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Redemption Week 2 May 15
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Default Redemption Week 2 May 15

*Fireworks go off as Redemption begins*

Marv: Welcome to Redemption everybody, Marv Rome here again with Tater Inberg like usual. Tonight the semi-finals of the Double Elimination Tournament get underway as we inch closer to crowning a new Heavyweight Champ. Tater, your thoughts?

T: Well Marv, it's going to be exciting for sure. I believe that we are in for a heck of a show.

M: It looks like this one is getting underway right now as the sound of the Marching Band means one thing, The Tiger is coming to ringside.

T: You know Marv, The Tiger got beat very quickly last week and is in the loser's bracket this week. It's do or die for him.

M: Good point Tater, but the same can be said for his opponent tonight making his way down to the ring, The Josh.

T: You know Josh has to be a little bitter after Jason cost him his match last week.

M: both men in the ring now, and it looks like The Tiger is going to shake hands with Josh and this one is underway as the bell rings.

T: I like that good sportsmanship.

M: collar to elbow tie-up and neither man getting an advantage. They lock up again, and still no advantage. Josh bounces off the ropes and a shoulder to Tiger, and nothing.

T: looks like this is even stevens Marv.

M: Tater what the hell are you talking about?....Both men running the ropes and Tiger hits a huge flying clothesline and the first offensive goes to the man in purple and gold. Tiger with a few rights to the head of Josh, the irish whip, Josh ducks a clothesline grabs Tiger and hits a German on him...keeps it locked and another german, looks like he is going for three, but an elbow from Tiger, another elbow to the head, and Tiger has stunned Josh, Tiger gives him a boot to the midsection and hits a ddt on Josh.

T: great reversal by Tiger.

M: Tiger drops an elbow cover, and kickout at one and half.

T: odd that he thought an elbow would do it for him there.

M: Tiger picks Josh up and hits the atomic drop

T: Look at Josh's expression that has got to hurt.

M: Indeed it does, as Josh now on the ground and Tiger hits the Big Cat Splash, cover..1...2...kickout by Josh.

T: no offensive at all coming from The Josh Marv.

M: Tiger lifts josh up and attempts the piledriver, but a backdrop by The Josh, Tiger on the ground, and Josh goes for a dragon sleeper, he is trying to pull him up, but I think Tiger is fighting him off.

T: Josh is dangerous with the submission moves, look he has it locked in.

M: Oh my Tiger is in trouble.

T: Look Marv coming down the aisle.

M: It's Stacy, what is she doing out here.

T: I don't know but I like it, and she is up on the apron arguing with the ref.

M: Josh has Tiger beat, but the ref is distracted...Josh breaks the hold and it looks like he is arguing with Stacy.

T: She is beautiful though Marv

M: get your head in the game Tater. The Ref convinces Stacy to finally get off the apron and go to the back, but from nowhere, a rollup from behind Josh, the cover...1....2...3...Tiger wins, Tiger wins, another distraction has cost Josh this match.

T: Look at Tiger he is thrilled to be still in the tourney and unfortunately Josh gets screwed again by Jason and Stacy.

M: Josh does not look happy, you have to wonder what it feels like to be the first person to be eliminated from the tourney. We will be right back folks after this.

*commercial break*


M: welcome back and earlier you witness the Josh get eliminated after the distraction by Stacy...Tiger advances to the next round and will face the loser of tonight's main event between Jason and Crazyskill.

T: This next match Marv is a good one as Demon Alexander already in the ring, it is a winner's bracket matchup.

M: And the songs of Kenny Wayne Shepard fill the arena as DC makes his way to ringside by himself tonight.

T: Right Marv, last week Mr. Smith told DC that Wilma was barred from ringside.

M: DC runs in under the ropes and Demon attacking him with some boots as DC tries to get up. The bell rings and here we go.

T: Wow, Demon wasting now time Marv.

