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Redemption 8/31/05
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Default Redemption 8/31/05

The fireworks go off and the music blares through the arena here in Cancun, Mexico as the IWO sets to start Redemption....We go backstage to Mr. Robere's office where Crazyskill is talking to Robere.

"So since Alli Sabbah is suspended, and I automatically win my match by forfeit in the tourney tonight, what's this about a non tourney match?"

Robere: Well I figured to keep the ring rust off of you that it would only be appropriate that you have a match tonight. So tonight you get to face the man who claims he should be the Middleweight Champ, Gdawg.

Crazyskill: This is a joke, that punk? Tonight, Robere, I show you and the entire world that no one has the skill to beat Crazyskill!

Crazyskill walks out of the office.


The Mafia is waiting in the ring when the crowd hears "What a Rush" on the loud speaker. The WWE Smackdown Tag Champs, LOD, come to the ring...Animal and Heidenrich get in the ring and hand their belts to the ref. They take off their spiked shoulder pads and immediately attack the Mafia as the bell is being rung. Heidenrich backs Morello into a corner and punishes him with some stiff shots...Animal irish whips The Boss and nails him with a big boot...Heidenrich irish whips Morello into the other corner...

He charges in and nails a clothesline, as Animal comes running across and does the same thing..Morello is dazed out of the corner and Heidenrich hits a big boot to knock Morello through the ropes to the floor below..Boss gets up and Animal hits him with a few punches then Irish whips him...Animal hits the Powerslam, and jumps up to call for the signal meaning we might just see it...

Heidenrich climbs up the top turnbuckle, as Animal picks Boss up on his shoulders, Heidenrich comes off with a huge clothesline, nailing the Doomsday Device. Animal covers...1...2...3..Morello tries to get on the apron but is knocked back off by Heidenrich...the duo celebrates, and Animal asks for a mic.

"IWO, The LOD is here for a reason. We proved we are a dominant tag team. So here is the deal, we want a shot to be the last IWO Tag Team Champs. Anyplace, anytime, the LOD is up for the challenge."

Heidenrich and Animal celebrate as we go backstage...

Results: LOD win by Pinfall


Ravage is walking backstage, when he is attacked from behind by Location...Location nails Ravage with a fire extinguisher into the shoulder...Ravage goes to a knee then turns around and Location sprays him with the extinguisher smoke...Ravage is blinded when, Location hits him in the face with the bottle...Ravage is busted open out on the ground...Location hits him a few more times in the chest, as EMTs and security try to break it up...Location throws down the object and walks off.


Rusty Cooledge is in the ring, as Tim Ross makes his way through the crowd...Ross climbs into the ring, and cooledge goes on the offensive...knocking Ross to the ground, Cooledge gets the advantage, then picks Ross up and nails a european uppercut on him..he irish whips him, and hits a clothesline, covers..1...kickout..Cooledge chokes Ross on the ground, then breaks the hold..a punch to the head and then picks him up..He knees Ross in the stomach then chops him hard. a headlock by Cooledge, Ross goes towards the ropes and pushes Cooledge off, Ross charges in and nails a dropkick sending Cooledge to the outside...

Ross goes after him, and picks him up, punches him then rams his head into the apron, he tosses Cooledge back into the ring...Ross gets on the apron and climbs the ropes..up on the top turnbuckle waiting, till he nails a missle dropkick on Cooledge...Ross gets up pumped, and picks up Cooledge he whips him into the ropes, Ross bounces off the other ropes and hits him with a Pounce..he covers..1...2..3..Tim Ross gets up as pamphlets fall from the ceiling of the arena in Cancun...They say "Don't Drink the Worm"...the mexican crowd boos Ross...He leaves going up the rampway...

Results: Ross wins by pinfall


The cheap lights at the Canucn arena go off, and some technical problems occur...due to this fact some of the matches were not seen, here are the quick results of those matches...

Non Tourney Matches

Josh vs. Dan Mitchell
Near the end of the match, Mitchell had the upperhand...Jason and Stacy made their way to ringside as Jason distracted the ref....Mitchell was going for the Snipershot, but Stacy grabbed his leg..this distraction left enough time for Josh to hit an enzinguri on Mitchell and get the pinfall...Jason and Stacy left up the ramp with out their partner...

Gdawg vs. Crazyskill
Back and forth match as Gdawg proved he can compete in the midcard ranks...Finish saw the ref down on the ground, and Crazyskill use a lowblow to gain an advantage..Crazyskill then hit a full nelson slam and used his feet on the ropes to gain the pinfall...

KOK Matches

Chris Stunner vs. Rico
A battered and bruised Stunner came out to the ring and was at a disadvantage early...end came when Rico missed a backheel kick and Stunner caught him with a DDT...Stunner then hit a lionsault for the victory..

Dante vs. New Jack
Before the match both men agreed to make this tourney match a hardcore rules match..Both men were bloody and battered, but Dante got the win in the end...New Jack missed the elbow drop from the balcony, giving Dante the much needed victory.

Sharkboy vs. Jason
a back and forth match that saw Jason take a lot of stall tactics like going outside the ring to talk to Stacy...Stacy interferred several times in the match but did not really have an impact...the finish came when Josh came out to stop stacy from interferring...Josh got on the apron, and Sharkboy collided with him, giving Jason the oppurtunity to hit the Brain Damage and get the win...Jason and Stacy once again left Josh at ringside after the match..


