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Redemption 9/9/05
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Default Redemption 9/9/05

*the fireworks blast off and the sounds of the Convert play over the speakers here in Puerto Rico as IWO Redemption kicks off. Tim Ross is walking through a crowd of Latino Fans as he heads to the ring for the first match of tonight. Ross will be facing Crazyskill in the first of four KOK Tourney matches here in San Juan. Ross climbs over the barricade as pamphlets rain down on the crowd. They appear to read “Save yourself from the burritos.” The crowd boos Ross as he poses on the turnbuckle.*

*Crazyskill comes to the ring thus to boos also as the fans giving hell to both these men. Crazyskill enters the ring and immediately the brawl begins with Ross. Both men exchanging punches, and Crazyskill gets the upperhand with a knee to the midsection. Crazyskill with an elbow to the back of the head of Ross putting Ross down to one knee. Crazyskill locks in a headlock and tightens his grip. Ross punches Crazyskill in the stomach a few times and makes Skill release the hold. Ross with a chop, then another chop backing Crazy into the ropes. Irish whip to the other side, Ross hits the other ropes and goes for the Pounce, but Crazyskill drops down and Ross goes over him hitting the mat. Ross gets up and turns around and gets armdrag. Crazyskill locks in the armlock.

Ross gets to his feet as Crazyskill twists his arm and then hits a short armed clothesline. Crazyskill covers 1…2..kickout. Crazyskill gets Ross to his feet, kicks him in the gut and looks like he is going for the powerbomb. The crowd erupts as Dogcatcher and Wilma come walking down the aisle. Crazyskill looks up at them and drops Ross. He goes over to the ropes as if to say come on.

DC and Wilma get closer and are now at ringside. Crazyskill is against the ropes pointing down at them, as both men exchange words. The ref gets out of the ring and tells DC and Wilma to go back to the lockerroom. DC argues with the ref, meanwhile in the ring Ross crawls over to Crazyskill and hits him with a lowblow. Crazyskill is in pain, as DC and Wilma agree to leave and head up the ramp. Ross rolls Crazyskill up in a schoolboy, the ref slides in the ring and counts..1…Ross grabs the ropes for leverage with one hand….2…..3…Crazyskill is robbed and Ross will move on to the Quarterfinals in Tampa. Ross rolls out of the ring and raises his arms for the cheap victory…

Results: Tim Ross wins via pinfall to advance in the Tourney.

Backstage Spencer is standing by…

“We are here with Location, and Location last week you hurt Ravage with a fire extinguisher and helped get him eliminated from the KOK tourney. Why?”

Location: Why? Because that son of a bitch did the same to me the week before. I got hit with a lead pipe, and you not what Ravage got a little payback. It’s not my fault that I owned him the past few weeks in our feud, and next week in Miami I am going to get my greatest victory in the IWO by beating Ravage one more time in a steel cage!

Spencer: But before the Cage match you must take on The Josh in one on one action. We know that Ravage is still recovering from a hurt shoulder and is not here tonight, do you think you have a chance?

Location: A chance, this should be a good match, my only concern is that Josh’s lover doesn’t come down to interfere. I am going to relocate Josh tonight, and next week, Ravage you will feel the CKB inside the steel.

Location walks off leaving Spencer standing there.

Gdawg is already in the ring as Phylis Sexay comes out for this matchup. This will determine who gets a shot at the Middleweight Title. Sexay is in the ring and Gdawg attacks him. Pounding on him, Gdawg back Sexay into the corner. He releases a fury of punches, and then elbows him in the head. Gdawg drops a few shoulders into the midsection and stops. Sexay slinks down into the corner and Gdawg chokes him with his boot…the ref counts and Gdawg stops. He picks Sexay up and slaps him…Sexay stumbles out of the corner, and Gdawg grabs him and goes for a Gdawg Dog, he attempts it but Sexay holds him up and backsuplexes him. Sexay covers 1…2..kickout..Sexay gets up and tries to get his breath, then he picks Gdawg up and throws him out of the ring. Sexay taking a breather and waits as Gdawg gets up, Sexay bounces off the ropes then dives over the ropes with a corkscrew plancha and lands on target ontop of Gdawg. Both men down on the ground as the ref counts…the ref gets to six as Sexay rolls into the ring..Gdawg starts to get up around 8 and Sexay comes running with a baseball slide, but Gdawg moves, and grabs Sexay’s legs and pulls him out, nails him with a right hand and then knees him in the gut. He then whips Sexay into the barricage. A few more punches, and Sexay is dropped onto the barricade by Gdawg.