M: indeed he is not as he has the upperhand. but DC trying to get up he is fighting back and now both men exchanging blows. but a rake to the eyes by Demon. the irish whip into the corner. Demon charges in and DC goes up over him and a sunset flip....1..2..kickout. both men up quickly and DC hits and elbow straight to the head. He hops up on the second turnbuckle, but Demon meets him..throwing punches to the head of DC..Demon picks him up and nails a shoulder breaker from the second turnbuckle. the cover 1...2..DC just gets his foot on the rope.

T: great ring presence by DC. Knowing that the rope was beside him he gets a break.

M: Demon on top punching DC, now choking him,as the ref counts. he breaks the hold and again the choking...breaks the hold again.

T: Demon sure is evil, and the fans giving him hell for it.

M: Demon using some boots to DC, and now choking him with his boot..finally breaks the hold..WE got to take a break and be right back.

*Commercial break*

M: How did DC manage to get back in the ring...what a piledriver he took on the outside from Demon.

T: you can tell it looks like DC is cut open after that manuever on the concrete floor.

M: Demon looks to go for the Damnation, but DC flips his legs from under him and the sharpshooter...Demon in trouble he needs to get to the ropes...

T: this could be all if he taps out DC moves on...

M: Demon going for the ropes reaching out, but DC lets go of the hold first and drops and elbow to the back of Demon's neck. He picks him up and goes for a suplex, Demon blocks it, blocks it again, Demon reverses and up goes DC, but DC flips over Demon and now locks in the Putdown.

T: We've seen people before tap to this move Marv.

M: Demon with nowhere to go, he wants to reach the ropes but can't quite get there, and I think he might be out, the ref raises his's over, Demon not tapping out but passing out.

T: DC with a hard fought victory, but I tell you Demon still has a chance in the loser's bracket and he will be hard to beat.

M: Let's go backstage where Mad Hugh Miller is standing by with the newest addition to the IWO roster...Hugh....


HM: thanks Marv, joining me now is the latest signee to come to the IWO, Troy.

Troy: Thanks Hugh.

HM: Troy, what brings you here to the IWO.

Troy: It's quite simple, the girls love me and the guys want to be me, so why not come somewhere where, all of the people can see me.

HM: good question, so what is your intentions?

Troy: Other than looking good, but I already do that. My intentions are easy, to make an impact in the IWO.

*Josh walks by with and stops*

Josh: Did I hear you say make an impact?

Troy: Yeah, I said it what's it to you?

Josh: You want to talk about impacts, well next week I plan on making an impact of my own. You know what, you can also get your chance as well. Next week I am going to prove that I am the most fit and the best athlete that the IWO has. Next week, you and anyone can participate in the first ever Josh Military Boot Camp. How's that sound.

Troy: Sounds fine to me, just make sure you don't cry once I win.

Josh: Don't worry, next week you will find out what making an impact is all about. If ya Smelllllllllllalala what the Josh, is brewing!

*commercial break*


M: It's another do or die situation in this next match Tater.

T: exactly, Corey got disqualified last week and now faces Judge who lost after Crazyskill cheated him out of the match in overtime.

M: Both men in the ring and the winner of this match gets to stay in the tourney and face Demon Alexander next week.

T: Corey just kicked Judge in the family jewels.

M: lucky for Corey it happened before the official bell. This match underway as Corey goes for the Duality Driver, but Judge falls over him and Judge hitting a big boot takes Corey down.

T: looks like Judge has to get his breath Marv.

M: It sure does, but just think about what he heard a few minutes ago with the Josh and Troy.

T: next week is going to be interesting for sure.

M: Judge hits the Guillotine, but Corey kicks out on 2, this one was almost over that quickly.

T: Corey is one tough SOB Marv. He asked for a barbwire match but Mr. Smith denied his request.

M: Corey might be tough, but right now Judge is giving him more than he can handle.

T: I'm impressed by Judge he is definitely a future star in this company.

