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raw sucks wwe fans agree or disagree?
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Default raw sucks wwe fans agree or disagree?

1 wade barret in the ring sucks and his long boring segments should be blamed for raws ratings dropping in the last couple weeks, 2 and sheamus is actually petty entertaining, 3 daniel bryan is boring in the wwe under pg rules and really lacks charisma, 4 the holl nexus storyline is garbage even with cena joining, 5 Randy orton should go to tna because in the wwe he did everything and is getting boring with same stuff over, 6 The miz sucks and will never be a true heel, 7 evan bourne should get a mainevent push when he returns, 8 micheal cole is actually pretty good as a heel, 9 someone should go to a raw show holding a linda mcmahon sucks poster. 10 R-truth should go back to his old entrance i love the guy but no one likes the new one.
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Night Rider is on a distinguished road

Trust me when I say this...

RAW has gone so downhill eversince they got celebrity exposure, with Rosie O'Donnel, Donald Trump, Kevin Federline back in 2007. The RAW i miss was Eric Bichsoff's RAW, because he was an excellent General Manager back then (2002 - 2005) and also that he had feuds with his employees made it even more interesting.
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I would agree with you on a number of your points. Miz definitely sucks. He is about the stupidist one on there. Wade Barrett is pretty ok but they really need to do a tie in between him and William Regal. Until they do away with the old guy whats sthe point of the new British asshole? Cena's joining the ranks of Nexus was stupid. They picked a perfectly good time for Cena to go evil and blew it.

Micheal Cole is a moron and his line is assinine. This is why Edge wanted to be gone.

R truth should go back to the old song.
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Megan G is on a distinguished road

I have to admit raw has gone a little bit down hill but it is still the leading brand in world wrestling entertainment. And it will never SUCK it went downhill.

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Disagree, if Raw sucks why do you watch it and why do so many people watch it. Why should Evan Bourne be main event? Because he can do flips and shit? Evan dosen't really have mic skill and more people deserve to be in the main event than Evan. I bet your going to say it sucks and keep watching it like most people. Your basically just agreeing with all the negative bullshit some people say on here.

1. Wade Barret is great in the ring and his segments make Raw worth watching he is an amazing heel.

2. How is this a bad thing?

3. Daniel Bryan is a great wrestler and what does PG have to do with his charisma.

4. Nexus Storyline is currently the best storyline in WWE in my opinion.

5. Why should Orton go to TNA? He already stated he dosen't like TNA and he is treated so good in WWE he has no reason to go and I don't find him boring he's great in WWE.

6. The Miz's promos are the best on Raw and what is he right now? A fake heel?

7. No he shouldn't.

8. How is this a bad thing?

9. Why don't you go and do it instead of wanting other people to do it?

10. More people like his new entrance and get annoyed of his old one.
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You're entitled to your opinion...

WWE can't please everybody tho.

1. Wade Barrett does suck, I hate the guy. I think he goes beyond getting heat, but then again; me saying that would be just me not admitting that Barrett is doing his job and making me hate him.

2. Sheamus has been entertaining and great since his ECW days, he's raw aggressive, good on the mic and has very good matches with everyone. His squashes against Daniel Bryan were especially good.

3. Daniel Bryan. He's trying to be charismatic but ends up looking like a dawk pretending to be a geek.

4. Nexus is the top happening in the WWE and Vince has been disappointed with the Nexus sales in merchandise but then, with the WWE being PG, I couldn't see how Nexus would sell much merchandise.

It's the contradiction that WWE currently has to contend with; they want to be PG for a family viewing experience along with political reasons, but they don't want to hurt their own product. They can't have both.

5. Randy Orton should not go to TNA and because he's done everything? That's every reason to stay in the WWE. It means he's a succcess.

6. The Miz sucks? You don't like The Miz, that's cool for you. Meanwhile, The Miz is the one wrestler who never fails to get a fan reaction each every time he is in that ring.

7. Evan Bourne vs CM Punk sounds like a main event level push to me, even if there is no title there. CM Punk is a 3 time former world champion Evan Bourne has a potential feud against a wrestler of that magnitude. That spells good things for Mr Air Bourne.

8. Michael Cole is excellent, I didn't even know he had a personality until recently. He's finally found his protei. (Protei is not a word but it sounds good so I used it)

9. Linda McMahon does have influence with the PG era, but I think it would have dropped to PG anyway due to the superstars they been pushing. The cycle will turn again PG will be over, more than likely in the year 2015.

10. R Truth is attrocious imo, I seriously can't see anything good about him whatever his lame rap song is he comes down to.

WWE Raw does not suck, but when a show runs weekly each and every week of every year, it's impossible to have great episodes every time, but even tho one may not be as good as another, they never really suck.

Sometimes people watching have expectations, or they have their own thoughts on what it should be, such as your thoughts above, and when Raw presents something a different to those, that individual will bound to have issues.

Betch still watch it each every week lol and of course... it's WWE.
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