Gdawg stomps sexay on the ground, as the ref is counting, the ref gets to 6 and gdawg rolls in and back out to break the count. Picks Sexay up and goes for suplex only to drop Sexay stomach first onto the barricade. He then lifts up sexay and rolls him back into the ring. Gdawg rolls in and covers…1….2…foot on the rope, and Gdawg is pissed. He argues with the ref, then picks Sexay back up…irish whip into the ropes, Gdawg lowers his head, and Sexay hits the DDT. Cover 1…2..kickout..both men on the ground slow to their feet. Both men exchanging blows…Sexay with the upperhand…Irish whips Gdawg, goes for the dropkick but Gdawg holds onto the ropes and Sexay falls right on his back..Gdawg picks him up and irish whips Sexay, misses the clothesline, Sexay comes off the other ropes and hits a cross body…1…2..kickout…

Sexay up punches Gdawg who is up, irish whip by Sexay, who misses the clothesline, Gdawg stops behind him and goes for a German…covers..1..2…kickout…Gdawg gets Sexay up kicks him in the gut, Gdawg bounces off the ropes, and hits a spinning neckbreaker…covers…1..2…kickout…Gdawg gets Sexay back up, hits him, but Sexay fights back with a chop…Sexay grabs him, irish whips him, misses the clothesline…sexay comes bouncing off the ropes now and both men take each other down with a doubleclothesline. The arm is draped..1…2….3…this one is over, but it looks like both men have their arm over the other…the ref talks to the announcer…Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is ruled a draw. It seems both men have pinned each other.

Results: A Draw

*Stunner is seen in Robere’s office*
Stunner: So you think you found Swinn? Does that mean I’m off the hook then?

Robere: Off the hook, not by far, I know you had something to do with it Chris. So just be warned I am watching you.

Stunner: Doesn’t matter after I win this tournament, you will have to respect me.

Robere: Just know that I could crush you like a bug at anytime I want.

Stunner: I have match, so if you are finished, I am out of here.

Robere: We’re done, go get ready cause you will need it.

Dante is coming to the ring, when Corey nails him with a chair from behind…he hits him again on the ground, then drops the chair. Corey rams Dante into the barricade and then hip tosses him onto the walkway. Corey then Suplexes Dante onto the ramp. Corey argues with a fan at ringside as this match hasn’t started yet. He picks Dante back up and begins to bite his face, opening a gash above Dante’s eye. Corey let’s go as the ref tries to get him to go to the ring..Corey goes and clotheslines Dante hard to the concrete floor. He laughs at him and screams something…He then picks him up and finally walks him towards the ring. He rams Dante headfirst into the apron, and rolls him inside..Corey gets up on the apron and steps into the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell. The ref does and Corey covers…1…2..kickout.Corey looks pissed. He picks Dante up and irish whips him…Corey hits a powerslam and covers…1…2..kickout…He gets Dante back up and punches him in the face opening up the cut more. Corey rakes the eyes and then irish whips Dante into the corner…