M: a kick from Corey and Corey trying to mount some offense. punching Judge, and hits a trapping suplex. Corey covers 1...2..kickout..

T: Judge's luck just changed it looks like, but we are on a break we will be back.

*Commercial break*

M: Judge needed that ddt, both men on the ground. Judge gets up and what the hell?

*Lights go out*

M: it's dark in the arena and oh my what was that.

T: Marv it looks like some kind of fireball just exploded in the ring.

M: and the lights are back on and Judge is on the ground rolling in pain. The ref checking on him as Judge holding his neck.

T: I think that fireball might have hit Judge.

M: The ref checking on him and calling for help from the back, he rings the bell let's find out what the decision is.

T: Corey just now getting up I think he is confused as to what happen.

M: It looks like the ref has declared that Judge can't continue so Corey will win this match by default.

T: Corey seems up set that it ended that way, and what is he doing?

M: Corey outside the ring looking under the apron, and oh my, look here a barbwire 2X4..

T: this doesn't look good

M: Corey just punched the ref out, and medical personal staying outside as Corey swings that 2X4 at them. Corey now, not this he has grabbed Judge on the ground and is pushing that 2X4 into Judge's head.

T: you can hear him screaming, look at the blood coming from his head.

Gene Smith: Corey Stop that! Stop it now! Hey listen to me Corey, if you don't stop not only will I suspend you from the tourney but you will be banned from the IWO.

*Corey looks at Smith and laughs and continues to use the 2X4*

Smith: Don't make me stop you and send you back to that place Corey!

*Corey looks up and pulls the 2X4 from Judge's forehead, as Judge gushes blood.*

Smith: Leave the ring now Corey. EMT's check on that man.

M: well this has turned out to be a bloodbath, as Corey finally let's the EMT into the ring. Folks we got to take a break and will be back with the main event.

*commerical break*


M: The ring still stained with Judge's blood from that last match as Jason and Stacy are in the ring, and Crazyskill is making his way down the aisle.

T: But where did that fireball come from Marv?

M: no idea, but the bell sounds and the main event is underway. Jason hits Crazyskill with a dropkick, followed by another, and the fans not really knowing who to cheer for, as Jason hits a third dropkick, and Crazy rolls out of the ring.

T: the winner of this match Marv, will meet DC in the winner's bracket final next week. We also know that Demon will now meet Corey next week in a loser's bracket semifinal.

M: Crazyskill irish whips Jason, and Jason ducks a clothesline but is caught on the bounce back by a pele kick. the cover...1...2...kickout. Stacy doesn't like that and is up on the apron and we will take a break..

*commerical break*

M: Crazyskill has Jason in the ankle lock, and Stacy is in the ring.

T: she better get out of there!

M: Crazy breaks the hold and goes after her, she gets out of the ring, but crazy is behind her. look at them run.

T: Oh I am looking, well at least at Stacy.

M: She tries to slides back in and Crazy follows, and oh my goodness, Jason hits the JKO on Crazyskill. The cover..1....2...3..Jason gets a cheap victory.

T: I think it's called the element of surprise Marv.

M: Either way Stacy helps Jason pick up the win. The two of them celebrating...

T: but look Marv, Jason seems to be waiting for Crazyskill to get up.

M: He is waiting, and Crazyskill is up, and another JKO by Jason. This is nonsense, Jason should stop this the match is over.

T: Look Stacy just slide a chair into the ring.

M: Jason picks up the chair and just nails Crazyskill in the back with it. he drops the chair and it looks like he is signaling for another JKO.

*Crowd erupts*

T: It's The Josh coming down the aisle.

M: Look at Jason run as him and Stacy go into the crowd, as Josh chases them out of the ring.

*Josh points out towards Jason*

M: folks we are out of time we will see you next week. Goodnight everybody!
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Way shocked that you included me into it . Thanks bro, I'm excited for next week.

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