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Redemption 7/20/05
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Default Redemption 7/20/05

*Mr. Robere is sitting at his desk*
Due to the injuries sustained last week to Kevin Parker, The premeire of shortcomings has been cancelled. Added to tonight's card will be the Hardcore Title match between Masque and Ravage. Also the scheduled Dogcatcher/Scorpion match has been cancelled, but Dogcatcher has asked for time to talk about the upcoming title defense at No Hard Feelings. I hope you enjoy tonight's edition of Redemption.

*camera fades out and the intro and music play for redemption...fireworks go off in the arena as Redemption kicks off days away from the No Hard Feelings PPV.*


Boulevard of Broken Dreams plays as Gdawg comes out for a #1 contender's match. The winner tonight between Gdawg and Canuck will have a shot at the Middleweight Title at No Hard Feelings. Canuck comes out to boos as did Gdawg but much of the crowd could care less about these two. They are both in the ring as the bell rings. Gdawg offers his hand to Canuck...Canuck looks around, and then goes to shake it. Gdawg pokes him in the eye and rolls him up in a small package..Gdawg has a handful of tights, and the ref counts 1..2...3..the bell rings as Gdawg rolls out of the ring..a cheap victory and about an 11 second match here to kick things off...

Results: Gdawg wins via pinfall to become the #1 contender for the Middleweight Title


Spencer the newest announcer for the IWO is backstage with the tag champs Josh and Jason.
"Tonight, the champs have a match against Ron Payne. This has to greatly benefit you two. As true champions do you feel you have a slight advantage?"

Josh: What kind of answer is that Spencer? of course we have an advantage, but you know what we don't make the rules, If ya Smelllalalalal, what the Josh is..

Jason cuts him off and takes the mic..."hold on, let me just say this...a lot of people say the tag titles may be no more, well tonight, the champs will prove why we should and will always be champs. As for Payne, if you want some come get some"

Jason shoves the mic back at Spencer and walks off, as Josh has a confused look on his face


Rusty Cooledge is waiting in the ring....Tim Ross comes down to much fanfare for this one on one contest that was added late to tonight's lineup..the bell rings and both men lock up...Ross gets the upperhand by punching Cooledge a few times and then dropkicks Cooledge to the ground..Cooledge starts to get up by is chopped blocked by Ross as the crowd boos a few times..Ross starts to stomp on the leg, then goes for a spinning toehold..he locks it in and works over the leg some more..cooledge tries fighting out of it and finally grabs ross to roll him up for a 1..2..kickout..near fall as Ross gets back up, Cooledge tries to get up but you can tell the leg might be hurt..Ross pulls the leg from under Cooledge and stomps it some more. he picks up both legs and plants a knee to the midsection..Cooledge in pain as the ref warns Ross about the possible low blow.

Ross gets Cooledge up but he fights back..a few rights before ross kicks him in the knee..he picks him up and drops Cooledge's knee onto his own..he then locks in a half crab..Cooledge in pain, and can hardly take it he goes to the ropes and makes it...Ross pulls him back and then picks him up into the Ross of where to go as cooledge taps out...Ross drops him and pamphlets fall from the sky. Ross leaves the ring and bows then heads up the rampway..

Results: Ross wins via tap out.


A large man is shown on the video screen alongside some slimey weasel.

"Ladies and Gentlemen you are looking at Jeff G. Bailey and the man who will be the King of Kings, the No Pain Train, the Inconceivable Being of Horror, ICEBERG!!!" The only 600 pound monster able to do a Senton Bomb. That's right next month, the man that trained with Abdullah the Butcher will be carving up some poor souls in the IWO. It will truely be an extinction level event."

Both Berg and Bailey give a sinister laugh as the screen fades to the back


Location and Kyle Walker are backstage..

Location: Wow hope i don't have to face that monster in the tournament.

Walker: yeah no kidd....

Walker is attacked from behind by Corey..Corey then starts fighting with Location. He slams him into a moniter and then hits a vertebreaker on Location onto the concrete floor. Corey then pounds on walker eventually nailing a DDT. Corey picks Location up over his shoulders and heads to the ringside area. Location seems out as Corey goes down the aisle and rolls him into the ring..Corey climbs in and asks for a mic.

"Look fuckers, there is only one monster in the IWO. Hell there is only one monster in the World and that is ME!! No damn Iceberg, no Butcher, and damn sure no fucking masque. Now ring the damn bell!"

Corey drops the mic as the bell rings, a ref comes down to the ring, as Corey picks Location up and nails the Duality Driver. he covers, 1...2...3...Corey gets up and spits a huge load onto Location. Corey walks out of the ring and back to the backstage area.

Results: corey wins via pinfall


Mr. Robere is back in his office and is talking to A-Train.

