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What match are you most looking forward to at Bragging Rights and why?
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Default What match are you most looking forward to at Bragging Rights and why?

WQ- If someone breaks The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak,how will this affect the WWE?Please explain your answer

WQ2- Do you like Randy Orton's voices' theme song?I love that theme song
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Randy vs. Wade because those are my two favorite wrestlers and I can't wait to see how it goes. I really want Randy to retain but you never know.

Team Raw vs Team Smackdown. I really want Raw to win, but Smackdown is looking really solid so I wanna see how that goes too.

WQ: I don't know. I thought that if anyone deserved to end it it was HBK but that didn't happen.

WQ2: Yeah I like it.
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undertaker vs kane buried alive match, because i fucking said so that's why. i hate that wwe focuses more on john cena and wade barret than Randy Orton vs Wade Barret

WQ: no ufcking shit it will affect WWE since that has been the best streak in the history of pro wrestling and it would affect it by less excitement toward wrestlemania

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Undertaker VS Kane, Taker has never won a Buried Alive Match, Theres been rumors that Taker might take time off after Bragging Rights and return next year, plus this might be the end of their feud, so it'd be interesting to see the outcome.

WQ: It wouldn't affect WWE that much, I mean the streak was basically not a real streak since Writers determined who would win at Mania against Taker, and for 18 times the Writers chose Undertaker to win.

WQ2: Yeah, but his old theme suited better, much more better.
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I am really looking forward to the divas and wade vs randy because i can't wait to see the lay-cool lose there titles because they always have titles like Michelle mccool. Michelle mccool is always holding some kind of title and natalya really deserves to win it. I am also looking forward to seeing wade vs randy because, i want to see what john cena would do to help the nexus but i am going for cena obviously. I thought shawn michaels should have broken the streak but now since he is gone, i don't think any superstar deserves to break it. The wwe needs some kind of legend to break the undertaker's streak. Personally i think they should bring back HBK to break it at wrestlemania 27 one match again.

I love randy orton's theme song. My favorite is HBK's theme but since he is gone, Randy Orton is my new favorite theme song.
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i am most looking forward to Randy Orton (c) vs Wade Barrett (with John Cena), im curious to see what happens next with the Nexus/Cena storyline, because you no Cena is going to have something to do with the result of the match weather he screws Orton or Barrett

WQ: It could have both a negative or positive affect on the WWE, i think the streak would be a perfect way to help a new young superstar break out in the WWE and become the next face of the company, but the way it could have a negatice affect on WWE is they have a veteran like Cena/Orton beat him, many people don't like them as it is, just imagaine how they would react if they broke the streak, many people might stop watching WWE and would lose ratings

WQ2: Yes, Orton's theme is in my top 5 of favorite WWE wrestlers theme
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im looking forward to smackdown vs raw elimination match. im very excited to see that match!. its going to be the top guys on raw vs the top guys on smacdown. how many times do we see someone from another brand face each other? not to mention it won't be a normal heel vs face match, it will be everybody heel or face facing off. there so much talent and so many ego's on each brand. im excited to see who the best team/man will be. there all very talented and have so many different styles. its exciting thinking about who the strongest is and who the weakest is! i think they will have really good chemistry together and a really good match.

wq: it would completely ruin the undertakers legacy and what he worked so hard for. i think it would be a middle finger to the wwe universe and the wwe would lose some fans over it. the undertaker has been a part of the wrestling federation for 20 years and has had classic, legendary matches against shawn micheals(twice), masked kane, edge, ric flair, triple h, batista, and many more good matches with randy orton, diesel, king kong bundy, etc. the streak means more to the fans than it does to mark calaway himself. the undertaker does not deserve to have his streak end after he has put his body on the line for 20 years. i think if someone ended the streak than wrestlemania wouldn't be the same anymore. the streak is what is keeping wrestlemania alive. i think the wwe would lose some fans, but other than wrestlemania it wouldnt' change that much.wrestlemania would lose credibility and wouldn't be as exciting to watch. the fans would be pissed, but i don't think it would change that much.

wq2: yeah its cool! one of the best theme songs if i might add.

EDIT: 2 thumbs down for giving my opinion without bashing anyone?? lmao, crazy ppl.
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My opinion keeps changing on this one but I'm probably most looking forward to Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan. Both have popular submission moves right now so it could be an interesting submission type match. Danielson is a great wrestler and has produced some really decent matches thus far. Dolph Ziggler is getting that push that I think he deserves. He seems to be a good worker. His alliance with Vickie Guerrero is just a repeat of all her other alliances and this one is just as boring. I expect Dolph Ziggler to win purely because of Vickie G somehow. However, hopefully it will be a fun match anyway.

I am also looking forward to the Team Raw Vs Team SD, not excited to it, but wanna see it anyway. Should be a decent tag match. Santino will be funny as always. And Miz will give us another classic promo and give a few laughs. Plus my boy CM Punk is there. 8)

WQ: I don't think it'd really effect the WWE as a whole. Undertaker fans would probably hate on the WWE for a few weeks then it would die out and be old news. It would effect Taker's career though. I mean for me, when someone says Undertaker, I straight away think of the streak. I don't think of him in the bros of destruction, I don#t think of him in hell in a cell, I don't think of him in casket matches, dont think of him as the world champion. I think of the streak cause to me, it's the most memorable thing about Taker. The streak is Undertaker and Undertaker is the streak. If the streak ends, Undertaker will be remembered as a great wrestler and a history maker, however there will be a huge dent, or a huge piece of the puzzle missing if you like. The streak is a big accomplishment for him if not the biggest. Half the matches were crap and some of them Taker didn't even deserve to win. But the streak has lived on for many years and some years it has been the main talking point of Wrestlemania. I can't see the streak being broken and I don't think it ever will be broken. It seems pointless because why, why would it need to be broken?

A heel won't need to break it to get more heat because yeah it'll worked for the first few months, then after Taker is gone people will forget and the heat will be lost. It isn't worth ending the legendary streak just for a heel's heat to be real good for a few months. It's cheap heat that can be got at another way.

No one needs to end the streak because no one would really benefit from it. If someone ends it , it has to be legit and believable. if HBK ended it then fine, thats understandable cause HBK actially gave the best shot. But for anyone else it may not be as legit. It doesn't need to end, bottom line. It would effect Taker and his legacy, not really WWE as a whole imo.

WQ2: Yeah, I like Orton's theme, it's one of my favs.
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Orton v Barrett
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WWE title match

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown

World title match


I don't think it will happen.

I like his music.
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at bragging rights i am looking forward to seeing the Undertaker vs Kane buried alive match and Randy orton vs wade barrett. I wanna see if John Cena actually helps barrett win or not, I hope not
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