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Shortcomings 9/10/05
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Default Shortcomings 9/10/05

Welcome everyone to IWO Shortcomings, I’m Kevin Parker. This is our debut show, and we are glad you are all watching. On the show two huge matches as the semifinals of the King of Kings Tournament will be shown right here. As you can see we are backstage here in Tampa Bay, and one week away from the King of Kings PPV in Miami. We will break down all of this month’s action, plus show you the two semifinal matches, a match from our vault and we will be joined by the man himself, Mr. Robere. So sit back and relax we will be right back after this.

Welcome back, I’m Kevin Parker. In one week the King of Kings PPV will be taking place and over the course of this past month we have seen a lot of action with the tournament. A few days ago we saw four matches that helped shape the semifinals. The most shocking would probally have to be the Main Event that left a lot of fans in Puerto Rico very, well pissed off. It was scheduled to be the Dogcatcher vs. Cutlip in a rematch of the first match Dogcatcher ever had. That first match saw Cutlip win, however, this time would be almost the same. As Cutlip was in the ring, Dogcatcher made his way out with Wilma. After asking for a mic, Dogcatcher berated Cutlip, the fans, and the entire IWO. He then forfeited his chance to make it to the semifinals, letting Cutlip advance.

In other action, Dante beat Corey, who seemed a little confused do to a video apperance of the Joker. More on this a little later in the show. We also saw a huge upset when Tim Ross beat Crazyskill, due to some outside interference from Dogcatcher.

Finally Chris Stunner used some miscommunication from Jason and The Josh, to beat the Tag champ and move on to tonight’s semifinal. Which brings us to the match itself, let’s go live to the arena where Tim Ross is already in the ring. It’s Tim Ross vs. Chris Stunner in the first semifinal of the King of Kings Tournament.

Ross is in the ring when Stunner comes down the aisle. The Champ gets in the ring and raises the belt over his head to the approval of the Tampa Bay crowd. Ross attacks Stunner from behind and the ref rings the bell. Ross pounding hard on Stunner, then kicks him a few times while he is on the ground. Ross grabs Stunner’s leg and stomps it. He then pulls stunner out to the middle of the ring, but Stunner manages to get up standing on one leg, he flips and sends Ross across the ring. Ross gets up but so does Stunner and stunner nails a dropkick. Both men back up and another dropkick by Stunner, both men again back up and a hard right by stunner then the irish whip into the ropes, Stunner misses the chop, and ross comes back from the ropes, he jumps over Stunner then blocks the hiptoss…Ross tries a hiptoss, but stunner counters into a backslide, 1..2..kickout..both men get up and Ross puts a boot to the gut of stunner, Ross hits an Overdrive and covers 1…2…kickout…Ross grabs the leg and drops the elbow to the knee..he then does it again..this time grabs both legs and puts a knee to the stomach of Stunner..ref warns about a low blow, then Ross attempts to go for the Ross of Pain…Stunner manages to go to the ropes and keep Ross from getting him in the air. Ross let’s go and kicks on stunner some more..he picks him up and hits him, then he irish whips him, it’s reversed, and stunner lowers his head…

Ross goes for the sunset flip and gets a 1 count, stunner tries to get up, but Ross hits him with a knee, he then whips him into the corner..Ross slowly goes over and Stunner comes out of the corner with a clothesline, Ross ducks and Stunner takes out the ref…Stunner looks sorry, and turns around and receives a kick to the crotch…Ross then hits a piledriver, but the ref is down…

Ross tries to revive the ref, but to no avail, he picks Stunner up but stunner counters with a right hand..another right and Stunner on a roll now, hits a dropkick..Ross goes down and tries to get up but Stunner hits a swinging neckbreaker..stunner has the crowd behind him, when a couple of masked men come running out of the crowd, they slide into the ring and attack stunner, leaving him laying with a huge spiked powerbomb…Security chase the men off…the ref is getting back up as Stunner is trying to get up as well…Ross back up now hits the ropes and nails Stunner with the Pounce…he covers and grabs the tights 1….2…..3…a huge upset for Tim Ross and he is in shock..he has made it to the finals next week in Miami.

Results: Tim Ross pins Stunner to advance to the finals.

Wow, what a shocking win for Tim Ross, and we hear that Mr. Robere and Security have caught the masked men, let’s go to the back of the arena where Spencer is standing by…Spence.

Spencer: Kevin we have seen the arrest of the two masked men and they appear to be associates of the suspended Alli Sabbah. Mr. Robere says that legal action will be taken against the men, and as far as Sabbah is concerned the board will have to look into it. Back to you.

Kevin: Thanks Spencer. There you have it folks, Alli Sabbah still wrecking havoc here in the IWO. We’ll be right back.

I mentioned earlier that Dogcatcher forfeited his chance to be in competition tonight on Shortcomings. Well this morning Mr. Robere signed a huge Middleweight Title Match for the King of Kings PPV. This match will feature the Dogcatcher defending against three other men in a Fatal Fourway Match. In the match, Dogcatcher doesn’t have to be pinned in order to lose the title. The other three men in the match are Crazyskill, Gdawg and Mr. Sexay. Crazyskill earned his shot at the title by deafeating 7 other men at the last PPV, while Gdawg and Sexay fought a few days ago at Redemption. Their match was to determine who would get the title shot, however the ending was a little controversial.