"A-train, I'm glad that you will be one of the superstars entered into the king of Kings tournament in a few weeks. Since I know you are in Japan, i know that the reward will mean a lot to you if you win. That announcement will be made at the No Hard Feelings PPV. I hope that maybe you will be willing to work with us in the future"

A-Train: "Sounds great, and I know that I will help out not only your fed, but build greater interest in my own stock. Great doing business with you"

the two men shake hands as it goes back to the ring


Phylis Sexay and Crazyskill are in the ring as Swinn comes staggering out from the back. he falls down the ramp and rolls a few feet before just stopping. The ref as well as the other two men look at each other confused as Swinn isn't attempting to get up. The ref decides to ring the bell for this triple threat match. Crazyskill attacks Sexay and irish whips him into the corner he charges in but is met with a boot. Sexay hops onto the turnbuckle and comes off with a double axe handle and connects he covers..1..2..kickout..Sexay runs across the ropes and attempts a rolling thunder but Crazyskill moves..Crazyskill up as Sexay gets up holding his back..Crazyskill with a scoop slam and then drops an elbow..covers..1..2..kickout..just then swinn rolls over and hops up..he slides into the ring and runs feel speed at Crazyskill hitting him with the battering ram and knocking him out of the ring..

Swinn does a cartwheel, and then jumps onto the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd...Crowd boos as Sexay gets up..Swinn tries a moonsault no where near sexay and misses. Sexay shakes off the cobwebs and goes for a cover..1...2..broken up by Crazyskill...Crazyskill gets Sexay up and throws him over the top rope to the outside. he waits for Swinn to get up and hits a powerbomb into a pin for 1..2...3...Crazyskill raises his arms then leaves the ring victorious...

Results: Crazyskill pins Swinn for the victory


Spencer is backstage with Dogcatcher

Dogcatcher: Look I don't need you to ask me anything. I have nothing to say right now. Someone has Wilma and that someone is going to get their ass beat.

Spencer yells look out as Dogcatcher ducks just in time to avoid getting hit in the head by a bat. It was Scorpion trying to attack Dogcatcher..After ducking Dogcatcher grabs Scorpion from behind and using the bat as well locks in the Putdown..he clamps it harder leaving no way for Scorpion to get out..Scorpion has been knocked out, as DC drops him..Dogcatcher turns around and is nailed in the head by a steel chair.

Gdawg drops the chair, and takes the mic from Spencer.

"At No Hard Feelings, I will become the champion. i will get my respect and no one else will overshadow me. No one will overlook me again. Your time is over Dogcatcher. See you soon."

Gdawg drops the mic and walks off with Dogcatcher out on the floor


Ravage was walking to the ring when Corey attacked him from behind with a lead pipe knocking him out. Corey drags him to the ring and rolls him in. He picks a out cold Ravage up and hits the Duality Driver as the lights go out. they come back on and Corey is laid out as well in the middle of the ring. Masque is standing on a top turnbuckle holding a cup of something..He hops down and pours it onto Corey. Some sort of red liquid is covering the fallen body of Corey. Masque has a strange look in his eye and he makes some kind of symbol with his hand in the red stuff on Corey. He then kneels down over Ravage and puts a hand on his chest. The ref hops in and rings the bell. he then counts 1...2...3 the bell rings again as the ref quickly gets out of the ring. Masque stands up and raises his arms, as the same red liquid falls from the rafters and covers most of the ring including the three wrestlers. Masque shakes off the liquid from his head and laughs. the lights go off, and then back on to reveal only Ravage and Corey laying still in the ring.

Results: masque wins by pinfall


Chris Stunner is seen going into Sharkboy's locker room.

"What's the idea? why are you working with Alli?

Sharkboy states he has no idea what Stunner is talking about and that the Sharkboy shown with Alli must be someone else. The two talk it out before Stunner says he can only trust himself. Stunner walks out and as the door closes, we see Alli and some men in suits holding Sharkboy tied up in a chair with gag in his mouth in the other room. The fake sharkboy comes over and laughs with Alli.


Ron Payne comes down to the ring and gets in as he prepares for the tag champs who are already in the ring. josh looks to start off the match and he locks up with Payne but loses the battle. Payne backs him into a corner and chops him with an open hand hard to the chest. another shot then a punch from Payne. Payne backs up and lands an elbow followed by several more. He then lowers a shoulder and plants it into the stomach of Josh. josh slinks down as payne puts a boot to the throat and chokes him..ref counts but the hold is broke in time. jason seems to be uninterested in the match as he is yelling at some fan from the apron. Payne picks Josh up and irish whips him, he charges in with huge clothesline. Payne picks him up and does a running powerslam. covers, attempt at a save by jason who is still yelling at some fan. Payne gets up and puts a rear choke on Josh...Josh up to his feet hitting punches to the gut..he bounces off the ropes and is caught going for highcross body. Payne lifts him up for a backbreaker then nails a fallaway slam. he by jason who is now kicking Payne..the ref backs Jason up who goes back out to the apron.

