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Does it bug anyone else how important WS Users seem to be +BQ?
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Viperette! is Team Raw is on a distinguished road
Default Does it bug anyone else how important WS Users seem to be +BQ?

I feel like it's High School on Y!A and there's the popular kids who get attention all the time. Like all the E-fed with the users and how some people just make a big deal out of them. I don't know about some of you, but I'm here to answer/ask questions. Sorry if this comes off as a rant by the way.

BQ: How do you want nexus to disband (if you want it to disband)?

@BioHazard An answer like that is expected from someone mentioned like ALL THE TIME. No dis respect to you either. At least not yet.

@The Egnimatic Creature (probably didn't spell that right) Wow, you are just a fantastic expample of what I'm talking about. Especially since you get so defensive about it. Thank you for proving my point. And Junior? Really?

For the record, I never said anything bad about E-Feds. I like E-Feds. But I'm talking about the ones that involve Users. Nuff Said.
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Bandwagoner is on a distinguished road

yes like rated silent is a virgin but he is so popular here because he uses google

BQ: Triple h returns and whoops their ass
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The American Pride is on a distinguished road

I don't give a damn about other users, but I get really frustrated over all the questions. They're everywhere! For god sake, this is a wrestling section, not a popularity contest. Ask some god damn wrestling questions for fuck sake. And for those who MUST ask questions about other users, at least include a wrestling question.

I totally agree with you.

BQ: I don want them to disband. Nexus is the greatest consept in WWE right now.
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The Rated R Bully is on a distinguished road

The E Feds Should Have There Own Section

The Bull Would Kick All Their Candy @sses Anyway

Quote The Bully Nevermore
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?The Bio-Haza?d?? Hardy in TNA! is on a distinguished road

somewhat, if its an efed, then no, its just a way to have fun for some, but for those who mention a WS user in thier question or creating groups yea it get annoying.

Just ignore it, if you dont like it ignore dont piss yoursself off. Thats what ive been doing. My name gets mention so much along w/ other users after a point you just say WTF ever, ignore it.

Just answer the questions you want dont pay attention to it, you're not doing any better by asking question about ppl asking questions about other users, no disrespect, im just sayin dont star, answer, or click on the question.

Ignore move on.
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Scott Diamond (HWA Owner) is on a distinguished road

It doesn't bug me.
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Josh Extremer aka Matt Striker fan is on a distinguished road

Efeds are cool so stop.

BQ: By Wade winning the World Title. Justin Gabriel and Otunga win the tag titles and all 3 break away from Nexus and the rest of them leave WWE
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The Clown Prince of Crime is on a distinguished road

I actually think E-Feds are annoying.

BQ: They turn on Barrett
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mizfit4ever is on a distinguished road

agrred and i dont want nexus to disband
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Julius C is on a distinguished road

I come here to talk about Professional Wrestling. I don't pay attention to popularity contests nor am I really interested in E-Feds. I prefer to go to live Wrestling Shows and meet and talk to Professional Wrestlers and fellow wrestling fans. It's a lot more fun to discuss what is going on in WWE, TNA, ROH, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA and other Professional Wrestling Promotions.

I don't want The NEXUS to disband, I think it is one of the best storylines that Raw has had in years. It has brought spontonaiety back to the WWE. When I go to WWE House Shows, Live Events, Television Tapings and Pay Per Views, I never know what is going to happen when the Cameras are on and when the Cameras are off. We've been seeing all sorts of hit and run attacks both at House Shows and Live Events. It's been great. No, I don't want NEXUS to disband, I do want WWE to form more factions and maybe fight fire with fire. During the 1990's, WWE had Degeneration X, The Nation of Dominations, The Disciples of the Apocalypse, Los Boricuas, The Truth Commission for example. We need more factions today.
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Chicago Knight is on a distinguished road

100% Agreed.


By which I mean I want a lot of in-fighting and finally,they all breakup and go their own ways.Some will stay on RAW.Some will go to SD.And some will go back to Florida.
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sharpshooter is on a distinguished road

You know, we all have different reasons. Here is the truth, all humans don't think alike. There is some things that bugs us that others would enjoy or simply ignore. I respect your reasoning to come here to just answer and ask questions. However, the same way, I can respect user's rights to come here to talk about users and efeds? Why? I don't know. Maybe because its the internet. The internet shares two purposes. One is to find information. I assume that is your reasoning. And the second one is to be social, pretty much every user you find annoying. My reasoning is to just have fun. I think I'm an alright guy. I can talk about wrestling and at the same time, have a little fun. What is wrong with high school? Didn't anyone had fun in high school? I did. And no, I wasn't popular, I tried to avoid that. But none the less, how is it like high school? Popularity. you say? If that was your reasoning to go to school, something is up. High school is suppose to be a time to learn and to get ready for the real world. Guess what? You learn to meet people!!! In a way, the Y!A is suppose to be like high school because you go learn and meet other users. Not because of a popularity contest. Comparing it to high school is ridiculous unless you had a bad high school experience and were anti-social *cough- most guys that find users questions annoying here*

Sorry if it sounds like an insult, buts its true. I totally understand why you guys feel the wrestling section should be strictly wrestling, but you don't have to be so uptight about it. If I could explain it better, in the Y!A. wrestling section, wrestling should be the primary, and anything social should be secondary. That is my personal belief. 90% of the answers I give are strictly wrestling, and the rest are about users. But none the less, MY reasoning to be here is for fun. I totally respect your choice in only coming here to answer and ask question, but don't make the people here that came here to be social the bad guys. They have their reasons, you have yours, so leave it be.

You know what is the dumbest thing? That users like your self feel the need to say, where is the wrestling question? or this isn't the user evaulation section. True. I'll give you that. But why say it? Do you feel like a hero when you say it? By answering their questions, your doing two things. One, hoping for a cheap chance to people thumbs up you, and Two, your giving them attention that should be attended for, geez, I don't know, THE WRESTLING QUESTION!!! Why do you guys reply when the best thing to do is ignore it? If its that bad, it will get deleted on its own. Simple as that. Instead, its these stupid comments like, TWO POINTS or Where is the wrestling question? Your obviously not here to learn more then to put people down. That right, if you feel smart, your ego grows!!! Which is another reason to be here for some others.

P.S. how are efeds bad? They are wrestling related and test creativity from the user. I don't see anything bad about that at all. Why the hate on fantasy? If you were really that uptight and totally side reality, I don't see how you can be a wrestling fan. Wrestling, the storylines are fake, yet I'm shocked you think users here coming up with ideas is stupid. I can only assume guys like that only like the wrestling and not the storylines.

But overall. As ridiculous as the user questions are, and there really are. I don't mind questions that forces them to be creative. Thats all great. However, question about, how do you feel about this user should be private, Via Email. By asking that question, Your starting controversy. But efeds do no harm. So not a problem. And for those people that can't seem to get it out of their mind, here is a cure I use. Ignore it. Do what you want and that is to ask and answers questions.

BQ: Mutiny. Like all groups, betray the leader and set out to make a big name for themselves. I hope they all rebel against Barrett and have their own single careers. Maybe even tag. That wouldn't be that bad.

EDIT: Now don't start hating the BioHazard because he is popular. He is a cool user that contributes a lot to this section. He has great knowledge in wrestling and asks great questions. If your gonna start to hate him because he is one of those users that are mentioned a lot, maybe you need to grow up. Its not his fault he has groupies. He does things and he gets noticed. Simple as that. If that is wrong, maybe we should all stop asking great questions and giving good answers like the Bio-hazard. I always said, you can hate the guy, but you should have a good reason to hate.
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