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DC 22 Apr 2006 04:02 PM

Official Efed signup thread
Please fill out the below catagories for making your character.

Wrestling Name:
Real Name:

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible):
Entrance Style:

Wrestling –
Entrance –
Backstage –

Finishing Moves:
Other major Moves:
Favorite Weapon:

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):
Quote or Catchphrase –
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.)

Corey 22 Apr 2006 04:10 PM

Wrestling Name: Corey Taylor
Real Name: Brad Miller
Nicknames: Just call him Corey
Height: 6'4 Weight: 230
Hometown(s): Somewhere in Iowa
Born: ???
Age: ???
D/O/B: 6/6/66

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Slipknot-Duality
Entrance Style: walks fairly fast while giggling to himself....taunts fans alot

Appearance: wears mask....hes in my av and sig
Wrestling – Red or black long sleeves with pants.....slipknot S on the back
Entrance –
Backstage –
Tattoos: cant see any of his skin really

Finishing Moves:
1) Duality Driver (version of the death valley driver)
2) vertebreaker
3) DDT off the top rope
4) Iowa drop - gut buster from top rope
5) Subliminal stretch- modified bow and arrow stretch
Other Moves: Trapping Suplex....Big powerbomb.....illegal punches to face....shattered dreams if ref is down or not looking...turn around neck breaker...side russian leg sweep...
Favorite Weapon: barbwire baseball bat

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Insane man....not a monster tho
Trademark: In your face extremely blunt
Movement -
Quote – Any time you feel the need....come after me and you will fucking bleed.
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): Boiler Room, any dark rooms
Biography: Normal guy from Iowa who joined the band slipknot when their second self titled album came out, has been with the band since. Got into wrestling because he wanted a way to take all of his anger out on people without getting into trouble.

DC 22 Apr 2006 04:28 PM

Wrestling Name: DC
Real Name: none of your business
Nicknames: Dogcatcher, The Genuis of Mindgames
Height: 6'1
Weight: 230
Hometown(s): Atlanta, GA
Age: 26

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shephard
Entrance Style: comes to the ring, with Wild Wilma as he points at the crowd as they normally cheer.

Appearance: average build white guy with black hair and face paint
Wrestling – black pants that have "DC" on the right side leg, color of the DC always changes from match to match
Entrance – the same
Backstage -Normally sports a suit nowadays.
Tattoos: none visible

Style: Hardcore/Submission, a lot of mat based wrestling mixed with brawling
Finishing Moves:
1) The Bust: a spinning death valley driver, that starts as an airplane spin and turns into a DVD, and not like cena's FU, that sorry generic version
2) The Leash: Starts in a standing facelock, as if i was going to suplex the opponent, instead i begin to go like a spinning neckbreaker, but i stop at the top and use a modified version of the rude awakening neckbreaker.
3) The Putdown: a version of the million dollar dream sleeperhold
Other Moves: The Dogcatcher Elbow: Elbow drop from the top rope, the only move i do from the top.
Favorite Weapon: a long steel chain

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):Face
Gimmick: His new outlook on life has made him a popular superstar, he looks to mesmorize fans with his innovative matches, including the Dogpound Cage Match.
Quote or Catchphrase – Welcome to the Dogpound
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.)
Former IWO Middleweight Champ, he held the longest reign in the feds history with that title, and was always a top contender for the Heavyweight Strap. His innovative matches saw the end of many careers, as DC was always known for hardcore and submission wrestling. Once wrestled in Japan, until a tragic accident took place, he came back to the U.S. as a heel looking to clean up the IWO. After winning over the fans with his wrestling style and promos, he turned into a face and was even granted a valet, Wild Wilma. Is still searching for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Elias Alexander 23 Apr 2006 12:01 PM

Updated 6-11-06
Wrestling Name: Demon Alexander
Real Name: Elias Alexander
Nicknames: The Purifier of your Soul
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 240
Location: The Cathedral
Age: 23

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): "Hall of the Mountain King" by Savatage
Entrance Style: Enters the arena and stops in front of the enterance as smoke fills the aisle. Extendes his arms like in a crucified manner and then walks to the ring.