Mr. Robere is shown arguing with some Mexicans about the building and technical situation...He turns around and is met by Mr. Aguila..Aguila says something in Spanish, that Robere didn't understand...

Robere: Look chico, I understand that you want a match at the PPV in Miami..Well I got a deal for you, come into my office.

Aguila and Robere walk off towards his office.


Cutlip is in the ring to much fanfare as he waits for his opponent..a bandaged Ravage comes to the ring, when he is again attacked from behind by Location. Location this time hits him in the back with a chair..Ravage is in pain as he drops to his knees..Location moves around and plants a chair shot right on top of his rushed out to send Location to the back...

Cutlip is in the ring, and climbs out..he goes up to the ramp where Ravage lays...He shugs his shoulders then picks up Ravage..he tosses him onto his shoulder and carries him to the ring..he rolls him in..Cutlip rolls in after him and tells the ref to ring the bell...

The ref rings the bell, and Cutlip lifts the dead weight up of Ravage...He is barely able to lift him up and hit a Clammabomb...Cutlip covers...1...2..3..Cutlip gets up cocky and such and leaves the ring with the victory..

Results: Cutlip wins via pinfall


Dogcatcher and Wilma come to the ring, and sit in the middle of the ring and wait..the lights again go out...but this time come on, as Masque appears in the ring..he tosses Wilma over the top rope and then runs and DC...DC hits Masque with the Middleweight belt just like he did Josh last week...Masque tumbles back as DC hits him again..the ref rings the bell and takes the belt from DC but they argue over it...Masque then hits a big boot to the face of DC knocking him down...Masque looks pissed, if dead guys can even look like that, and puts his boot over the throat of Dogcatcher..he begins to choke him as the ref counts..Masque breaks the move then does it again...he breaks and then one more time, before dropping and elbow on to DC...Masque in control, this time uses his hands to choke DC a few times...finally he gets up and picks up DC..He chokeslams him hard, and covers..1..2...kickout...

Masque looks at the ref, and then turns back and picks DC up, he whips him into the corner and then charges in nailing him with a splash..DC looks Dazed, as Masque picks him up for a Gravedigger, but DC counters and goes for a schoolboy...1...2..kickout..both men to their feet, and DC chops masque...another chop, he whips him but it's reversed, Masque lowers his head, and DC hits a spinning neckbreaker...Dogcatcher gets up and gets the crowd involved, as a second wind has come along...he punches Masque hard, then another, and backs him into the corner...DC climbs up on the turnbuckle and unloads on about 8, Masque manages to powerbomb DC, sending him crashing hard to the mat...

Masque covers..1..2..kickout barely by Dogcatcher...Masque gets up and signals the end for DC...Wilma climbs up on the apron and Masque pulls her into the ring..he then picks her up and gives her the Gravedigger...Corey comes down to the ring with a chair, and slides in under the ropes..he looks at Masque and readies the chair...He then turns and nails Dogcatcher upside the head with it, as he starts to get up..Dogcatcher crashes hard to the mat after a loud sounding chair shot..Masque looks at Corey as the ref calls for the bell..Corey goes out of the ring with the chair laughing, as the announcers tell that Dogcatcher is the winner by Disqualification...Corey points at Masque and laughs at him..

Results: Dogcatcher wins by DQ


After the ring is cleared we are ready for the main event...Corey comes back out to the ring, and waits...It's Tricky plays as Mr. Sexay comes down the aisle..Sexay hops over the ropes and into the ring, and Corey immediately hits him with a spear...the bell rings and this match gets underway...before Corey can even do any more damage, Masque comes out of the crowd and into the ring, Masque kicks the ref in the face, and then him and Corey brawl with each other..Masque irish whips corey, and hits a tilt a whirl slam...he gets up and Sexay nails a dropkick to Masque, he gets up and rocks Masque with a second dropkick, he then runs to the ropes, but is taken down by a hard clothesline..Masque picks Sexay up and goes for the Gravedigger, but Corey lowblows him..Corey then nails the Duality Driver on Masque, and kicks him out of the ring..

Corey is then chopped by Sexay, and then irished whipped, it's reversed, and and Corey hits a ref to count..Corey gets up and kicks Sexay a few times..he is then attacked from behind by the Joker..Joker with an adavantage on Corey, but a punch to the gut gets Corey some offense..Corey then belly to backs Joker, and tosses him out of the ring..Sexay is back up and dropkicks Corey down..Corey gets to his knee, when Sexay hits him with another dropkick..Sexay picks Corey up and snapsuplexes him..He then hits a running moonsault and covers, but still no ref..Sexay picks Corey back up and irish whips him and misses the clothesline..he misses a second clothesline, and then both men lay each other out with clotheslines...

both men begin to get up as Joker slides in the ring with something in his hand..he waits as Corey gets up and faces him...Joker throws a fireball, but corey moves out of the way and it hits Sexay in the face..Corey then Spears Joker, and tosses him out of the ring...Corey picks up a burned and bleeding Sexay, and gives him the Duality Driver as the ref gets back into the ring...1....2....3...corey stands up victorious but is nailed with a chair to the head by Masque...Masque then hits him a few more times in the ribs...He then takes the blood from Sexay and makes some kind of marking on the chest of Corey....Masque stands up with a strange look as the camera fades to black...

Results: Corey wins via pinfall.
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Good show dc, I didn't like my ending but I guess I kinda deserved it after a late promo, but still nonetheless a good show like always.
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DC your doing great man These are better then Raw and Smackdown Keep up the good work man.

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Nice Main Event.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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