So Mr. Robere has decided that both men along with Crazyskill will get a chance to win Middleweight Gold. Dogcatcher and Wilma can not be happy with this decision.

In other Title news, The Hardcore Title will be defended as well. We saw The Joker cost Corey his match against Dante at last week’s Redemption. Joker mentioned something fun instore for Corey. Well we have learned that the Joker was talking about a Funhouse Match. We are unsure of the location of the Funhouse, but as of yesterday Corey has accepted the challenge. The details are sketchy but we understand to win the match one must make it to the top of this so called funhouse and get the Hardcore Belt. That person will then be the champ. We also know that Masque the champion right now will be competing as well as some names that have yet to be announced. We’ve got to take another break but will be back right after this.

I’m Kevin Parker welcome back to Shortcomings..Later in the show the semifinal matchup between Cutlip and Dante. The winner advances to the finals to take on Tim Ross, who beat Chris Stunner earlier tonight. A match that was rumored a few weeks ago has been signed. The brutal feud between Ravage and Location may come to an end at KOK next week when these two men square off inside a steel cage. This feud began when Ravage threw some kind of substance into the eyes of Location and got a cheap victory over a month ago. Due to some interference from Corey, Location would get some revenge and beat Ravage at last month’s PPV. The rivalry continued during the KOK tourney when each man would attack the other and cost them their respectful matches. Ravage had last week off to recover from his shoulder injury, but Location was cleared to go and face Josh in Puerto Rico. Location looked impressive until Josh nailed an enzinguri and sent Location through the ropes and to the outside.

Doctors have said Location has a mild concussion, but they are asking him not to wrestle at the PPV. Will this match happen, in a phone interview this morning with Location, he stated that he would not miss his chance to finish what he started with Ravage. This match will definitely be one for the books. Joining us when we come back will be the Chairman Mr. Robere.

Welcome back and we are now joined by Mr. Robere, glad to have you sir.

Robere: Glad to be here Kevin. Nice to see you aren’t screwing up.

KP: thank you sir. Now Mr. Robere, we know that the possible end of the tag titles is coming. In fact it appears to be this week in Miami, any truth to that.

Robere: Well Kevin, you are right. This week in Miami at KOK, the Tag titles will be defended for the last time. We decided to do away with the division, so whoever wins the match at the PPV we be the last tags champs of the IWO.

KP: We know that Josh and Jason the current champs will be involved, and it seems that their opponents will be Puerto Rico’s Savio Vega and Mexico’s Mr. Aguila.

Robere: You are right, but that’s not all Kevin, also getting a shot will be WWE Smackdown Tag Champs, The LOD, plus two of our tag teams from the IWO, The Elite and The Mafia.

KP: Wow, that’s five tag teams!

Robere: You can Count, glad to see that public school at least taught you something.

KP: So how will this work?

Robere: It’s going to be an elimination match, but with a twist. The first fall will be a tag team battle royal. The first person to get eliminated will be out of the match along with his partner. So you must throw someone over the top to eliminate them. Once the elimination occurs the match then becomes a four corners tag match for the second fall. Normal Tag rules will apply. After the next team gets eliminated, it will be a Tornado Tag Table Match. Both members of a tag team must be put through a table with an offensive move. When that team is eliminated and we are down to two teams, the steel cage will lower and the final champions will be decided inside the steel.

KP: this is history in the making. Just like our next match in the KOK tournament. It’s Cutlip and Dante and it’s going on right now in the arena….

Both men have almost won the match, as Cutlip just attempted to Clammabomb Dante, but he slipped out…Cutlip was busted open earlier in the match and has been bleeding profusely…Cutlip gets hit with a european uppercut from Dante…Another uppercut from Dante…he whips a bleeding Cutlip into the ropes and nails a thrustkick..cover..1…2..kickout…Dante looks to call for the Fatal Dousage, but someone is coming out of the crowd and gets in the ring…It’s Swinn…Swinn is back…Dante hits him with an uppercut, then begins to wail on that dwarf…Dante rakes Swinn’s eyes, and then hits him with a Fatal Dousage…Dante picks Swinn up and tosses him over the top rope as the crowd goes wild…Dante turns around, and is clotheslined hard…Cutlip picks Dante up and kicks him in the gut…he goes for the Clammabomb and connects…the cover…1…..2…..3…Cutlip wins and advances to the finals to meet Tim Ross…Cutlip celebrates by posing for the crowd….

Results: Cutlip wins via pinfall

KP: Mr. Robere what an interesting situation as it seems Swinn is back.

Robere: What the hell is that midget thinking. Interrupting one of my matches.

KP: It looks like the final is set as Cutlip meets Tim Ross next week in Miami.

Robere: That son of a bitch. He will pay.
KP: So Mr. Robere, what do you do about Stunner?

Robere: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Stunner. You see Dante came to me the other day and said that if it wasn’t for Alli he would have been the Heavyweight Champion. As you can see Alli’s personal servants are still causing problems, and they just cost Dante his chance to be in the finals. So I think it’s only far if Dante gets a rematch for the Heavyweight Title against Chris Stunner in Miami at the King of Kings PPV!

KP: that is huge. And what a night it will be next week. Don’t miss it, and we hope to see you again right here on IWO Shortcomings!
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