Appearance: Built, short white hair with red streaks.
Wrestling - Leather pants
Entrance - Long leather coat and hood
Backstage - Leather pants and hood
Tattoos: none

Style: power and finease
Finishing Moves:
1) The Purifier (Shoulder Breaker)
2) Damnation (Face First Razor's Edge)
3) The Demon's Dance (Full Nelson Slam)
Other major Moves: singal arm DDT, exercising your demons(stunt puller), heading straight to Hell(piledriver).
Favorite Weapon: golden cross

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Tween, but is disliked.
Gimmick: Religious, spirtual, metaphysical outlook
Quote or Catchphrase - "Look into my eyes and what you will see is your hell."
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.)
Was labaled a dangerous wrestler in other organization. Organizations was not giving him a chance because of his reputation, but the now that the IWO has given him a chance he will show it was a bad move to look past him.

Skill 23 Apr 2006 02:30 PM

Wrestler’s Name: Crazyskill
Real Name: Wayne Hardy
Gender: Male
Nicknames: CS, C-Skill
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220
Hometown: New York, New York
Born: 1983
Age: 22
D/O/B: 2/4/83

Entrance Music: Paint it black by the Rolling Stones
Entrance Style: Wears a black towel over his head. Walks to ring looking at the ground. In the Ring throws towel off and taunts.

Appearance: Short Black Hair, has scars all over his body, buff.
Attire: No shirt. Wrestling tights.
Wrestling: Same
Entrance: Same
Backstage: Same
Tattoos: Flaming skull on his Bicep.

Wrestling Moves
Style: Techinical/Grappler
Finishing moves: 1. Crippler Crossface
2. Corkscrew Body Splash (Crazy Death)
3. Double Arm DDT (Crazyskeel)
Other Moves: DDT, Suplex, Headlock, Ankle Lock, clothesline, spear, Full Nelson slam, arm drag Backbreaker, Dropkick, Pele Kick, Enzuiguri.
Favorite Weapons: Ladder

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Sport Hero from High School, big shot
Movement: Fast.
Quote: “Don’t get mad, get even”
Abode: Backstage
Biography: When he was in school he was always "The Guy" to hang out with. No people want to put an end to that. Crazyskill wrestled in Japan briefly, then in Ohio Valley Wrestling for 2 years. No he is here to make his run in the WWE.

Nick Saban 23 Apr 2006 03:36 PM

Wrestling Name: Rene Boudreaux
Real Name: Rene Boudreux
Nicknames: The Fighting Tiger
Height: 6'3
Weight: 250
Hometown(s): Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Age: 24

Entrance Music : LSU's fight song
Entrance Style: Basic, nothing too flashy

Appearance: White boy with bleach blonde hair; build similar to Axe of Demolition, but less of it
Attire: Purple and gold striped traditional-style tights (example: Curt Hennig), mask with Purple and Gold face of tiger, Kneepads that look suspicously similar to the "Eye of the Tiger" on LSU's 50-yard line
Wrestling – Same
Entrance – same
Backstage – same
Tattoos: tiger on left arm

Style: Submission specialist but with a few high-flying moves
Finishing Moves:
1) Tiger's Claw (Iron Claw)
2) Cat's Cardle (Flipping neckbreaker off of top rope)
Other major Moves: Big Cat Splash (rolling thunder) Sleeper, Piledriver, Atomic drop, Flying clothesline
Favorite Weapon: Chair

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Face
Gimmick: Overzealous LSU fan
Quote or Catchphrase – The Fighting tiger is ready to strike
3 Time Red Stick Wrestling Tag Team champion with Mark "The Big Cat" Catalanato
1 Time Red Stick Wrestling Louisiana (mid-card) champion

Sinestro 23 Apr 2006 04:39 PM

Wrestling Name:The Josh
Real Name:Josh Dionio
Nicknames: The King of Battle
Hometown(s):Vancouver, WA

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): 99 Problems by Jay Z
Entrance Style: Poses with April Century.

