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DC 15 May 2006 04:47 PM

Redemption Week 3 Promo: spoiler if you haven't seen week 2
notice this will be spoilers if you haven't read week 2 yet.

The official card for Redemption week 3

Winner's bracket final

DC v. Jason

Loser's bracket quarterfinal

Crazyskill v. Tiger

Loser's bracket quarterfinal

Corey v Demon Alexander

Loser's bracket Semifinal

winner of Crazy/Tiger v. the winner of Corey/Demon

(yes some people will wrestle twice that night)

Josh Boot Camp Invitational

Josh v. Troy v. Judge v. anyone else that wants to participate

Promos are due by Saturday May 20 at 8PM

Nick Saban 15 May 2006 05:06 PM

Annoting backstage interviewer: Well, Rene, it looks like you got a tainted victory over The Josh.

Tiger: A win is a win, I'd rather have it under other circumstances, but I'm one step closer to the gold.

ABI: How do you feel about your next match?

Tiger: It looks like I'll be fighting Crazyskill and someone else. Whoever I have to fight, I hope your watching because you will have to deal with
*looks at right hand with purple and gold glove on it*
Freddie Feelgood...
*Taps each finger and the thumb of the glove to reveal a claw in each*
And his funky little five piece band.

ABI: What if you lose to Crazyskill?

Tiger: I don't see that happening, but if someone manages to pull another fast one on me, I'll throw my hat into The Josh's boot camp invitational, with or without an invitation.

ABI: Do you have any preference for who your second fight would be against?

Tiger: Not really, at some point, I will get another shot at Demon Alexander, and he will have a real match on his hands, something he can't win.

Sinestro 15 May 2006 06:44 PM

*The Josh is shown backstage getting ready for the Boot Camp Invitational*

"As I said last week, I am challenging any and all of the IWO's finest, and the announce crew, to perform in the first ever Boot Camp Invitational. It is the test of a real man. Now, where is that sign up sheet?"

*The Josh looks through the locker room and finds a clipboard*

"Let's see, Troy, the Judge and myself? Well, unless more people sign up, it'll be an easy night for me. However, I'd like to see that maggot Jason show up. Wherever I turn, he's costing me matches. Well, he better hope he wins the title, because I want to get revenge and take what he cherishes: The title and his woman. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLA, WHAT THE JOSH, IS BREWIN'!

Skill 15 May 2006 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by dogcatcher
notice this will be spoilers if you haven't read week 2 yet.

The official card for Redemption week 3

Winner's bracket final

DC v. Jason

Loser's bracket quarterfinal

Crazyskill v. Tiger

Loser's bracket quarterfinal

Corey v Demon Alexander

Loser's bracket Semifinal

winner of Crazy/Tiger v. the winner of Corey/Demon

(yes some people will wrestle twice that night)

Josh Boot Camp Invitational

Josh v. Troy v. Judge v. anyone else that wants to participate

Promos are due by Saturday May 20 at 8PM

If I lose my first match, I will wrestle in the Boot Camo Invitiational.

Troy 15 May 2006 07:38 PM

*Camera pans into a brightly lit locker room, with posters of Troy Alston on the walls, and Troy himself, sitting confidently on a couch with 2 girls on his side..*

Blonde Girl: Oohhhh Troooy...

Troy: Hold on a sec babe, we'll talk dirty later..

(Both girls giggle and rub his 6-pack as Troy sees the camera)

Troy: Envious are you? Heh-heh, it's nothing new. Fortunately, picking up women and having a good time come very easy to me. You want to see? Come hang out with me for a couple HOURS, hell, even a couple minutes and Troy Alston can bring some extreme happiness and extreme women in your life, (unless you are gay), I won't even go there.. Now, chill with (quotes his fingers)"The Josh" for a couple days, you might catch AIDS, herpes, anthrax, small pox and a buttplug all in one night! Now I KNOW you don't want any of those, just ask Mr. Josh himself.

You see, "The Josh", The Troy sees exaacctly where you are coming from. And I understand..most of it. Plain jealousy. I know while in the army, you could not get any action from real women who aren't Army dikes with beer bellies and a deeper voice than yourself nor chylmedia-filled Paki women who lived in holes..And, when you returned home, all sexually active and whatnot, you could not pleasure your wife anymore because she simply could not feel it. Sadly, while you were gone "protecting us from danger," your woman was gone, pleasing the whole damn IWO without you knowing! Heh heh, I would know..

So it comes to this, I, minding my own buisness, kindly talking to IWO backstage announcer, Hugh, where limp, horny lil AWOL Sarge himself gets in my buisness and challenges me...ME to a Military Boot Camp match? WTF is this? A pushup contest?

(Girls giggle and say Troy will easily win and feel his arms)

...Or maybe whoever could wake up the earliest? Haha, I admit, you'll probably win that one. You probably haven't had one of those looong nights since you stayed up til 11 when you were 13 years old with your buddy Johnny St. Clair playing Medal of Honor all night in your GI Joe pajamas....