Corey charges in, but Dante puts a boot to his face. Corey comes in again, and another boot. Dante hits him with a European uppercut, knocking Corey back, the then puts a thrust kick to him and Corey drops to the ground. Dante grabs a leg, and puts a knee to it. Dante trying to work on the leg now, picks it up hits an elbow and locks in a leglock. Corey punches dante in the head, and he let’s go…both men getting up, Corey trying to hobble a bit, rakes Dante’s eyes. Backs him in the corner, goes for the irish whip, but Dante counters, Corey hits the turnbuckle and Dante comes in with a Stinger Splash. Corey comes out a little bit, and Dante uses a bulldog to take him down..Dante covers…1..2..kickout. Dante gets Corey up and slaps him. Corey then punches Dante. They begin brawling, and Corey gets the upperhand after a kick to the midsection. Corey hits a suplex and gets up. He spits on Dante and signals for the Duality Driver. Carnival Music Plays and the Joker appears on the Video Screen….

Joker: (laughing) Oh Corey, Did you think you could treat me the way you did? Well I have a some surprises for you (laughing)!!

Corey looks at the screen and points all pissed off. He screams at the video screen.

Joker: You see I have a match I want you in, A Fun Match!!! (laughing), A match where I call the shots. And just maybe you will want to participate. Trust me it will be a fun ride (laughing)…Oh but I said surprises, So here is surprise number 2!

The lights go out in the arena and come back on…Corey is looking at the Video Screen, and very slowly turns around. He gets ready to fight with…no one…Corey seems puzzled, and turns back around…Dante Hits the Fatal Dousage on Corey. He covers…1….2….3…Dante rolls off of Corey and to the outside to take a breather…He will now advance in the tourney..

Results: Dante wins via pinfall.


Location comes out to the ring and is followed by the Josh. Both men shake hands and the bell rings. The two men lock up and Location backs Josh into the corner, he chops him and the poses. Josh goes to kick Location, but Location grabs his foot. Josh hits an Enzinguri and Location goes out through the ropes and hits his head on the ring steps. Location looks to be knocked out as the ref counts. 7….8…9…Josh looks confused in the ring…10…the bell rings and the ref rings a confused Josh’s hand. Josh gets on the ropes and raises his arm in victory as the ref and EMT’s check on Location.

Results: Josh win via countout.

Kevin Parker and Mr. Robere are in his office talking.

Kevin: You wanted to see me?

Robere: Yes, Kevin, I wanted to let you know that Shortcomings better be good this week.

Kevin: oh it will be sir, trust me, and I hope to have you on the show for sure.

Robere: You bet your ass I will be on. Changing the subject, I wanted to let you know that the Next PPV after KOK will be in Europe.

Kevin: Europe sir? Are you sure?
Robere: Yes I’m sure, it will be the “Bedlam in Belfast” live from Belfast, Ireland. It will be the end of our European Tour that’s coming off. Now I have something for you to do. A big hometown star is in the arena tonight, go see why.

Kevin: yes sir!

Kevin walks out…

Jason and Stacy come to the ring to boos from the crowd. Jason pushes some fan at ringside. They get in the ring, and the music of the Champ plays. Chris Stunner comes out to a loud pop, and gets in the ring. He raises the Heavyweight Title above his head. He hands the belt to the ref and the bell rings. He goes to shake hands with Jason, but Jason grabs him and armdrags him.. Jason struts a bit and shows off. They get back up and lock up. Jason armdrags Stunner again, then goes over and kisses Stacy. They lock up this time, and Jason again with an armdrag, Stunner runs at him and gets another armdrag. Stunner back up and running, Jason readies, but Stunner stops. Kicks Jason in the stomach, and DDT’s him. Covers…1..2…kickout. Stunner picks up Jason and whips him into the ropes, Stunner comes at him nails the dropkick and sends Jason outside. Stacy comes and checks on him. She helps him up and Stunner comes diving through the ropes taking out both of them…