Appearance:Brown hair and eyes, tan skin and a 5 o'clock shadow
Attire:camo pants, black shirt, and black boots
Wrestling – same minus the shirt
Entrance –same as attire
Backstage –same as wrestling

Style:hardcore and submission
Finishing Moves:
1)Call for fire (unprettier)
2)Fire Mission (Tazmission)
3)Check Fire (Kakina Klutch)
Other major Moves:3 german suplexes ala chris beniot, ddt, Texas Cloverleaf, Dragon Sleeper
Favorite Weapon:Chair or kendo stick

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Heel
Gimmick:Former soldier
Quote or Catchphrase –Play time is over and your (or opponent's name) ass is next.
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.) Former IWO tag team champ with Jason, Dante, and Chris Stunner. Entered the Iwo as a partner to Alli Sabbah's crew, until he saw the error of his ways. Teamed with Jason to battle Alli's group to become multi time Tag team champs. Was in the middle of breaking up with Jason due to Jason moving towards becoming a heel.

DrDoom 24 Apr 2006 08:22 PM

Wrestling Name: Judge
Real Name: David Dredd
Nicknames: Judge, Dredd, The Ajudicator
Height: 6,5
Weight: 320
Hometown(s): New York City, New York

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Dirty Window by Metallica
Entrance Style: Strides up the aisle occasionally stopping and firmly shaking hands with a fan.

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, thick stubble
Attire: black pants with black boots. Wears a judge's black gown.
Wrestling – same minus the gown
Entrance –same as attire
Backstage –same as attire
Tattoos: none

Style:heavyweight moves and submission moves
Finishing Moves:
1)Final Sentence (eye of the hurricane)
2)Guillotine (Superhigh leg drop, done using a chair in no DQ matches)
3)The Excruciator (Torture Rack)
Other major Moves:big boot, ddt, irish whip into clothesline, powerbomb, piledriver
Favorite Weapon:A judges Gavel he brings into ring with him.

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):Face
Quote or Catchphrase –What you gonna when the judge comes for you!
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.) Former Judge was fired for handing out too brutal and strange punishments.

Jason 29 Apr 2006 01:16 PM

Wrestling Name:Jason
Real Name:Jason Randall
Hometown(s):San Diego,California

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible):Velvet Revolver - Slither
Entrance Style:He and Stacy both make their way down the ramp while she has her arm around him and he holds the rope open for her as she bends over ever so slowly(like Stacy Keibler)

Appearance: Dirty Blonde hair, blue eyes, light stubble
Attire: Black or white t-shirt, baggy jean shorts, black shoes
Wrestling – Same as attire except without the shirt
Entrance – Same
Backstage – Same as attire
Tattoos: The name Stacy on his right arm

Style:Hardcore and brawler
Finishing Moves:
2)Spear(Edge's version)
3)Shining Wizard
Other major Moves: DDT, german suplex, dropkick from the turnbuckle, backdrop, shooting star press, frog splash
Favorite Weapon:Steel chair

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):Heel
Gimmick: Cocky punk who thinks he's better than everyone
Quote or Catchphrase – Come Get Some
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.)3 time IWO Tag Team Champion with partners Chris Stunner,and The Josh.


Wrestling Name:Stacy
Real Name:Stacy
Hometown(s):Los Angeles,CA

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Don't Cha - The Pussycats Dolls
Entrance Style:Accompanied by her boyfriend Jason she struts to the ring then makes out with Jason before entering the ring

Appearance:Long blonde hair,long legs and anything else that's like Stacy Keibler
Attire:Shirt and short skirt
Wrestling –Short workout shirt and short tights
Entrance – Same as attire
Backstage –Same as attire
Tattoos: Butterfly on her lowerback

Finishing Moves:
1)Bitch Kick(Chick Kick)
Other major Moves:Slap to the face,lowblow,clothesline
Favorite Weapon:Chair

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):Heel
Gimmick: Bitch
Quote or Catchphrase – That's my man
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.)
Before entering the wrestling business she was a professional dancer and then one night at a club she met her now boyfriend Jason,she supports him all the way with his career.