Payne gets up and stomps Josh a few times, as Jason hops off the apron outside to jaw with some fan..the fan tries to swing at jason and Jason nails him. the ref sees this and goes outside to break the two up...meanwhile in the ring, Ron Payne picks Josh up and irish whips him...he lowers his head and Josh hits the DDT. Josh is down but flips up and gets the crowd with him..Josh looks outside to see Jason punching on some fan..He looks confused as the ref is still trying to get Jason off the is running down the aisle coming out ot help. Josh looks on from the ring but turns back to go take care of Payne...As he does he is met by the Snipershot. Dan Mitchell out from no where comes through the crowd and just superkicked Josh. he rolls Payne on top, and ducks out of the ring. With security now at ringside to solve the Jason/Fan problem the ref looks back in the ring and sees the pin.

He slides in and counts's over. mitchell gets in and pulls payne out...they go up the aisleway and stand at the top of the ramp, where Mitchell goes to the back for a moment. Jason finally looks in the ring to see Josh laying there and Payne at the top of the ramp..Jason slides in and looks up the aisleway. Mitchell comes back out to the stage holding a mic.

"So you two guys wanted to take advantage of Payne. Well you messed up, because no one is better than The Elite. next week at No Hard Feelings, we will prove the be the better team. We will prove that this is our world, and those are our titles. We will be champs and we will prove that everyone is below the Elite."

Mitchell and Payne go to the back as jason stands in the ring and looks down at Josh...He then leaves the ring as Josh starts to come to.

Results: Ron Payne defeats Josh and Jason by pinfall


Spencer stops Crazyskill in the hallway

"Crazyskill congrates on winning tonight, you must be excited."

Crazyskill: Are you kidding? No one has the skill to beat crazyskill

Spencer: regardless, next week at No Hard Feelings, Mr. Robere has announced that you will be a part of an eight man elimination match to determine the future #1 contender for the Middlewieght title. Your thoughts?

Crazyskill: I told you once before, one man, two men, 8 men it doesn't matter. No one has the skill to beat Crazyskill.

He then walks off


all four men are in the ring for the start of the main event. Stunner looks at Sharkboy and tells him to get out of the ring. Alli gets out of the ring as the two men who will meet for the title next week will start off. Before Dante can lock up with Stunner, Chris turns and levels Sharkboy right off the apron. Dante runs at him but is met by a righthand and then another..he irish whips him chest first into the turnbuckle. Stunner then dropkicks Dante from behind and school boys him..1...2..Alli in for the save with a boot. Stunner gets up pissed, but Alli runs and goes out of the ring...Stunner chases him out, and chases him around the ring..he comes around the corner and Sharkboy hits a huge clothesline on him.Stunner goes down, as Sharkboy yells something then rolls him into the ring. Sharkboy climbs to the top but the crowd pops, as wait SHARKBOY??? comes running down the aisle and hops onto the apron, he pushes the other Sharkboy off and he lands on the barricade outside. Alli comes and pulls the newer Sharkboy off the apron and kicks him in the groin. he then throws him into the steel stairs. Stunner is now up with Dante and the two of them trade blows.

Stunner gets the upperhand and irish whips Dante, but it's reversed, Dante misses a clothesline and Stunner jumps on the ropes and nails a lionsault. Alli motions to the back for something, then climbs in and breaks up the pinning predictament. Alli picks up Stunner but is met with a right hand then a boot to the gut. Stunner snapsuplexes Alli before a couple of men in suits hit the ring. Stunner knocks one of them down, then the other...dropkick to one of them, then a dropkick to the other. One of them rolls out of the ring, while the other one gets up near the ropes..Stunner runs and clotheslines one of them out of the ring. Stunner turns around as Alli comes running, Stunner ducks and back body drops Alli over the ropes. Stunner goes back to fight Dante hitting him with a dropkick. Stunner gets the crowd pumped, and notices Alli and the Men getting up outside..Stunner runs to one side and then suicide plancas over the top and onto Alli and his men..All four are laid out...meanwhile the real Sharkboy is back up and gets in the ring..he hits a punch to Dante and then tries irish whip him, Dante reverses, and as Sharkboy goes to the ropes, the fake Sharkboy grabs his leg. Sharkboy stops and looks back at him, and then grabs the ropes to do a version of a baseball slide to the fake Sharkboy..he gets up and points at him then turns around and is met with a Fatal Dousage. Dante covers..1...2....3...Dante gets up victorious with the victory. He raises his arms with the ref, and then points down at Stunner who is just getting up..he motions something like you and me, then walks out of the ring and back up the ramp as the screen fades to black.

Results: Dante and Alli win via pinfall.
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