I got news for you Colonel. Soldiers aren't athletes.The most athletic thing you do is climbing across monkey bars, so go challenge a 5 year old to it and make yourself feel special. Do you really think Judge or myself is intimidated? I'm not going to back out of this. I am an athletic machine, the real total package. I drop bombs, but I'm sure you do too. I'm out to show this organization what I'm about. It's my coming out party(probably the first party you've been to in a while, Private) and everyone will notice. You could have stayed quietly in the back, bragging to and intimidating other wrestler's of your "accomplishments", but you've made the mistake of getting in my buisness. So when I beat you next week at Redemption, just remember one thing: Don't be Jealous...

So ladies, will Troy Alston win the Josh Boot Camp Invitational?

Girls(saluting): Sir, yes sir!(start laughing)

*Camera fades away as Troy makes out with the Brunette girl*

Elias Alexander 15 May 2006 08:29 PM

*Demon Alexander is shown sitting in a graveyard at night between two tombstones*

I like it out here among the dead....

*Suddenly a gust a wind whips up*

....or maybe the dead does not rest here. You here that wind? It is the cries of those who gone before. They are upset that I gained a lost last week, but don't worry my friends I am not out. When you have a chance to take out your enemy, you got to take them out because if they still move they can still bite.

*The wind slows down*

I may have lost last week, but it was not because I could not take it anymore, but because the ghost of the ring entered my spirit for an internal stuggle that put me down for the night.

*Demon looks over at one tombstone as the camera pans down on it.*

I'm still waiting for an elimination in this tournament by my hands and lucky for me I get two chances this week. Corey, I enjoyed your match last week. It was full of fire and blood. I hope you introduce that fire and blood into our match because I shall have such an organism. I like blood fests, I actually put a wrestler on life support after a blood fest. Remind me to tell you about someday or maybe you can get it first hand.

*Demon looks over to the other tombstone*

As I said, I get two chances to put someone away and it doesn't matter who it is. Tiger, I already showed you what I'm capable of and Crazyskill, you will get to feel what everyone is taking about.

*The wind starts to blwo again as the camera fades*

DrDoom 16 May 2006 05:30 AM

*Camera comes into hospital ward, Judge is sitting by the window wrapped up in a few bandages he twists around so he is facing the cmaera*

last week I was cheated again out of a vicotry. Last week I was delivering some much deserved punishment to that psycopathic shitbag who calls himself Corey. When out of nowhere I was hit with a fire ball. The results of which are obvious. A normal man would not have survived. But I'm no normal man. I'm one of the toughest son of a bitches in the IWO. Despite being blasted with a fireball and attacked with a two by four after the ring bell had sounded I'm still here.

I have now been cheated out of two wins in a row. It ends now. All this could have been avoided. No one stepped in and reserved the decision when i was unfairly taken advantage of two weeks ago. No one has done anything about the fireball that hit me last week.

Someone is to blame. Someone has to be punished for this and you know who I think is guilty?

*Camera zooms in*

Its all of you! Gene Smith for not being able to take care of his talent. Fuck you Smith.
*Judge picks up a get well soon card from smith and rips it in half*

The referee's for not doing their job two weeks ago. And most of all it's each and everyone of you out there's fault. Fuck you IWO fans. What did you do when I was rolled up two weeks ago by a cheating nobody wrestler? Did you warn me? Did you do anything? Course not. You just sat there and let it fucking happen. No warning. No nothing. When i got hit by a fire ball what did you do? You laughed in my face. You cheered as a barbwire two by four was grated across my face. You cheered on that psychopathic Corey.

So if what you want is extreme. If what you want is dirty underhand tactics, that's what your gonna get. IWO hear my warning. I'm coming for each and everyone of you. Starting next week in my triple threat match it's no more Mr nice guy. Those two no name punks will be the first to feel my wrath. But I guarantee you they won't be the last.

And when I find out who was directly responsible for that fire ball attack last week they better be looking around every corner. As for Corey's actions attacking me with that 2 by 4. Let me put it like this. Next week your going to discover just why I bring that gavel with me to the ring.

All of you best be always on the look out. Because you can run but you can't hide because my Sentence is final! So you all best ask yourselves. What you gonna do when the Judge comes for you!

*Judge proceeds to smash up the room. A nurse comes in to see what's wrong and screams as the Judge rips off his badages and yells into the camera.*

Jason 17 May 2006 02:02 AM

*We see Jason and Stacy sitting on a couch in some room where they are both watching TV but not really paying attention to what's on*

Jason - Well it looks like I'm still in the tournament and you just happen to be looking at the next IWO Heavyweight Champion....but before I can call myself that I gotta go through some guy who calls himself The Dogcatcher.I don't even know if I can take a guy with a name like that seriously....and look at that thing he calls a woman following him around.