Troy 11 May 2006 11:28 PM

Can I still sign up?

Wrestling Name:'The Epitome' Troy Alston
Real Name: Troy Alston
Nicknames: 'The Epitome'
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hometown(s): Ventura, CA
Age: 23

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): "Remember The Name"- Fort Minor
Entrance Style: The intro to the song 'Remember the Name' starts as red and blue lights flash to the beat of the song. Smoke fills the stage to the point where it is impossible to even see the curtain. At 0:11 into the song, Alston emerges out of the smoke calmly to boos and cheers. He stands and looks at the crowd intensely until 0:20 where he poses with his arms spread out (think AJ Styles). At 0:22 he walks down the ramp, talking to himself and pointing at signs directed to him. As we walks down the ramp, sparks fly from the sides of the ramp, seemingly glorifying his entrance. He embraces with a few fans in the front row and slides into the ring smoothly, like Edge. He stays in that 'Spiderman' like, crawling stance until 0:34 of the song where he jumps up onto his feet and climbs to the turnbuckle closest to the ramp and points to his fans and does his pose. He jumps of the turnbuckle and goes to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing...

Appearance: Short somewhat spiked dark hair, brown eyes, tan skin (Batista like), clean shaven, buff/cut but not completely ripped, good looking
Attire: Casual; baggy jeans, white hooded zipup sweater, white hat under the hood, clean white shoes
Wrestling – White or Black athletic shorts with 'Epitome' written down the left side. Black socks up to his calf, short black boots, black gloves, black elbow pads, a white bandana wrapped around his left bicep, diamond earrings.
Entrance – Wrestling attire with a White tanktop and Gold Necklace
Backstage – See Attire
Tattoos: A chain-like tat wrapped around his left bicep

Style: Grappler/Quick; Can perform high risk moves (Think Shelton B. and Alex Shelley)
Finishing Moves:
1)The Trendsetter (Fireman's Carry to Cutter)
2)The Blueprint (Somersault Guillotine Leg Drop)
Signature Moves: 23 (Surprise Superkick to the back of the head/neck), Front Body Slam immediately followed by a leg drop, Alston 3:16(Stunner), Leg Trip To Standing Shooting Star Press, Knee Drops to the Back of the Head, Springboard Spinning Neckbreaker
Other major Moves: Running Neck Breaker, Back Suplex, Snap Suplex, Half Nelson Suplex, Tigerbomb, Tigerbomb to Knee, Moonsault, DDT, Tornado DDT, German Suplex, Brainbuster, 3 Amigos Suplexes, Powerslam, Leg Drop, Body Splash, Shooting Star Press, Top Rope German Suplex, Backrack(Carlito's Backcracker), Neckrack(Orton's Backbreaker), STF, Surfboard(submission), Spinebuster, Modelsault (Jericho's Moonsault) --basically works on opponents' head
Favorite Weapon: Ladder

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Tweener
Gimmick: Pretty Boy Smart Ass
Quote or Catchphrase – "Don't Be Jealous"
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.) Fantastic Athlete growing up, lived a perfect life. Parents wanted him to be something better than a wrestler, but this was his passion. Out to prove everyone wrong.

The_One 20 May 2006 04:48 PM

Wrestling Name: The Unstoppable Force.
Real Name: Mike Thomas.
Nicknames: Force.
Height: 6'8
Weight: 280
Hometown(s): Spokane,Washington.
Age: 29

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): King Of Kings (Motorhead)
Entrance Style: Basic.

