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Who thinks that The Adttitude Ara is freakin OVERRATED?
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courtney is on a distinguished road
Default Who thinks that The Adttitude Ara is freakin OVERRATED?

true but its kinda Annoying

Ara = Era ~ sorry mistake
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Broken Dreams is on a distinguished road

I think it's more of a case that the PG era is underrtated in alot of people's opinions.

They're complete opposites and so, the Attitude Era will be mentioned when they're dissing the PG era, it's just logical.

The Attitude Era is not overrated, people still mentioning the Attitude Era 8 years after it finished makes that era look bad.
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Joey Nailz is on a distinguished road

Your spelling is terrible. Aside from that, yes, it is overrated. It was very different from wrestling now. It had its upsides and its downsides. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. That said, it did have some great moments, and there are some areas in which I wish WWE would remember what they did right in the past and emulate it.
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1,005? Holds is on a distinguished road

You're just another user that steals my ideas. You got that question from me.
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Chicago Knight is on a distinguished road

Not only overrated,but a complete waste of time.It also showed how desperate Vince McMahon was to win the ratings war between his promotion and Ted Turner's.These two men ruined wrestling in the 90s and turned it into trash tv.
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MERCURYX is on a distinguished road

Yes and no. It was a great time in wrestling but people need to move on and accept that wrestling will never be that good ever again (well atleast in this era). It's over folks. As much as it was great but it's over, accept it. My answer to your question is both yes and no. Im MERCURYX and I approve this answer.
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Scott Hall __HEY YO_ is on a distinguished road

Yes in a way it is overrated because some people just can't move on and let it go meaning the fact that WWE is PG now they miss the ''Attitude'' Era'' that much that they say Wrestling has changed for the worse but it's just making more money for WWE plus the PG era is not that bad people who can't get over it need to get a life.
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Sunny is on a distinguished road

The Attitude Era was never overrated and there's a reason why it's called the best era in professional wrestling history. Perhaps you did n't watch wrestling from 1997-2001 and that's why you think the Attitude Era is overrated, I don't blame you or anyone else for thinking that way.

If there was no Attitude Era, there would n't have been a PG era because WCW was much better than WWE before the Attitude Era started and WWE's popularity was declining quickly.

Today, you won't find any wrestler getting the ovation from the crowd as good as the Rock and Stone Cold got during the Attitude Era, especially the Rock.
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The Codebreaker is on a distinguished road

The Attitude Era itself is VASTLY overrated. But it DID produce some very memorable characters and stars, especially Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mr McMahon. A few other memorable characters include Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero, Y2J Chris Jericho, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, the nWo, and DX. All very entertaining characters, some of them quite funny.

But what is memorable about them? The Rock's stand-up comedy promos, Stone Cold drinking beer and crashing large vehicles, Mr McMahon screwing everybody, Hollywood Hulk Hogan taking over WCW with his nWo gang, DX pulling childish pranks and getting girls to flash their boobs, etc etc.

It was crude and rude and designed to push the censors as far as they could be pushed. It was the time when wrestlers were supposedly breaking kayfabe in backstage segments, revealing secrets about the business we weren't supposed to hear; when promoters and writers became involved with, and sometimes starred in, storylines and held championships; when wrestling angles were tossed out in favor of shocking Jerry Springer-esque angles involving things you would see on that show.

The wrestling matches themselves took a distant back seat to this Springer way of producing TV wrestling shows. It was common to see a 3-hour broadcast of WWF RAW or WCW Nitro have less than 20 minutes of actual in-ring action. The vast majority of the shows were spent on backstage skits and overly-long promos having nothing to do with wrestling. And bloody ultra-violent gimmick matches were the norm.

This anything goes attitude with the hot and cold running drugs (not just steroids) and the dangerously reckless in-ring activities have led to far too many wrestlers dying young.

The blood, nudity, and cursing added nothing to the shows; they were just there to titillate the lookie-loos and the curious (and the Springer-type fans), and once that went away so too did those lookie-loos.

Proof that the Attitude Era is overrated is easy to see. TNA is doing Attitude Era programming right now (and has for quite some time) yet TNA gets bashed for doing the very things that those who say they liked the Attitude Era cite as reasons why the Attitude Era was the best ever. And something that seems to pass under everybody's radar is the fact that the Head Writer for the WWF's part of the Attitude Era was Vince Russo, the very same writer many claim has ruined pro wrestling, and works for TNA today.

As an R-rated Jerry Springer type of show, the Attitude Era did what it set out to do: shock and cause controversy...and attract millions of lookie-loos.

As a TV wrestling wasn't a TV wrestling show. It was a desperation attempt to attract the attention of people who were not wrestling fans. Once that type of shock was removed from the programs, those who were never wrestling fans to begin with had no reason to keep watching...and they left.

What's left are people seeing those extraordinarily high ratings and believing the WWF (and WCW) must have been doing a lot of things right TO get those high ratings. In reality, all that shock (the blood, cursing, etc) did was to attract people who were not wrestling fans and only tuned in to see how far the WWF and WCW could push the censors.

The Attitude Era had it's entertaining moments, but it was NOT wrestling. It was Jerry Springer-inspired shock TV appealing to the baser qualities of the mainstream people looking for something different to watch on TV.
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Basilio is on a distinguished road

Oh hell no! I think that in that time we had some of the best performers ever in the history of WWE in their prime. The Rock, Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Stone Cold, Triple H, Kane, Dudley's, Hardy's, Edge Christian. Just to name a few. And without the PG version restricting their performances they had more of a free reign to show off their talents.

So in terms of wrestling era this was a difference because they had the better performers performing at the highest level they could and with better story lines.
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Kevin Anderson is on a distinguished road

No, it is not overrated. It's highly underrated, and I know it. You ought to know by now. No offense.
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