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How does high school wrestling work?
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Default How does high school wrestling work?

Ok so I am doing wrestling this year, but I don't know anything about the rules. I heard you have to like stay at a certain weight, what are the weight classes? Right now I am at 154
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They will teach you, I started 2 weeks ago and I am a junior but I am doing ok. Already lost like 3-4 pounds I weigh 147 now.
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this friday for me im ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just a beforehand note, I'm a varsity wrestler at my high school, so I can assure you that anything I say on this subject is credible.

First off, weight classes. All High-Schools in the U.S. adhere to the weight classes set-down by the National Federation of State High School Associations. There are:

103 Ib, 112 lb, 119lb, 125lb, 130 lb,135 lb, 140 lb, 145 lb,152 lb, 160 lb, 171 lb, 189 lb, 215 lb, and Heavyweight, (285-, anyone 285+ must lose weight.)

Remember, you are in the weight class that is one set heavier than you, NOT below you. Example: I weigh 155, (almost the same as you), so we'd be in 160's, NOT 152's. You do not have to stay at one weight class, you can wrestle yours and anything above it, but not below. So you'd be eligible to wrestle anything 160's+, (but since you are in 160's it'd be recommended to stay in that class.) Here's the thing, though: You will lose a LOT of weight once season starts. In the first five days of my Freshman year, I lost 14 lbs. and I was eating almost 20,000 calories a day, yes, 20,000, no joke. If you factor in that, you'll probably drop one or two classes.

Next off, the rules. High Schools all wrestle what is called Folkstyle, which is a modified version of Freestyle Olympic wrestling. The modifications are made for extra safety measures. Each match is broken into three periods, the first being three minutes, and the other two being two minutes. The first period sees both wrestlers beginning in neutral position, which is where they are both on their feet. After the three minutes have elapsed, second period begins, which sees the referee flip a coin. Depending on the outcome of the toss, one wrestler gets to choose, Up, Down, Neutral, or Deffer. Second period is in referees position, (one wrestler down, one on top of him.) If you choose up, you're the top man; down is the bottom man, neutral is neutral position, and deffer gives your opponent the chose. When those two minutes are over, third period begins. Whatever wrestler did not get the chose second period now gets it. Over the course of the three periods, your objective is to score points on your opponent. The scoring system goes as such:

Takedown (2 points), Escape (1 point), Reversal (2 points), 2-4 Second Near Fall (2 points), 5+ Seconds Near Fall (3 points).

The ways to win a match by points are:

Third period ends and you have more points than your opponent (Technical Fall 1), Gain a 15-point advantage over your opponent (Technical Fall 2). Other ways to win the match are:

Pin your opponent's entire upper back, including shoulders and shoulder blades, to the mat (Fall / Pin), Your opponent is unable to continue for any reason (Default), Your opponent receives too many cautions (Disqualification).

Of course, I didn't tell you every rule of wrestling in this answer, I only explained the basics. Your coach and fellow team-mates will tell you the more advanced rules, such as what is and is not a fowl. I hope this answer helped and enjoy the wrestling.
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wow, 053 totally copied that off wikipedia haha, nd its not physically possible to eat 20,000 calories a day and still lose weight , its not even possible to eat 20,000 calories. Well, he answered the weight class question pretty well so ill answer the rest from a REAL wrestlers perspective, thers 3 rounds depending on where you wrestle will determine the time of each round , my freshman year we ocassionaly wrestled 2 1 minute rounds followed by the last round being 2 minutes (this is because j.v had to get out of the way for varsity) anyway , yeah you win by either points or pinning your opponent, there are NO submissions. A takedown (literally taking a person down to the mat) is 2 points , if your taken down by your opponent and you stand back up you get 1 point for escaping, if your down on the mat and the opponents holding you down and you reverse him(youll learn some the first or 2nd week of practice) you get 2 points. if you pin someone as in their shoulder blades touching the mat for 2-3 seconds, it always dpends on the refs haha you win automatically. you could be winning 10-0 and if you got pinned you would lose. thats a basic outline of what wrestling is 053 your full of shit , but its cool just go back to watching smackdown.
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