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Question about the WWE and the Warriors?
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Default Question about the WWE and the Warriors?

Is it true Vince McMahon made Kerry Von Erich,Hawk and Animal change their names (Modern Day Warrior to Texas Tornado,Road Warriors to Legion of Doom) because they signed the Ultimate Warrior and didn't want to confuse the fans?

If so,isn't ironic that Vince put them all on the same team(called The Warriors)at Survivor Series '90?

Not to mention the fact that Ultimate Warrior created a stable in WCW called One Warrior Nation?
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back in the day when vince would get talent that had been established in another company he would change their name if he could so he could have more control on the image and obviously more money because the way he would do it is that he would and still does is trade mark the nick names or wrestling names to make a profit on the image that he would create for that wrestler.

not only did he change kerry von erich, hawk, and animal's names he had also changed the ultimate warrior's name. he originally wrestled as the dingo warrior in wccw! and yes i did remember his brief appearance on wcw as the one warrior nation. that was used as a threat against hogan since hogan had never beaten the warrior in a match.

i hope this is about what you were looking for. it's the best i can do right now.
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When Jim Hellwig joined WWF/E he was known as the Dingo Warrior. VKM changed his name to Warrior because he had no idea what a Dingo Warrior was. Warrior then becagan claiming to be the ULTIMATE WARRIOR'. IMO I think VKM decided that as long as there was an Ultimate Warrior there was no sense in having any more warriors. So he changed Kerry and the Road Warriors names so ther would be only one. I may be wrong but I seem to recall Warrior having said in a promo There are no Warriors but the Ultimate Warrior.
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The Road Warriors were a big-name and hugely popular AWA and NWA Tag Team. So, obviously, Vince wasn't going to have an N-Dubya-A rasslin team on his roster, especially one so well-known and popular. That Vince put the WWF Tag Titles on them is, I think, indicative of the large amount of money he must have been paying them, rather than any respect he may have had for them (Hawk was outspoken in his dislike for Vince and the way he did business). That lack of respect (and probably resentment for their AWA/NWA/Japan success) can be seen in the fact that he put a ventriloquist's dummy in the team, to serve as their inspiration (Hawk, especially, hated that; this was the reason he walked out early and Animal finished up their WWF commitments by himself) and using Hawk's real-life alcoholism in a very distasteful angle that had Hawk apparently commit suicide on TV (remember the silhouette of Hawk jumping from the back of the Titan-tron?).

With The Road Warriors, Vince changed their name to distance them from their NWA fame. He couldn't claim to have created the team (or the gimmick; as he could The Ultimate Warrior) so he did what he usually did/does; he changed their name and made no reference to their successes and accomplishments elsewhere. Vince wanted the fans to believe nothing they did mattered until HE called them The Legion Of Doom and signed them to the WWF. The Ultimate Warrior being on the roster is just co-incidental. Vince would have changed their names and/or gimmicks anyway. He always does.

With Kerry, the Modern Day Warrior nickname was just that, a nickname given to him by WCCW and adopted by the Texas fans, due to his large heavily-muscled body-builder physique (something pretty unique to WCCW but not to the WWF). It was pretty much a Texas nickname for him (like Space Mountain was a Georgia nickname for Ric Flair). The Modern Day Warrior was just a local nickname and not his identity, and thus not important to the WWF or to Kerry in that promotion. Kerry was royalty in Texas and nearly as highly regarded in neighboring States. Vince used that popularity to create a goody two-shoes babyface he called The Texas Tornado, which was typical of the types of characters Vince had populating his WWF at the time. He was the handsome muscleman who was polite and courteous (without being an over-the-top super hero like Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior). Vince eventually phased out the name Kerry Von Erich and just had him referred to as The Texas Tornado, generic early-90's WWF mid-card babyface.

That Modern Day Warrior nickname wasn't important to Kerry's identity. The Texas fans called him that (as did WCCW) but most fans in other states (and countries) just called him by his name. I doubt that nickname was an issue at all to Vince OR Kerry (in the WWF).

As for The Warriors team at Survivor Series '90, Vince likes to...thumb his nose at the fans once in a while, his little way of saying see? I, me, Vince McMahon, control everything. I can call anybody whatever I want. I recall a match in the WWF a LONG time ago in which Vince (who was the play-by-play announcer) had a jobber called Kay Fabe compete.
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