Appearance: Short Black Hair,Big Muscular Frame. No facial hair.
Attire: Non Wrestling-A Tux. (Like Batista)
Wrestling – Orange Trunks with Flames,With matching Elbow and Knee pads. Black Boots with a flame running down the side.
Entrance – The Brood. (Pit of Fire that I arise out of)
Backstage – Same as attire.
Tattoos: A Large Skull encompasing his entire back.

Style: Power,Strictly Power and Striking.
Finishing Moves:
1) The Unstoppable Drop. (Sit Down Tombston Piledriver. Basically how Owen broke Austins Neck)
2) Hell from above (Top Rope Legdrop)
Other major Moves: Anything power. Powerslam,Chokeslam,Clothesline,Any type of suplex,Tombstone Piledriver...
Favorite Weapon: Sledgehammer.

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..):Tweener. Love him or hate him,doesn't matter.
Gimmick: Cold,hateful human being...He was a former burn victim..And now looks to take out his aggression on anyone in his path.
Quote or Catchphrase – Pain is mandatory.
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.) As a battered and beaten child,Force had to live on his own,and survive on his own. Taken in by an older man..he taught him the facts of life. This man turned out to be a wrestling teacher..He taught Force well. But...Force became too big for his school to hold..And turned on his teacher,leaving him unable to wrestle again.

Force then came to the now defunct AWF,where he was the first AWF World Heavyweight champion. Before the IWO closed down for a period of time,He was world champion there as well. Now the IWO is back,and so is Force. Ready to reclaim whats his,the IWO World Heavyweight championship.

RTT 31 May 2006 12:46 AM

Wrestling Name: The Highlight.
Real Name: Christian K. Breedlove
Nicknames: Highlight, Breedlove
Height: 6'4
Weight: 230
Hometown(s): Santa Ana, California
Age: 25

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Deadly Game - Theory of a deadman.
Entrance Style: Has the same type of pyro that Christian and Randy Orton once had. The kind flowing off the top of the titan-tron.

Appearance: Regular build, Muscular but not too much. Blond hair.
Attire: A gold and red robe. Has a green wristband on his right wrist that he wears for good luck.
Wrestling – Just long jeans.
Entrance – Same
Backstage – Same
Tattoos: None.

Style: Technical but pulls off at least 3 or 4 high flying moves a match.
Finishing Moves:
1) The RTT (Round Trip Time): Takes his opponent and as they are standing on the very top turnbuckle, he does an inverted DDT.
2) White-Out: A Walls of Jericho like move.
3) The End of Time: A swanton bomb.
Other major Moves: None really.
Favorite Weapon: The Ladder.

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Heel.
Gimmick: A man who will not leave his spot as the greatest wrestler of present time.
Quote or Catchphrase – " I am The Highlight." " One Second. Then it's Perfect RTT."
Biography (Tell other efed titles you have held, what your characters background or story is.): The first ever AWF (Now defunct.) Confederate champion. Background is that Chris was seen as a actor at one time and after landing heat from many critics for his work and overall animosity at other actors, decided to direct his acting skill and physical ability to a place that needs it. Now after decided to join IWO, he has two goals in his mind. The IWO championship and take down anyone who gets in his way of it.

Spear 16 Jun 2006 05:39 PM

Wrestling Name: The Primate
Real Name: David Williams
Nicknames: none
Height: 6'6''
Weight: 300
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Age: 27

Entrance Music: No Rest For The Wicked - Godsmack
Entrance Style: Walks out stairing down opponent, occasionally flexing muscles

Appearance: Very Well Built, (like a Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley), Black Hair, Brown Eyes.
Wrestling – Black Wrestling Trunks, black wrestling boots.
Entrance – Same.
Backstage – Jeans, a belt, and some black wrestling boots.
Tattoos: None.