*Stacy laughs*

Jason - She ain't got nothing on Stacy and I know that Mr Dogcatcher has got nothing on me,he hasn't got the looks or the same skills as I do and he'll be just another easy win for me and can go back to catching dogs since he'll be so humiliated after I kick his ass.

Stacy - I'll take care of Wilma,baby

Jason - I know you will....and as for my old pal Josh I won't be participating in your little boot camp thing because I know I'll just humiliate you.....just like we did when we cost you your match and your spot in the tournament.

*Jason's cell phone rings*

Jason - Oh this interview is over now....

*Camera fades to black*

Corey 18 May 2006 10:41 PM

*Camera pans on Corey walking towards the camera in a dark alley*

Orgasm?! Your going to have an orgasm during our match? What a fucking faggot. The only orgasm I see happening is from me whenever I put your bitch ass on your knees...Oh wait I forgot your used to that you fucking ass bandit.

You sit around in graveyards and other "scary" places acting like your so fucking evil. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT EVIL IS YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Thats why I hate you one else in the IWO should even try to take my spot as the embodiment of evil.

*Corey stops in front of the Camera*

I have another maggot that I would like to address. Gene Smith your really starting to fucking piss me off. You think you can tell me what I can and can't fucking do?! Your fucking dreaming son. You need to stay out of my fucking way or something really bad is going to happen to you and if you think you can get me back into that hell hole of an insane asylum...give it your best shot bitch!

*Corey flips off the camera, grabs his junk and walks away laughing*

DC 20 May 2006 10:42 AM

*Camera Shows DC sitting down with Wilma in the lockerroom*

DC: It's quite obvious that everyone wants to interefere in my business. Jason from the start of this tournament our paths were meant to cross. Since you cost Josh his match supposedly you have made my path more difficult. It's only fitting that the next match I have be against you. This is the match that determines who is in the finals at the PPV this month. You know something, Jason, you are just another stepping stone in my path to be the leader of this organization.

Wilma: you tell him DC!

DC: The difference between me and you, that's easy...I am a true champion. Someone that has carried this company before...And you, all you were was a bit player, a curtain jerker, someone that couldn't win a match without a partner. To this day you still can't stay out of your partner's business....maybe it's jealousy, it doesn't matter, you made a mistake when you got in my business. Tonight Jason you feel what it's like to go to the Dogpound!

Wilma: Oh and Stacy, honey, if you think that you will interefere in the match tonight, you will find out just how wild I will get!

*DC and Wilma get up and leave the lockerroom*

Troy 20 May 2006 07:59 PM

*The camera pans at a courthouse where Troy Alston is sitting at the Judge's chair with a brunette woman sitting across his lap. After noticing the camera, he tells the lady and she backs off a bit*

Troy: Judge...Dredd...or the "Ajudicator"... I gotta hand it to you. Taking a beating like the one Corey gave you and being able to talk about it is a big accomplishment. You really have the heart of a lion..I mean, are you even able to be in a match this Redemption? (sarcastically) Let alone a 'Boot Camp Invitational?!!!'

(Troy and Girl laugh for a minute)

Troy: That's career suicide my friend. You don't want to loose ANOTHER job do you? Let's see here..:

(pulls out a clipboard with a piece of paper attached to it and puts on a pair of glasses)

Troy: David Dredd..: Rockwood Middle School Janitor, New York City Certified Shoe Cleaner, Plumber, Male Exotic Trapeze Artist, Chuck E. Cheese Bouncer, Judge and now....IWO jobber.

(pause for 10 seconds)

Troy: Well, you sure have risen up through the ranks having you Judge Judy? All that experience with those jobs helped you get through the ass-kicking Corey gave you?


Troy:...By the way, why all the hate on Commissioner Gene Smith? He's the one who made Corey stop shoving that 2x4 into your skull. Are you big and bad now for challenging authority, telling him to f*ck off? Yeah, big and bad Judge, rebelling from authority. We haven't seen thaaat before :suspic:. Oh, and blaming all of the IWO fans is pretty damn pathetic. You seriously need all of them to help you watch your back? Go back to the courthouse, fool. There, if the defendant tries to attack you, the police can save you from getting hurt. Saying that you're going to be a new big and bad Judge doesn't mean jack. You don't scare myself nor The Josh. Prove it next week, let's see your best. You can't mess up this face..

(smiles and Girl kisses his cheek)

Troy: Especially with a plastic gavel like yours!(laughs). Complainers like yourself make me sick. It's put up or shut up, Dredd...


(The two laugh hysterically as the camera fades away..)

Troy 25 May 2006 11:56 PM

Where are ya DC?

DC 26 May 2006 03:46 PM

Sorry guys...

We had problems with our cable company and the net was on and off most the week. The show will be up by Monday at the latest.

Skill 26 May 2006 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by dogcatcher
Sorry guys...

We had problems with our cable company and the net was on and off most the week. The show will be up by Monday at the latest.

It's alright man, I had troubles with my computer too and I haven't been on much lately which is why I couldn't write a promo.

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