He tosses Jason back into the ring. Stunner gets the crowd pumped. He picks up Jason and punches him, whips him into the ropes, ducks his head…Jason stops goes for the Brain Damage, but Stunner uses his momentum to hit a hurricanrana, into a pinning predictament…1…2..kickout…Stunner picks up Jason, who punches stunner in the stomach…he pokes him in the eye. And snapsuplexes the champ. Jason goes to the top rope, and waits then hits a missle dropkick..he covers…1..2…kickout by stunner…Jason looks pissed off, and gets Stunner up again. He slams Stunner down and goes back to the ropes…He sets up and comes off with a frogsplash, but stunner gets a knee up…Jason rolls on the ground in pain, and Stunner is slow to get up to his feet…Stunner picks Jason up and punches him, he whips him into the ropes, stunner hits the other ropes, but Stacy grabs his leg..stunner turns to see her, and Jason hits a knee to the back of Stunner sending him to the floor. The ref says something to Jason, and with his back turn, Stacy kicks Stunner. She then slaps him in the face. Jason comes over and goes outside. He picks Stunner up and Rams his head into the announce table.

Jason rolls Stunner back in and follows him, he gets in and covers..1..kickout..Jason picks Stunner back up and hits a fisherman’s suplex…he covers…1..2..kickout…He picks him back up and pokes him in the eye again, then goes for the JKO..Stunner pushes him off and then kicks Jason in the gut. Stunner hits a pedigree…1…2..kickout by Jason..Stacy is on the apron..And the ref tells her to get off..she is arguing with the ref…The Josh comes down to ringside….he starts arguing with Stacy…Jason lowblows Stunner in the meantime, and then gets up. He looks over and sees Josh arguing with Stacy…Jason walks over and tells Josh to shut the hell up…they argue, then Jason turns away, Stunner hits Jason with a dropkick that sends him right into Stacy. Stacy goes off the apron but Josh catches her. Then lets her fall on her ass. Jason stumbles and Stunner hits the DDT. He gets up and lands a lionsault on Jason..the cover 1…2….3…Stunner wins…Josh walks back up the aisle shaking his head…

Results: Stunner wins via pinfall to advance in the tourney.

Kevin Parker is backstage with Savio Vega…The crowd goes nuts for the Puerto Rican Legend.

KP: Savio why are you here tonight?

Savio: Why? Cause we are in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Viva La Raza!

Crowd goes crazy!!!

KP: But Savio you must have another reason

Savio: Oh look just the man I wanted to see.

The Josh comes walking by them backstage and stops.

Savio: Good work out there (laughing)

Josh: Do you have a problem?

Savio: Who me? No (laughing)…But you do

Josh: Why is that?

Savio: Because I heard that the next time you and your little partner defend those tag titles it will be the last time. I also know that it’s time the IWO gets a little Latino Flare!

Josh: So what are you saying you want a title shot?

Savio: I don’t just want a shot, I will get that shot. In Miami!

Josh: You and what army buddy?

Savio: Why Mr. Aguila of course. Together we will be the last IWO champions ever. Especially if you and your partner continue that great teamwork you have (laughing)…

Josh: You know what in Miami, you will find out just what The Josh is Brewing.

Josh walks off as Savio laughs at him…

Cutlip comes down to the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd. The same can be said for the Dogcatcher. DC tells Wilma to go get a mic.She brings it over to him.

DC: You know this entire arena is full of a bunch of low rent low lifes.

Crowd Boos

DC: Shut the hell up. This place isn’t good enough to see the Dogcatcher. You are deserving enough to see the Middleweight Champ in action. From the get go this tournament has been rigged. It’s been rigged to screw over the Dogcatcher. Just like tonight, a chance for a lot of big money to be made. The rematch with the only man to beat me. Can Cutlip do it again? Well you know what, you can’t make money in this shithole.

Crowd boos like crazy!

DC: So I tell you what, somewhere down the line, this match might happen but not tonight. Screw this tournament, Screw you Cutlip, and Screw you Puerto Rico!

DC drops the mic and walks backstage to a chorus of boos…Cutlip stands in the ring and has his hand raised as the winner as the camera fades to black.

Results: Cutlip wins via Forfeit.
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