Style: Power and Speed
Finishing Moves:
1) Extinction: Primate puts his opponent into the corner. He then gets out of the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle, to where he is now standing on the second rope. He lifts his opponent up, while getting onto the top turnbuckle. He picks up his opponent to where they are horizontal. Primate then jumps off the top rope, and slams the opponent to the mat, while at the same time landing on them in the process.
2) none
3) none
Other major Moves: Spear
Favorite Weapon: Table

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Wild Man raised in the jungles of Africa.
Quote or Catchphrase: "I'll hunt you to extinction."
Biography: Was born March 15th in Miami Florida. His family moved to Sarasota when he turned 5. For his sixth birthday, his family took him for a safari in the jungles of Africa. During the expedition, his convoy came under attack by civil war rebels, and in the confusion, Primate got seperated from his family. Lost, he wandered around for days, until finally he collapsed from dehydration and hunger. Almost dead, a group of Gorillas found him, and took him back to their group, where they gave him water, and something to eat. Nursed back to health, he stayed with the Gorillas until he was 14 years old, when people from a local village found him, and brought him back to live with them. When he was 21, another safari passed through the village. One of the guides found out who he was, and told him he was the guide on the safari where he got seperated from his parents. Estatic, he went with the guide, who took him back to Sarasota to meet his parents. He then enrolled in the University of Florida, where he played football for four years. After crushing people during football practice, he went to memphis where he joined a local wrestling school. The rest is history.

Mr Giggles 19 Jun 2006 03:36 PM

Wrestling Name: Mr. Giggles
Real Name: Mortimer LaQuech
Nicknames: The Mime
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Hometown(s): Quebec Canada
Age: 23

Entrance Music: Le Cirque Rιinventι -By Cirque du Soleil
Entrance Style: Walks in as if against a wind storm then uses an imaginary rope to climb into the ring. then pantomimes sitting in a chair while waiting for his opponant.

Appearance: White face with red lipstick. Duh!
Attire: Standard mime attire beret, striped shirt, black pants, Flower sticking out of beret.
Wrestling – Huh whats that oh yeah he will use his amazing mime powers to beat everyone.
Entrance – Walks in as if against a wind storm then uses an imaginary rope to climb into the ring. then pantomimes sitting in a chair while waiting for his opponant.

Backstage – Same as frontstage never let the gimmick go or people wont believe in it.
Tattoos: Viva La france on his buttocks

Style: Mimeish
Finishing Moves:
1) Rope pull
2) Man trapped in box
3) Man walking down a staircase
Other major Moves: Well anything you see a mime do he can do it brother.
Favorite Weapon: Imaginary rope and wall.

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Face of course who ever heard of an evil mime. Now clowns on the other hand....
Gimmick: Mime I feel as though Im repeating myself.
Quote or Catchphrase – finger to lips shhhh.
Biography : Here to show everyone the power of the mime.

Mr. Oldschool 27 Jun 2006 01:18 PM

Wrestling Name: Mr. Oldschool
Real Name: John Oldschool
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 220
Hometown(s): Places Unknown
Age: 45

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): None
Entrance Style: Walks down with his manager, Eloquent Ervin

Appearance: In-shape and wears a mask
Wrestling – Mask and pants
Entrance – Mask and robe
Backstage – Mask, pants, shirt
Tattoos: none

Finishing Moves:
1) Around the Horn(Airplane Spin)
2) Drop Out (Piledriver)
3) Taking it Oldschool (Russina Leg Sweep)
Other major Moves: Figure-Four, DDT, Atomic Drop
Favorite Weapon: Rolled up coins

Alignment (Heel, Face, etc..): Heel
Gimmick: Oldschool wrestler who doesn't like the way wrestling has changed.
Quote or Catchphrase – "Taking you to the old school."
Biography: Been wrestling for number of years and doesn't like how wrestling has changed. Is in the IWO to show that oldschool can beat new school any day.
PROFILE(Doesn't wrestle)
Wrestling Name: Eloquent Ervin


Entrance Style: Walks byside Mr. Oldschool

Appearance: Skinny
Attire: Wears a suit

Favorite Weapon: Uses a cane

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