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Why is this year's Bragging Rights so f'd up?
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Default Why is this year's Bragging Rights so f'd up?

They got:

* Miz's RAW Top with the captain's logo on it.

* Horsnwoggle as SmackDown mascot for some reason.

* The Miz as captain for team RAW?, CM Punk is more deserving or maybe Sheamus.

* Why is Santino in team RAW, more people deserving Zach Ryder?, Prmo?,

* Why is Tyler Reks on team SmackDown when Kaval should be on the team.

* Why is Big Show using airtime to promote his not so funny movie Knucklehead?

* Why does Alex Riley think he is apart of Team RAW, when he isn't even listed on the team sheet/ppv card.

* Why is Cole hating on SmackDown? he was there for the majority of WWE Career.

Why is Bragging Rights so f'd up
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Wrestling is fake, it's all acting. The more of a show they put on the better the response from the audience, thus making more money. Think about it what other athletes in the world are also movie actors other than pro wrestlers? None, cuz wrestling isn't real anymore, most televised sports are rigged anyway these days to make money. It's just a way they are trying to make money, sorry ifyah think differently.
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Miz is getting his push.

Hornswoggle is for the children... I agree he's an embaressment to wrestling.

Santino is more over than two jobber heels you named.

Kaval isn't any more qualified than Reks.

WWE has been making bad movies for years now and using precious time WWE time to promote them.

Riley isn't a part of the team, he's Miz's lackey.

Michael Cole is a WWE RAW mark and professional IWC hater.
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i dont agree with you except for santino being on the team
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1. The Miz is a good choice as captain. Its just gonna make him look that much better, and like him or not.....Miz is a future star.

2. Well why not? Kids love him....may as well give him something to do, its not like its going to hurt the match at all.

3. Yeah, you already commented on The Miz being captain. CM Punk, and Sheamus do not need to be captain. It won't do them any good. They are already both credible main eventers, The Miz still needs to get there. (Personally, I am liking this slow build they are doing with The Miz. Not like Sheamus or Swagger who win it randomly out of the fucking blue)

4. Santino is on Teram Raw for the same reason Hornswoggle is the SD mascot. Fans love Santino. And its not like his presence is going to subtract from the match quality in such a way that the overall match will be effected. Also, if it were Ryder or Primo on the team, the fans would not care one bit, and would be asking Why are they on Team Raw ______ is more deserving.

5. Does it really matter? Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Kaval's, have been since around 2002. But what would being in this match do for him? Really...he would just get overshadowed by the rest of the team, just like Reks is...and probably end up being the one on the team to take the job.

6. Really? Its to promote is damn movie! No different then every other wrestler promoting their movies, or the divas's promoting their Playboy pics. This has nothing to do with Bragging Rights at all.

7. He is the Miz's lackey, and The Miz is the team really need to ask this question? Of course he is going to be involved in the match in some capacity.

8. Because its Micheal Cole. He is supposed to be annoying and make you hate him.

Bragging Rights is not f'd up at all. Whats f'd up is that most of you supposed wrestling fans can't just sit back and enjoy pro wrestling anmore, and instead you feel you have to complain about everything, no matter how stupid and petty it is.
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