the best athlete it has.

* music comes on and Crazyskill comes to the ring with a mic *

Crazy: Josh sorry to interupt your little party, but I feel that I should be in this, afterall I am the hottest property in the IWO.

* Troy grabs the mic out of Josh's hand*

Troy: are you serious? You just got your ass handed to you by a guy that comes out to marching band music!

* the two men stare down at each other exchanging words...Josh takes back a mic*

Josh: Hold on, let's settle this the right way in a series of events.

* the crowd chants boring at The Josh*

Josh: The first event is to see who can do the most jumping jacks, once you stop you are out.

M: What the hell Tater, no wonder the fans feel this is boring.

T: I think the ladies are going to get a show though Marv, and they are off jumping.

M: I can't even call this crap. This is an insult to my play by play knowledge.

T: Yeah it is kind of lame, but it looks like the injuries of Judge are slowing him down and he is out of this event.

M: yeah he is looks like fatigue from earlier has cause Crazy to stop as well, and I think Troy just deciding to stop also, so Josh wins the first event.

Josh: wow guys, you look a little tired *josh laughs* but the next event is...

T: Look Marv it's Jason and Stacy coming to the ring and Jason has a mic.

Jason: What the hell is this, a sausage convention. I mean I expected this out of Josh but not all four of you.

Josh: Hey Jason, are you here to run your mouth or did you want to put your money where your mouth is. Oh wait maybe you aren't man enough to compete with us, maybe I should talk to a real man like Stacy.

Jason: Shut up you dipshit. It's alright baby. Look here Josh, I don't have time to enter your little lovefest, cause in case you forgot, I'm competing tonight for a chance to be the Heavyweight Champion next week at Chance of Lifetime. OH but wait you probally did forget since you got eliminated already.

M: Oh my from behind Troy just laid Crazyskill out with a chair.

T: he's not done as he hits Judge in the stomach with the chair and tosses him out of the ring.

M: Jason has hit the ring and is battling with Josh. the two exchanging blows, but Troy attacking Josh from behind and the two men ganging up on the Josh.

T: could this be a setup Marv?

M: quite possibly, as Troy with a spinebuster on The Josh... Jason waits on Josh to get up and oh my, the JKO on Josh.

T: but look Crazyskill is up and Troy just clocks him upside the head with a chair shot.

M: Stacy now in the ring raises both men's arms and Jason and Troy have laid waste to Crazyskill, Josh and Judge.

* commerical break*

M: well Tiger is in the ring and Corey comes down the aisle now looking a little well he looks confused.

T: turns out is was ether that was the smell earlier Marv, apparently both Demon and Corey were drugged with it.

M: Strange, as both men in the ring exchaning blows, Tiger irish whips Corey and hits flying clothesline. the cover 1...2...Corey kicks out.

T: wonder how well his reflexes are going to be Marv?

M: A little slow I would think, as Tiger nails the Big Cat Splash and covers...1...2...corey gets a foot on the rope and saves himself.

T: Tiger sure is going at Corey full force, but what the hell is that sound?

M: It looks like a marching band, and they are dressed in green and yellow.

T: that's not the colors of The Tiger.

M: It sure isn't Tater, and Tiger looks a little confused himself.

T: look at that trombone player climb up onto the apron.

M: Tiger is confronting him, and look one of the other band players is distracting the ref.

T: look at that the Trombone player just blew in his instrument and some sort of powder came out and right into Tiger's face.

M: the trombone player is off the apron and it looks like the marching band is making it's way back up the rampway.

T: that was so odd, but look Tiger is blinded

M: He can't see, and Corey is up and picks up Tiger for the Duality Driver and he hits it. the cover...1....2.....3....Corey wins this one with a little help from his friends Tater.

T: A tough loss for Tiger, as he was clearly in demand of this matchup.

M: We will take a break and then it's the main event, DC v. Jason for a chance to be in the finals of the Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

* Commercial Break*

M: well it's been a strange night, but it's almost over as DC with Wilma are in the ring, and awaiting Jason and Stacy.

T: I can't wait for next week Marv, as Mr. Smith has just announced that Tiger will be battling Demon Alexander to further their rivalry at Chance of Lifetime.

M: that will be a good one Tater, as both men got robbed by Corey tonight.

T: Look at how stunning Stacy looks as Jason gets into the ring and immediately he goes after DC.

M: Jason has had a goodnight so far after ruining the Boot Camp Invitational.

T: Yeah the alliance with him and Troy is a strange one.

M: Very sudden, just like that tilt-a-whirl slam DC just laid on Jason the cover...1...2...kickout by Jason...DC gets up and drops a knee to Jason's head and the cover..1...2..kickokut

T: That's just a mindfuck by DC Marv...he knew he wasn't going to win with that, but it helps demoralize his opponent.

M: Did you just say Mindfuck?

T: why yes, I guess I did.

M: Jason in the corner and DC goes for a splash, but Jason moves, he hits a german suplex on DC and both men down. Let's take a break and be right back...

* Commerical break*

T: wow a spear from Jason, but Wilma puts DC leg on the ropes to prevent the cover..Look here comes Stacy

M: It's only fair Stacy did pull down the rope during the break causing DC to go to the outside. Look the ladies are arguing, and now it's a catfight.

T: interesing since I thought DC was a Dogcatcher?

M: nevermind that the two ladies fighting each other and it looks like Troy is coming down the aisle....Jason meanwhile puts DC down with a DDT, but is telling Troy to hurry up...

T: Troy begins to trot towards the women, but it's Josh and Crazyskilll running down behind him.

M: they attack Troy and cut him off, Jason in the ring yelling at them....the ref goes out of the ring trying to break the women up as Troy is fighting with Josh and Crazy up the ramp....

T: look it's the judge in the ring and he is running towards Jason.

M: Jason just moves and Judge bounces off the ropes, and a JKO! just like that Judge is down and Jason letting him have it....Jason turns around and DC up a boot to the midsection lifts him up and spins him and hits The Bust!!!

T: What a move!

M: the cover...ref slides in...1.......2.......3!!!

T: DC wins! DC wins, he pulled off the victory.

M: What a great match, as Wilma climbs in the ring to congradulate her man for winning and moving on to the finals next week. For Tater, I'm Marv we will see you next week at Chance of Lifetime...Goodnight Everybody.


Sorry it took so long to get this up. I had trouble with the cable company that my internet is through all week long.

Special Thanks to The One for his help in writing some of the matches.
looking for my sig? look harder!

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